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•To Build A Home•
Chapter 3

Her feet were dangling from the back of his pick up truck, tiny white converse unusually clean, not a speck of dirt on them. Come to think of it the beautiful, pristine blonde sitting in his truck was a sharp contrast to the down and dirty mechanic he had met just two days ago. Betty’s eyes were trained on the screen in front of them, she hadn’t been lying when she said she loved this movie, he couldn’t help the grin that peeked through when he caught her mouthing the words.

“You really do like this movie huh?” Jughead whispered from her right.

Betty’s bright green eyes turned to him in surprise, it seemed that she had forgotten he was even there.
“Huh? Oh yeah, definitely, Cry Baby is my favorite movie.” She shrugged her shoulders slightly and held out her bag of twizzlers, Jughead took the strawberry candy and bit into it dramatically, wiggling his eyebrows at Betty.

The hint of a smirk graced Betty’s features as she rolled her eyes, suddenly turning serious she scooted back in the truck turning her body towards Jugheads

“I’m sorry for the way I acted a few days ago. It was unnecessary. I don’t know you and I shouldn’t have based my judgement off of gossip.” She bit her lip guiltily.

Jughead nearly choked on the candy hanging from his lips
“Hey, no. I get it, I know what people say about me, I guess I bring it upon myself, I promise you I’m not as bad as they make me out to be, I’m just… I had a rough highschool experience. Veronica says I’m over compensating.” With a shy smile the dark haired boy shrugged his shoulders and peered at Betty through his lashes.

Betty’s eyes hold nothing but understanding as she straightens out her white Tshirt, her hands shaky as she fidgets.
“I know all about rough pasts.” She whispered her soft voice being carried away by the night breeze, Jughead watched as Betty’s shoulders shivered, he quickly shed his denim jacket and draped it over her shoulders.

“Oh no! You’ll be cold.” Her fingers clench he rough fabric as she looks at him worriedly.

With a wave of his hand Jughead changes the subject, she seems stubborn and he is not about to have her freeze to death, not to mention.. she looks cute as hell in his oversized jacket.

“So, tell me Betty Cooper, who are you? Oil Covered Mechanic or Ridiculously perfect Girl Next door?” His tone is teasing but by the look in the girl in questions eyes he knows he most definitely fucked up.

Betty’s eyes harden
“Don’t call me that. I hate that word.”

Jughead shifts back
“I’m sorry.. I…”

“No, no. I’m sorry. It’s just.. it’s really nothing. Im just ya know, not a fan of that word. But to answer your question I’m both. I love being a mechanic, when I’m under the hood of a car or… fixing up some Harley I can be.. free. I can get dirty and bury myself elbow deep in nuts and bolts. But.. when I’m not at work this is who I am, I can’t help it. I was.. conditioned to be like this.. to be… perfect.” She winced visibly at the word. “I had a boyfriend, he umm, wasn’t the nicest. He sort of built me to be this way. I’m working on it but I still get nauseous when I see a stain on my jeans.”

His fists are digging into the cold metal of his pickup truck and he’s biting his tongue so hard he can taste the copper flavored blood. How could anyone hurt this incredible woman? Who would ask her to change who she is?

After a few moments Jughead swallows thickly
“Well, for the record. I like both of you.”

The rose petal pink blush that spreads across Betty’s face is the most satisfying thing in the world and he reaches out to touch her cheeks, she stiffens under his touch but he doesn’t pull away, he needs her to know she’s safe, needs her to know that he would never hurt her.

The overwhelming surge of protectiveness Jughead feels for this girl sends a shock through his system but he finds he doesn’t hate it. It feels good to care about someone.

“Do you mind me asking who this prick was?” He whispers low, treading carefully.

Betty’s eyes flutter open, pain evident in the meadow green irises.

“He went to the school over, his name was Jason. Jason Blossom.”

Jughead drops his hand in shock and Betty’s eyes widen in alarm.

“Did I say something? Is everything okay?”
The fear is rising steadily in her chest as she clutches Jugheads denim jacket.

An almost wild smile appears on the young Serpents face
“No, but you’ve just given me the perfect excuse to beat the shit out of my very favorite highschool bully, he’s been on the Serpents radar for quite some time. I’ve let it slide but not anymore. I’m taking him down.”

Betty quirks an eyebrow sassily
“You think the Serpents are gonna be okay with you going incognito?”

Jughead snorts, draping an arm over Betty’s shoulder and pulling her down so they were both laying on their backs, she squeaks but snuggles a bit closer to Jughead

“This doesn’t mean I’m going to go out with you ya know?” Betty smiles lazily as Jughead beams down at her

“Oh you will Betty Cooper, mark my words. I’m gonna make you mine one way or another”

She smacks his arm playfully as the sounds of 1950s doo wop plays on the screen in front of them.

Express Yourself

A Bucky Barnes One-Shot

Character Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Word Count: 1048

Warnings: Oh, so much fluff….

Request: Hello, I was wondering if you could please write a Bucky x reader where the reader is a art student and maybe he asks her why she never paints him but she does she just never shows them to him😊 With like a lot of fluff. Sorry if it’s to much but I just love your writing. - @baileys-corner

A/N: I am so sorry this took so long! I hope you like it! And I know absolutely nothing about Art, so please excuse me, I tried my best! lol

Originally posted by ofallingstar

The ticking of the clock was the only sound in the room as you stood and looked at the canvas sitting on your easel.

You sighed. For some reason this painting wasn’t conveying what you wanted it to. You were being critiqued in two days and being the perfectionist that you are, this just wasn’t going to do.

You took the canvas down and grabbed a fresh one. Sitting it on the easel, you grabbed your phone and pulled up your favorite playlist. You were hoping that some music would get the creative juices flowing.

Before you could hit play, the door to your tiny apartment opened. Bucky walked in, holding two cups of Starbucks in his hands. He smiled at you, walking over and handing you one. After leaning down to kiss your cheek, he pointed to the blank canvas, “What happened to the other one you were working on?”

You shrugged, wiping your hands on your paint stained jeans, “I was having trouble making it do what I wanted it to.”

He nodded in understanding, having heard that same comment leave your mouth multiple times over the course of your relationship. “What is the subject this time?”

“Expressionism,” you said looking up at him. You laughed softly at his confused look. “Think of it as trying to express the meaning of emotional experience, rather than the physical reality.”

He shook his head with a smile, “How do you paint emotions?”

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mar0ple  asked:

Hey! Someone on Twitter posted a few pictures of "black hermione" and said it's some of her favorite hermione fanart! Some of them were drawings from you... And JK retweeted it!!


 I cannot believe this. I am SO HAPPY. I am so happy that J.K. Rowling has given her blessing to how we view Hermione. I am so happy that she will be black in the Cursed Child. I am overwhelmed with good feelings. 

Also she likes my art. The woman who single-handedly shaped my childhood likes my art. Excuse me. 

Boyfriend! Sehun

I hope you like it!! (I got a little inspired by EXO Next Door for the first part of the headcanon lol)

Requested By: Anonymous

When He First Sees You

  • Oh Sehun could probably be found roaming the streets after dusk for some fresh air
  • And there’s you who’s coming from the convenience store from across the street
  • The both of you are pretty occupied with your phones, you scrolling through your SNS and Sehun listening to music as he continues his daily jog
  • It’s only until you hear heavy footsteps when you decide to not look up and call your best friend if anything mysterious were to happen
  • “Cmon pick up pick up pick pup”
  • “Sorry, the number that you––”
  • So now you’re left your Plan B which is pretend that your on the phone with someone.
  • The footsteps behind you become closer and abruptly stop when your chips fall out of the bag.
  • “Excuse me, miss?”
  • “Keep walking. Keep walking,” you muttered to yourself
  • “Miss?” That was it. He tapped you on your shoulder. You were over.
  • SIIIKE. You turned around and it was..I actually don’t know what the words are to describe Sehun’s visual tbh (if you haven’t noticed..he’s my ult)
  • “You dropped these. Nice choice btw”
  • “Nice bod––I mean nice job––I mean thank you. Yeah, that’s it! Thank you.”
  • “It’s whatever..hey? Do you need me to walk you to your house or something? Its not safe out here. Besides, I saw you using the ‘I’m pretending to talk to someone method’.”
  • “That’s why you were jogging? Well, if you insist..”

How He Asks You Out

  • “So how far do you live from here?”
  • “In that apartment complex.”
  • “You know what? So do I. That’s why you seemed familiar to me!”
  • “ live in number 412? Sehun?!”
  • “I was surprised it took you this long to figure out. I take that back; I’m not surprised.”
  • “Shut up omg”
  • “I was only joking. Anyway I was gonna ask if you wanted to go to that pizzeria that I always hear you raving about, but I thought about it. I wouldn’t want to ruin this ‘nice bod’.”
  • “I’ll meet you there at 6pm tomorrow. No take backs.”
  • “I’ll see you then, (Y/N).”

