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Serial Killer AU(Part 2)

Well, everybody wanted a sequel so here it is. Honestly, I wasn’t planning on posting this today, but it is a special day.

Happy Birthday @ladyofacat ! You said you liked the au, so here is my gift for you. Best wishes ^^

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Marinette barely closed one eye the whole night. When she woke up, she glanced at the clock on her bedside.


Marinette groaned. She had to get up, she had work dammit. With a grunt, Marinette managed to get out of the bed and drag herself out of the bedroom. Her world was spinning with her. She really needed some coffee to get her through this day. Absently, she wondered how she still managed to use her body properly when it felt like every bone was about to crack under tiredness if that was even a thing. Was her boss going to be angry if she got a little bit late to work? She could come with a nice excuse and… Marinette covered her mouth with a hand to dimish the shriek that just passed her lips at the sight before her.

“Hey, easy, easy. It is just me.” Adrien said, circling the table to approach her, clearly taken aback by her reaction.

“How did you get in here?” she questioned while the memories from last night flooded her memory. He looked at her surprised.

“With the key? You know, same key Alya also has, cause we all have keys from each other apartments in case one of us forgets the oven on and almost burns down a building again” Marinette placed a hand over her chest. Her heart was about to jump out, but she needed to calm down. Right, keys. Adrien looked apologetically at her. “I’m so sorry, Mari. You were so tired lately and overworked, I just wanted to surprise you with breakfast. But I guess I shouldn’t have just come randomly in your house.”

“It’s okay, Adrien.” Marinette said managing to crack a smile, though it must have looked awful on her almost sleepless face. Adrien didn’t seem to notice or care for the matter how much she resembled a zombie. He gave her one of those smiles that seemed to make all the clouds go away and let the sun shine through while the birds sang in harmony.

“The crêpes will be ready in fifteen minutes. I even made your favourite sauce, with strawberries and a little vanilla.”

Marinette nodded. “I’m just going to get ready until then. I’ll be fast.”

Twenty minutes later, Marinette was happily stuffing her face with crêpes. God, she forgot when was the last time she had an actually cooked breakfast. She had been so ridiculously busy lately. Glancing up at Adrien, she couldn’t help but smile at the sight of him chewing on his own food with some strawberry cream dripping from the corners of his mouth. Marinette snorted. This dork was way too cute. Noticing it, Adrien swallowed the bite he was chewing on. Then he put an extremely serious expression on. Marinette raised an eyebrow as he slowly stuck his tongue out. Then, he crossed his eyes fastly managing to make Marinette burst out laughing at the silly expression on his face. For the first time in weeks, she felt content. Until her eyes slid to the clock and saw she had about three minutes to get to work. Well, fuck. She was about to get up and go when Adrien called out her name.

“Marinette.” he rubbed the back of his head. “It’s not my place or anything, but maybe you should call in sick today? You are overworked and you’ll get actually ill if you keep this up. And the dark circles are still visible, even if you are wearing makeup.”

Marinette stopped dead in her tracks. Truth was, she was in no mood to go to work to analyze the same dead end again and again. And while the breakfast had been wonderful, she doubted she had enough energy to carry on through the day. Especially with the events from last night. A shiver run down her spine as she remembered how she took the gift box from last night and shoved it in the freezer. Isn’t like she could get rid of it as fast as she got rid of the other so called gifts. Pulling her phone out she shoots a fast message to Tikki informing her she is sick and she will be absent today. She got an answer pretty fast, telling her about a new body they found, with the heart ripped out. Still no other kind of clue. Marinette gulped, remembering the night before.

I wanted to give you my own.

“All good?“Adrien asked, appearing in front of her. Marinette nodded, trying to ignore the thoughts from last night just a little bit more. “Do you want to Play MS Seven? Or watch some movies?“We could do the random pick thing again.”

“Yeah, ” she said, giving Adrien the most honest smile she could muster. “Sounds like a good idea.”

Marinette had no idea what movie they were watching. She was cuddled against  Adrien’s side, on the couch and while, she was enjoying the feeling of relaxation and the shared warmth her mind was far away. Chat Noir was haunting her mind. It couldn’t possibly be Adrien. Paris had over two million people. Adrien wasn’t the only tall, green eyed, blond man. Marinette was surprised she could still remember Chat Noir’s look so well and the profile she made. She couldn’t accuse Adrien of it, not just because of one gesture that unsettled her. She didn’t get enough clues to get a mental analysis or behavior description. Based strictly on physical description, there were similarities, but…

Marinette frowned. Trying to picture Chat Noir without the mask and the cat eyes didn’t work. But trying to picture Adrien in a leather suit, that worked just fine. Marinette’s jaw clenched at the mental imagine. Too damn close. Too alike. No, it couldn’t possibly be. But when a black mask joined the imagine… no!

Adrien wasn’t a murdered. She knew him for so long he never once displayed anything remotely similar to homicidal tendencies. Nothing that could eventually lead to it. Hell, Adrien wasn’t even killing spiders or cockroaches, he simply took them out. He couldn’t kill a man. She glanced up at him. He was focused on the movie, his green eyes glimmering. His eyes were so soft and kind, nothing cat like about them. And Adrien was such a sweetheart. Always there to help without expecting anything back. Without all the snobbish behavior and superiority complex people in the world he grew up in had. Loyal, brave Adrien who was always there for people no matter how close he was to them. Who always tried to cheer them up even if it was a lame joke or pun.

