these updates are amazing

“Shut up,”… “Shut up!”

“Don’t you get it? It’s all your stupid fault!”…“You hurt the people around you! So it isn’t my fault, it’s all yours.”

“You sicken me,”…“So I’ll agree with your request that day.”

“Let’s not be siblings,”… “Because I’m glad I’m not related to someone like you.”

A Thousand Years by Stars_Aligned (from Chapter 9)

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Just wondering if you guys would ever consider updating the "popular fics" list cuz everything I've read is so amazing and I love them all :D

We dont update masterlists that have already been made, we just make new ones! Considering our last popular fics masterlist was only some months ago, we probably wont be making another one for a while, that way we can get a bunch of new popular fics to make a whole masterlist :)



Happy Day of the Dead heroes!

The halloween update is over and it was amazing, I’m gonna be honest tho…I was expecting a Dorado make over, something day of the dead related, with perforated paper everywhere and maybe a couple altars and ofrendas.

I imagine Reyes would be a little disappointed too so he started doing his own decorative crafts, embracing his inner mexican. Little did he know he’d have to do one for each hero… so expect more of these, maybe.

I totally think that Lana Deserves a HUGE Shout out!

@sssvitlans has done an amazing job at keeping up with our wonderful creators who are giving us so much content for the little nooboo’s! There is so much of it and I have no idea how she has kept up with the literal avalanche of toddler CC that has came out, as well as non-toddler related CC! What a champ! Thank you Lana for being so quick to update everything and keep all the amazing cc this community has to offer in one very convenient and organized spot!

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there are so many of you all that i really want to be friends with… but idk if you want to be friends too. so i don’t say anything… i just reblog your stuff.

i suppose it’s because you all have so many more followers… it makes me feel like an insignificant speck if i try to talk to you. and then even trying  to talk to you all is hard, because i’m no good at conversations…