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In Finland February 14th is known as ystävänpäivä - a day of friends. It is not a day for romance, but a day for celebrating love in all its forms, most importantly in friendship. And that is why I thought this would be a great time to say thank you for following me and being a part of my life in that way :3

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summary: you’re a medic in Neverland and Pan comes to you feeling sick
requested: yes (so cute)
warning: none
Your eyes stared at the dewy chamomile, waiting until the sun light hit it just right before plucking it from the earth. The birds hummed in the trees as the sun pushed back the black sky to reveal a blue one. Golden hues crawled against the soft soil before clawing its way towards the plant. It almost seemed to sparkle under the soft light. It’s medicinal properties were at its peak during the sunrise, making it perfect for the boys when they got sick, which was more frequent then you would have thought.

Your hands reached into the soil, pulling it up from the root and shaking off all the extra dirt. The plant was then placed in the woven basket bundled up with other varying flora species like passion flower, aloe vera, and lavender. After dusting off your hands, you walked back towards the camp where the boys were already up and about. A fire was roaring in the middle of the camp, boys already eating breakfast and laughing together. It was pleasant to see them act as people and not wild animals.

You went into your tent that was filled with dried flowers and varying plants alike. Everyone had their responsibilities here, despite the fact that Neverland was the place without rules. Boys hunted, patrolled, cooked, and built during their time here. All of those were appealing to you when you first arrived, but you found that many of the boys would become ill and have to suffer through the sickness for weeks before they could get better. Pan didn’t see any reason to heal them, but you did.

The basket was placed on the table, quickly tying your hair up into a pony tail as you began to go to work. Sunburns in Neverland were more common than you thought and boys always seemed to be eating some sort of toxic berry, despite all their years of living in Neverland. You tied up the chamomile, hanging it on your rack with other dried flowers. The aloe vera was next. You began to slowly strip it open, having the oils and gel goop onto a wooden bowl. The tent opened, stomping footsteps approaching you which you ignored until you were finished extracting the healing properties of the cactus. Once you were finished, you turned around to face a fuming Pan.

“What is it?” You asked, wiping your hands with a rag and eyeing him suspiciously.

“I think I’m sick,” he said, crossing his arms over his chest and gnawing on his lip. This feeling he had was…strange to say the least. He surely hadn’t felt it before and it ached his entire body.

“Well, how are you feeling?” You asked, cocking your head to the side and placing a hand on your hip. “You don’t appear to be sick to me,”

“Well that’s because it’s on the inside! It changes so drastically. One minute I’ll be filled with happiness, my heart is racing and I feel like I’m being lit on fire. The next minute, I’m overwhelmed with anxiety. I can’t eat or sleep,” He asked, running his hands through his hair. “Am I dying?” He asked, a sense of concern hidden behind his words. His symptoms sounded close to drug addiction, but there wasn’t any of that in Neverland.

“Can you see a pattern as to where you are when you get your feelings of happiness?” You asked, holding your chin between your hands.

“The bonfire, out in the jungle or the beach, even here I feel it now!” He exclaimed. Pan had a habit of being such a drama queen, which is something the other boys didn’t get to see very often. Although, it wasn’t exactly a luxury to you either.

“Well let me check your temperature if you feel it now,” you offered, stepping towards Pan and sitting him down on the makeshift cot. You tilted his head up, pressing the back of your hand to his forehead, staring down at him intently. You could see his cheeks and ears slowly become red as his forehead became hotter, making you furrow your brows. “Did you just get hotter?” You asked. He grinned up at you.

“I can assure you, Love. I’ve always been this attractive,” He snuck in a quip, making you roll your eyes. That was the Pan you are so familiar with. The annoying pan, but the one you felt comfortable around.

“Can you just focus, Pan?” You asked, sitting down on your stool. He groaned, nodding his head and slouching slightly. “Alright, now when do you feel anxious?” You questioned.

“When I’m alone, mostly. I also felt it this morning when the boys were out having breakfast, like I was disappointed. I don’t know what I was hoping for but whatever it was, it wasn’t there this morning,” He sighed, as if reliving the feeling. Your face became suddenly red at the realization. It took you so long. How can you say that to Pan? He would go ballistic. Being in love is an adult thing, not fit for the boys of Neverland.

“Pan, I think I understand what’s going on,” you said slowly, thinking out every word before you spoke. You didn’t know what frightened you more, if Pan was in love with you or if he wasn’t. It was understandable if it was Felix. An island full of boys for all eternity? It seemed likely. Of course, you had to make sure. Although, perhaps you just needed an excuse to do this.

