these two were very lovely!!

why do women in dress pattern illustrations look like they’re about five seconds away from DRAMATICALLY DECLARING THEIR LOVE?

#here we see masha- young and untutored in the ways of love#‘o katya!’ she cries 'my very soul aches when you are not by my side! i tell you i could not breathe if you were to leave me!’#katya kisses her just once. very gently.#and then leaves chelyabinsk. never to return#(two years later masha marries a local boy and never lets herself think of what might have been)

I kinda lost all the motivation for this one, since I wasn’t very happy with it to start with, but thought I’d share it anyway since I bothered to do the lineart– I’m deep in Gotham season 3 hell right now and I’m losing my shit thanks to these two………………


I still cry (literally cry tears of joy) at least once a month when I remember the Legend of Korra finale.

1D Hiatus: Day 353

* #congratulationsliamandcheryl trends on Twitter

* Louis meets a fan

* Ryan Seacrest and JoJo Wright interview Niall on their radio shows

* Niall posts two pictures on Snapchat

It’s Nov 30th, 2016.


Tedwards be shoppin'

The people who claim to be fans of either melissa benoist or Blake Jenner but are applauding or celebrating their divorce honestly sicken me. Like honestly, what the fuck? These are people. Two people who are now ending a marriage and a four year relationship. Two people who have said on countless occasions that they’re each other’s best friends. Two people who were clearly very much in love at one time. And you people are over here saying you hope Melissa will now realize she’s gay or that she’s too good for him?

How dare you?

Melissa and Blake are real people, very private people who I doubt want the world to know about this let along have people commenting on it. They aren’t characters from tv shows for you to fetishize or comment on. So before you make another post talking about how you hope Melissa will finally come out, or how you think she cheated on Blake with her co star, just don’t.

Have some fucking decency.

Morning Person || Jack

Request: For the dialogue prompts, could you do #5 with Jack?


Jack was never a morning person; in fact, he hated mornings. He’d sleep until 3:00 in the afternoon if you let him (of course, you never did). The two of you had been dating for nearly a year and you were always awake at least an hour before he was. You would get up, make a cup of coffee, eat breakfast, watch TV, and have a cup of tea ready for Jack when you forced him up at noon.

Today was different. The two of you spent the weekend at his parent’s house for the first time. His family was very lovely and knowing that the two of you were serious enough where he was comfortable with you spending time with his family made you happy. You were up early, even earlier than usual. Jack was still asleep beside you, his hair flopped over his forehead, his lips in a small pout, and his arm draped over your waist. You loved Jack with your whole heart and seeing him so peaceful made your stomach do a flip.

“Why’re you staring at me?” Jack mumbled, a smile growing on his face.

“Sorry,” you blushed, “I didn’t mean to wake you.”

“It’s okay,” he said, opening his eyes and pulling you even closer to him. “What’s going on? Why’re you up? What time is it?”

“It’s 6:00,” you said. “I guess my mental alarm clock said I have to get ready for work.”

“But you’re on holiday,” Jack mumbled, his lips against your neck. “And it’s Saturday. You don’t have work.”

“I know,” you laughed. “I can’t help it. I’m just a morning person.”

As Jack placed small kisses to your neck, you had an idea. “C’mon,” you said, sitting up slightly. “Let’s get up.”

“Babe,” Jack laughed, “it’s nighttime.”

“No,” you said. “It’s morning. I wanna go for a walk. Along the beach.” Jack sat up as well, a teasing smirk on his face.

The sun hasn’t even come up yet and you want me to do what now?

“I want to go for a walk,” you pouted. “Please Jack? I wanna see the sunrise.” Jack heaved a sarcastic sigh and placed a kiss to your lips.

“You know I can’t say no to you.”

The two of you got out of bed, tossing on some warmer clothes to keep you hidden from the February chill. You put on a pair of sweats and one of Jack’s cozy sweatshirts and Jack did the same. You managed to leave the house without waking anyone up. The walk to the beach was short, so you and Jack walked hand in hand in comfortable silence.

When you got to the rocky beach shore, you and Jack sat beside each other. You laid your head on Jack’s shoulder and felt him rest his on top of yours. “Why do you like mornings so much?” he asked suddenly.

“I don’t know,” you shrugged. “It’s just, well, you miss so much when you sleep until 2:00, you know? I like to get up at a good time so I know that I have a whole day to do something extraordinary.”

You didn’t notice, but Jack stared at you then with the realization in his eyes that he would never love anyone else quite like he loved you.

The two of you eventually adjusted so that you were sitting in front of him in between his legs and he had his arms around you, resting a head on your shoulder. Naturally, it took a while for the sun to rise, but you were content the whole time. Jack kept placing delicate kisses to your neck while rubbing your arm with his thumb. He never failed to make you feel so fully loved. “Thanks for coming out here with me,” you said quietly, your head resting on his shoulder.

