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Do you think it's possible for me to surf on my leaf? If so we could practice together!!!-@chikoritadaily

Uhm, I’d say. Negative… @chikoritadaily

dammit i wanted my first fanart of my angry trash son to be cool and intimidating and feature a lot of explosions or something, not This

s4 is going to be dark = sherlock is blind speculation

remember when they told us it was going to be dark?

remember when one of our speculations was that “dark” meant blindness as in sherlock going blind because of culverton

we may have been wrong but damn it that headcanon still haunts me to this very day

and i still NEED to see it at least fic’d!! oh all the angst can you imagine when sherlock was hospitalized after john beat him up and culverton went into his room, what if culverton had put something into his iv drip that ended up blinding sherlock

can you imagine when sherlock eventually wakes up and he discovers he cant see and he panics, he can feel someone’s presence there and assumed its john and he pleads and pleads “john what’s happening to me? why cant i see? john–!” and tears rolled down as panic and defeat overwhelms him. His arms searching for john but when he finally touched the other person, only then did he realize it wasnt john. The arm was too thick, too hairy. Not john then who? and culverton finally cracks up. “Oh you’re not so brilliant when you cant observe anything are you? no more deductions, no more tricks, no more plans. Can’t get yourself out of this mess this time…”

and what if, even after john comes in to save him from culverton, sherlock pleads to him “John please, get me something, i suspect he must’ve given me something to make me blind. I-I can’t see! Please just, undo what he did, you’re a doctor, get me something that will undo this thing”

but it turns out that there was nothing john could do, nothing anyone could do. the damage was permanent, and sherlock had to live the rest of his life unable to see john smile at him anymore. His final vision of john was John staring at him with disdain. His last vision of the man he loves most was the look of utter fury and disgust. And now he can never see john again. He’ll never see how Rosie will look as she grows up. He’ll never be able to observe and deduce like he used to. He can’t learn a music sheet and play it like he used to.

tagging some people who might be interested @thepurplewombat @currently-in-my-mind-palace @scotchlock 

i got bored and decided to mess around with making yan sim skins again and ended up making a kork one

i forgot about the laughing animation and it made the mask look rly hilarious

cant even be excited for the sailing trip since our trainer decided to tell the racist white boy (who got kicked out the course a week before the camping trip, but still came) about it. Now I’ve decided if he goes I’m not going, I can’t tolerate him and dont feel comfortable with him.

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i have a crush on my best friend + i think she miight like me back but idk, we cant talk abt it bc her emotionally abusive mother monitors her messages + wont let us meet in person! i have to wait until we meet in person to talk abt Any lgbt stuff.. i also have ptsd/avpd/dpd so that makes everything Hell. like i just,, love her so much but what if she hates me for it? idk what i'd do.. im SO scared of being all alone again. i wish i wasnt so mentally ill... it makes even good things hurt :(

because of how controlling her mother is and from what youre telling me about your mental health, it probably isnt the best to pursue her romantically. even if she did like you back, you two would never be able to talk about it in person or on the phone. and if she doesn’t like you back, i’m afraid you have too much to lose (her friendship)

of course, this is only my suggestion but i highly highly recommend not saying anything to her when there’re so many things that can go bad. i wish you the best of luck.

Ok guys

I’ve been holding back, and I just honestly dont know how to say this.

Can I be a potato for the rest of my life? Because all I have to do is wait to be turned into French fries and be eaten. There wont be anything for me to do but be eaten.

What the fuck did i get into

i started watching Noragami last week, it was really good so i thought id read the manga. except NOBODY FUCKING TOLD ME THIS WAS SOME TWISTED KAWAII VERSION OF GAME OF THRONES. SERIOUSLY WHAT THE FUCK. i was just happy to find a cool action series that was hilarious while having dark undertones and strong, complex characters but no seriously what the fuck happened in chapter 71 i did not sign up for this apparently it takes a month for a new chapter what the fuck is wrong with you people how am i supposed to function why cant yato be happy yukine is terrified of the dark daiko better not die like tsuyu isnt even a shinki she shouldnt have gone in the first place damnit when did this turn into a horror show why cant i have nice things also fuck you yatos old man hiyoris first kiss wasnt supposed to be her soulmates dad also its canon theyre soulmates literally the only thing keeping me going along with ebisu

