these updates are amazing

i’m alive

here’s a life update because i never post here

in less than a month, my amazing friend @vaprosia will be flying here all the way from florida to move in with me!! we’re currently in the process of trying to snag our dream apartment in downtown seattle and are so excited to begin this new chapter of our lives

i’m also working 2 jobs now! back to back, 14 hour days from 6am-8pm. i have no time or energy for much of anything anymore, but man that is going to be Good Money so i’m trying to work through it

although i’ve also been very sick the last couple weeks, with a nasty and painful cough i havent been able to shake. i finally went to the doctor on sunday and found out i have pneumonia!!! so ive been on bed rest the last couple days drinking lots of fluids and taking antibiotics to fight that

that’s p much it!!!! how have yall been doing

anonymous asked:

I don't mean to sound obnoxious, but could you please add the character day fills on the masterlist the next time it's updated? They were amazing but it's hard to search for them again now that they're buried in new posts :/

You’re not sounding obnoxious!
And…I don’t know. I don’t personally like the ones I’ve filled out most of the time. Not saying the asks were bad, just my writing was!
If it helps I think i try to tag them under “ask meme” a lot, or “character day”.
I do have plans on updating the masterlist with my personal faves, though. Like adding on a prompt I did of Zen finding out his mom died, and the Yoosung morning scenario!
Sorry if its a pain to look for them, but…I don’t really have any tips, because if I added them all in on the masterlist, thats over 60 new additions, because I usually get 15-20 asks when I do a character day…
….orz Sorry

So, inspired by @toneelspeler’s post and @koninginnen, I started digging through Isak’s ig and I’ve found these gems, which are all conversations with Julian Dahl:








If any Norwegian wants to translate them, please do!

okay but what if their powers didn’t come with ~built-in costumes~ and they had to design/create their costumes themselves like normal teenage superheroes?? (and yeah I know they’re both either into fashion or a well-off teenage model but c’mon which teenager in their right mind would willingly choose to wander around in spandex like)

Lance / Keith / Pidge / Hunk / Shiro&Allura / Coran

“And the walls kept tumbling down in the city that we loved / Grey clouds roll over the hills bringing darkness from above”  Pompeii, Bastille

More dances from @wittyy-name and @wolfpainters fic Shut Up and Dance With Me! And right after their update, I’m so excited. I was finishing the colors for Anaconda!Keith while I was on the stream with them (which was a blast I’m so excited that I got the courage up to join them).

The videos for the dances are here, for Pompeii, and here, for Anaconda. Seriously, watch them they’re amazing!!! Pidge and Hunk are coming up next, along with Pidge and Lance dancing to Shakira! (I’m seriously having a blast can you tell?)

As promised bonus Keith dancing to Anaconda under the cut because I am nothing if not self indulgent:

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so i was wondering why JJ would see yuuri like some kind of bad bitch during his short program like what is this:

but then my mind was like “what if it happened like this” and this was the result enjoy

also im trying so hard not to cry about the end of season one pls kubo-sensei make a season 2 yoi is my lifeline thank you for such an amazing emotional roller coaster :’) 

UPDATE!!! the ever so talented @being-gay-on-ice wrote a fic for this comic and its amazing and i am so blessed that he did! You can find it here: please go check it out it you won’t regret it!! <3
ALSO!! @helly-watermelonsmellinfellon​ wrote a thing for this too omg i love u and will be eternally grateful!! :


Happy Mother’s Day Women of Bones! 🌸

WOW that comic got a lot more attention than I was expecting but I’m so glad so many people liked it and I wanted to just do a quick post to say thank you and hello to the new followers! 

I hope you guys stick around for a while and that you’ll like what you see. :>


I love how Overwatch brings people together, but this takes that to a whole new level! 

Shayla Danger posted her Overwatch themed prom proposal on twitter and it’s just too cute NOT to share!!

Overwatch’s twitter account replied and asked for Prom photos when they go so go follow her if you want updates on their amazing night!