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Family Dinner

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Pairing: Zach Dempsey x Reader

Request: “43 – Zach Dempsey”


43. “I didn’t bring you here to tease me.”

Word count: 1.339

Posted: 25th of May 2017

A/N: Another Zach imagine, but I excuse myself if you find some grammar errors. It’s 01:12 and I am so sleepy. I wanted to post something and I read the imagine to correct it, but my eyes are closing by themselves. Sorry!
Anyways, I am listening to Miles’ podcast while I was writing this, until now, and I am really enjoying it. His voice is angelic and I love him so freaking much, aw. Boyfriend backstories, though. I really need Miles and I need him to be more active in social medias. Ah, the feels.
Last thing: I hope you enjoy the imagine, although I think that it’s boring, but enjoy! Thank you, guys!

P.S.: I am not accepting any part 2 requests for my prompt imagines. Sorry.

- G. x

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Warning: (Y/L/N) is Your Last Name.

“Dinner is almost ready, guys!” Karen, your boyfriend’s mum, shouted from the kitchen as she prepared some delicious food for you and the family. You wanted to help her, also as a token of your gratitude, but she declined your offer. It bothered you, but she insisted that you were a guest and guests usually shouldn’t do anything when they were welcomed in the Dempsey’s residence.

“Alright, mum!” Zach answered happily and relieved because his stomach was already growling loudly for hunger. You told him to eat a snack before going home but he didn’t listen to you, being the hard-headed guy that he was.

You both got up from the couch and you made your way to the dining room. The table was well-set, cutleries and glasses at their right places, and his sister, May, was already sitting on her usual place. You wandered your eyes around the room and you noticed that his mum really prepared too much for the dinner. She cleaned every angle of the room and the floor was brightly shining.

“Love birds!” May exclaimed to tease her brother. Zach was a reserved person when it came to his family. He didn’t keep secrets from his mother, but he was shy and quiet type of guy with them. He never showed them his naughtiness, that would come out only when he was with you alone, at school or in bed, obviously. He didn’t like divulging information about his relationship status in front of his family, mostly with his mother’s presence. “How was your cuddling session going there?”

“May!” Zach approached and he rolled his eyes. You softly giggled for your boyfriend’s actions and red-tinted face. He was obviously embarrassed and, luckily, his mother was too concentrated on what she was doing.

“What?” His sister looked at the two of you as you sat on your respective places and her eyeballs swung back and forth between you and Zach. She was observing your actions and you couldn’t deny that she was a good observer. She had the capacity to observe and to reflect, to remember and to picture the happenings. “It was just an innocent question.”

“Innocent? Right.” Zach huffed and glared at you as soon as he heard your soft laugh. “You are way too young to know these things, May.” And, that time, you knew that he was being overprotective and cosseting brother. He has always been and you found it sweet and cute.

“Zach, she’s not two anymore. She hears things like these in middle school. Do you know that?” You defended May against his brother and she nodded her head to confirm your statements, totally agreeing with you. You caressed your vexed boyfriend’s hand to calm him, letting him know that you weren’t against him, but you were just stating a fact.

“(Y/N) is right, Zach! You’ve been a Middle School student too, you should know what’s going on in those halls and classrooms.” May supported your opinion and you both laughed as you saw Zach rolling his eyes and you heard him huffing, defenceless.

“Stop the blabbering now, the food is ready.”  His mother blurted out as she stood in front of the dining table with a bowl in her hands.  

She attentively put the bowl in the middle of the table, trying not to spill the food. Zach helped her to get the remaining food from the kitchen counter. After all, he was a great, responsible and educated son. His mother grew him well and you would never stop thanking her for raising a civilized and knowledgeable son like Zach.

You then started to eat, doing his family’s daily routines before every meal. You wanted to respect his family, of course. Your parents raised you well and they somehow taught you some good manners.

“So, what were you talking about?” Zach’s mother asked as you chewed your food thoroughly, avoiding the annoying sound that you could possibly have made by chewing.

“Nothing, Mum!” Zach blushed as panic wrapped his body. He was embarrassed and he surely didn’t want to let her know what the chitchatting before was all about.

“Oh, it was about how cute they were when cuddling and Zach was just bewildered.” May nonchalantly responded as she fiddled with the fork on her hand.

“My little baby is still embarrassed when it came to talking about his relationship status.” His mum cheekily teased Zach and he pouted as if he was showing how offended he was.

“Mum!” He approached and you just laughed because of his reaction.

