these were taken with an ipod

You hummed along to a song playing from your iPod as you kept your eyes trained on the eggs frying away in the pan, tapping your foot against the floor. A typical Sunday morning usually consisted of you getting up early to make a delicious breakfast, the smell wafting all the way upstairs to Harry, and that would trigger Harry to pad downstairs sleepily to see what you were making. 

On this particular morning, you hadn’t even taken notice that Harry was already sat at the counter (he had strolled into the kitchen quietly when you had just started to cook), staring at you fondly as you bopped around the kitchen. It was when the song reached your favourite part (it was a guitar solo, by the way) that you used your spatula and pretended to play along, bouncing up and down while singing alone. When you turned around, you nearly let out a shriek at the sight of Harry already sitting there. 

“Oh, please. Don’ stop because of me.” Harry snorted, his eyes crinkling at the sides as he let out a laugh at the look of shock on your face. 

“What are you doing here?” You gasped, turning the music down a little as your cheeks grew red. Sunday mornings were your alone times, and alone times meant singing and dancing as crazily as possible - Something that Harry had never seen before. “You’re not usually down here till I finish making breakfast!” 

“Came down a little earlier than usual, no biggie. I was jus’ watchin’ yeh, s’all. Real cute when you’re bouncin’ around the kitchen singin’ a song and wearin’ nothing but one of my shirts.” Harry raised a brow, gesturing to his Rolling Stones tee that was currently adorning your body. “No wonder all my shirts are beginning to disappear, you little thief.” 

“I’ll make it up to you by blending up a banana smoothie?” You offered sheepishly, reaching down to tug at the cotton material of the shirt. 

“A banana smoothie, and another guitar solo, if you will.”


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Do you have selfies taken by Alex?

His selfie face is The Best! There are a few fan photos

aclockworklaurenge: Me and Alex Turner! Or more accurately Alex Turner’s selfie with me 😂 Proudly showing me he could flip the camera and everything.

Alex: “Is it facing us?” [Camera clearly shows pavement in front of him] Me: “Eh, no. I’ll just…” Reaches to tap screen
Him: Angles iPod away from my hand “Hey, I’ve got this. I got this.” Taps button Grins

“Alex Turner from Arctic Monkeys took my phone and got a selfie.”

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MARKJIN / JINMARK *:・゚✧.  IPhone 5 / IPhone 5S / IPod Touch Background Pack  *:・゚✧.

Feel free to take them, but don’t remove the watermark    *:・゚✧  And I think that they fit in other phones yay <3 They’re so cute huh? <3

cr: Some of the pngs I used were taken from deviantart, credits to the owners <3

Made by me.

050; D.O

title: tender love

summary: playing with their hair; when you’re bored and begin to wonder how many ponytails can Kyungsoo’s hair hold


rating: so fluffy

the drabble game

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The room was peacefully silent, the TV had been switched off, your iPod was paused and the two of you were basking in the quiet. The only noise was coming from Kyungsoo as he continued to tap on his laptop, sometimes stopping to hum in appreciation or annoyance. You enjoyed the silence, the comfortable serenity that washed over the two of you. Kyungsoo had taken his usual spot in the corner of the sofa, a small portable desk placed in front of him and you had taken the opportunity the lie next to him, your feet resting gently on his thighs.

However as you chucked your book aside and let a soft sigh leave your lips you noted to familiar irritating feeling of boredom. You let your gaze wonder over your boyfriend, his eyes narrowed as he tried to read the words on the screen, his brows knitted in concentration. His jawline was sharp and his lips jutted out in a small pout. He wore a simple pair of grey sweats with a white t-shirt on, apparently one of the cons of working from home.

A mischievous smile fell on your lips as you eyed his hair, it had grown longer in the days since he started working from home; allowing it to fall somewhat in front of his eyes. He let out a breath, pushing the soft strands out of the way as he continued to tap away. You wondered how many ponytails you could make…

“Hey Kyungsoo.” You broke the soft silence that had fallen over the two of you.

“Hm.” He hummed back, his eyes not leaving the screen.

“Can I play with your hair?” Your voice dripped with innocence as you looked at him with wide eyes, he stilled and turned to you his eyebrows rising in confusion.

“Why do you want to play with my hair Jagi?” He questioned as he leant back on the arm of the plush sofa, a smile tugging on his lips.

“Because I’m bored watching you work.” You pouted and Kyungsoo felt something twinge in his stomach, guilt seeped into every pore of his body as he realised he had been neglecting you. Whilst he had decided that working from home would mean the two of you could be closer to raise the family you had started to plan, he still managed to ignore you for a number of hours a day. With a sigh he nodded, besides he enjoyed the feeling of your fingers through his hair.

“Sure babe.” You yelped and leaped towards him, pressing your lips to his heart shaped ones in a sweet peck before you jumped off the sofa and ran upstairs to collect some hair ties.

You positioned yourself behind his back, slipping in the small gap, before you placed your box of hair ties beside you and grabbed a small clump of his hair. You brushed your fingers through the soft strands first and chuckled when Kyungsoo shivered, you couldn’t help but bend down and press your lips to his neck, before securing it with one of the elastic bands.

