these two should just date

To the lucky girl who gets to love her, be with her and win her heart over;

Please take care of her, make sure she knows how much she’s worth, she tends to take care of everyone else around her and always forget to put herself first, so take care of her.

Love her unconditionally as if there’s no tomorrow anymore, always remind her how much you love her, how lucky you are to be able to love her and be loved back by her, never let her go to sleep without letting her know you love her.

Always make her feel special, put her first before anyone or anything else, she’s the most important person in your life so don’t forget to act like it, she’s your number one priority and don’t forget that.

Give her space, let her have her own time, she loves to just be left alone sometimes, and that’s not a bad thing, let her breathe, let her think and rest, if she wants to be alone, don’t take it personally, just understand her and give her the time and space that she needs.

Always listen to her. When she tells you things, pay attention, remember everything, even the small details, especially the smallest details. Listen to what she’s telling you, show her that you understand and that you’re all ears. If she wants to rant, let her rant, if she wants to tell you a story let her tell you a story. Never interrupt her, always show that you’re interested, don’t make her feel worthless.

Don’t let her go to bed mad. No matter what you’re fighting or arguing about, or no matter who’s wrong or right, never let her go to bed mad. Talk to her. Tell her you’re sorry. Tell her you love her. Even if its not your fault act like it is, just don’t let her go to bed mad.

She hates hanging out with a big group of people that she’s not close with, so don’t force her to go to parties if she doesn’t want to. But don’t leave her either even if she says its ok for you to go, instead choose to stay with her. Watch her favourite movies with her. Watch the TV shows that she loves, even if you don’t really get why she loves them. Put on her favourite music, and lay there under the covers. Spend time with her. Hug her tight and let her know how lucky you are.

She loves animals. She probably loves them more than you and you shouldn’t be offended by that, don’t take it personally. If she wants to spend time with them and not you let her, they mean the world to her. Learn to love them too.

She’s got the biggest heart. She fights for what is right, and you should support her, never say that what she believes in is crap, respect her beliefs and respect her.

Always cook her something. She loves food. Always make sure there’s potatoes, chicken and watermelon around, she absolutely love those. No matter how much you love her though, never let her near the kitchen!

After work, she’s going to be hella tired, so cook her food, put on her favourite shows or music, run a hot bath for her, and let her rest and sleep. Take care of her.

Don’t take her out on really expensive and/or loud dates, take her out to somewhere she loves, or stay in. Give her a list of options. Always prepare more than one date idea. Dates should just be about the two of you, so make sure its somewhere the two of you can just talk.

Communicate with her. Always talk to her. She hates small talks, ask her about her day, talk to her about everything, don’t keep secrets, be honest to her.

Always say good morning and good night to her. Always ask her how was her day. Ask her if she’s eaten. Ask her if she’s okay. Always tell her to drive safe. Tell her you miss her. Tell her you love her.

Take care of her please. Love her more than anyone or anything.

You’re lucky to have her. You’re lucky to be with her. She’s the type of girl anyone would be lucky to be with.

She’s kind, honest, loyal, down to earth, kind hearted, genuine, sweet (the sweetest), caring, amazing, witty, dirty minded, charming, big hearted, and she’s perfect, she’s perfect despite her past, despite her flaws, so love her.

Take care of her. Love her. She chose you.

—  (love her because i can only love her from afar.)
Cold (Alex Imagine)

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Your Pov

You sat with Alex on the school bleachers. It was the last football game of the season and the whole school was required to attend.

Neither of you wanted to go but since it was a requirement you both decided to suffer together. Alex decided that since you had to come you could at least sit away from everyone else or at least as far away as possible.

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Post-Rescue Game Night

They have to wait a couple of weeks.

Because it’s a week or so until Alex and Maggie can – emotionally and physically – start having sex again.

And after that, no one has any hope of seeing them at night.

So they have to wait a couple of weeks.

But when they have it again – game night, because that’s what families do, and god, are they a family – Kara invites Lena, and Alex puppy eyeses J’onn into coming, and Lucy’s in from out of town because “you think you can almost die on me and get away with it, Danvers?”

Winn is withdrawn, at first – he won’t stop staring at Alex like he’s seeing a ghost – until she taps James on the shoulder, replaces him on the couch next to Winn, and throws her arm around him.

“I’m not gonna disappear if you take your eyes off me, Schott,” she says, and her voice is softer than any of them have ever heard it when she talks to Winn, and he puts his head on her shoulder and she kisses his hair.

“Yeah yeah, don’t get used to this,” she murmurs when James, Lena, and Kara awww, and he smiles and pulls back.

“You’re my sister. You’re not allowed to disappear, okay?”

Alex’s eyes flood.

“Yeah,” she promises, gravel in her voice, and Kara hugs Maggie into her chest.

