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Just Friends - Part 17

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Jared walks into their bedroom to see her sitting on the bed Indian style, lost in her phone. “I wish you’d stop reading that shit.”  

“You posted this on the ride home three weeks ago and people are still commenting.  Did you know that I was dating Shan and fucked you and now you two aren’t talking because of me,” she says, reading through the comments.  “And I’m pregnant. That’s the only logical reason you would marry someone who isn’t a model, ya know.  And someone else thinks that I’m the reason you and Cameron aren’t together anymore. And I put a voodoo spell on you,” she sighs and tosses her phone to the side.  “I’m a temptress who seduced and trapped you. Evidently I was seen shopping in a children’s store days before I was photographed with a ring on my finger.”  She buries her head in the pillow. “Okay, that one’s actually true but I was shopping for my niece.”

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