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I watched your pride video last night, and let me tell you, at first I was just watching a bunch of cool people hanging out and answering questions, but then... that outtro. You have no idea how much I needed to hear that. Heck, I didn't even know how much I needed to hear it until I heard it. You made me cry in the best way! Happy Pride Month!

It’s incredibly true though. I say it allllll the flippin time, but hearing my friends talk about how much you guys support them, and make their days, it filled me with so much love and gratitude to you all. I am just so proud of the people you are and the actions you choose to make in this world.

Dan’s first video (Text edition)





 (^_^)/ hi.

My name is 

(/^_^)/ [DAN]

(/^_^/) [iel :3]

(^-^) and this is my first, proper, video, I guess!

(/^_^0) Woo!

(^_^#) I mean, I’ve always kind of wanted to be the kind of person who posts videos, but I guess I’ve never really had the confidence or the motivation to.

(#^_^#) Says the person with tissue paper all over his face

(^_^/) *cleans off tissue paper*

(^_^) But that was until some really good friends of mine persuaded me to give it a shot!

(#^_^#) *thinks of Phil*

(/^_^/) and so I am!

(*_*) I sound nothing like this by the way, this laptop’s microphone makes me sound like a pedophile/tramp/polar bear

(#^_^#) please don’t take this personally.




(^_^/) *Fixes fringe*

(^_^) My videos will probably be a variety of things, from like little skits to vloggy videos or creative things! I’m going to try to make it interesting, and not all the same. 

(^_^) Yeah i’m just going to try to not be like one of those people who sits there like

(!-!) Hi, so today kinda sucked, uh I went to college and it was raining and,, yeah, it’s kinda awkward I don’t know what to say.

(!<!) *laughs sadly*

(!-!) yeah…

(!-!/) *fixes fringe*

(!-!) I’m probably going to go now


(^_^) But yeah, I am going to try my best to at least attempt to be entertaining.

()\(^0^)% *Dances to music*

(^_^) So yeah if you could please click the yellow box of infinite happiness, cause’ I’m going to start making videos quite soon, I’ve got 

(/^_^\) Loads of ideas

(^_^) And I’ll try to post videos regularly 


(/^-^) *wipes mascara* What have I done to my face? blegh

==*== Side note, look what I woke up with! I just, I just woke up and that was on my arm, what the *EXTREMELY LOUD BEEP THAT NOBODY WAS READY FOR* was that? It’s like some bloody person took a square brand and impaled me in my sleep. Probably.

(^_^) So 

(^/\^) *claps* 

(^_^) Yeah if you’d like to subscribe I’d

(<3) *makes heart hands* love you forever, and I will

(/^_^/) See you soon! 


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Hi!!! :) I love your writing <3 , it is awesome and it is so accurate with the characters' personalities. And I would like to see, if you want and can :) , how it would be with the RFA, Saeran and V with a hacker MC. It would be interesting. And also I send tons of love and hugs. Be happy! :D

ww, you’re so sweet

I was quite sleepy and drunk when I wrote this, have no idea if this makes sense, but I’m pretty sure some of them are completely crazy.

Try to roll with me on this lolol:

RFA + Saeran and V with a hacker MC


  • His photos and performance videos were being spread like a virus again.
  • But now in emails of the most important producers and directors in Hollywood .
  • And Seven was the one to tell him that, so he wasn’t the responsible for it.
  • So who did it?
  • I mean, the pics are all very flattering, it’s not like this person is doing something bad. “Whoever did this probably likes you a lot?” “More than MC?” “Maybe somebody just like MC…”
  • He keeps thinking about this, it’s ridiculous, he knows it. But there’s nothing wrong about asking, right?
  • “Babe, hear me out on this. I was with Seven trying to figure out who spread those pictures and he said it could have been you! Can you imagine?” he laughs, you don’t. Oh… you can do much more than imagine.
  • “B-babe?” “Zen… I thought that was a good way to try to tell you?” “Tell me what, MC?” “That I’m a hacker.”
  • So… many… questions! And he’s so worried that you might get involved in thinks like those emails leaked from Sony Pictures that time or even more dangerous stuff.
  • You shrug telling him hacking isn’t really your thing, it’s more like a hobby. But it could still be a problem for his career if anybody ever finds out about this… he’s worried, you’re worried, but you both telling each other everything will be fine.
  • “But, please, babe. Be careful!” you will, you have been careful for a while now. And you work by yourself, so it’s hard to associate you to an agency or to someone.
  • And he still worries, but it’s not like he couldn’t complain when he got an invitation to a screen test in Hollywood. Thanks to you.



