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Taehyung as a MLM Boyfriend

Jungkook | Namjoon | Hoseok | Jimin | Seokjin | Taehyung | Yoongi

- he’d. be. THE. cutest. boyfriend. 

- he’d love taking you to those high end boutique’s where the two of you would try on the most expensive and ridiculous clothes

- never forgetting to take 1,000,000 mirror pics of you two in the fitting rooms

- but after all the kidding about, you’d always buy each other a piece of matching jewellery or matching socks 

- if there was ever a carnival within a 100 mile radius, you could count on tae making you drive the both of you out

- you’d try extra hard to win him stuffed animals because tae’s face always lit up when you won teddies for him 

“yes, i spent £20 to win that frog. why? because if my boyfriend wants the damn frog, he’s getting it.”

- he’d name the toy a mix of the both of your names, calling it your “frog baby”

- “taehyung i’m too young to be a father”

- “you’re gonna leave me to be a single dad and raise our baby frog alone? wow, i’m hurt”

- s.n.u.g.g.l.e.s

- tae would be so clingy

- he’d want cuddles every time you were at the dorm or he was at your house

- but you’d never get sick of it because he does this little thing where he lays his entire body on yours, rests his head in the crook of your neck and places tiny, soft kisses on your neck every so often 


-  tae would have literally the cutest nicknames for you

- snuggle bean, mr muffin, baby boo

- you’d call him beautiful, baby boy, tae baby

- everything would just be so mushy and adorable 

- he’d flash his boxy smile at you every time you called him baby boy and pet his hair

- when you first starting dating, the rest of bangtan (especially seokjin) would be a bit wary of you 

- nothing personal tho, just the fact that they thought there was a potential that you could break their sunshine’s heart 

- but after spending lots of time with you eating, playing videos games and just hanging, they’d come to love you and realise that you loved tae as much, if not more, than they did 

- taehyung would send you really cute texts with 600 emojis scattered through them whenever you two were apart, whining about how much he missed and loved you

- he’d send you pictures of literally every dog he passed (and stopped to pet) on the street

“look!!!! we should adopt some dogs when i get back from promotions!!!!”

- he’d just be the best and cutest and sweetest and clingiest boyfriend and if anyone says otherwise they can fight me

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand the last one is yongle dongle ! stay tuned for the biggest gay 

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You can see the way frank is hugging gerard like...he needed that hug

listen…boi…don’t get me started

the hug is….not short. like they hold each other.

and when they pull away franks face :( hes not smiling like you can tell he was when he hugged ray like when he hugged ray he was cheesing but. hes just looking at gerard and i wish it was a clearer video but you know how emotional he is :( i cn tell there’s a lot of feelings in his eyes he missed him and his hugs and their friendship cause like yes they’re all ‘friends’ and they have the group chat but gerard and frank were inseparable they were best friends and things are kinda weird now probably but that hug :( he really needed that :(

Light In The Hallway (AJ Styles x Reader)

Context: When the children don’t want him to go back on the road, can AJ find a way to bring comfort?

**A/N: ** I can picture AJ singing this. His voice would probably been very soothing. The song inspiration is “Light in the Hallway” by Pentatonix.  I haven’t wrote an AJ fic in a while so here goes. (The sequel can be found here.)

**Warning: ** You feel things. I’m aiming for this to be very angsty. 

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“Close your eyes, lay your head down

Now it’s time to sleep

May you find great adventure

As you lie and dream

If you’re scared of the darkness

I will calm your fear

There’s a light in the hallway

So you know I’m here….”

      It was a little after eleven at night when we heard two pairs of small footsteps from a few doors down the long hallway. I lowered the volume on the television and AJ looked over at me. We both knew what was coming in the next few moments.

     “AJ, I can do it.” I whispered to him, softly kissing his lips and listening for the footsteps as they came closer. “Love, it’s okay. You can lay back down.”

     “No, baby.” He answered, pressing his lips back to mine. “You handle it every time I leave. Let me do it just this once. I’ll be the one to calm them.”

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IO MOTH!!!!!!!!!!!!

Found eggs on Monday, figured out they were io moth eggs. Looked up io caterpillars, and I had seen one a few weeks ago! Just today I was lamenting how all these io moths are coming to my yard but I never get to meet them.

Well. I needed to get some fresh food for the stinkbabies. Went out on what would have been a quick trip out back, but I found a tiny baby giant stick insect and really wanted one I could (1) fit under the microscope (2) raise through a few molts to document physiology changes (3) have a fun developmental stages visual at the sanctuary on Saturday. I cut the stem the stick insect was on, walked straight over to the stinkbabys’ favorite food. The bush they like is by the mountain laurel.

