these women meant everything to me

It’s so interesting that none of these songs are about falling in love. They’re all about being in love and struggling to hold onto it – or stories about things personified as interesting women that seem to have an unresistable lure. All of the women in these songs are literal sirens, whether they’re meant to be sirens for Harry or whoever the character in the story is, while everything that’s personal to him is about struggle and holding it together. (The objects of the song are sirens; I don’t think they’re literal women). Sorry, this is a bit of a mess, but there seems to be one theme here, to me, despite the diversity of songs: the struggle to remain true and hold onto a relationship while you cope with the siren call of fame and its trappings.

{PART 4} I Won’t Stop You // Jeon Jungkook, Vampire!AU

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Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Genre: Vampire!AU, Fantasy, Angst, Smut 

Summary; As Jungkook learns more about you and your life, you find yourself wondering what it would be like to date a man of his power - before asking him something you’d never thought he’d say yes to; not in a million years.

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in her shadow | eighteen.

genre: angst
word count: 1.9k

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  • Me, listening to "SLEEPOVER" for about the 70th time: Wow... this is so great, so beautiful, capturing the sapphic/wlw pinning for straight women/unrequited love perfectly
  • my shit brain, banging pots and pans: The scenes in which Hayley Kiyoko is actually seen all alone imply that she's imagining the situations going on with her and her crush, perhaps missing that sleepover with her, but imagine if it actually meant that her crush never did come over and she's just fantasizing the whole affair?
New Exerpt