“Thanks for dragging me out of bed,” Jack said back with a small smile.

Seeing the morning sun now glowing on your skin and a peaceful smile on your face, Jack decided that maybe mornings weren’t so bad after all.

Learn to Fly Again

gif is not mine

Title: Learn to Fly Again

Pairing: Gabriel x Reader

Word Count: 655

Warnings: Fluff!

A/N: Ayy!! Happy Sweet Treat Saturday!! I hope you all enjoy this! Feedback is welcomed and appreciated! <3 I love you all so much!! <3 <3

Gabriel slammed his shot glass down on the counter, a smirk spreading across his face, “your turn sweet cheeks.”  You and Gabe decided to take a trip to the closest bar and have a few shots.  It was in celebration of your one year anniversary; you two were still very much in love with each other.  This bar was where you met Gabriel for the first time, and it’s where he fell in love with you.  He had met you while playing a trick on Sam and Dean Winchester.  He didn’t know you were dating Sam Winchester at that time, hell he didn’t even know you hunted at all.  He was the one who stole your heart after Sam had broken up with you, sweeping you off your feet.  

In a way, he saved you, and you saved him.  After Sam had broken up with you, you became a depressed mess.  You hardly ate, drank, and you hardly ever left your bed.  You almost gave up completely.  Before Gabriel met you, he would cause chaos randomly, especially for the Winchesters.  He was set on teaching Sam a lesson for breaking your heart.  When he met you, you made him understand how he had to let go.  You made him understand that he could help people instead of causing chaos.  You made him a more understanding, caring, and loving individual.  In return he saved you from yourself.

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 i  keep  heckin  myself  up  thinking  about  young!felix  spending  all  of  his  time  painting  because  literally  what  the  hell  else  was  there  to  do  &  norman  coming  out  of  his  study  every  once  in  a  while  &  tripping  over  a  dirty  water  cup  &  getting  angry  &  yellin  at  my  boy  &  my  boy  yellin  back  &  norman  getting  so  mad  that  he  starts  ripping  apart  pictures  &  punching  through  canvases  &  felix  just  watches  on  in  horror,  his  heart  breaking  as  his  hard  work  gets  destroyed.


Here’s my contribution for Volume 5 of @bartkira, Pages 156-160. These were very challenging, but also very fun for two reasons. First, my love and admiration for Matt Groening’s The Simpsons since I was a little kid and in later years (7th grade, if I can recall) my fascination with Katsuhiro Otomo’s masterpiece, Akira (first the movie, later the manga).

Simpsons x Akira, it’s just the perfect combination.

The Normal Guy

Dylan O’Brien x Reader

Point of View: Your POV

Word Count: 640

Written By: harry-stiles-boyss

Rated: PG


You and Dylan had been dating for about a year and a half and things were amazing. The two of you had a very loose relationship. You loved going out and meeting friends, going dancing, traveling, and experiencing new things together. You had a long list of activities that the two of you do together, but you both had a favorite. If there was one thing you loved doing the most it was lounging on the couch. 

Sometimes you would just cuddle and watch television. Other times you would sit together and talk. It wasn’t much of talking though. With Dylan a lot of your conversations were different. Most of the time you were laughing about the stories Dylan was telling you about his day on set. Sometimes you were talking about the next few weeks plans. Sometimes you would have quiet, meaningful conversations about life in general. Those conversations were your favorites. 

Tonight was one of those nights. You and Dylan were in your apartment, sitting on the couch. He sat with his feet on the coffee table. You sat with your back up against the arm of the couch, your legs bent over Dylan’s lap. You had a glass of wine resting in your hand. 

You were peaceful. 

There was no TV on, no music. Just a few candles burning on the table beside you.

You took one more sip of the wine you had in your hand, feeling the cool wine sliding down your throat. You placed it on the table, resting it next to Dylan’s cold beer he had been drinking. You then sit back up and move closer to Dylan. Keeping your legs pressed to his chest you rested your head on his shoulder. 

He grabs your hand absentmindedly playing with your fingers. You weren’t talking at the moment, just enjoying each others company. The two of you had done this at least 10 times in the past two weeks. It was relaxing after a long days work to decompress with the one person cherish the most. 

“I love you” You say. You pull you head away from his shoulder, looking into his eyes. He smiles gently, then places both of his hands on either side of your face. His left thumb softly rubbing your cheek. He brings your head to his lips, leaving a kiss on your forehead. He then shifts your head to his chest. His fingers running though your hair.

“I love you too” He whispers kissing the top of your hair.

