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Okay, but since the writers are clearly screwing with everyone now, and so many fans were convinced Tom Hiddleston would be playing a third Holmes brother…

The ACTUAL BEST thing they could do is say they were taking John to meet Sherrinford up in the tower. When they get there, he sees Tom Hiddleston. But then it turns out Tom’s just the maintenance man or something.

You hear, “I am Sherrinford.” And Mary steps out.

Birdy-effin-Edwardsed, man.


10 (anti) parallels of Captain Swan / Swanfire 

Dedicated to the lovely @baby-were-the-aromantics

I don’t doubt that Emma loved Neal, and that he loved her. But that love wasn’t the real thing, it wasn’t really true. There were so many indications of that along the way, but mostly I think that Neal brought out from Emma negative stuff. She was insecure around him, she was doubting her abilities, she was downsizing herself to please him. While with Hook it’s the complete opposite. She is the best version of herself when he’s there by her side, and he makes her shine even more. 

Neal was Emma’s first love, and you never forget your first, but Hook is the love of her life, and I don’t think she knew what love truly was and how deep it can penetrate her heart before he came into her life.

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One of the ways Wahlberg and Berg wanted to show proper care and sensitivity to the story of the Boston Marathon bombing was to film in the places the events had actually taken place. That’s great for historical accuracy and everything, but the events we are talking about are people being exploded and shot. Those are not things the people in that area want to relive, even through a film set. So it should come as no surprise that when the neighbors in the exact neighborhood where a deadly shootout had occurred were informed a movie crew was going to fire blanks for several nights straight, they weren’t thrilled. The town manager finally had to shut it down, saying the recreation “wasn’t in the best interest” of the neighborhood.

The 9/11 films United 93 and World Trade Center have been even more controversial. United 93 came out less than five years after the event, meaning emotions were still raw for people who had lost loved ones on that day. The original trailer was so violent and got so many complaints that the AMC theater chain pulled it completely. Family members who saw the film admitted to being emotionally drained. Meanwhile, Oliver Stone’s World Trade Center paid two survivors $200,000 each to be advisors. Understandably, the widows of the men who died rescuing those two guys then accused them of cashing in on the tragedy. Other family members said they approached the production to help and were turned away, meaning the filmmakers weren’t interested in getting additional information that might have helped more accurately flesh out the story if that meant extra people in the line for the craft services table.

There are also times when filmmakers will blatantly make shit up to better suit their narrative. Not all family members of United 93 victims were “lucky” enough to have their loved ones merely exploited for box office money. One German widow had to watch Paul Greengrass cast an actor known for playing Nazis to portray her dead husband as a coward, because hey, every good story needs a villain.

5 Big Problems With Hollywood’s Addiction To ‘Tragedy Porn’

Boyfriend Jungkook

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  • he’ll literally be the sweetest boyfriend ever
  • thinking back on it you can’t remember how you met each other but you’ve been in each others lives for as long as you can remember 
  • not as cliche as it sounds but you were both best friends
  • you trusted him more than anything and vice versa for him
  • his friendship with you was the reason for many failed relationships due to him spending more time with you than his girlfriend
  •  didn’t realise he had feelings for you until you told him you were going on a date with someone 

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Enslaved • Obi-Wan Kenobi

Request: “ Can I have an Obi-Wan imagine during the Zygerrian arc of tcw where you and Obi-Wan are enslaved on Zygerria together and the guards are trying to hurt him so you get in the way which earns you a bit more torture and when you wake up you’re on the ship and Obi-Wan is there and lots of fluff? ”

This request was sooo good and I’m so sorry for the long ass wait. Love you guys and hope you enjoy !!

There were many moments in your life where you regretted becoming a Jedi. Like when you first fell in love with Obi-Wan Kenobi, your best friend since you were younglings. Like when you had to sneak around to spend time with Obi-Wan alone so that you wouldn’t get caught being together. Like now, as you shoveled coal and heard the sounds of people crying out from the backbreaking labor. You knew one of those cries was your Obi, and you couldn’t bear the thought of it.

Zygerrians were some of the cruelest slave owners, crueler than some of the Hutts even. Unfortunately for you and your friends, you had been enslaved while trying to save a Togrutan colony. You couldn’t fight back or else someone else would suffer for it. As a Jedi, that was worse than any physical beating.

“Come on, Jedi filth!” you heard one of the guards grumble. Your gaze snapped up to where Obi-Wan was. He was a few carts away, shoveling as fast as he could. However, you could tell he was weak. He was slowing down, and the Zygerrian guards noticed.

