these videos were the best i missed them

i’ve never known how to respond to people when they ask me if i’m okay or if something’s wrong.

i could sit there and try to explain to them how my heart is cracking every second i’m away from him. i could tell them that the emotional pain manifested into a physical one. i could sit for hours and tell them that he was the best thing to ever happen to me and that i was too selfish and took him for granted. i’d go on to tell them that there were nights i’d stay awake looking at all the pictures and crazy videos we would take. and our car rides, boy could i talk for days about our car rides, with one hand on the wheel and the other holding me close as he sang along to his favorite songs, to our songs. i could tell them about how i was missing a part of me without him here and it was all my fault. but what good would that do?

so when people ask me if i’m okay, i say ‘of course and how are you?’ and when they ask if something is wrong, i just say ‘no, i’m just a little tired.

BTS Reacting to their S/O supporting Light from Death Note.

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A/N: Thank you for the request! The reaction is not the best, but I love this anime!

Jin - Seokjin’s motherly side would take over in an instant and he would start acting like you were his kid who had started playing gore video games and he’s scared of them affecting your innocent little brain.

“What do you see in him, Y/N, he is a psycho killer and he deserved to die!”
“… Seokjin, that’s only an anime.”

Suga - “I don’t care.”

As a proud otaku, you’d gasp loudly, placing a hand over your heart in dramatization. Without missing a beat, you’d start ranting – how dare he insult your anime, how he should try to understand Light Yagami because the goddamn justice system has holes in it and so on. But in reality, Yoongi was just annoyed because you interrupted him while he was composing. However, he wouldn’t dare cut off your monologue since it would make you even angrier than you already were. So he’d just watch you in silence, questioning his taste in women at the same time.

J-Hope - “Oh, you poor thing, you’ve been brainwashed.”

This would be his first reaction upon hearing you tell your friend over the phone just how much Light Yagami managed to impress you. You’d look at him questioningly and he’d respond by saying that everyone knew L was a better character. The phone call long forgotten, the next thing you knew, you’d be standing on the tip of your toes, trying to get in his face, with him mocking you every time you opened your mouth to speak.

“I’m telling you, you’re wrong! L’s has been right all along and I won’t accept any comment against it!”
“No, YOU are the wrong one here! Light is being misunderstood!”

Rap Monster - He’d be listening to your rant about Light Yagami for the past fifteen minutes, nodding his head mechanically at your words. Honestly, he wouldn’t get the point – it was just some fictional pretty boy, while he was right beside you. But instead of openly admitting he’s jealous over an anime character, he’d decide to tease you the same way.

“That’s nice, but I like Misa the most.”

“… Seriously?”

Jimin - Jimin wouldn’t care a slightest bit about choosing sides in animes – he had been trying to get those cuddles for the past hour and a half, but you just wouldn’t look away from your laptop! When he starts thinking about stripping to seek your attention, you’d get up to answer your phone. After making sure you weren’t anywhere near, he would approach the laptop and glare at the character on screen as if he was actually alive.

“Listen, you. You won’t take Y/N away from me. I’m the real man here. Is that clear? You’re going down, by L or by me.”

V - “Wow! No way! I totally agree with you!”

As soon as you expressed your opinion, he’d respond enthusiastically, saying that he supports Light as well… even if it wasn’t exactly true, but cutie Taehyung would see it as a perfect opportunity to get under your skin. A little white lie wouldn’t do any harm, right?

“We have so much in common!”

Jungkook - Jungkook wouldn’t really care about whose side you decided to take. He’d be more annoyed with the fact you kept talking about it constantly during the marathon, but every method of shutting one up would fail miserably.

“But we still haven’t finished the whole anime, why are you taking sides already? Let’s just see who wins in the end.”

~ Admin Taeyeon

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do you ever get that feel like "man i wish mark and The Bois still hung out" or like "I miss daniel" and then suddenly realize like hey thats not my place at all im literally just a viewer who doesnt nor will i ever know them personally

I’m putting this under a read more because this answer got a bit darker than I intended. I’m in a bit of a weird place. Be warned.