Your Relationship

  • After your date with him at the pizza parlor, the teasing increased but so did the romance.
  • It’d go from “Sehun, you remember that one time you called me ‘miss’? EPIC.”
  • to “Sehun, I think we should live together. I kinda hate not sleeping in the same bed as you all the time. You know what I mean?”
  • “(Y/N), I completely agree and see where you’re coming from. Trust me I do, but I’m not moving across the hall to a room that is the same exact size as mine. Not gonna happen.”
  • “I meant in a HOUSE.”
  • “Oh.”
  • Sehun doesn’t strike me as the excessive PDA type of person
  • Like he’d cuddle but only when he’s had a rough day
  • I view him as being a person who favors full out kisses more than anything
  • Pecks just won’t cut it for him. I guess he’d view it as “leading him on” idkidki
  • Yeah that’s pretty much it. Sehun would mainly focus on the larger things in life, and he is very much a critical thinker even though it comes off as sarcasm (which is why you stuck with him because the both of you are similar). Kisses, pizza, and trying new things are the keys to each other’s hearts and he wouldn’t trade any of his experiences with you for the world.

Originally posted by huntertainment

Soulmate: Young!Remus x Reader AU

Request: Could I please request young Remus lupin au oneshot thing please? Like maybe you get the same bruises scars etc that your soulmate gets. So like Remus is constantly getting scratched etc with the full moon and once a month the reader wakes up to all these fresh scrapes and is constantly wondering what her soulmate is doing? Maybe she’s close with another marauder and they introduce the pair and something happens that hurts one and they realize & she explains getting really apologetic etc please?..

Warnings: none

Word Count: 2027


Originally posted by your-harry-potter-imagines

A blinding flash of light, one that does not exist except for behind my eyelids, ensnares me as the searing pain racks my body, waking me from my slumber. I choke back the scream that desperately wants to be released, to maybe alleviate some of the pain. But in a few moments, the stretching, tearing feeling in my muscles is gone. I sit in my bed, my covers thrown haphazardly to the side, and I gasp for breath, wondering what new scars will appear on me in the morning. I lie back down, begging for sleep to find me again, and I gaze out of my window at the full moon.

When I awake again, I feel the sting of fresh wounds across my shoulder blades and the rest of my body, as I expected. I stand up carefully, knowing that I may have lost blood last night, and I don’t want to pass out. I cross to the bathroom, and remove my shirt, and see an enormous gash cutting across my upper back.

“Good Godric,” I mutter, looking at the wound. Tears begin to well in my eyes, partly because of the pain, but mostly out of sheer frustration. It had been nine years since this started happening. Every month or so, I was cursed to wake up with cuts and bruises all over my body, even though I have always been the most careful of people. I never get injured. And still, I am covered in scars.

I quickly bandage the wound on my back, and another one on my side that’s not quite as bad, but still worse than the rest. And I leave the other scratches, not big enough to worry about.

I carefully dress, making sure not to wake the rest of the girls in my dormitory. I’ve been able to hide the phenomena that is my curse for over five years already, and that is not about to change. Once I am dressed, I reach for my bag, and my hand stops short. The strap of my bag would have to drape across my back and that sounds like a nightmare. I grab my books, and stuff a quill and a pot of ink into the pockets of my robes, and head out of my common room and to the Great Hall.

I’m one of the first students there. My eyes fall on the Gryffindor table where a lone girl sits, a head of dark red hair draped over her shoulders.

“Morning, Lily.” I say as I walk over to her, placing my books down across from her.

“Good morning,” she says, smiling up at me.

“Mind if I sit here?”

“Not at all, maybe you’ll protect me from Potter,” she scoffs through her smile.

“I don’t think anything could protect you from James. Not when he’s on a mission,” I laugh. “That boy never gives up on anything.”

She sighs dramatically.

“Couldn’t you talk to him? Ask him to just give me some space?”

“If I thought it would make a difference, Lily, you know I would.”

She sighs, resigning herself to her breakfast. James and I had been friends ever since we were born. His mum was very close with my grandparents back when they went to Hogwarts. But of course, he knew nothing of my condition. And whenever he saw a new injury, I’d make an excuse about where it came from.

“If it isn’t my two favorite young witches in the world!” I hear his voice from behind me.

“You be careful, James Potter, or I’ll tell your mother you said that,” I quip.

“Oh please, my mother isn’t ‘young’ by any sense of the word,” he laughs, reaching out and squeezing my shoulders.

I let out a yelp and hiss in pain, his thumbs pressing into the wound on my back. He retracts his hands immediately, his eyes full of concern looking at me through his glasses, and Lily’s look matching his.

“Are you alright?” he asks urgently.

I brush it off like it’s nothing, “Yeah–yeah, I’m fine.”

“That didn’t sound like you were fine,” Lily says. “Are you hurt?”

“Guys, I’m fine, seriously,” I say grabbing my books and leaving the table. The Great Hall is so empty, that I still hear every word as I race from the room.

“I–I’m going to talk to her,” James says.

“Don’t you think you’ve done enough, Potter?” Lily snaps back, before scrambling after me.

I make it to the base of the stairs before I feel her hand wrap around my wrist, yanking me to a stop.

“(Y/N), what’s wrong?” she asks, searching my eyes.

“Lily, seriously, I’m alright.” I say, as convincingly as possible.

She doesn’t buy it. “Did someone hurt you?”

“No, no one hurt me.” I hear footsteps coming down the stairs behind me, and turn to see James’s friend, Sirius, and the two others that I don’t know.

“(Y/L/N)! Evans!” Sirius calls, raising his arms in greeting.

“Hi, Sirius,” I reply, as Lily scoffs at him. He passes by winking at both of us.

“Good morning, Lily,” one of the other boys says, genuinely kindly, as he pauses, a prefect’s badge shining on his chest.

“Good morning, Remus,” she replies, smiling at the boy. He then turns and smiles at me kindly, and I smile back, feeling the slightest of warmth rising to my cheeks under his gaze. He turns and follows after the other boys, and I notice him a little bit too much as he walks away.

Lily spins back to face me, her arms crossed. The subject was not dropped. “Tell me what happened.”

I sigh dramatically, and grab her arm, leading her to the bathroom.

She doesn’t question it, but just follows. Once we’re in the girls’ bathroom, I set my books down on a sink, and pull off my robes, sweater, tie, and then shirt, leaving myself only in my bra, and she gasps when she sees my bandaged back and side.

“Who did this to you?” she asks, horror in her eyes.

I look up at her. “It’s a really long story, Lily.”

She takes my hands in hers, “You can tell me, (Y/N).” My panic rises a little as I look into her eyes. I know I can trust her, but this is… a huge thing.

“You’re sure?” I ask.


“Alright then,” I say, as I reach for my shirt, and begin dressing myself again, before I begin the story.

“I was seven years old when it began. I woke up one night, screaming from the pain that was running through my body. It felt like there was fire racing through my blood. My mum, she ran into the room, and found me still screaming my head off. She thought I was possessed. After about ten minutes of me just screaming in pain, I lost my voice. And then I was just sobbing. Silently. Still in too much pain to stop. And it didn’t go away that night. My mum took me to a healer, but they said nothing was wrong with me. They didn’t find any poison in me. I got used to that pain after a few days.

“About a month later, I woke up again screaming in the night, but the pain went away much quicker. It felt like my limbs were being stretched by some medieval torture device, but of course they weren’t, I was fine. I fell asleep again after a few minutes. But when I woke up again, I felt my entire body stinging. I had little scratches and bruises and cuts all over my body, and it hurt so badly, that I just started crying again.

“My mum was terrified when she saw the scratches and bruises and the gash across my cheek.” I show her the scar in the same place, from that first injury. “She took me to see a seer the next day. And the woman told me about my curse. That I was linked to my soulmate. Whatever hurt one of us would hurt the other. So whatever’s happening to him happens to me. And vice versa.

“I doubt he’s even noticed. I don’t let myself get hurt, you see. Because I know what it would do to him. I’m very careful. Whoever he is, he doesn’t need anymore pain in his life.”

I look back up at Lily, and see the tears filling her eyes. “You’ve lived with this for nine years? And you have no idea who he is?”

I shrug slightly, and wince at the fabric rubbing against the gash on my shoulders. “He could be anyone, couldn’t he? I mean. We’d have the same scars, but other than that…”

“Yeah,” she says, and then looking back up at me. “Does James know about this?”

“Don’t you mean ‘Potter’?” I tease, and she gives me a look. “No, James does not know about any of this. I don’t want to scare him. He’d treat me like a fragile porcelain doll. He just thinks I’m a clutz.”

She nods, unable to hold eye contact with me. “I guess we need to find this soulmate of yours, don’t we?”

I laugh, “Eventually, yeah. I don’t want to push anything. I probably should go apologize to James for freaking him out though.”

