these women are more invested in their kids drama than the kids themselves are

On the Warring States Era, child soldiers and why the Hashirama's flashback was sentimental bullshit

Minibang day 03: war/peace

So i would like to talk to you about why the whole Hashirama’s flashback was the utter garbage. I know that this particular flashback is sort of a pinnacle of Kishi’s writing and it could have been - dear lord - so much worse than it is and the hashimada fandom decided to roll with the story it creates, but I’m rather disappointed with it and the overall theme it created for the Hashirama & Madara relationship. Yes, it had a couple of nice scenes and the dynamics between kid!Madara & kid!Hashirama were really good as for a Kishi’s standards. But as a piece of the world-building - I mean as a part of a answer for the question “what was the genesis and the purpose of Konoha (and the village system per se)” - it makes no fucking sense. Hear me out.

It’s my first written meta on tumblr. Actually it’s my first that long text written in english, so pls excuse my mistakes. I’ll do what I can to make myself as clear as possible.

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siths-sirenia  asked:

*whispers* Thoughts on Rebels now that you've watched it? :D


- abso-heckin’-lutely prECIOUS

- i AM REALLY REALLY digging this cast’s diversity and the deliberate effor they’re putting into making more people poc - like, okay, Sabine, Ezra, those two boys from the cadets episode, Hera and Zeb are aliens … IT’S FAB, They’re improving, guys!

- I AM ALSO REALLY DIGGING the fact that none - none - of the female characters’ clothing is in the least revealing at all. CAN I GET A HELL YEAH

- So basically SPACE FAMILY. WITH SPACE MOM AND SPACE DAD BEING SPACE MARRIED WITH THEIR WAYWARD SPACE KIDS AND GROUCHY SPACE CAT. I am. So weak. All of the show’s character relationships are point on and I love love love Ezra and Zeb’s love-hate … thing, how they’re like bros but also constantly shitting with each other? Also Zeb and Sabine being ultimate bros and bonding over blowing shit up and beating up bad guys. AND OMG Ezra’s lame crush on Sabine is hilarious because basically everyone’s reaction to is it “Ezra pls” and so I really hope it strengthens their friendship more y/y. AND. DON’T EVEN GET ME STARTED. ON THE MARRIED CHILDREN.

- Kanan being a drama queen all the time and Hera rolling her eyes behind his back it reminds me of my own parents actually I miss them so much


- I love how all of those Awful Things that the Rebels are fighting the Empire over in the OT are elaborated on. Because really, outside of their antagonizing of the Rebels themselves in the OT, we don’t see the Empire actually do Bad Guy Stuff to the innocent citizens of the realm. But here, we do. Here, we see the impoverished homes and the children taken away from parents and the lack of freedom of speech. It’s great.

- I really love how the minister and governor of Lothal are women? idk that’s just me

- SO MANY CAMEOS FROM OT LOSERS IT’S MAKIN ME CRY like Bail’s appearance in the Droids in Distress episode and Artoo and Chopper getting into a droid fight and Tarkin and his forehead being just as slimy and villanous and sassy as before? AND MUSTACHE MAN I’m still disappointed in the lack of capes but Lordy Lordy Idiot’s Array was like. My favorite episode ever I’m still crying Lando and his Smooth Talking and how Kanan and Ezra are so annoyed and threatened and jealous and Hera and Sabine are just like “uh huh so I’m very flattered by this but I still don’t trust you farther than I can throw you” like this was a Typical Lando Experience my friends we have all seen this before

- I really like how Kanan’s like. A Jedi Jedi. Going into the show I was very much under the impression that he didn’t really follow any of the rules of the old order, but he actually does? Maybe doesn’t to the greatest of jobs, but he tries. And Ezra struggles, poor kid. 

- UMMMMMMM It’s just really overall well done and the dialogue is cute and the character relationships are beautiful and I adore the fact that each episode is just them sticking it to the Empire in a new way? Like all these mini adventures blowing shit up. Amazing

- ADDITIONALLY a) AHSOKA’S GONNA BE THERE I CRY and b) I heard rumours that another duo of losers shall appear and since Ahsoka knows Chewie this could actually be true and if it happens I might scream? and and c) WHAT IF AHSOKA AND VADER HAVE AN INTERACTION I WILL SHOOT MYSELF IN THE FOOT I AM TOO INVESTED IN THIS SHOW

- oh I forgot to mention the Sith Inquisitor’s lightsaber is p cool