The mountain laurel had an enormous moth on it.

I knew INSTANTLY what moth it was, even only seeing the underside. So, I had my mini-freakout, trimmed some stalks for the stinkbabies, fiddled around to keep the baby stick from falling off, and trimmed the branch the io moth was hanging off.

Carried the moth and stick insect to the porch with better lighting. Got lots of closed wing shots, then I poked it (I lift up the outer wing on sphinx moths to ID them more easily, tried this on the io too). Apparently poking ios results in some… Defensive behavior.

This was too fun to not to video record, so I waited for the wings to close, then recorded the video. Problem is, hands were full of bugs and phone. So I made due.

Io got fed up and left after I’d been poking for a while. But oh man. This was the best. I have officially seen three life stages (larva, eggs, adult). Now I’m just missing the cocoon.

May 10, 2017

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Hello! I told you I'd be here ;) if you have a moment I'd love a tsf with some Adam Kovic! Maybe something to do with let's play live?

“So I’m going to need a little help,” you told the crowd as you fake-whispered into the mic.

“Now, Adam is going to call me in about,” you checked your phone, “Five minutes. I want everyone to stay quiet because he doesn’t know I’m here. I wanted to surprise him.”

You paced the stage a little, keeping your focus on the crowd, “Now after we say hi and I miss you he’s going to ask how I’m doing. At that point, I’m going to say fine but then turn the camera to you guys and ask if you’re alright and that’s when I want you to cheer and hopefully he’ll get it. Does that work?”

The crowd cheered and you signaled them to settle down as your phone began to ring a little early. You turned and got the best angle for the video so he couldn’t see the crowd or where you were just yet.

“Hey, baby,” you greeted and heard a few hushed awws from the crowd.

“Hey,” Adam gave you a smile that melted your heart every time you saw it. You were so excited to see it in person again in a moment.

“I miss you,” you pouted, playing it up.

“I miss you, too,” he frowned, “How are you?”

“I’m good,” you smiled then turned the camera to the crowd, “How about you guys? Ready to see Adam in a few minutes?”

The crowd went nuts as you turned the camera back to yourself to see Adam’s shocked face, “You’re not.”

“Oh, I am,” you confirmed.

The call dropped and the crowd went nuts again as one of the stage doors burst open and Adam frantically came running out. As soon as his eyes landed on you, he sprinted across the stage and picked you up in a tight hug spinning you as you laughed loudly.

He started to carry you off stage so you held a mic up to him, “We’ll be back shortly. Just need a moment.”

There were a lot of whoops and cheering as Adam carried you away.

  • What she says: I'm fine
  • What she means: Okay, here's how it went down. Sam took Miss Briggs' head and PhotoDocked it onto a rhinoceros body. Then Sam put up copies of the pic all over school! When Miss Briggs saw one, she FREAKED. Carly knew that if Briggs found out Sam did it, Sam would probably get kicked out of school (cuz Sam's already been in LOTS of trouble this semester). And since Carly is such a cool friend, she took the blame for Sam.
  • So, Carly got in trouble and had to give up her whole Saturday. Briggs made her come to school and be in charge of the kids' auditions for the school talent show (which was mostly BORING).
  • Since the whole thing was Sam's fault, Carly made Sam help her with the auditions -- so they both had to give up their whole Saturday. I was there too, cuz Carly needed someone to film all the auditions (yeah, they needed me).
  • Most of the kids' auditions were lame. The best stuff was when Carly and Sam were joking around in between the auditions. I thought they were being really funny, so I shot video of them goofing around (they didn't know I was filming them).? Carly and Sam were just being soooo funny together, especially when they were making fun of Miss Briggs' pointy boobs!
  • Everything was cool until later that night. Sam spent the night at Carly's
  • (which she always does)...and at around midnight, they went online to see
  • if I had uploaded the auditions for Miss Briggs. Carly and Sam FREAKED when they saw that I ACCIDENTALLY uploaded video of THEM goofing around, and even making fun of Miss Briggs. They were soooo mad at me.
  • The good news was, tons of people commented the video of Carly and Sam, and the comments were GREAT. Thousands of people online LOVED Carly and Sam. They all wanted to see more of them. So...
  • We decided to give 'em MORE! We decided to start our own web show. Carly and Sam do their thing in front of the camera, and I work the camera and handle all the tech stuff.
  • That's how iCarly got started, and now it's, like, really popular!
  • --Freddie B.

