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Please talk about your problems with the SG-1 finale?

Sure! I’ll collate some of the rants in my Unending tag here for you. :-)

I have a lot of problems with Unending. So I’ll start with the things I don’t mind about it.

I love that Sam learned to play the cello. It’s random, sure, but I’ve always wanted to learn to play drums and I assure you if I suddenly started taking drum lessons and playing drums an hour a day everyone watching the show of my life would be like, “LOL, drums!? How random!” And it seems like one of those things she might have always wished she’d done but never made time for, because she was focused on school or her career. So I like the idea that she had one beautiful thing that had nothing to do with space or science or the SGC to turn to while they were stuck up there.

I loved the little scenes we got of the team celebrating holidays together, just enjoying each other’s company.

I thought Cam sort of losing it from boredom and frustration was entirely realistic. 

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My problem now with the ship quote is that making it canon brings a whole host of problems where there wasn't. Seeing it in a Thorin/Bilbo light now makes the ship abusive, to the point where I wonder what anyone who could ever like fluff is smoking. Now there's a huge rash of shit with Thorin as a rapist and yes people can have whatever kink they like but to me that is so lazy and offensive. If you like the ship dark, fine. But you can't turn around and OTP it with any happiness. (Cont)

That’s the problem with interpreting that quote as shippy. I understand fandom can’t take flawed characters like Thorin and Thranduil without turning them into abusive monsters. Think about what seeing Thorin/Bilbo as a canon romance implies. It implies canon abusive relationship when it wasn’t previously, and that’s being forced on everyone. Do we need this crap in this fandom too?

Anon, please stop and think about what you’re trying to say to me, and in effect to other Bagginshield shippers.

You are telling me what YOU think the ship is going to look like in the highly unlikely event that at some point in the movie, Thorin and Bilbo throw down and do the nasty. You are trying to convince ME/US about things that we have ALREADY come to consider as shippers.

I think if you took even just a little time to read fanfics and look at fanart of the ship, you’ll see that while we stick to the personalities of the characters, we are able to write them into non-canon situations that does NOT have to include abuse and rape even if Thorin does succumb to the gold-sickness. We have things called “Fix-It Alternate Universes” that range from Thorin being cured forever of the gold-sickness to Thorin, Fili and Kili not meeting their ends at the Battle of Five Armies, to Thorin marrying Bilbo and making him Consort, to Bilbo taking Thorin back to the Shire with him instead because it might be better for him, and so on and so forth. There is STILL a relationship, but none of the rape and abuse and violence and whatever else you fear would exist in an in-character version of the relationship.

What I REALLY want to know is why you immediately think that a relationship with gold-sick!Thorin would lead to rape and abuse JUST because RA said “singularly obsessed with Bilbo.” I said it before, and I’m going to say it again - You do know “obsession” does not immediately connote rape and abuse, right? Not that I’m denying that it can, I just mean to say that it doesn’t have to

But let’s be real here - this ask was NEVER going to go anywhere seeing as you started it with “being canon.” Apparently you haven’t yet quite gleaned that a) we shippers are not idiots, b) we shippers are not trying to foist change upon the ACTUAL canon just to include a homoerotic relationship between the two main characters, c) what we shippers REALLY TRULY APPRECIATE about the quote is that a version of what WE see as shippers rings true for Richard and his performance, and while he doesn’t mean it romantically or sexually, what his quote offers is the possibility of seeing more of Thorin through what happens to him with Bilbo.

Now there’s a huge rash of shit with Thorin as a rapist“ - Honey, please. I have been shipping Bagginshield for at least a year now, and only one in 30 fics EVER include him being a rapist. And you know what, before you came to with your ask, I saw NONE of this “DOES RA THINK THORIN IS GOING TO BE A RAPIST” “rash of shit.”  And while I’m not denying the possibility of it going that way, I also can assume that it DOESN’T end up that way. 