“Operation?” Winn suggests, and Kara shouts him down, arm still slung around Maggie’s body, because “precision isn’t exactly my thing,” and “yeah, we know Little Danvers, that’s why we wanna play,” and “well I think Kara should pick the first game, since she is gracious enough to be hosting us,” and “of course you’re on her side, Lena, she’s like your sworn protector and kombucha buddy,” and “but no kale!” and “oh, god forbid kale!” and “what’s wrong with kale?” and “same thing that’s wrong with vegan ice cream, Maggie,” and “maybe you two should just give up and let your girlfriends date each other, at least their weird healthy food choices would match up” and “good god, I don’t believe I agreed to participate in these shenanigans,” and “you ain’t seen nothing yet, Director Henshaw. Um. Sir.”

They settle on Mario Kart, because all of them have too much energy for quieter games – Alex is alive, and she’s safe, and she and Maggie love each other and will actually admit it now – and Lucy climbs over Kara’s back to see better and Kara starts hovering without thinking about it and Lucy shrieks and grabs on and Lena laughs a little too vindictively because isn’t Kara supposed to be hers and James snaps a photo because the image of Lucy shrieking and grabbing hold of Kara’s waist on finding herself suddenly airborne – all the while Kara refuses to take her eyes off the video game, controller steady in her hands – is too good an image to pass up.

None of them – except Kara. of course, except Kara – expect her to, but Lena leaves them all in the dust, never failing to toss a perfectly aimed turtle shell at the last moment to unseat the apparent victor and crown herself Mario Kart Queen.

Alex steps back from the couch when it gets too much – when it’s so much love in one room, when so recently the only room in her life was full of water – and J’onn joins her first.

“I’m so proud of you, Alex,” he reminds her, and she almost blushes.

“Just doing what you taught me,” she tells him again, and he shakes his head.

“You’ve far exceeded anything I’ve ever taught you, Alex. Your heart sees to that every time.”

She cradles her body into his chest, and she closes her eyes as he just holds her, holds her, holds her.

Neither of them notice James turning around and snapping a photo, but all of them notice the photo on Alex’s mantle and on J’onn’s desk at the DEO the very next morning.

I’ve been thinking for the past few days what my next visual novel project is going to be, and I’m thinking I wanna do a more traditional dating sim this time, with like multiple partners to choose from and stuff.

So I think I’m gonna make a furry dating sim where the protagonist and the characters you can date are all trans girls.

nothing to see here, folks, just need a quick outlet for some ??? what is my life, why are there feelings all of a sudden i am not equipped for this

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Bleach characters, Kensei, Mashiro and Hisagi are all dating! Your reactions?

As requested by anon. :)

The captain of Squad 9 is now dating both of his lieutenants! Bleach characters, your thoughts?

Soi Fon: This is what happens when you allow back into Soul Society someone like Kensei - someone with an obscene tattoo on their chest.

Yoruichi: Don’t worry, Soi Fon!

Yoruichi: If you want to date two people at once, there’s still time for you to get a tattoo like that!

Soi Fon: T-that’s not WHAT I MEANT!


Ichigo: Hang on, didn’t Kensei send Mashiro to kill Hisagi?

Ichigo: I thought that was more of a Squad 11 way of flirting!

Ichigo: And if sending someone to kill someone else is a way of starting a relationship with all parties…

Ichigo: …

Ichigo: I won’t date you OR Ulquiorra, Aizen!

Aizen: ?

Kira: Hisagi, I congratulate you. You are dating both of your superiors.

Kira: You will now have twice the relationship pain.

Hisagi: And pleasure?

Kira: Sure.

Hisagi: …you’ve gotten weirder since you became a zombie, dude.

Lisa: You’re dating two hot dudes with obscene tattoos, Mashiro.

Lisa: What’s your secret?

Mashiro: I’m beautiful, brilliant, and I have a cool scarf!

Lisa: Makes sense.

Hiyori: So FIRST you go back to Soul Society and then you start dating both of your lieutenants??

Hiyori: Kensei what the hell??

Lisa: How come that bothers you?

Hiyori: Because ONE of the two is a shinigami!!

Lisa: Oh okay. Just checking.

Shinji: I didn’t know you could date two lieutenants!

Shinji: Momo told me I couldn’t even date one lieutenant!

Hinamori: Correction: I said you couldn’t date me.

Shinji: Oh.

Shinji: Hey!

Rose: Kensei! Here you acted like you hated both of your lieutenants!

Rose: All of that yelling!

Love: Must be how he shows affection.

Rose: …

Rose: Wait has Kensei been flirting with all of us this whole time?

Love: He’s such a player.

Rose: Apparently so!

Chad: Kensei saved Mashiro’s life in battle.

Chad: Mashiro swore she’d follow Kensei forever.

Chad: Hisagi tattooed Kensei’s chest tattoo on his face.

Chad: Mashiro demanded that Hisagi admit she was his superior while attacking him with deadly force.

Chad: Really, this relationship was inevitable.

Orihime: Um….once of those isn’t like the others?

Chad: The tattoo one?

Matsumoto: You know, if a captain’s gonna date two of his lieutenants, one of us lieutenants should really date two of their captains, just to be fair!

Matsumoto: Renji, date both Kenpachi and Byakuya, go.