One of them swiftly kicked Obi’s side. Obi-Wan groaned and fell to the ground. You gasped as tears welled up in your eyes. Everything in you screamed to go and help your lover, but you didn’t want any more harm to come to him or any of the other slaves. You bit your lip to stop from crying out as their wips lashed against Obi’s already scarred back.

Someone nudged you roughly. “Let’s go, otherwise you’re next” the guard spat. You tore your eyes away from Obi-Wan and turned to the guard. Your hands were clenched into fists as you shook with anger. Every Jedi should keep their calm center but in this situation, nobody would have judged you for it.

“Aw, is that your friend over there?” the guard mocked. He nodded to the three guards beating Obi-Wan, and if it was possible, they became even more rough with him. “Get back to work, bitch” the guard smirked. 

You heard something like a snarl leave your mouth. It sounded like a wild animal. Before you could realize what you were doing, you had slammed the guard closest to you onto the floor. You whacked his head against the cold ground until he was unconscious. Then, you made your way to the group hurting your love.

You tackled the one choking Obi-Wan and began clawing at his face. He screamed in pain and tried to throw you off of him. One of the guards yanked you off of him, so you turned around and punched him as hard as you could. The third guard finally grabbed you so that you could do no more damage.

Rex was stunned. You were always so calm and proper. Seeing you act out in such a way terrified him. Obi-Wan looked up at you with the most disheartened look you had ever seen. He knew what you had done, you had just put yourself in more danger.

“Take her to the electrocution chamber,” one of the guards rumbled. “We’ll fry her brain if we have to” you winced at the idea of being electrocuted, but it wouldn’t be your first time. They began to drag you away, and you felt tears dribble down your cheeks when you heard Obi screaming your name.

“Take me instead!” he shouted. “Please, don’t hurt her! Hurt me, torture me, I don’t care. Just..Please don’t hurt her” you let out a sob as you glanced back to him. He was on his knees, watching in horror as you were dragged off. He would have run after you if two of the guards hadn’t subdued him.

You screamed in agony as the volts of electricity coursed through you. You could almost feel your nerves being fried as the searing pain moved throughout your body. The guard in charge of your torture smirked sickly at you. 

He deactivated the machine for a moment to caress your cheek. Your breathing was erratic and your body was trembling. You moved your face away from his hand, causing the guard to forcefully grab you and turn you back. 

“Now, my dear,” he purred. “Will you continue to misbehave? Or will you accept your fate?” he asked you. You squeezed your eyes shut, willing yourself to wake up from this nightmare. The problem was, this wasn’t a nightmare. This was reality.

Your stubbornness got the better of you, and you spit in the guard’s face. He threw your head back against the chair and activated the machine once more. That was when you blacked out completely.

When you finally came to, you were laying on something soft. The Force buzzed quietly around you, signalling to you that you were safe. Your body was sore, but you did not feel the excruciating pain that you were used to. Your heart leapt when you realized that you had been saved.

You could hear distant whispers just outside of the white room you were being kept in. It must have been the med bay at the Temple. You recognized the hallway outside. 

“She’s going to be okay, Master. Vokara Che said that she only had minor nerve damage. As for the broken bones and concussion, she’s gotten through it all before” it was Anakin’s voice. As your Force connection had grown stronger, you began to feel the ripples of pain and guilt. It wasn’t from Anakin, though.

“It’s my fault,” Obi-Wan sighed deeply. “I should have protected her. I should have never let her come with us” he sounded so defeated. “If she doesn’t make it, I don’t know what I’ll do" 

Your heart clenched to hear your Obi in such a state. You tried to sit up in bed, but you quickly halted your movements as your body protested. Anakin, who was in the middle of consoling his Master, became silent. "Do you sense that?” he asked Obi-Wan.

In an instant, the two were tumbling into your room. Obi-Wan tripped over Anakin to get to you. Upon seeing Obi safe and sound, your eyes teared up. 

“Obi-Wan,” you gasped, lamely reaching out to him. Obi-Wan rushed over to you and hugged you as delicately as he could.

“My darling, oh my beautiful (y/n)” he murmured, burying his face in the crook of your neck. You let your tears fall freely as you wrapped your arms around him. Anakin sent you a small smile before politely exiting the room.

