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Request:  Can you write for kian where you live in the house with them and the roommates make fun of you guys cause you are so in love

Warnings: Cursing

Word Count: 1,406

Kian Lawley x Reader

Hope you guys enjoy!

“It looks bad when a girl sleeps over at her boyfriend’s house. You know that right?” My mom was pushing my fallen hairs back behind my ear, trying to sucker me into not moving to L.A. to be with my boyfriend of 2 years. 

“Mom, it’s not as bad as you’re making it out to be. You’ve met Kian. He’s sweet, charming, and he wouldn’t do anything to harm me.”

“You don’t understand how bad it makes you sound! You barely know the kid! You live over on the other side of the United States and you expect me to let you fly across the country to go live with a boy you’ve only been dating for barely a year?”

“Two, two years mom.”

“Whatever (Y/n), you do what you want to do but if you fly there, don’t expect to have a place to live when you come back.”

“Fine, I won’t.”

I sighed, I was too busy thinking about how my mom basically disowned me. I looked over an saw Kian fast asleep, mouth slightly open, and light snores coming from his mouth. I’ve been living with him for about three months now and everything has been great.

I leaned over and left a kiss on his cheek and tossed the covers off me and stood up, standing on my tiptoes and letting out a big yawn.

“Baby.” Kian already had the covers wrapped around him and god how he looked amazing with his hair sprawled out everywhere.

“Yes?” I grabbed my hair and put it into a high ponytail and walked into the bathroom an looked at Kian through the mirror.

“What’re we going to do today?” He moved over on my side of the bed so he could see me better.

“I really don’t know,” I splashed my face with water, “I mean, we could just have a lazy day.” I patted my face dry, earning a big sigh from Kian. “What?” 

“You’re so beautiful.”

I blushed and opened his bedroom door, earning a sad look from Kian but I was hungry and I know that when he comes downstairs he’ll want food. 

“Hey (y/n)!”

I looked over an saw Harrison and Corey sprawled out on the couch.

“What’re you two doing here this early?” I grabbed a water from the fridge and leaned against the wall.

“We’re actually waiting for Jc. He said he wanted to go get breakfast this morning.”

I furrowed my eyebrows together. Why wouldn’t they invite Kian? Kian deserves to hang with his friends as well. I’m not trying to hold him back.

“Why wasn’t Kian invited?” I glared over at Corey knowing that he knew why.

“I mean -”

“Guys you ready?”

Jc was at the bottom of the stairs with his eyes wide open looking at me. 

“No, you guys aren’t ready. Why didn’t you invite Kian with y’all to go get something to eat this morning?”

Jc shrugged his shoulders and walked into the kitchen. “I mean, you two always do everything together and we just assumed that you two would cook something this morning and eat here. Nothing bad towards Kian at all.” Jc patted my back and walked over to Corey and Harrison.

I was about to say something until Kian walked down rubbing his eyes. I breathed out and walked into the kitchen. 

“What’s up baby?” Kian mumbled leaning against the wall.

“Your friends.” 

I slammed the pan down on the counter and grabbed the pancake mix from the cabinet. Kian chuckled at me, grabbing my wrist and pulling me into his warm body.

“Baby, it’s perfectly fine. I’d rather be with you than be with those boys and get into trouble.” Kian placed a kiss on the top of my head, making me smile. 

“I don’t want them to think that I’m going to keep you all to myself. Please, go eat with them.” He sighed and placed another kiss on my head.

He yelled to the boys that he was going and I continued making my food. 

“You know, it’s pretty funny how in love you and Kian are.” I let out laugh and looked over at Harrison.

“Yeah, I love him very much.” I flipped the pancake and got a plate out from the cabinet and groaned. “You guys never have dishes cleaned. Guess that’s what I’m gonna have to do when you guys are out.” Harrison let out a big laugh and gave me a quick hug. 

“We couldn’t do it without you.” I laughed, quickly washing a plate and placing it down beside the stove, tossing it onto the plate.

Harrison continued to talk to me until Kian walked in, wrapping his arms around my waist, leaving little kisses on the top of my head.


“Fuck off Harrison!” Kian flicked some pancake mix onto Harrison making him groan.

“Kian! This is my only clean shirt!”

I laughed, putting my last pancake on my plate. I literally feel like a mom with these boys because ever since I came, I’ve come to realize that they hardly know how to wash clothes or do anything to be exact.

“Shouldn’t have said that!”

“I can’t help you! Ever since she moved here you’ve been more lovey dovey around us! We know you love her but keep it pg kids.”

“Harrison! That wasn’t even bad!” I screamed laughing at him.

“Oh well.” 

“Come on Kian, let go of her man, you’ll get to cuddle her when you come back.”Jc peered around the corner rolling his eyes.

“Yeah, let go of her man!”Corey yelled from the living room. “I’m hungry!”

Kian rolled his eyes, pulling me into him and leaving a kiss on my lips, making me smile into the kiss.

“See you later, babygirl.”

“Aw,” Harrison mumbled, “he called her babygirl.”

“Fuck off!” Kian glared over at the boys then looked back at me, leaving another kiss on my lips before walking away with Harrison.

“Bye baby, I love you!” I yelled getting the syrup from the fridge.

“Love you baby!”

I finished folding the rest of Harrison’s clothes because I felt bad for him. I trudged up the stairs balancing the basket against my hip. I opened up Corey’s room and tossed the basket in there, gagging from the terrible smell coming from that boys room. 

So far, I’ve cleaned up the kitchen, straightened up the living room, made mine and Kian’s bed, done 5 loads of laundry and the house still felt nasty to me. I groaned and fell back onto the couch, turning the tv on.

I threw the nearest blanket on me and laid down on the couch. Right when I got comfortable, the front door slung open and the boys piled in.

“Hey (y/n), it smells amazing in here!” Harrison yelled falling down onto the other couch.

“I did a load of your laundry Harrison.” I mumbled scooting over so Kian could lay down beside me. 

“Are you serious?” He got up and walked over to me, leaving a kiss on my head. “Thank you so much, you’re literally the best.” 

“I put them in Corey’s room, by the way.” Harrison thanked me again and jogged up the stairs.

