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Your best friend was on her feet, with the mic in her hand. “I just wanted to say that you are the only reason why my best friend came. She has seriously been crushing on you for years!” She cackled.

Your cheeks flushed with red as you sunk in to your seat. Feeling the eyes on you, including his, made you fluster even more.

Tom had noticed you since the moment he walked on stage. You were in the front row, which made it easier for him to spot you.

He noticed tour beautiful smile, and the sound of your laugh. Tom was hooked immediately and no matter how hard he tried to shake the feelings, he couldn’t.

You were a bashful mess, blushing as you tried to hide your face. Tom couldn’t help but smile as he watched you.

He had to remind himself not to stare too long. He cleared his throat, and brought the mic up to his lips. “I am truly honored. To have a girl that beautiful come out here for me is just amazing.” He muttered.

His words caused your stomach to flutter as you dropped your hands and shot your gaze up to him. He flashed you a smile, and you smiled back.

“Okay, for my real question, I was wondering if you can tell us anything about the next Thor movie?” She asked.

He glanced at you for a second, but immediately sat up and turned to your best friend. “Ah. Thor.” He mumbled.


After long hours of panels and interviews, you and your best friend were going to the autograph tables, to meet Tom Hiddleston and a few other members from Thor.

“Aw come on Y/N! I did you a favor!” Your best friend exclaimed. “I mean, he called you beautiful for gods sake!”

“He only did that to be polite! I mean you kind of just threw that on him. If he ignored it, he would’ve been called an asshole.” You stated. Growing nervous as you got closer to him.

She shrugged her shoulders and sighed. “Grow a pair. Who cares anyways? It’s not like he’s going to remember. And besides, it’s comic con.” She winked. “What happens at comic con, stays at comic con.”

“Yea, until someone makes it into a gif.” You mumbled.

It was now your turn.

You walked up, and met his gaze. Feeling the immediate warmth and nervousness you once felt before.

His eyes lit up as he saw you. After Nerd HQ, he thought he’d never see you again, which bummed him out.

So seeing you, standing right in front of him, wit the smile that captivated him. He was ecstatic.

Tom reached his hand out to you, not once taking his eyes off you. “Well we meet again.” He smiled. “How are you-” he paused giving you a quizzical look.

“Y/N.” You muttered.

“Y/N? How are you, Y/N?” He smiled.

The way your name rolled off his tongue, made your heart beat profusely as if it were about to jump out of your chest.

“I’m great! And how about yourself, Mr. Hiddleston?” You chuckled. Proud of yourself for not shying in front of him.

He scrunches his nose and shook his head. “Oh god, that makes me sound so old.” He muttered. “Is that you’re way of calling me old?”

You shrugged your shoulders and hummed. “Maybe.”

His smile grew as a laugh escaped him and filled the air. “So what are you? A baby?”

“I’m legal.” You winked.

You both belted out in to giggles, not able to keep from smiling.

Just being near him and talking to him, you felt your life was complete. The thing you loved most about him, was how incredibly easy it was to talk to him.

And that’s what he loved about you as well. In his whole acting career, he’s only ever met a few people he was able to hold a conversation with. And here you were, making jokes as if you’ve known him for a while.

One of the volunteers whispered something in his ear which made him drop his smile, and nod. “Sorry.” He muttered.

The volunteer walked back to the back.

“Look, you got me in trouble.” Tom chuckled.

“Oh, I got you in trouble? And how did I manage to do that?” You asked.

“You kept talking to me. Making me hold up the line.” He teased.

You rolled your eyes and chuckled with him.

He quickly glanced down at your poster, and signed it for you. But before handing it back, he locked his eyes with yours and smirked, “thanks for getting me into trouble. Hope to see you around.”

You flashed a soft smile, and nodded. “Anytime, old man.” You winked.

You grabbed your poster and started toward where your best friend waited. She was in line to meet Chris Evans.

“So, how was it? Did you chicken out and run away?” She chuckled.

You shook your head and glanced down at your signed poster. As your eyes followed the marks, your heart stopped as you noticed the number he wrote in the bottom corner. “How about Coffee?” Under it.

“Hello? Earth to Y/N.” Your best friend snapped her fingers in your face.

You glanced up, eyes wide as you smiled so big, your cheeks started to hurt.

She furrowed her brows. “What the hell is wrong with you?” She asked.

You pointed at the number on the poster, trying to even your breathing. “I think he just asked me out on a date.” You whispered.

She snatched the poster from your hand and looked it over closely, gasping and jumping up and down. “Holy fucking shit. Tom Hiddleston asked you out.”


Iain De Caestecker & Elizabeth Henstridge for Agents of SHIELD, Wondercon 2017.

It’s been a great week - part South Africa

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Sunday, March 12

A quiet Sunday.

caitrionabalfe  Cape Town Sucks ….. #postproductionmeeting #we‘renotinCumbernauldanymore @samheughan @nightmaril #Karin

OMG!! Sam and Cait! Is this photo real? Did Cait honestly just post this!! Also, where can I find those sunglasses?