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okay so like long story short, i was outed to my family and now they cant even be in my presence without being uncomfortable and it makes me feel so unwanted and useless and suicidal because like why even be around when my existence just makes everyone uncomfortable? i have no purpose or meaning and everyone would be happier and more comfortable if i wasnt here. i just dont really know what to do? like i dont want to be here but somethings keeping me here and idk what. sorry for bothering you

So I’m not saying that I’m going through exactly what you’re going through, but I’m gonna say that as a genderfluid person who struggled with suicidal thoughts for nearly three years that I kind of understand what you’re experiencing here. My family is really transphobic, and every time the subject of gender is brought up, they openly mock and criticize the thought that there could be any gender beyond the sex you’re assigned when you’re born. That haunts me every single day and there is no way for me to get rid of those thoughts. They are here to stay. For a while that, along some other personal issues including my sexuality, made me want to end my own life. I thought about it almost every single day. And honestly there really is no fool proof plan to get rid of suicidal thoughts. Because often it is something that will always linger in the back of you’re mind. I will never be able to come out to my parents because to them, what I am is a disease. But there’s something you have to realize through all of this. Even though family is always going to be important, they are not all you have. And their opinions don’t mean everything. If it wasn’t for my friends or the rest of the LGBT community then I probably wouldn’t exist. Because I know that just because my family would never accept what I am, that doesn’t mean that I don’t have a whole set of people who love and support me. And I’m not sure what your situation is, or if you have friends who love and support you the way mine do, but every time you come across something or someone who validates who or what you are, HOLD ONTO THAT. Because it’s those things that get you through the day. And even if you don’t have anything else, you have to know that your community loves and supports you. You are not a waste of space. You are important to us. Because we are much better off together than we are without each other. I really hope this helps.


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How did bro abuse Dave? I feel like I might've glanced over it. What happened?

well lets see. bro regularly physically abused dave, beat him to the point of the record on his shirt shattering, threw him down the stairs, which is implied to happen regularly if sb&hj is any indicator, imposed on dave a standard of hypermasculinity and homophobia that forced dave into a coolkid facade to keep his own thoughts and feelings at bay to try to reach them, monitored all of daves blogs and points of output on the internet leaving him no real safe place but pesterchum, not even his own fkn bedroom, monitored him also in the sense that he had various webcams hidden around the apartment and would film dave regularly enough for dave to be aware of it, actually played off of daves blood-induced anxiety having him gore a puppet full of blood pellets to upload to his gross puppet porn site, heavily neglected him in terms of emotional needs and quite literally neglected him in ways such as dave squirreling food away in his closet just to eat, gave a kid who was only thirteen when he got away ptsd correlating strongly to the sound of metal clashing and blood and forced so seriously into his head that bro was the pinnacle that dave needed to reach for that it took him years to work out that it was fucked up and its okay to be himself.

dave said that being on the meteor with his friends was the first time in his life hed ever honestly felt like he was around people who loved him.

beyond all of that, i dont know how the hell you managed to read his conversation with dirk without getting a teeny tiny itsy bitsy HINT that bro was, yknow, severely godawful in every way.

heres just a snippet of it:

