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Humans are weird: Culture/Karaoke

Kareoke culture (at least american karaoke cilture) is so frickin weird .

Imagine the Humans on board decide to find an interstellar karaoke place on one of the new human settlements. Xernfes the human caretaker decides to tag along to see what this “Karaoke” thing is. Human Stacy has assured him it’ll be fun and that the caretaker will learn all about early culture from a certain region. Xernfes assumes it’s a feast or museum of some sort. He slithers in and is immediately concerned by the flashing lights and noise. The human manual said something about flashing lights being bad, right? None of the Humans are concerned so he makes a mental note about it for later. They get their room and start looking through the books. Human Stacy immediately starts typing numbers. They don’t starts playing and everyone immediately cheers. Xernfes has no fucking idea what’s going on. Suddenly everyone is just screeching “TAKE ON MEtakeonme, TAKE ME ONNNNNtakeonme I’LL be gone, in a day or,,, TWOOOOOOOOO” everyone knows the song and sings in their worst possible voice. Xernfes has no idea what this has to do with culture. What made them evolve to know every word? Is this a religion? They play all the classics, kung fu fighting, sweet caroline, we will rock you, etc. And by now this poor researcher has no idea what’s going on its all so confusing. The songs are so… dumb and yet they’re all singing them word for word. It’s getting late so they decide to do one last song. The YMCA. “YOUNG MAN” Human Stacy screams into the microphone. Everyone stands up. Xernfes is so confused are they leaving I thought we were singing? The Humans start doing the YMCA motions and he thinks they’re having a seizure or doing code or anything. He’s never seen such unison!

I don’t know how to explain this better but karaoke culture man

The Feudal High Fantasy AU

I was thinking about Minion today, about the way his body is constructed; I was thinking about the bowl he lived in through childhood, how it’s kind of odd that his robot exoskeleton ended up being super simian, and wondering about the wisdom of leaving a hole in the top of his glass dome. And it occurred to me.

Minion’s a goddamn Kappa.

~Extensive extrapolation + fun new AU idea under the cut THIS GOT REALLY LONG~

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