Monday, March 13

Filming has begun!

Tuesday, March 14

Steven Cree announces his kickstarter campaign.

Sam’s like on Instagram. Seems like a familiar couple that I’ve seen before. Maybe it reminds Sam of someone he knows.

Wednesday, March 15

The one year anniversary of the London Fan Event that so many here were able to attend. And the day some of the best interviews were filmed.

Also the 2 year anniversary of the LA Marathon.


Steven Cree now understands exactly what that means.

Sam tweets his support for Cait and confirms that he is still her biggest cheerleader. The man can’t help himself!

@abreathofsnowandashes notices something that we can’t stop laughing at.

Thursday, March 16

Everyone is heading to South Africa. Looks like Cesar is leaving soon.

And then this happened. Huge thank you to @surana17 for tweeting this to Sam. He NEEDED to see it!

And to top it all off Cait’s Instagram like:

Friday, March 17

And more twitter banter

Also Cesar and Lauren are in the air and on their way to South Africa! Cannot wait for Fersali!

Eagle eyes @sherrigamblin notices that the inflight entertainment unit appears similar to a photo Sam posted on the weekend of Cait’s birthday trip to Paris. Add it to the pile of receipts.

Saturday, March 18



We deserve this!

Sunday, March 18

Outlander goes hiking! All the love to Cesar and Lauren for sharing this adventure. See sharing can be fun!

Hai Cait! Love your necklace!

Oh just for good measure, here’s another fan photo of Sam and Cait out at the mall on Saturday, since they do things like that together.

One final shout out to all of our writers this week. We have been given so many drabbles and amazing fics this week.  THANK YOU!!! WE ALL LOVE YOU!!!

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And hopefully we still have more goodness today and I have to update this…

interviewer: it’s a big deal!

junmyeon, jongin, jongdae: *laughing*

minseok, sehun: *politely laughing*

chanyeol and baekhyun: *mocking* BIG DEAL YEAH MAN


Shouldn't have ignored the red flags

So, first off, sorry this is long, needed to vent, tldr at the bottom!

Since my last temporary receptionist job went so well and it’s the field I want to stay in, I’ve been looking for other jobs like it.

Well, Lo and behold, another one came up at this hotel with breathtaking views :’) like, that’s what 99% of their good reviews are about. However, they had a few bad reviews about the service, some tired rooms n shit. Nbd, I thought, so I went for the interview.

Keep in mind that the advertisement said “part time receptionist. Two evenings a week” and nothing else, this will be important later.

Now, I’ve had a lot of job interviews in my short time on earth and have been super nervous an terrible at them, this time? Fucking. Nailed it! I was calm and talked normal and they were super nice 👍🏻 best interview I’ve ever done!

They asked if I had any prior commitments, etc. I said I would be away from Saturday to Tuesday, and it didn’t clash with Tuesday evening cause I would’ve been home in plenty of time, so they noted that. Important to the plot^

I asked if there would be any chance of full time hours for reception in the future, they said “not at the moment but we do have further work in our restaurant” making it sound like it was optional. Also important later.

Now, I didn’t have any other work lined up and I assumed that it would be just running the food out and not taking orders at the table (I can’t do proper waitress service due to hearing and understanding difficulty and anxiety).

So my dumbass just agreed to do a trial shift in the restaurant just to see how I would go, cause I didn’t wanna disappoint, so I went back later that evening at 6pm. Turns out it was full 4 star service.

I was terrified, and told the restaurant manager that I had no prior experience in a proper restaurant and I’ve only worked in cafes and done a bit of bar service. I also told them this at the interview.

Fortunately, they didn’t chuck me in at the deep end, just out the way sorting cutlery, clearing and wiping down tables and putting glasses through the glass washer since I was familiar with that. The bar man praised me for helping him out since he was running the bar by himself, so I felt useful.

But, I did kinda walk into the middle of a shit storm with some of the restaurant staff. Work place gossip, the atmosphere was very tense, I talked to a few of them who’d handed in their two weeks notice, saying how they’re treated like shit. One girl I got talking to also applied for the receptionist job but ended up in the restaurant, so I guess we both had the same idea. So…not the best way to get started…

Anyway, not as terrifying as I thought it would be, I didn’t screw up but I still didn’t want to do it again and wanted to stick to reception, quit while I’m ahead, so I would tell them that when I started tomorrow evening.

Tomorrow rolls around, I’m waiting for the woman who interviewed me to show up cause we agreed at the interview that SHE would train me, show me the booking system, etc. Also important. It’s all gonna come together in a sec, I promise!

She and her husband, who was also present at the interview, show up at the same time. So I brought it up straight away, how the restaurant wasn’t for me and I’d rather stick with reception. Suddenly, she says “Oh, you’re in the restaurant tonight.”
I said “What? But we agreed that I was gonna be on reception tonight, this is one of the evenings I was asked to do?”

“We can’t let you do reception until you’ve been shown, we’ll need our other receptionist to go through it with you.” She replied.
“At our interview you said you were going to go through it with me?” I said. Strike one.