DAVE: why did i get such a raw cut of the asshole deck
DAVE: and why did it take me so long to figure that out
DAVE: and like hes dead now so thats that
DAVE: so all thats left to do is look back and try to put the pieces together of my first 13 years
DAVE: and all i can think is what the fuck WAS that?!
DAVE: i dont come away with the impression i used to try convincing myself of, that he was like “mysterious” or “stern” or “aloof”
DAVE: the only feeling left is this insane impression that i was raised by somebody who fuckin HATED me
DAVE: and the whole act of even “raising a child” was some totally fucked up game to him
DAVE: like parenthood was one of the highest tiers of irony in his solemn bullshit bro-ninja code
DAVE: so he went through those motions and did whatever he thought was “funny” or “badass”
DAVE: but under that weird stylistic and totally sociopathic approach to parenting i cant even IMAGINE there was any emotion toward me other than some sort of loathing
DIRK: What…
DIRK: Did he do?
DAVE: i dont want to get out the laundry list
DAVE: but for reference laundry wasnt one of those things
DAVE: that was just one of the many little domestic things i just had to sort of FIGURE OUT
DAVE: sorta like i eventually had to learn what the REAL purpose of a refridgerator was from movies
DIRK: Wait.
DIRK: What??
DAVE: i dunno theres too much to even get into
DAVE: just
DAVE: i dont remember the atmosphere ever not being nerve wracking
DAVE: all havin to sneak around and…
DAVE: ugh my shitty childhood spider senses are tinglin just thinking about it
DAVE: it was “training” you know
DAVE: but you know what it really was it was some vicious shit that was bad and sucked and i hated it
DAVE: it didnt make me stronger
DAVE: it did the opposite
DAVE: it made me never want to fight
DAVE: it made me never want to see blood or be near danger or hear metal sounds
DAVE: it made me hate the idea of being a hero cause he was a hero and he ruined the idea of heroism
DAVE: i dont even want to be fighting this shitty version of jack but hey nobody else has secret welsh powers so i guess i have to
DAVE: what gets me is how long it took me to put all this together
DAVE: to stop seeing it as some kinda roughhousey and eccentric life i had but was otherwise normal
DAVE: it took years to deconstruct it all and put it back together to understand how fuckin mad i should be
DAVE: and in particular how stone cold deeply uncared for i was my whole life
DAVE: like… being merely “monitored” by a violent robot
DAVE: i only started getting it after spending a lot of time in person with a bunch of people who actually did care about me
DAVE: and i could start feeling like
DAVE: actually somewhat human for the first time
DAVE: instead of…
DAVE: some sort of runty afterthought to a household cabal of smutty puppets

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there were nerfs? wasnt it just the pvp and pve tool seperation? so only skills in pvp was nerfed?



I cant bear to repeat myself again so here’s a conversation I had:

Friend: Anyway, wanna do something together?
Me: you might
Me: not feel like
Me: doing anything
Me: if I told you what happened last night
Friend: What happened?
Me: check the patch note.. that they didnt even bother to write out properly in fear of what players will say…………