“Do you know why I love you?” You say causing a million questions and answers into his mind.

“Why?” He asks.

“Your different.” 

“Should I take that as a complement?”

“Most definitely. You’re a good different. You are a normal guy.”

“So I go from being different to a normal guy.”

“I mean you are a normal guy compared to what I thought you would be. Some people who have the same job you do make their job a lifestyle. I thought you would have been kind of arrogant. You really just take your job as a job. You don’t like fancy things or fancy houses. You live your life exactly how you wanted to before you became an actor. Im glad I can be a part of it.”

“I like you too” He says back making you giggle. His reaction did not surprise you because he has a personality that likes to joke about things like that. You felt him smile into your hair as you readjusted yourself comfortably into his chest.

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“stop eating random shit you find on the ground”

“*gently soothes her and selflessly gives her things they actually need for themselves*”

“u g h you’re such a brat *lowkey would carry her to the end of the earth*”

“*holds her hand and comforts her even when they’re scared too*”


like idk if she’s more of a toddler or a dog but either way orphan girl/opal is literally their weird goat daughter and you just know they’ve already got a plan worked out for when adam goes to college and they’re both completely in love and committed and in it for the long haul and i love how their relationship managed to be subtle while still completely obliterating any reader ideas that adam may want to leave entirely or isn’t every bit as invested in ronan and the barns and his future there as he is in college and success and this is getting off topic the point is RONAN AND ADAM: ACCIDENTAL MAGIC TEEN DADS

The Ayakashi rescue the MC when she is captured and tortured - Request

So I had a couple of requests for Enchanted In The Moonlight from two lovely anon’s which were very similar. So I have decided to combine them for this head canon :)

Both requested what would happen when the MC gets captured by an evil Ayakashi and one went on to ask how her boyfriend would react when she is tortured in front of them and they are helpless to assist thanks to their powers being repressed.  

WARNING - Violence, torture and angst are featured in this head canon.

Miyabi - It had all started so normally. You went to work as usual, though Miyabi had been in the mononoke village for the past couple of days, so he wasn’t there to see you off or join you.
Feeling grateful to know he would be back by the time you got home that evening, you had been planning to make some of his favourite inari sushi for dinner when the power went out in the storage room of the library.
Waiting for the back up generator to come on, you tried to find your way back to the main floor, though a hand suddenly clamped over your mouth, suppressing your scream as you were thrown into a nearby metal stand.
Hearing the crashing of boxes and books around you, you could see a dark figure looming over you a cold sneer on his pale face as he struck you hard, sending everything plummeting into darkness.
…You could hear a voice…it was so familiar…
Managing to open your eyes weakly, you were aware of a dull ache that coursed through your body as memories of what happened slowly came flooding back. Realising that your hands and ankles were bound, you found yourself being drawn back into consciousness by the familiar voice. It seemed so close.
‘Thank god…’
Looking to the source, you saw Miyabi at the opposite side of the dimly lit room, also bound.
As the weight of the situation dawned on you at the realisation that Miyabi wasn’t able to break free of his binds, the colour drained from your face as you looked in Miyabi’s eyes.
‘It’s going to be okay…I promise you, I’m going to get you out of here.’
Hearing a short, cold laugh, your eyes shifted to the doorway to see the ayakashi that had captured you, the yellow cat-like eyes glowing dangerously as he looked between you and Miyabi.
‘Bit plain for the girl with the supposed rare power,’ he remarked, his voice sly as he approached you, his appearance becoming more apparent in the light.
With a slight body and a pale complexion, he didn’t appear to be visibly strong, but you knew full well that he was capable as he lowered to your level with an unnatural flexibility.
‘Get away from her,’ Miyabi snapped.
‘Big talk for a half breed,’ he responded smoothly, not even looking in Miyabi’s direction as he reached for a metal bar beside you and gazed upon it.
Seeing the way the metal began to lighten and glow, you realised far too late what was happening as the scorching spear was suddenly pressed against the place of your mark.
Letting out a cry in pain, you begged him to stop, getting a temporary relief as Miyabi tried to fight with his restraints.
‘What’s it like knowing you can’t protect her?’
‘Damn it, leave her alone! You wanna torture someone, then torture me you sadistic piece of-’
That was when the hot metal made contact again, your scream stopping Miyabi in his tracks as he called out your name.  
Biting down hard on your lip until blood began to seep through the cut you had created, you knew you had to hold it together but it was getting unbearable. As you felt the searing sensation on your skin, you knew that you couldn’t withstand much more as your vision began to black out at the edges, offering you a chance of relief from the agonising pain that you were being subjected too.
That was when you felt it again, hotter, deeper…
Watching as your body began to shake, Miyabi called out to you, shouting your name as he fought furiously against his restraints.
‘What’s the matter? Can’t take it any more human?’ he spat out until you threw your head back and began screaming in sheer agony.
That was Miyabi’s breaking point. Conjuring up a more powerful form of his kitsunebi than he had ever managed before, the ropes binding him were destroyed instantly as he suddenly appeared before you, the pain gone as you slumped back against the wall behind you.
Barely making out Miyabi’s ayakashi form from where you lay, you knew he was furious by the blue flames that were enveloping most of his arms.
‘You take, not just a woman to torture, someone who cannot defend herself against your power. But my woman and think that I will allow you to go without answering for it?!’ he spat, his eyes flashing red as his hands trembled with fury.
Unleashing the full wrath of his power as a clan head, you could just make out the piercing shrieks of the Ayakashi that had captured you both, a door bursting open beside you as the other clan heads appeared.
Dropping to his knees before you, he breathed deeply as his eyes searched yours, his hands tracing your skin carefully as he searched your eyes.
‘I am so sorry…’ he breathed, gently freeing your arms and legs as he lifted you in his arms.
‘You saved me…’ you managed weakly, offering him a small smile that broke his heart as he took you home, vowing to never let anyone touch you like that again.