“You’re so sweet to us baby.” I smiled and wrapped my arms around Kian. I miss this boy every time he leaves me. I left small kisses up and down his neck, smirking at the goosebumps rising on his neck.

All the boys were in the living room now, talking about their new video ideas and what they wanted to do tonight. I continued playing with Kian’s hair and he continued to play with my fingers. He loved playing with my fingers, he always made a comment about his hands being way more massive than mine. It made me smile every time he brought my hand up to his mouth to kiss it.

“Okay, we’ll just talk about this stuff when (y/n) is asleep. You two are all over each other.” Jc threw a pillow at us making Kian laugh.

“I can’t help that my girl is smoking hot and I want to be near her 24/7.”

“Fuck off with this cute ass relationship!” Corey yelled.

I just laughed and elbowed Kian to get up. I threw the blanket off me and trudged upstairs,  I was actually tired and wanted a nap.

I crawled over onto Kian’s side of the bed and cuddled up to his pillow and smiled when I heard the door open. I felt the bed shift, smiling when lips came in contact with my cheek.

“Sleep good babygirl, I’ll be up here later.”

“Love you baby.” I mumbled.

“Love you.” Kian threw the cover on me and walked out.

I smiled and slowly drifted off to sleep. 

Same Old Tricks (M)

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a/n: this is, wow, just wow, I don’t know what else to say

warning(s): issa smut (shocker). If you don’t like reading about spanking, daddy kinks, orgasm denial, toy usage, restraining AND overstimulation (doesn’t this just sound like a hoot and a half), then hunny this ain’t the smut for you!

theme: you decide it’s high time you have a little fun with your boyfriend, but when you take it a bit too far, you get what’s coming to you.

word count: 2.4k

“Now, lay back down before I have to punish you again.”

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Surprise! // Buttercream squad

Word Count- 1233

Summary- You return from America after a year, and visit some old friends.

A/n; I had this idea while I was busy all day and just wrote it out now, I kind of forgot the main plot so I somewhat winged it, not super proud of this one but I wanted to post. Also note, this is a platonic imagine.  I hope you enjoy! (I’m always welcoming feedback!)


“Hey guys!” You said to your camera. “Welcome back to my channel! Today’s video is going to be a bit different. Today, we’re going to surprise a certain few boys.. you may know them. They call themselves the buttercream squad, perhaps?” You smirked mischievously. “That’s right! I’m surprising Jack, Conor, Joe, Josh, Mikey and Caspar! Right now I’m in an uber on my way to Jack’s flat, where all the boys are, and they have no idea I’m in England. Oli helped me out, and we’re going to pretend I’m someone who broke into Jack’s flat, then scare the boys. I know, this video could end up totally boring, but I didn’t have a video for this week and I’m hoping they have good reactions!” You joked to the camera, winking and turning it off as you exited the uber, texting Oli you arrived and he entering the building once he buzzed you in.

For as long as you could remember, you were best friends with the buttercream squad, and if you haven’t guessed, you were a YouTuber as well. You were originally from America, though had moved to London during your childhood. You’d met the boys through a YouTube party, you’d all clicked instantly, and have been friends since. You were originally an official buttercream, but you’d moved to America for family issues and had been there for over a year, not seeing the boys since. You were returning to England, so you figured you’d surprise the group. You contacted Oli, who was probably the most responsible in the gang (in your opinion, anyway), and least likely to spoil the surprise, and he’d told you to meet at Jack’s flat and he’d be ready when you arrived.

You smiled happily as you knocked on the door. You faintly heard Oli call “It must be the pizza. I’ll get it!” and some feet padding heavily on the floor, indicating he was rushing. The door swung open and he pulled you into a hug immediately, pulling back he put a finger to his lips, silencing you. You nodded and followed him quietly into the flat.

You and Oli weren’t really the pranking type, your group typically left that to Joe, Caspar and Josh. Obviously the others in the group did some occasionally, so it wasn’t going to be expected. You’d decided you were going to pretend you were someone who’d broken it and hide in Jack’s bedroom, while Oli was going to make sure none of the boys called the cops or anything drastic. He’d also set up his camera in Jack’s room unknown to the boys and was ready to go.

You’d slid into the room Oli indicated to, and situated yourself beside the door, waiting for the right time. You decided to pull out your camera and turned it on. “Hey guys, it’s time for the surprise, here I am hiding in Jack’s room, we have a camera right there,” you pointed to it, “It’s almost time, so I should be quiet. Wish me luck!” You whispered to the camera, smiling as you turned it off. You could easily hear the boys in the next room over, they weren’t exactly quiet.

“Oli? Where’s the pizza? I’m starving!” You heard Caspar whine. “It wasn’t pizza, mate. I think someone’s just knocked and ran.” Oli said, to which you slightly giggled with a hand pressed firmly over your mouth to muffle them, but obviously not well enough. “Hey, do you guys hear something?” Mikey asked, and you heard sounds of disagreement. You sighed, and kicked your foot against the floor. You heard the boys pause their game, and all quiet down. “Told you” Mikey muttered, only to be silenced by the others. You stood up, and stomped your foot again.

“What the bloody hell is that?” You heard someone, presumably Joe say. “I think it’s coming from your bedroom, Jack! Have you got mice?” Josh asked, sounding disgusted. “I do not have mice in my flat!” Jack defended, to which you pulled open the door slightly, causing it to creak. Luckily, his bedroom was out of view. “I think we should go check it out.” Oli said, his voice becoming clearer as he began walking towards the bedroom. They all crept silently towards the room, and you ran behind the bed and crouched out of sight.

The boys warily entered the room, all in a ready-to-fight stance. “There’s nothing here, mate.” Conor said, relaxing out of his stance and chuckling at his friends’ uptight behavior. You jumped up without warning shouting “HONEY, I’M HOME!” All the boys jumped, Conor shrieking in a high pitch voice and jumping behind Jack, making you and Oli burst out laughing.

Josh was the first one to snap out of his shocked stupor and ran over and engulfed you into a big hug. “Hey, Y/N/N!” Josh said, giving you a quick squeeze. “Y/N!” The boys cheered, as they finally processed what had happened. You did your rounds of hugs, smiling brightly at your friends who you’d missed terribly. “Jeez Conor, working on those high notes? Could you go any higher?” You teased, shoving him slightly. His cheeks tinted slightly pink and he pouted. “Y/NNN!” He whined, dragging out your name. You giggled and pulled him into another hug. “Our missing buttercream is back!” Caspar said, throwing an arm around your shoulder, making you smile.

