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Varian Wrynn for the win, Mal! Been playing WoW since BC. He is one of my favorites along with Malfurion and Thrall. <3

Ahh I played WoW before there were even expansions! Back in the Vanilla days when the level cap was 60! I would raid every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday… jfc. lol I started to fall off after Cataclysm.. did some of the Panda expansion but I miss the old days:3 FTW MY FREN. I will always be a Boomkin at heart!!

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11, 24, 28 -kink anon

11. What’s your favorite non-confirmed theory?

hmm. well. i have this really weird and trippy and mathematical and definitely unintended theory about the different scenes matching up with different platonic solids. i won’t go into the math (i know that the set of my followers and the set of people who like math have a quite small intersection) but feel free to message me

24. What’s your favorite moment (musical or vocal) in the show?

the Screaming (alternatively, the drums in fathers and sons)

28. already answered but “hey Dave where can i get some of what you were smoking when you wrote this shit”

Honestly, I’ve been itching to try some kind of cross between magazine and SCOUT mag style for my beauty review posts. And this is my first (hopefully, not final) attempt on said style. So please be kind to me lol. But hey! This is another beauty review post, and I am featuring some of the things that I got from my birthday last September, and I was so giddy on trying them out because they were all so cute and most of them came from my favorite Korean stores! (And I am such a big fan of Korean beauty products, so you get how giddy I am about these things!)

1. Face masks - I hoard them, and I’m glad that some people gave me tons of them. I initially had a lot of face masks, but since I was too busy, and I kept delaying this post, I was able to use some of them, and these are the ones that remained. I specially love Etude House’s face masks since they’re my staple. But the TONY MOLY face masks are something that I’m starting to reconsider. Dr. Morita face masks however, is a new favorite too!

2. Lip scrub - I’ve been wanting a lip scrub since forever! But TONY MOLY was the most affordable one that I could find, and the only TONY MOLY store that was nearest to my area was actually quite far away too, so I never got the chance to buy them, until some good creature gave one to me! (Thank you, Anabel!) I immediately fell in love with their lip scrub. It does its work, it smells nice, and it feels like butter on my lips! Sometimes, when I’m in a hurry, I just use this and throw some tint on. It practically feels like a lip balm too.

3. Facial cream - Celeteque has been my staple facial cream, since it was water-based and it felt light on the skin. But this one works its magic! I sometimes go out without my foundation on because it feels like this gives me some proper coverage. It feels just okay on the skin, but I did notice that it didn’t make my face oilier, so I guess it stays true to what it stands by. (Plus it goes with a really cute applicator, so thumbs up!)

4. Lippies - The ultimate love of my life, lippies. I just recently got into the lip tint trend since I’m more of a lipstick girl. But yeah, getting into the lip tint trend made me hoard a lot of lip tints, so my lipsticks are kind of outnumbered. So I’m planning to start buying drugstore finds that are in nude shades. But with these lippies, they made me so in love. My favorite would be TONY MOLY’s Delight lip tint, since it’s so easy to apply and it’s become a staple for everyday use. Another favorite would be Etude House’s Apricot Stick, because it’s for lazy days or days when I don’t want a lot of stuff getting on my face.

So yeah, that’s it for another beauty review. Again, I’m not endorsing these things (but boy if I could get free stuff just for endorsing, them, why not? HAHA).

Right now, college is still draining the life out of me, and I can’t wait for the short break this November. My shows are releasing their next seasons, and I’m just here, stuck with school work. But I recently finished Rick and Morty, Big Little Lies, and I’m on season 1 of Empire. So I’m still having a blast. Hope you are too!