“Zach, I’m sure that they are happy that you have someone with you. There’s no need to be shy, they are part of your family.” You stated and you earned some nods and smiles from May and Karen.

“She’s incredibly right!” May agreed and you smiled back at her. She’s always declared that she liked you for Zach and that she was jubilant because his brother found someone who really knew how to make him contented of his life.

“Zach, honey, it doesn’t bother me at all and you know that you can always talk to me, right?” His mum assured him and he just nodded, realizing that you were right.

“You are absolutely right again, my princess.” Zach said as he rolled his eyes. He couldn’t swallow that only right things came out from your mouth. “Strangely.”

“It’s not my fault if I think before I speak, love.” You pointed it out playfully. You heard his family laughing and Zach shook his head in disbelief. He was satisfied that you had your confidence with your family, but he regretted it as you formed a group against him.

“She really knows you, Zach!” May stated proudly. Zach nodded his head, finally giving up. “That’s why I like her.”

“You like her because you have a partner in crime when it came to me, you had a partner when it came to vexing and teasing me.” Zach sarcastically pointed out. “And, you, Ms. (Y/L/N),”

“Me?” You pointed yourself with your index finger and an eyebrow raised. You were confused, but seeing Zach a little bit miffed made you laugh and contented.

“Yes, baby.” Zach’s face became serious. “I didn’t bring you here to tease me.” He then gave you a playful and wide smile as he poked your sides, trying to find your ticklish part of the body.

“Oh,” His mum exclaimed. “we love her presence also for that reason, son.” She stated and a loud laugh was heard in the dining room. You caught Zach’s index finger and you held it as you stopped him from his devilish plan.

“Sure, you do!” Sarcasm was heard from Zach’s voice and he exasperatedly sighed. He finally gave up as he knew that he could never win against the most important girls in his life. He just loved you so much that he couldn’t really get angry of your actions.

“Sorry, not sorry!” His mum and May said simultaneously, making you and Zach laugh out loud. Zach finally let himself in and decided to have a little bit of fun.

You loved Zach and his family because of its bond and craziness. The members of his family were adorable and you wanted to thank them for accepting you for who you were.

You were grateful, because the Dempsey family is your second home and you couldn’t help but be enthusiastic by thought of it. They considered you as a part of their family and you would always be invited in their family dinners because they liked you, nevertheless your boyfriend would punish you for being an annoying teaser and girlfriend.

It didn’t matter to you though because he loved you so much and he would always do, just at the same frequency as your manner to vex or to tease him with his family. He was a playful jerk and idiot, but Zach was Zach and he would always accept you and love you. He would always do, no more and no less.


Remember these quick Sonic Boom character sprites I posted some time ago, and I mentioned that I may try and do the rest of the cast from Sonic Boom and then some more? Well, I may have done more than I initially planned…

Again, I made these from entertaining the idea of a Sonic Boom RPG game. And before some asks: Yes, Undertale was kind of the influence I took how I wanted to make these sprites- but, only partially, as in in terms of keeping the sprites more simple in looks. The main inspiration came from the Earthbound/Mother series, because, again I think the type of more simple sprite style, and the more lighthearted and quirky tone of those games would fit quite well for the Sonic Boom universe. I’m also just a fan of the Earthbound/Series in general.

I tried to make just about almost every single minor and background character from the Sonic Boom TV series. Tried.

I also made some Sonic X character sprites for exposition flashback purposes.(It kind of makes sense in context.) I just did the alternate formal and spacesuit sprites for fun. The OCs were basically the result of me practicing on making all of these character sprites.

I didn’t just make a buttload of new characters sprites, either. I went and altered, or even outright completely remade, certain sprites from the original sheet. It shouldn’t be hard to tell which ones were.

The characters in order:

- Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy, Sticks, Orbot, Eggman, Cubot, Shadow, Dave’s mom(design by @drawloverlala), Dave, Chris(design by me), T.W. Barker, Zooey, Perci, Staci(design by me), Og, Foreman Fred/Earl, Fastidious Beaver, Mike.

- Wild Cat, Wolfie, Lady Goat, Fennec Male, Rabbit Girl, Reindeer Girl, Child Monkey, Beth, Sheep Villager, Warthog Male, Leroy the Turtle, Walrus Baby, Lady Walrus, Walrus Child, Male Walrus, Old Monkey, Mrs.Vandersnout, Willy Walrus, Monkey Boy.