Obi-Wan finally let go of you and immediately scolded you. “You could have gotten yourself killed. What were you thinking?” he wasn’t angry, just concerned. You reached out and stroked his bearded cheek.

“I was thinking that the love of my life was in pain, and I couldn’t stand it” you whispered. “I would do it again if I had to. You mean everything to me, Obi” you told him.

He scoffed and rested his forehead against yours. He closed his eyes and remained silent for a few long moments. Finally, he pressed his lips to yours gently. You thought it was very sweet that he was being so careful with you.

“I love you” he sighed into the kiss. You threaded your fingers through his silky hair and pulled him closer to you. You had been so afraid that you would never be able to kiss those lips again. Yet, here you were. 

You pulled away to look deeply into your love’s eyes. Obi-Wan brushed a piece of hair out of your face and tucked it behind your ear. You offered him a sweet smile and pecked his lips.

“I love you too, Obi” you stated. “I won’t ever leave you”……

Merry Christmas, My Love

Member(s): Suho x Reader
Type: Fluff/Smut
Words: 600
Plot: A sweet not-so-little Christmas surprise.

》 FAQ // Masterlist

Kim Junmyeon was full of surprises. Whether those surprises came in big expensive packages or luxurious trips, he always did hid best to make Christmas memorable. There were so many things you were ready to see that morning, and Junmyeon comfortably laying underneath the Christmas tree on top of one of the fuzziest blankets you’d owned, was not one of them.

What was more surprising was his clothes, or the lack of them. His pants instead replaced by a large bow, his arm holding his head up to give you the biggest grin you’d ever seen.

“How is this for surprising?” Junmyeon laughed, “Why don’t you come open your present?” he joked.

The shock slowly began to wear off as the worry for your husband’s sanity began to grow. Junmyeon had never been the type or person to be super exotic with his sex life. 

“What are you even doing?” you questioned, moving to kneel beside the man that held your heart.

“I’m seducing you, what is it look like?” Junmyeon smiled, slowly guiding his hands to clench the thin fabric of your nightgown, which was spotted in little penguins and bought months ago and you saved it to wear on Christmas.

In a split second Junmyeon had tugged your dress, instantly pulling you to lay on his chest. His fingers tickled at your sides for a second, before placing a loving kiss to your temple.

“It’s our first Christmas as a married couple,” he pointed out, adding another kiss to your forehead, “I wanted to be spontaneous. Keep you interested.” another kiss put on your cheek, the next, and the final one, being on your lips. The kiss was nowhere as sweet as the small pecks he’d given you, and the instant passion had you questioning just how long he’d been in this position.

You mentally began to praise yourself for not wearing a bra as Junmyeon rid the dress, saving no time before taking a nipple into his mouth, lips sucking in a pattern like style. 

You internally laughed as you ran your hand down his torso, fingers coming in contact with the bow that covered your destination. It was an awkward article to remove with the intense closeness of your bodies. The fabric felt like unnecessarily rough and you were more than thankful when it whad finaaly been removed.

Your hand wrapped around his already hard member, your idea of teasing instantly being shot down as Junmyeon’s hand knocked your away from him, using that same hand to, quite literally, tear your panties off of your legs. An action that got him a small whine from you. 

“I’ll get you a knew pair.” he huffed, words getting cut off by a deep groan as he quickly inserted himself into your warmth. His pace was slow, and it was clear to you that this was not just sex. Junmyeon was going to make love to you on Christmas morning, right underneath the Christmas tree.

And he did. Not speeding up any, but still managing to keep a fast enough pace to keep yours tail curling. His length working in an intricate pattern, hitting the part of you that made you scream. 

His slow torture could have gone on for hours, and it most likely would if the two of you had no plans for the day. But the moment the feeling of euphoria came over you, taking your senses and making him the only thing that held you to the ground, he quit. Not even attempting to satisfy himself.

“This was your present.” he mumbled, “Merry Christmas, my love.”

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Don’t tease me! (Hyungwon imagine)

A/N: …….. Sorry it took so long, and um I tried my best so….yea. ENJOY!

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“So (y/n), word has it that you are quite the fan of kpop, some might even say obsessed with it, is that true?” asked the interviewer as her eyes were full of curiosity, leaning her arms on her knees as she brought her upper body forward to hear better.

You were currently being interviewed on live television, being quite famous for your full of emotion acting skills and your beautiful modelling of course it would bring along many sessions of interviews . It wasn’t anything new, but that didn’t mean you were any less awkward.

You may have been very famous and had many gigs, but it still felt like a dream to you.

