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If the characters had blogs what would they be like?

Martin- just a hodgepodge of random interests. Lots of baby animal pictures, recipes, aesthetic cake photos, cute pics of room with plants and fairy lights, lgbt posts, memes. Posts stunning art with captions like “just a doodle!” And lots of personal posts about his feelings good or bad.

Chris- a pretty standard log of their adventures. Each post is about a new animal or what kinda thinks he and the crew got into that day. He’ll often post animal pictures or pictures of his friends.

Aviva- professional blog where she posts updates on her latest projects and videos displaying her tech.

Koki- nature aesthetic blog, uploads a lot of her own photos. Posting is erratic and random and she doesn’t tag anything so she doesn’t have a lot if followers but all her posts are top quality.

Jimmy- recipe and video game blog. Sometimes posts video game themed recipies. All the food is super good and he has a sizable follower count.

Zach- he runs a blog pretty much all about one-upping the kratt bros and Aviva. Posts photoshopped pictures of himself looking cool and reblogs science posts but adds false information.

Donita- fashion blog!!!! Takes pics from runway shows and shows off her own designs. Pretty popular.

Gourmand- food blog and creepy stalker blog. He’s been reported and deleted like 8 times but keeps remaking. Posts about animals he’s going to cook and creepy/threatening posts towards the wk crew.

Paisley- she prefers facebook.

leonardo dicaprio + best screams

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Murdoc Niccals | Strobelite [2017]