Yukinojo - You were cold. Aching. The physical pain you felt suppressing any strength that you had as you leant back against the rough wall. Letting out a whimper of pain as you tried to hold back the tears that threatened to form in your eyes, you looked over to Yukinojo who was watching you with such desperation and fear in his eyes.
He kept telling you it would all be okay. He promised you that he would get you out of this god awful place. You would never walk home alone again. Not after the ambush.
Knowing that Yukinojo was bound with a rope that left his powers nullified, he had been furious when the Ayakashi had come in and started to hit you. Yet you soon realised just how terrifying the reality of your situation was when the room remained at a normal temperature.
Yukinojo’s anger was always unmistakable, yet he couldn’t reflect it in his abilities.
As you heard footsteps, you cowered back, praying that they would fade into the distance.
‘Yukinojo…’ you breathed quietly, your voice shaken.
‘I promise you, it’s going to be okay,’
‘Should you really make promises that you can’t keep?’
Looking in the direction of the cold voice, you met the dark eyes of your captor as he smiled at you, his teeth gleaming in the light as he produced a long rope and dropped it to his side.
You knew what was coming, but it didn’t make the anticipation any less frightening as you implored him.
‘Please, please no…’
‘If you want to attack someone, attack me, leave her,’ Yukinojo cut in, his voice pleading as the ayakashi looked down upon him with a sneer.
‘A clan leader begging on his knees…how…perfect,’ he grinned, his hand lifting over the rope once more as your eyes widened.
‘Please don’t hurt her! I will do anything you ask as long as you let her go!’
But his words were to no avail as the rope slowly moved towards you, until you were backed in a corner as it slipped around your body like a snake, wrapping you in it’s coils and tightening as you let out a gasp of pain.
Feeling the rope bite into your skin, Yukinojo could see the stains of red that began to form on your blouse, the blood seeping through as you continued to fight with the agony you were in.
You couldn’t lose, not now. Yukinojo had suffered so much…you wouldn’t die and leave him. You couldn’t.
Though as the rope continued higher and found it’s way around your neck, you found yourself screaming, begging for it to stop.
‘Yukinojo!’ you called out, your voice breaking as you looked into his eyes with tears streaming down your cheeks.
Shaking with absolute fury, Yukinojo could not remember a time in his life that he had felt so angry and that was when you felt it.
Choking out a breath as you were close to losing consciousness from the pain, you realised how cold you felt, your breath visible in front of your lips.
In a split second, the ropes around your body lost all strength and you slumped down to the floor, your body trembling as you tried to look up and made out Yukinojo’s Ayakashi form.
‘You dared to lay a hand on the woman I love…you dared to make her suffer?!’ Yukinojo shouted, his voice seething with anger as he sent the rogue Ayakashi flying into the wall across the room with one swift movement, ice encasing his body up to his throat as Yukinojo approached him silently, his eyes flaring with anger when the door flew open and the other clan heads appeared.
‘Yukinojo, what the hell happened?’ Miyabi remarked.
‘Finish him,’ Yukinojo responded simply, his voice like pure ice as he turned and approached you hurriedly, realising how cold you were as he removed the top layer of his clothing and draped it around you before lifting you up in his arms.
‘Shh…it’s okay, don’t strain yourself,’ he whispered, though tears slipped down his cheeks as he cradled you close.
Reaching up with your fingertips, you brushed the cool tears from his cheek as you tried to wrap your arms around him.
‘I don’t know what I would have done…’ he breathed, his voice shaken as you leant against him as if to comfort him.
‘I couldn’t just leave you…I love you so much…’ you whispered, only making the snow spirit more emotional as he lifted you up in his arms.
‘I love you more than anything in this world,’ he responded gently, holding you close to his chest as the others joined him.
‘Is she okay?’
‘Injured, but she will be fine, I’m going to do all that I can to make her better,’ he responded, his voice now soft as he lifted you easily in his arms and held you close, so much so that you could feel the warm beating of his heart.