  • me: maybe i'm not actually THAT unstable?? maybe i'm just making it up??
  • also me: *cries for 15 minutes bc my family ate some of my food*
Some important things from Hamilton last night

-after Its Quiet Uptown, Madison enters crying with a handkerchief and desperately responds “please” when Jefferson says “can we get back to politics”
-James Monroe Iglehart DABBED during The Reynolds Pamphlet
-Brian D'arcy James as King George. That’s it.
-Anthony Lee Medina’s dancing as John Laurens. So many body rolls.
-“I’m a general WHEEEEEE”
-During the line “I’ve been chosen for the constitutional convention” Jevon McFerrin started off very serious but then slipped into a happy dance at the end
-Thayne’s voice/accent as Samuel Seabury
-The lighting design was AMAZING
-“Southern mother fucking DEMOCRATIC REPUBLICANS”
-Anthony Lee Medina playing 9 year old Phillip
-The symbolism in the choreography
-The whole show

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Your new roommates au is so so good! Do you think there's any chance of continuing? Love all your writing by the way :)

I can’t believe this thing that I wrote on the fly has over 500 notes right now??

I mean, I made a tag for it, so I guess it’s official. And something I gotta work on some more. Percy and Annabeth are ridiculous and I love them, so here’s that. I also love @insidiousmisandry​, who is the best.

And you. Thank you so much! :)


“Hey, have you seen my–?”

Percy stops, hands up, in the doorway of Annabeth’s dimly lit room, as if the motion might pull his words back into his mouth. She’s lying on her stomach on the floor, surrounded by notebooks and pens and flashcards, nearly face-down in her textbook. Her hair is pulled into a half-hearted braid, and her nose is pink, and there’s a scattering of used, balled-up tissues tossed toward the trashcan next to her desk.

She’s wearing the hoodie he’d been searching the apartment for–his hoodie, soft and blue, the one he’d gotten his freshman year and has worn to every swim practice since. She’s got the sleeves pulled up over her fists, one of them tucked close to her face, and she looks–

He filters through his adjectives for a moment, knowing that she’d hate the word cute, and especially vulnerable, and decides upon the most objective of the bunch, which is, easily, sick.

Carefully, he steps around her messily-ordered chaos of graph paper and kneels next to her, rests a hand on her back. He rubs his thumb over the line of her shoulder blade. “Annabeth? Hey, wake up. Annabeth.”

She frowns in her sleep. Blinks awake. Focuses, first, on the twist of the cloth between her fingers, and then the blur of words beneath her head, and then Percy, looming above her. She blinks again, and he thinks she almost smiles before her eyes start watering.

A smile–that, he’d almost be prepared for. She’s smiled at him before, maybe a handful of times, each one more meaningful and memorable than the last. A smile at a stupid joke he’d made, or something he’d done around the apartment, or leaving her a container of fudge his mother had mailed them. But crying? That first tear has something awful clenching in his heart, and he gives in to the urge to touch her, to cup the back of her head, to reach for her wrist.

“Hey,” he says. “You okay?”

Her face crumples. “I don’t feel good.”

“Okay,” he says, and helps her sit up. “Here, c’mon.”

She nestles herself immediately into his chest, and it takes him a long minute to actively kick-start his brain and force himself to rearrange her into a position that makes it possible to lift her. (Has she ever leaned into him like this? Has she ever touched him in a way that wasn’t a punch, or a kick, or one terribly executed noogie?) He hefts her up and over to her bed, kind of shuffles her between her sheets, gets her blankets situated. He tugs his hood up and over her head. She hums, pleased, and gropes blindly for his hand.

“One sec,” he tells her. He fishes in his pocket for his phone, and leans a little easier against her headboard once he has it in hand. Annabeth pulls herself up and makes herself comfortable, her head against his chest, her arm slung over his waist, and he supposes that’s that. Especially when he calls his team captain and tells him that he won’t be making it to practice tonight, so sorry, he’s come down with something, and yes, absolutely he’ll be back in the pool in a day or two to make up the laps he’s missed. Yep. Sure. Okay, goodnight.

And then he’s looking down at his roommate, who is sleeping soundly against his chest, her nose a little crusty, her face a little damp. He’s not sure she’ll remember this in the morning, but even so–he presses a kiss to her forehead and holds her a little closer, just for good measure.


So after many hours of work, I made some BATIM screenshot edits to use for whatever! Backgrounds, headers, knock yourself out.

Crediting is loved, but not necessary. Just don’t TAKE credit for them, and we’re good.