I was confident that Bill would be great at parenting. His father died before Bill was born; he knew how lucky he was to have this chance that his own father never had. Still, a lot of men are thrilled to be dads but not so thrilled about all the work that a child requires. The writer Katha Pollitt has observed how even the most egalitarian relationships can contort under the strain of child rearing, and all of a sudden the mom is expected to do everything, while the dad pitches in here and there. She calls it becoming “gender Republicans”—a nifty phrase, if perhaps a little unfair to all the feminist Republicans out there, who really do exist.
I knew that I had enough energy and devotion for two, if it turned out that Bill wasn’t a co-equal in the child-raising department. But I really hoped that wouldn’t happen. Our marriage had always been a true partnership. Though he was governor and then president—jobs that would seem to “beat” a lot of others, if you were the kind of person who ranked jobs like that—my career was important to me, too. So was my time and, more broadly, my identity. I couldn’t wait to become a mother, but I didn’t want to lose everything else about myself in the becoming. I was counting on my husband not just to respect that but also to join me in guarding against it.
So it was a wonderful thing when Chelsea arrived, and Bill dove into parenting with characteristic gusto. We went to the hospital with Bill clutching the materials from the Lamaze classes we had attended together. When it turned out that Chelsea was breech, he fought to be in the operating room with me and hold my hand during the C-section. Being governor came in handy when he asked to be the first father ever permitted by that hospital to do so. After we brought her home, he handled countless midnight feedings and diaper changes. We took turns making sure the parade of family and friends who wanted to spend time with Chelsea were looked after. As our daughter grew up, we both read her good-night stories. We both got to know her teachers and coaches. Even when Bill became president, he rearranged his schedule as much as he could to have dinner with us nearly every night that he was in Washington. And when he was somewhere else in the world, he’d call Chelsea to talk about her day and go over her homework with her.
Our daughter adored her father more and more. As she entered adolescence, I wondered if that would change at all. I remembered how my own dad and I grew somewhat distant from each other once I became a teenager. I provoked him with a lot of fiery political arguments. He was at a loss to navigate the occasionally stormy seas of teenage girlhood. Would that happen with Chelsea and Bill? As it turned out, no. He lived for their debates; the fiercer the better. He didn’t leave me to deal with the “girl stuff”: heartache, self-esteem, safety. He was right there with us.
Did I handle more of the family responsibilities, especially while Bill was president? Of course. This was something we’d talked through before he ran, and I was more than up for it. But I never felt like I was alone in the work of raising our wonderful daughter. And I know a lot of wives of busy men who would say otherwise. Bill wanted to be a great president, but that wouldn’t have mattered to him if he wasn’t also a great dad.
Every time I see the two of them laugh over some private joke that only they know … every time I overhear a conversation between them, two lightning-quick minds testing each other … every time I see him look at her with love and devotion … I’m reminded again that I chose exactly the right person to have a family with.
My marriage to Bill Clinton was the most consequential decision of my life. I said no the first two times he asked me. But the third time, I said yes. And I’d do it again.
I hesitated because I wasn’t quite prepared for marriage. I hadn’t figured out what I wanted my future to be yet. And I knew that by marrying Bill, I would be running straight into a future far more momentous than any other I’d likely know. He was the most intense, brilliant, charismatic person I had ever met. He dreamed big. I, on the other hand, was practical and cautious. I knew that marrying him would be like hitching a ride on a comet. It took me a little while to get brave enough to take the leap.
We’ve been married since 1975. We’ve had many, many more happy days than sad or angry ones. I know some people wonder why we’re still together. I heard it again in the 2016 campaign: that “we must have an arrangement” (we do; it’s called a marriage); that I helped him become president and then stayed so he could help me become president (no); that we lead completely separate lives, and it’s just a marriage on paper now (he is reading this over my shoulder in our kitchen with our dogs underfoot, and in a minute he will reorganize our bookshelves for the millionth time, which means I will not be able to find any of my books, and once I learn the new system, he’ll just redo it again, but I don’t mind because he really loves to organize those bookshelves).
I don’t believe our marriage is anyone’s business. Public people should be allowed to have private lives, too. But I know that a lot of people are genuinely interested. Maybe you’re flat-out perplexed. Maybe you want to know how this works because you are married and would like it to last 40 years or longer, and you’re looking for perspective. I certainly can’t fault you on that.
I don’t want to delve into all the details, because I really do want to hold on to what’s left of my privacy as much as I can. But I will say this: Bill has been an extraordinary father to our beloved daughter and an exuberant, hands-on grandfather to our two grandchildren. I look at Chelsea and Charlotte and Aidan and I think, We did this. That’s a big deal.
He has been my partner in life and my greatest champion. He never once asked me to put my career on hold for his. He never once suggested that maybe I shouldn’t compete for anything—in work or politics—because it would interfere with his life or ambitions. There were stretches of time in which my husband’s job was unquestionably more important than mine, and he still didn’t play that card. I have never felt like anything but an equal. Bill is completely unbothered by having an ambitious, opinionated, occasionally pushy wife. In fact, he loves me for it.
Long before I thought of running for public office, he was saying, “You should do it. You’d be great at it. I’d love to vote for you.” He helped me believe in this bigger version of myself. Bill was a devoted son-in-law and always made my parents feel welcome in our home. Toward the end of my mother’s life, when I wanted her to move into our house in Washington, he said yes without hesitation. Though I expected nothing less, this meant the world to me. I know so many women who are married to men who—though they have their good qualities—can be sullen, moody, irritated at small requests, and generally disappointed with everyone and everything. Bill Clinton is the opposite. He has a temper, but he’s never mean. And he’s funny, friendly, unflappable in the face of mishaps and inconveniences, and easily delighted by the world—remember those balloons at the convention? He is fabulous company.
We’ve certainly had dark days in our marriage. You know all about them—and please consider for a moment what it would be like for the whole world to know about the worst moments in your relationship. There were times that I was deeply unsure about whether our marriage could or should survive. But on those days, I asked myself the questions that mattered most to me: Do I still love him? And can I still be in this marriage without becoming unrecognizable to myself— twisted by anger, resentment, or remoteness? The answers were always yes. So I kept going.
On our first date, we went to the Yale University Art Gallery to see a Mark Rothko exhibit. The building was closed, but Bill talked our way in. When I think about that afternoon—seeing the art, hearing the stillness all around us, giddy about this person whom I had just met but somehow knew would change my life—it still feels magical, and I feel happy and lucky all over again.
I still think he’s one of the most handsome men I’ve ever known. I’m proud of him: proud of his vast intellect, his big heart, the contributions he has made to the world. I love him with my whole heart. That’s more than enough to build a life on.
The morning after the election, Bill and I both wore purple. It was a nod to bipartisanship (blue plus red equals purple). The night before, I had hoped to thank the country wearing white—the color of the suffragettes—while standing on a stage cut into the shape of the United States under a vast glass ceiling. Instead, the white suit stayed in the garment bag.
After I delivered my concession speech, I hugged as many people in the ballroom as possible—lots of old friends and devoted campaign staffers, many of their faces wet with tears. I was dry-eyed and felt calm and clear. My job was to smile, be strong for everyone, and show America that life went on and our republic would endure. A life spent in the public eye has given me lots of practice at that. I wear my composure like a suit of armor, for better or worse. In some ways, it felt like I had been training for this latest feat of self-control for decades.
After delivering hugs and smiling so long and hard that my face ached, I asked my senior team to go back to our headquarters in Brooklyn and make sure everyone was OK. One final wave to the crowd, and Bill and I got into the backseat of a Secret Service van and were driven away.
I could finally let my smile drain away. We were mostly quiet. Every few minutes, Bill would repeat what he had been saying all morning: “I’m so proud of you.” To that he now added, “That was a great speech. History will remember it.”
I loved him for saying it, but I didn’t have much to say in return. I felt completely and totally depleted. And I knew things would feel worse before they started feeling better.
It takes about an hour to drive from Manhattan to our home in Chappaqua. I absolutely love our old house. It’s cozy, colorful, full of art, and every surface is covered with photos of the people I love best in the world. That day, the sight of our front gate was pure relief to me. All I wanted to do was get inside, change into comfy clothes, and maybe not answer the phone ever again.
I’ll confess that I don’t remember much about the rest of that day. I put on yoga pants and a fleece. Our two sweet dogs followed me from room to room, and at one point, I took them outside and just breathed the cold, rainy air. The question blaring in my head was “How did this happen?” Fortunately, I had the good sense to realize that diving into a campaign postmortem right then would be about the worst thing I could do to myself.
Losing is hard for everyone, but losing a race you thought you would win is devastating. I remember when Bill lost his reelection as governor of Arkansas in 1980. He was so distraught at the outcome that I had to go to the hotel where the election-night party was held to speak to his supporters on his behalf. For a good while afterward, he was so depressed that he practically couldn’t get off the floor. That’s not me. I keep going. I also stew and ruminate. I run through the tape over and over, identifying every mistake—especially those made by me. When I feel wronged, I get mad, and then I think about how to fight back.
On that first day, I just felt tired and empty. The reckoning was still to come.
At some point, we ate dinner. We FaceTimed with our grandchildren, two-year-old Charlotte and her baby brother, Aidan, born in June 2016. I was reassured to see their mom. I knew Chelsea was hurting for me, which in turn hurt to think about, but those kids are an instant mood boost for all of us. We quietly drank them in, that day and every day after. After sleeping hardly at all the night before, I climbed into our bed at midday for a nice, long nap. I also went to bed early that night and slept in the next morning. I could finally do that.
I avoided the phone and email that first day. I suspected, correctly, that I was receiving a virtual avalanche of messages, and I couldn’t quite handle it—couldn’t handle everyone’s kindness and sorrow, their bewilderment and their theories for where and why we had fallen short. Eventually, I’d dive in. But for now, Bill and I kept the rest of the world out. I was grateful for the one billionth time that I had a husband who was good company not just in happy times but sad ones as well.

