these were certainly hard to color :

“Were you two close as children?” Daenerys asked, once they had retreated from the noisy hall to the privacy of Sansa’s solar.

“Not particularly. I was obsessed with songs and sewing, while Jon was always in the yard training.  We didn’t become close until recently,” Sansa said, and again realized too late that she’d let on too much.

“We of course had to work closely together to protect our people and our castle,” Jon corrected.

“Certainly,” Dany said, sipping her wine.  “That and you’re lovers.”

Jon blushed hard while all of the color drained out of Sansa’s face.  “I can’t imagine why your Grace would think that—” Sansa began.

“Missandei is so small, and so quiet, often people do not notice her.  The sweet thing doesn’t mean it.  I tell her she must announce herself.  For example, she should announce herself in the godswood.  Or in the library.  Or the stables,” she said, with the slight raise of her eyebrows.  

The Secret Garden

Bucky X Reader

Word Count: 1,175

Warnings: Smut! Cursing! 

A/N: This is my first time writing smut and stuff like that so I don’t know. I am waiting until someone tells me this is not good so I would try something else! I was at a wedding and I was bored so I wrote this! Not beta’d so ya! Enjoy!? This is the place by the way…my picture! It’s called the Richard Nixon Library in Yorba Linda, CA.

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theacidblossom  asked:

OOohh perhaps Julian in A3 with Randy is saying something to him in D3?~~~ (Btw I love the way you color your traditional doodly doodles~~)

Most certainly~
Julian prolly lets him ramble about whatever e feels like bc he really just loves hearing his voice k ♥

what type of relationship you and Shawn would have based off of your favorite Illuminate song

non-requested// so i was in the shower and i came up with this preference type of thing, and it’s like what you and Shawn would be like in a relationship based off of your personal favorite Illuminate song!

author’s note// this is unique and this is finna get LIT i’m so hype for this i’m so creative. some are based off the songs, some aren’t because almost all of the songs are break up songs and idk its a relationship imagine? so yeah, they are somewhat connected to the song!!

WARNING: I know i said i will never write trigger warning imagines, and this is NOT a trigger warning imagine, but there are a couple of tiny vague things that may be slightly triggering, like in one a bad boyfriend is mentioned and in another one previous mental issues are mentioned. nothing serious, but please if that stuff triggers you don’t read!!!!!!! I DONT WANT TO TRIGGER YOU AND IF ITS TOO TRIGGERING ILL TAKE IT DOWN

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So A.D. Is a Nerd...

Who the hell else do we have to compare Lucas to that likes to draw? Hanna? Although that last page looked like a hella sloppy beginning (technically an ending)…Like, really sloppy. I digress..

If a Liar (or other character) had to die, which would you choose? But let’s just assume for a second that someone other than Charlotte/Lucas got ahold of that book…

This particular “clue” makes it pretty damn hard to choose an A.D. (!!!). Jenna certainly can’t draw. Wren was last seen shading in a coloring book. Which also doesn’t exactly make him an artist. We saw Big Rhonda’s drawings. But then again, we also saw BETHANY’S that were supposedly left in her wake. So who was scribbling on that page???

Boats and Jealousy


Hello can you do one where the BAU team go to the beach or boating , and the reader and Spencer are dating. So the reader is wearing a bikini and since she’s curvy Spencer gets jealous because he sees other guys staring at her ass so when she’s tanning he puts a towel over her back and she gets annoyed and you can’t finish it from there (love your writing btw💕❤️)

I can most certainly do this!  And thank you so much!  That means the world to me, really and truly.  I hope that you enjoy your one-shot, because here it is, comin’ ‘atcha!

As you raise your peach-colored bikini cover up above your head, even the men of the team had a hard time staring at you.  Your chest was prominent in the underwire top you were wearing, your stomach had a bit of padding, but your waist dipped in wonderfully before blossoming out to a wide set of hips and a voluptuous bottom that Spencer frequently enjoyed sinking his hands…and teeth…in to.

But it quickly became apparent to Spencer that your bathing suit while boating was going to be an issue.

On the actual boat, it wasn’t a problem.  While Derek was a flirt, one look from Spencer would usually shut it up, and the rest of the time was filled with his hand on your thick thigh while the rest of the women around you praised you for looking as good as you did in your bathing suit.

But when you guys got back to land and Emily had roped you into tanning with her, he noticed all of the guys slowly walking closer and closer to your blanket.

He tried to ignore it, with Derek flying a Frisbee by his head and Jack and Henry wanting to play in the ocean.  He tried to dismiss the lingering stares from random men, especially when Emily asked you to slather more suntanning lotion on her.

Could you not see that what you were doing was sexual to other men?

Finally having enough, he marches out of the ocean, grabs his sand-filled towel off of the ground, and tosses it over you.

It covered up your body…

…but it also covered you in sand.

“What the hell!?” you squeak as you lift your head up from your beach towel.

“Huh?” Emily grunts.

“Spencer, what’s with you?” you breathe as you toss his towel aside and try your best to wipe the sand sticking to your tanning lotion off.

“Just cover yourself a bit,” he murmurs lowly to you.

“Excuse me?” you ask as you slowly stand to your feet.

“Just…I mean…can’t you-…can’t you see all the men staring at you!?” Spencer exclaims.

“Spencer, no one is staring at me,” you emphasize.

“Then obviously you’re blind,” he states matter-of-factly.

“Spencer, no one wants to look at the fat girl in a bathing suit!” you raise your voice.

“You’re not fat!  And men are staring at you!  Walking close to your towel and watching every time you rub something on Emily.  It’s not right,” Spencer sighs.

“It’s not right for men to find me attractive?” you ask.

“That’s not what I meant…” Spencer trails off.

You knew you weren’t fighting fair, but you didn’t want to come out in the first place, and you were angry that you had apparently done something wrong in a place you didn’t want to be in the first place.

“Look.  I didn’t wanna come anyway.  I told you I didn’t own a bathing suit, and I should’ve just stood up to you,” you say as you bend over and gather your belongings, “so maybe I just need t-”

And at that very second, you hear a cat-call whistle come from someone passing by…and Spencer had had enough.

“She’s not your piece of meat to ogle!” he begins to yell as the guy stands there in shock.  “She’s not a mannequin for you to leer at, nor is she an object you can make the center of your affections.  She’s mine!  I know she’s beautiful, and that means that you keep your whistles, and your eyes, a-a-and your close walking stance TO YOURSELF!”

Emily’s jaw was agape and you were having a hard time keeping your giggling at bay.

Taking a deep breath as the man huffs and jogs away, he slowly turns to you with rounded, sorrowful eyes as he takes in a deep breath.

“You really didn’t wanna come…?” he asks defeated.