Today was my last day and i can’t tell you how much more free i feel, it was stressful but the people i had worked with and still worked with before today were the best people other then some bumps but i still enjoyed it an learned alot also i fucking hate video games after this job so hopefully ill play more. Also it was amazing meeting the people that came into my store they made it worth while, it’s sad that no one else will care to know there names or who they are and I’ll miss my little buddy aiden.. So goodbye gamestop 2014-2017! and for the people that is working for them do not stress over everything it is NOT WORTH IT!!!! “and thanks to my boss and the ga for the awesome cake he thought of it while she made it :(”

i’ve never known how to respond to people when they ask me if i’m okay or if something’s wrong.

i could sit there and try to explain to them how my heart is cracking every second i’m away from him. i could tell them that the emotional pain manifested into a physical one. i could sit for hours and tell them that he was the best thing to ever happen to me and that i was too selfish and took him for granted. i’d go on to tell them that there were nights i’d stay awake looking at all the pictures and crazy videos we would take. and our car rides, boy could i talk for days about our car rides, with one hand on the wheel and the other holding me close as he sang along to his favorite songs, to our songs. i could tell them about how i was missing a part of me without him here and it was all my fault. but what good would that do?

so when people ask me if i’m okay, i say ‘of course and how are you?’ and when they ask if something is wrong, i just say ‘no, i’m just a little tired.


Disclaimer: I did not find all of these easter eggs myself. I watched many Youtube videos and read many articles and gathered the best easter eggs and connections to the Star Wars movies and I compiled them into one organized post. Enjoy!

Grand Moff Tarkin and Princess Leia: 

Body doubles were used for the both of them but they special effects team were able to use Carrie Fisher and Peter Cushing’s faces on the bodies. (We don’t see the below scene in Rogue One, I just wanted to include a photo of the both of them together)

C3PO and R2D2! 

They’re in every Star Wars film, and in Rogue One we see them on Yavin IV near the end of the film before the Rebel fleet takes off to Scarif. (This screenshot is from A New Hope)

    Blue Milk

    We see blue milk on the table in Jyn’s home in the very first scene of Rogue One. Here it is in A New Hope.

    “It’s A Trap!”

    The well known line said by Admiral Akbar in A New Hope is said by Saw Gerrera in Rogue One when talking to Jyn about the Bodhi’s defection.

    “I have a bad feeling about this”:

    the infamous running gag that is in every single Star Wars film. In Rogue One, K2SO says it as he, Jyn, and Cassian infiltrate the Empire base.

    Rian Johnson

    Rian Johnson (far right), the director of Star Wars VIII has a cameo in Rogue One as a laser operator on the Death Star. Rian repaid the favor by giving the director of Rogue One, Gareth Edwards (far left), a cameo in Star Wars VIII.


    The name of the prison planet that Jyn is rescued on is called Wobani, which is an anagram for the name Obi-Wan.

    Mon Mothma:

     Mon Mothma is a politician in the Galactic Senate and leader in the rebel alliance to restore the resistance. We see her in Star Wars III: Revenge of the Sith (played by the same actress) as well as Star Wars VI: Return of the Jedi (but she is played by a different actress of course since that film was released in 1983).

    Bail Organa

    Leia’s father. We see him many times throughout the film. Jimmy Smits reprises his role in Rogue One (we see him as Bail Organa in Star Wars Episodes 1 & 2)

    Aurebesh on Jyn’s Necklace

    Jyn wears a necklace given to her by her mother, a Kyber Crystal that contains an inscription in the alien Star Wars language Aurebesh. It says “Trust the Force”

    Ponda Baba and Colonel Evaza

    During their trip to Jedha, Jyn bumps into Ponda Baba and Colonel Evaza, the two tough guys that threaten Luke Skywalker while at the Mos Eisley Cantina on Tattooine.


    The flashback that we see of Jyn as a young girl watching her parents talk with Krennic actually takes place in the Erso family’s living quarters on Coruscant. You can see the city outside the window.

    Obi Wan Kenobi:

     Bail Organa said he has a “Jedi friend”, of course, referring to Obi Wan Kenobi.

    Captain Antilles: 

    Right after Bail Organa mentions his “Jedi friend” he walks out and talks to a man named Captain Antilles and tells him to get ready. We see Antilles again at the end of Rogue One, giving the Death Star plans to Princess Leia. Captain Antilles is also known as Vader’s first on screen kill in A New Hope. He gets strangled by Darth when he refuses to give up the plans to the Death Star.

    Darth Vader’s Castle on Mustafar 

    Mustafar is the lava planet we see at the end of Star Wras III: Revenge of the Sith, when Anakin lost the infamous lightsaber duel with Obi-Wan Kenobi and loses all his limbs. This is basically where Darth Vader as we know him was born. The director confirmed that Vader resides there to sort of punish himself. George Lucas wanted to include Vader’s castle in the Empire Strikes Back.