  • Here he is playing LOLOL while you are reading a book.
  • “This guy is good! It’s the third time he beats me!” “Then don’t let him!” you say mindlessly. “I’m trying, but I think he’s using some cheat code or something.”
  • You go to him and watch as the guy beats your boyfriend again, and yeah… it seems suspicious…
  • “Let me try something, honey.” You type something really fast and Yoosung just watches it.
  • He would feel really aroused having you almost sitting in his lap, but you look terrifyingly serious, and this is about LOLOL, so he’s very serious too.
  • “Done. This guy won’t be a problem for you anymore, honey.” You kiss his forehead and walk away. He has no idea what you’ve done, but… all the items the guy collected before now belong to him.
  • So forget LOLOL for a while, he’s more curious about you. “What was that, MC?” “Hum? Oh, you were right, that guy was using a cheat code, but blocking him was child’s play, don’t worry, honey.”
  • “But… how do you know how to… block cheat codes and… basically accessing the database of the game?” “Ah, yeah… I’m kinda like a hacker or something…”
  • “A HACKER? LIKE SEVEN? SO YOU DO DANGEROUS STUFF LIKE HIM? ARE YOU BEING CHASED, MC? IS THE FBI AFTER YOU? IS THE MIB AFTER YOU?” “Well, I’m an earthling, I don’t think I’m a threat to the MIB, Yoosung…”
  • “THIS IS SERIOUS! MC, I’LL PROTECT YOU!  TELL ME WHAT I HAVE TO DO AND I’LL DO IT!” you giggle, mainly because you know it’s true.
  • It took a while for him to understand hacking is more like a hobby, you’re not really interested in making money out of getting information. It’s not really worth the trouble, you know?
  •  He is still a little shocked with all your bluntness about this, but as long as you’re not doing anything dangerous, he won’t say anything. And if you want to teach him some cheat codes, he won’t complain either.


  •  You cut the crap and told her as soon as you started dating
  • She’s confused… you’re like Luciel, but without the disgusting eating habits and the weird sense of humor?
  • And you’re more like a freelancer? Okay…
  • And you’ve been dealing with some shady stuff like hacking into government databases? Okay…
  • Cool…
  • She’s so scared, it’s all over the news! People are calling you a terrorist! And why would you even tell her this? You want her to be your partner in crime or something?
  • “I just told you because I trust you.” You smile sweetly, and for one minute she forgets all those terrifying thoughts, but just for one minute.
  • “Okay, thanks for trusting me. Now tell me what you’re thinking for your plans if you ever have to run away?” “I…”
  • “Oh my God, MC! You don’t have a plan? Okay, so here’s what we’re gonna do…”
  • And this woman spent the next two hours telling you all the logistics for you eventually having to leave the country. You will definitely follow them if you ever need to, but right now… you’re just shocked with this clever woman standing before you.
  • She really isn’t as innocent as everybody thinks, huh? Just like you…