Your Everything

Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader

Summary: Dean and the Reader finally voice their feelings for one another. 

Word Count: 2k-ish

Warnings: Fluff, Suggestive Content, Slight Cursing

Author’s Note: Heyy guys! This is my entry for @impalaimagining‘s “Taylor ‘s 1K Followers Celebration”. I got the song “"Be Your Everything” by Boys like Girls and I got assigned the gif below. I hope you guys like it! Feedback is always welcomed!!

I wasn’t your typical girly-girl.

I didn’t swoon at the movies when the guy would sweep the girl off of her feet. I wouldn’t sing along to those cheesy love songs on the radio whenever I was inside a car. Hell, I never even joined the cheerleading squad when I was in high school.

So when this song came on one night while I was washing the dishes at the Bunker in nothing but shorts and a white tank top, I couldn’t help but close my eyes and start to sway in time with the music.

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Wolf of Spring Ch. 2

Chapter 2: “I didn’t think you would come back, lassie.”

Tamlin could rarely distinguish truth from reality. Sometimes, there are days when the two converge together, leaving him more confused than ever. Today  would be one of them. Then, there’s the matter of the women residing in his court, vying for his attention to marry him. Would he ever find a suitable woman to marry, let alone love?

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As one can assume based on my username I spend a lot of time thinking about Bellamy, who he is and what makes him who he is. My most recent round of thinking circled around to JRoth and his statements about Madi potentially causing issues between Bellamy and Clarke (because Clarke will do things for Madi that may not align with what’s best for their people), which made me think about what Bellamy’s relationships with children specifically over the course of the last four Seasons have said about his story arc, so let’s delve into this:

In Season 1, Bellamy’s connection to a child is Charlotte (who is 12). Through his relationship with her, we get our first real glimpse into who Bellamy actually is. Charlotte is only in two episodes (1x03 and 1x04) but her impact in Bellamy resonates across the Season.

Charlotte has a relationship with both Clarke and Bellamy and it’s one of the ways the show gives us a visualization of the differences between Bellamy and Clarke. We’re first introduced to Charlotte when she has a nightmare and Clarke attempts to comfort her:

Clarke: “Hey, wake up. It’s okay. It’s okay. It’s just a dream. You’re Charlotte, right? I’m Clarke. It’s okay to be scared. Do you want to talk about it?”

Charlotte: “It's… my parents. They were floated and they… and I see it in my dreams and I just…”

Clarke: “I understand. My dad was floated, too. So, how did you end up here?”

Charlotte: “Well… we were taking my parents’ things to the redistribution center and… I kind of lost it. They said I assaulted a guard.”

Clarke: “I can’t say I blame you. See that bright star up there? That’s The Ark orbiting above us. I think whatever happened up there, you know, the pain… maybe we can move past that now. Maybe being on the ground is our second chance.”

The next time we see Charlotte she’s followed Bellamy and the hunting party because she can’t deal with the sound of Jasper’s pain, unfortunately before they can make it back to camp the acid fog rolls in and we find Bellamy and Charlotte trapped in a cave.  Again, Charlotte is sleeping and has a nightmare, a parallel to her first interaction with Clarke, but they differ in how they handle the situation with Charlotte:

Charlotte: “No!”

Bellamy: “Charlotte, wake up. Charlotte: I’m sorry.”

Bellamy: “Does it happen often? What are you scared of? You know what? It doesn’t matter. The only thing that matters is what you do about it.”

Charlotte: “But… I’m asleep.”

Bellamy: “Fears are fears. Slay your demons when you’re awake, they won’t be there to get you when you sleep.”

Charlotte: “Yeah, but… How?”

Bellamy: “You can’t afford to be weak. Down here, weakness is death, fear is death. Let me see that knife I gave you. Now, when you feel afraid, you hold tight to that knife and you say, ‘Screw you. I’m not afraid.‘”

Charlotte: Screw you. I’m not afraid. Screw you. I’m not afraid.”

