these were off the top of my head

Possibly Unpopular Opinion(?)

i think the gems looking like ‘humans’ could work if they were all designed to be somewhat Uncanny Valley-ish or i guess just straight up alien depending on how this goes

i’m no good at articulating exactly what i mean but here’s some examples off the top of my head w/ minimal revision of what i’m talking abt

Pearl (and pearls in general perhaps) being pretty but her limbs are too long and heck she’s just Too Long in general. maybe ‘jointed’ looking elbows/knees/other bendy parts to sort of give off a sort of mannequin/doll feel??? maybe has a ‘spidery’/spindly motion to her

Lapis keeping the mirror eyes and having her arms be either Too Long(again) or kinda like an oar w/fingers (to force water around w/), maybe legs kinda like a waterstrider bug to kinda stand on water (in this case maybe have arms/hands that are similar)

Amethyst keeping her more ‘catlike’ features, maybe getting some more sharp teeth (for the sake of keeping it animate-able i’m gonna say they’re just sharp ‘V’ teeth but im mostly imagining a sort of  general ‘carnivore’ mouth) - maybe she has spikes too

Rose just generally being pretty but it’s the sort of pretty that’s just deeply unnerving?? kinda like a really realistic porcelain doll?? i have no idea how to word this honestly 

All Gems ranging from either “uncanny valley people” to “holy shit what is that” depending on their relative strength or something i dunno

The Diamonds are just fucking gigantic blobs of tinted light w/ ‘faces’ and discernible forms when they want (or need?) those - the murals of them are art of their most ‘common’ manifestations of what they wanna look like

feel free to add more if you have other ideas bcs im fresh out and the first sentences of this post became less and less relevant as this went on im sorry

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Do you have any recommendations for wlw content? Movies, books, youtubers, music, etc

Ohh okay yes! I’m gonna organize this and make it all nice! These are some of my favorites and most of them are happy and positive.. I may add to this as I think of others though, these are just off the top of my head.. I hope there’s some you haven’t heard of!

  • Saving Face
  • I Can’t Think Straight
  • All About E
  • Yes or No
  • Imagine Me & You
  • D.E.B.S.
Books (I’ve only ready a couple, but they were pretty fun and good! I also have a goodreads list of wlw books I want to read but haven’t yet here)

  • The Abyss Surrounds Us
  • Of Fire and Stars


Music (okay i have a few wlw playlists on 8tracks here and here but these are some of my fave wlw artists)

  • Be Steadwell
  • Hayley Kiyoko
  • Mary Lambert
  • Halsey

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im a new d&p blog (I've scanned them since 2015 tho) any advice/blog recs?

i have so many blog recs omg here we go

@phursonas | @lsterr | @lesterial | @vyou | @formsprings | @danhowellgifs | @rebloggingphan | @lesterie | @demonphannie | @sadimples | @dawniel | @cringe-attacks | @bondange | @phiru | @fuckinlester | @oops-phan | @ratinof | @cozydan | @arcticlester | @softdnp | @artsyphil | @hwlle | @howelljesus | @astronautdan | @princessdan | @dantlers | @phtl | @dantichrist | @pseudophan | @snugglyhowell | @thunderhowell | @qanhowell | @goincrazyfast

i love all of these people with my whole heart :(

Surprise Christmas Special

My group hadn’t met since a couple weeks before Christmas so this weekend’s 13th Age game turned into a belated Christmas Special.  We were also meeting in a gaming store, so for my minor elements instead of asking the players to supply random minor elements off the top of their heads I asked strangers at nearby tables without any context and whatever they say becomes canon. The party consists of a Commander, a Paladin, a Rogue, a Sorcerer, and a Chaos Mage.  Some highlights:

GM: “Okay, so your mail route will take you through christmas town because woah are there letters to deliver there. Now…” <to someone walking by> “Name an abstract concept.”
Stranger: “Addiction”
GM: “So, Christmas Town is a mess right now because of addiciton. So, if you need to find Santa…” <To someone picking a game off the demo shelf> “Hey, who is Santa visiting at the Christmas Town Rehab Center.”
Stranger 2: “Himself, for his cocaine habit.”

Paladin: “I would like to interrogate the reindeer to find out what happened here.”
GM: “You can find some of them at The Stables. It’s a shitty dive bar, but it’s still the best in town.”
Paladin: “I’ll head there first then.”
GM: “They won’t talk to you much unless you join their reindeer games.” <To someone playing a board game nearby.> “What game are they playing in the bar.”
Stranger: “Russain Roulette.”
GM: “I guess it’s the last round, then.”
Paladin: “Sure, I’ll play that with them.”
Commander: “Can I join too?”