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Taehyung/Jimin X Reader
Inspiration: That video they posted where Jimin recorded Tae to Sexyback. Lawd I lost my shit.
Word Count: 1,408
Genre: Smut

Originally posted by eatjin

You were laying in bed, scrolling lazily through Twitter when a notification popped up on your phone screen.

Jimin: Video Attachment

Without delay, you opened it. Jimin was one of your best friends, and a bandmate and best friend of your boyfriend Taehyung. Currently they were out and about, filming for commercials and variety shows while you were left at home, the weekend far more boring than it should have been at your age. They’d been gone for about a month, their filming coupled with tour dates and awards shows. You missed all of them terribly.

The video loaded and you clicked play, watching silently as the black screen and crackling melded into the sound of ‘Sexyback’ by Justin Timberlake. The camera focused and you giggled, Tae’s body coming into the picture. It took you a few seconds to understand the video, but when you did, you gasped. Tae ran his hand through his hair slowly, hips swaying as he trailed his hand down his body, gripping the hem of his shirt tightly before tugging it upwards, revealing his muscled chest slowly. A heat flared deep within your stomach, burning a quick path towards your pussy as you watched him toss the shirt to the side. You whimpered aloud as he reached towards his belt without hesitation, sweeping a tongue across his thick pink lips.

He unbuckled the belt confidently, sliding the black leather from its loops without hesitation and your mind blanched, remembering the way that same exact belt had felt wrapped around your throat a couple weeks ago, holding your head upwards as he fucked into your tight cunt. You’d been unable to get in a full breath, the fogginess in your mind only cleared by the rays of unbelievable pleasure spiking through your whole body with every thrust of his cock into your soft walls.

He moved closer to the camera, tilting his head to the side enticingly as he gripped the waistband of his jeans, one hand dipping inside to brush against his hardening cock. The person recording zoomed into Taehyung’s face, showing his head lulling back as his tongue swept across his lips again, eyes hazy and pupils dilated so large they almost completely eclipsed his irises.

The camera panned out again and Tae slid his jeans down his legs, kicking them off before backing up until his hot flesh met the cold wall. His boxers fell to the ground and you and the recorder, who you could now identify as Jimin, took a sharp breath at the same time. You simultaneously sighed as Tae released his length, letting it rise into the air of its own accord, showing just how hard he truly was. The song thudding through your phone speakers couldn’t hide the husky groan from Taehyung as he gripped his shaft, running a thumb across his slit before rubbing the moisture down his length. He grunted his pleasure, warmth sweeping throughout his body as he pumped slowly.

The camera shook a little before Taehyung disappeared from the screen, replaced by blackness and the sound of rustling. A moan, higher than that of Taehyung’s, rolled from the speakers of your phone and your eyes rolled back in your head as you listened to Jimin as he tore his pants and boxers from his body. You imagined his thick thighs as they flexed. Jimin was one of your favorite boys, and one of your favorite past-times was riding those thighs, spreading your cum along the muscled, smooth skin. With Taehyung’s permission, of course. The boys of bangtan were very close, that you knew, but you didn’t learn the extent of which until months into your relationship with Taehyung when he’d told you just how close they really were. You’d accepted it easily, and it wasn’t uncommon for another member (usually Jimin or Hoseok) to join in with you too.

Your screen lit up again as the camera was picked up again, zoomed as far out as possible to show Jimin’s fingers as they gripped his thick cock, pumping his length in time with Taehyung’s hands.

Taehyung whimpered, your name rolling from his lips as his head thumped back against the wall, hands quickening their pace as he recalled the feeling of your tight throat around his shaft. He loved the way his cock looked as it disappeared between your thick lips, eyes watering as you choked around his thickness, moaning wantonly when he’d shoot his load into the back of your throat.

“Fuck, ___” he cried out, hips rolling forward against his hand as his control slipped from his body and into the hands of the you inside his thoughts. He shuffled his legs wider, thighs tensing as he quickened his pace against his hand, gripping the base with his other hand tightly to prevent himself from coming just yet.