“Yours, huh?” you question as you cock an eyebrow playfully on your forehead.

“Look, if you don’t wanna be here, we can go.  We can get some food, or go see a movie, or-”

“Before I go anywhere,” you interrupt as you step forward and slide your arms around his waist, “someone threw sand on me, and I have to wash it off somehow.”

“Sorry about that…” he murmurs to himself as he wraps his arms around you as well.

“Wanna take a dip in the ocean with me?” you ask as you crane your neck back.

“What about suntanning with Emily?” Spencer asks lightly.

“I think I’ve had enough sun,” you wink as you take his hand and start for the water.

Day 4: Pastel

Before Baz had Simon, he saw the world in black and white.

Well, not literally, not quite. He certainly wasn’t color blind. He could see colors—all of them—but they never seemed like enough.

Baz always felt this odd strain on his eyes as he looked out at the world around him. As if he were constantly searching for something else. As if there was a color he used to see, and now it had gone.

And he hadn’t the faintest idea what it had been.

During his years at Watford the strain diminished ever-so-slightly. Or maybe he just didn’t notice it as much.

Maybe he was focused on other things.

When Baz looked at Simon, it was hard to look away. Simon certainly wasn’t the color he had been missing, but he was something else. Something vibrant and strange and almost otherworldly. He was every color Baz knew, trapped between bronze hair and milky skin.

Simon was a kaleidoscope.

Sometimes, the world took on a different hue, depending on the circumstances. When Baz lay awake at night, trying not to let the sound of Simon’s deep breaths consume him, the world bathed in icy blues. When they fought, limbs striking limbs, fingers wrapped in each other’s clothes—crimson. Always crimson. Baz learned to hate the color. Crimson meant hatred and pain and self-loathing. At least blue was better—it was easier on the nerves despite the slow waves of sadness that would accompany it.

Baz could lose himself too easily in crimson.

In blues, it was more like drowning.

When Simon kissed him, the world lit up around him. He could feel it, even with his eyes closed, Simon’s mouth pressed hard against his. As the forest blazed to life around them, Baz saw the flames cast in a whole new set of colors—soft ones. Gentle ones.


It was more beautiful than he could ever have imagined.

Baz realizes quickly that romance is not bright reds and violent pinks. It’s mint green. It’s baby blue. It’s a yellow more delicate than he could have thought possible.

It’s not until after they leave Watford that Baz tells Simon this. Simon doesn’t understand it at first, but he listens intently, his fingers curving along the line of Baz’s jaw bone absentmindedly.

“I don’t know, you probably don’t get it,” finished Baz. He rests his head against the back of the sofa, letting his gaze drop down to Simon’s chest. Simon pauses before speaking, though he doesn’t stop the movement of his fingers.

“I kind of understand,” said Simon. “Like when you’re going through a tough time and everything seems kind of gray?”

“Yeah,” murmurs Baz, placing his own hands in the fabric of Simon’s t-shirt to feel the warmth of his skin. “It’s like the opposite of that though.”

“What color am I?” asks Simon, a sideways smile parting his lips.

“Lilac,” says Baz without a moment to spare. He’s thought of this enough times to be absolutely sure of it.

“Hm,” says Simon, and just like that the conversation is finished.

They kiss, and it tastes like the softest shade of orange.

The next day Simon says he has a surprise for him.  Baz waits in the living room, standing with his back to the front door. He hears Simon enter clumsily, as he always does, tripping over the doorstop, keys jangling wildly.

He hears Simon walking toward him, stopping just before they collide.

“Okay, turn around,” says Simon, laughter in his words.

Baz turns around hesitantly, not sure what to expect.

“Oh my god,” breathes Baz as his eyes take it all in.

Simon had dyed his hair lilac. The most perfect shade. And it suits him, almost better than his natural bronze.

“Do you like it?” asks Simon, almost shyly, blue eyes wide.

Baz nods, cupping Simon’s face between the palms of his hands and kissing him gently. When he leans back he keeps his fingers of Simon’s cheeks. They’re warm, like usual, and Baz imagines that the heat is seeping into his skin, trailing down to his soul like a fuse.

He imagines that the love inside him pulses pale pink.

“It’s perfect,” says Baz, kissing him again. Simon leans forward too quickly and they stumble back, falling onto the couch in a tangle of limbs.

Baz certainly isn’t colorblind, but there are colors he no longer sees—crimson, for instance, has long since diminished from the world beyond his eyes. Icy blues never make an appearance.

The world flourishes in pastels instead, and Baz feels like he’s adrift.

Adrift, and the waves are curls of lilac.

For day 4 of the @carryon-countdown ! Me and my co-hosts are having so much fun seeing all of your posts and watching the fandom come to life again (not like it was dead, but now it’s certainly flourishing). I’m also loving being able to participate and write more!

Hold Me Tight [ Part 3 : Jeon Jungkook ]

||Teaser || Kim Namjoon || Kim SeokJin || Jeon Jungkook || Min Yoongi || Jung Hoseok pt 2 ||

Synopsis : Ablutophilia. I mean It’s Jungkook and Shower sex … Is there more I need to say ? Do you even care abt anything more ?  ENJOY  ♥

Originally posted by sugutie

(Those damn hip thrusts in perfect man I still can’t get over it )

Day 3, 10:50 PM

You opened the door to another, even more luxurious, suite. You thought to yourself that you were there first before the sound of the shower reached your ears. The mere fact made you smile involuntarily.

A smile of anticipation that is. Since the first two were everything but disappointing, you were waiting for just the same or maybe even better.

This time was easier, or at least felt easier. Your hands didn’t sweat while you walked to the elevator, you didn’t stumble either when someone met your eyes. This time you even asked for the key to the room.

The echo of the water grew louder as you stepped closer to the main bedroom. He left the bathroom door open, half absent-mindedly half purposely. You walked to the entrance of the brightly colored shower, leaning against the frame, your heart beating in your ears as you watched him trace his fingers through the shampoo-filled hair. Your eyes followed the white thin foam down his lean and toned body. He had his back to you, facing the shower head, his shoulder blades moving breathtakingly slow with every lift of his arms.

You couldn’t help but let your gaze drop even more trailing to his thighs, bulky and sturdy, the muscles flexing as if purposely when you fixed on them. That alone was enough to make heat pool down your lower stomach.

“ Enjoying the show ?” He didn’t turn to look at you but you sensed his smirk. You tore your eyes away from him after hesitating to just keep looking anyways.

“ You were clearly offering it ” You returned the smirk he couldn’t see either “ Might as well enjoy it ”

“ Good point ” He chuckled, his voice raspy and alluring. Jungkook turned the water off after a few deep rinses, the foam still on the rest of his body. He spun around to face you and indeed you weren’t one bit disappointed, even more amazed, his face, body, and size were all of golden standards.