 So when people interviewed you tried your best to answer without stuttering, having a habit of doing that when nervous, especially with cameras EVERYWHERE and what’s more on LIVE TELEVISION.

But, when it came to kpop you were very, how do i put this, overly passionate.

You’re eyes shined bright a big smile forming on your lips as you nodded your head eagerly.

“ It’s absolutely true, I’m a huge fan of K-pop!”

Everyone could tell you were very excited when the topic had surfaced, this may have been the most excited you had been in the entire interview session.

“ Ooo~ then do you have a group or artist you especially fond of?” the woman asked as she encouraged you to carry on.

“Oh there are so many,but if I had to choose, I’d choose Monsta X! They’re definitely one of my faves! They’re all so weird but in a really adorable way.” You couldn’t help but giggle.

The interviewer joined you in the small giggle session. 

“Then, do you perhaps have a favorite member from this group?”

You were a bit taken aback by the question, your cheeks were dusted pink but your smile never faded.

“ Well, of course! I of course find every one in Monsta X amazing, but hands down Hyungwon is my favorite, in fact he’s my biggest celebrity crush!”

“Well well~” the interviewer couldn’t help but tease. “ But I’m afraid this concludes our interview. Thank you so much for joining us today (y/n)! It was really an honor to interview you!”

“Oh the honor was all mine!”

“thank you for joining us today,and we’ll see you next time with our special quest being-!”

Before the interviewer could finish her sentence the TV was turned off.

Infront of the TV were standing two figures, one male and one female.

“ So I’m your biggest celebrity crush, huh?” the male smirked.

“S-shut up!” The female hid her red face in her hands as she was dying of embarrassment.

“I didn’t know that~”

“Hyungwon I’m warning you!”

“Awww what are you being so shy for now (y/n)? The secrets out now~!”

You and Hyungwon were currently in the waiting room, as you two waited for the photographer to call you for the shooting. You two were having a fashion shoot for the winter fashion line today and as it turned out the interview aired today, and the remote was in Hyungwon’s hands…..and he refused to give it to you.

So here you were, embarrassed out of your mind with a smug Hyungwon teasing you.

You were seriously regretting ever saying it. In fact you regretted it as soon as the interview had ended.

“You’re lucky I’m nice.”

“Nope, I’m lucky cause I’m your celebrity crush~”

At this point you were pouting with your face still bright red, but what happened next got you way off guard.

Before you even knew what had happened the taller man had quickly pecked your cheek before leaving the waiting room with his face equally red.

Yea, you didn’t regret it.

Absolutely not.

Jackson Imagine - Other Girl

A/N - Another anon requested imagine~ I hope you like it and keep sending me your requests everyone!

Jackson was your best friend. He had been for so many years now that you could barely keep track. The two of you had been through ups and downs but had stuck together through it all. Everyone always thought the two of you would date when you were older but you’d both deny it straight away, seemingly put off by the idea of being more than friends. Secretly, you had hoped for Jackson to stop having the same over the top repulsed response. You had actually developed a crush on him but never shared your feelings due to his reaction whenever someone thought you were dating or asked if you had ever considered dating. He also had a tendency to talk about other girls around you. A lot. 

Recently, he had been talking even more about one girl in particular. He could talk for hours about how much he loved her smile or her personality and every time he mentioned her, a little piece of your heart would crack. You tried to not let your jealousy and sadness show but some days just proved too difficult. Like today. You and Jackson had just been lounging around all afternoon, doing nothing important and just chatting when he brought up that other girl again.
“She’s just so amazing, I can’t believe I’m so lucky that I get to spend time with her and know her,” he gushed to you, completely oblivious to your true feelings. You sighed loudly before saying, “Do you have to bring that up?”
“What?” He looked innocent, completely unaware of why you were reacting the way you were.
“This other girl. Do you really have to talk about her so much? If you like her that much then why don’t you spend time with her instead.” Jackson smirked at you, shuffling closer.
“(Y/N),” he said teasingly, “are you jealous?”
“What? No!” You replied, a blush creeping on your cheeks as you tried to convince him otherwise. “I’m just annoyed because you keep going on about this other girl and it’s like a broken record. I get that you like her but could you maybe talk about something else?” You slouched back in your seat, picking up your phone to try and avoid any eye contact with him. You knew if you looked into his eyes then your cheeks would be bright red in embarrassment and worry that he would know of your crush on him.