    Warwick Davis

    We know Warwick Davis plays Wicket the Ewok in Return of the Jedi, and in Rogue One he plays an alien creature named Weeteef Cyu-Bee who we see on Jedha as a member of Saw Gerrera’s militia.

    Krennic’s Empty Seat in A New Hope

    In A New Hope, when Darth Vader meets with Empire officers, there are some empty seats at the table. Before Rogue One we just assumed that they belonged to officers Darth Vader killed, but now we can speculate that one of the seats most probably belongs to Orson Krennic from Rogue One.

    Wilhelm Scream

     the audio scream in all the Star Wars movies. It’s heard as a stormtrooper is killed.

    The Guardians of the Whills

    Chirrut Îmwe and Baze Malbus use to be part of the now almost extinct order called The Guardians of the Whills, which were devoted to protecting the Temple of Kyber in the holy city of Jedha. One of the very first drafts for Star Wars was titled “Journal of the Whills, Part I” and then “Adventures of the Starkiller, Episode I: The Star Wars.” and then just “Star Wars” (Starkiller was Luke Skywalker’s original last name)

    “Rogue One”

     In the Empire Strikes Back, the rebel ships are named “Rogue Two, Rogue Three, etc” and Luke Skywalker is in the first ship but they call him “Rogue Leader”…. because there already was a ship called “Rogue One.”


    In a deleted scene from Star Wars (1977), we see Luke Skywalker on Tatooine look up and see Rebel and Empire pilots fighting. It is most probably the same fight we see in the third act of Rogue One. Click HERE to see that scene.


    i did one of these things. you know the things.


    Taehyung/Jimin X Reader
    Inspiration: That video they posted where Jimin recorded Tae to Sexyback. Lawd I lost my shit.
    Word Count: 1,408
    Genre: Smut

    Originally posted by eatjin

    You were laying in bed, scrolling lazily through Twitter when a notification popped up on your phone screen.

    Jimin: Video Attachment

    Without delay, you opened it. Jimin was one of your best friends, and a bandmate and best friend of your boyfriend Taehyung. Currently they were out and about, filming for commercials and variety shows while you were left at home, the weekend far more boring than it should have been at your age. They’d been gone for about a month, their filming coupled with tour dates and awards shows. You missed all of them terribly.

    The video loaded and you clicked play, watching silently as the black screen and crackling melded into the sound of ‘Sexyback’ by Justin Timberlake. The camera focused and you giggled, Tae’s body coming into the picture. It took you a few seconds to understand the video, but when you did, you gasped. Tae ran his hand through his hair slowly, hips swaying as he trailed his hand down his body, gripping the hem of his shirt tightly before tugging it upwards, revealing his muscled chest slowly. A heat flared deep within your stomach, burning a quick path towards your pussy as you watched him toss the shirt to the side. You whimpered aloud as he reached towards his belt without hesitation, sweeping a tongue across his thick pink lips.

    He unbuckled the belt confidently, sliding the black leather from its loops without hesitation and your mind blanched, remembering the way that same exact belt had felt wrapped around your throat a couple weeks ago, holding your head upwards as he fucked into your tight cunt. You’d been unable to get in a full breath, the fogginess in your mind only cleared by the rays of unbelievable pleasure spiking through your whole body with every thrust of his cock into your soft walls.

    He moved closer to the camera, tilting his head to the side enticingly as he gripped the waistband of his jeans, one hand dipping inside to brush against his hardening cock. The person recording zoomed into Taehyung’s face, showing his head lulling back as his tongue swept across his lips again, eyes hazy and pupils dilated so large they almost completely eclipsed his irises.

    The camera panned out again and Tae slid his jeans down his legs, kicking them off before backing up until his hot flesh met the cold wall. His boxers fell to the ground and you and the recorder, who you could now identify as Jimin, took a sharp breath at the same time. You simultaneously sighed as Tae released his length, letting it rise into the air of its own accord, showing just how hard he truly was. The song thudding through your phone speakers couldn’t hide the husky groan from Taehyung as he gripped his shaft, running a thumb across his slit before rubbing the moisture down his length. He grunted his pleasure, warmth sweeping throughout his body as he pumped slowly.

    The camera shook a little before Taehyung disappeared from the screen, replaced by blackness and the sound of rustling. A moan, higher than that of Taehyung’s, rolled from the speakers of your phone and your eyes rolled back in your head as you listened to Jimin as he tore his pants and boxers from his body. You imagined his thick thighs as they flexed. Jimin was one of your favorite boys, and one of your favorite past-times was riding those thighs, spreading your cum along the muscled, smooth skin. With Taehyung’s permission, of course. The boys of bangtan were very close, that you knew, but you didn’t learn the extent of which until months into your relationship with Taehyung when he’d told you just how close they really were. You’d accepted it easily, and it wasn’t uncommon for another member (usually Jimin or Hoseok) to join in with you too.

