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Stark girls stand up against bullies


Mycah shook his head. “It’s only a stick, m’lord. It’s not no sword, it’s only a stick.”

“And you’re only a butcher’s boy, and no knight.” Joffrey lifted Lion’s Tooth and laid its point on Mycah’s cheek below the eye, as the butcher’s boy stood trembling. “That was my lady’s sister you were hitting, do you know that?” A bright bud of blood blossomed where his sword pressed into Mycah’s flesh, and a slow red line trickled down the boy’s cheek.

“Stop it!” Arya screamed. She grabbed up her fallen stick.

Sansa was afraid. “Arya, you stay out of this.”

“I won’t hurt him… much,” Prince Joffrey told Arya, never taking his eyes off the butcher’s boy.

Arya went for him.

Sansa slid off her mare, but she was too slow. Arya swung with both hands. There was a loud crack as the wood split against the back of the prince’s head, and then everything happened at once before Sansa’s horrified eyes. Joffrey staggered and whirled around, roaring curses. Mycah ran for the trees as fast as his legs would take him. Arya swung at the prince again, but this time Joffrey caught the blow on Lion’s Tooth and sent her broken stick flying from her hands. The back of his head was all bloody and his eyes were on fire. Sansa was shrieking, “No, no, stop it, stop it, both of you, you’re spoiling it,” but no one was listening. Arya scooped up a rock and hurled it at Joffrey’s head. She hit his horse instead, and the blood bay reared and went galloping off after Mycah. “Stop it, don’t, stop it!” Sansa screamed. Joffrey slashed at Arya with his sword, screaming obscenities, terrible words, filthy words. Arya darted back, frightened now, but Joffrey followed, hounding her toward the woods, backing her up against a tree. Sansa didn’t know what to do. She watched helplessly, almost blind from her tears.

-Sansa I, A Game of Thrones


By then the crowd was howling with laughter… all but the king. Joffrey had a look in his eyes that Sansa remembered well, the same look he’d had at the Great Sept of Baelor the day he pronounced death on Lord Eddard Stark. Finally Ser Dontos the Red gave it up for a bad job, sat down in the dirt, and removed his plumed helm. “I lose,” he shouted. “Fetch me some wine.”

The king stood. “A cask from the cellars! I’ll see him drowned in it.”

Sansa heard herself gasp. “No, you can’t.”

Joffrey turned his head. “What did you say?”

Sansa could not believe she had spoken. Was she mad? To tell him no in front of half the court? She hadn’t meant to say anything, only… Ser Dontos was drunk and silly and useless, but he meant no harm.

“Did you say I can’t? Did you?”

“Please,” Sansa said, “I only meant… it would be ill luck, Your Grace… to, to kill a man on your name day.”

“You’re lying,” Joffrey said. “I ought to drown you with him, if you care for him so much.”

“I don’t care for him, Your Grace.” The words tumbled out desperately. “Drown him or have his head off, only… kill him on the morrow, if you like, but please… not today, not on your name day. I couldn’t bear for you to have ill luck… terrible luck, even for kings, the singers all say so…

Joffrey scowled. He knew she was lying, she could see it. He would make her bleed for this.

-Sansa I, A Clash of Kings


“Sometimes the knights are the monsters, Bran. The little crannogman was walking across the field, enjoying the warm spring day and harming none, when he was set upon by three squires. They were none older than fifteen, yet even so they were bigger than him, all three. This was their world, as they saw it, and he had no right to be there. They snatched away his spear and knocked him to the ground, cursing him for a frogeater.”

“Were they Walders?” It sounded like something Little Walder Frey might have done.

“None offered a name, but he marked their faces well so he could revenge himself upon them later. They shoved him down every time he tried to rise, and kicked him when he curled up on the ground. But then they heard a roar. ‘That’s my father’s man you’re kicking, howled the she-wolf.”

“A wolf on four legs, or two?”

“Two,” said Meera. “The she-wolf laid into the squires with a tourney sword, scattering them all. The crannogman was bruised and bloodied, so she took him back to her lair to clean his cuts and bind them up with linen. There he met her pack brothers: the wild wolf who led them, the quiet wolf beside him, and the pup who was youngest of the four.

-Bran II, A Storm of Swords

A conversation Dazai had with his wife after being bombed out of their home for the second time because of the war:

      My wife and her sister, tired as they were, seemed unable to sleep and were quietly discussing what we should do.
      “Hey, there’s nothing to worry about,” I told them. “We’ll all go to my family’s place up north. Everything will be fine.”
     They fell silent. From the beginning, neither of them had put much stock in any opinions of mine. They were apparently devising plans of their own now and didn’t even deign to reply.
      “All right, I know you don’t have any faith in me.” I smiled sourly. “But, listen, trust me just this once. That’s all I’m asking.”
      I heard my sister-in-law giggle in the darkness, as if I’d said something totally outlandish. Then she and my wife continued their discussion.
      “Fine. Suit yourselves,” I said with a chuckle of my own. “Not much I can do if you won’t trust in me.”
      “Well, what do you expect?” my wife suddenly snapped. “You say such preposterous things, we never know if you’re joking or serious. It’s only natural that we don’t rely on you. Even now, with things the way they are, I bet all you can think about is sake.”
      “Don’t be ridiculous.“
      "But if we had some you’d drink it, wouldn’t you?”
      “Well, I don’t know, maybe I would.”