Beneath the image of Tae on your phone, Jimin’s cock was now a shade of red that you knew from experience signaled he was barely hanging on. He, too, was fucking into his hand relentlessly, both your and Taehyung’s name slipping from his lips. “Please,” he whimpered, “Please let me cum,” he continued, never leaving his somewhat submissive role, even though you weren’t there. Precum practically poured from his head, the thick beads being swept away by his hand within seconds as he neared his end. The camera in his other hand shook before falling, landing in an unreasonably perfect position a few feet away, propped against the wall. The frame showed both boys, eyes closed as they lost themselves to the feeling and the pleasure thundering through their veins.

Jimin’s eyes peeled open, just barely, and he licked his lips before grunting roughly. “Come for her,” he growled, eyes focused on Taehyung’s painfully red shaft. “Come for her, Tae. Come all over her beautiful face. She needs you, Tae. Come for her.”

Taehyung moaned in response, hips stilling before he erupted. Cum coated his hands and dripped onto the floor, the thick white substance dribbling out from between his fingers. Seconds later, Jimin shuddered, body going rigid before his hips bucked forwards, hurtling him through his orgasm. He let out a high pitched moan, chanting your name. He sputtered his way through one final thrust, collapsing against the seat before creamy liquid spurted onto his thighs. “Yes,” he panted, “Oh god, yes, it’s so good. Oh fuck baby, yes” he whimpered incoherently, barely capable of a fully formed thought. He couldn’t even think, all he could do was feel; feel the warm, pleasurable pressure settled deep within him explode, releasing what felt like electricity as it crackled through every nerve in his body. Even while he came, his eyes were on Taehyung as he pumped himself through the aftershocks of his orgasm, mind on you as he remembered the expressions you’d make when you’d watch him cum beneath you.

Both your room and theirs were dead silent, save the heavy panting from them and the soft whimpers dancing around in your throat as you tried to control the lust raging through your body. Without a word Jimin got up from his seat and retrieved the phone, steps unsteady as he fought to regain control of his body. He leant down and picked up the phone, leaving you with one wink before the video shut off.

You sighed shakily, rage flooding your veins alongside your need. You dropped your phone, tugging your panties off quickly, choosing to ignore the weight that they had obtained from being drenched in your juices. Without hesitation you brought your fingers to your wetness, running them back and forth along the slit slowly. You reached out blindly with your wet hand, fumbling through your bedside tables’ drawers before wrapping your fingers around the toy you’d bought yourself the first time Tae had left for tour.

You brought the expensive dildo to your pussy, pressing the button to make it vibrate as you grabbed your phone with the other. You hit FaceTime, pressing the vibrator to your hardened clit as soon as the video connected, the video of your wet-slicked cunt perfectly clear. Jimin and Taehyung barely had time to let out a throaty groan before you’d slammed the shaft into your tight, wet pussy, moaning loudly before growling into the phone.

How fucking dare you.”


Okay but Tord just sits there??? On the hill badly wounded for a while looking at his old home.
Where he and his friends lived.
The same place where the same Tord went on adventures with Edd, Matt, and Tom.
He went from trying to win a girls heart while in a competition with his best friend Edd, sharing a coke with Edd on the beach, playing video games with him, Fighting off zombies together, going on a tour to Hell, and many other things!
It all came down to the same Tord who did all those things with his friends, trying to kill them and take over the world.
I think he realizes what he has done and wishes he hadn’t. Now he’s got half a face missing and a fucked up arm because he wanted to be the bad guy. Edd was HURT.
“I thought…I thought we were friends!”
He was so hurt by Tord’s betrayal that he joined Matt in manipulating the robot to hurt Tord.
Matt started to like Tord again until he punched him and (at the moment he thought) killed Tom who was actually Jon. So he snapped and went crazy on the red hoodie bastard.
We all know how Tom and Tord are together. But in Halloween 2007, when Tom is stabbed by the maniac, Tord just stands there speechless and afraid. Joy to mention in Ruined, Yom saved Tord and Matt’s life by smashing mummies heads with two liquor bottles.
He cared about Tom before. What happened in 8 years? We will never know.
What a great ending to a great show.

Weird Jaspar Collab... Theory... Or something Idrc

FIRSTLY always, when I’m not actually joking around with friends, I say that Joe and Caspar are best friends and stuf.. This is written HONESTLY how I felt about that video.