- Male Fennec, Beaver Policeman, Wolf Policeman, Ice Cream Vendor, Tan Gogoba, Gogoba Chief, Grey Gogoba, Comedy Chimp, Wolf Sidekick, Soar the Eagle, Justin Beaver, Tommy Thunder, Dixon, Diane Ardvark, Pierre, Gunther.

- Mayor Fink, Beaverton, Professor Cluckins, Mr. Slate, D.B. Platypus, Gentleman Wolf.

- Charlie, Belinda, Mark the Tapir, Weasel Bandits, T.W.Barker(layer outfit), Lightning Bolt Socity(Dave, Willy, Weaseal Bandit, and Tree Spy), Swifty, Nominatus, “Steve Eggman”.

- Formal Alternate Outfits and Spacesuit Alternate Outfits.

- Sonic X Cast: Sonic, Tails, Amy, Cheese, Cream, Vanilla, Knuckles, Chris, Cosmo, Maria, Shadow, Rouge, Topaz, Nazo Sonic and Dark Sonic. OCs: Lemon and Splash(both belong to @drawloverlala). Aurora and C.C.(both belong to @e-vay).

We were learning about dictators from ww2 in my junior year history class and she started talking about Hirohito Tojo and I turned to my friend and said “Tojo-jojo” in the voice of mojo-jojo from the powerpuff girls and maybe my teacher didn’t watch the show or something because she thought I was making fun of Japanese dialect so we got a 20 minute lecture on racism and inappropriate jokes.

And one more pic for @bungee-gumu!!! I present to you, a “Positive Pancake”! See, I will start to give these to whoever needs a bit more happiness and smiles in their days! Thanks for everything! And here’s your pancakes! (Don’t forget to share with Skylar, June, and all the rest of your awesome OCS!!!)

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In attempting to cope from the events of the new episode, I had to ask: when you record scenes with action (the very end of the new episode), is it awkward or entertaining to just have the actors standing around microphones making screaming and frustrated sounds or are you totally used to that? The image of that is just really hilarious to me for some reason.

Episodes 39 & 40 were actually recorded very differently from our usual episodes. Normally we record sitting down in my bedroom, but for these final two episodes of the season, we went to The Invisible Studios, which meant we got to do a little bit of blocking and were standing the whole time. 

For the end of this episode, we were all eight of us in the room together, facing the mic from various distances. Because of how the mic picks up sound, you have to face it the whole time, which meant that Charlie was basically sneaking up on us on his entrance (and that was very creepy and effective, let me tell you). We all had to be very, very still and then when the physical bit came, Briggon actually marched over to Charlie and the two of them went through the basic motions of what happened. Cue complete chaos. 

Sometimes the things we have to do for recording get a bit silly, but this was honestly chilling to do. Because I couldn’t turn around and look at Briggon and Charlie, all I heard was the distressed sounds they were making. It was an incredibly tense scene to record after about 4 hours of intense recording for Episode 39 and I found myself calling cut sooner and sooner with each take because I just couldn’t listen to it anymore. 

Moments and Memories- Chapter Five

This chapter is a bit different than usual. It’s happy but sad and feelings. I hope you enjoy. I also hope no one is too offended by the posts and new list. I gotta do what’s best for me and my mental health and what I think is best. If you don’t read it- not for business, but because you don’t want to- then I’m not going to force it. That’s it. I hope that makes sens and I hope you all enjoy this chapter. It was fun to write :)

It didn’t take long for the rumors to start flying. Everyone was speculating about who the mystery girl was, and more business came to the shop as everyone tried to catch a peek of the girl. Thankfully, between the angle of the photos and Chris’ team doing damage control, no one could tell who you were.

You could keep going as you were.

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Harry didn't say he met Townes in Jamaica. People are not paying attention to the actual timeline 'cuz they want to prove him wrong. They were in Jamaica for 2 months, around Sep/Oct. So they wrote & recorded as much as they could there within that time frame. He said they did a bit more recording & finished the album in LA after that, probably around Nov/Dec. Carolina was the last song, so it was probably written & recorded in LA, where he met the girl. It makes sense he said he went out (cont)

(part 2) he said he went out & had some fun for the 1st time in ages ‘cuz he wasn’t hooking up with anyone while in Jamaica. As they were finishing up the album in LA, they wanted one more song, so that’s how it happened. Not everything in the documentary is Jamaica. Faster songs like Kiwi & Only Angel were done even before Jamaica, he said on Grimmy he wrote & recorded Only Angel in his house in London. Timeline does add up, unless people are delusional & don’t want to hear it.