Comet: “It just hasn’t been the same since Santa started on the snow.”
Paladin: “That’s too bad. Who got him into that?” <Fires gun at head. Draws a white chip.>
GM: <To someone walking by> “Hey, who gets Santa his snow.”
Stranger: “Jack Frost.”
Comet: “Yeah, that Jack Frost rolled through town a while back and it’s been downhill ever since.”
Commander: “Too bad. Any idea where we can find Saint Nick?” <Uses a magic item to briefly become a zombie and immune to critical hits. Fires gun at head. Draws a red chip but doesn’t die. Resets bag of chips>
Cupid: “I haven’t seen him in a while, but someone at the…”
GM: <To someone at the next table> “Name a cookie.”
Stranger: “Shortbread.”
Cupid: “Someone at the Salty Shortbread might have seen him lately. That brothel gets most of the traffic these days.” <Draws a red chip.>
Comet: <while picking up Gun from Cupid’s corpse.> “The 34th Street Rehab Clinic might have something on him too.”

Rogue: “I’ll shimmy up the wall and into the window of Santa’s Office. 23.”
GM: “The factory’s walls aren’t tough to climb, you don’t have much trouble. Inside his office are shelves of various decorations and toys, some filing cabinets, and a large pine desk.”
Rogue: “What’s on the desk?”
GM: “There’s a heap of letters next to it where they were carelessly shoved off. Lying on the desk itself is only a single dirty razor blade.”
Rogue: “This is just getting sad.”

GM: “Santa is getting upset that you aren’t here to deliver more blow. He grabs your shirt and threatens you.”
Sorcerer: “I breathe fire in his face. 29.”
GM: “His beard is a bit singed but he doesn’t seem too fazed by it. He punches you in the jaw for 10 Christmas Damage.”
Chaos Mage: “It doesn’t go to your HP, but if you take 30 points of it your heart grows three sizes.”
GM: “That is not healthy for you.”

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Hey whats your all time favorite bellarke fanfiction ? Or you could make a list of TOP 5 :)

I don’t really have any favourites because everything I’ve read were AMAZING. So off the top of my head:

Everything by those authors are also amazing, so check those out too! :)

+  the other admins’ recs can be found here!

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Give me book recommendations

Young Adult

New Adult/Contemporary

Fantasy/Historical Fiction

Fiction and Mystery


The Easy Way (Part 4) - Carl Grimes & Negan Imagine


Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 5

Part 6

Part 7

Part 8

Part 9

Part 10

Part 11

Part 12

Part 13

Part 14

Part 15

Part 16

Part 17

Part 18

Part 19

Part 20


summary: the reader comforts carl after negan is a douchebag

a/n: i literally have no inspiration for this i’m just going off the top of my head wish me luck (lmao this sucks sorry to disappoint)

Carl sat between you and Negan, and Judith sat on your lap. Her head lay on your chest as she rested her eyes. The truck bounced as it ran over what you imagined were fallen walkers, making you hold Judith even closer to your body. Carl’s hand rested on your knee, his thumb anxiously tapping you over and over again.

“Aren’t you two cute,” Negan taunted. “You almost give me hope that the world ain’t all shit.”

Carl’s lips slightly turned upwards. You couldn’t believe it. Was he really accepting Negans compliment? He was obviously screwing with you guys, and it frightened you beyond belief to see him getting through to Carl.

“You better hang on to her,” Negan continued, “‘cause there are some bad people out there just dying to get their hands on a fine gal like her.” He licked his lips and tightened his grip on the steering wheel. Whatever trace of a smile that was on Carl’s face was lost, and he just seemed upset. You leaned into him, hoping to give him a sign of comfort without Negan becoming aware of the interaction.

“Speaking of you two, (Y/N), why would you go for him?”

A bubble formed in your throat that you couldn’t seem to swallow. “Why wouldn’t I?” You sat up straight again, looking into his eyes with the meanest face you could muster.

Negan chuckled, shaking his head and leaning back into the worn down driver’s seat. “Honey, you don’t have to be a damn rocket scientist to recognize that your boyfriend here only has half a face.”

You had had enough of him. “Stop the truck.”

“Excuse m-”

“Stop the truck, you bastard,” you boldly demanded.

“What are you gonna do? Walk back? We’re almost there, baby doll,” Negan said teasingly.

You inhaled deeply, processing everything. Was it really worth it to defy him? You had no idea what he would do to you, or Carl — or Judith.

“Let me out.”