“Well what's—” you quickly interrupted him, getting off your stool and placing yourself onto his lap. His ears became red but his face hadn’t wavered. “Oh, I see,” He grinned at you, holding your waist, “You want to do this now, Love? Maybe I’m not the one who’s sick,” You shut him up, putting your lips against his in a kiss which he was eager to reciprocate. It only felt like a short time before you pulled away, staring intently at you.

“Do you feel better or worse?” You asked, tilting your head to the side.

“Maybe you should kiss me again, Love, and find out,” He smirked, leaning in again, making you press a finger to his lips. A frown settled on his face. You swiftly got off of him and sat back down in your stool. That was answer enough.

“Pan, you’re in love,” you stated simply, although your stomach was doing flips at the thought it was with you.

“Love…” He trailed off, looking down at the realization. “Well, what do I do?” He asked, gripping the side of the cot.

“Well it’s up to you now. Just know that whatever you decide, love is not a childish thing. It has to be taken seriously and—” you trailed off, as Pan stood up and stepped closer to you. You stood up as well, taking a step back and running into your desk. “And it takes effort. It’s something to be cherished and…and…” You stammered, which was out of nature for you. Pan stood close to you, looking down at you with an almost devilish smile. Has he always been this tall? You felt like an imp compared to him now. “Pan…” You breathed, looking up at him.

“Love, you worry too much,” He grinned, leaning down and pressing his lips against yours.

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It’s a donation site where you can ”buy” people “”cups”” of “””coffee””” in increments of 3$, and it goes to their paypal. Patreon is a lil intimidating for me, so I thought this would be a great alternative! Obviously I’m not expectin anything, but I thought it’d be cool!

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Teddy looked exactly like Remus did when he was young, Molly occasionally had to do a double take when she glanced at him quickly only to feel a sadness in the pit of her stomach but also a small smile to her face bc she knew that everything great (and not so great) about Remus Lupin, would live on forever in Teddy.

Can you do a one shot of Sirius and his best gal pal sitting up late on his birthday with a map planning out all the places they can take his motor bike to this summer and just talking and being happy?

“This isn’t gonna work,” Sirius sighed softly. “I mean, there is honestly no way that the two of us are going to be able to make it back from Athens in time to be at Harry’s birthday.” 

You frown and lean over the map, trying to do the math in your head. 

“Well no. But that’s because you’re forgetting that we decided to skip the stop in Rome. We can leave a day early and stop down in Munich for the night. That way it can be two 15 hour rides and neither of us will pass out,’ You said, tracing the route with your finger. “Plus, we can grab Remus a good pair of lederhosen.” 

It was with a grin that Sirius nodded. “Yes, that would be great. After all, he ripped a hole through his last pair.” 

You laughed loudly and nodded, standing and picking up the empty beer bottles. 

“Do you think Harry would enjoy his own pair of lederhosen?” You called over your shoulder, heading to the kitchen. 

“How else would we get Remus to wear his pair?”

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“True self is without form” -Zenyatta

Next in my Overwatch GIF series, Zenyatta!

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also if anybody has suggestions on animation software, that would be great, I’m currently just using pain tool sai to animate

Imagine James won’t. stop. talking. 

“What’d you mean by that?” James whispered, leaning to the side so that he could whisper to you. 

You grit your teeth. “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

He rolled his eyes. “What did you mean when you said ‘I’ll be there?’” 

Of course. James had asked you at breakfast yesterday to go to Hogsmeade with him next weekend and every time you’d seen him since he’d talked of nothing else. 

“I mean that I would be there,” You mumbled, looking down at your notes. 

“Well, yeah. But-”

“Mr. Potter, it would be of great use to me if you would stop talking.” 

Your eyes snapped up to look at Professor McGonagall’s reprimanding features and then at James’s disappointed face. 

He obviously wasn’t as disappointed as he should have been. 

“Everyone’s gonna be there,” He muttered, glancing over at you. “Are you going with someone else?”

The jealousy in his voice was palpable.

“I’m not going with anyone,” You replied.

“Is that a no?” 


“No it’s a no, or no it’s not a no?” 


“It’s just a simple question-” 

He was cut off again by a dirty look from the professor. 

“Are you going with me?”


“If you stop talking.”

has this been done yet?

Hello friends, 

Here is a list of downloads/videos that users have found for The 1975′s old work under previous names such as T H E S L O W D O W N, Drive Like I Do, B I G S L E E P, and TalkHouse. I’ve also included some of their earlier video releases as The 1975. Enjoy!  ♡

Pre-2012 downloads (x) :

B I G  S L E E P:

Drive Like I Do:

T H E S L O W D O W N:

The 1975: