these were originally what i was going to draw so


And I’ve patched up some lines that were bothering me during the coloring process, namely any lines that were too light.

…Oh, and the amount of stripes on her pants too; they shifted after the first eight frames originally. This resulted in me retouching the lines and rescanning the pages before I could go any further.

It’s amazing, cuz like, this only happened because, from what I’ve seen of the anime so far, she didn’t have any moments of her jumping or dancing for me to mask. Figured I’d just have to draw her doing it, but I’m surprised I got it done this soon, despite not having any prior experience to traditional hand drawn animation outside of flipbooks in middle school.

Guess all that time of making flashpoops amounted to more than what I ever anticipated!



@grimmmons and i were drawing @ each other the other night and just yelling about this au, heres what we came up with (INHALES DEEPLY): grif and simmons work in Sarge’s shop, Kaikaina was in a shitty relationship with Temple for a fling and now the asshole is stalking her + grif, theyve always had shitty living situations and this just makes it worse, grif worries about kai being alone so he can never go anywhere, doesnt think simmons deserves to be wrangled into his shitty life, simmons wants to help but has N O clue how, enter Audrey 2 (GriFF with 2 F’s), so Simmons kills Temple and feeds him to the plant :D Sarge finds out and Simmons is “forced” to kill Sarge, but its cool cuz at the end of the play when Grif is accidentally eaten by the plant, Sarge BUSTS both of them out like a badass and things are fine (or you can have your angsty ending where Grif dies but my heart cant take that) and then all of them become alien plant hunters in the apocalypse kaikaina included (her and sarge make a badass team yes) 


also blue team + donut as the Street Urchins. theyre a quartet because i wanted Donut to be included lmao. gay culture.

Here is some more stuff me/people have done for the au

🌸 Still Together 🌸 one of my all time favourite, bittersweet, love stories is that of Touya Kinomoto and Yukito Tsukishiro from Cardcaptor Sakura! so i could literally burst into tears right now over how happy i am that the series is returning! everything about it is just… so… MAGICAL!!! (-^   O ^-) it’s been like twenty years since the original manga first started and a lot has changed, so i am eager to see where their story goes! 💖 i can only hope that @the-pudding-is-a-lie and i will have so much to talk about!!! hehehe! X3


It’s nice to have the Kaminaga’s episode in the Kaminaga’s month!

This allows us to enjoy even more Miwa Shiro’s art for Kaminaga’s episode… Kaminaga is not creepy here, just rather cool!

Translation courtesy of Google translate:

これが結城中佐の書いたシナリオだった。 #jga

This was the scenario written by Colonel Yuuki. #jga

Meanwhile Nito Subaru is retwitting the old draws he made when Joker Game was being aired for the first time…

Also some new pictures of scenes for the Joker Game Stage Project were released.

(Miyoshi is again at the center of the picture. I keep on being sure his role in the JGS is bigger than in the original version)

Anyway I wish I could see it! T_T (and possibly understand what they’re seeing)

Who can go see it should be so lucky…

Also, for those who purchased or reserved anime OP, ED, drama CD, DVD, Blu-ray at the “Joker Game” stage venue on May 4 th (Thu) - 7 th (Sun), as a reservation privilege you will receive a postcard as a gift. You can choose between two types of patterns: regular version and animal version.

They cut out Gamo though… poor Gamo… only Anime D Agency member were allowed in…

…but well, the guys are placed like in the promo pic of the stage…

So they’re sort of the chibi version and chibi animal version of the stage picture…

Last but not least:

At “Nippon Anime 100” broadcast on NHK BS premium they had decided for a selected broadcast of “Joker Game”, which was chosen among 10,000 works by fan voting.

so they will broadcast Ep 1, 2 & 5, on May 6 (Saturday) [Kaminaga’s episode apparently rocks this month guys!]

An interview by Nomura Kazuya (JG anime director) is also scheduled to be broadcasted.

Ah, I hope we’ll manage to learn what he’ll says because his previous interview was very interesting!

anonymous asked:

any chance we could get a meta on dick/Kory in the newest teen titans movie? Pretty please

You know what nonny, why the heck not, I was filled with such utter delight at their interactions and scenes together that I got no trouble gushing about it for a few paragraphs.