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I really like your drow clothing redesign, although i would like to know what you think of the "canon" drow style of dress

Thanks, glad to hear it. And … well … if by “canon” you mean stuff like this:

Which contains one of my biggest pet peeves: women in very revealing outfits - but then the men are fully clothed. And it makes extra little sense for the drow! Like. I’m pretty sure that in a society were women have absolute power and men are considered to be good for one thing only, it would be the other way around.

That is, if you must have skimpy outfits at all. I mean, they live underground. So, unless there’s some efficient central heating installed through-out the cities, they would really want to bundle up! And there are plenty of ways for clothes to reflect a society’s messed up gender roles. :))

Apart from that … well. All the dark and spiky leather that reflecting how evil they are doesn’t really bother me. Can be edgy and fun. Just isn’t something I feel inspired to draw.

Tuafw you tell a friend that your scared that the sudden popularity of spinner-fidgets is going to lead to their downfall and how people look at slime videos and use spinners but make fun of other stims, and she just tries to convince you that slime videos and spinner aren’t important to neurodivergent people, and you feel so invalidated because you have told them of your autism and they just forgot or don’t care.

I suspect if I were to tell her again she ask if I got a diagnosis and I would have to say no… ( can I be oracle cat 🐱🔮?)



Dawson: People were making fun of me at school today….

Gemma: Aww why?

Dawson: These older boys were laughing and calling Abby my girlfriend and I told them she’s not my girlfriend because I don’t want a girlfriend and they kept calling me names, and saying that a was a “weird gay boy”

Gemma: Dawson I’m so sorry. Don’t listen to them okay? They’re just meaningless bullies. You’re just a kid you don’t have to have or even want a girlfriend until you’re older! 

Dawson: Yeah… you’re right… Thanks Gemma. 

Dylan Confessing

“You’re so lame!”

“Cool than you though.”

“In your dreams dweeb”

You looked into Dylan’s joyful eyes and couldn’t contain your laughter. Dylan was in your living room goofing around and lipsyncing to the Spice Girls. He somehow manage to know a few words while most of the time he was just moving his lips and making fun faces. His dancing was terrible.

These were always the best times, even as children it was just a small tradition to have lipsync battles or just goof around in the living room. You remember when you both were little you would force your parents to watch you guys dance and goof around and tell you who won.

You looked at the tall skinny guy and saw only the beauty he possessed. He looked at you with his blue eyes and smiled. You got up from your seat and changed the song to the most cheesy song ever. “My heart will go on” Dylan was about to sit down but you grabbed his hand.

“C'mon we are doing a duet.”

“Oh I see you don’t want to lose”

“You’re gonna lose that prom date if I don’t teach you how to dance even alittle.”


You saw the confusion in his face and only laughed. Prom wasn’t till next year but you couldn’t find any other reason to get him to dance with you. You guided his hands to where they needed to be. His face was bright red and you could only smile. He wouldn’t look you in the eyes and just laughed at how nervous he was getting.

“Why are you so nervous Dyl? It’s just me.”

“Yea. But you are very uh..close to me”

“Oh c'mon nerd. Some people have their bodies touch, you are barely touching my hip.”

You laugh after you spoke when you notice his cheeks deepen into a bright red.

“It’s just different y/n”

You pulled his hand off you and stopped dancing.

“What’s wrong Dyl. You were just goofing off and laughing like 5 seconds ago.”


“C'mon spit it out nerd”

“Dancing with you isn’t the same as when we were children. Feelings change and mine’s for you have changed alot.”

“What do you mean”

“I can’t dance with you because you make me nervous and I fumble around you. You mean more than a friend to me.”

You could help but laugh because of how serious he was getting and how well it went with the song. He gave a blank expression and you realized he must have thought you were making fun of him. You deicided if we has actually trying to confess than it was worth a shot.

You pulled him into a kiss and felt how his lips went from tense to just following your lead. You couldn’t help from smiling mid kiss. You managed to kiss him right at the climax of the song and you also got to finally kiss him.

He smiled back and kissed you again. This time pulling you towards him. You both stood like for a short while till you heard the door knob turn.

“Hey guys. What’s going on in here?”

“ uh…you know. The.. Same old.”

How cute. You seem to think that Yandere Dev has never had critics criticize his work before. 

The reason why the Dev is getting frustrated with ‘critics’ is because its actually 10% critics, 90% whining.  Maybe if you actually critic instead of nitpick at every seam (ESPECIALLY things he has already explained, like his problem with getting assets AND things like his human right to take a break from his work to stream, which by the way, is counted as a BREAK. I mean, that is something you’ve complained about because its ATROCIOUS for humans to take breaks from their work! Just because gaming is fun doesn’t mean making a game is.) 