Renji: …

Renji: …

Renji: I think I would die.

Matsumoto: Come on, it’ll be fun!

(ghost) Yamamoto: I’m just happy that there is now another man in Hisagi’s life to protect him as I once did.

Hisagi: [screaming as Mashiro tries to murder him]

(ghost) Yamamoto: Though sometimes I question his methods.

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penpal au, Sid keeps writing but doesn't send them. He keeps them ina box in his closet. Geno is helping him move (again) and comes upon the box in Sid's guest room closet full of letters. He sit down and reads them, entranced.

Okay i want every one of you to imagine this as a movie scene and Ed Sheeran’s Give Me Love is playing in the background:

“There’s a few more boxes in the last room,” Sidney says. “Down the hallway, to your right. I’m gonna move these to the truck.”

“Why you need so many guest bedrooms?” Geno grumbles. Sid can never seem to stay in one house long enough before he starts to think that something doesn’t feel right.

There’s a couple boxes on the high shelf in the walk-in closet. “Shit,” Geno hisses, as the knocks one over, and letters–tons of letters–spill out. Fuck. He hates moving.

He bends over to pick them up, stuffing them back into the container and hopin Sidney won’t notice they’re out of order–but it’s Sidney, he notices everything. Geno’s gonna get chewed out one way or another, even if he was the one who volunteered his help. Sidney’s just going to nag, and Geno will have to take him out for mozzarella sticks or something–

His heart stops momentarily. The letters are all addressed to him. Well, to ‘Zhenya,’ no last name, to his old childhood address in Magnitogorsk. He opens one with trembling fingers, notices that they’re all signed with Sidney’s handwriting, and reads:

Dear Zhenya, 

My head hurts less today. The doctors say I should be able to play in a few weeks–’

‘Dear Zhenya,

I found this bakery the other day, I think you would love it if you ever visit Nova Scotia–’

‘Dear Zhenya,

I know this letter will never get to you. I wish I knew your new address. I miss you. I’m so unhappy today. It’s too much. I wish you were here with me–’

‘Dear Zhenya,

We have an Evgeni on our team, I don’t think I mentioned this before. I had hoped it was you. It wasn’t. He didn’t seem to recognize me. I couldn’t bring myself to ask–’

‘Dear Zhenya,

I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you–’

Dear Zhenya,

We won the Cup today. I won it for you. Just thought you should know.’

The most recent one was dated just two days ago, and it read:

Dear Zhenya,

I’m moving in a few days. I think I told you once, before, that I think anywhere would feel like home if I was with you. I don’t think I ever sent that letter, though–’

“Geno, did you get the–Geno, what are you doing?” 

Geno turns around and stares at a petrified Sidney, scanning the letters, opened and unopened, both strewn across the floor. 

“Are you fucking kidding me?” Sidney yelps, bending down to gather them. He’s furious, his ears reddening. “Geno, these are fucking personal, what the fuck?” 

“You…” Geno holds a letter to his chest, the one that reads ‘I love you’ repeatedly, for a whole page. “You write to me, even now.”

“What?” Sidney says shrilly. He looks like he’s about to lose it, his eyes welling with embarrassment and shame. “How many did you read?”

“Sidney,” Geno says. “You love me.”

“I think I fucking hate you right now,” Sidney says, still angrily shuffling the letters. “Fuck, they’re all–I’ll organize them later–” He look up and holds a hand out. “Give me that. Now.”

Sidney, you not listening,” Geno says, grinning now. “Sidney, you write to me, you still write. Sidney, I’m Zhenya. From Magnitogorsk. Sidney, we pen pals before. Sid.”

What?” Sidney asks, suddenly quiet. He looks afraid. “Geno, what–”

“Zhenya short for Evgeni,” Geno says happily. “This my address, childhood home. We moved–”

“Why didn’t you write to me again?” Sidney says softly. “Why–?”

“Too much coward,” Geno says. “Last letter just say I love you, think I make huge mistake and you hate me. Sidney, I’m sorry–”

“You left me,” Sidney accuses, his voice getting reedy again. “You left me alone–you didn’t tell me–fuck you–”

I didn’t know,” Geno says, pulling Sidney down when Sidney looks like he’s about to run. “Please stay, Sidney, I’m so sorry–”

“You could’ve said something,” Sidney chokes out, shaking in Geno’s embrace. “I kept all your letters, I kept writing–”

“I’m sorry,” Geno says into Sidney’s hair until Sidney’s shuddering dies down, and he feels Sidney’s arms trail up slowly and grab onto the back of his t-shirt desperately. “I’m here. I’m here now.”

Anywhere with you is home, Sidney had written. This house feels right, finally, with Sidney in his arms in this mostly empty room. They sit there for a long time, because Geno knows Sidney is thinking the same thing. 

“Don’t leave,” Sidney whispers. “Don’t go again.”

“I’m not leave ever,” Geno answers. 

They’re home now. 


Roomies/Damon Salvatore imagine:

You should have seen it coming.
The same thing happened at the same time every day.