Long-ass post and lotta screencaps, as per usual.

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011517 — Style Influence Map

I’ve been struggling to find my own style lately so I decided to go back and study my favorite art styles. This is a (condensed) list of the major studios that have shaped me as artist :)

[personal commentary under the cut]

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im still in desperate need of money so i can buy food while im at university SO: second batch of regular adopts! smaller batch size this time. and a lil simpler this time, so cheaper.  boosts always appreciated!

as a bonus: you can get a £5 discount on any talksprites bought of these adopts. [£20/$26 for set expression, £30/$39 for mix and match]

1: TAKEN BY @huntertrolls 2: TAKEN BY @lethargictoad 3: Open

rules under the cut:

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I'm feeling sad :(

I’m feeling sad again with my paisanos…
You all know I’m mexican but I only share my stuff in english (bad english xD) because I lost hope in latin-american public.
Recently I saw so many people who are latinamerican who actually read my fan comics and ask me to translate so I made a facebook account for that, and I was happy and recovering faith in spanish content but…

I found a page on facebook who translate and post all the comic from Killing Stalking for free. is HITsomething, I read all his posts so at least I wanted to read that person saying “go and support the original artist” but instead of that I found post that litteraly say “hey some dumbass reported us and deleted some albums! I’m calling for you to make fake accounts so we all can upload the new pages and if one is reported we will have others” and everyone was so supportive to them!

man I was super sad about this I mean… why? and is not the first time, in a Steven Universe group I saw a post “you can have the game for free, here are the instructions” and everyone was like “wow thank you!” or “you are awsome” and when I told them that was super illegal and they’re doing wrong I just got insults…
why ? I mean if they love the comic why to steal it?
I hate people like that.
ok I understamd no one of those speaks korean or english but if you are going to read it in some page that say “hate those who reported us” or “why to pay have it free” at least go pay for the comic and read it in that page.
and it makes me sad I mean killing stalking is an awsome comic with gorgeous arts and if people won’t support something like that what can I even ask for?
I try to make a living for what I draw and on november I’ll launch an original BL comic and I was going to print it in spanish because I recovered faith in mexicans but damn… now I don’t want to.

80% of mexicans want everything for free or super cheap (like less than 1 dollar) and if you tell them they’re stealing the get mad at you… I’m so sad!
I stopped going to comic conventions for like 5 years because those people were everywhere asking for cheaper prices, free stuff or “but you are not japanese why are you selling it? if you love what you do should be free” and I wanted to try it one more time in november but I feel so sad with this kind of things…
I want to leave this country :(

I know not everyone is like that but in my experience is the people who I met speaking english who is always so nice and supportive and I live you all ♡ thank you for always being supportive ♡

hyubib  asked:

fuck hahaha, I liked your previous art with Pasta, can you draw him in schoolgirl uniform, please? AND NEA TRADITIONALLY, OF COURSE :D and also, I love your art so much😘

You were that anon weren´t you? 

But anyway thank you! <3 <3 

I HC pasta like robin in Zone, but idk in what way. Also I HC him as a trans boy, as the original wishes of Hoshino for Allen. 

But here you go:

on that note i do want to genuinely apologize for the Green Taako designs i made several months ago. the criticism of green Taako designs i had seen until that point were specifically about how green Taakos had white features and we always thin, so my art was an attempt to create designs that didn’t follow the white-thin-green trend, but this was a huge oversight on my part

i wasn’t aware at the time of the antisemitic history behind green skin and i’ve since learned and deleted the original post. i wish i’d known then what i know now so i could’ve avoided creating those designs altogether. i’m sorry for drawing those images and i’m grateful for the information that i’ve seen going around that helped me understand why those designs are so harmful

dococtillery  asked:

I really love your minis artwork! I struggle not to reblog every single one because they are sooooooo adorable! I'm curious though, whats the inspriation for the pepper mini you draw? Is it based on you/how you perceive you, or is it an OC? what is the history of it?