  • You told him.
  • Better tell him before he finds out with you being arrested or something, right?
  • “I’m a hacker, I leaked those emails. No, I’m not quitting just so you don’t get worried about my safety.”
  • “I love this, Jumin! I truly do! You have no idea how amazing it is! Information is power! And I have the biggest power in my hands. And people need to know what happens behind the curtains when it comes to politics and companies and capitalism and…nnnggg.”
  • He interrupts you with a kiss.
  • “J-Jumin?” “I’m not pleased, but you’re passionate about this. I won’t get in the way of your passion or your life.”
  • “But…”  “Isn’t that what you want from me?” That’s exactly what you need from him, you just didn’t know it could be that easy to get.
  • “Do what you have to do. I also have power, so I can bail you out if you ever need me to.” Whoaaaa, is he serious?
  • “But be careful, don’t do anything reckless.” YES, SIR!
  • So yeah, he doesn’t show much how concerned he is, and you see how hard he is trying to give you space.
  • But he’s also very impressed. Information is power, indeed. There are very interesting things in what you do that could be useful for him.
  • So guess who’s being paid by Jumin Han to find important stuff on market sales?


  • You didn’t tell him.
  • You showed him.
  • This boy says he’s done with hacking, but deep down, he misses the rush a bit.
  • So why not do this as a game for old time’s sake? He wouldn’t be in danger if he played along inside your own little game.
  • It starts with you disabling his security system and sending enigmatic messages.
  • Then you mess with his cars, programming the GPS to send him to this particular address.
  • Okay, he was so mad and desperately trying to fire back, but he has to admit: this hacker is good.
  • Then he sees the address and… your house? OH SHIT! Are you in danger? You quickly call him on your most friendly voice telling him some random thing just for him to know you’re fine. So… what the hell?
  • He goes to your place with a taser gun. Maybe the hacker didn’t attack you yet? They were just waiting him to show up?
  • He enters your living room and he almost falls in his back. You’re alone… wearing lingerie and messing with your phone.
  • He gets a notification in his phone, a text from the hacker: “Kudos on passing through the phases, now it’s time to meet the boss of this game.”
  • He had so many questions, but that would have to wait a little… No need to say he took you to the space station without ever leaving the room.


  • He was suspecting for a while now.
  • You spend as much time on your laptop as him and his brother.
  • And trying to find out what you’re doing turns out to be more difficult than he thought, like… you know a way to shut him out.
  • “How are you doing this?” he asks all of a sudden. “Doing what?” “Blocking me and my attempts to hack into your stuff?”
  •  “Why are you trying to hack into my stuff?” touché “Because I think you’re onto something.”
  • “Like what?” you tease him. “Like hacking.”
  • “Hum… am I?” “I don’t know, that’s what I’m trying to find out. So stop blocking me!” “Try me…” OH, IT’S ON!
  • And the first Hacking Challenge began. He was attacking you with everything he has, you were defending yourself and using you weapons too.
  • At some moment, he got so caught up with this he almost forgot why he was doing this. It was fun, after all.
  • And as he couldn’t beat you, he turned off his computer and got away all grumpy, yeah, he’s a bad loser…
  • You went after him, saying you were sorry and you could make it up to him. He grinned, expecting for something dirty, but your idea was even better.
  • “How about we join forces to mess with Saeyoung a little?”


  • You told him.
  • He was a person with many secrets who dated another person with many secrets.
  • It was time to break this cycle, right?
  • He looked shocked, and sad.
  • Have you risking yourself like this, after all you two have been through…
  • He was scared, for you and… of you?
  • But he needed to know. “Why do you do this, MC?”
  • “Because people deserve to know the truth, Jihyun. You know how tiring it can be to keep hiding things like this. And let me tell you, if it’s tiring for you, it can be terrifying and… even dangerous for the people who doesn’t know these secrets. People deserve to know, V! And if I can manage to tell them, why wouldn’t I?”
  • Well, if you put it like that… he knows some secrets should never be secrets, people like hackers have the resources to share these secrets, if he were a hacker, if he had these resources, wouldn’t he do the same?
  • He hugs you all of a sudden and kisses your head. It feels good, but yet you’re very surprised.
  •  “I’m so proud of you, my love.” Oh… okay, that’s good.
  • “But be careful and don’t be imprudent, or I’ll end up being imprudent too in order to protect you.” You have no doubt on how serious he is being right now.

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Mysme react to MC being a youtuber and join MC for a video? Like a boyfriend tag video?