“Well, we’ve already put you down on the roster for the restaurant.” She hands it over to me and I skim through it, I was also marked down for the days that I said I was away, she had also conveniently forgotten that as well. Strike two.

“But, I’m not even dressed for it??” I was in full receptionist get up; blouse, skirt and tights and high heels, the restaurant was a different uniform; black shirt, pants and comfortable shoes. I obviously did not have that stuff with me to change into.
She just said “nah, you’ll be fine like that”

Umm no, bitch I won’t. If you think I’m walking that restaurant from 6-11:30pm again. In heels, then you’ve got another thing coming. At this point, I thought I was in crazy town. Strike three.

“Well, we can’t let you do just reception, there wouldn’t be enough work for you.” So I brought up the advertisement; how working in the restaurant for extra hours seemed optional. Now, she’s saying it’s either both or nothing, take it or leave it sorta thing.

I just sat in that chair for 5 seconds, not knowing what to do. All I could think was “well, I’m sure as hell not going back in that restaurant tonight like this.” So I just got up, said “Thank you for the opportunity, but I don’t think this is for me” and walked out.

Tl;dr: applied at a hotel for “Part time receptionist job, two evenings a week” decided to do trial shift in the restaurant for a bit extra work, everything was agreed at the interview. Decided to stick with reception and tell them on my first evening at the desk. Suddenly, everything goes pear shaped and I walked.

😭I Like You Okay? [Part 3] (Grayson x Reader)

Summary:  Can u do a grayson imagine where him n y/n like each other, but neither of them tell each other but Ethan knows ofc. So u tried to move on. N Grayson been actin like an ass wit u cus he saw u out having lunch with Cameron Dallas (him Ethan n Grayson are friends in this) n u guys have a heated argument leads to him kissing n then to you guys having rough but passionate sex n u guys get caught by Cameron Dallas n Ethan coming back to the twins apartment.

Warnings: Kissing/Cursing

A/N: ¾ of I Like You Okay? Thanks for reading you guys and remember requests are open! I also felt this was sorta all over the place and I’m sorry!

Part 1Part 2 / Part 4

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It’s been almost two months since Ethan and I had our make out session and when Grayson caught us. Grayson hasn’t spoken to me at all since then. Ethan and I had mild conversations here and there, but nothing was the same. Since I’m not so close to the boys anymore, I’ve gotten close to some other guys, one being Cameron Dallas. Cam and I have been messaging back and forth and have gone on a few dates and to be honest, he was pretty great. However, it felt so weird not texting Grayson or E about Cameron and I since we all basically weren’t friends anymore. I was lying on my couch since I had just woken up to a snapchat from Cameron.

‘Good Morning’ Was all that was said. He was lying in bed so I’m assuming he had just woken up as well. I snapped him a picture of my feet replying with ‘Good morning. How’d you sleep.’ I roll over on my side when my phone buzzes. ‘Would have slept better with you by my side ;)’ I chuckled to myself and I hear my phone buzz this time with a text from Cameron.

Cameron😍: I just woke up do you want to get lunch or something :)

I just smiled and replied ‘sure :)’. I knew he would probably want to go to In N Out since that’s where we always went. I went into my room and I threw on a simple white tank top with a gray cardigan. I also wore my light washed jeans and some sandals. I texted my Uber driver to meet me out front of my apartment. I walked out of my apartment to hear another door close as I close mine. I looked a few doors down and I saw Gray and E walk out with Sophie and Grayson holding hands. It’s been so long since I’ve actually seen them. Gray’s hair was fluffed down while Ethan’s skunk stripe was blue again. I didn’t say anything to them, but I left the opposite direction of them. I ran down the fire escape to see my uber car about two blocks away. I groaned angrily to myself as I picked up the pace. I almost tripped on a sewer grate, but I managed to survive. I opened the back and jumped inside.

“Where to ma’am?” The tan guy asked me. I opened my phone to see Cam’s text message which caused me to smile.

Cameron😍: In N Out? :)

“In N Out on Wilsheer?” I asked the the driver nodded. I was scrolling through all of my socials when I see Grayson posted a new instagram photo with Sophie. It was a pretty scandalous picture. It was of Grayson lying in bed shirtless while Sophie was straddled on top of him holding a camera.

The caption read My baby girl is a model and I’m her muse :) @ Sophiekmodelz. He’s her muse? If she was an artist I would understand. Ugh sometimes he was so dumb. I then started going through her instagram and she was absolutely stunning. Her hair fell so perfectly on her shoulders and was the right shade of blonde. Her skin was crystal clear and her eyes were a bright blue. Her lips were perfectly pink and her teeth were shining bright. I could see why Grayson chose her and not me. I stopped scrolling when I saw Ethan posted a photo on his instagram too. Gosh don’t tell me Ethan has a girlfriend now. It was a picture of Ethan with some girl, but the driver distracted me before I could see what or who was in the photo.