SO as I think we all can see, in today’s Thruth or Dare video, Joe and Caspar were kinda more… separated(?)… I mean - they missed all questions and dares about their ‘relationship’ (oh please, ther must’ve been TONES), for like the first time were actually opened about their love-liife and just… Y’all know what I mean.

You know, that they usually do things like joking about them, being all touchy and what we had there? All dares were like prank calling and stuff and I felt like Joe was recording with Alfie or so.

The whole video they were like reminding us that they are hetero, they’re dating Girls, kissing Girls… Look at them back then: they were so chill, would do stuff like licking foot, sticking fingers in each others nose, huggng all the time, tickling, just BEING TOUCHY. They were joking about having child in future, being hurted by other person’s words… I don’t think I must give any more examples. 

AND NOW I FELT LIKE THEY WERE PUSHING US TO NOT SHIP THEM THAT HARD. Like they were so hard on showing that their relation is like every others’ when we all know, that they’re so close it’s not that usual friendship…

It’s like they wanted to more hide the truth, so they said about last relationship, last kiss, things and did a background with prankcalls, joking around, sometimes Joe’s arm on Caspar’s shoulder for people to think they’re in fight or something…

I hope you get what I meant by this whole thing… (Geez, I didn’t expect it to be that long lmao)

Maybe I’m worng (I probably am) but I just felt weird watching it and wanted to give it out… Say what you think about it! Only I saw that?

Much Too Far || Hanbin Ft. Jinhwan

+1470 Words

“Do you think it’s on?”

You smiled at the sound of your friend’s boyfriend’s voice. The picture still hadn’t loaded on your phone, but you were already happy to see what awaited you when it did.  It had been a few months since you had last seen Hanbin, and the same amount of time that your friend hadn’t seen Jinhwan. She often came over to your home to cope with the distance—it proved sufficient. Girl’s nights were the best way to pass the time, but you often found yourselves talking about the two boys, missing them more and more.

Finally the video loaded, revealing Hanbin’s handsome face to you with Jinhwan slightly in the background. The two of them still looked confused.

The light is blinking, I think it’s on,” Hanbin said before a wide grin spread across his and Jinhwan’s face. You called for your friend, bringing her over to plop down on the couch with you.

“What is it?” she asked.

“Hanbin and Jinhwan sent us a video,” you replied to her, holding the phone out to show her just enough for the both of you to see. A smile spread across her face as she sighed, too. Her heart fluttered seeing Jinhwan, the same way yours did seeing Hanbin.

“Hey, babe. We had a little bit of free time this afternoon. So, I just wanted to tell you how much I miss you and what better way to tell you than over video, where you can see my face, too. Ahh, I can almost feel the smile on your face.” And you did—have a huge smile on your face that is. Damn, your boyfriend was handsome. “I hope you’re doing well without me. I’ll be home soon, you hear? I miss you, baby. I miss you a lot. I love you.”

“I love you, Bin,” you whispered to yourself, only to be nudged by your friend who smiled at you before it was Jinhwan’s camera time. He addressed your friend the same way Hanbin addressed you. Even as Jinhwan talked to her, your heart fluttered. Just the thought of how much those two loved the both of you.

You watched your friend essentially melt in front of you, holding a half-clenched fist over her heart as tears gathered in her eyes as they were now in yours, too. She watched the screen, watching Jinhwan, lips pulling across her teeth in a small smile, tears trickling down her face.

“We love you and we’ll see you soon!” they harmonized in the video before you took your phone back, dialing up Hanbin’s number to see if he could talk for just a minute. You wanted nothing more than to hear his voice live, right now. The phone rang in your ear as you held it up against your head, waiting for him, hoping for him to answer and when he did, you bit your finger on your free hand, overjoyed to hear him.

You couldn’t even find a voice to speak after he had answered. He repeatedly said hello, called your name, and asked if you were there before you could finally choke out a soft, “I’m here.” You could practically feel his grin as he asked how you were doing and you explained to him that you had gotten his video and that your heart was fluttering out of control right now.