Some of the questions in the boyfriend tag, we all know the answer and some of them have a different answer (like the hair color)
To make things more interesting she’ll pick a paper with the question randomly
Thank you for your request!
I hope you like it!

Please feel free to send me a feedback, if this is NOT what you wanted, I’ll do it again in no time!
Any mistakes, report to me

My requests are still open! Please feel free to send your request( HERE it’s my do’s and dont’s)


  • What is a youtuber? You’ll have to explain to him.
  • He doesn’t think it’s a good idea such exposure
  • But when he sees you doing a video, he’s happy about it
  • You seem so happy, so energetic
  • It’s a good sight.
  • You asked him to appear in the “boyfriend tag”
  • He sees it as one opportunity to show everyone that you’re his
  • After some questions, you picked one and read out loud
  • “What is my best friend’s name?”
  • “Elizabeth the 3rd”
  • You laugh, it’s better to not say anything
  • Ok, another one
  • “Complete this sentence “My girlfriend is…”
  • "You’re my wife, not my girlfriend”
  • He’s no fun


  • He knows he has seen your face in some place!
  • He’s subscribed to your channel, he thinks you’re pretty funny!
  • He’ll secretly want to appear on your videos..But will not say anything
  • When you ask him to do a boyfriend tag
  • He’s so happy!t’s his dream!
  • After a lot of questions that Yoosung answered without hesitating 
  • “If i go away to some place, where would i go?”
  • “Mc…Are you leaving?”
  • Yeah, he’ll cry
  • He will take this questions too seriously


  • “This is like..Your fan club?" 
  • No, it’s my subscribers Jaehee
  • She doesn’t want to appear in a video, it’s too personal
  • She’ll know everything that you asked her, but she wasn’t comfortable knowing a lot of people are watching it
  • Please, respect her privacy
  • She can answer anything that you want
  • But the camera can’t be here


  • He’ll spread your videos like a virus
  • This work, your subscribers are only going up!
  • This is good!
  • When you asked him to appear in the boyfriend tag,  he’s not sure about it…People cannot see him like that
  • Then he put a bag on his face
  • Problem solved!
  • Hey, guys, this is my boyfriend bagged face
  • 10/10 
  • "Ok Seven..Next question.What is my eyes color?”
  • “Do you have eyes?”


  • Well …He doesn’t watch your videos, he can see a little, but this is not enough
  • He feels bad for it, it’s something that you love to make and he’s not even watching it
  • So when you asked him if he could be in the video
  • He agrees without thinking, he feels good about it
  • V is such a good person, he answered  everything correctly
  • “Do I often make you angry?”
  • “You never made me angry love..”
  • Is this possible?This guy is calmer as shit


  • Oh, you’re famous on the internet
  • An opportunity to appear on a video?This is good
  • He loves to make an appearance at everything
  • But he doesn’t know…Why is this all about you?
  • People want to know about him!
  • No Zen.
  • “Ok Zen..What eyes color did you wish I had?”
  • “I think i’m perfect like this”
  • “It’s about me..Not you”
  • “Next question.” He says,smiling to the camera
  • While you’re looking at his face, wanting to cut that damn rat tail off


  • NO
  • He isn’t going to be in this ridiculous thing
  • He doesn’t like those people that watch you..Those comments, compliments, he hates it
  • Yeah, he’s jealous
  • But you’re insisting and insisting
  • He says that he’ll do it, but only if the video was live
  • And then it was, you were picking some papers, he’s answered (But he doesn’t say how you two met, you must know why)
  • Then HE picks up one paper
  • “What is our favorite sex position..This is an easy one”
  • “Saeran, this is not on this pap—”
  • “I like when MC is bending over–”
  • You finish the video
  • “Never call me for this again. I warned you.”

