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Out of the Woods

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Haunted houses, trick or treating, zombie walks, costume parties, haunted hayrides; the list of activities Halloween created was nearly endless as a child. As an adult, however, the list seemed to shrink into almost nothing. And as an adult, you were devastated.

Trick or treating was for kids (teenagers, too, if you managed to find a nice person willing to indulge you a little). Costume parties didn’t hold the same magic as they did when you were too young to know any better. Haunted houses were predictable, at best. Zombie walks could be fun if planned correctly but you hadn’t run into one of those just yet. Hayrides were a nightmare for any sort of allergy. And horror movie marathons ended with a stomach ache from too much candy and a tinge of paranoia.

You could say that you were jaded.

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I’ve seen some people mention how Munakata and Juzo only have a 4cm difference in their chest sizes and how that doesn’t make much sense or whatever.

But consider this: I have seen so many guys not look like much at all when they wear shirts, they look skinny and maybe lean at best. Then they take off their shirts and they’re jacked. And it’s like “boy, where the fuck were you hiding all of that??”

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list of plots i would be D O W N to do:

* &. SECRET RELATIONSHIP: muse a isn’t exactly the most popular person around school. didn’t have many friends, stayed out of the limelight, never attended parties but instead stayed home watching netflix alongside their hot box of pizza. but muse b is the star player of the soccer team, everybody’s best friend, and always in the public eye. they were polar opposites. so who would have ever guessed that muse a and muse b were together behind closed doors. their relationship worked well, the two were a great pair. but as the secret relationship lingered on, muse a was starting to want more from muse b. a label on their relationship. (based on the tv show awkward.)

* &. DELINQUENT x OUTCAST: around town, everyone had a label. muse a was known as the outcast. sarcastic, witty, and abrasive. muse a chose their own path. very similar to muse b, the delinquent. intimidating, ill-tempered, and rumors flooding around them like crazy. one day, muse b was bragging about their capabilities of making absolutely anyone swoon. muse b’s friends challenged that statement, betting muse b that they were incapable of getting muse a to fall for them. muse b didn’t hesitate for a second. muse b persistently asked out muse a, although they had been rejected multiple times. while it started as a bet, muse b was slowly developing feelings for muse a. but what happens when muse b wins the bet and muse a discovers how their relationship really started? (based on the movies 10 things i hate about you and she’s all that.)

* &. CHILDHOOD FRIENDS: ever since 7th grade, muse a and muse b had been inseparable. the two knew each other like the back of their hands. they saw each other run through petty middle school crushes, family hardships, and more. they argued, they laughed, they did absolutely anything and everything together. however, they were always just friends. freshman year of high school muse a had confessed the crush they developed on muse b. that confession changed their entire relationship. the summer into their sophomore year, muse b stopped talking to muse a. their friendship ended within a blink of an eye. they didn’t talk for years. until senior year, muse a got into a relationship. muse a’s significant other took them to a party where muse a would be introduced to a “very important person,” the best friend. muse a was nervous, hoping and praying for the approval. when they arrived, muse a was shocked to see that the infamous best friend was muse b. (based on shit that went down this one time.)

* &. HATE/LOVE RELATIONSHIP: life for muse a and muse b consisted of constant bickering, malicious scheming, and an overall disastrous relationship. the two despised one another. muse a was cocky, flirtatious, and a heart breaker. but also charming, charismatic, and unpredictable at best. muse b was cynical, stubborn, and had a “say it how it is” mindset. but they were also intelligent, kindhearted, and beyond talented. people understood why the two were always butting heads and would often times joke that the two would end up getting married one day. taking into consideration they already acted like a married couple. muse a would gag and muse b would respond with a remark to bash on the other. people would always question why they wouldn’t just stay away from each other. but neither of them had an answer for that question. they always gravitated back to each other, even if they didn’t want to. (based on chair aka blair and chuck.)

The hippie ideology was totally harmless and peaceful, with the basic idea being that mankind should love each other, that we’re all one, and that there shouldn’t be any discrimination towards anyone. That the rich should be helping more the poor instead of exploiting them. Furthermore, that mankind should respect Mother Earth and all living things, and doing our best to preserve them and help them instead of harm them. That mankind should be looking more towards spiritual riches instead of material ones. I don’t see anything wierd in all that. Ok, too many drugs were a problem for some, but maybe we were just trying to stay high instead of being so low.
—  Sereno Sky, author of the hippie-novel “Lonely Traveller”

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Ron Weasley who looks at the scars covering his arms, thinking about how that was the first day he went into a battle without even realizing it 

Ron Weasley who looks at the word Mudblood carved into his wife’s arm at night, gently caressing it and kissing it so she knows he’ll always be by her side

Ron Weasley who looks at his broken best friend so many years later and thinks “we were only kids”