The Lego blocks. Those Damned Lego blocks. No no, they weren’t yours they were your roommates.
Damon Salvatore. You’d lived with him for over 6 months now and you hadn’t ever been so close to committing murder in your life.

“Goddamnit Damon, how old are you?"you hissed as you picked up the red Lego block on the floor.

"Ooops?"he smirked as he emerged from his room. He ran his hands through his bedhair and stretched, showing off his abs in the process.

You rolled your eyes and coughed.
"Good morning sunshine"he smiled as he ruffled up your hair. You swatted him away.

"I guess your not going to put on a shirt then?"you said as you put two slices of bread in the toaster.

"You love the view"he winked.

"I think I actually want to be sick"you gagged. It was his turn to roll his eyes.

"Damon, please stop leaving your little knife blocks on the floor"you pleaded as you placed the Lego brick on the kitchen counter.

"Noted"he replied as he switched on the Tv.
You brushed your hair back into place and quickly ran to your room to get your shoes.

"Where are you going so bright and early sunshine?"He asked from the living room.

"Coffee with a friend, Problem?"You called back as you tied up your shoelaces.

"Not at all petal"he ruffled your hair again.

"Damon, your actually impossible could you n-is that my toast?"you whined as you sent Damon a death glare.

"See you later"he shouted with his mouth full of your breakfast before disappearing down the hall to the bathroom.
"Tough morning?"Your best friend Phoebe pouted at you after she handed you a large cup of coffee.

"Tough roommate"you sighed.

"I take it we’re talking about the Greek god your sharing your glam apartment with"Phoebe wiggles her eyebrows suggestively.

"One, Ew. Two, it’s not a glam apartment anymore and three, Ew?!"you exclaimed.

"Oh c'mon y/n your telling me you haven’t thought about hooking up with him not even once"She stared at you expectantly.

"Nope"you shook your head.

"Your such a liar"Phoebe smirked.

"I can practically feel the sexual tension from here you two should just date already"she added.

"Okay that’s twice I’ve wanted to throw up this morning"you said before taking another sip of your very strong very needed coffee.

Your phone started to vibrate. You and your best friend watched it for a minute then you finally decided to pick it up.

You groaned loudly when you saw that the message was from your not so charming roommate.

"Speaking of the devil, Listen Phoebe I have to go, something about an ex boyfriend at my door"You frowned as you gathered your things.

"Oh that doesn’t sound good, remember to Text me"she said waving.
If someone asked you how bad the scene was when you turned up
on a scale of 1 to 10 you’d have to say it was a Solid 11.

Your eyebrows furrowed together when you reached your floor. The door to your apartment was wide open. Anyone could have walked in and stolen something.

You walked towards your flat curiously and stuck your head inside.
There was blood everywhere, your candles were smashed all over the floor and right in the middle of it all Damon and your ex Kieran were throwing punches as each other.

"Oh my god! Kieran leave him alone let go of him now!"you screamed as you ran towards your ex.
You grabbed him by his shirt and dragged him off of Damon.

"Leave now before I call the police"you shouted at Kieran.
Once he had left you turnt to Damon and sighed. He was still panting heavily and blood was pouring from his nose.

Cuts and bruises covered his body.
"Jesus Damon"you sighed as you helped him off of the ground.

You wrapped his arms over your shoulders and you made him sit on the counter.
Pulling out your ice bags and your first aid kit quickly.

"What happened in those 10 minutes it took for me to get up here Damon?"you asked shaking your head.

"He may have said some things"he mumbled as you held the ice pack to his head.

"What things?"you raised your eyebrow.

"Some disgusting things about you, he wanted to come in and wait for you and I said no"he whispered.

"Damon, look Kieran is my problem not yours I can handle him. Thank you for sticking up for me"you smiled.

"You can buy me a drink to say thank you properly"he smirked.

"And here I was thinking that we were having a moment"you rolled your eyes.

"So it’s a yes then?"he smiled.

"Do you know what Salvatore, why not"you nodded in response.

Does anyone want a part 2?😚

Truth Or Dare

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“Today’s race is the ‘Truth Or Dare Race’.”

You were placed in a small room after being given a microphone. This was your second time on Running Man but you were still worried, never knowing what exactly you would be doing. “Y/N” your name was suddenly being called out through a speaker in the room. You jumped up startled by the sudden outburst and laughed when you realized it was Yoo Jaesuk’s voice.

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BTS Reaction - Realizing They Love Someone

Hope you enjoy it! Don’t forget that you can always request drabbles or reactions! The ask box is always open.

BTS reaction to them realising they have feeling for someone.


You and Jin were like a family. You have been very good friends for quite some time. Neither you, nor him, could imagine a day without talking to each other. You spent so much time together that Jin’s bandmates often joked about how you two should date each other. Everytime you just brushed it off, but deep in your heart you know you have feeings for Jin. However, you couldn’t say the same about him. He viewed you only as a little sister that he should always protect.

One day though, as Jin was getting dressed, he was talking with Namjoon. Namjoon knew about your feelings, and wanted to find out if Jin felt the same way. 