“I’ll come with. I should apologize for snapping at him.”

I smirk at her, and she rolls her eyes, “Shut up.”

“I didn’t say anything,” I say, grabbing my books from the sink.

When we get back to the Great Hall, it’s filled up quite a bit, and we make our way back to the Gryffindor table.

Lily leads the way back to the group of boys, pausing just behind James, who is making some joke to the others. Until the boy next to him, the one I don’t know, hits his arm, gesturing to us behind him. James turns, and haphazardly pushes his glass back onto his face, which almost fell off him in shock. “E-Evans!”

Smooth, James, I think, rolling my eyes at him.

“Potter. Sorry I yelled, that wasn’t fair of me,” she says, sincerely, but not overly so.

“Er, it’s–it’s alright. Don’t worry about it,” he says, desperately trying to keep his cool. He then turns to me. “Are you alright?”

“Yeah. Sorry for freaking you out earlier.”

“Don’t sweat it,” he says, reaching out and squeezing my hand, a little too tightly, and it hurts just a bit. Just then I notice the boy across from him, the one with the prefects badge, curl and uncurl his fingers on the table. “You wanna join us?” James asks, looking back and forth between Lily and I.

“Sure,” I reply, taking my hand back from him and crossing to the other side to sit across from him, forcing the seat next to him to be left for Lily. I look up at her expectantly, and she sighs in defeat, taking the seat.

I place my books down next to another stack on the table. I feel a jolt as I accidentally bump into the boy next to me when I crawl across the bench into the seat.

“Sorry,” I say.

“It’s alright,” he replies, offering me a small, kind smile. I return it again, my eyes locking onto his, and I can feel my heartbeat speeding up inexplicably.

“I’m (Y/N), by the way,” I say.

“Yeah, we know. James talks about you all the time,” he says nodding at James across the table, who’s absentmindedly staring at Lily. “I’m Remus.”

“Nice to meet you,” I say. And then gesture to the books next to mine. “These yours?”

“Yeah,” he replies, blushing a bit. “I hurt my back yesterday, so my bag wasn’t very comfortable. What’s your excuse?”

“The same actually,” I laugh. I glance up and see Lily staring at me.

“You alright, Lil?”

She drags a finger across her cheek, as her eyes flicker between the two of us. “Your scars.”

I turn back to look at the boy I just met. And see the light scars on my face mirrored on his.

AN: Thank you for reading!! Check out Part Two and let me know what you think!

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Rosehip and strawberry??

Rosehip tea: Which book did you love when you were younger?

I grew up on a steady diet of fantasy novels.  My favorite was probably Magic’s Pawn by Mercedes Lackey.  I loved that whole trilogy honestly (The Last Herald Mage).  Though I also love The Enchanted Forest Chronicles by Patricia C. Wrede– at least the first three – with my favorite of those being the second one, Searching for Dragons.

Strawberry tea: Tell me about your first kiss, if you had one.

I don’t actually remember my first first kiss.  I remember all the other first kisses, but not the first first one… probably because he was a BAD kisser in general.

My second first kiss was with a university baseball player while I was in high school.  Pushed up against the wall of a movie theater for a movie that we weren’t going to watch (we snuck in).  He was an incredibly good kisser.  He also just wanted to get me into bed, so, yeah, that was about the extent of it.

My third first kiss… there were legit fireworks that started going off.  Never take fireworks during a kiss as evidence of forever because yeah.  Dated for years, we were practically engaged and then he cheated on me with a girl about to enter the convent.  So…. yeah.

My fourth first kiss…. a little awkward, but very sweet.  I had realized halfway through dinner that I was on a date with this guy.  We were friends.  He asked me to go get Italian food with him.  My roommate made me change because “that is not what you wear on a date.” My response: “it’s not a date, he just wants to eat some pasta because the poor thing can’t ever have gluten” (his roommate had Celiac).   But yeah.  Totally a date.  Texted my sister when he excused himself and was all “o.O I’m on a date?”  “With who?”  “HOW AM I ON A DATE?”
Anyway, he walked me home and was so so so intense and sweet… It’s my favorite first kiss story… because that was Io.

Coffee Stains Pt.3

Ship: Feysand 
Type:College AU
Word Count: 2,366

Thank you so much to @moldy–voldy for being so patient with me! I’m really sorry this took longer than expected. Exams really took over my life and I broke my pinky promise to finish this in time for Halloween, and I take my pinky premises seriously so I’m sorry about that. And another thank you to @tintinnabulary@abbymendoza-14 @feysandbooks and @sparkleywonderful for your kind words of encourgaement! I hope you all enjoy! 

Parts 1&2 are here 

Feyre was dragged from her slumber by the persistent buzzing of her cell phone. Who the hell was calling her at 9:00am on a Sunday? She rolled over to her bedside table to see who could possibly be calling. Feyre was slightly less annoyed when she saw Mor’s name across the screen. Feyre picked up the phone and managed to choke out



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I”d like to request a fluffy Otayuri fic in which they go bike-riding around St. Petersburg or sth and it starts raining,Beka gives Yura his jacket and he catches a cold so Yura has to tend to a sick Beka for a few days and he brings up his more protective and affectionate side of him for Otabek,just like a mother lol (a very angry one at that xD). Beka is happy he can have Yuri care for him and in fact this is just an excuse for me to see some bear-hugs under a blanket in the kitchen xD (=^_^=)

So, this is my first fic from this blog. I hope you’ll like it and I’m sorry if it’s not so good.
It is set after the end of the show, Otabek is training in St. Petersburg with Yuri.

Part I (maybe I’ll make a second part, but I’m not sure)

This kind of days were Yuri’s favorites. Some days without practice, full of long bike-rides around St.Petersburg, and movie nights at his or Beka’s place.

His day off started as usual, with Yuri waking up late, eating his breakfast then meeting Beka for a ride. It was even not so hot, as the sky was a bit cloudy. The beginning of a perfect day, Yuri thought.

‘Morning, Beka!’ he said, as he waved to his boyfriend.

‘You’re a bit late, it’s not morning anymore. But hi, anyway.’

‘If I say it is morning, then it is, understood?’

Otabek just smiled and gave him a helmet. ‘So, where are we going?’ he asked.

‘Hm.., our usual route? then we can return to my flat and watch a movie or play a video game?’

‘Sounds perfect’.

The ride started. Yuri liked so much how the wind was blowing in his face, how he could feel Beka’s smell and body so close to him and the speed, he adored the speed of the bike .Maybe he could learn how to ride one sometime. But now, he was happy to sit in the backseat, near his boyfriend. Everything was perfect, till the sky become full of grey clouds. Soon, it started raining.

‘Do you have an umbrela?’ Yuri shouted at his boyfriend, who was still concerned at riding the bike.

‘No, I try to find a place where we could shelter.’ He found a bus station after ten minutes. Their clothes were wet and Yuri was visibly shivering. Soon, he felt a warm thing on his back and he heard Otabek saying ‘Take my jacket’.

‘But you’ll catch a cold, Beka, it’s cold’ he protested.

‘I have a pretty good immune system, I won’t. But I can’t say the same thing about you, Yura.’

He mumbled a ‘thanks’ and got dressed. Otabek’s jacket was warm and even if he was still wet, he felt better. After thirty minutes, the rain stopped and they could return to Beka’s flat first, where he changed his clothes and then, to Yuri’s place, where they were going to spend the night. The evening was kinda normal, but Beka seemed to be a bit more quiet than usual and he coughed a few times. ‘Are you sure you didn’t catch a cold? You should take some medicine’ Yuri said, worried. ‘I’m ok, Yura, just a bit tired, I’ll be fine tomorrow. would you mind if we didn’t watch a movie this night? I wanna sleep’. ‘Okay, but you won’t sleep on the couch tonight, you’ll sleep with me, in my bedroom. The bed is big enough for two people.’ ‘Okay, mom’ Otabek answered, smiling.

They went to sleep. Beka fell asleep as soon as his head touched the pillow. Yuri looked at him. His friend’s face was calm, his breath slow. Maybe he was not sick, maybe he was going to be fine. Yuri fell asleep thinking of this.

He didn’t know what time was, or what had happened, but he was awake. Soon, Yuri felt the warmth radiating from Otabek’s body and heard him whimpering, still sleeping.

‘Oi, Beka, wake up!’ His boyfriend just whimpered again in response. ‘Beka! Wake up! Wake up!’ he said, shaking Otabek. He opened his eyes, slowly. ‘What’s happening?’

‘You’re burning up! You’re sick, Beka! Should we go to the hospital?’ Yuri asked, worried. ‘No, no, I’ll be fine in the morning. Let’s just go back to sleep, okay?’ ‘At least, let me take your temperature’ Yuri said, getting out of the blanket. He went to the bathroom, took the thermometer, then he heard Otabek coughing from his bedroom. He returned, placed the thermometer in Beka’s mouth and waited for it to beep. After a minute,he took it and look at what the thermometer showed. ‘Great, 38.6 Celsius degrees! You shouldn’t give me your jacket, you got sick because of me!’