Oli grabbed his camera and stopped recording, you gave eachother a high five, clearly proud you actually managed to not mess up and spoil the surprise. You half expected the boys to spot you before you could jump out. You weren’t really worried about the video, however, as you really missed your best friends, and were just happy to be there with them. Of course, you all still texted while you were in America, but it wasn’t the same.

“Wanna help me finish my outro?” You asked the others, pulling out your camera, to which they all nodded. “Hey guys! So that’s it for today’s video!” You said to the camera. “What did you guys think?” You asked the boys. A murmur of excitement was all you heard, as they all spoke at once, making you giggle.

“I think we did a great job! Maybe we should prank more often!” Oli said, making all the others groan. “Great! More pranks!” Jack moaned, and we all smiled at him. “I think we know our next target.” You whispered to the camera, but loud enough that everyone could hear it. Jack groaned, but was smiling as well. You said your regular outro and turned off your camera.

“Now that you’ve finished your video..” Caspar started, making everyone turn to him questioningly. “Did you actually order pizza Oli?” Caspar asked, with hopeful eyes. “Nope!” Oli said, laughing. Caspar pouted. “Can we PLEASE get pizza then? It’s so rude to tease us like that!” You all laughed and agreed, ordering the pizza and gathering in the living room.

For the rest of the night, you all ate pizza, the boys all asked you about your time in America, as did you about England and just caught up with each other’s lives. You all had bright smiles on your faces for the whole night, cracking jokes and enjoying your much-needed time together.

Finally, you were reunited with your boys and right now, you couldn’t be happier.

IO MOTH!!!!!!!!!!!!

Found eggs on Monday, figured out they were io moth eggs. Looked up io caterpillars, and I had seen one a few weeks ago! Just today I was lamenting how all these io moths are coming to my yard but I never get to meet them.

Well. I needed to get some fresh food for the stinkbabies. Went out on what would have been a quick trip out back, but I found a tiny baby giant stick insect and really wanted one I could (1) fit under the microscope (2) raise through a few molts to document physiology changes (3) have a fun developmental stages visual at the sanctuary on Saturday. I cut the stem the stick insect was on, walked straight over to the stinkbabys’ favorite food. The bush they like is by the mountain laurel.

The mountain laurel had an enormous moth on it.

I knew INSTANTLY what moth it was, even only seeing the underside. So, I had my mini-freakout, trimmed some stalks for the stinkbabies, fiddled around to keep the baby stick from falling off, and trimmed the branch the io moth was hanging off.

Carried the moth and stick insect to the porch with better lighting. Got lots of closed wing shots, then I poked it (I lift up the outer wing on sphinx moths to ID them more easily, tried this on the io too). Apparently poking ios results in some… Defensive behavior.

This was too fun to not to video record, so I waited for the wings to close, then recorded the video. Problem is, hands were full of bugs and phone. So I made due.

Io got fed up and left after I’d been poking for a while. But oh man. This was the best. I have officially seen three life stages (larva, eggs, adult). Now I’m just missing the cocoon.

May 10, 2017

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You can see the way frank is hugging gerard like...he needed that hug

listen…boi…don’t get me started

the hug is….not short. like they hold each other.

and when they pull away franks face :( hes not smiling like you can tell he was when he hugged ray like when he hugged ray he was cheesing but. hes just looking at gerard and i wish it was a clearer video but you know how emotional he is :( i cn tell there’s a lot of feelings in his eyes he missed him and his hugs and their friendship cause like yes they’re all ‘friends’ and they have the group chat but gerard and frank were inseparable they were best friends and things are kinda weird now probably but that hug :( he really needed that :(

Drunk Words, Sober Thoughts

A/N: Request for anon. Juice imagine where his girlfriend says ‘I love you’ for the first time, but she’s drunk. I hope you enjoy!

Juice looked in awe as his girlfriend appeared from their bedroom, Tara and Lyla in tow. They were taking her out that night for a girl’s evening and had worked their magic on her. She looked stunning.
“You sure you don’t just wanna stay here?” Juice asked, wrapping his arms around her waist and admiring her.
“No way, we’re going for a girl’s night and we’re gonna drink and dance until we drop.” Tara replied.
“I promise I won’t get too silly so when I come home we can have fun.” Claire replied, kissing him.
That morning, Claire had confessed she was a little worried about going out and drinking. Tara and Lyla could hold their drink, but she had never really gotten drunk before.
“What if I’m one of those idiot drunks? What if I make a fool of myself, or the girls?”
Juice placed a hand on her cheek, stroking it with his thumb.
“You’re gonna be fine. You’ll have loads of fun, and the girls will look after you. If you need me to, I’ll come pick you up. Whatever time, whatever place, you just call. Enjoy yourself, have fun.”
The reassurance had gotten her through the day, even allowing her to be excited and by the time the girls came over to help her get ready, she was keen to get going.
“Have fun, call if you need anything.” Juice said to the girls as they were leaving to get in the cab.
Pulling Lyla and Tara aside, he asked them to look after her.
“Of course, she’ll come home in one piece.” Lyla replied, and with that, they were in the taxi and gone.

Settling in for a quiet night of video games, Juice was about to start playing when his phone alerted him to a text.

Claire: [Hey babe! Having so much fun, dancing like crazy! Miss you x]

Juice smiled when he read the message, grinning wider when he saw the picture Claire had attached. It was off all three girls, laughing and smiling.

Juice: [Miss you too, glad you’re having fun xx]

A couple of hours passed and he’d gotten into his game of COD. His phone went off again.

