these were rushed but eh

manyakiscgenji  asked:

Aghaghahaha growing up in canon/ Aa'ilah-verse, it would be very unlikely for Fareeha to have had a pet right? But with happy Kamilah-Lives AU! what about the Gaymari's? (asking because I remembered Ana's 'walking 10 dogs' line in Aa'ilah and trying to imagine Kamilah's reaction to Ana walking (or more like dragging) a giant pooch (scooby doo? haha)

They’d probably still not have a pet (an active one like dogs anyway), because of their work commitments and Fareeha’s only available after school/on leave from the army. Cats, fishes, and the like might still be an option though.

And here, have a drabble for Kamilah’s reaction.


“Milah! Milah, help me!”

Taking a calm sip of tea, Kamilah scrolled down the morning news on her tablet, sparing not a single glance up at the fool she called her wife. Fareeha, though, squealed as her mother made another pass by their house. She attempted to throw herself off Kamilah’s lap and follow Ana, but was stopped in time before she fell onto the floor.

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