‘It was because of the rain, Yura. And I don’t mind being sick as long as you are fine’ Otabek said sleepy. He was sure that he saw his Yura blushing. ‘Let me get you some pills before you fall asleep again.’ By the time he returned to the bedroom,he found his friend curled under the blanket,with his eyes closed, shivering. Yuri took an extra blanket from the closet and threw it over Otabek. ‘You should have told me that you were cold. Now, get up and swallow this’, he said, placing a glass of water in one of his hand, and a pill in the other one. He swallowed the medicine, then started coughing again. ‘You can return to sleep now’ Yuri said, helping him to lay down on the bed.He fell asleep almost immediately.

When Otabek woke up,he was feeling way worse than the previous time: he was exhausted, he had a sore throat and a headache and he felt dizzy. Yuri was not there. He got up from the bed, with one of the blankets on his shoulders, covering his shivering body and went to the kitchen, where he found his Yura cooking some soup. He came in his back and hugged him, placing a kiss on Yuri’s check. ‘Morning, Sleeping Beauty! How did you sleep?’ Yura asked, placing his hands on Otabek’s arms. ‘Like a dead. I have no idea when you left the bedroom’ he answered. ‘And how do you feel? You still have a fever’ ‘Honestly, way worse than last night. And tell me something I don’t know’ he said, smiling. ‘Okay, sit on the couch and let me take your temperature again.’ ‘Yes, mom’, he joked, going to the living room. Yuri put the thermometer in his mouth and waited for it to beep. ‘Oh, gosh, it’s 39.5, we really have to go to the hospital’ Yura said, angry and worried. ‘Easy, easy I dialed with higher fevers than this on my own, I’ll be okay’. Yuri gave him some pills and helped him to lay down on the couch, then placed a wet cloth on his forehead. ‘I’ll wake you up when I finish cooking the soup. Till then, sleep!’ He wanted to answer, but when he opened his mouth, he started coughing.

After some time, Yuri woke him up for eating, then he slept almost the whole day, being awaken just for taking some medicine or drinking some water. In the evening, he was almost obliged to eat some food. He had no appetite, but he was too exhausted to protest against a worried kitten who wanted to feed him. Then, he helped him to go to the bedroom and covered him with two blankets.

Yuri couldn’t sleep this night. Beka was very sick, his fever didn’t go down at all. He had to take care of him. From time to time, he rewetted the cloth from Otabek’s forehead and checked his temperature. Except this, he just checked his phone, play a video game or looked at his friend. He was sleeping, a bit snoring because of his runny nose, but he was calm. This was his quiet night, till, at 4 am, Beka started being restless. He kept turning from side to side under the blanket and from his expression, it was obvious that he was in pain. Yuri tried to wake him up, but he just whimpered. He was very worried. ‘Otabek, Otabek, wake up, wake up, please, pleeeease!’ When he finally opened his eyes, he started shivering and his eyes filled with tears. ‘Yura, I don’t feel good!’ he said then he started coughed. Yuri rubbed his back till he stopped, but then he started sobbing. ‘I feel horrible, Yura!’ he said through his sobs. Yuri hugged him tight and whispered in his ear. ‘It’s ok, it’s ok, Beka. You’ll be ok’. He continued whispering sweet words in Otabek’s ear and soon, his sobs turned in whimpers. Yuri wanted to go to the kitchen, to take some pills for him, but as soon as he got out of the bed, his arm was grabbed by a hand. ‘Don’t leave me!’ Otabek said, with a weak voice. ‘I go to get you some medicine, don’t worry, I’ll be back in a second’ he said and leaved. When he returned, he found his boyfriend curled in a fetal position. He was so miserable, with his face wet from tears and his runny nose. Yuri’s heart broke. He hugged Otabek trying his best to make him feel comfortable. ‘Easy, Beka, easy, you’ll be ok’. He hardly made him swallow the pills, then he started to rub circles on his back. Soon, he fell asleep, but Yuri didn’t stop rubbing his back. After an hour, Beka’s fever finally broke, but he still didn’t allow himself to fall asleep, he was still worried for his boyfriend.

Otabek didn’t know what time it was when he woke up, but he felt a lot better. He was almost sure that he didn’t have a fever anymore. He went to the kitchen, where he found his Yura sleeping with his head on the table, a hand curled around a mug with tea and the other one under his head. ‘You shouldn’t sleep here, Yura, go to bed’. Yuri suddeny opened his eyes. ‘Beka, are you okay? I’m sorry, I wanted to drink some tea and I fell asle-’ ‘Thank you for taking care of me, I feel a lot better’ Otabek cut Yuri’s phrase. ‘I’m sorry I worried you.’ he said, kissing his check. Yuri kissed him back. ‘I’m happy you’re feeling well’.

Next day, their places switched, because Yura caught Otabek’s cold

Past Love.

A/N: okay, I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted but I’ve had a lot of stuff to deal with but I’m sorry!!! I hope this makes up for it. it’s not very good but I worked really hard to try and make it good for you all. I had a little bit of writer’s block and I still kind of do. I don’t like how I ended this but unfortunately that’s as far as I could get ): if you would like me to continue, let me know and I’ll try my hardest to figure something out. hope you enjoy!

Requested by: Anonymous.

Warnings: swearing???

Summary: y/n leaves J to become a detective but instantly regrets it when she has to hunt him down. she has to start off by asking his current girlfriend, Harley Quinn some questions.


oh, fucking great. y/n thought to herself as she read the file left on her desk.

she had been assigned to capture the Joker by her boss. she knew it would happen some day but she didn’t think it’d be so soon.

three months ago, y/n and J were together. as in, a couple. they were maybe even in love. they’ve been together for years except when y/n decided to call it quits. the life she was living with him just wasn’t for her. being a bad guy didn’t come natural for her and she hated every minute of it. the only reason she put up with it was because of her love for J. her dream job was always to become a police officer. J never supported it because that would make her an enemy. before she met J, she had already started her career on it, but once she became affiliated with the Joker, she had to quit.

now she’s back and better than ever. she even got promoted to a detective. she does miss him at times. ever since they broke up, he’s been wreaking havoc all over Gotham city. he was put in Arkham over a month ago. he escaped with the help of his psychiatrist. seems like she fell in love with him and became crazy. everyone’s heard the story and it shocks them because of the irony. y/n was upset when she saw the file on her desk and let it show when she confronted her boss.

she stormed out of her office and into a conference meeting he was in.

“Chief, can I speak to you for a sec?” she asked, with an distraught facial expression.

her boss noticed that she had a file in her hands. he looked at the file, then back at her.

“I’m in the middle of a conference here, y/n, can’t it wait?” he impatiently replied.

she narrowed her eyes.

“I’ll be waiting for you outside.” she left the room and did what she promised.

about a minute later, her boss came out.

“what the hell? are you trying to have me fired? i was in a very important meeting and—”

“what the hell is this?” she harshly whispered as she aggressively handed him the file.

they were in the middle of a hallway, filled with people walking back and forth so they couldn’t really argue loud.

he looked into the file and deeply sighed.

“okay, look—”

“there is no ‘okay, look’! you can’t have some bullshit excuse for this. I asked you not to give me this file and that’s exactly what you do.”

“will you let me speak? I had no choice, y/n. I get that you’re upset but my job is on the line here. I can’t be having favorites.”

“you’re not! you were just doing me ONE favor. that doesn’t mean anything.” she growled.

“you’re acting very unprofessional—”

“oh, don’t pull that shit on me! we had a deal, chief. it’s like you’re trying to make me quit!”

“you can’t quit, you’re the best we have. I’ll be working on the case with you. you just need to relax. we already have his girlfriend behind bars. we just gotta crack her so she can spill any type of information she has.” he looked at his watch. “look, I gotta get back to the meeting. we’ll talk later.” he handed the file back to her, and went back into the conference room.

she resisted the urge to scream in frustration. she and her boss had a deal. she’d come back to work, only if he’d keep her out of Joker cases. it was a win-win. only to come to work one day and find out that deal was broken.

she stormed back into her office and threw herself on her chair. she had begun thinking. thinking about the past.

y/n was at the dinner table. she was sitting on one end. she had a few suitcases at her feet. she was drinking a bottle of wine, trying to find the courage to tell J what she was going to do in it. she swirled it in her hand before taking another sip. she was waiting for J to get home from one of his heists.

it had been a couple of hours, but he made it. she drank half of the wine bottle and didn’t feel the least bit tipsy. when he came back, he and his henchmen were covered in blood and sweat. J was the last one to walk into the house.

“y/n? y/n,” he drew out her name in a sing-song voice. “I’m hooommeeee.” he laughed.