Claire: [Baby@ i love this drunk! My feet hurt from dancing but it’s funk]

He was about to reply when a picture came through. Claire was sipping on a brightly coloured cocktail that looked like a unicorn had made it. Juice chuckled at her pink cheeks and wild eyes.
More time passed. Midnight rolled around. Juice was still on the couch watching a movie, waiting up for Claire.
“Hey, Lyla, everything okay?” He asked when his phone rang.
“Hey, Juice! You should come down! It’s all happening down here!” Lyla yelled back over the music between giggles.
“Is everyone okay? Claire okay?”
“Oh, she’s more than okay. You gotta see this in person! Go pick up Ope and Jax, they’re waiting at the clubhouse for you.” She hung up before he could respond.
Juice got up from the couch and got dressed. He drove Claire’s car to the clubhouse and then to Stockton, to the place they had said they would be at. Walking into the club, it was packed, people drinking and dancing on every flat surface.
The boys looked around for their ladies, scanning the room.
Juice recognised Claire’s voice, louder than she normally was. She was kneeling on a barstool at a table near the bar, waving to him.
Juice grinned, walking over to the girls and a bunch of guys that had joined them. He went straight for Claire, helping her down from the stool.
“Everything okay? Having fun?” Juice asked, unable to keep from smiling at how happy Claire was that he was there.
“Loads of fun! I was just telling these guys all about you!”
The guys took one look at the men in kuttes and hastily excused themselves.
“Aw, I was just gonna tell them all about the time you came and looked after me when I was sick.”
They all laughed at her, Juice with an amused but confused expression on his face, looking to a giggling Lyla and Tara for an explanation.
“These guys came and sat down, trying to hit on us, even though we said we were taken. So Claire pulls out her phone and opens up her photos, showing them pictures of me with Jax and Lyla with Opie, telling them all about the guys.” Tara said.
“They wouldn’t believe us when we said we were taken, I thought if I showed them pictures maybe they’d go away.” Claire said, slurring a little and blushing.
She told them she was going to get them drinks, and Tara went with her.
“The best bit was when she got to pictures of you, I’m so sad you guys missed it. Lucky for you, I recorded it.” Lyla said, grabbing her phone.
She began to play a video. It was Claire seated between two of the guys that had left, and she was swiping through pictures.
“This is my boyfriend, Juice! Isn’t he beautiful? He’s the most beautiful person I’ve ever met. We’ve been together for eight months now, isn’t he great?”
Lyla and Tara’s muffled laughter could be heard in the video as Claire continued gushing about all of Juice’s amazing attributes. Juice could see the guys getting more and more awkward as Claire continued, trying to make a break.
“He takes real good care of me, I just love him so much.”
Juice looked up to see Tara and Claire had returned.
“Oh, did you get to the bit where she said-” Tara asked.
“Yup.” Lyla said, excited smirks lighting up their faces.
“Whatcha guys watching?” Claire asked, face covered in innocence.
“I’ll show you tomorrow, babe.” Lyla replied.
“Okay! Wanna go dance again?”
The girls made their way out on to the dance floor.
“She looooooves you!” Jax teased.
“She’s drunk!” Juice laughed.
“She ain’t that drink.” Opie smirked.

“Let’s get you inside.”
It was very early in the morning when Juice and Claire finally got home. They’d dropped the others off and it was 3am when they stumbled to the front door.
Dropping her shoes by the door, Claire slowly stepped down the hall to the bathroom.
Trying and failing miserably to unzip her dress, Juice assisted, helping her put on one of her favourite shirts of his.
“Don’t forget to wipe the make up off, Juicy.” Claire said, seated on the toilet.
Grabbing some wipes from the cabinet, he knelt before her, gently wiping away the makeup.
Claire watched him, glassy eyed, lazy smile other face.
“I love you, Juice.”
“You still gonna be saying that when you wake up?” Juice joked, chuckling.
“’Course I am. I love you when I’m drunk and… not drunk.”
“I love you when you’re drunk and not drunk, too.” Juice replied.
He threw the wipe in the bin and picked Claire up, taking her to bed. They cuddled up close, Juice falling to sleep with the hope that she really did love him.
He was woken by his phone ringing later that morning, being called in to the clubhouse. Slipping out of bed, he left a glass of water for Claire on the bedside table with a note to meet him there when she woke up.
Coming out of chapel, he found Claire and the girls sitting out on one of the picnic tables, watching something on Lyla’s phone.
Juice stayed at the front door, waiting to see Claire’s reaction.
“Oh my God, I’m such a terrible drunk!” She exclaimed.
“No way! You were so great with those guys, and it was so cute!” Lyla said.
“We should definitely do that again.” Tara agreed.
“Did I actually say I loved him? Aw man, trust me to go saying it the first time when I’m drunk.”
“And the second time, and the third.” Juice chuckled, walking over to them.
“I didn’t.”
Lyla and Tara walked inside, leaving Juice and Claire to talk.
Juice sat down next to Claire, straddling the seat. She’d buried her head in her hands.
“You did.”
“I meant it! I mean it. I just didn’t want to say it for the first time drunk.”
“I love you, drunk and not drunk.” Juice mirrored her words from earlier that morning.
“I said that too, didn’t I? Well I do. I love you drunk and not drunk.”
Juice pulled her close, wrapping her legs around his hips, kissing her softly.

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Three Little Words

Hello everyone, it is I heyitsjiminie. I felt like we needed a bit more of Seventeen up on this blog. So I came up with a little something that I think you guys might like. I’m sorry if there is any spelling errors. 


Word Count: 1889

(Credits to the gif owner.)

AU: High School


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There he was the love of your life, which you didn’t know yet. He was there when your friend moved away to the United States. It started out of nowhere. One day he just walked up to you as sat next you as you read a book. He talked to you. Well he just talked as you read. You didn’t pay much attention to him. Some part of you wanted him to go away and leave you in peace. But it was the opposite, he sat next you everyday and talked. You didn’t pay much attention to him. But there were times where you smiled at a few things he said. But one day he didn’t come, which was weird because you did see him in the hallway. You finally admitted to yourself that you liked him being around you and talk about the weirdest things. You saw him in the hallway and waved ‘hi’ to him. He looked at you and smiled and waved back.

“I see you have a crush on Seungcheol. I mean who doesn’t.” You heard a voice behind you. You turn around and see someone with a pretty face. He had nice pretty hair.

“Are you saying you also like him?”

“How can I not?”

You laughed at what he said, “By the way I don’t like him. He’s just someone I know.”

“So? You can know someone and like them.”

“I never caught your name.”


