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Shake It Off

Prompt: A Sherlock one shot, where Sherlock finds the reader dancing to a popular song and just stands at the doorway, observing her and then can’t help but join her, surprising the reader. Thanks :P xx

Pairing: Sherlock x Reader

Requested by Anon

This is rather short but I hope you like it!

With a slight groan, you stretched your arms up until a satisfying click sounded. You pushed yourself up and headed out of your office to the staffroom, your back relieved at no longer being hunched over a desk.

You had volunteered to take the late shift since Molly had a date but then a corpse had been brought in. Turns out it was a suspected victim of an ongoing murder case so naturally that had brought a ton of paperwork. This meant that despite your shift ending two hours ago you were still stuck at work. 

Searching through the kitchenette cupboards you came across the instant coffee. “Thank god,” You muttered, knowing you were going to need the caffeine boost to get through all of this work. As the water boiled, you turned the radio on and let it play out loud. The music breaking through the silence of the morgue. 

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Noise Complaint– Joshua

You had a packed schedule.  With tons of AP and honors classes as well as volunteering clubs, you barely had free time.  Not to mention the student government board.  As president, you were in charge of overseeing what the student body and the staff needs.  So when you had the tenth complaint today about a certain group of people, you were not so happy.  

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Mr. Courtney Part. 3 (SMUT WARNING)

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Word Count: 3205
So a ton of people have been requesting updates and multiple parts since I started the first one, which was initially supposed to be a one shot but oh my god this is my favourite thing to write. I think this is the best part yet, it’s definitely the longest I have ever done, so I hope you enjoy it!

You walked through the empty hallway of your school, clutching your books under your arm. It was morning and for the first time that month, you were extremely early - so you decided to check if Jai was in his classroom yet. As you walked towards his blue door, you thought you had heard him whispering and laughing. You quietly approached his room and peered through the small glass window, he wasn’t alone and suddenly you felt a pang of jealousy hit you. It was hard to make out what they were saying and their body language towards each other made you even more jealous, maybe even frustrated.

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anonymous asked:

Can I request how nct would react if you were chubby and didn't have much confidence? I love your writing btw ♡

Thanks for requesting!

TAEYONG: He’d be the most supportive person you could ask for. You weren’t confident, and he would just listen to you a ton. He’d remind you that you were perfect the way you are. He’d tell you everyday that you were beautiful and just be so sweet about it. Just like you were insecure, he was too, about different things. You two both supported each other about everything and helped each other out at the hard times.

JAEHYUN: Once you admitted that you weren’t confident about yourself, Jaehyun would treat you even more like a princess. Every night, he’d whisper in your ear, “You’re so perfect, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise”. He’d help you through it and each day, you’d grow more and more confident.

DOYOUNG: Being unconfident in front of Doyoung, would make his heart break. He would think that you didn’t trust him and thought he didn’t think you were beautiful. Doyoung had to do something about that. He’d tell you about everything you were perfect for, which was everything. He wrote letters to you to make you feel better, and each day that you came back from work, he’d write a little note that he put on your pillow. You kept every single one in a jar.

TAEIL: He found out that you weren’t confident about your weight, and it made him extremely uncomfortable that he didn’t know about it sooner. He’d be super supportive and understanding and listened while you poured your insecurities out to him. Taeil is not much of a talker but more of a listener. He’d continue to hug you and kiss you on your forehead as you talked. But pouring out your feelings made you realize that Taeil loved you the way you are.

TEN: As he noticed your insecurities, he asked you about it. You told him about how you weren’t very confident and that you thought you were chubby. He listened until you finished and then would begin to talk. He’d tell you that you were perfect and that he never thought of you anything other than just perfect. You didn’t really believe him, but he began to stick post-it-notes all around the house naming every single thing that made you perfect.

MARK: He was eating lunch with your friend, and your friend told him that you weren’t confident. He never noticed it because you always hid it from him. The second you got home, he’d run over to you and hold you in his arms. He’d tell you all the things that made you perfect while he stroked your hair and just hugged you. Of course, you were first confused, but finally found out what happened. After he was finished talking, you weren’t insecure anymore. Just his words made you feel better.

Hope you liked it! <3

anonymous asked:

Do you do canon compliant fic drabble requests? It's so hard to read anything canon-compliant, I've been searching for so long trying to find something that I haven't already read and it's surprisingly difficult.

Not really, no. Ahaha I mean, I might write something set during the xfactor, i guess? to be honest, thinking about writing something “canon compliant” makes me feel sort of sad at this point in time. Like I don’t even really want to go there in my mind, even to imagine some kind of somewhat alternative reality where things are a lot easier… And I def don’t want to go deep angst just for fun or pretend I have any idea what’s going on bts or whatever, ahah my larrie heart can’t handle it.

I’m sorry there’s a drought of that kind of fic though, it sucks when you really like something and there’s not enough of it. Lol I personally feel like there is never enough Larry fic overall, which is sort of ridic I know, since there really is so much of it.

telekinetic-hunter  asked:

I would send in a request, but the thing is I have no clue about the hundreds of SCPs out there. I only knew of the SCP games that were played by popular youtubers. Like I had no idea there were a ton more than 5 SCPs! And I would love to learn more about them, but they honestly confuse me? So basically what I'm asking here is: Can an SCP be anything? And do you recommend certain SCPs I should start reading about?

Well, sure, I’d love to talk about SCPs with you any time, friendo!

Alright, so, when you say can an SCP be anything, there are two things that could mean. If you mean, in the SCP Universe, can an SCP relate to any item or being, then yes, I’m pretty sure it can! If you mean you want to write an SCP but don’t know the rules or guidelines, you could just go to the official site and look at the rules there. 

And recommendation… whoo boy. I have so many favorites, honestly, and I’m still learning about them, too! It all really depends on what kinds of SCPs you like the most. 

My absolute favorite SCPs are 076 and 073. Mostly because they have a lot of mystery surrounding them, and I like the brother against brother kind of thing. Their stories really motivate me to draw them a whole lot(if you couldn’t tell from how much shit I post about those two haha).

Other favorites are 2030, 035, 049, 079, 042(I feel bad for the poor thing), 048(technically this is just a number, there is nothing assigned to it, but the story behind it is interesting), 072, 096, 105, 106, 173, 169, 191, 999, and a whole others, but I felt like this was enough to just get you started. And anyway, you should go through the site and read through them at your own pace. I’m sure you’d love them!

If you ever have any more questions, feel free to ask!