Chikage - How had it come to this? Chikage had known hardships, but never had he witnessed anything as horrific as this.
He knew something was wrong when you didn’t return home from work on time. If he hadn’t insisted that Koten stay with the other clan heads while he searched for you, they may not know something was seriously wrong.
Chikage could hardly remember how he had come to be captured. But by the time he came around, your voice spoke out to him.
Looking up, Chikage realised that he was leant against a wall and bound. Thinking at first it seemed so ridiculous to bind a clan head, it was only when he went to change into his Ayakashi form that he realised something was very wrong. His powers were being suppressed by the power of the rope that held him.
‘Who has done this?’
‘I don’t know,’ you responded, clearly terrified. Though before Chikage could say anything to try and soothe you, you found yourselves in the company of a terrifying looking Ayakashi, with large horns protruding from his head and eyes that were almost black.
Shifting back, Chikage tried to directly engage the ayakashi, but his questions were left unanswered.
‘You speak more than expected Tengu Clan Head,’ he remarked plainly, his voice sending a shiver down your spine as he turned his attention back to you.
‘Please, what do you want?’
‘What do I want? I want to be respected. Feared. I want to let even the most powerful Ayakashi know that even a clan head couldn’t stop me from taking what is most important him.’
Looking into his dark eyes with fear, you glanced to Chikage who was clearly fighting to free himself, though even his strong wings seemed unable to do much against the magical binds.
Seeing the Ayakashi before you withdraw a sword, your eyes widened as you began to plea with him.
‘Please, please don’t do this…’
‘You say that like you think you have any hope of changing my mind.’
You had been about to respond when you suddenly felt a sharp sensation across your arm, the motion so fast that the only evidence the blade had been upon your skin was the red that marked the edge of the blade.
Letting out a small cry in pain, Chikage looked on in horror as another long cut formed on your collarbone.
‘Please, NO!’ you screamed out as the blade hit again and again, leaving you feeling weaker as your vision began to blur from the continual pain that you were being subjected too.
‘Let her go!’ Chikage called out, raising his voice as he became overcome with fury.
He had lost so much in his life, had to fight for all that he had. Yet now, he had someone who was so precious to him. Someone that he would never give up like his parents had with him.
Fighting furiously with his binds, your screams were the very thing that brought him the strength he needed to break free.
Spreading his wings wide, Chikage used a powerful wind attack that threw the sword from the Ayakashi’s hands as he put himself between you and your assailant.
‘Now you will feel the wrath of the Tengu clan,’ he breathed, his voice low and dangerous as he closed the distance between them.
By the time the other clan heads arrived, Chikage was already tending to you, his voice low so the others couldn’t hear as he spoke with you.
‘You said you couldn’t stand the thought of someone getting hurt because of you…I told you that I didn’t understand you, but now I know…I know how you feel.’
Looking at the evident concern in his eyes, you couldn’t help but feel grateful that he had not been hurt. Feeling his arms slip around you as he lifted you up, he told the other Clan Heads that he was taking you home, before walking past them and spreading his wings, hoping that the fresh night air would help you to feel more at ease.
What he didn’t realise was, just being in his arms was more than enough safety you could ever want or hope for.  