“Pretty name for a pretty face,” you giggled and walked to your class.

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Today, this Joker trailer is officially one year old. 

Last year, I remember shaking and wailing as I watched this. I remember having to pause the video and try to calm my heartbeat when I saw my clowns kissing for the first time in live action. I remember how excited we all were, how we watched and rewatched and rewatched again. Good times. Relieve them with me for a second? Cheers to the best trailer to come out of Suicide Squad in a plethora of great trailers. 

[EXO OT9] Imagine them forgetting to perform because their ex was in front of them

What you had, was special; love at first sight, approval of nearly all of your boyfriend’s fans, you barely had an argument… but it all changed when that first big fight came; it was a fight every couple had to go through and your relationship had not been strong enough to handle it. It had been a year since you had broken up with your boyfriend, and it was that time of the year again: MAMA. You both managed well to stay out of each-other’s way, until that one moment where your ex-boyfriend had to perform right in front of your seat…

y/g/n = your group’s name


 Though you guys had agreed on staying friends after breaking up, you had had little contact afterwards; he was still heartbroken, you felt stupid for breaking up because you had focused on the five percent of hate amongst the ninety-five percent of support. Though you didn’t exactly plan on avoiding him at MAMA, it was kind of hard to reach or even see him as your band members kept pulling you away from him, knowing from Jongdae how hurt Xiumin was after the break-up. It was a big shock to everyone then when Xiumin was placed right in front of your seat to perform and he only needed one single contact with your eyes to break down inside, not singing when he needed to.

   “First she/he ruined your heart and now your performance.”

   “It wasn’t her/his fault, Jongdae.”

   “Stop defending her/him!”


Your break-up was not pretty, and for a pretty stupid reason too: he wanted to give you the world, you were sick and tired of being treated like a little princess. You had literally had to work your way to the top and - though you once in a while craved for it - constantly being spoiled got on your nerves. Badly. It felt like a slap in the face for all your hard work to suddenly be given everything you wanted, how strange it might sound. So, when you heard EXO was to attend MAMA too, you immediately did not want to go. After being promised several times EXO were seated very far away from your own group, you agreed to go… Immediately regretting when mister Suho himself had to dance in front of you, shooting you cold glares and, doing so, also forgetting to sing.

  “I gave her/him the world and she/he gave me a shitty performance.”


He would be flabbergasted to even see you there. Though you had maintained contact with him over a few texts, you hadn’t actually seen each-other since the break-up and Yixing wasn’t prepared to see you in that beautiful MAMA attire, showing every good aspect of your body. He suddenly felt this huge wave of overwhelming sadness and affection, especially after seeing the exact same feelings in your eyes. He was so overwhelmed he momentarily stopped dancing, staring at you with an intense gaze and not even singing anymore. But then you both blinked at the same moment and he looked away, proceeding his performance and not looking back once again, afraid he might say something to you that should only be said in private, and not in front of the entire arena.

   “I’m going to call her/him, Baekhyun…”

  “Please do. And also tell her/him to make rice cakes once you guys are back together to make up for letting you ruin our performance.”


Happy Byun Baekhyun would quickly lose his joy after seeing how he had to perform right in front of you; the whole evening prior to his perfomance, he had tried to get your attention, obviously still not over you and the good times you had. He had constantly looked at you (your tables awfully close next to each-other), always to be disappointed when you didn’t look back - of course, you had been looking too, but only when he wasn’t. Every time he had laughed, it had become louder and louder, all to get your attention and you were playing the exact same game with him. He had even planned to kiss you after their song had ended; but when he was performing The Eve with his fellow members and he saw the look in your face - that particular “fuck, I still love him”-look - he completely shut down, getting red and silently thanking the choreographer for putting him in the back. Of course, there had been a silent moment in which he actually had to sing, but no need to say that everyone knew why Baekhyun had gone quiet.


   “What are you on about?”

   “Nothing, that was just really funny…”

   “I retied my tie, what’s so funny about that?”


Your break-up was not… pretty… At all. Things had been said, stuff had been thrown out of the window (quite literally) and though he had kept his mouth shut, you - known as one of your group’s sassiest members - kept secretly dissing Jongdae and behind the scenes, your group and EXO were at war. Though some members of both teams were more vicious than others, it was a public secret within the SM company that EXO and y/g/n were no good friends, which was sad as you used to be a big family. It even went as far as your group being placed at the left side of the arena and EXO at the right side, just so there wouldn’t be any fights. One problem though: your table was exactly in front of Chen’s spot to perform. You were already bracing for the hateful glares of him while he was performing Monster, ready to indirectly be called monster and already practising your “eh, whatever” smirk, but that didn’t need to happen. Jongdae was still very upset about the entire situation and when he saw you, he could only shake his head, pleading you to stop this feud and even quitting to sing, all of the EXO members looking at your table and you and your group were suddenly very well aware about how childish you all had been, losing best friends and even the love of your life.

    “I really miss them, though.”

    “I miss them too, Chanyeol… and y/n most of all, even after all those shitty things that were said.”


He was probably more nervous than you to attend MAMA. Though nothing particular happened after your break-up, he was still following your social media, not liking or hearting anything, but he had seen every single post you had put on Instagram, had seen every new Youtube video of your group… Truth to be told, he wanted you back and regretted having such a stupid argument with you in which he had let himself loose, ultimately resulting in your break-up. With every new dating rumour you had, his heart would drop, only to speed up again. The chances of you dating G Dragon would be highly unlikely, as previous month people claimed you were dating Seungri and the month for that, Kim Taehyung had been your boyfriend. His heart already beating at a very unhealthy speed, he completely lost his rhythm and lyrics when he saw you sitting in front of him. G Dragon was sitting next to you and for a second, Chanyeol thought you guys truly were together, until he saw that the both of you were sitting a polite distance away from each-other. You both stared into each-other’s eyes and it was at that moment you knew…


   “I’m so sorry for calling this late, but I just… Chanyeol, I was wondering if you could meet up some time?”