“ Isn’t it a bit unfair, that I’m the only one naked ?” He smiled, the bunny grin defying his physic completely, almost offensively. You looked down, returning the smile shyly, your fingers intertwining together as he stepped out the glass cubicle. He didn’t even bother to put on the towel that was pointlessly waiting at arm reach from him.

“ You don’t seem to mind it though ” You lifted your head trying to sound smug, only to be met with brown dark eyes too close to your own. You took an abrupt step back stumbling on god knows why.

He caught you, with a firm hand on your back pulling you to him, before you could make a fool out of yourself. You could feel the wet fingers digging into your waist through the fabric enough to make the heat reach your cheeks.

You did nothing for a moment but stare into each other’s eyes so intently and steadily, it felt like he was peering into your darkest secrets. Your eyes wavered to his hairline, anything other than his chocolaty orbs.

“ You missed a spot ” You breathed out, his lips so close, the warmth radiating off of his mouth and tickling yours again.

“ I’m sure you can help me fix that” He brushed his lips, almost not even touching, on yours before looking down at himself. Jungkook leaned back in, whispering on your earlobe “ You do have quite a lot to fix ” His tongue swiping so warmly on the soft skin before his touch left you and he stepped back.

“ You have one minute ” Jungkook paused with a smirk then held up a finger “ It starts now ”.

You raised an eyebrow at him then finally understanding and quickly moving back into the bedroom, changing out of your clothes and hurriedly throwing them to the ground. Not wasting time in being neat.

“ What’s the use in giving colors if you’re not even going to see it ?” You whined to yourself, having been particularly satisfied with how the lacy lingerie hugged your curves.

“ Three seconds ”, You knew he wasn’t even keeping count just trying to stress you, he said that taking your earlier spot leaning his bare side on the door frame, his arms crossed over his chest.

Did he hear me ? You thought to yourself turning to him, unintentionally glaring.

“ What ? You were offering the show ” He shrugged going back into the bathroom and you followed right away.  

He pushed you inside the shower, your back hitting the moist tiles with a thud and his lips capturing the low whine you let out, tilting your head up to meet his angle. That was the initial meeting of lips, gentle and short, but you knew better not to expect it to last, it slowly turned into a more deeper and needy kiss.

His hand reached behind you, opening the water again. You gaped when the freezing cold water streamed down your head and back, shivers and goosebumps rushing through your body and your lungs feeling like they’re about to burst out. He took the chance to let his tongue slip into your mouth, the nudge from the kiss pushing your head further under the water, only pulling back when it felt like you couldn’t breathe anymore.

You sighed in relief as the water turned a little warmer but the moment was short lived as he separated your thighs lining himself between them. Jungkook paused to look down at you, his eyelashes heavy with waterdrops and your vision cloudy from the flow. He leaned in letting his lips press against your forehead as he pushed fully in your core making you whimper against his collarbone.

Jungkook paused again leaving you room to adjust to the, slightly burning, stretch until you moaned that it was okay. He pulled out to the tip, his lips finding yours in a hungry kiss before moving down to your neck and then collarbone sucking gentle pecks into them the water capturing into his mouth then flowing onto your skin as he dragged his lips on it. He thrust in completely again, your back arching off the wall and flush against his chest.

His hands, that had been idle until now, found their way to the back of your thighs pulling you up into his embrace to wrap your legs around his waist. He bent his knees down slightly trying to find balance and not kill you both before straightening again driving deeper into you.

You tangled your fingers into his hair tugging the wet strands as he started rocking in and out with shallow thrust, still finding it hard to move inside your tight walls. However, Jungkook had been patient enough, he pulled out almost entirely before snapping his hips forwards, his thighs hitting yours with lewd obscene sound.

You brought your arms around his neck for more support, feeling yourself sliding down with every hard thrust of his hips trying to meet yours eagerly.

“ Oh, I almost forgot ” He grunted “ You were unhappy about the color ” You were surprised that he could still talk so easily while pounding so restlessly into you and you bouncing in his hold. He was definitely strong and you most certainly going to enjoy this.

“ I’m – not .. A-anymore ” You tried to do the same without letting the moans you’ve been trying to hold back spill out but you failed. Your breathing hitched with the talking and you just went back to focusing on the feeling of his length throbbing between your walls and less on words. That until he pulled out of you, smirking at the frown that took over your expression with the warmth leaving you.

“ It wasn’t the color of the lingerie ”  He let you down from his arms, his length brushing teasingly on your slit then against your clit making you shudder with a loud moan. Jungkook smirked again.

He spun you around, your face directly under the water and positioned himself in front of your entrance again pushing in more easily. It was also easier for him to go full force when he wasn’t trying to keep you up, his thrusts speeding up to a surprising pace. You put a hand on the wall to keep you from hitting it, your head back and mouth open gagging a little when the water forcibly hit the back of your throat.

Jungkook put his chin against the junction of your neck, teasing the skin with his tongue before biting down, enough to bruise. His hand traveled down your curves agonizingly slow compared to the pace of his thrusts. A high pitched groan pierced your throat when his palm met the tender skin of your lower back in a rough slap, then repeated it until he was satisfied with the discoloration.

“ It was this red ” He whispered running his tongue again over the bite as his hands massaged the burning cheek. You never thought you’d be into it, the feeling of the prick of pain traveling to you spine but that same prick was the reason behind the small chain of orgasms that rocked through your body making your walls clench harder on him, taking him in fully every time he pushed inside.

Jungkook arched his back seeking his closing peak and picking up the speed, as if it was anymore possible. You wrapped your hands to his lowed back holding him against your quivering core when he stilled for a split second in order to grasp your clit between his fingers twisting it, giving you one last intense push. Your strongest orgasm washed over you making your every muscle spasm clamping down on him.

He held his member buried in your heat as his seeds flooded you with a loud groan from his side and a satisfied whimper on yours, his hand leaving your clit to wrap his arms around you, his hips bucking up as the end of his climax neared trying to drag it a little more. You raised your face out of the water and gasped for air, panting when he literally took the breath away from your lungs with his mouth again on yours in a more prolonged kiss. With his length still holding the cum securely inside of you from pouring out, he led you outside the bathroom as slowly as he could. It was a weird feeling to move around with him still stuck to you in more than one way.

“ You better be ready for the real thing ” He chuckled darkly, pulling out and making you stumble onto the bed “ I’ll make you choose me ”  

Day 4, 4 PM

[ Min Yoongi, 28, White

  Suga Studios, 8PM ]

Thank you for reading, leave me your thoughts of it



Genre: Fluff, Angst (slight)

Date Published: May 14, 2016

Warnings: Soulmate AU, Highschool AU (focus is Soulmate AU concept)

Word Count: 3164

Summary: Soulmates were a thing of your world, all around you people were finding their happiness everyday through meeting their soulmate and gaining the gift of seeing color, you should’ve found yours by now, you’d done everything, after-all your soulmate had to be near by or else you’d both would have died by now. 