Me: literally says “check the detail in game after maint
Friend: …..this is scaring me
Me: and so everyone had to search and dig through elwiki and namuwiki elsword to compare how much they nerfed everything both pve and pvp
Me: lol
Friend: ….well shit
Friend: okay, FUCK YOU KOG
Friend: FUCK YOU
Me: lol yeah thought you’d react that way
Friend: Low kick and back kick nerf
Friend: Airelinna nerfed again
Friend: let me guess, our passive gutted even further
Friend: and crescent kick probs nerfed too
Friend: dkb nerfed…
Friend: god they nerfed literally everythin
Friend: what the fuck
Friend: and let me guess monsters are just as strong as before
Friend: god dammit KOG
Friend: what are you smoking
Friend: are you TRYING to make people quit?
Me: pvp and pve skill separation they said
Me: when in fact it was basically
Friend: I don’t mind the pvp nerfs, it’s that they fking nerfed pve for NO DAMN REASON
Me: I know right, I mean the whole purpose of pvp and pve separation was so that pve will be left untouched lmao
Friend: exactly
Friend: and they fuck it up anyway
Me: dude they didnt even post the details of the nerf lol
Me: like how they always do for balance patch
Friend: how is it possible that you can’t even do a damn separation correctly without fucking that up
Friend: yeah cause they knew they were fucking the players
Me: lol
Friend: I’m so upset right now
Friend: You can probably tell
Friend: I wouldn’t curse like this otherwise
Me: ya know whats even scarier
Me: this is just for the 1st job
Friend: what 1st job
Me: I mean this isnt all
Me: theres more
Friend: I mean I’m completely not caring about Ain at all right now, I’m too pissed. And what do you mean this isn’t all? My WS unique skills got nerfed too
Friend: wait a second
Friend: holy shit you’re right they didn’t..oh dear god no
Me: 던전/대전 스킬 툴팁 분리 & 밸런스 개편 - 기본 전직에 이어 캐릭터별 1차 전직 스킬 툴팁 분리 및 밸런스 개편이 진행됩니다~!
Friend: -beats poster to death with exclamation point-
Friend: -logs off in frustration- you were right
Friend: they’re going to gut airelinna and nature force, I can feel it
Friend: the only two things that make us still viable
Me: a lot of people were saying
Me: they “balanced” with +11 users in mind???
Me: and I was like
Me: what is this, LoL, where they balance around pro players? lmao
Friend: That’s what itfeels like
Friend: how the hell is an aspiring WS supposed to deal with this
Me: yeah cuz people kill things too fast, oh no, better nerf everyone and screw over 99% of the population
Friend: you know, let the people who paid shit-tons of money to you to kill everything STAY AS THEY ARE SO YOU DON’T PISS OFF YOUR INCOME SOURCES
Me: do you know how many people dont even have a +7 weap .. I dont think KOG realizes it
Friend: And the people who don’t? pfft
Friend: going to be damn near useless
Me: everyone died lol
Me: quite literally everyone, I dont think Ive seen a class/char whose name wasnt shouted all night on the megaphone
Me: most notably uhh
Me: IP, DW
Me: who else
Me: WS?
Me: CA
Me: oh
Me: how could I forget
Me: MM
Friend: So, basically, half the classes I actually care about
Me: rip MM
Friend: and MM AGAIN
Me: and they buffed some of the USELESS skills lmao
Friend: DiE took the bullet first, guess it was his turn to die
Me: they increased the damage from Queens Throne and Force Field upon activation
Me: and this MM on megaphone wa slike “what the fuck?? do you expect me to kill things with a buff???
Friend: IKR
Friend: all our special actives are literally worthless shit now
Friend: like..they take more MP and longer to do less damage than active spam
Me: our WS guildie was like
Me:I guess I have to use phoenix to make a living as WS
Friend: I don’t think we have to stoop that low yet
Friend: at least not until they nerf WS actives too -_-
Me: I knew KOG dont have employees who actually play the damn game
Me: when we said “please separate pvp and pve skills” we meant, “give our old skill strength back for pve and leave the current ones for pvp
Me: but what they heard was
Me: -slips 20 bill- “hey. nerf everything.
Friend: yeah that’s what I was about to say
Friend: they CLEARLy don’t play the game themselves and actually farm their own gear
Me: the game-breakingly stronk people are prob like
Me: less than 2% of entire user population
Me: and quite frankly
Me: theyre the ones paying them their paycheck lol
Me: so uh why piss them off? why piss everyone off??? idk
Me: weird logic
Friend: exactly my point

Note: They did the separation and the balancing together at the same time



Fairy tail 465

Guys, this is the most important chapter of the whole manga. And as many of you, i’ll do a summary or explain something about it. So let’s start:

1. We all knew Natsu was END, right? Now, Zeref confessed it to Natsu. His reaction was how we expected, he couldn’t imagine he’s the reason of all the things happened, because the majority of the enemies just wanted to revive END. (Without knowing, he was in front of them lmao)

2. Now we know that not only Natsu but all the dragon slayers have over 400 years!

3. Apparently, Zeref and Igneel were friends and Zeref was the one who gave Natsu to Igneel so he can raise him. The mission was to raise the 5 kids they chose to defeat acnologia. (They formed bonds as well in the process).

4. Why did they go to the future? Because the dragons needed to recover their powers, and they needed a place full of ethernano.

5. In order to go to the future, they went with a Stelar magic that seems to be the ancestor of Layla and Lucy. Called Anna, that’s why Zeref thank her.

6. Here is where Layla appears. Layla opened the gates in the date july 7th x777 (the reason why she opened them still unknown). Natsu woke up and the Dragons went inside the dragon slayers. And as it seems, Layla died in the process, looks like she died opening the gates.



9. Happy was literally me in this chapter. Natsu is my friend, even if he doesn’t consider me as one, i can’t let him die. 

10.  I don’t know if Natsu is going to tell someone about this. Basically Lucy’s mom died because of them. Or not because of them, still missing the reason why Layla opened the gates, like how did she know they were coming to the future? 

11. So, let’s talk about Anna, Layla and Lucy. Now we undestand the whole plot about END and the dragon slayers, but Anna, Lucy and Layla is a plot i need to understand.  Because somehow Anna is connected with Layla. 

Let’s put it like that :

Anna opened the gate for the dragons and dragons slayers 400 years ago so they could go to the future, but in the same time, Layla opened that gate, and they arrived to the future through it. So i think, somehow they were connected.

