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make me choose

anon asked: Kyle or & Demar

“We are on FaceTime together a lot late at night. If I have something to say, I hit him up right away. On the road, I hang out in his room; he hangs out in my room. We have genuine conversations about life. Yes, we sometimes talk about basketball, but we are grown men and mostly we talk about our families, our kids, everyday life. He’s in my Favourites list, so when he calls me, it rings through no matter what.” – Kyle


“So, I’m a mutant. I’m an X-Man. And my life’s never gonna be exactly normal. But I gotta say, punching bad guys in the teeth and changing the world beats the hell out of calculus.”

jean grey in x-men: season one


i’m calling this the My-Canadian-Lumberjack-Boyfriend-is-a-Werewolf AU

Mostly because i’m really tired of seeing Gil as the hyper-masculine, ultra-dominant partner (also i’m tired of him being larger than Matt idk it’s probably just my headcanon, but i’ve always thought that Matt was pretty tall and well…gil is what 5'9-10’’?) Also canadian werewolves what’s not to love?

also gil makes a ton of x-men jokes regarding wolverine.

  • Erik: (deep breath)
  • Erik: (intense far-off magneto look filled with hatred towards non-mutants)
  • Erik: I--
  • Charles: yes, you love me, we know, you love me so much, I'm the light of your life, you love me so much, you just love me, we KNOW, you love me you fucking love me ok we know, we get it, YOU LOVE ME. WE GET IT.