“I don’t know what to say, Joonie. I’ve never tought of her that way. I want to see her as a sister, I’m not sure if this is really how I feel about her tough. I’ll think about it, either way, she sees me as a brother, nothing more. And you know it.”

“I doubt it.” mumbled Namjoon under his breath and left.

Jin knew very well what he tought of you, he was madly in love with you, but he couldn’t tell you. He was too scared of rejection and tearing your beautiful friendship apart.

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Life is hard when you are best friend with your crush. You never thought Min Yoongi would get under your skin, but he certainly did. It was such an unconvenient situation for both you and him. He was a kpop star, he didn’t have the time for relationships, not to mention that he isn’t the most committal person. Even before debuting, his “relationships” didn’t last more than 2 weeks. Plus, he saw you only as a friend, someone who understands him and is there for him whenever he needed. Nothing more. It hurt you so bad on the inside, but you always looked so happy on the outside. Everyone thought of you as the mood maker, the most optimistic person, but you were not.

As you were preparing to go to sleep, you received a text from Yoongi.

Grumpy Yoon: “I feel like shit again. This is the 7th song that the company thinks it’s too bad to be on our next album. What’s happening to me?”

Y/N: “Don’t strees out. If you force yourself to write lyrics when you don’t feel good mentally, then of course they aren’t your best work.”

Grumpy Yoon: “I’m perfectly fine both mentally and physically.”

Y/N: “No, you are not. You have to understand that you are an amazing person, the most talented producer I’ve ever met, the most creative and expressive artist I’ve ever seen. Stop judging yourself so harshly.”

Grumpy Yoon: “Y/N… You are the one amazing here, not me. How do you know what I’m thinking even when we are texting?”

Y/N: “Because I care about you so much.”

Y/N: “We spend so much time together, how couldn’t I?” (insert gif)

Now Yoongi knew what he was feeling everytime you hanged out together or talked. It was love; it felt so good, but overwhelming.


You didn’t meet Hoseok too long ago, but you became very close to each other in such a short time. You simply loved spending time with him. He’s so funny, energic and always ready to listen. Your heart pounded faster and faster only by thinking about him. You couldn’t deny your love for him.

Today, Hoseok invited you to his M/V shooting, since you’ve always shown interest in what’s happening behind the scenes. You were such a curious person and he loved that about you. As he was giving you a little tour of the filming set, he suddenly stopped talking and stared at you intently. You simply stared back, unable to say anything. You felt your cheeks burning, his face was too close to yours. His eyes were wide, as if he was searching for something, for an answer, on your face, in your eyes, in your heart. He gave you a little smile, avoided your gaze, and mumbled a “Sorry.” before returning to his cheerful personality. He looked at you again and saw your confused expression.

“You look gorgeous today and admiring your beauty is the least a peasant like me can do.“ He said with a jokingly smile, although his eyes seemed serious.

“I don’t think the peasant role suits you, Hoseok.“ You laughed so you could hide how flattered you were at that moment.

His face became serious as his smile vaished and asked in a whisper: “Then, shall I be your prince, princess?“


As a kpop idol, Namjoon had to stay fit and exercise regularly, that’s why a month ago he decided to hit the gym. He went there every two days, either alone, or sometimes with one of his bandmates.

You always wanted to lose some weight in a healthy way, you couldn’t stand the way you looked at all, that’s why you went to the gym near your house. There you met Namjoon, the one who took your heart, without even him noticing. You became good friends and he was the one who ambitioned you to keep working on your “dream body”. You simpy fell in love with his way of being. He was smart, yet funny and clumsy, and always had an interesting subject to talk about.

One day, he came with Jin, a bandmate. Jin was good looking, you couldn’t deny it, but Namjoon was the one who took your heart. Since you had plans with a friend of yours, you left the gym earlier than usual. As you left, Namjoon stared at you smiling from ear to ear and as soon as you exited the gym room, Jin began laughing loudly.

“Watching you watching her is so funny!“ Jin exclaimed. “I can’t wait for you guys to start dating already.“

“What are you saying? Dating?“ Namjoon giggled. “I don’t like her. She doesn’t lke me either.“

“Yeah sure… First of all, you are Kim Namjoon, of course she likes you. Secondly, I’m pretty sure you like her, youngman. Don’t you feel the love whenever you see her, or even think about her?“

Namjoon just continued laughing. Jin was right, he always was right, more or less. He knew he had to tell you soon how he felt. He couldn’t continue controlling himself around you. It was too hard.


Being best friends with Jimin was a hard task for you, considering the fact that you were in love with him. However, you continued surviving all the details of his past relationships, the new crushes he had every other day, and other stuff that clearly showed you he viewed you only as a friend. The perk of being his best friend was that you were the only one who saw what was in his heart and his mind. He was the flirty type of guy, who never showed his real feelings to anyone, that’s why you were really grateful he trusted you so much.

As in any other usual day, you went to see Jimin at his dorm. You were used to his bandmates being around, but today, you and Jimin were the only ones in the apartment. Both of you were sitting on the couch, talking about random things and how he will leave for tour in less than a week.