The car halted to a stop. Your head whipped back before your body was slammed forward. You weren’t wearing a seatbelt, neither was Carl. His first instinct was to throw his arm across you and Judith, trying to act as a makeshift seatbelt. To his delight, it kind of worked. You were all fine, and you took the first chance you got to open the door and jump out. You rocked Judith as she cried, bouncing on your heels to soothe her.

“You little shits made your decision!” you heard Negan yell from behind you. When you turned around, you saw Carl slam the door and walk towards you.

“He’s not gonna do anything,” Carl assured you.

“I don’t know about that,” you mumbled. Judith’s cries had softened, as she rested her head on your shoulder. “There’s always something. I just don’t want Judith anywhere near him.”

“Yeah,” he agreed. You fell back into silence as you walked along the paved road. “Why would you go for me?”

“What?” Was Negan really getting in his head?

“Why would you choose me? There are so many people who you could have in a heartbeat. Why me?” Carl questioned.

You frowned at him, hating it when he degraded himself. “Why not you?”

“Look at this!” He stopped walking to face you and point at the scar where his eye used to be. “It’s gross! Hell, even Negan said it was disgusting, and he’s seen everything disgusting this world has to offer.”

“It’s not gross at all! If it really makes you feel better to cover it, we can do that back at home. I really don’t mind, though,” you explained. He was always so tough on himself. Sometimes you wished he would stop working so damn hard to be what he thought was perfect. “We’re just kids, I know, but you’re so mature. You’ve worked so hard to get where you are. I know I can’t take back what Ron did. I know that, but I just want you to move past it.”

Carl sighed. “Thanks,” he mumbled, unsure of how to respond. “I can take her if your arms are tired.”

You smiled as you handed the baby to Carl.

“See, she doesn’t care either,” you remarked. Judith lit up every time her brother would hold her or play with her. She loved him. You could tell. You knew she was going to be such a badass, just like her big brother. Even though things won’t come to her the easy way, she’ll figure it out. We all had to.

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So I saw an annoying post about how lgbt representation is propaganda blah blah blah and bringing about the downfall of society blah blah and while that person was immediately shut down, I realize it might make people upset all the same.

So for people who are feeling down and feel alone, I just wanted to remind you all that queer people have ALWAYS existed. Here is just a short list, off the top of my head, of people we have evidence to suggest were not straight:

  • Frederick the Great
  • Hans Hermann von Katte
  • Henry James
  • Albert Cashier
  • Bayard Rustin
  • Oscar Wilde
  • Robbie Ross
  • John Singer Sargent
  • Marsha P. Johnson
  • Alexander Hamilton
  • Charles Adams
  • Walt Whitman
  • Date Masamune
  • Emily Dickinson
  • James Barry
  • Josephine Baker
  • Queen Christina
  • Alfred and Francis Douglas
  • Stella Boulton
  • Fanny Park
  • Arthur Clinton
  • Hans Christian Andersen
  • John Mulligan
  • John Laurens
  • Charles Sumner
  • Samuel Gridley Howe
  • Vito Russo
  • Ralph Waldo Emerson
  • Marlene Dietrich
  • James Dean
  • Paul Newman
  • Frida Kahlo
  • Evelyn Waugh
  • John Elliott
  • Eleanor Roosevelt
  • Virginia Woolf
  • Vita Sackville-West
  • Wilfred Owen
  • Siegfried Sassoon
  • Herman Melville
  • Nathaniel Hawthorne
  • Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr
  • Harry Dana
  • Lord Byron (last, but certainly not least lmao)

And as I said, those are only the ones off the top of my head, and my focus is mostly on the 19th century. There is so much more. You have always existed. You will always exist. Don’t ever let anyone tell you otherwise.

I’ve seen posts done by @lilium-bosniacum and @rrrrnessa about their favourite words in Bosnian and it’s inspired me to do a similar post with some Albanian words

Buzëqeshje - Smile
Pavarsia - Independence
Dashuria - Love
Trëndafil - Rose
Lule - Flower
Mërgimtarë - Person who lives/works outside their motherland
Ushtar- Soilder
Lot(et) - Tear(s)
Këngë - Song
Kujtim(et) - Memory/ies
Vendlindje - Birthplace
Sheqer - Sugar
Hënë - Moon
Natë - Night
Mëngjes - Morning
Shkatërroj - Destroy
Zëmer - Heart
Kismet - Destiny (origins from Turkish)
Unazë - Ring
Vetmia - Loneliness
Drita - Light
Zjarr - Fire
Premtim - Promise
Drini - River
Lumturi - Happiness
Guxim - Courage
Xhelozi - Jealousy
Vjollcë - Purple
Liri - Freedom
Hajde/Eja - Used as ‘come’ also used as an expression of celebration
Parfum - Perfume
Forever/always - Përhgjithmonë/Gjithmonë
Bashkëshort/ja - Partner/Spouse
Martesa - Marriage
Barazi- Equality
Drejtësi - Justice
Buzët - Lips

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ok its old but like what time in the cringemas stream were the screencaps of jack pointing and pj mark and emma looking horrified?