“Here.” He says and I give him some cash. I step out to see Cameron waving at me. I waved back and rushed up the steps to give him a hug at which I feel his lips press to my temple “

Hey you look really good.” Cameron says as his arms give me a tight squeeze.

“Thanks! You don’t look too bad yourself.” We sat down as Cameron had already ordered us some lunch. We first were just talking about small talk. He would make comments about how we met and the food, but he didn’t bring up the boys which I was thankful for. I think he noticed I was a little uneasy because he placed his hand on top of mine.

“Hey.” He said oh so gently. I looked up and smiled. He was smiling at me as his thumb rubbed the back of my hand. “Are you okay?” He asked leaning on the table. “You can talk to me Y/N.” He smiles which causes me to smile. I let out a sigh before looking back at Cameron. His hair was leaning to the right a little much, but he still looked so cute. His smile was making my heart continue to melt.

“It’s just” I began but began to trail off. “Today when I was leaving my apartment to come and see you I saw Ethan and Gray and I just miss them. I miss our movie nights, I miss helping them with their videos, I just miss having them there. I know it sounds dumb, but the fact that their lives haven’t changed without me sort of hurts. It’s like I didn’t mean anything to them ya know?” I let out a sigh. “It’s like we weren’t even friends in the first place. Like–”

“Did you not see Ethan’s instagram post?” Cameron interrupts. I looked at him confused then I remembered I was getting out of the Uber when I saw the post.

“No not yet. I was getting out of the Uber when I saw he posted a picture with his new girlfriend or something.” I said and Cameron pulls out his phone.

“Well I hope she’s not his new girlfriend or else this lunch is a little awkward.” I gave him a puzzled look which causes him to laugh. “Here look.” Cameron hands me his phone and I can’t believe what I’m seeing. It was a picture of Ethan and I last year at Coachella. I remember Grayson took this picture of us. We were on our way back to the hotel to change for some act I can’t exactly remember.

The caption read ‘I miss my bestfriend so much @your_username’ I wish things could go back to the way they were before that interview. Before Sophie. Before everything. I’m sorry Y/N’

He tagged me. I mean I get tagged in hundreds of things so that’s probably why I didn’t pay attention to the notification. I could feel tears welling up in my eyes too. I missed the boys so much. They were honestly my best friends and all because of a stupid interview and the stupid kissing it was all gone.

“Do you want to go home?” Cameron asks as I wipe a tear off my cheek. “I can take you home Y/N it’s no trouble at all. Really.” Cameron says as he takes my hand in mine. I swallowed trying to get myself together.

“Actually do you want to come hangout at my place? I can order us a pizza and we can watch a movie or something if you want. I just don’t want to be alone is all.” I saw a smile grow upon his face.

“Yeah no problem. As long as I can pick the movie.” Cameron says which we both laugh about. Cameron helps me out of my seat as his arm was around my waist. We were still laughing. He was honestly the cutest. As we get ready to leave I noticed three familiar faces. I see Grayson’s dark eyes lock with mine. I see Sophie laughing as she’s talking to Ethan. I decided I would be a little bit savage. I grabbed Cameron’s hand and locked our fingers together.

“Lead the way.” I said as I follow behind Cameron. I look back once more to see Grayson staring me down.

“Dude what are you looking at?” I heard Ethan ask as he also turned to look at me. I quickly turn forward as Cameron and I disappear in the Uber.


Cameron and I had ordered a pepperoni pizza and decided for some odd reason to watch 13 Reasons Why. Cameron’s hand was intertwined with mine. I sort of slid closer to Cameron to where our thighs were barely touching. My phone was on the charger when I heard it ding. Cameron looked at me and smiled. “Don’t be too long.” He says kissing my cheek. I stand up and quickly walked to my phone. I saw a name appear on the screen that I haven’t seen in so long.

Ethan👑: Were you at In N Out with Cameron today?

Doesn’t talk to me for two months and now he wants to know about my life? I just swiped the message away annoyed with him. I let out a frustrated sigh when I felt a pair of arms wrap around me and a pair of lips kiss my hair. “Who is it?” He asks as his hand moves to my waist. He was a whole foot taller than me. He was looking down towards my direction. My back was pressed against the front of his body as he held me. “Y/N?” He whispers in my ear. Just then my phone buzzes again.

Grayson 👑: Where the fuck are you?

I typed back ‘with Cameron’ and sent the message. Cameron could sense a shift in my body. “Hey Y/N who is that?” He asked caringly. “It was just Grayson. He was wanting to know where I was is all.” I said as my phone buzzed again. I was literally begging to talk to him two months ago and now I can’t get him to leave me alone. “Let me see.” Cameron says as he attempts to take my phone which I pull away. “Y/N?” He asks but I open the message first.

Grayson 👑: I think not. Get rid of him.