“I’m so glad you liked it. I wanted to send you something sweet to let you know I’m thinking about you. We’ll be home soon. I can’t wait to see you. I’ve missed you,” he said, becoming short-breathed by the end of the sentence as he remembered what it was like to be in your arms, hand in hand, your warm lips on his. He sighed.

You repeatedly opened your mouth to speak, but nothing would come out. You were too excited thinking about what it was going to be like to have him back with you, finally, after such a long time it felt like.

“I know, cat’s got your tongue,” Hanbin said to you, and you couldn’t help but chuckle, “How about you do me a favor and go open your front door; I have something waiting there for you.”

You were confused, telling him that you couldn’t possibly know how he had this all so perfectly planned out and your friend watched you as you headed to the front door, unlocking it and opened it. Your jaw fell open and your phone fell out of your hand, but that was the least of your concern right now as you were pretty sure your tear ducts had processed what was happening before you did. Jinhwan was standing directly in front of you before he pushed passed you—as happy as he was to see you, he had bigger priorities.

But the moment he stepped away, your hand covered your gaping mouth as you laid eyes on your handsome man. The tears stung your eyes as you closed them after scanning his smiling face, chuckling quietly as he stepped to you.

“Hanbin, I… I don’t…” You couldn’t even finish your sentence before he stepped towards you, taking your free hand to lace his fingers with yours while the other touched your hip, drawing you closer to him. You couldn’t even process anything right now; you knew you were already bawling your eyes out. You were so happy to see him, almost too happy, and it was apparent to him as your face buried deep into his neck, dampening that and his shirt collar as he cradled you against his warm chest.

“Don’t cry, baby girl. I’m right here with you, didn’t you miss me?” he laughed. He wasn’t being insensitive; this was just how Hanbin was. He loved you, and he loved that you loved him. So much so that you just couldn’t contain the tears of joy.

“Of course I missed you,” you whined into his neck, holding him tighter, pulling him as close to you as possible. “I just didn’t know I would see you this soon, I’m so overwhelmed and—”

He tilted your chin up to silence you as his hands cupped your cheeks, brushing them free of tears. His lips were as warm and soft as you remembered; his hands as tender and caring as they ever were and you were sure you couldn’t even stand on your own two feet after the reality of everything that was happening had finally set in. After his lips finally left yours, you were instantly lost in his soft brown eyes as he picked you up. His arms tucked under your thighs to support you as your arms draped around his neck.

With tears still in your eyes, you looked over to you friend who was in just about the same state that you were as she cuddled up to Jinhwan on your couch. Hanbin took you over to plop down next to Jinhwan, sandwiching both of them in the middle, especially as you slid off to the side. The afternoon was filled with a lot of I missed you’s and I love you’s before night was falling. You had agreed to let Jinhwan and your friend stay in the extra bedroom downstairs (even though you knew some interesting things would be going down); since your and Hanbin’s bedroom as upstairs in the loft.  Now the four of you were crammed on the three person couch watching a movie.

But you weren’t sure how much longer you could keep your eyes open. Hanbin’s scent, his warm bare skin exposed by the tank he had changed into, his soft stroking through your hair, his occasional sweet nothings in your air and soft kisses against your neck had you falling asleep against him and soon you did.

Hanbin made sure Jinhwan and his girl made it to their room for the night, Jinhwan falling asleep himself after the long plane ride before Hanbin gathered you into his arms to take you upstairs. Thankfully you were already dressed for bed since you had spent all day inside so all he had to do was pull back the clean sheets to lay you down. He leaned over to press a soft kiss against your cheek, stirring you a little to elicit his name in your small voice.  He undressed and then crawled into bed.

“Ahh, my own bed in my own home, with my girl—the only thing I could possibly need—right here in my arms,” he muttered out loud to nobody really except himself. He tucked his arm under your head, bringing you onto his shoulder to form against his body.

“I’m so glad you’re home,” you muttered into him.

“I couldn’t be happier, baby girl.”

When the Power Goes Out

A/N I don’t go through anxiety so I know this imagine doesn’t do it justice. And my thoughts and prayers go out to anyone who does deal with this because I know it is a serious matter. So I did the best I could with this imagine and I hope you like it.