“I don’t believe you,” Jackson said about five minutes later.
“I don’t believe that you’re not jealous.”
“Are you still talking about that, Jackson? Seriously this other girl is taking over your life.”
“Yes, she is. She’s also driving me crazy.”
“I would ask why but I’ve already heard enough about her for one day.”
“Well I’ll tell you anyway. She’s driving me crazy because she’s jealous of herself.”
“What are you on about, Jackson?”
“The girl I like. She’s currently very jealous because she thinks I like someone else when I’ve actually been talking about her the whole time.” He smiled at you innocently, waiting for you to realise. Your face flushed red. Jackson took that to mean you had figured it out. Not waiting for a response, he held your hand and pecked your cheek.
“Just so you know, I like you too.”

Locked in

Pairing: Phillip Hamilton x Reader

Words: 588


Angelica Hamilton. Your best friend and the first born daughter to Alexander and Eliza Hamilton. Also Philip Hamilton’s little sister.

Angie and you had been friends since the day you were born. Your mothers were best friends, so it was only natural that the two of you saw each other almost every week.

Now that you were older you saw each other even more, you were taking lessons from Eliza.

Because you went over every day, you were around Phillip a lot, so it was no surprise to anyone when you developed a crush on the freckled boy. Not that you would ever admit it.

Angie knew, and she loved it. She wanted the two of you to be together so much it was frightening.

She had tried so many times to get the two of you together, trying things from leaving you alone at the piano, to purposely pushing you into Phillips arms. It was embarrassing.

The thing that you didn’t realize, is that Phillip was in love with you too, and had been for a long time now. Even longer than you had been in love with him.

And now there was a problem. Phillip was leaving for college. The two of you thought that it was almost a blessing, you wouldn’t see each other everyday, so maybe it would be easier to get over the other. Angie on the other hand, was getting frustrated.

There was so much unresolved between the two, that she knew that she had to do something, and she had to do it soon.

Otherwise it would be too late.

She had one last plan. And it better work.



“Hmn?” you hummed in response to Angie.

“Would you mind going up and asking Phillip where he put my music book? I’m going to look in my room quick, so can you ask him?” she said not looking at you. You gave a small groan but nodded, walking up the stairs.

Angie smirked and quietly followed you up the staircase.

You knocked on his door, and he answered, looking confused as to why you were wanting to talk to him.

“Y/N? Come in,” he told you, opening the door wider so you could make your way through.

You walked in and looked around, seeing all his books spread around and getting ready to be packed and shipped off.

“What can I do for you?” he asked turning your way.

“Angie wanted me to ask you if you had see-” all of the sudden his door slammed and the lock was turned.

“Vous ne venez pas jusqu'à ce que vous lui dire comment vous vous sentez , Phillip ! L'horloge tourne !” you heard Angie’s voice cry out in French before she ran away from the door.

“Philip what is going on?” you asked nervously.

He sighed.

“Angie said that she wouldn’t let us out until I told you how I felt.”

“How you felt about what?” you asked, your voice shaking.

“About you.”

You swore that in that moment, you were dead. You didn’t think that you would be able to breathe anymore.

“I’m sorry what?”

Philip walked over and cupped your face in his hands.

“I love you.”

He pressed his lips to yours in a passionate kiss, keeping one hand on your face and his other arm wrapping around your waist. You broke apart, both of you gasping for air.



“I love you too.”


Angie broke away from the door, standing up and walking down the stairs.


The hippie ideology was totally harmless and peaceful, with the basic idea being that mankind should love each other, that we’re all one, and that there shouldn’t be any discrimination towards anyone. That the rich should be helping more the poor instead of exploiting them. Furthermore, that mankind should respect Mother Earth and all living things, and doing our best to preserve them and help them instead of harm them. That mankind should be looking more towards spiritual riches instead of material ones. I don’t see anything wierd in all that. Ok, too many drugs were a problem for some, but maybe we were just trying to stay high instead of being so low.
—  Sereno Sky, author of the hippie-novel “Lonely Traveller”

farewell degrassi tng meme [10/15 characters]: Paige Michalchuk

“Ninth grade, my date is orange and I’m sporting a screaming sunburn. Tenth grade, our limo driver Jim Boy Jed the criminal delivers in a cop cruiser. Eleventh grade, it gets worse. Hopped up on pain killers, I arrive with a date who doesn’t like girls on the special bus. Hello everyone! Happy prom! Isn’t this so perfectly festive?”