I was about to text back when I heard the door handle jingle. I then see Grayson wearing all black. He looked so good. Ethan came in behind him which he was wearing black ripped skinny jeans and a gray shirt. “We need to talk.” Grayson says direction towards me. “You need to leave.” He directs towards Cameron. “I don’t have to do anything. You came here uninvited so you need to leave.” Cameron says as he attempts to square up with Grayson. “Hey back up.” I said pulling Cameron towards me. “Yeah Gray he’s not worth it.” Ethan grabs Gray’s arm trying to pull him back, but Gray jerks his arm away. “Y/N we need to talk.” He says again but I stand behind Cameron. “Dude leave.” Cameron says as he takes me in his arms. “I would fight you, but I don’t want to get any blood on Y/N’s floor.” “Why are you with this guy?” Grayson asks pointing at Cameron. “I mean how can you act like we never had anything? Does he know that my lips were on yours? Or how I caught you and Ethan about to cross that ‘just friends’ line?” Grayson chuckles and runs his hand through his hair and looks around the room. “Like are you fucking serious Y/N?” Cameron let’s go of me and looks at me confused. “You almost had sex with Ethan and you kissed Grayson? What the hell Y/N is that why you guys aren’t friends anymore?” Cameron begins to raise his voice at which Grayson pulls his shoulder back. “Don’t you fucking raise your voice at her again do you understand me?” He asks through gritted teeth. Cameron stands to his feet and throws a punch at Grayson but he dodges it. I look at the boys in shock. I was waiting for Grayson to throw a punch, but he doesn’t. “I’m out.” Cameron runs out of the door which leaves Grayson, Ethan, and I. I look between the two boys. Grayson scoffs which sent me over the edge. “What the hell Grayson? Are you fucking serious right now? Two fucking months of nothing from either one of you, but the second you see me out with another guy you two think you can come back in my life?” I was heated right now. “Newsflash you fucking can’t!” I turn away and I walk into the kitchen. I hear Grayson’s footsteps follow behind me. “Babe calm–” He grabs me and attempts to turn me around to face him.

“Don’t you fucking call me that. Don’t you even. Ever since that interview nothing has been the same. Ever since Sophie, that kiss, nothing is the same. I’m so pissed at you for leaving me like this!” I started crying as I was pounding on his hard chest with my balled up fists. “I hate you. I hate you. I hate you.” I sobbed as I was still hitting his chest which he didn’t budge. He didn’t flinch. He didn’t do anything except take it. I finally tired myself out and cried into his chest which his arms wrapped around me as he held me.

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“What about Sophie? Why the hell can you have someone and not me? In what world is that fair?” I pulled away and wiped my tears.

“Sophie isn’t Cameron Dallas. Some guy you met on Tinder. Sophie is real and–” I cut him off.

“Cameron actually treated me like a person! He fucking liked me. If you and Ethan didn’t interrupt we would probably be making out right about now!” I shouted which struck a nerve with him. I saw his jaw clench and his eyes grow dark. I saw his hands ball into fists as he swallows I see his vein in his throat move.

“Don’t make me make you take that back.” Grayson growls lowly. I swallowed and wiped my tears. “I’ll make you scream many things then just my name.” His eyebrow raised as his eyes locked with mine.

“I hate you Grayson. Just go home please.” I said exhaustedly, but before I could turn around I was pinned up against the wall as Grayson’s warm lips kissed mine hard.

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The School For Good and Evil (SPOILER ALERT)
  • author: it's a story about having to choose between your best friend and your boyfriend
  • ------------------------------------
  • female main character 1 (agatha): everyone says i'm ugly
  • female main character 2 (sophie): you're not ugly or nasty you're super cool and i hang out with you all the time and you're basically my only friend and vice versa even though we have very few interests in common we just have this magnetism that's ridiculously strong haha isn't that super-platonic?
  • --------------------------
  • agatha: omg sophie you're so beautiful i am struck dumb by your beauty even when you're transformed into a fox
  • ---------------------------
  • sophie: hey so agatha i've been having dreams about you and i'm obsessed with you and your face is all i see when i sleep
  • sophie: but it's totally because you're my nemesis
  • sophie: okay now I'm going to spend the entire last third or so of the book being ridiculously jealous of the guy who suddenly likes you
  • ---------------------------
  • agatha: i don't even want to be at this stupid school i want to be back home with galinda
  • agatha: i mean sophie
  • agatha: bOYS ARE ICKY [repeat for the entire book except a little bit at the end]
  • ---------------------------
  • agatha: oh no sophie is dead
  • agatha: i will hold her body close to me and weep and cradle her tenderly and kiss her
  • sophie: hello yes i'm alive now because true love's kiss
  • sophie: "who needs princes in our fairytale?"
  • ------------------------------
  • author: nope totally platonic friends

I like how honest Geno is. I love how he admits that playing the Sens is really hard because of the way they play. That these low scoring games are really irritating them. 

Also, how he explained the thing with Phil. How they were frustrated and they were pissed off at each other, but that it was all good after the game. He didn’t try to act like nothing happened. He just explained all the frustration that they were feeling. 

Geno interviews are the best. 