It’s Autism Acceptance Month and what better way to celebrate it than have Jacksepticeye answering my question. I joined the stream about an hour in and I honestly never EVER thought he would answer my stupid comment about Symmetra being autistic. I just got into Overwatch and I’m autistic so having an autistic character in a popular video game is a brilliant form of representation. @therealjacksepticeye I admire you so much and the fact that you think it’s cool that Symmetra is autistic makes me so happy. You can’t imagine my excitement and happiness when you answered my question. I literally started shaking, I tend to overreact over small things like that. I have no idea what I’m saying right now, I’m just over the moon by the fact you answered my comment. You are an inspiration, Sean. Never stop being you <3

A rejects album could be on the way!! ONLY a FEW HUNDRED songs!!! This album would make me so happy, you have no idea how many audio clips from crappy YouTube videos I have of Ed performing these unreleased songs about 5 years ago, so full studio versions of these would be a dream come true!

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I don't know if you did this number, but if not, then please number 20. :-)

I’m not even sure what this is tbh it just popped into my head


“Something’s clearly wrong,” Beca said, casting an anxious glance at Chloe, who was still sitting in the corner of the sofa. Her knees were drawn into her chest and she was scrolling on her phone. There was a crease in her forehead she only got when she was frowning. “Maybe if you told me what it was I could help.”

“There’s nothing wrong,” Chloe said, not looking away from her phone.

Beca sighed and ran a hand through her hair. She wasn’t good at this. She wasn’t used to it. Chloe was always the happy one.

“Don’t you have somewhere to be?” Chloe asked. She didn’t say it particularly harshly, but Beca still recoiled slightly.

“No,” Beca said. “We got everything in the studio done today so I thought I’d come home early. I thought you’d be happy to see me.”

It was Chloe’s turn to sigh.

“I am happy to see you.”

“Yeah, you really look it.”

Chloe had to bite her tongue so she didn’t snap back. “It’s just… since you posted that picture of us on your Instagram, some of your fans have been… well, they just aren’t happy that you aren’t single.” Chloe said.


Chloe handed Beca her phone so she could read the string of hateful anonymous messages that Chloe had received on her tumblr.

“Oh my god,” Beca said softly. “Chlo’, I’m so sorry. I had no idea this would happen. I thought they’d be happy for me.”

“It’s okay,” Chloe said.

“No it isn’t,” Beca replied. “It is absolutely not okay.” She handed Chloe her phone back. “Baby, I’m so sorry they did this. I’ll post a video or something and tell them to stop.”

“No, don’t do that, it’ll make it worse,” Chloe said. “I’ll just turn off anonymous messages and stay away from social media for a few days.”

“You shouldn’t have to do that,” Beca said.

“I knew something like this would happen,” Chloe said. “Your fans are always so… intense. I knew they’d react strongly to you getting a girlfriend.”

“But we’ve been dating for years!”

“But they’ve only just found out,” Chloe said. “They just want you to be happy. They think I’m some new girl who just showed up. They think I don’t know you and I’m just interested in you because you’re famous.”

“But you make me happy! I’m gonna post something,” Beca said, pulling out her own phone.

“No, you don’t have to.”

“Yes I do,” Beca said.

She scrolled through her photos and found an old selfie of her and Chloe and wrote a long paragraph before posting it to Instagram.

Chloe’s phone buzzed like it always did when Beca posted something.

She clicked on the photo, and read the description.

‘This is my girlfriend @aca-Beale. We’ve been dating for around five years. This photo was taken on the day we graduated college together. She’s been my best friend since the day I met her. She makes me feel so loved and so happy and I love her more than I thought humanly possible. She has been there through all my highs and lows. When I got rejected for the third time by a record label, she stayed up all night with me while I cried. And a year later when I got my first number 1, she stayed up all night with me and partied. She is everything to me.
I know you weirdos care about me, but sending my girlfriend hateful messages online isn’t cool. She is the most important thing to me in the world, and today I came home to find her practically in tears because people who call themselves my fans hurt her. I want to be able to share cool moments of my life with you guys, but if this carries on then all of my social media will go away. I know most of you would never do something like this, but I’m hoping you can spread the word that it’s not okay. I love you guys, but I love her more.’

Chloe wiped her eyes and Beca pulled her into her arms.

“I love you too,” she said.