Anna may be the ancestor of Layla and Lucy. I don’t know, she looks blonde. 

Let’s close that, and focus in the 12 keys.

To open the gate, the 12 keys are necessary, so if Anna opened it, she had all of them. And Layla as WELL. Layla had the 12 keys, then why Lucy only had 2 keys in the begining if Layla could have gave her all the keys?

I think it was for her security. Lucy was 10 when she died. Somehow having the 12 keys could be a problem in that way. 

So, basically Natsu, Wendy, Rogue, Gajeel and Sting are from the past, exactly 400 years ago and they came to the future through the gate that Layla opened with the 12 keys and that apparently she died in the process.

Still missing:

Still missing the reason why Layla opened the gate or how did she know they were coming.

How acnologia came to the future.

Why brandish hates Layla.

•Did zeref meet Layla?

If he sees Lucy now, would he remember her?

Well i think, this chapter answer all the theories about Layla. Now we all know why Layla died in the same date the dragons went inside the dragons slayers.



We need to thank him at least, because for him, our lilttle babies came to the future, they met, they are in fairy tail now because of acnologia. Natsu and Lucy met because of acnologia. Even if Layla, Igneel, and the other dragons died because of him. There are good things that happened because of that event!

You made me realize what love was. Love wasnt read messages, you posting selfies with other girls, treating me like shit. Love is caring so much about another person, their happiness is more important than your own. You can’t get them off your mind, and you dont want to believe it when they have done something bad enough for you to leave. Even though you should you cant. And thats when I realized that what I felt towards you was love. But all you felt for me was a “crush”. I derserve better and until I meet a boy who can brnig what i need into my life im not moving. so thank you for hurting me and waking me up. I needed that because it changed me in a good and bad way.
—  Thank you.
Markson - Charisma
  • Jackson: hey mark, yugyeom is asking if we wanna go to chuck e. cheese’s with him
  • Mark: wtF no that’s way too wild for me
  • Jackson: *sighs* mark…we need to talk
  • Mark: about what
  • Jackson: to tell the truth…you’re boring
  • Mark: excuse me
  • Jackson: we need to work on you. your image
  • Mark: my image??? um someone already worked on my image, it was GOD cuz have you seen my face
  • Jackson: yeah sure you’re beautiful but you need more…
  • Mark: what is it, conditioner?
  • Jackson: more…
  • Mark: it’s face cream isnt it
  • Jackson: …charisma
  • Mark: umm ok but where do i buy that
  • Jackson: listen mark, look at the rest of the members. Each of them steal the show, with their CHARISMA
  • Mark: if you're suggesting I turn into them then sorry I refuse to act like a dumbass
  • Jackson: ok. let’s try different images. let’s start with bad boy
  • Mark: hell yeah i was made for this
  • Jackson: ok GO
  • Mark: yo whaddup jackson
  • Jackson: hey mark w-
  • Mark: shut the fuck up…what is this ugly piece of shit??
  • Jackson: umm a hairbrush??
  • Mark: *throws it across the room* disgusting
  • Jackson: do you even know what a bad boy is
  • Mark: do yOU??? ugh i cant even hang out with you, where’s your leather jacket ??
  • Jackson: where’s yOURS
  • Mark: um
  • Jackson: ok we’re done with bad boy. hmm…maybe being FUNNY is your thing mark
  • Mark: did you just discover that??? im hilarious
  • Jackson: ok, let’s see if you can make wild and sexy jackson laugh
  • Mark: ok so the other day in an interview, the guy asks, “who’s the face of the group?” and guess WHAT??? JB raises his hand ahahAHHAAH
  • Jackson: how is that funny
  • Mark: like he’s actually preTTIER than me omg i was DYING
  • Jackson: so funny isnt your thing
  • Mark: why cant you just accept me for who I am??
  • Jackson: well-
  • Mark: im just the cute, super hot and sweet natured guy ok
  • Jackson: …you’re right. im sorry i tried to change you mark. i love you for who you are. even if you are uglier than me
  • Mark: Jackson, I- wait what
  • Jackson: you heard me
  • Mark: that’s not funny jackson
  • Jackson: it wasnt a joke. im the visual now.
  • Mark: *passes out*