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Shit my Mom says: Shadowhunters 2.08
  • Mom: He's so handsome.
  • Mom: I bet the magic would be stronger if he had his shirt off.
  • Mom: Why does he wear clothes?
  • Mom: He has a really nice voice.
  • Mom: I really enjoyed that episode; I can't wait for the next one.

one time, this was like 8 years ago, i saw this butchy/androgynous girl coming out of the ladies’ bathroom at Nordstroms while I was going in. And at first glance i thought they were a boy. my first thought was “oh shit, am i heading into the wrong bathroom, i wasn’t paying attention…” <— notice, not assuming “this other person must be wrong”. 

then i looked at the person again and realized they were gorgeous. like kind of ruby rose looking??!! that was the sum total of my reaction. “holy shit wowwww dreamyyyy”

and she saw my startled double-take, like I’m sure ready for this stranger (me) to give them some shit but my face was like 

her face went from apprehensive to “ah, yes, i forgot i have that affect on people~”

she grinned and fucking winked at me.

it was the second-most romantic, shoujo shit to ever happen to me.


Observer photo shoot - 2016
at the BAM Harvey Theater in Brooklyn, New York

Photo credits: 
- Emily Assiran (Photographer - Observer Photo Shoot)
- Ken Kurson (Observer Editor-in-Chief - behind-the-scenes of the photo shoot)


I knew a lady very like your sister — the same impulsive sweetness of temper — who was forced into, as you put it, a better acquaintance with the world. The result was only ruination and despair. Do not desire it, Miss Dashwood.



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Abby Griffin in every episode | 3x09 Stealing Fire

“I won’t let this happen to you.”