Bellamy: “Slay your demons, kid. Then you’ll be able to sleep.”

We see the difference in Bellamy and Clarke’s handling of the situation from the get go, while Clarke tries to get Charlotte to embrace the fear and learn from it, Bellamy encourages her to run from that fear, to pretend that she’s not afraid, to slay her demons. And we know she does this with disastrous effect when she kills Wells.

Bellamy is shaken by Charlotte’s actions, because they were influenced by his words, but “Weakness is death, fear is death” is still a statement that Bellamy embraces for the rest of the Season, in fact the only reason we actually see him admit to being afraid is when he thinks he’s dying (in a moment of weakness).

They deleted a scene where Bellamy gives a rousing speech to the Delinquents, but here’s what he says:

“Everybody, listen up. I know you’re afraid, but how you choose to handle that fear is up to you. You can let it break you down or you can use it to make you stronger. Are we just a bunch of kids from the Ark who weren’t strong enough to survive? Because if we lose today, if we let the fear win, that is what they’ll say about us. But I say screw fear: I’m telling my own damn story!”

Bellamy’s rejection of fear is the first sign that he’s anything other than the asshole that the show originally attempted to paint him as and also sets up his defining arc (”Screw fear.”) for Season 1.

Bellamy’s Season 2 kid is Lovejoy’s son and he’s introduced in Episode 2x11 (not as early as Charlotte) but he is a defining moment for Bellamy:

Lovejoy’s Son: “Mister… Are you on a ground unit? My dad is training for a ground unit.”

Bellamy: “It’s pretty cool up there. I hope he makes it. They’re just kids.”

Maya: “What did you expect you’d find here?”

And Maya’s question is an accurate assessment of Bellamy’s thought process until the moment he sees Lovejoy’s kid. He really did believe that the Mountain was full of monsters (and why shouldn’t he have?). Seeing Lovejoy’s kid forces him to reconsider the plan of attack and that’s when he almost begs Clarke for another:

“She helped me escape. If not for her, I’d be dead. And, Clarke, there are kids in here. We need a plan that doesn’t kill everyone. Please tell me we have one.”

Because Bellamy can handle killing monsters. That’s just slaying your demons, but kids? That’s a violation of everything he believes and it’s being forced to help make the decision that ultimately kills 26 children (along with the men and women) that is responsible for contributing to Bellamy breaking after his actions in the Mountain. 

Because for the first time slaying demons meant killing innocents as well. 

His Season 3 Kid? Adria, the girl who Luna loves. 

Again, this child is introduced late into the Season and they don’t actually interact much, but it is the first time that Bellamy actually sees with his own eyes the carnage that the Chipped!individuals can wreak on unsuspecting towns and its then that he fully realizes that the Chipped! aren’t enemies in the traditional sense. 

His interactions with Adria (and the others on Niylah’s rig) help lay the groundwork for Bellamy’s refusal to invade other Grounder villages the very next episode and, later, his insistence that the Chipped! are not killed only temporarily incapacitated until Clarke could shut down the CoL. 

Because this time, they are going to find a plan that saves everyone, unlike the ultimate resolution for Season 2. 

And last but not least, we have his Season 4 Kid: The Grounder Slave girl he saves in 4x02, When he saves her (and the other slaves), it’s a continuation of the journey he’s been on since Season 2 and Lovejoy’s kid:

Bellamy: “We didn’t get the machine.”

Clarke: “It didn’t survive landing?”

Bellamy: “No. It did, but I had a choice… bring the machine home or use it to save them.”

Raven: “Oh, we are so screwed.”

Bellamy: “We have time, but I am not sacrificing any more innocent lives.”

Clarke: “You just did.”

Bellamy: “I made the call, and I’ll live with that.”

Raven: “Yeah. You’re not the only one who has to live with your call, as usual.”

Bellamy: “Well, go tell them. Go tell Riley I should’ve left them to die.”

Bellamy has been forever changed by his actions over the course of the Seasons, but this is the first time we see him directly reference the loses he’s had to inflict in order to save his people. This is the beginning of Bellamy’s “We save who we can save today” arc. 

We see this arc come to final fruition when Bellamy has to make the decision to close the door on Clarke and blast off. The arc that we see begin for him in 4x02, saving those who can be saved, even if it ultimately means that others will die in that episode, is what preps him to be able to make the decision to close the door on Clarke in 4x13. 

It wasn’t just Clarke’s speech about using his head (although we do see him reference her with “It’s what she would have wanted”), it was the fact that he’d already made a decision just like this. Choosing to stay behind to wait for Clarke would have meant the death of the others on the rocket and while Bellamy might have been willing to make the sacrifice if it was just him (”I left her behind. I left her behind and we all die anyway”), he could not justify making the decision for everyone else, so he saved who he could save today. 

Basically….I wrote all of this out to say we should be paying close attention to Bellamy’s initial interactions with Madi (who will likely be one of the first children he meets) in Season 5, because they obviously plant lots of little seeds for Bellamy’s overarching Season journey in his relationships with children. 