Are you checking meowt?

No! Marinette felt a pain spreading in her chest. Adrien was one of her best friends. The most loyal one. He meant so much to her… he, he. Oh fuck it, she may as well admit after ten years that she was in love with him. She loved him so much. He can’t be a killer. Not him.

Denying won’t help you through the grief. You have to move forward. That’s what they always told the people close to murderers.

“Marinette?” Adrien’s voice broke her line of thoughts. “Marinette, what’s wrong?”

She didn’t answer. She just hid her face in his shirt and sobbed.

“Are you sure you will be okay?” Adrien asked later that evening when he was about to leave.

Marinette nodded, giving him what she hoped was a convincing smile. “I will be good. Thank you for everything today.”

”Marinette.” Adrien was giving her that look that she never could quite. It was simply so… loving. He settled his hands on her shoulders. “If you need more time, to just forget about everything for a while, we can always make a break for London or Amsterdam. Or Venice. Venice is nice in this period of the year and we could spend the whole night in a gondola, under the stars and watch the sunrise. Or we could go to that vineyard where we had been last summer. With the chateau you loved. We may get lucky and see fireflies again and dance in the gardens like we did back in July. Or I could cuddle you to sleep. Here or if you want, at my apartment. I could sing you to sleep and I also have the piano there. I could play your favourite part from Rite of Spring. Anything you wish, princess.”

Marinette did her best to keep from crying again. Without a second thought, she jumped in his arms, hugging him as tight as she could. “You are too good.” she wasn’t sure if she was telling him that or she was trying to convince herself of it.

”There is nothing too good for you Marinette. You deserve everything.” he whispered in her ear.

Marinette didn’t care how much they stayed like that, she didn’t want to let him go. Ever. “Don’t do anything stupid, please.” she requested.

Adrien’s only answer was a kiss on the forehead.

Marinette was sitting on her bed, trying to put her thoughts together. It was all too much to take in, yet nothing was for sure. She almost didn’t hear her phone ringing. With trembling hands, she accepted the call.

”I know you have a sick day.” Tikki’s voice was clear from the other end of the line. “But you have to come right now. We have a clue.”

Marinette must have broken several speed records since the call ended. Slightly out of breath, she made her way towards the victim. The area had been cleared, the only people around wearing the red and black uniforms of their division. The place was a beautiful one, quite romantic too, especially in spring with all the blooming trees and flowers. But now, it had a macabre air, especially with a corpse staring at the lake. Except there was nothing to stare with. The eyesockets were empty, the only thing suggesting they had been there in the first place being the dried blood around the hollows. Tikki pointed to a card in the lap of the victim. Marinette picked it up.

Why stare at any crystal water when I could just get lost in your eyes?

The note fell out of her hand as Marinette’s heart shattered in pieces. She recognized the handwriting.

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I'm new to this fandom and this blog is sooo awesome! Thank you so much! Would like to ask as well if you have any Harry Potter AUs to recommend? Thanks! :))))

Hey, this is so exciting. You’re so lucky being new, I wish I could read all of these stories again for the first time! Anyway I can help you out with some HP, hogwarts au. I used totally avoid these, because I had this idea that they would put one of them in the character of Harry Potter or something, but when I finally broke down and read some I was happy to find out they were just at the school, or in that universe, so now I really like it. Anyway, Enjoy!

and so we meet again (it must be destiny): One shot. Kyungsoo runs into Jongin, who he had a crush on while they were in school, and finds it hard to avoid him.

Unlikely Friends : complete 2 chapters. Kyungsoo and Jongin keep fighting because of their pets, it kind of has that enemies to lovers feel

Potions for dummies: Complete 2 chapters. Jongin makes a love potion to get Kyungsoo to fall in love with him.

Come a bit closer (don’t stop): Complete 3 chapters. Jongin has a crush on Kyungsoo

From broken wands and lame excuses: one shot. fluff Jongin gets to know Kyungsoo

Once upon a potion shoppe: one shot. Kyungsoo’s wakes up one day and his cat looks a lot like his old classmate Jongin

Do Kyungsoo and the beast of camelot: Ongoing. Jongin has a huge crush on Kyungsoo and saves him during a match, and they end up in the hospital together. very fluffy.

Pure blood with a pure heart: ongoing. Sorry, it is too long for me, but it looks like cold Kyungsoo

Here is a pretty good site for a lot of Harry Potter Hogwarts au for all EXO pairings

This is my wonderfully adorable catten. Her name is Abbi for those who don’t know. Her name has a brief but good story. 

I follow this guy named Michael (everyone just calls him Mints), and he has a cat named Abbi (although I must admit his Abbi is a bit more photogenic than mine). Well when we got our little kitten, we were trying to find a name. So just for kicks I asked Mr. Mints if I could name my cat after his. He told me I could if I knew her real name. I did because he’d mentioned it in a previous post. And that’s how my cat became Abbi. 

Kind of a lame story and it doesn’t really matter cause I probably would have named her Abbi anyway, but it’s fun to tell.