Kyungsoo was heartbroken after the break-up, even though it had been him to end the relationship. And even more, you were the one that was left all alone. Knowing very well that you had done and said stuff that should never have been done or said in the first place, your group quickly lost popularity. As a newly-debuted group, this was to be expected: no one could expect from the fans to be as loyal to a one-years-old existing group as to a five-years-old existing group. Yet, you and Kyungsoo still loved each-other, and there were still many fans that shipped y/g/n’s y/n and EXO’s Kyungsoo. When you were seated and heard the program of your manager, your heart dropped. EXO was to perform at MAMA and you just hoped your ex would stand very far away from you. You had hoped wrong and for the first time in his career, Kyungsoo lost all of his lyrics. He couldn’t remember a single word as he stared at you, with the typical Satansoo face as he couldn’t see clearly. It made you laugh, and it warmed your heart how he could still spot you in the sea of idols, without any help with his vision.

   “Y/n and Kyungsoo, sitting in a tree. K-I-S-S-I- I’M JUST KIDDING, STOP HITTING ME, PLEASE.”


Out of the whole group, he’d be the only one to remain civil and friends, apologising for the things he had said during the argument, causing you to do the same in return, but you were both too hurt to get back together. Nonetheless, you always greeted each-other politely if you were to run into each-other, which had only happened three times. You both weren’t sure where you stood… Acquaintances? Friends? Friendly exes? Probably the latter, as you felt extremely uncomfortable when you saw your table was in between BTS’ and EXO’s table. Though you got along well with BTS, you couldn’t help but glancing at EXO’s table, only to catch Kai’s eyes every single time. He smiled shortly at you and even slightly stood up until Baekhyun pulled him down and shook his head. Kai’s hyung, though sometimes childish himself, cared for his dongsaeng and he didn’t want him to do stupid things. The night passed by and several fancams were busting you and Kai of looking at each-other the whole time, until all of the members of EXO stood up and went backstage to prepare for their performance. They opened with a bang and you couldn’t help but admire your ex’s dance skills, rap skills, singing skills… only to realise it wasn’t him who was singing; Kai was staring at you and Minseok had taken over his part as he was deadly silent.

   “But I need to pee…”

   “Yeah, yeah, whatever. Pee in the bottle if you can’t keep it in.”


You both weren’t very well aware of the reason you broke up, to be honest. One moment things went well, the other moment you arrived crying at your dorm because Sehun broke up with you. Truth? He had overheard sasaeng fans in front of the SM building talking trash about you, about how they were even sad you weren’t with Sehun because they couldn’t stalk you that way. Of course, he had never told you the truth and you had never forgiven him for breaking up with you over an argument that started with you “playing too much with Vivi”. So when you suddenly heard the beginning tunes of EXO’s Monster, you couldn’t help but shake your head in disbelief; he looked so incredibly good, you just wanted to run your hand through his ridiculously perfect hair, hug his ridiculously perfect form, feeling his ridiculously perfect warmth… You had missed a big part of the performance; until the oldest hyung/unnie of the group nudged you and gave a nod towards Sehun, he was staring at you the entire time, so badly Chanyeol had to take over his rapping part. Sehun was very well aware of all the anger you held, but he couldn’t help himself, swallowing harshly as you stared as much as he did and then nodding at you, planning on explaining everything to you after a whole year…

    “There he is, y/n.”

    “Hyung/unnie, what do I do?”

    “Just talk to him, y/n. He ruined his performance because of you.”

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Light In The Hallway (AJ Styles x Reader)

Context: When the children don’t want him to go back on the road, can AJ find a way to bring comfort?

**A/N: ** I can picture AJ singing this. His voice would probably been very soothing. The song inspiration is “Light in the Hallway” by Pentatonix.  I haven’t wrote an AJ fic in a while so here goes. (Edit: The sequel can be found here.)

**Warning: ** You feel things. I’m aiming for this to be very angsty. 

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“Close your eyes, lay your head down

Now it’s time to sleep

May you find great adventure

As you lie and dream

If you’re scared of the darkness

I will calm your fear

There’s a light in the hallway

So you know I’m here….”

      It was a little after eleven at night when we heard two pairs of small footsteps from a few doors down the long hallway. I lowered the volume on the television and AJ looked over at me. We both knew what was coming in the next few moments.

     “AJ, I can do it.” I whispered to him, softly kissing his lips and listening for the footsteps as they came closer. “Love, it’s okay. You can lay back down.”

     “No, baby.” He answered, pressing his lips back to mine. “You handle it every time I leave. Let me do it just this once. I’ll be the one to calm them.”

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i did one of these things. you know the things.

Dating Shayne Topp Would Include

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Words: 1,094

A/N: some confusion occured, I’m currently reposting my old content. Apologies! 

Please request <3

Warnings: None 

Pairing: Shayne Topp x Reader

•You guys met around 2010, when Disney started filming So Random! and your best friend and room-mate Damien Haas started working with the show

•You came on set every now and then just to get Damien lunch or update him on  groceries or just stopping by while running to work to say hello

•Shayne noticed you immediately, seeing he was growing a really close friendship with Damien

•It didn’t take anything for you and Shayne to become friends, it was just immediate. You both got along impeccably, and it wasn’t even a month before he asked you out

•You, Damien, and Shayne were the dream team, cheering each other on through Shayne’s acting, Damien’s voice acting, and your animating.

•You all were pretty unsure about your futures, but then of course Smosh came along, and it all started to stick

•Shayne joined the Smosh squad, and you came at the same time, joining Smosh as a camera operater, something you had a nack for. It was only a matter of time before Damien was on Smosh Games

•You guys are a SUPER lowkey couple, because neither of you are huge on PDA, and never talk about your relationship, so no one at all knew you guys were a couple until Damien joined Smosh and casually mentioned it once, SHOCKING EVERYONE

•Twitter battles constantly, always hilarious

•You’re extremely witty, you both are the best to have anywhere together because there is nonstop hilarious commentary

•You’re in Smosh vlogs a lot, the fans love you so much, because you’re funny and pretty and your conversations just bounce off everyone all the time

•You are fragile and small compared to Damien and Shayne, because you really don’t work out. Shayne will pick you up over his shoulder like it’s nothing

•Sneaking out during Winter games at night to wander through the forest. Yes you guys got lost.

•Him always knowing how to cheer you up

•You’re pretty sick at photography, so guarantee the only good pictures on his Insta were your doing

•Did someone say “stealing Shayne’s shirts to wear to bed?”.