Kyoga - Kyoga was often a relaxed Ayakashi. Smiling, contented and carefree. But right now, he was anything but relaxed. You had been returning from a date with Kyoga when black smog suddenly began to envelop the atmosphere, rendering you both unconscious before you could process what was happening.
When you had reawakened, you realised from the interior of the building that you were in that it had to be somewhere near the Mononoke Village.
Looking over to where Kyoga was silently struggling with his restraints, you soon realised there was a grave problem if Kyoga could not free himself.
As his eyes met yours, words did not need to be exchanged. You knew something was very wrong.
‘Stay calm…I’m going to get us out of this…’
‘I’d like to see you try.’
Looking up to the open doorway, you saw an Ayakashi that you were unfamiliar with entering the room, his eyes flitting between you and Kyoga.
Was he…amused?
‘What do you want?’ you asked, trying to keep the strength in your voice as the Ayakashi looked towards you, his body hidden by a black fabric that completely shrouded him and a hood that covered the majority of his face.
Approaching you silently, he rested a hand on your shoulder, incanting a few words as he did so before stepping back and closing his hand, leaving you feeling a crushing feeling around your torso.
Gasping out loud, you choked out Kyoga’s name as the ayakashi relinquished his hold.
‘Damn it, let her go! You want to attack someone, attack me!’
While Kyoga’s angry words went unanswered, the cloaked figure, merely paid him a small glance before returning to you and lowering his hand so that it was above your leg where shooting pains suddenly began to grip you.
’N-No…Please,’ you begged, your attacker merciless as he slowly tortured you, your body slowly being drained of it’s strength as he drew the life from you.
Hearing your screams of pain as it got too much for you, Kyoga could feel the anger welling up inside him. How anyone could lay a hand on you, such a fragile and innocent woman. A woman who deserved nothing but love and care.
It infuriated him beyond belief.
As you began to feel your vision losing clarity, you realised that you were blacking out, the pain you felt becoming unbearable as your body began to lose it’s remaining strength.
That was when it happened.
The Ayakashi before you suddenly dropped to his knees, gasping aloud as you looked up with barely parted eyes to see that Kyoga was stood above you, his clawed gauntlet visible in the glint of the dim light.
You could hardly register what went on around you in the ensuing few minutes, though as you found yourself awakening again, you realised that you were no longer on the cold floor.
Looking up weakly, you could just make out Kyoga’s wolf appendages, his ears twitching slightly as his eyes glanced down to you.
‘Hey,’ he breathed softly, taking your hand and bringing it to his lips. ‘It’s okay, you’re safe now…’
‘I’m glad you’re okay,’ you responded, squeezing his hand with the little strength you had and sending a pang of emotion surging through his heart.
‘Silly…’ he muttered, shaking his head slightly when he wrapped you in his arms and lifted you gently, like a piece of fragile crystal as you realised the other clan heads were around you.
‘Thank you…for helping us…’ you managed to remark, your eyes falling closed again as you lost the fight to stay conscious, though you knew you would be safe in Kyoga’s arms.

Shinra - Shinra could feel the pounding in his head when he awoke. It was disorientating at first as he tried to piece together all that had happened.
Looking up at the familiar voice, Shinra’s eyes widened as he saw you opposite him.
‘I don’t know…I was walking home from work and I got attacked from behind. When I came around, you were unconscious…’
‘Ugh…What the hell…the others must have realised somethings wrong by now,’ Shinra muttered when he realised that he was tightly bound.
‘This is…’ he began, his eyes widening when the door swung open and you both looked up to see an Ayakashi enter the room.
With traits that seemed similar to Shinra in his appearance, you could see the sly smile on the Ayakashi’s face as he approached Shinra and knelt down before him.
‘It’s amazing how easy it is to restrain a clan head with the right knowledge…’ he remarked coolly, Shinra spitting out an insult though the Ayakashi merely laughed as he looked round to you.
‘What have we here? An Oni such as you got the girl with such a unique power…how pitiful her taste must be…’
‘I swear, if you lay a hand on her…why don’t you be a man and untie me so that we can settle this like men! Or are you scared of being beaten?’
Hitting you sharply across the face in response to Shinra’s words, he turned to Shinra with that cold smile.
‘Continue yelling…the more you irritate me, the harsher I’ll be with her.’
Turning back to you, you tried to edge back away from him when you realised that you were against a wall with no where to go.
‘Why are you doing this?’
‘That’s none of your concern,’ he responded, lifting his hand and watching as flames began to envelop it as your eyes widened.
’N-No…What are you…’ you began when the Ayakashi grabbed your arm, leaving you screaming in pure agony as the flames burnt at your skin.
‘No!’ Shinra yelled, fighting against his restraints as the rope cut into his skin, your piercing screams cutting through his heart as he panicked.
How could he be so helpless to defend you…He was overwhelmed with so much hatred and rage as he looked to the mark upon your neck.
That mark that symbolised your agreement…the mark that showed his love and devotion to you. As your back arched and you collapsed to the floor, you needed the pain to stop, the darkness that was enveloping your sight giving you a chance for relief as you screamed out Shinra’s name.
At the sight of you falling to the ground, Shinra lost all sense of reason as he found himself able to transform, brandishing his katana as he cut easily through the magical binds that had held him. Lunging forwards, the other Ayakashi had turned just as Shinra’s katana touched the edge of his throat.
‘You touched her…’ he remarked darkly, his hand pushing the Ayakashi away from you as he continued to hold the blade dangerously close.
‘What are you going to do Oni? Protect her? You did a really good job of that…didn’t you?’
As lightening hit prominently outside, Shinra’s eyes flashed dangerously as he raised a hand and struck the Ayakashi in front of him, using the sword to continue protecting you as he lowered to your side and placed a hand on you.
When you finally began to awaken, you could already make out the panicked expression on Shinra’s face as he held you close to him, a cold feeling on your arms as you looked down to see Yukinojo bent over your wounds and cooling the burns with his powers.
‘Thank god…’ he murmured, his voice shaken as he stroked your hair gently.
‘I am so sorry I scared you…’
‘What are you saying?!’ Shinra responded in exasperation. ‘Focus on yourself. I should be apologising. I failed…I couldn’t get to you sooner.’
‘You didn’t fail…You’ve never failed. I love you…’ you whispered, seeing the tears sparkle in his eyes as he leant down and kissed you as gently as he could muster.
‘I love you too…I’ll never let anything like this happen again. I promise you…’
Embracing you warmly Shinra lifted you up in his arms, holding you close as he took you home where he could take care of you.