They have captions


(and right click, open in new page to see it BIG)

rewatched part of sdc today with a friend and doodled some highschool boys

The Losers Club as Vines…


Bill: “Hey everybody! Today my brother pushed me so, I’m starting a kick starter to put him down. The benefits of killing him would be I would get pushed way less.”


Richie: “Hey, how much money do you have?”

Ben: “Oh-I only have 69¢ left.”

Richie: “You know what that means!”

Ben: “I don’t have enough money for chicken nuggets.”


Richie: “This is how I walk into my house!”

Richie: “Sup fuckers!”

Richie’s mom: “Why do you have my phone?!”

Richie: “Fuck you that’s why!”


Eddie: “It is fannypack Friday and I got to tell you…I just feel super about it.”


Beverly: “I hate boys. Even though their nice and all…I still hate boys.”


Mikes Grandpa: “You know son, when I was your age-”

Mike: “Shut up bitch! You’re old!!”


Stan: “There’s only one way to start your Tuesday-and that’s being sassy as shit.”



Geogrie: “Hi Ronald!”

Pennywise: “You ready to have some fun?”

Georgie: “Mom just said we can’t play until we clean up our playroom.”

Pennywise: “Fuck yo momma.”


Derry Reporter: “Anything else you want to say to the people watching tonight?”

Pennywise: “My favorite color is blood.”

Derry Reporter: “Alright.”

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What do you think about NISAmerica's localization of Ouma's lines in general, especially in chapter 5?

Both of these questions deal with pretty much the same issue, so I’ll be answering them both together. Also, Ouma’s localization in particular is something I’ve been wanting to discuss ever since I got to about midway through Chapter 4 in particular, so now that I’m finally finished playing the localization in general, I’m glad to have a chance to talk about it specifically. I’ll be saving my thoughts on the rest of the localization for other posts, but for this one in particular, I really do want to talk about what happened to Ouma’s characterization in particular.

First and foremost, I want to say: these are my personal thoughts on the matter. I’m not here to bash on other people’s translation work, moreso with the amount of effort and detail that’s required for translation. Some of the errors that occurred throughout the course of the localization were not, in fact, due to any one translator but were instead the natural result of what happens when you have four translators working on different characters—that is to say, a simple lack of context and communication. Several lines were drastically mistranslated simply because the translators didn’t know what the character immediately beforehand had said, and this caused some confusion in the process.

However, it is a fact that much of Ouma’s characterization, particularly in Chapter 5, suffered as a result of this localization and the translation choices that were taken. In fact, some of the most important, plot-relevant scenes concerning Ouma were translated in a way that I believe makes it much more difficult for people who have only played the localization (and therefore had no access to the original lines) to understand his motivations, his thought process, or his character in general.

This entire post is going to be very, very long, namely because I tried to go in-depth and double-check all the original Japanese text before writing. I’ve bolded some of the points I felt were most pivotal to what the localization messed up. Huge spoilers for the whole game are under the read more, so be careful if you’re trying to stay spoiler-free!

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Falling in love with Tom Holland in the 50s:

Since the first time you saw him walking through the hallway Because who wouldn’t want to meet Tom in the 50s?


Tags: @iamnesta @stormyparker @feeling-straange @cancerous-lizard666 (Tell me if you wanna get tagged!!)

  • He was the popular boy at your school
  • Yet he wasn’t the asshole kind of popular, more like the popular boy who’s lowkey a nerd
  • His hair was always in those kind of curls,some of them were falling on his face somtimes, which made him to push them away every now and then (oh way god you know that video were he pushes his hair back?? I’m dead)
  • Since the first time you saw him walking through the hallway
  • You immediately crushed in him
  • But you surely weren’t the only one
  • Basically every girl would love to even have his attention for themselves
  • Even if it would only be for a few second


  • Eventually, you’d have some classes with him
  • Today was Thursday
  • First class of the day: physics
  • You adored physics
  • When you were younger you kind of had some problems with it
  • You always had to have a clear picture in your head to actually understand it
  • But now, you immediately get what the teacher is talking about
  • Electromagnetism
  • One of the most easiest topics in physics
  • While the teacher was explaining everything, you took some notes
  • Some notes aka almost an entire page
  • The teacher was in the middle of explaining when the door suddenly opened