“And how long are you going to be gone?“ you asked since you were worried about not seeing him for a long time.

“Fortunately, two months. It could have been more than this; two months go by really fast, you know?“ He smiled at you.

You nodded. A lingering silence took over the dorm. Jimin was in deep tought, staring at you. You admired his handsome face, while waiting for him to say something.

After a few moments, you heard a faint “I love you.” escaping Jimin’s lips. Your lips parted in shock and your eyes were full of confusion.

“Ah, I shouldn’t have said that out loud! Why does your presence always makes me speak my mind? I hate it!” He was angry at his foolish action, yet he was laughing as trying to brush it off.

With a small smile, you whispered “Me too.” He didn’t heard it, but now you had hope that soon, both of your will be sincere about your feelings for each other.


The only person you could count on right now was your best friend, Taehyung. You just broke up with your now ex-boyfriend and you feel like shit. You’ve been putting all of your heart in this relationship, while that jerk decided you weren’t enough so he cheated on you. Tears were rolling down your cheeks, blurring your vision. You were sitting on a park bench all alone and the only person you could think of right now was Taehyung. He warned you that this will happen, but you didn’t listen. You took the phone out of your pocket and texted your best friend.

Y/N: “Heya. You were right, I was wrong. He cheated on me.”

TaeTae: “Are you ok? Where are you?”

Y/N: “I’m on a park bench and I fee; like shit. How about you?”

TaeTae: “I was practising, but if you want, I can come get you.”

Y/N: “Nah, I’m fine. I’ll calm down and then walk home… Did I really expect too much from him? All I wanted from a boy was love and sincerity.”

TaeTae: “You actually expect too little. Surely, love and sincerity and important, but someone like you needs respect, someone funny, with a good job, someone smart and good looking, just like you. Your expectations are too low for such a great person like you.”

Y/N: “As if I’m gonna find any of that…”

TaeTae: “But there’s someone like that right here for you…”

He didn’t send the last text. Besides, you would never see him as more than a friend. But God, he wanted to tell you everything he loves about you so much. He was in pain because of you ignorance for his feelings, but he loved you too much to let go.


Another movie night at boys’ dorm. Those 7 dorks and you became really good friends lately. They always invited you to movie nights, or simply to see them practise and you liked it. Or, to be more honest, you liked him. Jungkook, the maknae, really stole your heart. His full of confidence personality on the outside, but really shy behaviour on the inside really struck you. He always seemed brave and fearless whenever he had the chance to, but in reality, he was the most scared out of the boys. 

This time you were watching a romantic comedy film, Jin’s choice. You sat next to Jungkook that seemed really concentrated on the film. Little did you know that he actually felt really anxious sitting next to you. His heart was beating so fast, his cheeks were completely red and on top of that, he was sweating. You, of course, didn’t notice any of that. A bit after the film started, Everyone got bored and left, except you, Jungkook and Jin.

Suddenly, Jin said out loud: “You two should be dating!”. At first you were shocked because you thought he was referring to you and Jungkook, but then realised he was talking to the characters from the film. It seems like Jungkook thought the same thing as you did.

Kookie scrunched his nose as he looked at you and murmured “Maybe he’s right.”

Your cheeks were burning and your pupils dilated. You watched him as he was laughing in embarrasement, got close to his ear and whispered “He definetely is right.”

Faking it part 2


So this is the second part to this fic I wrote yesterday.

I really hope you like it and I’m sorry if there’s anything wrong with it, I’ve tried to do my best

I don’t know if this is any good but I just really feel like writing a second part :)

Hope you like it!!


Sana bounced the ball several times before shooting. She smiled to herself when she made the shot with a perfect technique. It was summer and since she wasn’t meeting her friends till a few hours later she had decided to play some basketball meanwhile.

She thought she was alone but she realized she was wrong when she heard someone clearing his throat behind her.

“Hi” she said as she turned around to face Yousef “I didn’t know you were here”

“Yeah, I came five minutes ago with Elias” he explained

“So…where is he?” Sana said looking around but not seeing her brother

“He’s inside I…I wanted to talk to you” Yousef said a little bit nervous


She frowned and left the ball on the floor.

“Everything okay?” she asked

“Yeah, yeah…I just…I need to ask you something”

“Yousef you’re making me nervous. Just say it”

“Okay…do you…do you remember how I pretended to be your boyfriend a few weeks ago?”

“Yeah…” she said hesitantly

“Well, I kind of…I kind of need you to do the same for me” he said looking at the floor embarrassed


“It’s my cousin’s birthday on Friday and he’s having this huge lunch party at his house with my cousins and some friends” he started to explain “And my cousins, they always tease because I don’t have a girlfriend and I don’t really care about it but I thought that since I helped you that other time maybe you could come with me and…you know…”

Sana raised her eyebrows in shock. She was not expecting Yousef to ask her that.