I have a post somewhere were I go into more detail, but the short version is:

Minis started when I got burned out on rp. Made a smol version of my character at the time so I could keep interaction with some of the folks in the lobby of the site I was on, but be silly and more light hearted. Grew from there.

You can actually break down the minis by three ‘eras’:

1) Evie Era (the character name the minis were originally based off of)

You can tell these minis by their super short hair, and their shirt/pants combo. They also having come into the ‘three top/curl frame’ hair style of modern minis

This is also the time I decided on ‘what’ they were in lore… or at least gave them some important characteristics (their shadow walk, and eventually planeswalking, their comedy/cute god mode, and their eating habbits)

2) Transitional minis

I had stopped rping the character at all at this point and wanted to move Minis away from and into their own being. This came about around 8 months ago when I was starting my last job. The 3 part hair with the face framing started here, but the hair was often very short still

This was also the time minis started to be noticed by magic players, all because of this classic mini:

It’s still one of my highest liked/rebloged posts (though it is loosing ground, already did to my Temurmaids pic XD )

And thus, this also became the time they would start to do their bless of packs (mostly cause I loved @bace-jeleren and @bizarre-trader‘s bless posts. I will admit a little jealousy at all the fun. But I didn’t want to force it at the time.)

I did try to make a ‘fanwalker’ around this time… but nothing felt right about her (she was kinda another idea I had that wasn’t fully fleshed out that I thought I could flesh out with tying to the minis… that fell through)

I did use a ‘human’ design for when I joined in on @bizarre-trader‘s april fools fun this year. NOTE: this is a fully non-canon ‘Minnie’. X3 (though that would be the belt design if I went into proper detail)

3) Current era:

At this point, the minis have become a thing. Somewhere along the line, I started to draw them with longer hair. I had also fully established their new outfit. It was already started in the previous grouping, but I codified it by this point. Minis where a purple dress with draping, curtain like sleeves, they still were their little Kamen Rider Wizard inspired belt, their hair typically goes nearly to the ground,and the top of their dress becomes like a wide turtle next thing that is sorta bunched up around their shoulders. If they have a neck (they kinda do), it’s never seen.


This is also the point where i decided that they would cosplay, but they always still wear their purple dress

There is more I could add to this, but a short story has already become a long thing XD and the fun part? There is still so much more I could tell (I really have to hunt down that other post…

Anyhoo, I hope this answers some of your question. X3

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Do you have any tips to people who want to start drawing? I really want to start but I'm afraid it will never turn out how I want it.

That’s wonderful!! Always great to hear people want to get into drawing :D 

Ok here’s some things that helped me when I was starting out and I hope they’ll help you too:

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Here’s a cute Shark giving you an orange because he’s worried you don’t have enough vitamin whatever that’s in oranges. 

If you’re allergic, then he just wants to give you a hug because he knows you probably need comfort.

nightly-scribbles  asked:

Whats your inspiration behind the reapers?

This is actually a really interesting question cause I didn’t give it too much thought about it myself!
… Thinking back on it, there was a moment in time where I was thinking what kinds of weapons the skelebros might have. I saw a sketch on google of a swapfell sans with some gasterblaster-esque scissors and thought they were really awesome! Found out the original picture came from twitter thanks to a few friends as well. I even tried to draw it a few times but ended up unhappy with the results:

Heck I might even go so far as to say I wanted to create a swapfell sans cosplay with this weapon design. Of course however that would only be when my swap sans cosplay is done and is a big -IF- (the swap sans needs to be done by February =w=“ and you bet i’ll be posting progress pictures in this blog!)
That being said I remembered seeing a drawing of swap papyrus around with an orange scythe. I can’t however for the life of me remember who it was by and got really inspired from it. Decided to whip up a design during a stream one day and basically snowballed from there. I’ve been changing around the design a bit and tweaking occasionally here and there especially since my artistic taste is usually always changing… but.. well.. ideas popped into my head and so that’s how it kind of took form.
I really am excited to work on the story for them and whatnot, although it will probably focus on the Underswap universe (the other reapers were designs that if you took a  look at their universes. It was actually a lot of fun designing the scythes to be similar and yet unique to each of them!) Since I didn’t particularly want to do an entire comic of them (too much time, effort and it would probably be hecka long), I opted out instead of writing a fanfic with additional scene drawings… So a mix! I’m still in the thought process of how things are going to take place but there’s one thing I can be absolutely 100% certain of however and that is that the story will be pretty dang sad/dark.