I’m actually thinking about writing a follow up to this of the Ayakashi tending to MC’s wounds following this incident and taking care of her…

I didn’t actually expect to get a head canon uploaded tonight, but I’m glad I did! Another request done, well, two in one! :) I hope you all enjoyed! I haven’t written anything that dark for a long time. 

Much love to my followers, you really are diamonds! 



Peter Parker and Barry Allen crossover where they both like the reader and they have a “rivalry”
Peter Parker and Barry Allen
listen man, I hate this

Two very attractive guys were in love with you. Barry Allen and Peter Parker, wasn’t your life just terrible.

Barry Allen, you had met the man when you were five years old. The young Barry had tried to impress you by running laps around the play ground, go figure. In the middle of his very serious run he had taken a tumble and scraped up his knee pretty bad. You, being the most caring five year old around, ran to help him and ever sense then the poor boy has been in love with you.

Peter Parker, the cutest person to ever exist, literally. You had met the smart kid in your Ap World History class sophomore year. He helped you with homework and you got him dates, what a pair. The things was, Peter didn’t want those dates, he wanted you and there began the ever growing crush he had on you.

So here you were, Peter Parker and Barry Allen fighting over you. How fortunate. You had been friends with both men for years and you had no clue what to do and them constantly fighting did not help the situation.

“Barry you cannot just fight Peter because he wants to take me out on a date,” You said exasperated.

“I can do what ever the hell I want (Y/N).” Barry said with hard eyes.

“Listen dude, I know it upsets you but I really like Peter and I want you to be to not be an ass to him.” You pleaded with the man in front of you but he just wasn’t having it.

“Now, he’s going to be here in a couple minutes and if you could be civil that would be amazing.” You said while looking around for Peter.

“In your dreams Hun,” Barry meant to say this to himself but it came out louder than expected.

“Barry,” You said in threatening tone.

“Barry,” He mocked you while crossing his arms.

Soon Peter came walking towards your table and Barry tensed. You smiled at Peter and stood up to greet him with a hug. Barry just stared.

“Hey (Y/N),” Peter returned your hug and rested his hand on your hip.

“Barry,” Peter acknowledged Barry with a small sarcastic smile.

“Parker,” Barry returned the greeting with a deadpan look and tone.

“Anyways, you ready to go?” Peter asked turning back to you.

“Yeah, see you later Barry.” Barry didn’t answer he just watched you two walk away with a scowl on his face.

This time Parker, this time.

Teenagers // Sam Wilkinson

Hey guys! I’m sorry I haven’t been good with my imagines lately, I haven’t really been inspired unfortunately 😭 but here is one that I sort of mixed because two very similar ideas were requested. Love you guys and thank you for sticking around ❤️