“It’s okay if you don’t want to. I mean you don’t owe me anything. It’s just that I don’t know maybe we even have a good time. My cousins are almost my age and they will bring their girlfriends and Elias and the boys are coming too so we won’t be on our own”


“It’s okay. You don’t want to. It’s fine, I completely understand it” he said way too fast

“Yousef!” she interrupted him “Of course I’ll do it. You helped me and now I help you”

“Are you sure?” he asked

“No, but I’m willing to try…I mean…we won’t have to…you know…I mean…” now she was the nervous one

“No, no, no, of course not. All you have to do is stand by my side and say you’re my girlfriend. Then we act like the friends we are. That’s all, you know I wouldn’t put you in a position where you could be uncomfortable”

“I know” she said smiling fondly at him because she did know.

“Great so…uh…I’ll pick you up at 12 on Friday…you and Elias and the boys, we can all go together”

“Okay, sounds good” she said nodding

He nodded too and turned around to leave

“Yousef!” she called after him

“Yeah?” he said looking at her

“Um…how long have we been dating? You know…in case they ask…” she said blushing

“Oh sure” he said chuckling “Well, last time I saw them was 3 months ago so…two months?”

“Two months it is” she smiled

“See you on Friday fake girlfriend” he said winking at her

“See you on Friday fake boyfriend” she laughed


“So, I heard you’re joining us today” Elias said as he leaned against the door frame of Sana’s bedroom

It was Friday morning and Sana was already prepared for Yousef to come and pick them up.

“Yes” she said as she looked in the mirror adjusting her blue hijab

“As Yousef’s girlfriend” Elias said smirking

“As Yousef’s fake girlfriend” she corrected him

“Is that how I have to introduce you then? This is Sana my sister and Yousef’s fake girlfriend”

Sana glared at him, her lips forming a line.

“I’m just saying that you two should just cut the act and date already. You’ve been pining for each other since you met”

“What? We haven’t. I don’t like Yousef and he doesn’t like me” Sana said crossing her arms on her chest

Now it was Elias the one glaring at her.

“Can you just leave me alone so I can get ready?” she said

Elias just shook his head and rolled her eyes before leaving the room.


“Wow” was all that Yousef said when he saw Sana

She smiled shyly at him and blushed.

“Yup, fake girlfriend, sure” Elias whispered to Mikael, Adam and Mutta as they all left the house and walked past by Yousef and Sana

“You look beautiful Sana” Yousef said

“Thanks” she said biting her lip

“Hey, you two, are we leaving or what?” Elias yelled from a few meters apart making both Yousef and Sana embarrassed.


“Wait, is this the Sana? As in Sana Bakkoush? Elias’ sister?” Yousef’s cousin, Hasan, asked after Yousef had introduced Sana as his girlfriend

“Yeah…” Sana said confused

“Well it’s about time, boy” Hasan said as he patted Yousef’s back. “This boy here has been talking about you since like forever”

Sana raised her eyebrows and smiled

“Has he?” she asked looking at Yousef amused

He was looking at his cousin, wide eyes, terrorized looked in his face

“Yes, he’s always like Sana this, Sana that, Sana…”

“Sana, I want to introduce you to more people, we’ll talk to you later Hasan” Yousef said as he stood between Sana and Hasan

Sana nodded and followed his lead once he started walking

“Don’t listen to him” Yousef blurted out as soon as Hasan couldn’t listen to them “I don’t talk about you. I mean I do, but because I talk about Elias and you’re his sister and…”

“Yeah, I get it” Sana said dryly slightly disappointed.

The thought of Yousef talking about her had made her happy, but it was clear that it wasn’t what she had thought.


Sana had to admit that she was having a really good time. Being around Yousef’s cousins didn’t make her uncomfortable at all, they were all really nice to her and had welcomed her in the family as soon as she had entered the house. It made her think about what it would be like to actually be Yousef’s girlfriend.


Yousef felt really happy. Seeing Sana having a good time surrounded by his cousins was like a dream come true. He had imagined so many times what would it be to be able to introduce Sana as his girlfriend, and even though he knew it was all a lie, seeing her with his family, it just felt right.


Elias, Mutta, Mikael and Adam left earlier than Yousef and Sana who decided to stay for a little bit longer since they were having so much fun.

Eventually they too decided to leave and Yousef offered to walk Sana home. They spent the whole way home talking about Yousef’s cousins, especially about how nice they all had been with Sana. Yousef was really happy to hear that, he loved seeing Sana smile and laugh.

“Well, here we are” Sana said as they reached her house

“Yeah…listen Sana thank you so much for today”

“Of course”

Yousef took a deep breath trying to gain the strength he needed to get the next words out

“So…I feel like I owe you now. Maybe I can invite you to dinner some time to thank you for the favor” he said biting his lip

“Oh, don’t worry about it, you don’t owe me anything” she said oblivious of what he really meant

“I insist, I mean, it’s the least I can do” Yousef brushing his hair with his hands nervously

“Seriously you don’t have to do that, you helped me first, I was just returning the favor”

“Sana, I’m trying to ask you out on a real date here and you’re not making it easy” he blurted out

“Oh…oh” Sana said taken aback by his bluntness

“So…what do you say? Would you like to go out with me some time?” he asked blushing

“Uh…I…” she tried to get the words out but she was still surprised by his question

“It’s okay, you don’t want to. It’s fine, seriously, it’s completely fine…I get it”

“Yousef” Sana interrupted him “Will you ever let me answer before you assume that I’m going to say no?”