anonymous asked:

Can you please draw Wayhaught at a sports game where Nicole is totally into it but Wave doesn't know what's going on but is happy cause Nicole is having fun? Much love xx

I LOVED DOING THIS ONE SO MUCH! <3 Thank you, anon!

Nicole loves sports. And Waverly loves Nicole. 

They’re at a Peacemakers vs Revenants match OF COURSE.

If you repost on twitter please tag me! I’m @cahlac over there! Or just RT the original post!

jessicanjpa  asked:

I loved your headcanons just now, especially regarding the origins of Caius and Athenadora and their transformations- you mentioned they were both turned by accident? What specific circumstances do you HC for each of their transformations? Also how did their meeting go? (dunno if you would be into writing a short drabble by that would be awesome too, or maybe draw a quick sketch of the first time they saw each other?)

I have a little bit on that here, but I’ll talk about it in more detail,, 

(also i don’t really know how i would sketch this out so instead i’ll just add some lazy family trees)

Athenodora came from a moderate family, but lived with a lot of cousins, as well as her husbands bountiful numbers. She was well liked by most of the people she knew, and was known to be reliable and honest. 

Unlike the other couples she knew Athenodora was never able to have kids. (not that she ever really cared tbh) Unfortunately the time she lived in never really allowed her to have a major role other than the role of a wife, which was especially tiresome for her as her husband was a soldier and ended up not being home a lot. 

Her later transformation and accidental murder of her family after turning was what pushed her into the decades she spent isolated alone as a nomad vampire.

Caius had just himself. His parents were both distant types, and his mother suffered a psychotic break in Caius’s youth, so family–life wasn’t the tightest. Caius was never really liked by general public, so the distant attitude of his parents was passed down almost predictably onto him.

Caius later joined military, where we was just a low-ranking solider for a majority of his adult life, where again, not popular in the slightest. He was naturally gifted in strategy but never really got the chance to put it into any sense of play until after joining the Volturi.

Athenodora was already into around thirty–forty years of vampirism and living alone before Caius joined her as essentially a newborn.


Character Sheets for a Tales of fan comic that I want to make. It’s based off of I dream I had about Velvet, Milla, Ratatosk, and a random dragon girl.

In my dream, Velvet was attacking the dragon girl while Ratatosk and Milla were watching them and waiting for Velvet’s cue to have them intervene in the fight. The dragon girl was so confused because she didn’t know what was going on and why they were targeting her.  Velvet just seemed to not trust her, but who knows, maybe the dragon girl was playing dumb to throw them off.

I really liked the designs I had for Milla, Ratatosk, and the dragon girl in my dream so I drew them as best as I could remember them. Velvet kept her original outfit in my dream so I didn’t draw a new design for her but I might make a new one for her.  I am also thinking about changing the initial design I had for the dragon girl 


I also fleshed out a story based on my knowledge of the characters.  I played Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World (or Knight of Ratatosk in Japan) and I’ve watched a little bit of a walkthrough of Tales of Berseria on Youtube.  I don’t really know a lot about Milla because I only watched a Tales of Xillia 2 gameplay and they didn’t really show the real Milla until towards the end of the game. I want to watch a walkthrough of the first Tales of Xillia but I haven’t gotten to it yet.

