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Shadowhunters Meme: [1/1] ultimate parental figure

Luke Garroway» “Wait a second,“ Clary said. "I never understand why people say that,” Luke said, to no one in particular. “I wasn’t going anywhere.”

Hey guys💛 so I just want to apologize for the first version of this. Her skin came out a lot paler than it looked when I was coloring it on photoshop and I don’t know why. I had no intention of white washing her.

(( final request is done!!! @thetrashierpanda requested the batfamily cosplaying a different cartoon so I picked gravity falls since it’s one of my favorites :00 also look I finally remembered to draw Alfred’s glasses how about that

again,, thank you guys so so much for 1000+ followers!!! I’m over 1100 now which is honestly completely unreal and I can’t thank u guys enough for being so great,,, these requests were really fun to do and tomorrow I’ll get back to our regularly scheduled asks!! ^^ ))


bonus haruka papa & michiru mama:


Space children and their adoptive space parents lol So I was able to finish these after resting and eating food, my headache went away. I hoping the next time I draw them all it will be better and on the computer. I had fun! Pidge came out especially adorable, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

This week is going to be really hard, I don’t know how much if any art I’ll do. So have this for now~

TJeff and Mads is my problematic OTP

This is a sketch that got way out of hand. I just wanted to draw Jefferson in sweats ;-;

pst click for better quality

You’re On

Note: Here’s some Daveed sin. This is an idea I had a while back. I’m adding this one to my list of favorites. Hope y’all enjoy.

Request: Could you do 14 with Daveed but make it nsfw? I love ur blog btw!!

Word Count: 2357

Pairing: Daveed x Reader

Warnings: smut with lots of buildup, language

You and Daveed had been dating for a while and things were going great. It was a fun relationship. You two teased each other often, your wits matched each other’s perfectly, and Daveed was everything you could ask for. It was cheesy, but it was true.

You entered his dressing room and saw Daveed with his back turned to you, talking to Anthony and Oak.

“You have to make her want it. Be dominant. Whenever I want it, Y/N does anything and everything I ask.” Daveed said proudly. You could practically hear the smirk on his face.

A bit of anger sparked inside you and you leaned against the doorway with your arms crossed. Anthony and Oak were aware of your presence, not saying a word to Daveed as he kept bragging on about how he could get you to do whatever he wanted in bed.

“Excuse me?!” You said, narrowing your eyes at him as he quickly turned around, surprised. Daveed straightened up, trying to play it cool.

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Sketch request from last week’s livestream. There were some great requests and we all had a lot of fun, but by far the best suggestion was for a heavy metal troll that soon spiraled out of control. Some brainstorming later we determined he’s a badass necromancer, raising the dead with his magical (three-stringed, because troll) guitar and some SICK SHREDDING!!

This one will definitely be modified, cleaned up, and made available as a T-shirt or print in my RB store in the future. I may even clean it up on a stream.

World of Warcraft © Blizzard
Characters and Artwork © Shamine Athena King
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don’t ask what’s going on in this because i actually do not know. i was just doodling? 

buuut hey does anyone remember this show? i was hardcore into it back in high school but don’t really remember anything about my participation in the fandom like at all… but i do remember the fans were a great group and super fun. i’m probably gonna marathon this show to refresh my memory, so!!

sem-dinheiro-e-sem-pa  asked:

Hi! Can i send two prompts? First: shatt, meeting again. And Shklance, incecurity. Love your writting, XO

Of course you can!

(reminder that these fills tend to be platonic :3 )

“You’re alive,” Shiro blurts, utterly stunned.

“You’re alive,” Matt overlaps, equally fast and joyful. “What the hell are you wearing?!”

The black bayard lays on the table in front of them, silent and waiting.

Keith swallows.

“You can do this,” Lance says.

(Send me a prompt and I’ll write a three-sentence ficlet!)    

4 days on this and my eyes are just gone

BUT i was determined to finish this

I wanted to draw them together so bad (And since on my last DA ship poll the winner was Lapidot….) and litterally drew their poses 4 or 5 times before I nailed it (drawing short Peri holding Lapis is harder than I thought).