    Your screen lit up again as the camera was picked up again, zoomed as far out as possible to show Jimin’s fingers as they gripped his thick cock, pumping his length in time with Taehyung’s hands.

    Taehyung whimpered, your name rolling from his lips as his head thumped back against the wall, hands quickening their pace as he recalled the feeling of your tight throat around his shaft. He loved the way his cock looked as it disappeared between your thick lips, eyes watering as you choked around his thickness, moaning wantonly when he’d shoot his load into the back of your throat.

    “Fuck, ___” he cried out, hips rolling forward against his hand as his control slipped from his body and into the hands of the you inside his thoughts. He shuffled his legs wider, thighs tensing as he quickened his pace against his hand, gripping the base with his other hand tightly to prevent himself from coming just yet.

    Beneath the image of Tae on your phone, Jimin’s cock was now a shade of red that you knew from experience signaled he was barely hanging on. He, too, was fucking into his hand relentlessly, both your and Taehyung’s name slipping from his lips. “Please,” he whimpered, “Please let me cum,” he continued, never leaving his somewhat submissive role, even though you weren’t there. Precum practically poured from his head, the thick beads being swept away by his hand within seconds as he neared his end. The camera in his other hand shook before falling, landing in an unreasonably perfect position a few feet away, propped against the wall. The frame showed both boys, eyes closed as they lost themselves to the feeling and the pleasure thundering through their veins.

    Jimin’s eyes peeled open, just barely, and he licked his lips before grunting roughly. “Come for her,” he growled, eyes focused on Taehyung’s painfully red shaft. “Come for her, Tae. Come all over her beautiful face. She needs you, Tae. Come for her.”

    Taehyung moaned in response, hips stilling before he erupted. Cum coated his hands and dripped onto the floor, the thick white substance dribbling out from between his fingers. Seconds later, Jimin shuddered, body going rigid before his hips bucked forwards, hurtling him through his orgasm. He let out a high pitched moan, chanting your name. He sputtered his way through one final thrust, collapsing against the seat before creamy liquid spurted onto his thighs. “Yes,” he panted, “Oh god, yes, it’s so good. Oh fuck baby, yes” he whimpered incoherently, barely capable of a fully formed thought. He couldn’t even think, all he could do was feel; feel the warm, pleasurable pressure settled deep within him explode, releasing what felt like electricity as it crackled through every nerve in his body. Even while he came, his eyes were on Taehyung as he pumped himself through the aftershocks of his orgasm, mind on you as he remembered the expressions you’d make when you’d watch him cum beneath you.

    Both your room and theirs were dead silent, save the heavy panting from them and the soft whimpers dancing around in your throat as you tried to control the lust raging through your body. Without a word Jimin got up from his seat and retrieved the phone, steps unsteady as he fought to regain control of his body. He leant down and picked up the phone, leaving you with one wink before the video shut off.

    You sighed shakily, rage flooding your veins alongside your need. You dropped your phone, tugging your panties off quickly, choosing to ignore the weight that they had obtained from being drenched in your juices. Without hesitation you brought your fingers to your wetness, running them back and forth along the slit slowly. You reached out blindly with your wet hand, fumbling through your bedside tables’ drawers before wrapping your fingers around the toy you’d bought yourself the first time Tae had left for tour.

    You brought the expensive dildo to your pussy, pressing the button to make it vibrate as you grabbed your phone with the other. You hit FaceTime, pressing the vibrator to your hardened clit as soon as the video connected, the video of your wet-slicked cunt perfectly clear. Jimin and Taehyung barely had time to let out a throaty groan before you’d slammed the shaft into your tight, wet pussy, moaning loudly before growling into the phone.

    How fucking dare you.”

    BTS Reacting to their S/O supporting Light from Death Note.

    》 FAQ // Masterlist

    A/N: Thank you for the request! The reaction is not the best, but I love this anime!

    Jin - Seokjin’s motherly side would take over in an instant and he would start acting like you were his kid who had started playing gore video games and he’s scared of them affecting your innocent little brain.

    “What do you see in him, Y/N, he is a psycho killer and he deserved to die!”
    “… Seokjin, that’s only an anime.”

    Suga - “I don’t care.”

    As a proud otaku, you’d gasp loudly, placing a hand over your heart in dramatization. Without missing a beat, you’d start ranting – how dare he insult your anime, how he should try to understand Light Yagami because the goddamn justice system has holes in it and so on. But in reality, Yoongi was just annoyed because you interrupted him while he was composing. However, he wouldn’t dare cut off your monologue since it would make you even angrier than you already were. So he’d just watch you in silence, questioning his taste in women at the same time.