Ron Weasley who watches is older brother laugh, but not the way that he used to laugh 

Ron Weasley who looks at his oldest brother and sister-in-law, realizing that despite the war that was raging when they got married, they were still in love with each other years later just as they were when they first met

Ron Weasley who looks at his sister and wishes he could have done more to shield her from the war and destruction and terror that was happening around him, wishing she didn’t have to grow up as fast as she did 

Ron Weasley who looks at his parents smiling faces at every wedding and birth of a grandchild, praying that they never have to go through any pain ever again 

Ron Weasley who looks at his daughter and son, thankful that something so wonderful and beautiful were given to him, that even though he witnessed death and destruction, he knows his kids will never feel the pain he did

Top 112 LouisandHarry Moments During the TMH Tour

So a couple weeks ago, Kati and I were discussing our favorite moments from the TMH Tour and we were like ya know what - let’s compile the best HarryandLouis moments from the tour because so many people forget all the great stuff these two did. The moments may have been subtle and their interactions may have been more restricted, but that didn’t stop them from showing off just how in love and settled they are.  We thought we could do a top 20 moments hahahahahaaa… yeahhhh so anyway here are my top 112 moments in chronological order. In preparation for the WWAT, enjoy :)

fyi: Some of them have more than one moment linked, don’t miss any :)

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Honestly I am so amused (and pleased!) that so many of you thought I would be a cartoon/shapeshifter monster you guys are so great and know me so well.

So yeah, crazy colour bird who can move via cartoons from tv to tv, but also can hide on walls as graffiti/faze into and out of posters and pictures. Sneaks up on and hugs people who look too grey or tired, causing the terrible consequence of them being SUPER HYPER AND ENERGETIC FOR A LONG TIME AFTERWARDS. OH NO. Can also transform into objects as every good old fashioned cartoon ought to be able to, and let’s face it nobody ever suspects the rubber duck.


The love story between Antonella Roccuzzo and Lionel Messi started many years ago. They met when they were just 5 years old, as their families are friends. Antonella is Lionel’s best friend Lucas Scaglia’s cousin, so they basically grew up together.

Lionel moved from Argentina to Barcelona when he was very young. He suffered from a growth problem that could not be cured at home, so all the family moved to Europe in order for him to have a chance.

Meanwhile, Antonella remained in Rosario where Messi usually flew back to for the holidays. It was on Christmas vacation in 2009, that they met again and fell in love with each other.

                                                   Your blade-like smile cuts my heart
                             Which is engraved with a final fantasy
                                          Beautiful killer, your dangerous beauty
                                 Makes me go crazy, there’s nowhere to go back



006. Most Angelic Picture(s). That Makes You Feel The Most. (by Zoe)

Part 2/2

farewell degrassi tng meme [10/15 characters]: Paige Michalchuk

“Ninth grade, my date is orange and I’m sporting a screaming sunburn. Tenth grade, our limo driver Jim Boy Jed the criminal delivers in a cop cruiser. Eleventh grade, it gets worse. Hopped up on pain killers, I arrive with a date who doesn’t like girls on the special bus. Hello everyone! Happy prom! Isn’t this so perfectly festive?”

I was looking at this lovely art by @pugletto​ 

and getting so many Zutara feels, man. Just think of how beautiful it would have been if they were given the chance to grow old together. They’re both still around in Legend of Korra, and it just like warms my poor, shipping heart to think that they’d be so, so old together and still so, so in love- if not, even more so than when they married. They’d have been through more than comprehensible at that point when they’re both near/in their nineties. They’d been best friends since they were fifteen/seventeen. And, now they’re ninety. That’s so incredible, and I’m sure they’d have kids and grandkids, and possibly great-grandkids at that point, and I’d like to think they’d just be happy. Maybe their eldest child would still have stepped up to the throne, and with some persuasion that he deserved to retire- to rest after having served as fire lord longer than any other fire lord in history through more than any other fire lord- he would. 

   They would have so much time together then to just relax and be happy. They could just be with their kids, and spoil their grandchildren. They’d both be content with all they’d accomplished in their lives, and know that they’ve done almost everything at each other’s sides, and to just imagine all the hell, assassination attempts, ups and downs, political turmoil, death, suffering– they love each other eight decades later more than ever. It just kills me– it should have happened. GOODBYE.

  • girl:bae come over im horny
  • me:The fact that so many books still name the Beatles "the greatest or most significant or most influential" rock band ever only tells you how far rock music still is from becoming a serious art. Jazz critics have long recognized that the greatest jazz musicians of all times are Duke Ellington and John Coltrane, who were not the most famous or richest or best sellers of their times, let alone of all times. Classical critics rank the highly controversial Beethoven over classical musicians who were highly popular in courts around Europe. Rock critics are still blinded by commercial success: the Beatles sold more than anyone else (not true, by the way), therefore they must have been the greatest. Jazz critics grow up listening to a lot of jazz music of the past, classical critics grow up listening to a lot of classical music of the past. Rock critics are often totally ignorant of the rock music of the past, they barely know the best sellers. No wonder they will think that the Beatles did anything worth of being saved.