Fandom: BTS     Ship: Jimin x Reader   

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Suicide Squad: Not the Disaster You Were Promised

With the fanfare of Batman v Superman and Captain America: Civil War finished, the heroes have mostly packed it in for 2016. This means it’s time for the villains to come out and play in David Ayer’s Suicide Squad.

With Superman down for the count, Amanda Waller, played brilliantly by Viola Davis, poses this question to the US government: what if the next super-powered alien to come along isn’t such a nice guy? Her answer is draw on the supply of nasty metahumans and other assorted criminals in the maximum security prison, Belle Reve, for an expendable task force with a degree of deniability built in. And so the Suicide Squad is born, and sent off to Midway City to combat a supernatural threat.

To say this film came with baggage is an understatement. It’s the third-installment in the much-maligned DCEU, and some have already written it off as a poor attempt to measure up to the critical darling that is the M.arvel Cinematic Universe. But after seeing it for myself, I don’t think that the critics were entirely fair to this movie. Simply put: it was a blast.

One thing that the reviews did get right is that the performances were absolutely stellar and the characters shone bright in the ruins of Midway City. Margot Robbie brings loads of eccentric charm to the beloved character Harley Quinn. Will Smith’s Deadshot is right on target, bringing pathos to the role in key scenes sometimes without uttering a single word. Jay Hernandez brings gravity to his character, El Diablo’s quiet struggle with his powers, and Jai Courtney is nothing short of delightful as Captain Boomerang. There are characters I wish I could have seen more of, like Katana, and others I could have lived with less of (but that would be a spoiler), but ultimately the characters are the heart of this movie and it beats with vigor. Even while Jared Leto is no Heath Ledger, his interpretation of the Joker is propped up by solid writing, excellent directing, and an amazing score.

Suicide Squad is just over two hours, but it doesn’t feel that long. No moment in this film seemed like it was dragging. Sure, there were more somber moments, but they were executed with strong performances and smart dialogue that helped these scenes raise the stakes of the movie rather than just feeling like breaks. In spite of its at times garish color palette and upbeat soundtrack, Suicide Squad could certainly get serious. But with its well-choreographed action scenes and liberal dose of spot-on humor, I’m hard pressed to call this film dour in any sense of the word. The plot, far from the mess it was made out to be, is tight, straightforward, and even has a neat twist thrown in at the end. Is it the most original story ever devised? No. But the plot was really just a playground for our colorful characters to show us what they’ve got, and it was a ton of fun.

Unlike other blockbusters, the use of special effects didn’t feel jarring. The rendering of Enchantress and the creative use of El Diablo’s fire powers were expertly pulled off. That being said, the choice of practical effects for Killer Croc was a good one, making a human-crocodile hybrid look real was probably no easy feat, but the character looks just as at home in live action as he does in the pages of a comic book.

Standard disclaimer: this movie was not perfect. No movie is. Maybe I’m writing what I’m writing because I’m still awash the post-Suicide Squad giddiness after seeing a movie I’d spent the last year anticipating. But if a movie can make me feel this way, isn’t that a credit to the film unto itself?

And that’s perhaps my biggest fear with regard to all these bad reviews: that they could end up causing people to miss out on the joy that I felt while watching this movie by keeping them away from theaters this weekend. Yet there’s plenty of ways to assuage that fear. As I write this, it has a 73% from fans on Rotten Tomatoes (compared to a 26% from critics), and it’s been smashing records at the box office. With over $65 million as of Friday, it looks like Joker and Harley are laughing all the way to the bank.

In summary: go see Suicide Squad.

