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Has been requested 100 years ago.. I finally wrote it. Enjoy some cocky Luke. ALSO I know that my masterlist is not updated but my computer is being an ass. I’ll try my best to update as soon as possible. Requests for Marvel are OPEN. Love you all.

Requested: Yes

Pairing: Luke/FemReader

Warning: Smut, swearing and such

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Minneapolis, Minnesota was the best city in the whole world for a whole weekend, because there were so many amazing people gathered at one place. I can’t believe so many of us were there, and I got to meet so many people I only knew from afar. I dare to say that the moments we spent together were even more amazing than the convention itself, and I’ll never forget it. So I wanted to make a post, talking about each one a little bit and sharing some awesome and funny photos we have with each other. (It’s gonna be long so I’d better put it under a read more)

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farkle and auggie (can you sense a theme?)

I actually did a Farkle and Auggie one many moons ago lol but lemme see if I can bs some more:

  • Even though he was only 17, Auggie was the best man at the riarkle wedding because Josh, Lucas and Zay were fighting for the title so while they were distracted Farkle was like “Bro you’re the only sane person in my life right now” and gave him the honor lmao
  • Auggie is an over-sharer and he goes to Farkle for so many problems when he’s a teen and Farkle tries to be helpful but he’s lowkey horrified at some of the things he hears lmao
  • Auggie and Ava get married really young but Auggie acts very weird about the prospect of actually ‘settling down’ and having kids so every time Ava gets confused or frustrated with him she makes Farkle all but psycho-analyze him while she and Riley go shopping lmao
  • Auggie is Cassie and Cleo’s Godfather but he’s closer with Cassie (he adores all his nieces+nephew tho)
  • Cassie and her daughter Tabitha actually move in with him and Ava when they move to New York it gets wacky
  • One time Farkle and Auggie got in a very intense debate about Shark Rights and Benedict Arnold. Riley, Ava, Maya and Josh were very confused that whole night
  • They take karaoke battles very seriously
  • Auggie always kicks Farkle’s ass on those Just Dance games but Farkle’s a guitar hero legend so who’s the real winner here
  • One time he accidentally walked in on Riley and Farkle having sex. He has never been quite the same
  • Farkle is the number one fan of Auggie’s Podcast
  • One time Farkle was helping Auggie with a science project but Auggie was at the point in puberty where he was misjudging lengths and distances so he kept knocking things over and bumping into shit and he broke a lot of equipment
  • He also accidentally dyed Farkle’s hair pink somehow and they could never quite figure out wth he fucked up to cause that
  • But Riley took so many pictures lmao
  • When their adults Farkle is so not above using pictures of Little Auggie in footsie pajamas to black mail him lmao
  • I’m sorry I can’t think of anymore rn omg it’s 4:30 am
  • But yes Farkle and Auggie are the best I love them sm

sorey and mikleo are the alternate existence of yuu and mika

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How about Royai grocery shopping AU?

Can this take place in the FMA universe too so they can be happ? ;-;

Shifting her weight from one hip to the other, Riza Hawkeye crossed her arms over her chest and sighed. She hadn’t realized there were so many different brands of ketchup. Why were there so many? It was only ketchup. After giving it a few additional moments of thought, she decided that the name brand was likely her best bet, even if it was just a little more expensive. 

Just as she grabbed a bottle, she heard something rustle in her cart. With a playful eye roll, she turned her attention to the man that had unsuccessfully tried to sneak s’more supplies in with their other food items. When she lifted a brow toward him, Roy gave her a coy smile. “On sale for $3.99 altogether,” he offered when she did not immediately object, slowly lowering it into the cart until it was resting on the rest of their items.

She raised a hand defeatedly. “Well, you can’t beat that price,” she replied as a look of victory crossed his face. “Just as long as the marshmallows don’t explode and coat the microwave… again.”

Short of rainbows and redwoods, just about every good thing we have in this world is the result of the fact that somebody, somewhere, worked to create it. Some of those people were philanthropists, like the ones who built so many of our libraries, museums, and schools. Some were in business, like the people who are bringing you awesome electric cars and little pocket devices that have more computing power than a major research university could muster only a few decades ago. Epinephrine is unstable, and developing a way to store and deliver it reliably isn’t easy. Others have tried and failed; some have tried and been blocked by federal regulators, who of course have only your best interests at heart. (Federal employees care about two things: serving the public and consuming vast amounts of online porn during office hours. Okay, maybe they care about one thing.) You don’t have to love the people who dream and create — that’s why you pay them. And they don’t have to love you. Hell, they don’t even have to know you …

All that has to happen is for all of us to let it happen. And that’s in everybody’s interest except the vultures, incompetents, thieves, crooks, and parasites who purport to rule us.

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what sparked my feminist awakening was when my history teacher trivialised the argument I had with my best friend (bearing in mind I rarely argue and it was serious). He said girls were "hard to control" and that boys were "more straightforward".

So many stories about crappy teachers. That’s really disappointing to hear. Thanks for sharing.

What or who sparked your feminist awakening? Send me an ask or submit your story!


Pairing: Dan x Reader

TW: one single swear word

Y/N: Your Name Y/C/N: Your Channel Name

Author’s Things in bold

You were at Vidcon with Dan and Phil. You had been invited for Y/C/N. A lot of people had suspisions of you and Dan dating, but both of you had denied it many times, so fans started turning to Phil, who was swarn to secrecy.

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 Look under the cut for the rankings! As it turns out: y’all love Tangled and have little to no interest in Snow White. 

I counted write-ins ONLY if they had MORE THAN THREE WRITE-INS, otherwise we’d be here all day. So, characters like Meg who were written in more than three times are included, whereas characters like Jane, who was only written in once, were not. Sorry guys! I had too many one-offs to list.