Mack Attacked

Just a silly drabble based on the bromance of Seb and Mackie

You and Sebastain had been dating for almost a year and it was going great he’d finished up the Civil War press tour about 9 months in which you’d joined him on for a little while. It was so much fun watching him interact with his fans and hang out with the rest of the cast. He’d introduced you to Chris Evans who you totally pulled a Paul Rudd on and shook his hand for way longer than was socially acceptable, you’d met the Russo brothers and thanked them for some wonderful movies, full on ogled at Scarlett Johannson because let me tell you she is just as beautiful off screen as she is on and then there was Anthony Mackie who was downright hilarious, he’d make you laugh so hard that whatever you were drinking at the time would surely come out of your nose, attractive. Watching his and Sebs interviews was the best part your sides were hurting by the end of each one. He’d made some pretty great friends which was good considering how much time he’d spent with them so it came as no surprise when he started picking up some of there habits. Most were okay but when he started quoting Choclachino you had to throw in some friendly blackmail to make him stop.

At first it only happened now and again like when he came to pick you up and take you to dinner. As you opened the door to him you couldn’t help but stare at him wearing one of them blue suits you loved him in.

“No need to bring sexy back cause it’s here” he’d said when he caught you staring. You didn’t bring attention to the fact he’d quoted Mackie just gave him an eye roll as you let him in. That was the first time that night but definitely not the last.

It happened again when you were looking at the menu in the restaurant deciding what to order.

“I’m not sure whether to go for the Pork or the Beef, whatta you think babe?” you’d asked without looking up

“Lick the pork take the beef” he replied with a lopsided grin, you just shot him a look over the menu and shook your head biting back a smile.

Then at the end of night when you were waiting for the car outside he’d brought you in for a kiss, looking in your eyes in a way that made your knees want to give out “That’s my safe place right there, them eyes let you know where home is” you almost melted against him until you realised he’d done it again. This time you let out a huff and playfully slapped his arm for ruining a perfect moment. Once you’d stopped giggling he did kiss you and your knees almost certainly gave out.

Over the next couple of weeks it started happening more and more. He’d came up behind you while you were doing dishes and wrapped his arms around you making you jump.

“jeez baby you scared the shit outta me”

He simply chuckled turned you around in his arms and said “ hey ya always wanna come from behind” before playfully nuzzling at your neck and running his hands up your thighs       “mmm these thighs are the way to heaven” he mumbled into your neck he didn’t expect you to respond as you did though

“which way is the beach seabass?” you laughed as he pulled his head back looking at you with pure amused shock as he replied “down there” with a wink and pointed down towards his crotch.

It happened again when you were watching a movie together enjoying a rare night in and he’d gotten up to get some snacks he shouted from the kitchen “hey babe, Easter your favourite holiday?”

“You know you can’t finish that sentence right? like its just not the same” you’d shouted back before he could finish only for him to walk back in the living room pouting holding a box of your favourite chocolates  

“well i could have but ya ruined it” he replied before slumping down on the sofa next to you still pouting. Before the movie had finished you’d ended up making out like a couple of teenagers and when you pulled away to catch your breath sebastian chuckled at how worked up you were “ not tryna brag….” you cut him off by putting your hand over his mouth “if you quote Mack Attack one more time i’m gona tell everyone you keep doing it, i swear i’ll call Mackie up right now and tell him” you threatened slowly taking your hand away from his smirking mouth

“ well i was gonna give you the gold but you shot me down so now the gold is still in my pocket” he’d just about managed to get out before bursting into laughter. You stood up off of him and reached for his phone “okay okay i’ll stop i promise i’ll stop” he breathed out composing himself

“you better” you warned trying your hardest not to smirk back at him

“I just can’t help it, he’s in my head i hear his voice all the time”

You did infact tell Mackie a few weeks later and he teased him mercilessly for as long as he could.

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“I think we were kinda forced into being best friends”
Dakota during an interview at the LA premiere.
This always makes me smile as on one hand i think its a comment on them having to bond due to the nature of the film but on then on the other, its kind of like shes saying we cant show our real relationship yet and we re being forced to play the game.


Foley’s sneaky giggle!

Steely Blue Eyes - Sebastian Stan x Reader

please write about the reader being best friends with Chris but dating Sebastian and him getting jealous about how close Chris and the reader are

You were playing Agent 13 in Civil War which meant that for most of the press tour, whenever you did interviews, you did them with Chris. Which wasn’t exactly a problem, you had already spent plenty of time with Chris on set and could say truthfully that he was one of your closest friends.

And just like it had been on set, doing the interviews with Chris was fun. You both shared the same sort of humour and were therefore constantly laughing at something the other said. The only downside to doing all these interviews with him meant that you saw very little of your boyfriend, between breaks you’d always text him, organising little meet ups at the hotel all the cast were staying at.

But as the days went on, his texts started to become a little bit more scarce.  “You and Chris seem  to be good friends both on set and off,” the interviewer started her last question, “so is anything happening between you two?”

“Absolutely not,” Chris said first, laughing loudly at what the woman was hinting at.