Rehab AU: Part 2: The First Time Shaw Tried (And Didn't Stop.)
  • For a long time now Shaw has called Root, Root in her head.
  • She hasn’t said it out loud to Root yet.
  • She’s seen others try to and has heard Root chew them out.
  • So it’s mostly been “Groves or “Nerd.”
  • On other days its “Eeyore” when Root’s had a long day.
  • Shaw notices these things.
  • Most days she manages to throw out “Perky Psycho.”
  • Root is more than active and Shaw would usually be able to keep up but her leg keeps her hung up.
  • She thinks Root does it on purpose.
  • She can see a smirk from a mile away.
  • It wouldn’t bother Shaw too much if Root yelled at her…
  • It would.
  • The fact of the matter is that Shaw knows boundaries and respects her wishes. Respects Root.
  • But Shaw’s looking at her, watching her talk to other doctors and nothing about her screams “Samantha Groves.”
  • It’s too formal.
  • “Root.”
  • And Shaw thinks it’s almost comical the way Root stops and turns her way, ever so slowly.
  • She’s almost blinded by the big wide smile Root has.
  • Shaw can’t even help her own smirk; she doesn’t even realize she has it.
  • Root does. She smiles even bigger.
  • “Hey, sweetie.”
  • That’s a first.
  • Shaw scowls, she doesn’t know how to go about that. But its Root so sometimes things just are.
  • She doesn’t know when that alone became an explanation.
  • “That’s good?”
  • Root looks perplexed. “What is?”
  • “Your name.”
  • Shaw can’t understand the look on Root’s face or the way her eyes shine before she tilts her head to one side. Staring.
  • “Of course it is, Sameen.” Root admits softly.
  • Shaw nods. That’s good. That’s really good.
  • She’s relieved that she got this right. Didn’t mess up.
  • Shaw doesn’t know that all Root ever wanted was for someone to ask, instead of feeling entitled.
  • They sit there quietly. Shaw didn’t plan further ahead.
  • Root fixes it. Decides they should get something to eat.
  • Shaw pretends that when they leave, they’re not closer than needs to be.
  • That Root nearly brushing up against her arms is normal distance.
  • She’s in her wheel chair again.
  • Her leg has been giving her more problems than the usual.
  • She sometimes rolls over people’s feet when they stare too much.
  • Root tries to chastise her but Shaw see’s the smile.
  • She likes Root smile. (Wont admit that though.)
  • Her nerd doctor doesn’t really smile much.
  • She can’t understand emotions like others but she knows someone like Root deserves more than she gets.
  • (Shaw’s met some people here who are grumpier than her. Who in turn made her grumpier.)
  • But it’s simple. Good people deserve good things.
  • It’s not rocket science.
  • They finally get food.
  • Shaw used to get annoyed when Root would pick off her plate.
  • It’s her food. That’s trespassing.
  • How dare she.
  • She’s trained for things like this dammit.
  • But then one-day Root had dark circles under her eyes, hand shaky and Shaw knew she had not eaten. Not slept.
  • Shaw would know.
  • Basic had been hard but being out in the field had proved to be the most challenging.
  • Especially when they decided to make her team leader.
  • “You’re the best of the best, Shaw. Clear headed, we need people like you leading. Of course, we also know you’ll go off mission if the worse comes to happen. So, Welcome Team Leader, Indigo Five Alpha.”
  • She still despised her superiors for that.
  • She remembers what it is to be 72 hours, on high alert with no time to eat.
  • Root is already so gangly; it gets Shaw angry.
  • So now Shaw gets an extra helping.
  • She also glares at anyone who looks like she shouldn’t be eating that much.
  • They should be scared; she could kill them with her pinky.
  • Or punch them but she’s being civilized.
  • Then as there eating Root asks her.
  • Asks her how she knows so much about her leg, infections and procedures.
  • Shaw tenses, says it’s not important.
  • Root just goes and drops a bomb.
  • “My best friend used to call me Root, you know. Told me I’d make Root’s the day I found the right soil. She’s the reason I’m here.”
  • Shaw sighs. Root is a sly a thing.
  • Always pushing but never shoving.
  • Shaw decides that honesty is going to be a thing for them.
  • She’s oddly okay with that.
  • It’s probably because Root is okay with her.
  • Shaw realizes Root has always been okay with her since day one.
  • That makes Shaw warm.
  • She doesn’t know if anyone has been okay with her since her parents.
  • So she tries to tell Root the best way she can. It’s stunted, short and forced but she’s trying.
  • How in school she was that kid.
  • Shaw notices how Root tenses.
  • How she used to get roughed up a lot. Started roughing people back.
  • Root has her fist clenched.
  • Shaw tells her how she vowed to be better than everyone around her.
  • Root loosens up a bit.
  • Shaw lets her pride show at graduating top of her class in high school and college. How she skipped the both speeches.
  • Root lets her fist relax, maybe even a grin appears.
  • Shaw lets the final blow go. Tells her about medical school.
  • She can see the moment it clicks for Root.
  • Shaw stuffs her mouth with food because that is more than she ever shared in her life. Root doesn’t even try to pry anything more out of her.
  • She wants to smile.
  • Good thing the food won’t let her.
  • Shaw hasn’t tried for someone in a long time, if ever.
  • Again, only her parents.
  • Maybe her partner but not like this. Doesn’t even know where they are now. The blast had knocked her out and when she woke up she was already in the hospital.
  • Root is quiet for a long time looking at Shaw.
  • “I think you did just fine with what you were given, sweetie. Uniforms are pretty handsome anyway.”
  • Shaw snorts. Thinks only Root would put “pretty” and “handsome” in the same sentence.
  • Doesn’t argue though. She worked hard to look good.
  • Shaw’s not expecting the lips on her cheek.
  • Or the soft tell of apple chap stick.
  • Or the spark that fills her body.
  • Or the soft “Thank you.”
  • So Shaw deflects.
  • “Did I ever say how the pens in your pocket protector bring out your eyes?”
  • Root is most certainly not dumb but goes along with it anyway.
  • They’re colors of the rainbow, Sameen.”
  • Root tries to wink again.
  • Shaw rolls her eyes.
  • “Exactly.”
  • Root looks away, smiles a smile Shaw hasn’t seen before.
  • Shaw decides that if she’s ever going to try, it’s going to be for Root.
  • Root knows, has known, that Sameen Shaw is going to be it for her.

It’s common for plenty of people who strive in making the world a better place for those marginalized in it to socialize with those who may not be on the same page as them. No one ever said you couldn’t befriend those who represent things you detest or even benefit from the very things that oppress you. But what I would like for you to do is analyze the people you surround yourselves with. I’m not telling you to point out their privileges any time you can. I’m not telling you to call them out all the time. That may be emotionally unsafe for many. But I would appreciate it if people would stop making excuses for their friends, loved ones and relatives when they are wrong.

  I don’t excuse anyone. I may be lenient on some more than others but I never turn the other way when someone I care about does something fucked up. So when black men like Kanye defend the likes of Kim Kardashian and the white women they surround themselves with, it makes me not want to take their social actvism seriously. I don’t have any respect for Kanye as a person or black activist. His colorism, misogynoir, wh*rephobia, homophobic antagonism and contempt for those who try to critique his flaws are beyond redemption. Kanye claims white supremacy is the enemy but he continues to act as if the white people in his life are the exception. They are not and will never be. The white people in my life aren’t the exception. The light-skinned black people in my life? Not exempt. 

 I wonder why people think to point out Franchesca Ramsey’s marrying a white man who was in a video with her combating a racist decrying #BlackLivesMatter and actively backs her work within the social justice community. What do white women like Kim Kardashian do for men like Kanye besides act like racism is their “loved one’s” problem and not theirs? I don’t know many black men with white and non-black women who care about the issues these black men claim to care about. Maybe Chrissy Tiegen but she’s trash for defending Ayesha  Curry’s misogynoir and calling Quevanzhane a “brat.” As far as I see, she’s for #BlackLivesMatter from a cishet black male perspective via her husband. The only public black male and white female couple I can think to come close to productivity in the black community is Rick James and Teena Marie; and Rick James was the toxic one in the relationship. 

 I wonder why people think to criticize any black woman who dates white or lighter-skinned men. Most black women who date outside their race or lighter men aren’t doing so because they hate black men nor make it a point to say that’s why that is. And the fact you have black women proclaiming their “love” for black men while spitting on the black women who have developed an aversion from black men shows the dynamics here. I don’t see no black man going as hard for black women as I see some black women do for black men. A black woman can say, “I’m sick of black men,” and you’ll have a swarm of kiss-ass black woman calling them “bitches” and “coons” without context. They don’t wonder why some black women may not want a black man who utilizes colorism and misogynoir. Some dark-skinned women don’t even want dark-skinned children because they fear their offsprings being treated like they were. Although I certainly don’t think a lighter skinned child should be the antithesis to how black children are treated. I personally think a dark-skinned child deserves the same amount of love as a light-skinned child. But that’s me.

Anyway, a black man can apparently sleep with any woman and be pro-black but I and other women have to prove our “pro-blackness” by fucking black men and marrying them. You don’t want me so I wonder why we should want you.

anonymous asked:

Based on flower language, what kind of flowers would gom, teppei and takao give to their significant other?

Generation of Miracles

Akashi Seijurou: Akashi didn’t want this party to end too bland for you, especially not since it was your engagement party. He made sure you had more say than his father or any other person attempting to take over something meant for you, and decides that a gift of flowers remains classy but isn’t too overbearing to give you while in front of friends and family. When he approaches you with them in hand he can see your eyes light up, holding out his free hand and pulling you to the dance floor before giving you a chance to appreciate them.