“in here.” she shouted. before he can walk in, she downed the rest of her drink.

J walked into the dining room and took in the sight before him.

“what’s this? we going on a vacation?” he says, leaning in to kiss her. she stopped him.

“not quite. um, actually, I wanted to talk to you about something.” she said as she got up.

J didn’t look very amused anymore. she signaled him to take a seat but he blew her off.

“okay, uh, well, I’ve been thinking and… and..” she sighed as her voice starting shaking.

“get to the point.” he growled.

“I think we should… take a break.” she whispered, hoping he didn’t hear her. it didn’t work.

he laughed as hard as ever had. “oh, doll, you’re so funny. now, come on, let’s go upstairs.” he replied seductively. he pulls her closer with one of his arms and starts kissing her neck.

“n-no, J, I-I’m serious.” she said, pushing him away a little.

he paused. she started getting pretty tense when he saw his facial expression change.

“take a break? what for?” he spoke slowly.

“well, not take a break.. more like.. break up…” she hesitantly responded.

“okay, I get it. you’re joke was funny once, you can stop now.” he snarled.

“I’m not joking. I-I’m leaving, J.” she said with a broken voice.

he scoffed. “no, you’re not.”

she shed a tear.

“yes, I am.. and you can’t stop me.. I’m just tired of this lifestyle. this whole thing isn’t for me and I should’ve thought twice before I decided to drop everything for you.” she sighed.

J seemed speechless at first. then anger took over. he took the bottle of wine and threw it at the wall behind y/n, inches away from her head. she gasped as she flinched.

“what the fuck?!”

he laughed, “HaHaHa, you’re not leaving me. nobody leaves me.” he growled. “you’re mine.”

“don’t make this harder than it needs to be.” she whispered as she shed a couple more tears.

“you know what? fine. get the fuck out of my house. I never want to see your fucking face again. you hear me?! never!” he shouted.

y/n was sobbing by this point. “J, wait, I’m sorry, but I have to, you have to understand—”

“I don’t have to understand shit! now, you don’t get to call me ‘J’ anymore. it’s Mr. J to you.” he stormed out of the dining room and up the stairs.

“I want all of your shit out of here! if it’s not, I’ll fucking burn it.” he shouted as he walked up the stairs.

y/n stood in the dining room, sobbing. she raised her hand up to her forehead as she thought about what she just did. she couldn’t fix it now. she got her suitcases and walked out of the house. she got into her car, the one she owned before she met Mr. J, and drove away.

a knock at her door startles her. she snaps out of her thoughts.

she cleared her throat. “come in.”

it’s her boss. she rolled her eyes as she saw him sit down in one of the chairs in front of her and her desk.

“okay, I know you’re upset about this case, but we have to do this. you’re not alone on this. you’re the best we have here. you won’t even have to see him! come on, I need you on this.” he said, convincing her.

she sighed when she finally gave in. “where and when do we start?”

he clapped and smiled with pride. “thatta girl! okay, as I said before, we have the girlfriend locked up right now. Dr. Harleen Quinzel. goes by Harley Quinn now. she’s at Arkham. all we gotta do is get some information out of her and we’re good. all you have to do is crack her and i’ll deal with the Joker later.”

“what kind of information?” y/n asked, slightly confused.

“the whole city is in constant fear. people know he’s out and they’re terrified of going out of their homes and even more, staying in. we need her to pass on some information on where he is. where he lives. where he hides out.” he says, leaning in the chair.

“well, how do you know that she’s gonna say anything?” she wasn’t very sure about this case.

“well, if she doesn’t, she goes to Belle Reve and we gotta do the dirty work ourselves. as we have been doing for years now. if she does, she stays at Arkham. way better than Belle Reve and that’s saying something.” he snorted.

“so you’re just trying to get information out of her so you don’t have to do the dirty work?” she asked, letting her judgement show.

“worth a try.” he casually replied.

she scoffed.

“I think this is a pretty bad idea, Chief. how’d you even get your hands on this girl?” she was curious since he was always so protective of y/n. how did he leave her out of his sight? maybe he’s different now.

“Batman got her. The Joker was speeding through the city with HQ by his side when he drove them into the lake and left her behind. Batman got her out.”

“well, that must’ve sucked.” she blanked out for a minute. Chief noticed.

“I’m sorry if this is opening up fresh wounds. we can have someone else do it—”

“no, it’s fine. I’m fine. let’s just get it over with.” she deeply sighed.

he nodded and they got up.

“where is she?” she says, opening the door to her office.

he closes it before she can open it all the way. “whoa, whoa, slow down there tiger.”

“what?” she replied irritated.

“we’re not doing this now, I have a lot to do this week, but maybe next week?” he scoffed.

“what?! I have to do a lot as well but this is at the top of my list.”

“I’m sorry, kiddo, can’t now. I do have to go though.” he says, anxiously checking his watch to see what time it was.

“next week.” he gave her a fake smile before he walked out.

she scoffed but decided not to make it a big deal.


Two weeks later…

she waited outside the interrogation room—where Dr. Quinzel was—for her boss. she was frustrated because she didn’t want to interact with her and her boss was a week late for the job.

she sighed in relief as she saw him down the hall, approaching her.

“where the hell have you been? you ask me to wait another week and you’re not even on time!” y/n said agitated.

“I’m sorry, I’ve been very busy and you know that. let’s just get this over with.” he replies with the same attitude.

she rolled her eyes and walked in. her boss went on the other side of the room where it was separated by a two-way mirror so he can keep an eye on her and write any information the suspect says.

y/n was anxious. she knew Harleen would bring up Mr. J in some way. she was nervous about her own reaction. what she’d do, what she’d say. she just had to brace herself for it. she doubted that Harleen would know who she was anyway.

“Dr. Harleen Quinzel?” she asked with a blank face as she sat down from the table across from her.

she was sitting down, hunched over. her back was facing y/n. her eyes widen as she notices her “property of J” tattoo on her back. she looked like she hadn’t showered in days, which she probably hasn’t. the blue and pink in her hair were faded. she had bruises all the over her body. she was wearing a tank and sweatpants that were from Arkham. her hair was a big mess. she didn’t even have shoes.

“nobody calls me that anymore.” she silently snapped.

y/n resisted the urge to go off on her. she took a deep breathe before asking her next question.

“I’m sorry, what would you prefer?” she asked, in a nice, soft toned voice.

“Harley. Just like my Puddin’ used called me.” she replied with a frown.

“your… Puddin’?” y/n asked judge mentally.

“yes, Mr. J.” her voice slightly broke.

“right. um, would you mind facing me?” y/n asked, trying not to show how annoyed she was.

Harley turned around bored. she looked like hell. her makeup was ruined and her eyes were bloodshot.

“Harley, you do realize what you did back in Arkham was a crime right?” she said, trying to knock some sense into the doctor.

Harley giggled. “we’re meant for each other.”

“can’t argue with that.” she replied with an attitude. “where’s he hiding, Harley? I know he’s in the city.”

Harley snorted. “ya ain’t gettin’ nothin’ from me.”

her accent was super thick, which annoyed y/n more.

“this isn’t you. tell me where he is, I can get you help, Dr.—”

“I told ya, nobody calls me that anymore!” Harley shouted in frustration.

y/n rolled her eyes. “you need to snap out of whatever this is. people at Arkham need you. you were one of the best ones there. you’re just gonna walk away from that for a man?!” she shouted back.

“yes.” Harley blankly replied.

y/n scoffed. “just tell me where he is, Harley. he deserves to be locked up.” she looked away at the end of her sentence.

“wait… ya look familiar.” she tilted her head to the side and studied her face.

she slammed her hands on the table, making y/n jump, as soon as she recognized her face.

“you’re the girl that broke my Puddin’!” she said as she rose up from her chair and pointed at her.


“ya know, he didn’t deserve to be left. and for what? to do this?” she asked, letting her judgment show.

“it’s not your business—”

she laughed. “oh, but it is when all he did was talk about you in therapy.” she said, annoyed. “but I cured him. and he’s all mine now.” she laughed once again.

y/n rose from her seat.

“how do you even know it was me?” she was starting to get angry.

“he had a picture of you.” Harley pouted. “I don’t know what all the hype was for you since all I see is a amateur brunette with daddy issues. if you loved him before, then you’re just as crazy as people say I am.” she snapped. “I know people that can help with the daddy issues and bad hair if you’d like too.” she giggled.

y/n was shocked. so shocked, she ignored Harley’s attempt to psychoanalyze her. she knew J had missed her, and knowing how stubborn he was, he wasn’t going to go after her, but she didn’t think he’d have a picture of her. Harley probably burned it or something, but y/n thought it was sweet. he seemed to be over her though. clearly. y/n wasn’t over him though. she finally admitted it to herself. now she has to deal with the consequences and possibly has to face him at least once, no matter how hard she tries to avoid it.