“Yeah absolutely not,” you agreed, a chuckle escaping you as well. “Not only does my heart belong to another, but I hate this guy so much.” You half joked, obviously you were actually dating someone else but you didn’t want the interview to concentrate on that.

The joking part of your statement was that you didn’t actually hate Chris, but still he turned to you an offended look on his face.  “Well that’s the last time I buy you a subway!”

“Fine,” you replied back coolly, turning to the interviewer who tried to join in with the joke. She didn’t continue any further with her question which you were grateful for. As soon as the interview ended you had your phone out and was readying a text to send to Seb. Laughing when you saw what Seb had changed his name into the last time you were with him.

To: Best Boyfriend Ever

Another interviewer, another question about whether me and Chris are dating or not. We should start hiring him as a beard, he’s obviously good at keeping people from suspecting that we’re dating. How’s your day  going? I miss you xx

A minute had passed before you got your reply.

To: Best Girlfriend Ever

Or maybe you should just date him, every one already seems to think you’d make a great couple. My day’s going fine.

You scowled at his message, you didn’t want to think anything of it as he could just be saying it as a joke, but at the same time, the tone of the message didn’t sit right with you. Seeking a second opinion, you turned to face Chris who was busy texting someone on his own phone. “Chris,” you chimed, he  gave you his full attention instantly, “can you read this message and tell me what you think?”

His eyes scanned it and then bulged, “is that from Sebastian?” You nodded your head in reply, and he proceeded to let out a low whistle. “He’s so jealous.”

“What?” You were honestly surprised at his answer, mainly because you’d never seen Sebastian as the jealous type. He didn’t seem to have a problem with how you and Chris were on set, though he had decided to stay in his trailer when yours and Chris’ kissing scene happened. You decided this needed sorting out quickly as you didn’t want to have an argument with Seb over something so dumb.

To: Best Boyfriend Ever

After the interviews meet me in my hotel room, and before you tell me you’re ‘too busy’, you should know that if you don’t come to me then I’ll come to you.  

He didn’t reply to that message, instead he just left you to wonder whether he’d actually turn up or not. By 8.00pm the interviews were over and you were allowed to return to your hotel rooms, thankfully when you did get to yours, he was stood waiting outside of it. The only problem was that he looked very unhappy to be there; he had his arms crossed over his chest and a pout placed on his lips, his steely blue eyes were fixed on the floor and it looked as though he was trying to glare a hole into the carpet.

“Nice to see you too,” you hummed to gain his attention, moving to open the door and let him in. Sebastian didn’t reply instead he just went into your room and sat himself at the end of the bed, his silence only infuriated you further. “Are you really not going to say anything?”

Sebastian’s eyes finally moved up to you, and he had an angry expression on his face that managed to mirror exactly how you felt.  “Why don’t you go talk to your new favourite buddy, Chris?”

“I can’t believe you’re acting like this!” You yelled whilst raising your hands up into the air, “I can’t help that I have to do the interviews with Chris, it doesn’t mean that I’ve stopped seeing you does it? I always see you afterward and if we’re doing interviews in the same place, I’m the one that goes up the stairs to see you. So please, if you would be so kind, explain to me where you got this stupendous idea that I prefer Chris over you?”

“Wow, you actually climb stairs for me, I’m so grateful.” He sassed, forcing you to growl his name out, your tone demanding he answer your question. “Fine,” he huffed, “three interviewers have asked us about you two today, three, and it got me thinking you know? Why the hell are they asking about you and Chris unless you ‘re acting more friendly to him in public, then you act when I’m around.”

You stood completely still, staring down at him with a wide-eyed look. “…That is… the stupidest thing… I’ve ever heard.” You abruptly broke into laughter and found that you were unable to even stand up straight, you accidentally fell to the floor making a loud banging sound that you were sure the room below you would hear quite clearly. Your roar of laughter continued on and it seemed to loosen up Seb who let a few laughs slip through his moody exterior; he couldn’t help it, you’d always had a contagious laugh. Once it had died down you turned to face your boyfriend whilst you still laid on the ground, “come here.” You demanded, reaching out with your hand.

“Y/N,” he groaned, obviously trying to still be angry with you despite the small smile on his face.

“Stop being a child.” You ordered, “be a gentlemen instead and come lay on the ground with me.” Eventually he did grab your hand and fall to the floor beside you, as soon as he was down near you, you rolled so that you were laying on top of him. “How many days are left of the press tour.”

Sebastian took a moment to think, “three.”

“Then just think about this, in three days time, we’ll go on a holiday. To wherever you want. I’m free for the next couple of weeks, and if you’re not then I’ll follow you wherever and whenever while I can.” You then kissed him, trying to further prove that you were completely dedicated to him and only him.  “I love you,” you mumbled against his lips, happy when he began to cooperate with your kiss.

“I love you too,” he answered, albeit a little resignedly. But the honesty in his statement was still clear. Yes it was kind of tough for the two of you then, but soon enough you’ll be back together, just the two of you.