But you can’t turn around and OTP it with any happiness.” - I’ve already said that YES, WE ACTUALLY CAN, because we are creating our fanon!canon around the actual canon and are manipulating situations in the actual canon WITHOUT ACTUALLY CHANGING THE ACTUAL CANON, and we are doing it for us, not for people who don’t want to see it the millions of different ways that we do. But if you’d like ACTUAL CANON EVIDENCE that yes, we CAN turn around and OTP it with happiness, allow me to remind you that I, as a fan interpreting the canon differently from you (apparently), can think that Thorin comes to his senses while the Battle rages on outside his Mountain, and that’s why he EVENTUALLY decides to take his Company and join the Battle, if at least to defend the gold he had come SO FAR to reclaim. In the actual canon, Thorin spends literally his last few breaths trying to redeem himself to Bilbo, who has become a friend, for how he had spoken to him and what he had done while caught in the clutches of the dragon sickness. Sure, serial abusers and some rapists sometimes apologize to their victims only to turn around and hurt them again, BUT AGAIN I SAY, does Thorin have to be locked into that kind of person when he can be other versions?

And what the hell is this supposed to mean? - “I understand fandom can’t take flawed characters like Thorin and Thranduil without turning them into abusive monsters.“ - Look at how you continue to insult fandom and shippers, whether intentionally or not. This also goes to show that you haven’t seen ALL of fandom - people like Loki and Hannibal Lecter have GIGANTIC fandoms, and God knows they’re as flawed as flawed can be, and yet you have pockets of fans who will see them as misunderstood creatures and not even the bad guys when yeah, they are actually the bad guys. So how dare you insinuate that fandom will automatically see a con to a character and peg them as evil and nothing else? How dare you assume that your path of thinking is everybody’s path of thinking? Also, how dare you say that Thorin and Thranduil can be nothing but “abusive monsters” just because they’ve done things that aren’t exactly on the “GOOD” end of the spectrum? In this one sentence alone, you’ve shown just how much or how little you understand of people in general. This is borderline character profiling, which, hey, let’s not get into what else that could lead to.

It implies canon abusive relationship when it wasn’t previously, and that’s being forced on everyone - Pardon my French, but this is a tres stupid argument to make, mostly because of that last part. “That’s being forced on everyone.” Why, because you saw a shippy post in the tag? You think we make shippy posts to force our opinions on non-shippers? How dare you assume we shippers do ANYTHING for non-shippers. People who liked the shippy post clicked “like” or “reblog” on it, people who didn’t, didn’t click anything. They just scrolled past. You are literally the only person to come to with a problem. And I’ve posted our conversations in the tag as well, and again, same thing - people who agreed clicked “like” or “reblog,” others who didn’t, decided not to bother because there’s plenty of other things in the tag to see anyway.

And let me just point out one more thing that you seem to have missed the last time you sent me an ask - There have been Bagginshield shippers since people realized they could ship two characters together. You have been an RA fan for I don’t know how long, but I’m pretty sure the two timelines have been running parallel with each other for a very long time. Wasn’t your blogging life just slightly easier before you came to me and told me you have a problem with us shippers and us shipping Bagginshield? I fully understand that you have a problem with it and that’s why you don’t ship it, that’s why NONE of my arguments (at least until this point) have included me asking you to just TRY. Even in this ask, I’m not asking you to TRY and ship Bagginshield, all I said was that if you took the time to check out just one or two of the fics for the ship, you’d see that there are SO many other paths for that relationship to follow. 

In conclusion - maybe YOU see Thorin as becoming nothing but pure evil once the gold-sickness has taken over, but we don’t. And you are clearly NEVER going to understand that your train of thought is FAR different from ours, mainly because you automatically assume “rape and abuse” in connection with “singular obsession,” while WE see that quote as something to fuel what we already LOVE to do with the ship in our own little world. 

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91, westallen, idec that this is super obvious bcs i want it

(if there’s any justice in the world, this is the conversation I’d like Barry and Iris to have, post-Flashpoint)

“Then turn selfishness into a weapon! …My dreams! My brother! My family! My world! How dare you try to take these things, because they are mine!”

The Wee Free Men, Terry Pratchett 

It will be like nothing ever happened. 