    J-Hope - “Oh, you poor thing, you’ve been brainwashed.”

    This would be his first reaction upon hearing you tell your friend over the phone just how much Light Yagami managed to impress you. You’d look at him questioningly and he’d respond by saying that everyone knew L was a better character. The phone call long forgotten, the next thing you knew, you’d be standing on the tip of your toes, trying to get in his face, with him mocking you every time you opened your mouth to speak.

    “I’m telling you, you’re wrong! L’s has been right all along and I won’t accept any comment against it!”
    “No, YOU are the wrong one here! Light is being misunderstood!”

    Rap Monster - He’d be listening to your rant about Light Yagami for the past fifteen minutes, nodding his head mechanically at your words. Honestly, he wouldn’t get the point – it was just some fictional pretty boy, while he was right beside you. But instead of openly admitting he’s jealous over an anime character, he’d decide to tease you the same way.

    “That’s nice, but I like Misa the most.”

    “… Seriously?”

    Jimin - Jimin wouldn’t care a slightest bit about choosing sides in animes – he had been trying to get those cuddles for the past hour and a half, but you just wouldn’t look away from your laptop! When he starts thinking about stripping to seek your attention, you’d get up to answer your phone. After making sure you weren’t anywhere near, he would approach the laptop and glare at the character on screen as if he was actually alive.

    “Listen, you. You won’t take Y/N away from me. I’m the real man here. Is that clear? You’re going down, by L or by me.”

    V - “Wow! No way! I totally agree with you!”

    As soon as you expressed your opinion, he’d respond enthusiastically, saying that he supports Light as well… even if it wasn’t exactly true, but cutie Taehyung would see it as a perfect opportunity to get under your skin. A little white lie wouldn’t do any harm, right?

    “We have so much in common!”

    Jungkook - Jungkook wouldn’t really care about whose side you decided to take. He’d be more annoyed with the fact you kept talking about it constantly during the marathon, but every method of shutting one up would fail miserably.

    “But we still haven’t finished the whole anime, why are you taking sides already? Let’s just see who wins in the end.”

    ~ Admin Taeyeon

    damnpoe-2187  asked:

    Since it's the 4th of July - a sterek kid!fic with a Stilinski/Hale barbecue and kid!Derek being afraid of fireworks and kid!Stiles comforts him

    Derek is sitting under the table with the blue-and-red plastic tablecloth drooped down low around him like a shield when Stiles discovers him.

    Let’s get something straight though, k? Derek is eight years old. Practically a grownup. He is not afraid of the bright, flashy lights in the sky no matter what Peter says.

    …He’s just not a big fan of the crashing noises that come with them.

    A sparkle of orange glitter halos behind Stiles as he blinks at Derek curiously, and Derek fights not to jump at a thunder-like crackle that goes straight through his sensitive ears.

    “Found you!” he announces, grinning bright. Like it’s still a game.

    They’d been playing hide and seek before dinner, or trying to. Stiles had been no good at it at all. He’d always gotten bored and come out of his hiding spot before Derek could even really look for him, grinning when he spotted Derek and shouting found you! delightedly. Derek had tried to explain the rules to the kid more than once, but Stiles had just grabbed his hand and tugged him back to the counting tree to start over.

    “We’re s’posed to find each other.” Stiles had explained back, like that was a totally reasonable game and not just the most boring thing in the history of ever. Derek had thrown his hands up in defeat after five tries, handed Stiles off to Laura, and gone in search of hot dogs.

    Now Stiles is blinking at him with a head half-covered in holiday-themed plastic, confusion slowly taking over his beaming features when Derek doesn’t respond.

    “It’s not hide and seek time,” he adds, seriously. At three years old, he doesn’t even have to duck to see under the high table. He does anyway, squatting down into a careful crouch.

    Derek’s sitting on his butt in the grass, his head almost skimming the underside of the table. He crosses his arms, scowling defiantly.

    “I know that.”

    Stiles blinks at him, wide amber eyes seeming bright in the shadowed space.

    “But you’re gonna miss the colors.” Derek can sense a pout coming. Stiles had been talking about “the colors” nonstop all day, practically vibrating excitement as he announced which ones were the prettiest in an expert tone to everyone who would listen (”blue, big blue ones, they’re the best. I saw them in videos on youtube”), tugging everyone’s sleeves he could reach all through dinner and dessert, asking what time they would start. And now he’s crawling under the picnic table toward Derek, letting the plastic shield fall back down behind him while the show goes on outside.