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hi jellymum!! its the anon from a few months ago who was playing a gay girl in her exam monologue. my exam was this morning and although i was worried my teachers gave me some feedback afterwards and said it was great!! and that the other parts of the exam (an improvisation and an interview) were some of the best they'd seen all morning!!! also they said i did a good job of 'portraying a girl dealing with her gay identity' lmao i hope so!! i'm so so happy <3 <3 <3 hope u have a lovely day xx

!!!!!!!!!!! I’M SO HAPPY FOR YOU, that is wonderful!! Congratulations on the success!! :O

And I’m so glad your teachers could see how great you were, I’m sure it must’ve been amazing to watch! Performances really just get that extra bit of passion when you put some of yourself into it, they must’ve been able to see that extra spark.

You have a lovely day too, and I hope you get to celebrate your victory! :D <33


It’d been a long hunt. He’d insisted you stay behind thinking he knew what was best. He regretted it almost immediately. You were better at the interviews with men than him. If you’d been there, you would have gotten the info quicker. You just had a way of getting men to bare their souls…himself included.

It was more than that, though. He missed you, a lot. He’d gotten used to you in his bed, then he’d gotten to where he needed you in his bed. He’d just pulled his phone out to call you when he saw a familiar car pull into the motel lot.

He watched as you got out of your car and grabbed your gear bag, ready to hunt.

“Hey Jerk. You look like shit.”

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Likewise - An Eggsy Unwin imagine

You’re terrified, breaking into a cold sweat as you stand with the other recruits. A man stands before you. ‘Merlin’. You’d bet your right pinky that his real name is bog standard, and kind of boring. The only thing that makes you feel slightly less nervous about all this is that you know you’re not the only one out of place here.

There’s the boy standing just in front of you, to the left, who looks like he’s fresh off the estate. Snapback, polo shirt, way too much Lynx Africa – the works.

You’re not like the others here. Upperclass men and women, probably having everything handed to them on a silver platter by their parents. You grew up in a working class family, with your dad long gone from the picture. Your mum had tried to have other relationships, but nothing worked out. Being the youngest of three, you were determined to prove yourself. Kingsman was your shot.

It had been a surprise when your mum’s ex had turned up out of the blue, telling you that he had a job interview. On the way, he had explained everything. Kingsman was a small agency of agents trained to take out threats. Each Kingsman agent had a different alias relating to the Knights of the Round Table. Jack explained that he was otherwise known as Gawain. They had recently lost their Lancelot in a rescue mission gone wrong, and you were going to train to replace him.

Merlin finishes delivering his speech and exits the room, leaving you to write your name, blood type and next of kin on the body bag left on your bed. You stare at it for a moment, eyes wide. The boy in the snapback whistles.

“This is fucking mental,” he mutters.

“Tell me about it,” you reply. He raises his eyebrows at you.

“You weren’t expecting this either?”

You shrug, shaking your head. “Nah. I never thought I’d end up in a job interview to be a spy, of all things.”

He holds out a hand to you, which you accept with a warm smile. “I’m Eggsy.”


“Pleasure to meet you, Y/N.”

You nod. “Likewise, Eggsy.” You hope this is the start of a good friendship, assuming that you both survive.

   *                          *                          *                        *                        *

“Y/N, wait!” You’re too busy throwing your clothes into your bag to care. Your breathing is laboured, your chest heaving as you try to stop yourself from crying. You came so far and you did so well, and now it’s all over. You just have to go home, and not tell anyone what’s happened.

Eggsy grabs hold of your shoulder, spinning you round to face him.

“Where are you going? You can’t just leave,” he insists.

You shake your head. “I’m not just leaving. Merlin told me to go. I failed. Good luck with the rest of the interview.”

“Look, we can talk to him. We can explain what happened -”

“No, we can’t, Eggsy!” you snap. “It’s over, I’m done! I wish it didn’t have to be like this, but it does. Guess it’s just you, Roxy and Charlie now. I failed, okay? I didn’t hit the target.”

“You were just outside the target! You missed it by millimetres!”

You press your lips together tightly. “I fucked up. Failure’s failure, there’s no skirting around it. I – I need to pack.”

Before you can turn around to face your bag, his hands are clutching your cheeks, pulling you closer until his mouth is connected to yours. Your hands flutter for a moment as you wonder what to do with them, before finally letting them rest on his waist. It feels like you’re standing there for hours, locked in your embrace, though you know it’s only seconds.

And all too soon, you’re breaking the kiss. It’s only then that you realise the tears are falling fast and heavy, and there’s too many for you to wipe away.

“I’m going to miss you,” you mumble. “You were the best part about this whole interview, but we both knew one of us would go home sooner or later.”

He pulls you into his arms, resting his chin on the top of your head. “Yeah, I know,” he agrees, with a soft sigh. “I promise, no matter how this ends, I’ll come and find you, Y/N. I won’t let you be the one that gets away.”

You smile into his shirt in spite of yourself. “I’ll hold you to that. I love you, Eggsy. Endlessly.”

You look up to find him grinning at you like a complete idiot. “Likewise, Y/N.”