25 ponytails. Kyungsoo currently had 25 tiny ponytails in his hair and you couldn’t help the small giggle that left your lips as you secured the last one. Kyungsoo had sat patiently, continuing to tap on his laptop, as you had spent the last half an hour tying his hair. You jumped off the sofa and burst into hysterics when you looked at Kyungsoo straight on, his hair standing up and making him look like some sort of mad man.

His head shot up and he looked at you in alarm as you clutched your stomach and doubled over as you continued to belly laugh.

“What have you done?” He asked slowly, his hand reaching up to touch his hair, you continued to giggle but reached for your phone opening the camera.

“Smile babe.” You teased as you shoved your face next to his and snapped a cute picture, his face was shocked and didn’t register the photo, which added to the overall cuteness.  You showed him the picture as you continued to laugh hysterically.

“Yah! Babe!” He cried as his hands grabbed your waist and pinned you to the sofa as you screeched in surprise. However you were interrupted with his lips pressed against yours, the photo forgotten as you wrapped your hands around his neck, losing yourself in the sweet and soft feel of his lips.

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What's Your Name

***Could you possibly do a one-shot where the reader and Stiles are both waiting outside a store for their friends. And the two of them just start talking to each other and really hit it off. When their friends come out, they head their separate ways. But Stiles realizes he didn’t ask the reader what her name was and goes running after her to find out***

You tap your feet to the beat of the song. You squirm a little, worried about getting splinters from this old bench. Come on, you’ve been in there forever. You were glad you had your iPod with you, otherwise you wouldn’t have been able to stand the wait. Your best friend was buying some stuff for her anniversary next week. 

There’s a light tap on your shoulder and you turn to the source. A tall, lanky but not unattractive boy stands beside you. He gestures to ask if the seat beside you is taken and slides in when you shake your head.

It’s not long before you’re unknowingly singing Sugar out loud. You’ve even got your groove on, before you catch the boy’s eye. He says something but your music is too loud. You pull out your earphones.

“Pardon?” You ask, your mom raised you with manners.

“I really love that song.” He replies and you smile.

“Doesn’t everyone?” You laugh. You offer him a headphone. “Wanna listen?”

It takes approximately three seconds for you two to break out into song. When it finishes you both start laughing.

“Never done a duet with someone I met on the street.” You giggle.

“Well, I do it all the time.” He smirks and you nudge him with your shoulder. You met him all of five minutes ago and you’re already acting like it’s been five years.

“Oh, yeah?” You ask, a little tinge of challenge in your voice.

He nods, enthusiastically. “Yeah, definitely. It’s a great way to meet pretty girls. It worked today didn’t it?”

Before you can respond, your friend walks out of the shop and almost drops all her bags.

“I’ve gotta go.” You say before you rush to your best friend’s side, getting there just in time to catch one of her bags.

“Thanks.” She sighs, relieved but happy. “Ready to go?”

“Sure.” You reply back with a smile. You both walk towards your car.

“Wait!” You turn to see bench boy chasing after you. When he does, he places his hands on his nears, clearly winded. That makes you smile a little. “I… Didn’t… Get… Your name…” He wheezes.

“Wouldn’t you prefer my number?” You wink.

First Meeting

Klaus smiled as he ran through a stately old neighborhood that was near his apartment. He always jogged this route because of the beautiful architecture of the houses and the huge oak trees that lined the street. Plus he couldn’t ask for a better day, the sun was out, there was very little humidity and the temperature was at a balmy 75 degrees.

Dressed in only red soccer shorts, socks, shoes, he had decided to go for a run sans shirt to try and get a little bit of color, as his partner Lexi had taken to calling him scully, because of how white he was, plus she also loved the play on the X-Files because they were both FBI agents.

Because of how loudly he had been listening to his ipod, plus his mind had wandered to one of the cases he was working on it took him a while to notice there was a what looked to be a chocolate labrador running with him. And the dog was literally running with him, not chasing him, but content just to run next to him. Klaus arched a brow but kept running thinking the dog would eventually turn back, but after they passed another five houses Klaus came to a stop, the dog following his lead came to a stop as well. The dog seemed friendly enough, as it sat on the ground and panted happily at Klaus.

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picked a new branch of the running path today. definitely taking it again next time we run here.

…which will not be in the rain because holy crap no. it was freezing and wet and i found a great location for a confrontation/shoot-out in a story (cough) (i took video of that), and by the time i got back to the car i couldn’t feel my face.

photos are taken with my ipod, which is why they’re so crap.


I have been tagged by my dear friend and brother @hjs-photography to post six random photos from my phone.I have an old crap i-pod touch, which i use to take photos for my instagram account

Here are 6 images which were taken on my i-pod camera and have shared on my instagram account, apologies for the image quality. These are all images of things i have seen whilst walking about, except the top right image which is a work in progress of one of my mixed media pieces.

I won’t tag anyone, but instead invite anyone who would like to share 6 images from their camera phone (or ipod) to do so! matthew