Now I’m soooo glad I finished it but my eyes are burning now :d They were fun to draw tho, especially Lapis (I felt a great satisfaction while coloring her hair ;-;)…

Oh and, yeah. That’s not the last Lapidot fanart you’ll see from me. The more I see them the more I ship them :>

"Thank you for being here." (Ethan)

Requested by anonymous: “could you do an imagine where you’re on tour and Ethan has a really bad panic attack before going on stage and grayson can’t help so he asks you?


trigger warning: anxiety/panic attack


You had been on tour for the past few months with the twins and you were having a great time. Being with the twins was always fun so being able to experience tour with them was amazing. It was early Saturday morning, and you had just woken up in the hotel room in the city where the twins’ show was that night.

"Mmm, good morning baby.” You heard Ethan mumble as you rolled over.

“Good morning.” You smiled as you pushed his hair out of his face. You lied in bed with him, chit chatting until Grayson woke up so you could go get breakfast.

After breakfast, and once you all got ready, you headed to the venue to start to get ready for the show. Once everything was set up, you and the boys just hung out backstage. As it got closer to show time, you walked around the venue and watched as everyone began to file in. There was a part of the show where some fans could come on stage and take part in a challenge with the boys, and you got to pick who got to come up on stage. After you chose the fans, you hung out in the crowd for a while, some fans recognizing you and asking to take pictures with you. You went off to the merch booth and hung out there before the show started. You were talking with one of the workers when you felt your phone buzz in your pocket, alerting you of a text from Grayson.

“(Y/N), we need you backstage, right now.” The text read. You walked backstage and Grayson came running up to you.

“Grayson, what’s wrong?” You asked.

“It’s Ethan. He’s freaking out and I can’t get him to calm down.” He said. You ran backstage and saw Ethan balled up on the sofa, he knees pressed against his chest.

“Baby, talk to me. What’s wrong?” You said, rubbing his back. He rocked himself back and forth, not speaking.

“I can’t breathe. My chest hurts.” He said in between short breaths. You sat there for a minute, talking to him and trying to calm him down. You eventually got him to stand up and you took him out a back exit to get some fresh air. He sat down on the ground, his legs shaking too much to keep him up. You sat next to him and he wrapped himself in your arms. You sat there with him for a while as his breathing finally began to slow and his body stopped shaking.

“Are you okay?” You asked. He sat up and nodded.

“I don’t know what happened. I never have panic attacks like that.” He explained once he finally caught his breath.

“This is a bigger crowd than what you’ve had so far. Your nerves must’ve just gotten to you.” You said.

“I guess so.” He said, leaning his forehead on yours. “Thank you.” He said, kissing you. “For being here for me.”

“Of course, baby.” You said with a smile.

“I really appreciate it. Like, you really have no idea. I know Grayson tries, and I appreciate him for that, but nothing soothes me and makes me feel better than the sound of your voice. It always calms me down.” He said, kissing you again.

“Good, I’m glad.” You said, running your fingers through his hair. “You ready to go back inside and get this show started?” You asked. He nodded and stood up, pulling you into his arms, hugging you tight.

“I love you.” He said.

“I love you too.” You said. You and Ethan walked back inside and met back up with Grayson.

“Hey, is everything okay?” He asked.

“Yep, Everything is fine. Now, let’s get this show started.” Ethan smiled. He kissed you on the forehead and him and Grayson headed out on stage. You made your way into the audience and watched the show from the crowd. You loved watching them on stage because it made you so happy to see them enjoying themselves and having a good time, putting on their show for their fans.

Ragethirst highlights: Legend of the Fist

This movie was actually really good? I mean, Donnie Yen singlehandedly won WWI, so that was fun. But the plot was fascinating, the characters were great, it was heartbreaking and lovely and just an overall good movie.

That being said, there were some definite highlights.

  • The costumes. Holy fuckballs, the costumes. Donnie needs to be banned from wearing waistcoats, it does terrible things to us. Also he is blocked forever thanks to that fucking bomber jacket.
  • Kiki. We are all. So gay for Kiki. 
  • This film was basically a mashup of Casablanca and Batman.
  • Donnie is Kato.
  • I looked away from the chat for two minutes to try and focus on the movie, and when I glanced back, they were gleefully discussing rimming, felching, and snowballing. 
  • The weird cut when Donnie left the girl and the score began to play and we legit all thought the girl had just burst out into operatic music. 
  • Torture Butt™
  • So many emotional whiplashes. Sad to funny to heartbreaking to action to more sad.
  • I still don’t even understand how it happened, but Jo and Sarah outlined a High School Musical AU of Rogue One. 
  • Donnie’s mustache was an experience. Donnie taking off the mustache was a sexual awakening.

You’re welcome.