When he came home the next night, I was waiting for him. “Is it a woman who bought you those presents?” He shakes his head, sits down on the arm of the armchair, which his mum always told him off for doing cos it puts the frame out of shape. “It’s not a woman,” he says. He puts his head in his hands. “It’s not women.” I knew right away what he meant. It was like the room shifted, like when they cut to a different angle in a film scene or like how everything seems to settle different after you step off a carousel. So I go from feeling fat to feeling bloody stupid. He looks more surprised than me that he’s said it. I tell him: “I can’t be your wife, can I?” He looked surprised at that, too. Know what he said?
“I’d miss you, Alice. I’d miss you.”

Great Chemistry (Part 11)

Summary: After years of auditions and small acting jobs, you finally get picked to play the female lead in a major spy movie: Rogue Agency. Suddenly you find out that the actor playing the male lead and love interest is none other than Sebastian Stan himself. Throughout the story you go through the motions of filming a movie and come to find out that you and Seb have great chemistry. Do you take the leap and let yourself fall in love with your costar?

Pairing: Sebastian Stan x Reader

Word Count: 2,827

Warnings: Fluff, cussing

A/N: Once again this is a short one (compared to others I’ve written). But I’m sure you’ll be happy with the content. I had this one all written out because I knew how I wanted it to go.I tried getting this up quickly because I was scared that I wouldn’t have time to post it later. And 11 is my lucky number btw so yeah. Have fun.


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Okay here it is. I got 2 requests one where the reader had nightmares and one with the readers first time. (Both with Elijah) I have never written smut besides this so please tell me what was good and what i should change. 

There’s about 1.5 k words in this and an overuse of the word “Baby”

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I have never run that fast. My eyes started watering just from me thinking what he could do to me. I ran even faster. The man’s expression didn’t change. He looked murderous. He wanted to kill me. I had to run for my life. I looked over my shoulder to see how far i had gotten, but i couldn’t see him. Before i even knew it i ran into him. I let out a scream struggling against him.

“WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME” i yelled, kicking and screaming to get away from my killer. “LET ME GO”

“I’m gonna kill you.” he said before extending his fangs, and digging into my neck.

I woke up screaming next to Elijah. He quickly got up and turned on the lights. I was breathing quickly, and there were tears streaming down my cheeks. I kept seeing the man following me.

“Y/N. Y/N. HEY HEY RELAX” Elijah yelled over my sobbing and screaming. He put his arm around my trembling body pulling me close to his body. “Hey tell me what happened” he said after i relaxed a little.

“I… i love you Elijah but i’m scared” i cried. I didn’t want to be scared of his vampire side. But what if he one day lost control. I didn’t know how to tell him. How should you tell someone you’re scared of something that’s a part of them. “What if you lose control.” i whispered.

“It could happen. But no matter what i would never hurt you” he whispered. I relaxed a little more. I noticed how we were now laying. Elijah was on his elbow while i was on my back. I leaned up and kissed him lightly, but before i knew it he had his hand behind my head bringing me in again.  

“Elijah…” i whispered but he caught me off with another kiss. I kissed him back rougher than before. I pushed him so i was on top of him. I straddled his waist and started kissing his neck.

“Y/N… Stop.” Elijah said when he realised it had gone too far. I was a virgin and i was actually really uncomfortable about anything regarding sex. Elijah knew i wanted to wait and he knew how i felt about it. He had been so kind telling me that he was fine waiting, and that he was totally okay with whatever i decided to do.

“Elijah i wanna do this” i whispered still slightly uncomfortable. I did and to have sex with Elijah, but i was scared. The man is 1000 years old, he had probably slept with countless of women, and done everything in the book. And here he is with a virgin who knows everything she knows sex ed and like two tumblr posts.

“You sure love. You don’t have to do anything you don’t wanna do” he lifted his hand to tuck a piece of hair behind my hear. I smiled knowing he meant what he said. He really did care for me. That alone made me decide i wanted Elijah to be my first time.

“I’m sure.” i said. Elijah flipped me over so that i was on my back, and he was hovering over me. He pulled off his shirt revealing his toned body. I had seen Elijah shirtless before but this was different. It was so intimate. I ran my hand from his shoulder to the waistband of his sweats. Before i could even think to pull them off him Elijah grabbed my hand stopping me. I was about to ask why he did it but when he pulled of my tank top making naked waist up i shut up. I brought my hands up trying to cover my breasts with my hands.

“Don’t. Y/N you are so beautiful you really don’t need to hide anything from me” he said pulling my arms away from my chest. He leaned down and kissed me before starting to kiss my jawline and neck. I moaned slightly when he sucked a hickey on my neck. I blushed embarrassed at the sounds he could get out of me. “Don’t be embarrassed baby” Elijah laughed before returning to my skin.

“I am though. I don’t know why.” i whispered heart flushing to my cheeks. I wanted to cry in that moment. I didn’t even know that having someone kiss my neck would feel good. I felt the tears burning in my eyes and i tried desperately to blink them away so that Elijah didn’t notice.