“Mom!” my daughter screamed from her bedroom. I stood up and walked to her room, opening the door to reveal her sitting on her bed, looking extremely stressed out.
“What’s wrong honey?” I asked as I sat down on the bed next to her.
“I don’t know what to where!” she groaned.
“What’s wrong with what you have on now?” I asked her.
“Really, mom? It’s my first date!” she said.
“Okay, then wear something that looks nice, but isn’t too fancy,” I said.
“Like this?” she asked, holding up a summery dress.
“Perfect,” I smiled.
“Thanks mom,” she said.
“No problem,” I said as I walked out of her room and down the hall, passing by our sons room.
“You up to anything tonight, Kevin?” I asked as I poked my head through the door.
“Uh, I don’t think so, I’ll just chill at home,” he said.
“Alright buddy, you planning on coming out of your room?” I asked.
“Probably not,” he said. I nodded and walked downstairs to where my husband, Sammy, was relaxing and watching tv.
“16, what a tough age,” I sighed.
“I can’t believe they’re so grown up,” he said.
“I know, it feels like last night I brought the two little twins home from the hospital,” I said.
“I don’t want them to grow up,” he said quietly.
“Me neither, love, but unfortunately it’s going to happen,” I sighed.
“I can’t believe Lacey is going on a date,” he said.
“I know, she’s growing up,” I laughed.
“Do you know the boy?” he asked. I shook my head.
“Well I hope he’s a good guy or I’ll need to whoop some ass, she’s lucky I’m even letting her go on this date,” he said.
“I know, but you gotta let her grow up and do things. Although you can’t shelter her from the world, she’ll always be your little girl,” I smiled. He grinned and nodded.
“I just don’t want to see her get hurt,” he said.
“I know, but that’s how she’s gonna grow and become stronger, we need to let her make mistakes like we did when we were teenagers,” I said.
“Hopefully a few less,” he winked. I laughed and nodded along. Lacey walked down the stairs and Sam and I looked back at her and I smiled widely.
“You look beautiful, Lace,” I smiled.
“Thanks mom, dad, you like it?” she asked.
“You look gorgeous, darling,” he nodded. The doorbell rang and Sam basically ran for the door, wanting to meet the boy who was taking his daughter out. He opened the door and the boy stood there nervously, with flowers in his hand.
“What a gentleman,” Sammy said. I couldn’t see who it was but when I finally did, I saw it was Ben, Gilinsky’s son. After Sam interrogated the poor boy a little, he finally let them off, telling his princess to be safe. He shut the door and turned back around.
“Gilinsky?” he asked, I nodded, stifling a small giggle.
“Better not be a fuckboy like his father,” he laughed.
“Come on, G’s always been a sweetheart,” I said.
“You defending him?” he asked jokingly.
“Maybe,” I smirked before kissing him. Sammy took out his phone and called Gilinsky, putting it on speaker.
“What’s up, Wilk?” he answered.
“I didn’t know your son was taking my daughter out,” Sammy said.
“Oh shit! I didn’t know it was YOUR Lacey,” he said, laughing slightly.
“Just make sure your boy treats her right, or he’ll get beat,” Sammy said.
“Wouldn’t let Ben hurt your little Lace, no worries man,” Gilinsky said, his smile almost audible through the phone. After chatting with him a little, we hung up and leaned back on the couch.
“Now what little Kev up to?” he asked.
“Nothing,many he’s not so little anymore,” I laughed.
“I know, he’s out most nights with friends, doesn’t even care about his dad anymore,” he pouted.
“Yes he does, his social life is just important,” I laughed.
“KEVIN!” he called.
“YEAH?” Kevin called back.
“COME HANG OUT WITH US!” I said. There was no answer but I heard footsteps and saw Kevin come around the corner and onto the couch. He looked so much like Sammy as he smiled widely.
“Whatya say we hang out us 3, without the pesky twin?” Sammy asked him.
“I could deal with that,” Kevin grinned.
It was tough having two 16 year olds, but at the end of the day, we were a happy family, and I was so blessed to have had these two with Sammy.

My mother screamed. She screamed like car tires on a lonely road, like a drill pushing screws back into a door that was kicked off its hinges. She screamed loud, and even if I pushed towels under my door and my fingers into my ears, those screams always stuck with me, tumbled around my head like filthy clothes in their third round of the washing machine.
My father, on the other hand, was quiet. He would walk a certain way when he got angry, with a straight back and arms stiff at his sides. He was tall, and strong, but I’m not sure if he was ever strong enough to talk about how he was feeling, kind of like no matter how much my mother screamed, it was never about anything meaningful. They were two very different people, and they loved each other for a long, long time, until the canyon between them stopped filling with tears from apologies, and there was no longer anything to float across. I understand that, now that I’m sixteen and sad. But I do not forgive them for it.
The difference between me and my parents is that if, one day, the canyon between us stops filling with water, I would still find a way to make it across. I am not like my parents, not at all. Or at least, that’s what I always told myself.
Earthquakes tend to rip land apart, like the planet has shaking hands. When canyons form, they are never perfect, never two parallel lines that split evenly. So up until now, I’ve always been able to find two points that come close enough for me to be able to leap the gap back to you, to find you again, because you never shed enough tears to fill it up and allow me to float across it. But I found a way, anyways. I was always finding a way.
I used to think that I wasn’t like my mother and father, that I wouldn’t give up once the canyon was empty, and I wasn’t completely wrong.
The difference between me and them is that if the canyon between us overflows, I would rather drown in it than disappear, and if it ever breaks apart too far to leap, and there’s no more tears to fill it up with, I would rather jump in it than walk away.
—  A story about how my mother screamed, and how my father had a certain walk, and how you never found a way to me- I was always just trying to find one that took me back to you (via shakingleaf)