    Derek crosses his arms tighter. Another thunderclap goes off, and it’s an effort not to just slam his hands right over his sensitive ears. That had been the plan when he’d ducked under here, but Stiles showing up had thrown that right out the window.

    You’re missing them too.” Maybe if he reminds Stiles, the kid will go away, and Derek can sit here and suffer through the whole miserable experience in peace. “They’re pretty, remember?”

    “So are you,” Stiles announces, like that’s the same thing at all. Derek shakes his head, because kids.

    “You can see me all the time,” he replies, because that’s true. Their parents are practically best friends; they’re always having dinners and parties together, and Stiles has playdates with Cora so often he might as well have his own room at their house.

    “You don’t play anymore though,” Stiles says. “Only at parties.” And maybe that’s true. Derek had played with Cora and Stiles a lot more last year, but that’s when he’d been seven. A baby, almost. Now that he’s eight, he can’t exactly hang around the playroom with the toddlers. He’s got a reputation to think about.

    Still, he feels kind of bad that Stiles had cared enough to notice the change, and he had called Derek pretty, so Derek figures he at least owes him something.

    “The fireworks are pretty,” he admits, and Stiles beams. “They’re just…”

    There’s another clap, loud enough it makes him flinch and screw up his face, eyes squeezing shut.

    A small hand closes over his. He squints his eyes open, heart thumping hard.

    “Loud,” he admits, and waits for Stiles to laugh at him.

    But Stiles’ eyes have gone marble-round in understanding.

    Ohhh.” The word drags out long. A second later, his hand drops. He sucks his lip in between his teeth, pops it back out again. “Jackson says I’m loud. Is that why you don’t play anymore?”

    It’s not ok at all for Stiles to think that, so Derek reaches down, snatching Stiles’ hand back up.

    “No way, Jackson’s a dummy.” Derek doesn’t know Jackson, but he’s sure that’s true. “You’re a good loud, Stiles. You’re fun loud.”

    It’s worth it, holding the kid’s hand, to see the sadness clear from his eyes, his lips wobbling back into a beaming smile. Derek grins back, the nervous-tense of his chest loosening. And when Stiles throws himself forward, wrapping his small arms around Derek’s neck, Derek decides it’s still worth it.

    “Ok,” Stiles decides as he falls back, clapping his hands together. “So I’m gonna talk and be good loud so you don’t have to be scared of the bad loud.”

    And he does, catching Derek up on everything he’d missed in Stiles’ apparently busy life over the past few months. Derek listens along, laughing at the way Stiles’ arms flail around with this stories, and he hardly notices the thunderous clapping has stopped until he starts seeing feet move around the bottom edge of the tablecloth.

    “But dad caught the bad guy, Derek, but mom still said he was in trouble, Mr., because he’d promised he was just doing desk work–”

    “Hey,” he cuts in, surprised. “You missed the fireworks.”

    Stiles trails off from his story, his shoulders pushing up in a brave shrug. His eyes go down, though, and Derek can tell he’s not thrilled about that, even though he’d chosen to stay down here. Missing something you’d been looking forward to for weeks… that’s a lot to ask of a kid.

    That’s probably what has him biting his lip, scooting a little closer to Stiles and murmuring, hushed:

    “I can show you some colors, but you can’t tell anyone. They might not be as cool, but I think it might kind of make up for it?”

    Stiles looks up, his eyes going hopeful, and Derek lets his own burn brightly.

    The expression on Stiles’ face is better than watermelon and ice cream cake and hot dogs, all together.

    At the next Fourth of July picnic, Stiles tells everyone who will listen that the prettiest of all the colors is most definitely gold.

    Hard to Find

    Banner created by @the-mrs-deanwinchester because she is awesome. Thank you lovely! 

    Summary: True love is hard to find, but Jensen Ackles may have stumbled upon it at a bed & breakfast in a small, Kansas town. 

    Part One: Selwyn
    Pairing: Jensen Ackles x Reader
    Word Count: 2455 
    Warnings: None. 
    Disclaimer:  Daneel and JJ don’t exist in this fic. I’m taking enough of a jump just writing Jensen, but I was inspired. Nobody freak out. 

    Your name: submit What is this?

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    anonymous asked:

    I've been in this fandom since UAN tour, but the only time they came to my country was during WWAT. I watched all the other tours from home, of course sometimes it gets quite bittersweet, but it's so fun to watch all the lq videos and read the rumours, I love watching videos of my favorite songs from almost every concert, oh and one of the best things is to read reports from people who were at the show. God knows how much I miss tour!!

    I KNOW!  And even if you can go to one (or two), the rest of them are just a different kind of fun from the other side of the computer :)

    Tour season is a blast!