“Hey what’s wrong. Do you wanna stop” he asked getting up. I pulled the covers over my exposed body before replying.

“I don’t wanna stop it’s just… you have been with so many people and i don’t know… i feel like if we do this and i’m bad, you’ll leave” i said now there were tears streaming down my face. I knew Elijah wouldn’t do something like that, but a part of me was scared he was gonna be disappointed.

“Hey i’ll never leave, and i know you’re gonna be great. And yeah you don’t know anything but you’ll learn. I’ll teach you” he said the last part with a smirk on his face. I dropped the covers and pulled Elijah back on the bed. We started making out again and this time when he started kissing down my body i didn’t stop him. He placed my nipple in his mouth and sucked on it. I moaned again and again i felt embarrassed but i didn’t stop him. Elijah started kissing further down my body until he reached the waistband of my nightshorts. He pulled them down revealing my black panties. He got up and pulled his own sweatpants off. I had never seen Elijah this exposed before.

“You’re so beautiful baby” he whispered while pulling down my panties. I smiled at his sweet words. Nobody could ever make me feel as good as Elijah did. He got up and pulled his own boxers off before reattaching his lips to mine. I kissed him back with passion.

“Elijah, please i’m ready” i whined when i felt his dick rub against me. I wanted him no matter how scared i was. Elijah grabbed my hand and kissed me but this time it was sweet and slow. I felt him at my entrance. He pushed t´just the tip in but i already felt tears in my eyes. It hurt so bad. I tried keeping the tears away but they surfaced.

“Baby do you want to stop” Elijah asked wiping the hears away from my face. I shook my head no and told him to keep going. I could see on him how much he hated hurting me. “Baby you’re hurting” he said trying to pull out again.

“Elijah it’s gonna hurt if we do it now or if we do it 100 years from now. Please” i whispered trying to hold back the tears and pretend like it didn’t hurt that much. He slid back in and this time without stopping.

“Are you okay baby. Tell me when to move” he sighed. The feeling confused me. It hurt but at the same time i felt a bit of pleasure. I nodded my head telling Elijah to move. The first time he did it hurt as much as the first time he entered me. He kept moving and after a while the pain disappeared and i started feeling pleasure. Only pleasure.

“Elijah” i moaned quietly. He smirked and leaned down to kiss my lips again.  I kept moaning his name feeling more confident. Elijah grabbed my legs and put them around his legs and the feeling got way more intense.

“Fuck” i moaned as Elijah picked up his pace. I only realised what i had said when he chuckled. I never curse. I rarely imagined this moment but the few times i did i never imagined cursing. I blushed and tried to hide my face.

“Don’t baby.” he said and pulled my arm away. He quickened his thrusts and i felt an unfamiliar built up in my stomach.

“Elijah” i said unsure of what was happening. He grabbed my hands before whispering in my ear.

“Let go baby.” he told me. I did as he said and felt unbelievable pleasure run through my body. Elijah came quickly after me. He rolled off me and pulled me closer to him. “Are you okay love” he asked and i nodded my head. I had never been more okay than in that moment.

“see when i, a verifiable infant baby internet man, said that lesbians and bi women make everything about themselves, what i ACTUALLY meant is that some chick with a tracer url was once mean to me on a text post and i have no problem using that to immediately and enthusiastically justify my own latent, generalized misogyny and festering resentment that there’s even a single corner of the web where i’m not automatically considered the forefront and center of the gay rights movement just because im a dude with a pastel arin hanson icon” oh boo hoo the fuck hoo

I was miserable when you left me broken-hearted. I knew I was only temporary but some part of me had hoped that you and I were meant to be. Your words made me feel special but your actions said otherwise. You used these lines on countless other women and I knew this, I knew you were interested in several people but that still didn’t change the fact that I felt wanted for the first time. In the end everything was a lie, you were a fraud and I was the victim. You played me like a chess match and I was powerless to do anything but let you control me. You sacrificed me to save yourself and when you scrapped me, I rose and became a queen of my own. So what do I miss about you? Absolutely nothing. My mind is finally cleared of your poison and everything is crystal clear. I don’t miss your words and I definitely don’t miss you.
—  A queen of my own // S.T.
Here For You

Anonymous requested: Can you do a short fic with Wanda Maximoff? The reader is the sister of Kilgrave and also has his powers, but ever since the whole Jessica Jones incident she refuses to use them and Wanda comforts her about it.