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Hosts + Ritsu's reaction to receiving flowers from their crush? like a single flower that just so happens to be thier favorite because their crush obviously listens and learns it. (cause i dunno if ive ever seen anything where their crush is the one doing something super romantic for them, its always the hosts being the romantic ones but gosh darn it lets see how they like it when their crush surprises them with CUTENESS and flowers ye)

- TWO REQUESTS IN ONE DAY?! I read this (it was next in line to be written) and i had to, its so cute~!

Tamaki: Horticulture was his favorite class of the day. Not only did he get to work with flowers, but he shared a desk with you, making more time to get to know you and allow you to fall for his princely charm. Tamaki always expected to sweep you off of your feet one day, and was surprised when one day you swept him off his own. 
You approached him with a beautiful blue flower, but explained how it could never compare to his eyes, making him burst into tears while hugging you.
Oh prince(ss)! Thank you so much! Allow me to take you on a dinner, where I can learn your favorite flower, and much more about you.

Kyoya: He ran into you during lunch, or rather, you ran into him. Kyoya was checking his appearance over in the mirror, getting ready to return to his hostly duties. You took a deep breath, knowing that since you couldn’t visit the host club today since it was over-booked,you would atleast get the guts to give this flower to your long-time crush. Exhaling you approached. Kyoya saw your figure in the mirror and turned to greet you, but was taken by surprise when you presented his favorite flower and tucked into his suit pocket. Giggling, you bowed and turned to go, only to stop when he grabbed your wrist.
Thank you, ____-chan. How would you like to grab a desert and tea with me? Overbooked? Never, I’ll always make time for you.

Mori: Mori loved to relax on the weekends at the park, on the bench by the pond where water lillies popped out. He loved the delicacy of the petals, leading you to be amused at how someone so strong and silent could like a such a beautiful, elegant flower. You saw him on his bench as you always did, and looked at the water lily you held in your hand. What if he actually liked the pond for the frogs? Or if he’d think you were creepy for knowing? Shaking those questions off you approached him, sitting beside him, before offering the flower to him. He grabbed it and smelt it, before smiling at you, and putting it above your ear, and leaving his hand to linger on your cheek.
It always reminded me of you, and it looks better than I could’ve imagined.”

Honey: Honey was still estatic from his bike ride with you the other day, you biked by all kinds of flowers, but stopped by the sunflowers. You made a joke saying how he was like a sun-flower, bright, impossible to miss, and always looked at the sun, the bright side. Honey was in the club room when you approached him with your hand behind your back. He ran up with a piece of cake for you and nearly dropped it as you presented the sunflower you had picked for him. He hugged you tightly, but backed off when you said something about crushing the flower.
_____-chan is so nice! Here, come have cake with me! I wanna put the flower in a vase so I can always remember how cute it is! Not as cute as you though, ____-chan!”

Hikaru: Hikaru always wondered if luck was real, and you were starting to make him think yes. He was stuck on setting up tables for the host club’s special dinner coming up, and you happened to volunteer to help. You both were busy putting the jewels on the backs of the drapes on the chairs, and he couldn’t keep himself from stealing glances at you. It was time to set up the center pieces when you hand caught his, just as he was about to place some plain white flower. You held up a bright red flower, saying how it would fit Hikaru’s table better, and he couldn’t wipe the smile off his face.
How’d you know it’s my favorite? Are you in love with me or something~? Heh, don’t worry ____-chan, I was planning on asking you for a date this weekend!”

Kaoru: Kaoru was nervous, it was his first time being alone with you. You two were walking through the town, doing whatever came to mind with the excuse of you needed a break from studying together. Kaoru hadn’t confessed his feelings fully, but he dropped hints. He also dropped his jaw as you grabbed his hand to hold, and led him to a field full of beautiful flowers, the same kind but all different colours. You sat, and fiddled with your hands as Kaoru sat as well, and asked how you knew these were his favorite. In responce, you held up the crown you had made from them, and placed it on his head.
Mymy, you always seem to blow me away, flower. Hmm? O-oh, it’s a nickname for you that I just came up with! I think it suits you, and here, you should wear this crown… you look breath-taking.”

Haruhi: You agreed to help the brunette shop for ingredients for dinner, excited to finally spend some time alone with her. Haruhi scanned the aisles with you, picking things out here and there and comparing prices of this or that. Her heart sped up when she glanced around and couldn’t find you. Figuring you had just left to find the bathroom made her feel better. Haruhi was surprised when you unexpectedly tapped her on the shoulder, and blushed when she saw you holding her favorite flower, saying it was a necessity for dinner.
“D-don’t scare me like that! No, I’m not blushing, shut up! Of, of course it’s necessary for dinner, I love it… Thank you.”

Kasanoda: Ritsu was used to making flowers wilt in his presence, his permanent angry face seemingly too intimidating for even nature to with-stand. He always thought you were different though, you never wilted from his scowl, you even made it go away. You always blossomed in his view and made him feeling fluttery on the inside. Ritsu thought his stomach would burst from the butterflies when you approached him with a beautiful flower that he recognized. Blushing as you gave it to him, he hugged you tightly.
I think you’re the most beautiful flower ever! You never wilt! And I’ll never let anything make you wilt, ever! I promise I’ll protect you. W-wah? Y-yes, I’m saying I like you! Alot!”  

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how would seventeen take care of you if you were on your period ?

as I can relate, I just finished mine lol, tmi? probably.  lets assume you have bad cramps with your period and lose motivation, but the boys dont seem to understand it’s not the end of the world lol. written as boyfriends

Scoups - would bring you chocolates and soup to try and help the pain. He would offer to cuddle with you on the couch or even settle for an arm around your shoulders because he wants you to feel safe and comfortable. 

Jeonghan -  would attempt at distracting you from your monthly mayhem. He’d whine at your lack of attention towards him, serenading and cracking jokes until you can only focus on him, whether that be trying to get him to shut up, or laughing.

Joshua - would take a more practical approach, texting you “open ur door” with a bag of medicine and ice cream. He’d be down for having a meaningful conversation, because we all know how a lot goes through your mind at that time. 

Woozi - would hide the fact hes worried about you. He would try to drag you out of the house because some good ole fresh air is sure to help anything. If he is too busy to visit, he’d constantly be texting you to make sure nothing was worse than imagined. (like you think it’s cramps but it’s actually a stomach issue)

Mingyu - honestly wouldn’t even realize you were on your period until the umpteenth time of him trying to take you on a date gets rejected. replying to his texts “my cramps are just killing me :(” Would then later show up unannounced with a good movie and your favorite snacks. 

Wonwoo - would use sad excuses for aegyo to try and put the smile back on your face. Of course it would work, because who can’t fall for Wonwoo. You’d be curled up on his lap, on the brink of sleep when he has the epiphany to sing you a lullaby, only to pick the wrong song (Lucifer).

Hoshi -  would be super caring and sweet, sending you picture that made him laugh in attempts to get you to smile. “Babe, are you sure you’re ok? TT” He wouldn’t be able to stop thinking about you, which would happen even of your period, and show up with blankets for a sleepover.

Minghao - would be tumblrs dream man, bringing hot pizza along with his hot looks. Along with a surprise teddy bear, Minghao would want to make everything easier for you, offering to get more blankets, “should I put on a movie?” but right after the pizza end up crashing on the floor.

Jun - would be flirty and silly just to make you whine “Junnnnnn, what are you doing” to which his response would be “trying to win your heart, but I think I already have it.” and proceed to kiss you. You’d pretend his affection wasn’t helping, just to have him show more. Constantly be offering you hot drinks, and asking the other members to be quiet, if you were at his dorm, so you wouldn’t get a headache.

Seungkwan - wouldn’t take your whines as the drama queen himself, he’d tell you to sit down and shut up in your kitchen as he makes you something he’s decided to ‘whip up’. Would be singing and talking nonstop, stopping from to peaking back to make sure you were ok, and listening.

Dk - would act like he doesn’t believe your pain, but is stealing glances to make sure it’s not too bad. He’d act extra sweet, planning something to do during the day in case you wanted to get out of the house, but he’d also have delivery on speed dial on the other chance of you wanting to spend the night in.

Vernon - ill be honest, as soon as you text him “sorry idk if im up to it, bad cramps.” he would be like “ok, lets hang after then.” BUT, on the day you can finally meet up in person, he’d had something small with him like a few flowers, or picture of a cute dog that reminded him of you. would make up for everything with extra fun dates.

Dino - would not know what to do and end up going all out with a bunch of research because he wants to show how much he loves you. You would end up with heating packs, pomegranate gum and Russian tea because he read online somewhere that it works. After you tell him he didn’t have to do all of this, he’d pout and whine your name “can’t I show my baby I love them?”


choc-chip-pancakes  asked:

Hi! First, I wanted to say I'm a huge fan of your blog, I've been lurking as anon for a long time. Second, you watch Rick and Morty, right? Would you recommend it? I've been thinking of starting it, but I'm not sure if I'll like it. :P

Ahhh, good old Rick and Morty.  Okie dokie, there’s actually a bit I have to say about that!