I loved so many things about you.
Your breath, I liked it more when it tasted of cigarettes and mint. Not vodka and regrets.
Your eyes, I liked them when they were staring at me. Not your ex.
Your thighs, I liked them when they were closed for everyone except for me. Not open like the 24 hour mcdonalds we went to on our first date.
And second.
And third.
I know I sound petty,
But how do I tell you that you were the best fucking thing that happened to me.
I don’t.
So now I’ll go out and make my breath taste like vodka.
And I’ll stare at whoever I want.
And I’ll bring that boy that smells like sunflowers to the 24 hour mcdonalds that we went to on our first date.
And second.
And third.
And I’ll tell him about you,
So he knows that when I leave him,
You’ll be the one to blame

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Happy Holidays! I know we haven’t been active for a little while, but life is extremely busy atm, and I’m really trying my best to keep the blog updated. Christmas Eve was not so long ago, and this year, we celebrated with my twin sister and her little family. And that was quite the challenge with nine children, and my sister being 22 weeks pregnant, was very exhausted. However, all of the children were behaving well. We actually stayed over to the next day, and yes, it was not easy to find room for all of us, so sleeping comfortable wasn’t really a possibility. Nonetheless, here are a few more photos:

Unfortunately, I didn’t get photos of everyone, and many photos were very blurred. I mean, we had nine children in the small house, and two of them were down with a cold and were sleeping for most of the day/evening. Emily and William both had too much energy to stand still for a photo, but you can see them running in the background, haha. But despite not being able to show photos of all the fun we had, it was an amazing Christmas Eve, in good company and with great food!

Thank you! Maegan, Samuel and kids. @mummamae.

Just FYI...

I have no interest whatever in hearing or otherwise entertaining ‘the other side’ of the Pewdiepie story.  He’s a racist, antisemitic piece of garbage.  If you comment or send me messages and try to defend him to me, I will block you, because I have neither the time nor the patience for ignorant children or obsessive stans who will defend him to the death, no matter what kind of heinous bullshit he pulls.

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TOONAMI | ‘Dreams’ Bumper

Toonami was perhaps one of the biggest deliverymen of anime to the western world. The block showcased some of the most beloved Japanese cartoons of their time: everything from Dragon Ball Z to Hamtaro. It reared a generation of anime fans the world over, being broadcast in North and Latin America, the UK, Australia, and more. The block’s peak eras featured a CGI robot named TOM serving up action shows from all over the world–but some of Japan’s best offerings were the stars. The lineup wasn’t just limited to shows; there were relatively obscure Japanese animated films, and animated music videos in special events. 

The block ended for several years after many changes to the lineup. In 2012, however, Adult Swim brought it (and many of its vintage anime stars) back for a night of April Fools activities. The nostalgia and fun this brought to so many encouraged a revival–one that’s still on every Saturday night, showcasing some of the biggest new names in anime today. 

This was perhaps the most iconic of their specially made bumpers, even being aired during the 2012 April Fools block. In it, the narration weaves a monologue about dreams and destiny, set to clips from various action anime. Ambient music, the kind the block is known for, plays in the background, carrying the mood. A simple promotional message that conveys something a little bit more. It manages to fully convey just why a programming block on Cartoon Network was much more to a generation.

Believe in yourself, and create your own destiny. Don’t fear failure.”

I was looking at this lovely art by @pugletto​ 

and getting so many Zutara feels, man. Just think of how beautiful it would have been if they were given the chance to grow old together. They’re both still around in Legend of Korra, and it just like warms my poor, shipping heart to think that they’d be so, so old together and still so, so in love- if not, even more so than when they married. They’d have been through more than comprehensible at that point when they’re both near/in their nineties. They’d been best friends since they were fifteen/seventeen. And, now they’re ninety. That’s so incredible, and I’m sure they’d have kids and grandkids, and possibly great-grandkids at that point, and I’d like to think they’d just be happy. Maybe their eldest child would still have stepped up to the throne, and with some persuasion that he deserved to retire- to rest after having served as fire lord longer than any other fire lord in history through more than any other fire lord- he would. 

   They would have so much time together then to just relax and be happy. They could just be with their kids, and spoil their grandchildren. They’d both be content with all they’d accomplished in their lives, and know that they’ve done almost everything at each other’s sides, and to just imagine all the hell, assassination attempts, ups and downs, political turmoil, death, suffering– they love each other eight decades later more than ever. It just kills me– it should have happened. GOODBYE.