Fandom: Marvel
Pairing: Wanda Maximoff x Kilgrave’s sister!reader
Word count: 366
Warnings: Mentions of rape

Tags: @thebreakerofchains @geeky-girl-394 @fortheloveofbenyandtom @zombieannamilton @high–power @im-in-love-with-a-fictional-girl @heathrmxnamara @simply-jadyn @thehistorynut19 @cynicaloser

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On Her Period Sentence Starters

“You know, if I was pregnant, this wouldn’t be a problem.”
“Am I dying? I feel like I’m dying.”
“At least I know I’m not pregnant…”
“I don’t even want kids! This is stupid.”
“I can eat whatever I want. I deserve it.”
“How have I not passed out from bloodloss? Seriously.”
“I hate everyone. And everything.”
“Why does God hate women?!”
“The government needs to start paying for tampons.”
“I just want to curl up in a ball and die.”
“I don’t want to go to work. Why do I have to go to work?’
"I’m just sick and tired and bloated and gross.”
“I’m so hungry.”
“I hate my life.”
“Where is my heating pad?!”
“People should just stay clear of me during this time in my life.”
“I’m too sensitive. And angry.”
“I’m so horny but I’m so gross.”
“I thought it was only meant to last like 5 days. What is this?”
“ I’m seriously going to kill someone.”
“Oh my god oh my god oh my god I think I’m leaking.”
“Fuck. I just sneezed. Oh, that did NOT feel good.”
“I think it’s creeping up my back, END ME.”
“There is nothing ‘vagical’ about this!”
“I’m on my period. According to society, I’m allowed to be a bitch.”

My Sunshine| Mark Sloan

Originally posted by houseofgreysanatomy

Obviously song lyrics come from You Are My Sunshine - by Johnny Cash. 

I was rewatching the Season 6 and 8 finale over the past couple of days.. and it just occurred to me again how absolutely phenomenal Marks character development was for the time he was on the show!

Prompt: You and Mark are head over heels in love with each other. but he believes you deserve someone better and you, on the other hand, have never wanted anything more then to call him yours. But time.. you never seem to have enough of it. 

Key: bolded italics are lyrics

Italics are flashbacks

Set during 8x24-9x01

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Movie Night - Episode 1

I couldn’t resist. If you guys like it, I’ll so as many chaps as movies :-)


Kara rode the elevator up, balancing the items in her hands while she tried to hold her cell phone between her cheek and shoulder.

“This is a stupid idea, isn’t it?” She asked her sister.

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Take me Home

BayoJeanne Week Day 2
Prompt: Argument 
Pairing: Bayonetta/Jeanne

Summery: This is all very new to them, and they are bound to make mistakes on the way.

Note: Once again I’m late for the day, but this story turned into a literal monster and I’m just now finally done. It’s unbeta’ed so I’m sure there are errors, I hope they are not too glaring for you to enjoy this story. :)

The classroom was quiet, only the sounds of scratching pencils or the slight creak of erasers could be heard, even for a testing session it was unusually quiet. For which Jeanne was thankful, her nerves were still simmering red hot and she wasn’t sure how well she could handle any clowning around by her students today.

“U-um, Miss D’arc?”

Her head snapped up from her study of the massive historical text in front of her (which she had filled with innumerable highlights and red marks, each of them being an incorrect account of events), and her steel gaze landed on that of a petite student who looked like she’d rather be anywhere else in the world than where she was.

“What is it, Penny?” Jeanne kept her tone cool, managing to bring it up a few degrees from cold, which was already higher than the frigid tone she’d begun the morning class with.  Behind Penny, who was squirming in discomfort, Jeanne could see the rest of the class half pause and surreptitiously watch their exchange.

“I- I’m done with my test,” she held out the paperwork as if she was proffering food to a venomous snake (somewhat ironic given that Cereza was the one to turn into a cobra), “and well, I was wondering if I could leave class for study hall now?” her voice rose a half octave for every syllable she spoke, but she managed to maintain eye contact.

Jeanne took in a breath as she straightened her shoulders, reigning in her temper with all her will. None of her students deserved it. She gently reached forward and took the paper. “Of course Penny, thank you for asking.” Setting the paper down on the desk she looked around Penny and raised her voice to address the whole class. “Whenever any of you are finished with your tests, you may hand them into me and leave the classroom, remember to follow all campus rules and do not disturb the other classes.”

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Long Ago (Angst) Pt.2

Conflict: Jimin and Reader

Word Count: 1,255

Description: What happened  between you and Jimin after the tragic breakup? (Part 1 here)

Originally posted by mvssmedia

Being woken up by the sunlight of the window you groaned and turned around putting your head under the pillows.

You smiled slowly falling asleep again, until your alarm started ringing.

You sighed heavily already annoyed due to being woken up twice.

Walking downstairs you were greeted with the heavenly smell of bacon.

“Hey babe, what are you making?” you said snaking your arms around your boyfriend, Ji Soo’s  waist.

“Breakfast, my love” he said turning around and kissing the top of your head.

“Here, i’ll serve you” he said grabbing a plate.

You sat down at the table eyeing your boyfriend with a loving smile.

“Hey, are we going to your friend’s party today?” he  asked setting down a plate of eggs, bacon, and pancakes in front of you.

“Why do you think I woke up so early” you replied laughing.

Smiling he sat down and ate with you making small talk.

“Baby, go get ready. I’ll clean up.” he said taking the plates to the sink.

“But, I’ts only 10?” You questioned in confusion.

“Yeah, and we have to be there by 1, and I know you. You take a long time getting ready” he chuckled.

You kissed his nose before running upstairs.

You took a long shower and dried off.

You straightened your hair and brushed on some makeup.

Looking through your closet, you pulled out a little black dress that hugged your waist perfectly and skirted out at the bottom.

Slipping on some heels you looked in the mirror and were satisfied with the way you looked.