  • “I’m so sorry for being late. I had to talk to the principal about something very important.”
  • Tom
  • Your heart started beating a little bit faster
  • “I’ve been informed Mr. Holland, please take a seat. I’m sure one of your classmates will tell you what we’ve been doing.”
  • He nodded, looking around for a place to sit
  • There was one seat left and that was next to Y/N
  • Aka the girl he had a massive crush on
  • He loved how she feather hid behind a book than listening to the gossip all the other girls are talking about
  • She was good at school, some people even called her a nerd
  • It seemed like she never let anything negative get too much of her attention
  • But sometimes, even if it would be for a few seconds, he saw the sadness in her eyes
  • “Hey, do you mind if I sit next to you?“
  • „Uh-uhm.. no, absolutely not.“
  • Oh god why did you have to stutter in the most important moments??
  • Big little did you know that he was as nervous as you were
  • His heart was beating so fast,he was afraid that you could hear it
  • „Can I,uhm, have a look on your notes.“
  • „S-sure.“
  • B L U S H I N G
  • Like from the both of you (a lot of it)
  • After some time he mumbled something
  • „Oh god…“
  • „You’re alright?“
  • „Well, actually.. no I don’t really get this if I’m being honest.”
  • That was the chance you’ve been waiting for
  • “Uhm, do you want me to teach you? This topics of one of my favorites and I could try teaching you.”
  • “You would?!”
  • Loverboys eyes would widen at the words you were saying
  • “Yeah, when are you free?”
  • “Actually, today would be fine with me.”
  • “Alright,uhm.. where?”
  • “My place?”


  • Oh my god is this really happening???
  • Is the Tom Holland asking you to come over??
  • He looked at you with a waiting look on his face
  • “Yeah, alright I’ll be the around six if that’s okay with you?”
  • “Sure, yeah. Uhm I’ll see you later Y/N!”
  • “See you later Tom.”
  • As both of your ways separated you from each other, your thoughts didn’t
  • Both of you would have massive smiles on your faces, hearts still beating fast

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So this is one of those projects my friend and I have been working on for the past few months. We are both HUGE Zelda nerds and we really wanted to talk about this game with other Zelda fans.

However this is video I a little late in the game and its’ basically a personal critic video, so don’t take too seriously. lol 

We both put a lot of time into making this in between out jobs. Caleb did the scripting, voice work, and video editing where as I did some script editing and all the drawing frames.

He pretty much gave me free range of the images though, so there were quite a few pictures where I put a joke in. But the go by quick so you might be pausing a bit just to see them. tee hee

here are some of my favorites:

There were a lot more I wanted to add but this post is getting long.

Sorry, I’m just really proud of my dumb drawings.

Hope you liked the video!

and if you didn’t that’s kool too. :)

-Love Amos

GETTING TO KNOW 3RACHA (from Stray Kids)

aka legends

3RACHA is a rap trio, composed of Chris, Changbin, and Jisung, trainees under JYP.

They have already two mixtapes and some more extra songs. Most of their songs were written also produced by them, specially by Chris.

Each of them has a “special/rapper name”, that are used in their songs when they’re referring to each other or just to credit them.

  • Chris is CB97
  • Changbin is SpearB
  • Jisung is J.One

They have performed in underground events, like you can see in these videos (1, 2, 3)

Here are some of my favorite songs (1, 2, 3, 4)

They’re going to be on JYP’s next boygroup! Stan them!


There was a lot going on Friday the 13th… Most of us probably missed something. So what I’m trying to do here is gather tweets and Tumblr posts of the lucky ones who got to have that experience. Basically these are just some of the impressions and important information people were able to share with us. If I missed something important, please feel free to point it out and I will update… Also, and I think I speak for everyone, huge thanks to all of you who answered all of our questions and shared anecdotes from this event. We really do appreciate it.

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