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Elsa + Leliana, 24?

24) Slow Dancing - be prepared for some fluff, cause that’s all this is and I cry

There were only so many places to hide during a party at Castle Cousland and thankfully, Elsa Cousland knew that the library was the best of them. Maker knows she had spent more than her fair share of time hiding away, avoiding the suitors her mother presented before her and the people who continually asked why she had not yet found a potential match. Though those problems had vanished, that seemed to be of little comfort. After all, her mother and father were not around anymore and the last time Elsa had been in that hall she had fought for her life.

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by Zip001

“She would be even better without you, you know. You are holding her back from her full potential.”

Those words from the assistant coach, Massey, while they were watching Sansa practice and destroy the field, men and women alike, haunted him. At first, he scoffed as the man was a known Lothario, preying on young female swimmers and wanting to get into their swim suits. He just wanted Jon out of the way so he could have his way to Sansa.

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Starting my tumblr 4 months ago was the best decision I could ever made.Since then It has helped me get to know myself better. It has helped me to feel beautiful on inside and out. It’s crazy because it’s something I really struggle with on a Dailey basis. It is something you would never know by looking at me. I have had a rough past and am slowly getting better each day. Before tumblr I didn’t know there were so many different types of beauty from people all the way to places. I would like to thank my followers for following me lol. I love each and everyone of you because you are all helping me grow in ways I didn’t think were possible. I would love to talk to all of you more but it’s hard sometimes to find the time between school work and other commitments. So for now I will keep trying my best to message everyone back and answer questions. I also want everyone to know that if you are struggling with something you can come to me for help because you are not alone.
You are all beautiful
thanks for all the support. ❤️

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Sending you a note on fanfic writers day to say that I never thought I'd ship Emma with anyone but Killian, and then came Unlocked. Now, Liam/Emma/Killian is my OT3! Any chance of a peek at the next part of Unchained?

Thank you so much! I think I can manage a sneak peak! Under a cut, cuz OT3 and spoilers. ;)

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                  They  a c t e d  as if this were  N O R M A L ,
sat across from one another, bottle placed to the  left  in  a  makeshift  ice
bucket, glasses half  full– or  half  empty  depending  on  how  you  think,
n a t u r a l l y  they  weren’t  in  public, that  would have  brought  up  too
many questions, instead they were somewhere a little more  P R I V A T E .
All the other tables around them were vacant, music quietly playing in the
                        it was somewhat  n i c e .

                ❛ So how are– –
                                             T H I N G S ? 
                Smalltalk was not Sherlocks strong suit,
but when faced with Moriarty and their current little  G A M E  he had to
a c t  somewhat normal, as best as he possibly could really. Fingers
reached, closing around his champagne flute before bringing it to his lips
but not once did he let his  e y e s  drift from the others.

Confusion. Probably the best word to describe the hot mess of mixed, raw emotion the starchild felt inside at this very moment. Only a few hours she had walked this strange earth. One that appeared so friendly on the surface, but she feared had many more layers. People were kind, but the stares where still engraved in her back. Though many had left her be, there were always the silent whispers who told her to look out. Of servants, knights or any other. But what was the danger? There seemed to be non, but still about last night nobody would really enlighten her. A soft sigh escaped past the lady’s soft, glowing lips before she began to hum a gentle tune.  

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Downton Abbey: 9, 11, 12, 13, 16, 21 :D

Thanks for asking! <3

9. Favourite season and why?
Honestly? I think I don’t have a favourite season. They were all fantastic.. it’s more like there were brilliant episodes in every season as well as not so brilliant ones.

11. Most badass character?
Haha, definitely Violet, but also Isobel and Rosamund haha, yep those are the best badass characters, I think.

12. Funniest character?
Ok this one goes to Violet, too. I just love her, I almost laughed about every scene with her, especially when she’s teasing Isobel, lol.

13. Favorite quote from the series?
Haha, there’re so so many by Violet that I love so much… maybe this one:
Isobel: “How you hate to be wrong.” Violet: “I wouldn’t know. I’m not familiar with the sensation.”

16. Most ridiculous plot line?
Idk, this one-night-stand between Tom and Edna, maybe. (Don’t you dare, touch Tom after Sybil’s death.)

21. Actress or actor you’d love to see on the show?
Haha, definitely Michelle Fairley. LOL
She just looks so amazing in “Rebellion” and “The Lizzie Borden Chronicles” and she always plays her parts so well, she would fit perfectly into this time.

Haha, this was fun to do, thank you!

dmcanonymous  asked:

Started following you because of your amazing hobbit art which braidedribbion had shown to me. I stayed because I fell in love with your style and the fact you were willing to share your growth and worries with us as you were drawing.

aaaaaah thanks ;A;

the hobbit period has been such a huge thing for me, artwise, it made me draw so much, and experiment with so many types of bodies and faces, and finally experiment on color a bit more… it’s been a very cathartic fandom! 

//Actually I’ve talked about this with a few people before but? It’s actually really sad how when Jasmine meets guys, her first instinct is to measure them up and judge them. Because the first thing they did when she became a teenager was start looking for a husband for her, and soon she had to start categorizing them and making quick judgments because there were so damn many. They were introduced as Prince Whoever, but they became “thinks girls should cook, ‘little wifey’, clammy hands, gross hair”. And the longer it went on the more she just perfected this checklist, one side with faults and the other with strong points, because she genuinely feared she’d have to pick among these gross guys one day and the best way to do that was to just? Reduce them to traits on paper the way they reduced her to property. So now she just instinctively makes these mental notes on guys when she meets them, suitor or not. 

The first guy that wasn’t like that, in the main verse, was Aladdin since? He just kinda dropped in and she was still in shock about almost having her hand cut off, too much to think about categorizing him.