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dammit i wanted my first fanart of my angry trash son to be cool and intimidating and feature a lot of explosions or something, not This

What the fuck did i get into

i started watching Noragami last week, it was really good so i thought id read the manga. except NOBODY FUCKING TOLD ME THIS WAS SOME TWISTED KAWAII VERSION OF GAME OF THRONES. SERIOUSLY WHAT THE FUCK. i was just happy to find a cool action series that was hilarious while having dark undertones and strong, complex characters but no seriously what the fuck happened in chapter 71 i did not sign up for this apparently it takes a month for a new chapter what the fuck is wrong with you people how am i supposed to function why cant yato be happy yukine is terrified of the dark daiko better not die like tsuyu isnt even a shinki she shouldnt have gone in the first place damnit when did this turn into a horror show why cant i have nice things also fuck you yatos old man hiyoris first kiss wasnt supposed to be her soulmates dad also its canon theyre soulmates literally the only thing keeping me going along with ebisu

Okay so this just happened.
Person called and asked for a manager(me)
Said that they were missing a food item with their purcahse, they came at 3:30,now 7:40 I came at 5 that was before my shift.
I said speak to the morning manager cuz i wasnt informed of anything, she got mad,said she’ll call corporate(they don’t even have a number its email) like for what? I cant confirm they did miss one,you could be lying,like no.
I talked to her nicely but she just got pissy like sorry. You shoulda called right away not 4hours later.

Like idk what do yall think?
I just recently got promoted and its stressful dealing with complaints, especially when they’re before my shift. I keep track of stuff during my shift so if anything wrong happens i know,but before i tell them to talk to morning manager.

lowkey hate how lupin asked harry what creature sat in the corner of his room the first time he walked in to make sure he wasnt an imposter bc i sure as hell wouldnt have remembered that i cant even remember what i had for breakfast this morning

You made me realize what love was. Love wasnt read messages, you posting selfies with other girls, treating me like shit. Love is caring so much about another person, their happiness is more important than your own. You can’t get them off your mind, and you dont want to believe it when they have done something bad enough for you to leave. Even though you should you cant. And thats when I realized that what I felt towards you was love. But all you felt for me was a “crush”. I derserve better and until I meet a boy who can brnig what i need into my life im not moving. so thank you for hurting me and waking me up. I needed that because it changed me in a good and bad way.
—  Thank you.

i feel the same about being worried shinoa/yuu will be a thing?

like, and not because im a mikayuu shipper, ill actually be quite fine if they dont end up together either because their bond in general will always be super strong anyway.

and i love shinoa but i really despise forced hetero romance hah and honestly the small shinoa/yuu hints and the mINISCULE mitsuba/yuu ones (like wtf why even add those??) are just HORRIBLY FORCED and u cant deny that. i mean cmon shinoa wasnt?? interested in yuu really at all imo from what i could see and then guren just like outta the heckin’ blue says “or did u really end up falling in love w/ him” and oh !!! suddenly feelings!! i just? uh…no? what? ????? why their friendship was so good why

yuu and mikas love for eachother (family or not O: !) is reasonable and not forced because, well, we all know why. it feels natural because they were like family at one point (still are but for a while they didnt see eachother and ye). the rest of the romantic/love plots thrown in dont…but u know, theres gotta be some hetero romance in everything right, so why not just force the main girl we have who is a total badass and strong character on her own to be the main charas love interest?

thats my MAIN problem with shinoa/yuu, and why i cant ship it.

i love owari no seraph but dang i hope they dont focus on that. even just a little.

  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: i hate that some people call fenris emo - he was enslaved for as long as he could remember and for a long time he didnt even question it, simply assuming he wasnt worthy of free will. even when he escapes he cant escape the hate and trauma inside him, which is perhaps the most painful thing he had to realize - that his life still belonged to danarius for a long time after fenris was physically free. considering all this, it's amazing he is able to be as even tempered as he generally is, even joking with varric. just because he tends to be serious doesn't make him broody and being traumatized doesnt make him 'emo'