• You’re still roomed with Damien,  but you’re at Shayne’s so much you might as well live there.

•You guys even have a cat together (despite both of your allergies)

•Camping trips when your schedules aren’t JAM PACKED. You both love the forest

•Long talks by the campfire, hikes that take up the whole day

•Shayne isn’t usually a jealous guy, but when he is its all just slightly passive agressive. Like sort of annoyed looks

•You just tease him about it, and it’s never a thing, because he does trust you wholeheartedly

•You guys are just super dedicated to each other, and have been for almost seven years. Where he goes, you go. Where you go, he goes. It’s just a simple relationship where you guys are always confident in your commitment

•You’re not publicly physically affectionate, you’re the type of couple that just seems like best friends, walking to get lunch together. Hanging between recording skits. Cracking jokes. Even if not saying anything, just being in each other’s presence.

•You never were trying to keep your relationship a secret, just no one guessed somehow. Everyone knew there was a past with you, him, and Damien,  they just figured it was a best-friends sort of thing

•Leaving in the middle of the night to take a walk to CVS and buy some sour gummy worms

•Shayne hates fighting, and if something starts he’ll totally just leave so he doesn’t get any more mad and say something mean.

•It’s frustrating for you, and you just go home and lay on the couch quietly

•Damien HATES when you fight, he’s like the child torn between his two bickering parents

•But Damien still will make some hot chocolate, turn on the tv, and sit beside you, cracking jokes or letting you talk if you want to rant.  He never chooses sides, but he’ll always work to make his friends happier.

•Of course, whenever Shayne and you see each other again everything is fine. You talk through it for like a few minutes and then go back to normal.

•He’s always bringing you coffee, fueling your addiction

•You’re both good with cleaning, but he can’t keep his books in order, so if you’re trying to get food at 2am, bet on tripping over some literature

•You striving to get a job in animating, him cheering you on no matter what

•You eventually get a job animating smosh videos and it’s the best thing ever! You love it to no end

•Soft, caring hugs. Tight, suffocating hugs if he’s excited

•Your constant doodles on all papers everywhere, he will find them randomly and they make his day

•Always subconsciously thinking of each other

•Missing him when he’s recording for things other than Smosh

•Always great conversations, never having to force yourselves to talk

•Everything in your relationship came fast, because you guys are a power couple,  always in sync. But the “I love you” was the only exception

•You were both so scared to say it, for some odd reason. It was about seven months into your relationship

•Damien almost EXPLODING because you’re both ranting about how you love each other and not being sure if the other feels the same way and being to afraid to say it, and he doesn’t want to tell each other’s secrets but you’re both SO DAMN OBLIVIOUS

•At one point it just got to you. For a whole week you were nearly tearing your hair out, scared as to whether or not he loved you, not sure what the future would hold. There were job issues and family issues and the whole “I love you thing” would NOT leave your head alone

•You were on the couch, staring off at about 8am in sweatpants and a tank top at his place. You were strained and tired and he came in, back from the café close by

•He just came over, handed you the coffee, looked in the eyes and said “I love you”, before nonchalantly sitting down and opening the book that had been sitting on the coffee table. His heart was racing.

•He likes holding your hand because it’s really soft

•Cuddling = yes

•Listening to Sublime in the car to work

•Gentle kisses

•Every little act of physical affection feels meaningful, because you don’t do it very often

•Just having the best, most undeniable bond ever. Never hesitant if you wanted to be together. It’s very caring and healthy! !!

twiceinabluemoon  asked:

Hello! I told you I'd be here ;) if you have a moment I'd love a tsf with some Adam Kovic! Maybe something to do with let's play live?

“So I’m going to need a little help,” you told the crowd as you fake-whispered into the mic.

“Now, Adam is going to call me in about,” you checked your phone, “Five minutes. I want everyone to stay quiet because he doesn’t know I’m here. I wanted to surprise him.”

You paced the stage a little, keeping your focus on the crowd, “Now after we say hi and I miss you he’s going to ask how I’m doing. At that point, I’m going to say fine but then turn the camera to you guys and ask if you’re alright and that’s when I want you to cheer and hopefully he’ll get it. Does that work?”

The crowd cheered and you signaled them to settle down as your phone began to ring a little early. You turned and got the best angle for the video so he couldn’t see the crowd or where you were just yet.

“Hey, baby,” you greeted and heard a few hushed awws from the crowd.

“Hey,” Adam gave you a smile that melted your heart every time you saw it. You were so excited to see it in person again in a moment.

“I miss you,” you pouted, playing it up.

“I miss you, too,” he frowned, “How are you?”

“I’m good,” you smiled then turned the camera to the crowd, “How about you guys? Ready to see Adam in a few minutes?”

The crowd went nuts as you turned the camera back to yourself to see Adam’s shocked face, “You’re not.”

“Oh, I am,” you confirmed.

The call dropped and the crowd went nuts again as one of the stage doors burst open and Adam frantically came running out. As soon as his eyes landed on you, he sprinted across the stage and picked you up in a tight hug spinning you as you laughed loudly.

He started to carry you off stage so you held a mic up to him, “We’ll be back shortly. Just need a moment.”

There were a lot of whoops and cheering as Adam carried you away.

  • What she says: I'm fine
  • What she means: Okay, here's how it went down. Sam took Miss Briggs' head and PhotoDocked it onto a rhinoceros body. Then Sam put up copies of the pic all over school! When Miss Briggs saw one, she FREAKED. Carly knew that if Briggs found out Sam did it, Sam would probably get kicked out of school (cuz Sam's already been in LOTS of trouble this semester). And since Carly is such a cool friend, she took the blame for Sam.
  • So, Carly got in trouble and had to give up her whole Saturday. Briggs made her come to school and be in charge of the kids' auditions for the school talent show (which was mostly BORING).
  • Since the whole thing was Sam's fault, Carly made Sam help her with the auditions -- so they both had to give up their whole Saturday. I was there too, cuz Carly needed someone to film all the auditions (yeah, they needed me).
  • Most of the kids' auditions were lame. The best stuff was when Carly and Sam were joking around in between the auditions. I thought they were being really funny, so I shot video of them goofing around (they didn't know I was filming them).? Carly and Sam were just being soooo funny together, especially when they were making fun of Miss Briggs' pointy boobs!
  • Everything was cool until later that night. Sam spent the night at Carly's
  • (which she always does)...and at around midnight, they went online to see
  • if I had uploaded the auditions for Miss Briggs. Carly and Sam FREAKED when they saw that I ACCIDENTALLY uploaded video of THEM goofing around, and even making fun of Miss Briggs. They were soooo mad at me.
  • The good news was, tons of people commented the video of Carly and Sam, and the comments were GREAT. Thousands of people online LOVED Carly and Sam. They all wanted to see more of them. So...
  • We decided to give 'em MORE! We decided to start our own web show. Carly and Sam do their thing in front of the camera, and I work the camera and handle all the tech stuff.
  • That's how iCarly got started, and now it's, like, really popular!
  • --Freddie B.