I can’t remember the timestamp off the top of my head, but it was during the challenge where they were using cardboard boxes to build a holiday grotto for Edgar.

Well, it was bugging me, so I found it; it’s around 6:05:10 in the vid. :3

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I Do

Dean Winchester x Reader

1550 Words

Story Summary:  It’s your wedding day. Everything was perfect, except for one thing. The groom wasn’t Dean Winchester.

“Honey. You look beautiful.” Your Mom told you, while you sat in front of the oval mirror, applying the finishing touches to your makeup. The hair stylist had already left, after fixing your hair up in gentle curls, some gathered on top of your head while others floated softly around, framing your face beautifully.

“Mom, I don’t even have my dress on yet.” You exclaimed, still sitting in your silk robe. You were in a small room off to the side of the church, a room that was filled with you, your Mom, and your maid of honor.

You were getting married, your white satin dress hanging up beside you, but you felt a lump in your stomach instead of the joy you should be feeling. The reception hall was perfectly decorated, you had checked that earlier this morning. Your flowers were perfect, you had something borrowed, something blue. Everything was going as it should. Everything that is, except for who you were marrying.

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2016 can eat the fuck out of my ass and rot

I was tagged by @plowjob n @maurypovichofficial and like I guess I’ll tag @wetfag @novacocayne @rickyroman91 @mercedesbenzodiazepine @joshmuratori @arabprincee @pinkmatterxx @hoemar and like idk I can’t think of anyone else off the top of my head lmfao so if you haven’t done it like I’m tagging you and when u do it tag me that I tagged u so I can see like especially if there’s nudes

the signs as iconic zayn moments
  • Aries: the weed video
  • Taurus: the first time he flew on a plane story
  • Gemini: "malibami"
  • Cancer: veronica
  • Leo: vas happenin
  • Virgo: that one video of him dancing
  • Libra: the zIaM kiSs
  • Scorpio: his high note in you and i
  • Sagittarius: "what's your middle name?" "beyonce"
  • Capricorn: christabelle riley
  • Aquarius: when that one strand of hair fell across his face
  • Pisces: zaughty boy

I was tagged by @ssarahteaandbooks for the 6 selfies of 2016 post thingy!!

Not all of these are selfies but they were too good to pass up 💁🏽

Anyway I’m tagging @howling-wolf-boi, @soulstie, @regalnegusmusic, and I can’t think of anyone else off the top of my head but if u wanna do it tag me so I can see all of your hella cute faces por favor 🙏🏾 💕

Can I talk about the fact that the Hamilton Documentary OUTRIGHT STATES its not impossible to both admire and condemn historical figures, because historical figures were people, and people are complex.

The examples they used were George Washington and Thomas Jefferson. Both great men. Who thought it was okay to own people.


I have a list of historical faves (INCLUDING Jefferson) that I have problems with as well

(Off the top of my head, Louis XIV, Jefferson, Queen Victoria, Queen Elizabeth I, F.D.R.)


Jefferson wrote that all men are created equal. And owned slaves. Both these statements are true.

It’s hard to acknowledge the world is grey. and it’s okay. It’s okay.

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Can you imagine how sweet Harry would be after him having to wake you up from a night terror? He would probably hold you so tight to him letting you cry softly about whatever wouldn't let you sleep peaceful that night. It probably kills him to see you like that and not be able to protect you. I bet he rubs your back while you drift off sniffling. He wouldn't dare fall back to sleep with out knowing you were. He's keep you pressed to his chest all night long making sure you felt safe.

That seriously would be so amazing. You wake up from him shaking you and you just instantly wrap your arms around him and he pulls your face into his chest. “It’s okay baby, I’m here, I’m right here. You aren’t alone I got you” Harry whispers and kisses the top of your head. “I couldn’t move my body, it felt like someone else was in the room with us and they were holding me down, it was horrible.” Y/n say crying into his chest and holding on for dear life. “It’s okay baby, I know and no one is here and you are here in my arms. You are safe” harry says rocking my body and holding me close. Harry rubs the top of your head and kisses and holds his lips to your forehead trying to comfort you so you can fall back to sleep peacefully. He starts to whisper and hum along to cherry wine by hozier trying to calm down your nerves. Your blood pleasure starts to go down and you start to feel sleepier and drift further and further. “Goodnight my sweet angel” ❤️

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