Brand new song off Play It Loud’s brand new compilation “Lets Do Our Best!”
Available here:
Featuring tracks from hella talented megabuds like casiodad, skybox, astroskeleton, bansheebeat (feat. awesome vocals by amarobot!) , the kevin gnartinez band, paladin shield, and so many more! 
Artwork by eternal good egg:  @punimelt

I was always enamored with vocaloid songs that were just cute stories that were just like “Hi I’m Hatsune Miku and I like this boy but im nervoussssss” and they’re always whimsical and melancholy and I love them and I wanted to do the same thing, that kinda just “here’s a lil romantic story” with that ever amazing and important context of it being a vocaloid singing it. 
So I did it, and it gets to be a mishmash of slime girls summer vibes with personal emotional undertones, romantic fluffy made-up pop music lyrics and that personal impersonality that only vocaloid can do. 

: ^ )

Anyway, hope u like it!

Summer days
filled with the hopes and dreams we shared
Under the warm sunshine rays, we played
So I sit still
Counting days, until the tide,
returns me to you from the sea
then we’ll meet under the sun
ill wait for you always… :<

One more night, distracted by the empty spaces
feeling so unsure, if I’m a gigantic loser or not
you know you’re really much to nice when you listen to me
what sort of days could we have if you were only a street a way
you sent your love, warm, in sticker form
from so very far across the stars
it felt just for a moment, like you were here with me
those ice cream days seem so very far away,
now I regret all the time I was so jaded
that I slept in sulking
Now I wonder when I'l see you again
So Lets make a pact, that we’ll meet up and have a good time
laughing smiling and playing in the sun together
spending time forever
I know until that day we’ll both try our best
so maybe its ok, i know in the end

I’ll see you another summer day :’)

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TOONAMI | ‘Dreams’ Bumper

Toonami was perhaps one of the biggest deliverymen of anime to the western world. The block showcased some of the most beloved Japanese cartoons of their time: everything from Dragon Ball Z to Hamtaro. It reared a generation of anime fans the world over, being broadcast in North and Latin America, the UK, Australia, and more. The block’s peak eras featured a CGI robot named TOM serving up action shows from all over the world–but some of Japan’s best offerings were the stars. The lineup wasn’t just limited to shows; there were relatively obscure Japanese animated films, and animated music videos in special events. 

The block ended for several years after many changes to the lineup. In 2012, however, Adult Swim brought it (and many of its vintage anime stars) back for a night of April Fools activities. The nostalgia and fun this brought to so many encouraged a revival–one that’s still on every Saturday night, showcasing some of the biggest new names in anime today. 

This was perhaps the most iconic of their specially made bumpers, even being aired during the 2012 April Fools block. In it, the narration weaves a monologue about dreams and destiny, set to clips from various action anime. Ambient music, the kind the block is known for, plays in the background, carrying the mood. A simple promotional message that conveys something a little bit more. It manages to fully convey just why a programming block on Cartoon Network was much more to a generation.

Believe in yourself, and create your own destiny. Don’t fear failure.”

The stars were exceptionally bright tonight. So bright in fact, that Dean couldn’t even blame Cas for forcing him to pull over so that they could watch the sky for a bit. Bright enough to make Dean forget about how uncomfortable the cold, unyielding hood of the Impala was. It was good, observing the stars with Cas. More than good… No worries existed here, in the middle of nowhere, at the side of a deserted road, where Dean was curled up against his best-friend-turned-lover.

Yet at the same time, it was an unwanted reminder. The way Cas was gazing up at the sky. The many twinkling lights that were reflected in the angel’s eyes. The fondness in Castiel’s smile as those eyes repeatedly traced the endless constellations that were without a doubt so familiar to him.

“I’m sorry…” Dean whispered a sudden apology to the angel he’d grown to love, tilting his head at the endless sea of black above them. “I’m sure you miss it… I guess to you that’s kinda like home, huh?”

Castiel’s eyes immediately flickered to Dean’s, abandoning the maze of stars without hesitation.

“No…” Castiel murmured before dropping a delicate kiss to Dean’s cheek, then shifting to make himself even more comfortable in Dean’s arms. “It used to be… But for a while now, my home has been right here.”

For the first time in his life, Dean felt a little special. He was possibly the first human to ever receive a gift from the sky, a gift from God himself.

Holding Cas closer and pressing a kiss into dark tousled hair, Dean spotted a falling star in the distance. There was no need to make a wish; Dean already had everything he wanted, right here.