The first time I tried Rick and Morty, I actually didn’t like it all too much. I’ve never been someone for crude adult cartoons, and while the pilot was…intriguing to me, the second episode was just a bit too vulgar for my tastes (at some parts, at least. Though it WAS insanely funny).

I stopped watching the show for quite a while after that, thinking it just wasn’t my kind of thing.  Around the time season 2 rolled around, though, a good friend of mine (as well as many tweets by Alex Hirsch) finally persuaded me to give it another shot.  Thus, the binge watching began.

I kinda felt like I was trudging through it until episode eight of season one, Rixty Minutes.  The special thing about that ep is that it’s almost completely improvised (so it was freaking hysterical), and actually has a really meaningful and heartfelt subplot that surprised me.  That was probably what prompted me to stick around, and the second half of season one was significantly better.  However, I still didn’t consider myself completely in love with the show (aside from the episode “Close Rick-Counters of the Rick Kind.” but that’s a whole ‘nother fantastic story.)

By the end of the first season, I was still a bit on the fence, but decided since the first few episodes of season two were out, I might as well start those too.

And then the relentless emotional bond began.

Episode one shocked me with its amazingly unique format and some surprisingly heart-wrenching moments, episode two was funny as all heck and super intriguing, and episode three…

…Let’s just say there were tears.

From then on, I was hooked.  Despite the crudeness and vulgarity the show sometimes offered, the characters had so much depth and the story lines were so creative that practically everything else could be excused.  Plus, the dialogue is so natural and fantastic, and the show as a whole is downright hilarious.

As of today, Rick and Morty is my second favorite show (under Gravity Falls, of course), and looking back on the episodes I previously found mediocre or over-the-top, I kinda love them now.  I think even if you’re not one for adult cartoons, it definitely helps once you get used to the show overall.  Granted, there are a few scenes that are still…well…an experience (any R&M fan can tell you the horrors of Mr. Jellybean), but all those aren’t too bad amidst the surprising heart and humor that the show blossoms into.

Bottom line, Rick and Morty is definitely worth a shot, even if those kind of shows aren’t your cup of tea. I recommend you to at least get into the beginning of season two (there are only 11 episodes in the first season anyway).  If you don’t like it by the first few S2 episodes, then feel free to let it go, but I still highly encourage holding out until then.

And if you do enjoy it? Well…

Just have some tissues ready for the season two finale.

Sebastian Stan Request

hii! can you please write an imagine with sebastian stan where him and the reader are married and they’ve just had their first son and they take him for a walk in a park, and it’s all cute and stuff (and maybe some people recognize them cuz they’re both famous)?? love your blog!! 💗

Hey love!! Can you please write a Sebastian Stan x reader where they’re married and they’re just like out in NY together and some fans see them and they’re just really cute to them or something (also the fans see them being cute together, like just the two of them, before they go talk to them)?? Love your blog!!!

You knelt down and put the little hat on your three month old son, Danny. “Now we’re ready for our walk, huh,” you smiled down at the little boy smiling toothless up at you. “Seb, you ready,” you called to your husband.

He walked to you and Danny by the front door, “Ready. Aw, look at him; he’s so smiley.”

“He’s one happy baby,” you told him. You two stowed the diaper bag at the bottom of the stroller and made your way out of the apartment and to Central Park.

“It’s a beautiful day today,” Sebastian sighed and stretched his hands up. “Perfect weather, perfect place, and perfect little family.”

“I don’t know about us being perfect but I know that he is,” you grinned down at Danny. You three walked the park and stopped at the pond. “Want to see some ducks, Danny?” You picked him up from the stroller and watched his face as he took in all the new sights around him. It was his first time seeing the park and the ducks and big trees that were in it.

“That look on his face is my favorite thing,” Seb muttered to you.

The two of you stood looking at your son as his eyes flicked back and forth taking everything in.

“Excuse me,” a shy girl spoke up with two friends behind her, “I’m sorry to interrupt but we are really big fans. We just wanted to say hello and that we love you guys.”

“Aw, thank you, that’s so sweet. What’re your names,” Sebastian asked. They blushed as they told you guys.

“What are you guys up to today,” you asked.

“We thought we’d take a walk in the park before we go shopping and load up on bags,” another girl told you.

“As a woman I understand and think that was a great decision; walk before you shop and have to carry all those heavy bags.”

“And as the husband that has to carry half of them I also think that’s a good idea,” the three erupted in laughter.

“Do you mind if we get a picture real quick?”

“Not at all,” you smiled. The three of you leaned in around the girls and you even got Danny to give a toothless grin.

“Thank you guys so much! It was awesome to meet you,” one said.

“And can I just say that you guys are so cute together,” another said, “Have a great day.”

“Thank guys, you too. It was really nice to meet you,” Seb said.

You all finally got home and you let Danny play on the floor. You sunk onto the couch next to Seb who had a big grin on his face as he passed his phone to you, “Look at this.” On the screen was Seb’s Instagram where hundreds of copies of the picture you had taken in the park were posted. You clicked on one of the pictures and couldn’t help but smile as you saw your little family and the great fans smiling together, your toothless son and all.

Some more Ladybug Fanfic recommendations! :) 

So, the other day, I was asked what were some of my favorites off the top of my head, I felt like I didn’t rec enough people. Well, there comes this post!

Well, excuse me, princess by @metawohoo

This fic is a gem. Like, I’ve never laughed so much. It’s a Chloe/Nathaniel fic with some Ladynoir in the background, but honestly it’s halirous. While Chloe goes through some character development, she never changes and Nathaniel gains a backbone, he feels more at ease. Just read it. 

Just read anything by @soundofez

Let me just say, that Ez is really cool. Not only does she draw, but she is writing everyday for an entire year. You’ll find lots of little fics, little snapshots and moments. It’s amazing. 

I know you by @ladybugandblackcat

This fic is just stunning. You feel as if you really are with Chat as he travels through Paris and lands up on Marinette’s balcony. It’s sweet. It’s kind. It’s totally wonderful.

 Mon Minou by @lastroseofspring

A drabble series of our Love Square. She’s aiming for 100 days, but so far, each chapter is fun and interesting. She gets Marinette and Adrien so well and they are so in character. It makes me happy. 

Without Anesthesia  by @just-watch-me-hachiko

I am so ready for the next chapter. It is a WW2 fic, but you can just tell how much effort and time they spent looking up medical terms and getting it right. It is fantastic. 

le petit soleil by @equalistmako

 One where Adrien starts to Marinette, but he just feels so him while he does so? Besides that this is beautifully written, it feels real. Like this is a teenager. It’s wonderful.

things left unsaid by @tei-gen

Read this if you want pain. That is all I need to say. 

It’s Miraculous, Really by @littlewitchlulu

This drabble series is fun. It’s done alphabet style, but each one shot feels very complete. Lots of good times. I look forward to each update. 

a break in our rhythm by @eruriku 

This was such a great read. I really loved the sound imagery in this story. Made me want to write better too. But it’s a nice reveal fic.

Anyway, these authors are great! Keep your eye out for them! I really enjoyed what I have read from them :)

anonymous asked:

What is the best thing about writing for cracked?

  • Before I ever published a single article for Cracked I would read the columns from Dan and Seanbaby and Brockway and Bucholz, I would watch Michael do Cracked TV and it was intimidating because not only were they each uniquely funny, they were all quietly real writers. Their structure, their pace, their word choices were so careful and precise that I thought, “I’ll never be able to do this. They’ll know. They’ll know I’m not supposed to be here.” But they couldn’t have been nicer or more encouraging when I started writing. The first article I ever wrote was a guest column because Dan asked me to fill in for him on Thanksgiving. When I asked him what I was allowed to write about he shrugged and said, “Anything, I trust you.”
  • Over the past few years as a columnist, there are a handful of articles I look back on proudly because I think they are smarter than anything else I’ve written, and inevitably David Wong or Jack O’Brien are at least partially responsible for all of them. Each time I turned to David or Jack with a bunch of loose ideas, they somehow knew how it all fit together immediately, like they already figured it out years ago and now they were just helping some slower kid with his homework. 

If I push the thousands of reasons why Cracked is one of the best things that ever happened to me off the table and just leave my favorite, it’s everyone I work with. When you are surrounded by people who are better than you, it makes you want to be better every day. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go write a drunk column about which birds look like they fuck the best.

strag  asked:

did you seriously just call people that can't speak english "damn slacks" that are lazy and incompetent... holy shit

That’s what YOU interpreted. It is not my fault how you understand my words.