Ivy Geranium - Bridal Favor, Your hand for the next dance

Aomine Daiki: This is stupid was the first thought that crossed Aomine’s mind, but he figured just because he thought it was stupid, you may not feel the same. He spends hours just staring at the flowers in the flower shop, leading the girl behind the counter to worry that he may grow old and die there before he chooses ones to give you. When he asks her meanings she can tell it’s for someone special, someone who he clearly thought about often; she hands him the pansies and wishes him luck. When he gives them to you, you clearly love them, eyes lighting up and smile nearly blinding him, though he’s more worried about his heart giving out from the beautiful sight of your happiness.

Purple Pansies - You occupy my thoughts

Kise Ryouta: The flowers Kise hands you really did remind you of him, yellow much like his hair (and some of his clothing). He seems more excited than normal, as though he wasn’t just handing you flowers; when you question him on his weird behavior he refuses to tell you, simply stating that the flowers held meaning to him and he hoped you would find meaning in the them, too. Looking up what they were supposed to mean, you come to his house the next day with one in hand, smile wide as you hand him one and tell him you understand the meaning perfectly.

American Cowslip - Divine Beauty, You are my divinity

Kuroko Tetsuya: Kuroko felt like he may be being too obvious, but he had never had a significant other that he had been this serious about before, and he felt that giving flowers at random would be a good gift. When he hands you them he can see that you’re confused as to why this bouquet of flowers is being shoved into your arms, with his kind smile making your heart warm as you accept the gift from him. “I love you,” He states, leaning forward to gently press a kiss to your lips. “To the one who sees me better than anyone…”

Forget-Me-Not’s- True Love, Forget me not

Midorima Shintarou: The day was gloomy, and he knew how out of it you could get on gloomy days when there wasn’t rain, or shine, just some odd in-between weather that left you feeling low; he could get the same way, but his situation was easily remedied by being in your presence. He grabs you the brightest flowers he could, knowing they were your lucky item for the day but frustrated they hadn’t been specified. He knows flowers are serious, especially since they could convey his emotions for you without him having to speak and ruin the potential romantic moment. When he presents them to you he can see that you’re happy to have the gift, smiling at you only once your back is turned.

Daffodil - You’re the only one, The sun is always shining when I’m with you

Murasakibara Atsushi: Murasakibara hadn’t realized that flowers had meanings behind them until he spoke to his mother about finding a gift for you for your birthday; she explained to him certain meanings and insisted he do extra work by looking it up. He waited until the day before he’d go to the flower shop to do so, and found the Jasmine’s to be the only flower that rivaled your beauty. He hands you the flowers with a flushed face, looking down as he admits, “I want to stay with you forever.”

Indian Jasmine - I attach myself to you, Attachment


Kiyoshi Teppei: “They’re a special type of wildflower,” Kiyoshi explains as he holds out the flower, patting the side of his hospital bed to signal you should sit down. When you do, he pushes the flower into your hand, smiling as he tells you, “It’s all yours.” You thank him for the flower, being sure to ask him the type (though he seemed to not remember exactly what it was, and gave you a few jumbled responses)  but when you look up the meaning, you call him up immediately to scold him for not telling you the meaning of the flower sooner.

Milkvetch - Your presence softens my pains

Takao Kazunari: When Takao thought about you his heartbeat grew faster, his cheeks became flushed, and it was near impossible to wipe a grin from his face; the countless memories you had created together were pasted across his room for all to see. In public he was unashamed, happy to kiss you to his heart’s content to show you how hard it was for him to be apart from you for long or short periods of time. The bouquet of yellow Tulips comes as a surprise gift on your anniversary, ones that were bold in color and meaning, which certainly reminded you of him in all aspects.

Yellow Tulips - Hopelessly in love

Vanessa Gottlieb fic.  

Because there is a part of me that loves when people propose that Vanessa has eight degrees in science or engineering or is a successful entrepreneur or whatever, but there’s another part that’s like FUCK THAT WOMEN OF COLOR DO NOT HAVE PROVE THEMSELVES TO BE WORTHY OF LOVE AND FANDOM INTEREST FUCK YOU WOMEN WHO WORK AS MODELS DO NOT HAVE TO PROVE THAT THEY ARE SMART AND INTERESTING AND HUMAN

Language assistance from apfelgranate.  This could legit use a Britpick.

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sjfldlffw9888889899898989898989  asked:

i'm glad that the panel turned out so well and i wish i could've seen all three of you do your thing, but i have to ask: how was dashcon itself? i know its a bit of an elephant to address but tumblr is EXPLODING with drama concerning the emergency $17,000 fundraiser, poor treatment of the staff, minors being let into 18+ panels, WTNV walking out, and various other unpleasantries. were you, sasha, and mark treated well? did you see anything happen there that seemed strange?

Here is my two cents:

1) I’m not sure why tumblr is mad at Dash Con about the $17,000.  When a large corporation (Mariott) totally screws over a smaller and less powerful group by demanding money NOW because its in the fine print despite a contract that outlined a staggered payment plan, I’d assume tumblr would side with the little guy.  

Should Dash Con have had a lawyer look over that contract?  HELL YES, but lesson learned.  It’s like adjustable rate mortgages.  Dash Con got screwed by a big multinational corp and for some reason tumblr is siding with Mariott.  It’s gross.  They are getting a lawyer now to see if what Mariott did was legal but there is nothing they can do about the damage to their reputation as a con.  

Also staff have been emphatic at the event that this $17,000 was a loan.  If you go to the staff office and say “hey my name is Joe Blow and I gave you $200 last night” they are claiming they will get you the money tomorrow or Monday.  They are not requiring proof since most people gave cash.  Just your word.   If that’s a scam, I have no idea what kind of scam it is.  

2) I know nothing about poor treatment of staff.  All the staff I’ve met with and worked with have been wonderful.  

3) I know nothing about minors in 18+ panels.  My 35 year old roommate was carded for an 18+ panel and not let in until she produced an ID.   When we opened Homoerotic Subtext up for questions staff actually came up to remind everyone to keep the questions PG13.  I saw nothing but staff being serious (to the point of being annoying) about the 18+ requirements.  

4) I don’t know all the details about the WTNV walk out, but I had won a raffle for priority seating so I was in the third row when the organizers told 1000+ people that the Night Vale people were demanding cash payment RIGHT NOW BEFORE THE SHOW despite a contract that said they would be paid tomorrow after their Q&A was done.   They said they offered to go to the bank and get the cash and WTNV walked rather than wait for someone to run the errand.  And this was after WTNV were over an hour late to their own live show, blaming “traffic”.  A few hours later, I bumped into a staff member that told me they had almost all the cash on the table as WTNV were leaving and begged them to at least stay for the Q&A tomorrow and they refused to take the money.  