You checked the time and realized you had 30 minuted left before needing to leave.

“Ji Soo!” you yelled 

You heard his footsteps coming up the stairs.

“Yes, my love?” He asked coming towards.

“Do I look okay?” you asked 

“Beautiful as always, baby” he said kissing your forehead.

You blushed and played with his tie.

“Is this all your wearing?” You asked checking him out.

“Yeah, why? Do you want me to change?” He asked looking at his black pants and white button up shirt.

“No, but I do think you should wear your leather jacket. I love the way it looks on you” You flirted

“If you insist” he laughed.

“C’mon we gotta go” he said pulling your hand before quickly grabbing his jacket.

Once you arrived at the party, you greeted your friend and talked around with some familiar faces before sitting down at a random table with your boyfriend and just observed everybody.

“I’m gonna go say hi to some friends” Ji Soo said waiting for your permission.

You just nodded and pulled out your phone.

Ji Soo had been gone for a few minutes which caused you to feel bored.

Until you felt a tap on your shoulder and turned around.

Your smile quickly faded away as you recognized who it was.

“J-Jimin” you stuttered being taken aback.

He gave you a shy smile.

“Hello Y/N” He said quietly.

You were still shocked.

You haven’t talked in six months and he has the audacity to stand before you like nothing happened. It made you angry, sad, and anxious at the same time.

“What are you doing here” you asked, a hint of anger in your voice.

“I figured you’d be here, You wouldn’t miss your friends party” he answered.

“Okay, but that doesn’t answer my question. Why are you here?” You repeated yourself, raising your voice slightly.

“I need to talk to you" he said looking in your eyes.

“That’s new, but unfortunately I don’t want to talk” you said before turning back to your phone.

He quickly grabbed your hand and dragged you to the side of the party where no one was.

“Stop it, let go!” You yelled at him before tearing your hand away.

“Y/N listen to me please” he begged.

“Why should I listen to you” you scoffed.

“Because I need to explain some things” he pressed on.

“I wanted an explanation when we were still together, not six months after” You said turning to walk back to your table.

He grabbed your shoulder and made you look at him again.

“I miss you” he confessed.

You looked at him for a couple of seconds before laughing.

“Look I know you’re laughing cause you think I’m stupid, and trust me I know I am, but please hear me out. He pleaded you.

“Isn’t your girlfriend going to be mad that you’re telling me this?” You asked finding the situation amusing.

“I’m not with her anymore, she was a mistake” he said.

‘You’re telling me” you chuckled.

“Listen Y/N, I was so stressed out because of work and never having enough time to just relax and be with you and that messed up my thinking. Once we broke up and I went with that other women, I realized how much you meant to me. Everything she did I would compare to how you would do it. When I saw her face in the morning I would be disappointed because I wouldn’t be met with your beautiful one. When she made jokes I found myself having to fake a laugh because her sense of humor is bland compared to yours. I would come home expecting the house to be filled with music, while you were dancing, but she was just on her phone. When I put my head on her lap, I was expecting your fingers to play with my hair, but all I got was her telling me to get off. I couldn’t take it anymore and broke up with her 2 weeks later. I have been doing nothing, but sulking in my misery. I miss you and I am sorry for what I did, I truly am. I know this is no excuse for what I did to you and if I could take it all back I would, but please just consider my apology” He rushed out while you were still listening to him.

You stared at him in silence until he grabbed your hand.

“Please Y/N please. I can’t live one more day without you being by my side” 

At that moment you felt arms wrap around your waist.

You looked up to see Ji Soo.

“Who is this?” Ji Soo asked looking down at your hand which Jimin was holding.

Jimin quickly let go.

It was silent for a good minute while Jimin looked between you and Ji Soo.

“You moved on?” Jimin whispered, eyes filling with hurt.

“Moved on? Baby who is this?” Ji soo asked with a expression full of confusion.

You looked at Jimin.

 “Nobody, he’s nobody” you said coldly, glaring at Jimin.

“Let’s go home” You told your boyfriend while pulling him towards the exit.

Jimin’s heart stung due to both the sight of you with another man and the words you spoke.

A tear fell down his cheek.

He was hitting his head with his fists repeatedly mumbling to himself of how stupid he was.

He walked out of the party getting into his car.

This time it was him who was experiencing the pain, while you were content.

He let out grunts of frustration and anger, while crying.

He looked out his window seeing as it was starting to drizzle.

He didn’t know what to do.

He stayed silent and motionless for a few minutes before driving home to nobody.

Emotionless he walked up the stairs to the room you guys once owned together.

Quiet tears rolled onto his pillow while he kept whispering.

“I’m Sorry”


Title: First

Author: @deanwinchesterxreader

Beta-reader: @eyesxsewnxopenx

Summary: Requested by anonymous for my 500 followers celebration. Dean and the reader have been dating for two years and they haven’t had sex yet. Dean wonders what’s wrong, only to find out she’s a virgin.

Type: one-shot

Pairing: Dean x reader

Word count: 1924

Warnings: swearing, smut.

Tagging: @deanssexyassbutt @sherlock44

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