These people complain that they don’t know/understand English, and when I ask them about it they just say: “it’s just that I am not interested in learning it LOL :v xDDD” (these were comments that were in Spanish) And I am a Hispanic person, some people have even used that as an excuse to read something illegal. My English is not very fluent as you can see, but I am interested in learning it, because there are many things that are not translated into Spanish and can only be found only in English ….

That gave me the motivation to start learning English, if I wait for my favorite book to be translated into Spanish (many of them have not even been translated) then when will I have the opportunity to read them?

And as a person who speaks Spanish and is learning English I’ve had to live the typical:

“Oh do you speak English, do you now feel very important, do not you?”
“We are in (incert my county) here we speak Spanish”
“Why do you want to learn to speak *insert here language* here you don’t speak that, you don’t need it”

So for me it is common to see people who are upset when things are not translated into Spanish. There are even people who are angry with Youtubers because they speak English and sometimes make videos in English! For an English audience and get angry that they don’t put subtitles to Spanish!!

All those are simply excuses, so please if you take this as something offencive. It’s not my fault….

but if is necessary then I apologize.

anonymous asked:

Grant Ward is not a goddamn nazi he's an abuse victim.

Wow! I’ve had a long busy day and I get home and go on tumblr to relax and the first thing I see is Anon Hate.
Anon Hate from a Stand With Ward-er.
Nicest fandom who never bullies other people, my ass!

And maybe tagging this Grant Ward makes me just as big of an asshole as you are, but you and your fellow villain-woobifiers need to realize that SENDING ANON HATE REALLY DOESN’T HELP PEOPLE LIKE YOU!!!!

And now that we have THAT out of the way…

1) I personally have never said he’s a Nazi. That’s something other people say, but I genuinely don’t really have an opinion on that subject either way.
Some argue that Hydra are Nazis and some argue that they aren’t, and I could care less because regardless of who or what they are, Hydra. Is. Bad. And Ward is Hydra. Therefore, simple deductive reasoning would indicate that Ward is bad.
Is Ward a Nazi? Who the hell knows. Hydra is canonically worse than the Nazis were, but I really don’t care either way. Is Ward bad? Well duh! Sorry, but in my book if you murder innocent people/try to murder innocent people/willingly ally yourself with a group of people who does that for a living, you are a bad person.
That includes a myriad of many of my own favorite characters (Ward being listed among them). I love them for being bad.

2) I also never said Ward isn’t an abuse victim. But do you wanna know exactly how many murders that undoes? Zero!
Let me say that again to get it through your head.
Being an abuse victim does not undo murder.
Nor does being an abuse victim EXCUSE murder.
I’ll say that again too just to make sure you heard it.
Being an abuse victim does not EXCUSE murder!

Would you like me to name some characters who were a victims of abuse and did NOT turn into murderous assholes?
Clint Barton.
Bruce Banner.
Tony Stark.
I admittedly don’t know as much about Clint as I do the other two, but he was abused as a kid and STILL did not become a murderous asshole. Instead he became a hero.
Bruce Banner literally saw his mother murdered by his drunken father. And that isn’t even the worst thing that that man did to him. But he STILL did not become a murderous asshole. He became a hero. Even before being an Avenger, he was a hero, because a hero is somebody who will go out of their way to help others like he was doing at the very beginning of The Avengers.
Tony Stark was abused via neglect. His parents never had time for him, and his only friend was the family butler. Ever wonder why his computer system is named JARVIS and now HOWARD? Hint: it’s because Tony Stark’s father abused him (via neglect). Jarvis was his only real father. But he STILL did not become a murderous asshole. He had the potential to, but instead he became a hero.
Let me list one more person: Bucky Barnes.
That man was literally tortured and brainwashed for DECADES, but the INSTANT he had an opportunity to make a choice of his own, he chose the way of a hero and saved Steve’s life.

Now let’s look at Grant Ward.
Grant Ward was bullied by his brother. I am not going to bring his “my parents were worse” line into this because he was trying to con Skye, so who knows if that statement was true or not. But he was bullied by his brother. When he was old enough he was sent to military school which he ran away from because he wanted to murder his brother by setting his house, which his brother was inside, on fire. Because of that he was sent to juvie, and escaped their with the help of John Garrett.
He was then left in the woods (with a clear way back to civilization - and if you don’t believe that then please explain to me how he was able to steal all of those supplies), and was subsequently trained by Garrett to be the specialist we met on the show.

Nowhere in that list of events do I see something that will cause me to excuse Ward’s actions or decide that he’s not a bad guy JUST because he ONLY murdered people.
Grant Ward is a bad guy.
And you can NOT blame that all on Garrett because Ward attempted murder BEFORE Garrett entered his life.
Let me say that again to make sure you got it.
Grant Ward was attempted murder BEFORE John Garrett entered his life.

Being An Abuse Victim Does Not Excuse Murder!

Being An Abuse Victim Does Not Make You Incapable Of Choosing The Right Thing.

Being An Abuse Person And Being A Bad Guy Are Not Mutually Exclusive!

Being An Abuse Victim Does Not Automatically Make You A Good Person!

Now fuck off and leave me alone.

Pregnancy Series #6: Mood swings

A/N: Why are none of you guys requesting? Ships/prefs/imagines requests are always open!

Harry: You were sitting on your couch, watching some hilarious tv show. You were laughing when Harry walked in, holding a bag of groceries. He pulled out a container of roast chicken, your favorite food. Seeing the chicken made the laughter die off for some reason. You felt your eyes well up with tears. You were overwhelmed with the sudden outburst of sadness in your system. That chicken was dead, so you could eat it. Tears rolled down your cheeks. You looked up to see Harry looking at you with a worried expression on his face. “y/n? You okay? Why are you crying, babe? I bought you your favorite food!” Harry said. He set down the grocery bags and reached out, wrapping his arms tightly around your wasit. “That chicken died,” you sobbed into his chest. “It must be the hormones,” Harry chuckled, bending down to kiss your forehead lovingly. “God, I feel so stupid,” you muttered.

Liam: You were literally having the best day ever. You jumped around your flat all day, giggling like an excited five-year-old girl every time Liam said something. You and Liam decided to go get Chinese take-out for lunch. You ordered your favorite, as always. “Sorry, but we’re out of stock for that dish. I’m so sorry.” You stood there in shock. That was your usual. You got that dish every single time. You felt your eyes fill with tears. “Excuse me,” you muttered. You walked into the girl’s room, sobbing violently. You had no idea why you were crying so much. It was just a dish, you could get it some other time. “y/n, you okay?” you heard Liam’s worried voice. You quickly wiped your face and walked out. “Oh my god, I completely embarrassed myself. That lady must think I’m crazy,” you said. “It’s the hormones, baby. It’s not your fault.”

Niall: You looked behind you to find big, pink fluffy wings. Niall flew next to  you, giant smile on his face. He had the same wings, except his were blue. He laughed. You laughed. You woke to find Niall next to you, his blue eyes boring into yours. You could feel something wet on your cheeks. Tears. They were endless streams falling down your cheek. Why were you crying? That dream was happy and innocent, something a little girl would have. “Princess, why are you crying?” he asked, reaching to wipe the tears. “I don’t know,” you shook your head. You buried your face in his strong, muscular chest. “Do all girls do this? Cry for no reason when they’re pregnant?” Niall whispered. You could feel his chest shake with laughter. “Shut up,” you murmured, wiping your tears on Niall’s already tear-stained shirt,

Louis: You were watching The Titanic, a movie that always made you cry. You were having a lazy day with Louis, and you were cuddled up next to him on the couch. You had a sudden flash in your head of Louis dancing, wearing a Hawaiian leaf skirt. You didn’t know why, it was a stupid imagine and the movie was sad, but you burst out into a huge fit of laughter. You spit out the bits of popcorn in your mouth. Louis frowned as you bet over, laughing hysterically. “y/n?” he asked, worried. He rubbed his hand against your back, but that only made you laugh harder. It tickled. “You okay? You’re acting a bit like Niall,” he said warily. You couldn’t talk, you were still bent over, laughing. “Why are you laughing? You always cry when you watch this.” you shook your head as your laughter died down. “I don’t know, must be the hormones.”

Zayn: You got home from a girl’s day out with Eleanor and Sophia. You arrived with bunch of new baby clothes and baby supplies. You walked into the dining room to find Zayn eating steak. Oh, right, ,it was dinnertime. Then you saw the meat that Zayn was shoving into his mouth. Something that was alive, then was killed. A single drop of tear fell down your cheeks. You let out a sniffle. Zayn turned around. “You’re here, y/n! Why are you crying?” he asked. He put his fork down and walked across the room to hug you. You rested your head on the crook of his neck. You sobbed, staining his shirt. You had absolutely no idea why you were crying. The idea of eating meat just cracked your heart open. “What’s wrong?” Zayn asked, rubbing your back. “I’m fine, I just have mood swings,” you said.