“I love you more.”

“It isn’t a contest,” Chloe said, finally smiling.

“Luckily for you. I’d definitely be winning.”

I’ve never known why I love this photo so much, but I think I’ve finally figured it out.
The Taylor to the right’s posture isn’t that good. I think it represents how that before she found herself, she didn’t have any confidence and felt weak. She was lost and did not feel like herself.
However, the Taylor on the left has good posture, which represents the confidence of being in your own skin and knowing who you are. I like to believe that she felt safe after finding comfort and happiness in a world where she was not in love. In a world where she did not have to keep wondering if she was out of the woods or not.
The body language in the OOTW music video just makes me fall in love with the song ten thousand times more. The idea of “finding herself” was portrayed so well, which is why this is one of my favorite videos of Taylor’s.
@taylorswift I love you

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it's frustrating that this video is long-winded and hard to understand because it takes a lot important thought about it imo. i thought it was extremely white male-centric. the idea that it's now harder to 'follow your dreams' or 'make progress' is appalling to me having in mind all that the past prohibit minorities to basically live. i don't understand how he has been thinking for 2 years on an idea based around the ridiculous belief that we are in some kind of transition? like what

it annoys me deeply that the ‘philosophy’ (lol) dan talks about in his videos is literally just reddit white male oriented. no effort whatsoever to think about how is arguments apply to other people besides the ones that surround him. seemingly no recognition of that attitude, but the actual opposite, an idea that what he is saying is deep and interesting, and that he is a ‘nerd’ and is making incredible points. i don’t understand him.

i think these are important perspectives to consider and part of why i so vehemently disagreed with the premises on which he was attempting to make his argument. really well said. the part that i bolded is an issue that i have frequently with dan and phil both, although i think that dan generally has been making at least some effort to educate himself more on the experiences of populations (of which he’s not a part) that face various forms of oppression. it’s surprising to me that in spite of those efforts this video idea that he has supposedly been sitting on for so long was so narrow in its focus and basically blatantly overlooking the hardships that most of human history has entailed for anyone that wasn’t a white man. i think this narrow-mindedness is also a big problem w his ‘meaning of life’ video bc it’s all well and good to say the meaning of life is to do whatever makes you happy but there are literally huge segments of the population that have constantly faced structural obstacles to pursuing their dreams or whatever leisure activities bring them fulfillment and satisfaction, and to me there’s no point in constructing a fucking life philosophy out of a sort of boring aphorism that basically isn’t relevant to so many of the world’s populations,, but i forgive dan that bc he was like 20 when he made that video so it’s a bit more disappointing that over five years later when it comes to his philosophical introspection or whatever he’s still kind of centered on his own experiences to the expense of more vulnerable populations. it maybe wouldn’t have been a problem if dan had tried to make it super clear that this video really was jst meant to be him speaking from his own perspective and his own experiences, and narrating his own subjective views/opinions on life and history or whatever, but the problem was that he really didn’t make any clarifications like that so the viewer is jst left confused about who exactly he’s speaking to and from what vantage point. it’s all jst a bit too messy which leaves him wide open for this sort of criticism for sure 


You guys wanna help me get noticed by Jack or Mark??? I really want them to know that these drawings were from me. I worked so so so hard on them and those messages I wrote from my heart. I didn’t get to hand the drawings to them myself and that was my whole goal for PAX.

I wish I could’ve wrote more in those messages but I had such a small space to work with. I just want them to know how much I love and care for them. They’ve helped me through my dark times. They’ve made me laugh when no one else could.

All I wanted at PAX was to give Mark a hug and give Jack that drawing. I was kind of successful in one of those goals. Jack did receive my drawing but I was not the one to hand it to him. I’m really grateful that I got to see them and he has my drawing so don’t think I’m not. But sadly on the other hand, I had no idea that they put such a small limit on Mark’s autograph session. I never got to meet the one person I wanted to see the most. Mark has made me so happy. He made me finally realize that I shouldn’t care what other people think.