Out of all the lies Barry Allen has ever said to her, by omission or deliberate intent, this is the one Iris hates the most. 

Again and again, she kisses him, chooses him, has him; for a few shining moments the world is in alignment again, as it should be. And again and again and again, she loses him, he leaves her, he changes things, because Barry Allen is a hero, Barry Allen is a young man in love, Barry Allen is a little boy who lost his parents and wants the world to be right and safe and good, even he has to make it that way himself. 

Iris wants to shake him, shout at him, knock him unconscious. She wants him to keep still long enough for her to explain that he isn’t invincible, he’s not all-powerful, he’s not God, to make the world conform to his will and this is fine. That’s okay. She doesn’t ever expect these things from him, never did. 

All she wants, is for him to stay. To stay with her, let the world, the universe, the choices they make be enough. Let them save the world together by speed and by words, let them have dinner with Joe and Wally every Sunday night, watch dumb shows on Netflix and see even dumber zombie movies together, this is not that hard, Barry, come on. 

She finally, finally, gets it out of him, what happened, the alternate reality he made for himself, with his parents alive and together with him, Eobard Thawne rendered physically harmless, Wally was a speedster, god

Her and Wally estranged from Joe. Joe struggling with alcohol and work, her snapping at him in front of Barry. God, it feels like a vicious prophecy.

“Was it worth it?” she asks Barry flatly. “All of that, was it worth it?”

She hates being the one to put that tortured look on his face, that anguish of having to choose one family over the other, but he needs to face it. He needs to look it in the face, these choices of his. “I don’t–I don’t know,” he says miserably. “I let other people pay the price for my happiness, I thought if my parents were back, I could be whole, that that was home–”

I’m your home,” Iris shouts, voice cracking with grief. “This is your home, with me and dad and Wally and Cisco and Caitlin and everyone! This has always been your home, Barry, how could you make all that vanish for two people who are dead and gone?”

If she had been the one to drive a hand into his heart, she’s not sure he could look any more anguished, or furious. “They’re my parents,” he almost yells, his voice breaking now. “My mom and dad, I am supposed to let them die if I could stop it–” 

“You think I wouldn’t bring my mom back if I could?” Iris demands, fighting so, so hard not to cry. “You think that if I had your powers, I wouldn’t bring her back in a heartbeat, in a second, if I could? You think you have some kind of monopoly on loss, Barry? That you’re the only one allowed to grieve, or mourn?”

She’s really crying now, despite her best efforts not to, and even in the midst of this fight, even as they’re standing on opposite sides of the room, Barry comes to her with his hands open, ready to comfort and hold her, without even thinking about it. 

“Did you forget everything?” Iris demands, not going to him, not moving towards him. Because what he says next might mend or shatter her. 

“I remember everything,” he says almost pleadingly. “I remember–I remember things that never happened, will never happen, and things that happened in another life, in another universe. Iris, in every universe, you’re there. You’re the constant for me no matter what timeline or earth I end up in.” 

She sucks in air, dashes tears off her cheeks. “Then the world I’m in now better be enough for you, Barry Allen. Because this is the world I’m in, the one you’re in, and I’m so tired of losing you.”

She’s tired, tired in her bones, in her heart, so she doesn’t fight when Barry does cross the distance between them, pulls her in close, buries his face in her hair. She shudders and breathes and shakes against him; it’s like hugging the center of the earth. “Don’t you ever, ever time travel ever again,” she orders his heart, pounding underneath her ears, beating still. Beating on. “Or I’ll–I’ll–I don’t know what I’ll do, but you won’t appreciate it.”

“I won’t,” he says, “I promise.” 

Iris sinks her nails into his shirt, drags him closer still. She wants to mark him up, drag her nails across his skin, put her teeth into his collarbone, grip bruises on his wrist, claim him, declare him as hers. He is her Barry Allen, and all of time and space and the universe and the Speed Force or whatever the hell’s in charge cannot take him away from her. Mine and mine alone, this Barry, for always, mine.