    The Stylist

    A little non-request I’ve been thinking of trying out for a while. Hope you enjoy xx

    “Floral or plain?”

    “Hm… Plain?”

    “Yeah, I agree. Pink or red?”

    “They’re pretty much the same, Y/N…”

    “No, one’s pink and one’s red. Pick.”


    You sighed. “Harr-”

    “Ten minutes!” Harry’s assistant knocked at the door, bringing you both back to reality.

    As if you weren’t in reality already - you were only discussing the colour of shirt Harry should wear under his suit. But it was different.

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    Okay but Tord just sits there??? On the hill badly wounded for a while looking at his old home.
    Where he and his friends lived.
    The same place where the same Tord went on adventures with Edd, Matt, and Tom.
    He went from trying to win a girls heart while in a competition with his best friend Edd, sharing a coke with Edd on the beach, playing video games with him, Fighting off zombies together, going on a tour to Hell, and many other things!
    It all came down to the same Tord who did all those things with his friends, trying to kill them and take over the world.
    I think he realizes what he has done and wishes he hadn’t. Now he’s got half a face missing and a fucked up arm because he wanted to be the bad guy. Edd was HURT.
    “I thought…I thought we were friends!”
    He was so hurt by Tord’s betrayal that he joined Matt in manipulating the robot to hurt Tord.
    Matt started to like Tord again until he punched him and (at the moment he thought) killed Tom who was actually Jon. So he snapped and went crazy on the red hoodie bastard.
    We all know how Tom and Tord are together. But in Halloween 2007, when Tom is stabbed by the maniac, Tord just stands there speechless and afraid. Joy to mention in Ruined, Yom saved Tord and Matt’s life by smashing mummies heads with two liquor bottles.
    He cared about Tom before. What happened in 8 years? We will never know.
    What a great ending to a great show.

    Every so often as I scroll down my Newsfeed, I’ll see a page I like or a person I’m friends with share a video of a toddler interacting with a dog, commenting on the dog’s visible distress and how dangerous it is. 

    I think it’s important to point these things out and address them, but what I find continually extremely disturbing is how many of the comments are targeting the child, saying things like, “serves the brat right to get bit!” or, “this is why I fucking hate kids!” or even, “omg I’d smack the shit out of that kid!” 

    Let me be very clear here. I visibly cringe every time I see a “cute” viral video of a dog that’s in distress. But what makes me genuinely sick to my stomach is a bunch of grown people talking about beating up a two year old child for not understanding animal behavior. 

    The bond between an animal and a child is such a beautiful thing. And I am genuinely sad for kids who alienate the family pet and don’t understand why. They deserve to know how to have a relationship with the family pet. They deserve to be taught how to win the pet over and be their best friend.

    Our pets were always the light of my life growing up, and I was able to truly enjoy them because my parents taught me how to treat them, so they responded with love and affection in return. 

    If these videos make you angry at the child, then you have sorely missed the point. When accidents happen as a result of things like in these videos, there is only one person at fault. It isn’t the dog’s fault, and it isn’t the child’s fault. 

    It’s the parent’s fault, and the parent’s fault alone. Whether they are willfully ignorant or were just never taught better, it is their responsibility to know everything they can about animal behavior in order to protect the family pet and their child. 

    If you are a parent and you have a pet, you have a huge responsibility. You are robbing your child and your pet of a truly wonderful relationship when you don’t educate yourself and then in turn educate your kid. Your kid doesn’t know any better. You do–or at least, you should. 

    It’s okay that these videos make you angry; they make me angry too. But you should be angry on the behalf of the dog and the child, not at either of them. The dog is not required to be a subservient robot, and the child needs to be guided in the right direction. 

    anonymous asked:

    so this might be a bit of a silly request, but do you happen to have some kind of list of all of noelian's captured kisses?

    Well, Anon, that is an EXCELLENT question, but I’m afraid there is no definitive list of public Noelian kisses, as far as I know.

    However… I can certainly provide a partial retrospective of Noelian smooching! Now, this is undoubtedly missing a lot a lot a lot of kisses, since so many of them have never been documented in photos or video (like with the smooch at the Festival Supreme warm-up gig), and I can’t seem to locate a few others that were captured. But it’s still my best attempt! 

    Arctic Boosh:

    Bowery Ballroom:

    External image

    I think this was 1 Leicester Square, with Russell Brand?

    Damn near every night of the 2006 Boosh tour, including the Live at Brixton DVD:

    (Please note the additional shameless ass-groping in that one.)

    And then, of course, there was this:

    And if anybody else has more to add to this, then please go ahead and do so! I know there are at LEAST a few more shots where Noel’s wearing one makeshift version or another of the Old Gregg costume.

    Thank you again for the question, Anon!