I’ve also seen people complaining “WTNV interrupted their european tour for this!” when Dash Con was booked MONTHS before they booked their european tour.   It certainly colors my impression of the WTNV people considering some of them were singing and chanting along with everyone and declaring the Mariott’s actions bullshit the night before.   *side eyes them so hard right now*  You be the judge. 

5) I can’t speak for markdoesstuff and sashaforthewin, only myself.  The staff and organizers have been exceptionally kind but clearly overwhelmed by these curve balls and sometimes disorganized.   Some of it is standard first con issues.  Some of it is not their fault.  Some of it they’ve handled poorly, especially on the communication end.   It’s been a mixed bag.   I did two other panels (LGBTQ Support and LGBTQ&A) and I don’t know of anyone on those panels who had a bad experience either, but you would have to talk to them.   

But you asked me what I’ve seen.  I’ve seen some phenomenal people.  

The art in the dealer’s room is GREAT and almost entirely small set ups with homemade stuff by the artist.   I’ve been to A LOT of comic cons where big companies drive the merch.  Here it is some fantastic stuff at a good price where the artist is happy to chat with you and you know these people are doing it because they love it not just to take your money for some made in china crap while looking down their nose at you.    It was almost worth going for that alone.   PEOPLE HERE HAD BI PRIDE STUFF!!  More than just one vender!  Stickers, chainmail, tags, mini comics!  I’ve never found bi pride stuff at a big comic/fan con!!  I may have bought all the things……

I’ve not seen anyone be rude or nasty — no bronies or fedora-lords dominating q&as like I saw at C2E2 this spring, and damn some of the most unique cosplays I’ve seen in a long time.   The crowd is 80% women under 35 so keep that in mind when someone bitterly is like “ugh tumblr con is sooo stupid”.   Cuz when young women do something it’s always stupid don’t you know.  *eyeroll*

I’ve met up with some people I’ve known on the internet in fandoms for years and that alone for me was worth it, plus the amazing experience I’ve had on panels.  

And yet for some reason, everyone on this site is cheering for them to fail.   I do not understand that.   It’s worth it to ask some questions about all this since there have been issues, but the amount of flat-out hate is staggering as a person who is here having a good time.   People here are sometimes irritated but the mood is overwhelmingly positive.  

This was something put on by tumblr users for tumblr users.   All the panels on LGBTQ issues were by LGBTQ people.  That’s a hell of a lot better than the LGBTQ panel I went to at C2E2 last spring where it was 4 straight people congratulating themselves on all their great queer characters in Marvel and DC in a giant hetero circle jerk while Rachel Deering was treated like a utter token.   That was disgusting.  I didn’t see tumblr revolting against that.

TLDR: Yeah there have been some serious issues but people are really being asshats about it.  

- Sarah 

What Do the Lonely Do At Christmas?

Note: Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!!! Contains sexual themes. xo-Kaylin 

**What Do the Lonely Do At Christmas? by The Emotions 

**Intro by Ariana Grande (for the sexy bits)


                                      Tis the season to be jolly

                            But how can I be when I have nobody

You were shocked, to say the least, to see his name come across the screen when your phone began to ring and even more so when he asked you to come over, especially on today of all days, but you were certainly glad that he did, though you would never dream of letting him know that.

He needed you, but it was okay, because in a way that was becoming all too dangerous for you, for the both of you even, you needed him too. 

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Handsome Impala-Dude Chapter 2

Summary: The reader takes Dean to her favorite place of all times, and things get both fluffy and heated.

Word count: 2165

Warnings: Some self-esteem issues, bullying. Please, if you are experiencing bullying, please seek help.

A/N: Soooo, I think this is sooo cute! No smut yet, though, but things are starting to heat up. 

Part 1


The car ride was surprisingly comfortable. You had never had anyone else than your father in this car with you, and he was usually silent. Dean, however, was not. He wanted to know everything, from where you had gotten your love for cars to what you usually did during your holidays. You explained how your father used to own a car dealership, but had gotten ill a few years back and had to sell. He was well again now, and had started a small shop, designed for vintage cars. When you told him about the old and beautiful red Jaguar you were fixing now, you could have sworn his jaw hit the floor.

“Y/N, that is amazing. Please, I need to see it.” You just laughed.

“There is no way we are going to make it back in time for class if we head to the shop first, Dean.” His name felt good on your lips, like a praise of sorts. Like a mantra.

“I kinda wasn’t planning on going back to class,” Dean said, but the impressed look in his eyes had been replaced with a nervous one. You glanced at him before focusing back on the road. You both sat quietly for a few minutes. With a deep breath, you asked one of many things that had bothered you since Dean came into your class.

“Dean, why did you suddenly get so terrified during class today? When Mrs. Hill handed us that quiz.” He didn’t answer. Truth is, he didn’t even breathe. He seemed so tense that you were sure he was going to break in half. “I’m sorry,” you muttered, reaching to turn on some music. Somebody that I used to know came flowing through the sound system, and you cursed under your breath. Not the music you needed right now. You would have gotten out your phone to plug it into the aux, but the cable was in the glove department right in front of Dean. Therefore you just changed the channel. Taylor Swift’s Last December. Yeah, no, that wasn’t going to work either. Was there no good music on today? With a last hope, you switched again and Boulevard of Broken Dreams bleared out. You let out a frustrated sigh and hit the steering wheel. That was when you heard a low chuckle from the passenger seat. Your head whipped to the side only to see Dean smirking at you. When he saw your shocked expression, he outright laughed and sank further down into the seat. Your face softened, and soon, you were laughing as well.

“I’m fine, Y/N,” Dean assured you, as he calmed down. “I might tell you someday, but not right now, okay? Let’s just enjoy what is left of the day.” You nodded and made a quick decision.

You still had 45 minutes left of your free period, so you turned right, onto a smaller road. There was no asphalt, only hard earth, so Captain would have to be washed later today, but you didn’t care. You wanted to show Dean your special place. As you neared where you would usually park, something hit you. You were showing this boy your sacred place, and you had known him for, what, an hour? Fear tinkled through your bones as you slowed down. Why had he even done what he had? Maybe he was just going to leave you, like everybody else. Or maybe he wanted to get close to you so that he could hurt you even more. A boy like him never went for a girl like you. He was a god compared to your sluggish form. You sunk further and further into yourself until you felt a hand at yours where it clutched the gear.

“Y/N, what’s wrong?” His voice was laced with concern, but you just couldn’t tell him. Not yet. Therefore, you mustered up a smile, although a weak one, and said the only thing you could think of.

“I’m fine, Dean. I might tell you someday, but not right now. Let’s just enjoy the what’s left of the day.” He almost seemed hurt, but then he chuckled.