*warning: contains anxiety*


You were staying the night with your best friends Calum, Michael, Luke, and Ashton. They had all come back home now that tour was over and they invited you to come over to Calum’s with them to hang out because you hadn’t seen them in so long. You had missed your four dorky best friends so you immediately said yes.

So now here you were watching Calum and Luke play video games and listening to them scream at each other and try to mess each other up. It was quite entertaining to watch them get so angry over a game. Michael had just gone to pick up some food and Ashton was watching the madness with you. A few minutes later Michael came back in carrying about four pizzas but he had a worried look on his face. “There’s a bad storm coming, so we better get the flashlights ready.” He said and you gulped. Storms made you nervous and bad storms almost paralyzed you with fear. You helped the boys get flashlights and blankets ready in the livingroom just in case the power went out and it didn’t take long to start hearing the wind howling outside.

“Hey we should get some candles too.” Ashton said and you couldn’t help but laugh at his love for candles. “I’ll run upstairs and get some,” you replied and made your way upstairs to the hall-closet that you knew Calum’s mom kept candles and other things in. As you selected a few ️sweet smelling candles a loud boom of thunder sounded and everything went black. The power has gotten knocked out and you were alone in the hallway. The thunder seemed to get louder and louder to you as the fear kicked in. It felt like the darkness was closing in and suffocating you and you found it harder to breathe as you just stood in the middle of the hallway. A part of your brain told you that you should go downstairs with the boys but the rest of you stayed frozen in your place. You barely noticed your hands shaking or the tears coming to your eyes. You leaned back against the walls and you were shaking so bad that after a minute you gave up trying to stand and slid down to the floor. Tears streamed down your face and you jumped every time the thunder boomed and shook the windows. Your breathing got harder and you squeezed your eyes closed trying to block it all out.

A few minutes passed and the boys realized you hadn’t come down.“(Y/n)?” Michael called as he started up the stairs. He was followed by Calum who shined the flashlight around. The light hit your shivering body and they both froze when they heard your sobs and saw you curled against the wall. “Oh god” Michael mumbled and ran over to you, crouching on his knees beside you. You barely heard him saying your name and you refused to look at him, staring ahead at the wall and trying to control your breathing. Calum came to your other side and held your hands tightly while Michael rubbed your back. A minute later Luke and Ashton came up as well to see what was going on. Ashton came in front of you and wiped the tears off your cheeks, “what’s wrong? What scared you? Is it the power going out? Or the thunder? Tell me what’s wrong darling.” Ashton whispered. He knew that the storm must’ve freaked you out but he also knew soft words and getting you to talk was the key to calming you down. You nodded at him, sniffling and trying to focus on his words and the comfort of Calum’s hands on yours. “Bring her downstairs and we’ll light the candles.” Luke said and you felt arms around you and felt Michael plant a comforting kiss to your forehead. All the boys caring for you made you feel secure and safe and you slowly began breathing normally again and the tears finally stopped falling. Michael set you on the couch downstairs and wrapped a blanket around your shoulders. Ashton lit the candles and placed them around the room and the sweet scent filled the room quickly. “T-thanks” you whispers after a moment, your voice coming back as the anxiety faded. “Don’t worry (y/n). The power will be back on soon and we’ll all just sit in here and talk together until it does.” Luke said, sitting beside you and putting his hand on your shoulder. “Yea, we’ll protect you,” Calum smirked while flexing his arm. You giggled and nodded, knowing there was nothing to be scared of when your best friends were there to protect you.


I forgot to post a few pictures from my OTRA show last Saturday (26th September!), and I thought I’d show you a few of my best ones. ;) I only took a fee as the rest were videos recorded on Snapchat. Haha. xxx

OTRA - Vienna, 10.06.15

I didn’t have a chance to check Tumblr since the day of the concert, so I may be repeating some things said numerous times already, or get something wrong, I was in the first row next to the part of the catwalk, where boys sit during DFWYB, so it’s perfect to see them up close (some videos are being uploaded on YouTube right now), but really easy to miss out on what is happening when they are on the main stage, or, especially, the end of the catwalk, so feel free to correct me :)

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