If Mark or Jack are reading, first of all, omg hi. I love you so much XD You guys have no idea how much you’ve done for me without even knowing it. I listen to you guys while I draw and your videos always put me in a good mood. And I know you guys say that I don’t need to thank you guys but I do. You guys make so many people so happy and you just make everyone’s day. Thank you for making my day every single day with your videos. And thank you for making PAX East such a memorable moment for me. It was literally was the best days of my life. -Lily

@therealjacksepticeye @m

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Hey, so I saw you were taking prompts? I have one. (There's already Simone who said they would work on this one but I feel like there's so many ways this could go) anyways, Thomas and the sides all do a game of truth or dare for a video. Fans submit questions maybe? And it just ends up becoming a shipping fest. (I ship prinxiety and logicality) but yeah. So there's one if you are interested... ^//^' That is all



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Hi! I'm really interested in learning danish but I'm a bit afraid because I think the pronunciation for me is gonna be a problem lol, I don't know how you danes can make these sounds (that's awesome skill tho!) I find it kinda difficult, so maybe you have any tips on how to improve it or if I could still be understood with an accent? :) Thanks in advance!!

Heey! First of all, thank you so much for asking me! This is my first ask ever, hehe. Second of all, I’m so happy to hear that you’re interested in Danish!! The pronunciation may be a little tricky to master, but it’s definitely possible!

General tips to improve your pronunciation

I think an idea to improve would be to listen to e.g. Youtube videos. I think especially those whisper challenge can be great since they will often pronounce the words clearly. Kelly Louise Killjoy has made this whisper challenge together with her boyfriend, they pronounce the words very clearly and slowly and it’s with subtitles. So while watching this, you can try and repeat the sentences.
She sometimes also make other videos with e.g. Danish swear words or something about the Danish culture if you’re interested in watching that as well.
But the youtube videos don’t have to be a whisper challenge. You can of course also watch other videos where you try and stop the videos to repeat what the person says in the video. Maybe it will sometimes help to put the video in slowmotion. Some Danish Youtubers: Rasmus Brohave, Stupidaagards, Albert Dyrlund, Eiqu Miller, Morten Münster, TONY, Emilie Briting, Kristine Sloth, Alexander Husum, Julia Sofia and LouLiving.
Generally, just listening is great so movies, podcast etc. works fine as well.

Speaking with natives
This may not be an option for you, but if it is, then I definitely think speaking with natives is a great opportunity to improve. Of course, there’s the option where you could try to hold a conversation in Danish with a native speaker, it’s always great to practice speaking as much as possible, but you can also do this in a way to only focus on pronunciation. You won’t need to have any vocabulary, but it might be great to watch some videos on Youtube about pronunciation beforehand - where I’m getting at is that you could find some words or sentences that you would like to practice, maybe some sounds you find a bit hard to pronounce, then show your native those words/sentences and practice them together. Maybe you can try to read it out aloud first, then the native can read it, and then you can try again - or something along those lines. So this will only be about you practicing pronunciation and not be about holding a conversation.

Anther way is to use HiNative. I don’t know if you’re familiar with this platform, but you can ask people how to pronounce something, or you can try to pronounce something yourself and people can vote for how natural it sounds. If you’re lucky, they will come with some comments of what you can improve or/and maybe try to record how they would say it themselves. Instead of just writing thank you to them, it would be a great idea to try and record yourself again, and if it still doesn’t sound quite natural, they can come with further comments.

Specific pronunciation tips

There are lot of vowel sounds in Danish, so even though the vowel in “bird” sounds like “ø” and the vowel in “egg” sounds like “æ”, you may not be able to use this trick with every word consisting of those letters.
So I found this post on Duolingo made by runem, it links to some great videos about the Danish vowel sounds that shows how the vowels are pronounced in different words. The post also tells something about glottal stops and links to some videos as well. Last but not least the post also tells something about how the Danish consonants are pronounced. The comments to this post on Duolingo might also be helpful to read.