Hopefully I don’t make any of them out of character when I make the comic (which will probably take me a long long time (; д ;   ) )

ヽ(´ー` )ノ

eeeeyyyy more antony

the pg party took him clothes shopping because he originally wore only ripped up, scorched clothes that were the only clothes he owned for 60 years and they decided since they were working for the king and living in a palace he might wanna maybe clean himself up a bit

they let me decide what the end result of that would be so this is what i went with! it was really fun to draw the fur on the cloak!!! also side note because i didnt draw this and im too lazy too since it wouldnt be too much different from the original picture: without his cloak, the shirt is actually sleeveless and the gold embroidery that goes down the rest of the shirt borders the holes where his arms go. he also has upper arm bands as well but like i said too lazy to draw it atm

i have lil extra not as good drawings under the cut here so…. basically just what the cloak looks like when reversed (cause its reversible) and what hes wearing on his wrists and hand

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Can we talk about Undertale?

I love UndertaleWell…kinda… The game at least. The game was amazing. I will probably never play it again but I still loved it. I used to make a lot of Undertale art because I got into the fandom and got to be a part of many great things along meeting some really lovely people.

Now I haven’t made anything with Undertale for a while. Why? Because the fandom I used to be in evolved into something I couldn’t keep up with. I was slowly falling behind and some day I realized that I was in a whole other place than most of those I got to know. It was my own fault because I guess I was never as deep into the fandom as those around me, or managed to socialize with enough people. Even fandoms can feel lonely. My social anxiety have become really bad during the past year, which tend to make me look like/seem as if I don’t have interest in people – and if you were any of those that felt left behind by me – I’m sorry. I never lost interest, I’m just extremely shy and afraid of what people think of me and my works. Again – my own fault. One of my flaws.

What Undertale did for me was that it got me back into drawing. I have never been drawing so much or progressing as fast as now – since Undertale fanart was what got me back into art after an on-and-off hiatus caused by lack of time and inspiration, energy and a crippling depression. I tried to make people happy with my art, but no matter how many requests I filled it was never enough, not to mention that people started to steal my art and sell it on eBay. Someone even tried to steal my cosplay. Those things hurt but I thought I didn’t want to waste time fighting it so I just let it happen.

What really hurt though, was that after posting my very first few pieces of original artwork a little later on this summer, people wrote to me minutes after uploading if I had left the Undertale fandom and if “I could just draw undertale pls”. And unfortunately it kept going on. People got mad at me for turning down requests – thinking it was stupid that I didn’t just draw what they asked FOR FREE. There were some PM incidents and more art theft as well. Can’t I simply ignore these people? Well I did for the most part - but this became a daily thing..I couldn’t ignore the fact that people from the community that I loved so deeply would treat me so badly. While fighting a devastating depression I didn’t exactly take things as lightly as other might have. It just struck me with great sadness that people would be so selfish, time upon time, upon time and again.

So I guess it’s time to say goodbye.

Why? Because this fandom has become toxic to me, slowly killing every moment of joy I experienced within in. I’m backing out while I still feel love towards the original game at least. If we ever talked and had fun, then I enjoyed it – then you are not any of these selfish and childish people that ruined it for me. By ruined I mean that I almost can’t watch any fanart of Undertale anymore without cringing – it is horrible and it makes me feel like an idiot. And I don’t want to just blame other people for my situation because, hey, it happened this way, not just because of the way that they acted towards me but also because of the way I received it. This fandom has some incredible people in it but I have encountered so many childish people as well and eventually it felt like they were everywhere. I should probably have reached out and talked to someone, but I let them ruin it for me instead.

So thank you if you were ever part of this journey with me – if you sometimes just said hello because you thought I was nice and not because you wanted something from me. Thank you. And if you ever write me again, then don’t be afraid if I answer very short headed of anything in that regard – I’m just extremely scared of what you might be thinking of me, and my way to deal with that is to pull away completely from people – making everything even worse. I probably stalked your blog even more than you thought I did because I really liked you guys.

Thank you again for the time – I had fun too.

With that said I will start working on some personal projects. I will never say that this time in the fandom was for nothing because I did actually manage to get friends. I’m just posting my own stuff now (at least until I am struck with a new fandom) and if you don’t want to be a part of that then thank you for the time you were here ❤ If you want to stay and see what I’m going to do with my art now, I will be very happy to have you tag along on this journey~!

Remember that I don’t bite - I’m just extremely shy and introvert.