“I guess I deserved that one.” He let go of your hand as you parked the car, but didn’t stop looking at you. You squirmed under his searching eyes, but he smiled at you. “Your hair is really pretty in this light,” he said, shocking you to silence, before he got out of the car and ran to the other side so that he could hold the door for you. You got out on shaky legs, eying the creation that was Dean … Dean what? You realized that you didn’t even know his full name. Not that he knew yours either, but still, it was weird not knowing.

You led the way to a small path that lead straight into the forest and upwards. Dean followed you for what seemed like ages, making smalltalk all the way, until he stopped and whistled at the sight in front of him. The mountain made a solid wall, but you knew how to climb it. You had been doing it since you were a kid. You smirked at Dean.

“You up for some climbing?” He laughed at you, but he seemed slightly nervous. You could understand his hesitation; he either had to climb underneath you, watching your fat ass move in front of him and potentially ending up crushed underneath you if you fell, or climb above you and not know where to place his feet only to fall on top of you. Alas, this would save him from being crushed, but you were fairly sure he wasn’t too keen on lying on top of you. You shrugged and started to climb, placing your hands and feet in the familiar holes. You were so conscious of having Dean underneath you that you nearly slipped a few times.

Finally making it to the top, you turned around and gave Dean your hand. He grabbed it, although he clearly didn’t need it; the boy knew how to climb. As he let you partially drag him up, he ended up right in front of you, a mere ten cm. away your body. He was tall – really tall – and so you had to look up to see his face. You discovered for the first time how beautiful his eyes were. They were a deep green with specks of gold in them, and the recent activity had given them an extra sparkle. On the other hand, maybe he always had that sparkle. His teeth distracted you as he bit his lower lip, mimicking what you realized you had been doing. You let go of your lip and stepped away, breaking the tension between you.

“Uhm, come on,” you stuttered. “It’s just through those trees.” You led the way, but you could feel Dean’s eyes on your back the entire way. You wanted to check that your bra wasn’t making that bulge too big, but you didn’t dare to check. A part of you knew that your fear was unreasonable. You weren’t fat, it was just society that was screwed up. By not fitting into an XS in jeans, you apparently qualified as “huge.” Still, Dean was everything society wanted. Or was he? Something was definitely wrong, that wasn’t hard to see. Maybe he didn’t quite fit the mold, either.

You reached the end of the path as you entered your cliff. There was still ten meters left until you hit the edge, but you could already see the beautiful view. The town was in your back, so all you could see was forest and some small waters. You could hear Dean suck his breath in as he took in the view.

“Shit, Y/N, this is beautiful.” Seemingly unconsciously, he grabbed your hand as you both stood there, breathing in the fresh air. You could feel your worries disappearing; he liked it. A smile spread across your face as you dragged him towards the edge. You sat down quickly, letting go of his hand and letting yourself fall off the edge.

“Fuck!” Dean reached for your arm, apparently terrified, but you just laughed at him as you landed on a hill in the mountain beneath you. Dean looked seriously pissed, but there was an obvious relief to his face as he followed you down. “You’re crazy, Y/N, you know that?” But he grabbed your hand again as you sat down. He apparently liked holding your hand. You certainly liked holding his.

You woke with a start as your pillow shifted underneath you. Wait… You might not be fully grown up yet, but you were sure that pillows could not shift. In addition, you were confident that pillows didn’t have hard, flexing muscles. You opened your eyes to see the sun starting to set in the horizon. The sky was colored in beautiful reds and pinks, spreading a warm glow over the forest beneath.

“Hey, you’re awake,” a groggy voice which certainly was not a pillow said from your left. Dean. You had fallen asleep in Handsome Impala-Dude’s arms. Not only that, you had apparently been asleep for hours. You tried to sit up, but soon discovered an arm around your shoulders. You settled back down and looked up at him. He was beautiful. The soft light seemed to make his hard features smoother, more kind. The sweet smile on his lips certainly did help.

“Dean, how long have I been asleep?” Your voice was deep and hoarse from the sleep, and you suddenly worried about morning breath.

“Probably five hours,” Dean laughed softly. That made you sit up, arm or no arm.

Five hours?” If your voice hadn’t been so heavily affected by your sleep, you would have screamed. Instead, it came out raspy and it broke at the end.

“Yeah,” Dean smiled and to your surprise, he reached out and stroked your shin. “I would have woken you up, but you seemed so peaceful. Your dad called, but when I told him you were asleep he seemed almost relieved.” Dean furrowed his eyebrows at that. “Plus,” he added with a wink. “I like watching you sleep.” His voice dropped two octaves at that last sentence and you burst out in laughter.

“Nice, Cullen,” you replied as you sat back into his arms and yawned. Dean enveloped you with his arms, and you enjoyed how he hugged you to his chest. “You know,” you mused. “If you had fallen asleep as well, we might have died. Actually, if you didn’t sleep, what the hell have you been doing for the past five hours?” Dean shook slightly underneath you from a low chuckle.

“Thinking, mostly. This is a great place for thinking.” You had to agree on that one. “Also, I have done some homework as we were so smart as to bring our bags.” He seemed really proud of himself. You raised your eyebrows at him, turning your head towards him so that he could see you. He sighed. “I’m usually not a big fan of school, okay? I don’t think I’ve done homework in four or five years.” So the great mystery that was Handsome Impala-Dude was starting to open up to you. You weren’t going to push him, though.

“That’s great, Dean, what did you do?” A boyish grin spread across his face when you praised him, and you felt your heart melt. There was something about this boy that was more severe than you thought it was. And so Dean dived into an explanation of the essay he had written for English class, and you laid back down to listen.

By the time you made it back to the car, it was nearly ten in the evening. You both sat down on the hood of Captain, Dean playing with your fingers.

“Thank you for today, Y/N, it was great.” He smiled at you, and you felt the heat rise in your cheeks.

“I think I’m the one who should be thanking you, you know.” Memories of what seemed like a lifetime ago flashed back. The smell of coffee suddenly seemed to strangle you. Dean’s grip on your hand turned hard as he also remembered.

“Y/N, those sons-of-bitches shouldn’t be allowed to walk those halls.” His voice had a sharp edge to it, the same it had when he had told John the douche summer-school quarterback to leave you alone.

“Hey, I’m fine. Really, I’m used to it. Today was a good day, really. They are usually worse.” That didn’t have the wanted effect. Dean got even angrier.

“Fuck, Y/N, you need to stand up for yourself! Those people are assholes worth half of you, but you still just let them run you over!” He was breathing heavy, and your hand was starting to hurt. He turned towards you, and you thought he was going to scream some more, but instead, he just mumbled a curse and attacked your lips with his.