And yes, I’m sure you can still be understood with an accent ^^

If you have other questions or questions about something I wrote, then please feel free to ask :D

Where do I even begin

1. Typos. I’ll be nice and assume English isn’t your first language.

2. In numerous videos including the FAQ video I explain that I don’t take requests for songs to put in the musical. Thanks for showing me you don’t watch those videos.

3. Why do people think just commenting their requests/demands on the newest video, no matter what the content is, is a surefire way to get what they want?



i need my happy place and also antibiotics for this throat infection

- Alex


You made me fucking cry halfway through this video, I’m an actual mess right now, and I’m so fucking happy that you’re happy, you have no idea! This happiness that you’re feeling right now is all I’ve ever wanted for you, and it makes my heart swell with joy seeing how motivated and energized you seem.
I want you to do more projects. I want you to do more of whatever makes you feel more energized and happy doing YouTube. Not for any selfish or petty reasons, like just getting more content, nothing like that…but just because it makes you, as a human being, happier and motivated to do more awesome things in the future.
I believe in you so much, and I’m beyond proud of you, and I could go on for ages, you made me get all emotional, but just keep up the amazing work, and I can’t wait for the future projects ahead! :)

anonymous asked:

youve probs been asked this before but have you ever considered making a patreon? giving things (such as exclusive voice acting skits and requests for certain patreon tiers etc) in exchange for money might lessen the guilt you seem to have abt the whole concept. i just rly enjoy your stuff and just seeing you on my dash in general, so if you were able to make some money with your content, i think it'd definitely make me and your others fan rly happy.

that’s really flattering, but i dont really make enough content nowadays to warrant a patreon.

if i uploaded, like, weekly videos, or even fuckin. an audio post every few days, THEN i’d consider it, but at the moment this blog is more like a really intricate journal where i put all my silly ideas into

and sometimes the journal yells at me and tries to snap at my dick but that doesnt bother me too much

that being said, i actually do have a super-secret patreon, which is ironic considering what i just said. when i made more stuff i opened it cuz i thought, ya know, it’d be fine if i did that. but when i got more invested in school and farmwork and whatnot i stopped linking to it and told the, like, 6 people supporting me to stop it. the only reason i mention it is because there are still like 3 people (including my friend meg) who still give me like. a total of 30 dollars a month.

and every so often i send them a message like “hey dawg u can stop now. u dont have to give me anymore money im not even doing anything” and they either dont respond or they say like “nah its cool”.


Do you animate? Do you film? You may be able to get some exposure on my YouTube channel!

One of you could really help me in making a video for my new song!

Well, a remastered version of an old one… but I want to make a really good video for it. That’s where you can help me!

I put one together using stock videos, but I’m not 100% happy with it. I know it can be better.

My original idea was to make an animated lyric video, but I couldn’t do that myself. So instead I searched for stock clips and edited them together, with the lyrics over the top.

I know it can be better.

If you think you might be able to help me out here, then please let me know. I can’t really pay to have something done because I don’t have money. But the song will be going on my YouTube channel :)

If no-one can help then I guess I’ll have to upload my not-so-great video on to my channel instead xD

anonymous asked:

Honestly the way you portray your brain/emotions through your characters is super interesting and entertaining. You've got a brilliant mind. Your content is so original and so you and I always look forward to your videos, they make me super happy.

This literally makes me so happy to hear, you have no idea!!! I posted so late today, but I worked all day to make it, and I wanted to make it good! Haha I’m so thrilled you enjoy it!!!

anonymous asked:

it's a Sunday night and I just watched 18 of your videos that I've already seen before because you make me happy when I'm feeling like it's all pointless. I'm minor to you but you're major to me, thank you so so much for helping me even though you had no idea, drew. you're a great person, please keep being yourself :)

Please don’t think of it that way. You have to know that you’re more than the perceived unawareness of strangers. Plus, I read your message and replied, and though it shouldn’t matter, in this moment you are major to me, and after this moment there are so many others out there who will continue in valuing you the same.
I’m sorry you’ve been feeling like it’s all pointless. It isn’t. We know that. I think we really do.