Did Dev do things that were worthy of criticizing? Yes he did. The problem is every 'critic’ DOESN’T focus on that. I mean, it gets to a point where fans stop listening to you guys because we’re pretty sure 99.9% of it is going to be bullshit, which is why when an actual serious point comes up, nobody listens nor believes you. (Also, phrasing helps too, got to be more specific)

And to add on to the character thing, you DO realize Midori was made for people who sent him useless emails, right? Things like suggestions (which he explicitly states to NOT send unless he asks for them) applications to work on the job BUT they either lack the experience OR aren’t eighteen (Which he states pretty clearly) and in fact, I’ll even pull up that video right now.

Midori represents those people, because they are a total pain in the ass. While I’m no game developer, I have been a REALLY popular author on Quotev for some time (Eighty-three works on my old account before I accidentally locked myself out of it, for some reason my old password doesn’t work) I used to get FLOODED with comments and messages on my stories and quizzes, to the point where I was too busy replying to them all to get any actual work done.
Midori has been around for about a year now if not longer, and I’m pretty certain people still send him useless emails. I’m sorry he might have ignored or sent you a rejection email at some point, but Midori has been in the game for SO LONG, I can’t believe you were bitching about her prescence the last time. (Me thinks you’re pretty new to the fandom, even though you state otherwise, which is just plain sad)

At this rate I won’t even be mad if the Dev actually implements another useless character, even though I’m sure its exactly what you’re hoping for so you have more excuses to bitch about how “HE’S SO CRUEL :’((((((( Why does he hate when people criticize his game!? PROOF HE’S EVUL!” and not to mention even more things you can bitch on him for 'wasting time he could have spent implementing Osana!’.

While we’re still here, let me pull up specific quotes from the video above, because we know ya’ll LOVE to ignore videos anyways. 

“I think that this is the appropriate time to make a video about the biggest obstacle that I am facing. If this one obstacle could be removed, I would have much more time to work on the game and the game’s development would go by much faster. The problem, is emails.” -Yandere Dev.

So already, we see one reason why the game development is slow, and go ahead, moan all you want on how that video is OLD, but this has clearly been a problem for a long time which means that it still has significance, especially since the game has grown a lot more popular since then.

“This is a problem that I have mentioned various times in previous videos and blog posts.” -Yandere Dev

So you see, this wasn’t a new problem when that video was made and I bet my left foot that it’s still a problem now.  I mean, with putting up with that much bullshit, ESPECIALLY since he has to keep checking for bug fix reports and volunteers, he has to shift through his emails by himself. 

“The emails I receive fall into five catergories:
Bug Reports
Fan Works.

"Since the beginning of Yandere Simulator development, a multitude of very skilled people have contacted me and volunteered to help creat various assets for the game. I cannot create models, draw art, animate characters, compose music or voice act, so volunteers are essential to the game’s development.” -Yandere Dev

Of course, this isn’t as easy as it should be, because as he stated, there are a lot of unqualified people, who send him unprofessional artwork that is NOT fan art.

(and yes I am aware this is most likely just parody artwork and not an actual example, but you should be able to get the gist of what he’s saying. If its meant to be an example of work for something PROFESSIONAL, then it shouldn’t be sent as such.)

^ One reason why simply having a labeling system is NOT ENOUGH. He asks for emails to be properly titled, but that doesn’t mean that people still send him useless things.

“Look, I’m grateful that there are people who want to help me. I appreciate the fact that there are people who are willing to volunteer for the game. It’s heartwarming to hear from someone who is offering to lend me their time, but let’s be realistic here. People have very high expectations for Yandere Simulator. People want Yandere Sim to have graphics that look like they belong in this decade. When was the last time you saw a video game with artwork that looked like this? [Refers back to the parody drawing]” -Yandere Dev.

Obviously this one is an exception if it comes to fan art, but for things that involve the game’s development, then this is absolutely important. Kids (and the majority of teens) don’t have the skillset nor the resources necessary to make anything useful for the game. If you checked out the volunteer requirements (which I have because I wanted to voice act, but couldn’t because of some requirements I didn’t meet, because I had no idea how to do a demo reel.) you’ll see that its actually A LOT MORE than just knowing how to make stuff.