That’s quite different from the Bungo Stray Dogs version of Dazai where even Ranpo and Kunikida thinks of him as a key member and strategist:

But you have to admit, even in the anime/manga we don’t really know when Dazai is telling the truth or joking! But in the anime/manga he’s doing it purposely to disguise his true motive, and I don’t think the real life Dazai was trying to do anything of the sort.

Our timed family

Kai and Nya x sibling reader

Summary: In season 7, when Yn Smith enters the blacksmith, she finds her father, but Kai tries to attack him when he thinks that Ray was harming the reader. After explaining, Ray and Maya were able to convince their children they were not traitors

Gender: Female

Requested? If by my sister counts

“Look’s like there’s a building up ahead,”

Yn Smith walks up the pathway to the small cottage on top of the small hill, her brother and sister trailing behind. Opening the door, she see’s a man, working on metal by the fire. The man gasps, getting into action and pulling out a sword. 

“Who are you? What are you doing here?”

Your own father didn’t recognize you, “Dad?” You swallow, watching as Ray sets down the sword, eyes wide, “Yn, my…my daughter,” 

You pull up your ninja mask, smiling weakly as your dark green orbs meet his, “How are you here? Where are your siblings?” Ray walks up to you, hugging his youngest child in a tight embrace. 

“Get away from her!” 

Ray is kicked back, as Kai slips in front of you, hands burning in flames, “Kai?”

Kai narrows his eyes, obviously angered with the man, “Stay away from my sister, Snake!”

Ray sits up, Nya rushing in after Kai, “Nya?”

Kai growls, but softens when you grab his arm, “Wait! Kai, that’s our father!”

“He’s no father of ours. He betrayed us! He’s a traitor!” Ray frowns, watching as you plead for Kai to calm down, “I’m no traitor, what are you talking about?”

Kai scoffs, grabbing one pf the metal helmets, “This has your symbol on it, our enemies wear these helmets!”

A female walks in, dark hair and bright eyes, “Mom?”

You blink away tears, shoving yourself past Kai as Maya embraces you, tears in her own eyes, “My baby girl,” She whispers.

“Explain!” Kai demands, stepping away.

“We know the brothers are after the blades, that is why your mother and I hid the last one in the boiling sea. Nya has inherited Maya’s water power, while you’ve gotten my fire, but Yn, she was gifted with both, that is why she is the purple ninja, red and blue make purple,” Ray explains, glancing at each child of his.

“This make’s no sense, what’s the boiling sea?” You question, 

“The boiling sea, is the combination of fire and water, where we hid the last weapon so the brothers would not find it,” Maya states.

“But, what happened to you guys? You disappeared when I was one, Kai and Nya never told me why you were gone,” You brokenly state, as your parents glance at each other, “We were captured, by the snakes, and we were forced to make those weapons, they put you three in danger, even threatening to take you, if we did not do what we were told,” Maya stares at you, seeing pain in your eyes, 

“Why me?”

“You were the youngest, the most powerful. You have both fire and water, they found out, and wanted to take you for your powers,” Maya touches your shoulder, squeezing it with her hand.

“I’d be damned if I let them take my daughter, let alone, any of my children,” Ray smiles.

“We need to go, snakes are heading this way,” Nya states,

Ray and Maya both nod, sad to see their children leave, “Just, save ninjago,”

Ray turns to Kai, who frowns, “Take care of your sisters,” Kai smiles, nodding.

Our timed family, will be together again,”

As you open the back door, you turn to face them, inhaling a deep breath,

“Goodbye, mom and dad,”

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pidge who lowkey really wants to go to prom but she doesn’t want to go alone so she decides just to get over it, except then lance, hunk, and keith find out and decide to all be her dates

they split the cost of her ticket and then help her shop for a dress and do her hair and makeup

pidge ends up having three different colored corsages, and not to mention the best prom pictures ever

the boys take turns dancing with her, spinning her around the room and tossing her in the air, and it’s the best night of her life


Happy Mother’s Day!


Is there anybody going to listen to my story? All about the girl who came to stay. She’s the kind of girl you want so much it makes you sorry. Still, you don’t regret a single day. A girl. Girl.


Park Hyungsik in Singapore

East of Eli concert in Rome with Chyler Leigh

Let’s start this recap by saying we only found out they were coming to Italy like two days before the concert itself. As Johann Frank too said on his twitter, this has been their most last minute show ever. It was amazing though, they’re all so talented and down to earth. I had such a good time and Nathan is so funny. When they took over the stage, East of Eli’s music managed to enthrall me completely. Obviously, seeing Chyler in person up so close (I was in the second row) was heart-stopping. I don’t know how it’s possible but that woman is even prettier in real life, damn! Nathan and Chyler made us laugh various times during the concert, so dorky and cute. I have a couple of videos I can share if anyone wants me to, either of them trying to speak Italian or of the live performances (Chyler’s voice ♥♥)

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