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Star Cross’d - Part 4

Can I just say that I love reading everyone’s reactions? Like y’all are hitting on things I never even thought of when I was writing it, it’s fascinating and I love it. Hope I don’t disappoint! xD

Also, also, ALSO: I totally stole the idea for the beginning of this chapter from Saxxy and her The Blessed and the Cursed series, so all the credit ro her! And go check out her series! It’s fantastical!

Fandom: Supernatural
Pairing: Alpha!Dean x Omega!Reader
Words: 1110ish
Summary: Some shit is revealed
Warnings: Swearing
Other Parts: Masterlist

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Imagine wondering why King Thranduil’s crown is made out of mistletoe and he offers to demonstrate why by kissing you


You had never seen such a feast before in your life. The spread of vegetables and leafy greens was far larger for this evening’s supper, for Christmas Eve was certainly a night to celebrate and the moon shone huge in the black velvet sky, the yin to its yang. Between the common carrots and exotic fruits, flashes of beautiful elven smiles splintered through the tinkling laughter. Starlight rained in and brought the whole spread to life with the haunting silver of the full moon.

 You breathed deeply. Servers slid in between guests to dole out puddles of succulent broth into the bowls beneath their chins.

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Bump, Set... SPIKE

Summary: A CS one-shot loosely based off the following prompt: a sand volleyball game was scrounged up and we’re on opposite teams and we got really competitive but i accidentally spiked the ball in your face and oh my god is your nose broken why is it bleeding so much??

A/N: HAPPY BIRTHDAY cat-sophia​!!!!!!!! I know, like me, you are a sucker for modern AUs. Here is a little one-shot that came to mind because of a bar near my house that I based “The Dungeon” after in the story (yes, there is really a bar with basically an adult playground attached). Thanks to zengoalie for being beta and coming up with the title! Enjoy!

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Rating: E for Everyone

Words: 6100

Emma’s coworkers had a weekly ritual. Every Friday night, they would go home to get out of their stuffy work clothes and meet up at a bar down the road.

The Dungeon wasn’t a regular, run-of-the-mill drinking establishment. Sure, it had a room with a large, square bar in the middle, but the exciting stuff laid outside. There were a handful of sand volleyball nets, pool tables, dart boards and something called cornhole; plus a dozen fire pits surrounded by comfortable chairs.

Emma had never experienced these things first-hand; she always heard about them Monday morning in the break room while her coworkers chatted excitedly about their activities Friday night.

It wasn’t like she wasn’t invited - in fact, a few of her coworkers made a specific point in asking her to join them - it was more that she never wanted to go.

For a woman so able to pick up on other people’s lies, she sure wasn’t good at censuring her own. If she was to be brutally honest with herself, it wasn’t that she didn’t want to go. It was quite the opposite, she wanted to go; and that desire was what always stopped her in her tracks. Emma Swan did not rely on anyone, and she didn’t need friends to gauge her self-worth.

Her steadfast reluctance this week could also have something to do with the fact that Killian Jones from legal was going.

He had moved to the Boston office from London earlier this week. Emma always avoided the office rumor mill, but he caused such a tizzy amongst the female staff members that escaping the buzz was out of the question. She heard his name through whispers long before she ever saw the man himself.

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