Things have to be done in a specific way, and while you may call it picky, its professionalism, something the majority of you 'critics’ say the Dev lacks.
Granted, I was pretty disappointed when I realized that I wouldn’t be able to meet the requirements necessary in order to become a volunteer, but it also made me realize just how unprepared I was for taking on a big project. Competent people are needed for projects like this, an if you don’t fit the bill, I’m sorry, but this isn’t some high school project that you can half-ass you way with (which is something you guys claim he does, while completely ignoring its a DEBUG build and there’s only so much that can be done) so its best to leave it to the people who can actually do the work.

And to make sure people aren’t going to repeat the bug reports he already made a thing on his website (The official website, not the wordpress) explaining about known bugs he has yet to fix.

“I do NOT want to receive suggestions. 99% of the time that I get a suggestion from someone their idea has already been suggested before, is already a planned feature of the game, does not fit within the design of the game, is far beyond the scope of a one-man indie game with no budget ***** Or it’s just stupid.” -Yandere Dev
*****He now has some help with the game, this information is outdated.

Obviously a lot of people do not follow directions either ways.  [From his wordpress comment section on his recent update. While it’s not emails, it’s still bugging him with things that he’s already gone over. Two (possibly three) bug reports that were not emailed properly and one suggestion. Luckily for these people, other fans replied to them with responses.  

Also, didn’t some people mention about why he doesn’t get a secretary? Well, he already covered that too in the video.

“I know what you’re going to say: You want to tell me to get a secretary, right? Many people have advised me to get a secretary to filter my emails and answer dumb questions for me. I dislike this idea because I don’t want to babysit a secretary until they’re doing their job properly. I don’t want to risk the secretary responding to questions incorrectly and spreading misinformation. I don’t want to risk the secretary filtering my emails incorrectly and failing to send me important emails. I don’t want to risk the secretary being lazy and going through emails so slowly that I’m better off doing them myself. I don’t want to risk the secretary seeing spoilers or other confidential information and then talking about it on social media.” -Yandere Dev

There you have it.


Summary: Based off of Eminem’s song, ‘Mockingbird.’

Word Count: 2203

Notes: I love the song based requests that I get, you guys always suggest such good songs

I know sometimes things may not always make sense to you right now

But hey, what daddy always tell you?

Straighten up, little soldier, stiffen up that upper lip

What you cryin’ about?

You got me

Vitalya, Ian and Mickey’s daughter was running home with tears streaming down her cheeks. She was being made fun of at school for her name. The boys and girls were saying that she’s not normal for having a name like that, and though she was a tough girl, it obviously still upset her. Another reason she was crying is the way Ian had been acting lately, he was constantly jumping around and making irrational decisions— she didn’t know it was because he of his bipolar disorder.

“Dad! Ma!” Vita cried out as she ran into the house. She had always called Ian ‘ma’ for some reason, but he didn’t mind in the least bit.

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Wanted to ask you a thing: If the main crew got a chance to play any sport - what would each choose? Maybe you have additional thoughts on Paul and Pat?

Hmm, good question. imo, I can’t completely see the boys being super sporty or interested in athletics, but here’s my attempt at a list if they actually ever were:

  1. Edd: skateboarding or some shit. maybe hang-gliding? Or motorbiking. Edd’s pretty optimistic so long as it’s fun he’d probably give it a go
  2. Tom: Fishing! Also, bowling insults him
  3. Tord: Paintball, of course
  4. Matt: I could see him doing archery. It would make him look good. Graceful, too.
  • Paul- Darts (Eduardo’s eligible for this one too)
  • Patryk- Skydiving

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Yo, just wanted to let you know how happy you made my friend with the last few parties. They were rambling on about it for ages and I actually meant to thank you sooner, but I kept forgetting. I believe you started reffering to them as the cute anon? Idk but lemme tell you - they absolutely adore G, you have no idea how happy they were after the last party. I don't think anyone's ever shipped them with him, either. Anyways, I just wanted to say thanks for making my friend happy, so thank you :)

Ahhh, you must mean the cute and sassy anon (who’s not so anonymous anymore x] ).  I’m really glad that I could make them happy.  That’s what makes the parties so much fun; I love to let everyone self-ship with the monsters they love.  I mean, I can relate.  I shipped myself with Stretch once and was practically flailing on my couch with glee. 

I ship them with G hard.  I mean, I’ve still got the ultimate greeting planned out for next time. <3  They’re super sweet, and way too good to me, and the fact that those interactions made them happy really does make me so happy too.  

And you, anon, are a good friend and a real sweetheart.  Thanks for taking the time to write up something so kind.  <3