I hope you see this Taylor but I wanted you to know that I really used to miss old Taylor and I wanted to see that curls, that 13 written on her hand, her beautiful guitar and her every beautiful history that made my life. Thank you for reminding those days to me, you can kill them in the new music video but that gold days are always in my heart and I will never forget that beautiful little princess who tried her best to be a singer and making my life. Thank you for everything that you thought in my life and thank you for every smile on my lips that you were the reason for them to appear :) I LOVE YOU FOREVER @taylorswift


Today was my last day and i can’t tell you how much more free i feel, it was stressful but the people i had worked with and still worked with before today were the best people other then some bumps but i still enjoyed it an learned alot also i fucking hate video games after this job so hopefully ill play more. Also it was amazing meeting the people that came into my store they made it worth while, it’s sad that no one else will care to know there names or who they are and I’ll miss my little buddy aiden.. So goodbye gamestop 2014-2017! and for the people that is working for them do not stress over everything it is NOT WORTH IT!!!! “and thanks to my boss and the ga for the awesome cake he thought of it while she made it :(”

i’ve never known how to respond to people when they ask me if i’m okay or if something’s wrong.

i could sit there and try to explain to them how my heart is cracking every second i’m away from him. i could tell them that the emotional pain manifested into a physical one. i could sit for hours and tell them that he was the best thing to ever happen to me and that i was too selfish and took him for granted. i’d go on to tell them that there were nights i’d stay awake looking at all the pictures and crazy videos we would take. and our car rides, boy could i talk for days about our car rides, with one hand on the wheel and the other holding me close as he sang along to his favorite songs, to our songs. i could tell them about how i was missing a part of me without him here and it was all my fault. but what good would that do?

so when people ask me if i’m okay, i say ‘of course and how are you?’ and when they ask if something is wrong, i just say ‘no, i’m just a little tired.

Hard to Find

Banner created by @the-mrs-deanwinchester because she is awesome. Thank you lovely! 

Summary: True love is hard to find, but Jensen Ackles may have stumbled upon it at a bed & breakfast in a small, Kansas town. 

Part One: Selwyn
Pairing: Jensen Ackles x Reader
Word Count: 2455 
Warnings: None. 
Disclaimer:  Daneel and JJ don’t exist in this fic. I’m taking enough of a jump just writing Jensen, but I was inspired. Nobody freak out. 

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BTS Reacting to their S/O supporting Light from Death Note.

》 FAQ // Masterlist

A/N: Thank you for the request! The reaction is not the best, but I love this anime!

Jin - Seokjin’s motherly side would take over in an instant and he would start acting like you were his kid who had started playing gore video games and he’s scared of them affecting your innocent little brain.

“What do you see in him, Y/N, he is a psycho killer and he deserved to die!”
“… Seokjin, that’s only an anime.”

Suga - “I don’t care.”

As a proud otaku, you’d gasp loudly, placing a hand over your heart in dramatization. Without missing a beat, you’d start ranting – how dare he insult your anime, how he should try to understand Light Yagami because the goddamn justice system has holes in it and so on. But in reality, Yoongi was just annoyed because you interrupted him while he was composing. However, he wouldn’t dare cut off your monologue since it would make you even angrier than you already were. So he’d just watch you in silence, questioning his taste in women at the same time.

J-Hope - “Oh, you poor thing, you’ve been brainwashed.”

This would be his first reaction upon hearing you tell your friend over the phone just how much Light Yagami managed to impress you. You’d look at him questioningly and he’d respond by saying that everyone knew L was a better character. The phone call long forgotten, the next thing you knew, you’d be standing on the tip of your toes, trying to get in his face, with him mocking you every time you opened your mouth to speak.

“I’m telling you, you’re wrong! L’s has been right all along and I won’t accept any comment against it!”
“No, YOU are the wrong one here! Light is being misunderstood!”

Rap Monster - He’d be listening to your rant about Light Yagami for the past fifteen minutes, nodding his head mechanically at your words. Honestly, he wouldn’t get the point – it was just some fictional pretty boy, while he was right beside you. But instead of openly admitting he’s jealous over an anime character, he’d decide to tease you the same way.

“That’s nice, but I like Misa the most.”

“… Seriously?”

Jimin - Jimin wouldn’t care a slightest bit about choosing sides in animes – he had been trying to get those cuddles for the past hour and a half, but you just wouldn’t look away from your laptop! When he starts thinking about stripping to seek your attention, you’d get up to answer your phone. After making sure you weren’t anywhere near, he would approach the laptop and glare at the character on screen as if he was actually alive.

“Listen, you. You won’t take Y/N away from me. I’m the real man here. Is that clear? You’re going down, by L or by me.”

V - “Wow! No way! I totally agree with you!”

As soon as you expressed your opinion, he’d respond enthusiastically, saying that he supports Light as well… even if it wasn’t exactly true, but cutie Taehyung would see it as a perfect opportunity to get under your skin. A little white lie wouldn’t do any harm, right?

“We have so much in common!”

Jungkook - Jungkook wouldn’t really care about whose side you decided to take. He’d be more annoyed with the fact you kept talking about it constantly during the marathon, but every method of shutting one up would fail miserably.

“But we still haven’t finished the whole anime, why are you taking sides already? Let’s just see who wins in the end.”

~ Admin Taeyeon