“Sorry” he chuckled and bit his lip “So your answer is…”

“Yes, my answer is yes. I’d love to go on a date with you”

Yousef grinned widely at her and her smile matched his.

It seemed like what had started as fake was about to become something real.


So this is it!

I hope you’ve liked it!

Thank you so so much for reading

Wanna One reaction to their girlfriend being friends with the other members girlfriends


In all honesty he’d probably be a little bit jealous of how much more time you spend with the other boys’ girlfriends when all of them are hanging out together than with him. He’ll probably be a bit straightforward about it in order to *steal* you back.

“I know the other girls are fun to talk to and hang out with, but I want some attention too. Don’t just ignore me for the others.” 

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Sungwoon would be happy that you get along with the others and would just hang out with everyone together.

“Hey, should we all go to karaoke tonight? We have some free time after our schedule is done.”

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Like Sungwoon, he would also be happy about you being friends with the others. In a way, it would help everyone keep track of one another and he wouldn’t have to worry too much about you getting lonely when he and the other boys are fairly busy.

“What did you guys do today? Shopping? Sounds like you had fun.”

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I feel like Seongwoo would end up being pretty jealous as well. Unlike Jisung who would say something, he would just hang out with Daniel even more. Sometimes even third wheeling on some dates.

Daniel “Hey come take your boyfriend back.”

Seongwoo “Why are you trying to get rid of me? I thought we were a team? What’s gonna happen to Ongniel!?”

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Jaehwan would probably try get her attention in as many ways as possible. It may even become a little obnoxious. This includes hugging her randomly at times.

“Hey we should go on a date. Just the two of us. No one else.”

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This fluff would just be happy that everyone gets along. If she didn’t get along with the other girls then he probably would have been a bit sad, but would try to find ways for everyone to bond. He gets worried about her since he isn’t always around and sometimes his cats just aren’t enough to keep her company.

“Hey, we’re running a bit behind right now. You and the other girls can head out first. We’ll meet you there.”

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He might become a bit more clingy towards her considering she’d probably be spending most of her time the other girls. He’d be holding her hand or cuddling her as much as possible.

“She’s mine. She’s gonna spend the day with me today and none of you are allowed to interrupt.”


Woojin seems like would be the type to always be worried about his girlfriend. He would be so relieved to know that she got along with the rest of the girls.

“So how’s Sungwoon’s girlfriend? You guys hung out recently right?”

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Since she was friends with the other girls, he didn’t have to worry about you. This poor baby would probably be a little less shy with pda since he knew that all the other guys and their girlfriends.

“Would you mind if I held your hand?”

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Since she was friends with the others, he’d probably plan double and maybe triple dates with the others, especially Jinyoung.

“Jagi, do you wanna go on a date to the mall with Jinyoung and his girlfriend? We could probably find some cute couple clothes.”

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I feel like Guanlin would’t mind if she was friends with the others or not. He would just tell them to deal with it if they didn’t like it. That’s his girlfriend and he wasn’t breaking up with her any time soon. 

“I’m a bit glad you guys get along. Means that I can have you around more often.”

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Why is Kaisoo kissing such a big deal?

When has kissing another boy been such a problem in kpop? Them kissing isn’t the worst thing ever. I’ve seen gayer.

Their own members have kissed.

Let’s not forget pervert Heechul.

Even T.O.P. and G-Dragon kissed.

It isn’t a big deal. If Super Junior can make out with each other whenever they want, then Kai and Kyungsoo should be able to kiss too. Who says it was even a love one? It could’ve been a bro kiss. And if they are more, then good for them. Gay relationships are a thing. Live with it. It’s 2015 for fuck’s sake.

anonymous asked:

My heart hurts for Col. Brandon when Marianne is so dismissive of him like for no other Austen hero ever. I get that she felt he was too old and hadn't yet realized that he is the brave, secretly passionate romantci she's been yearning for, so I'm not saying I blame her exactly, but there's a part of me that aches for Brandon and wants him to find someone who loves and appreciates him fully

I think the 1995 adaptation did a good job of showing Marianne and the Colonel getting along at first, before Mrs. Jennings’ vulgar interference and too-broad hints make Marianne resentful and disgusted by any seeming attempt to manipulate her feelings or pressure her into something she is just not ready for. Whatever good opinion she might have initially formed of Colonel Brandon becomes irrelevant once his company begins to feel like it is being forced upon her, and that’s a very natural reaction for many people. Few phrases can be so off-putting in a shaky new acquaintance than “you two should date! (Or in this case get married.) Just give them a chance!” Slow down, Mrs. Jennings.

Anyone who’s ever felt the pain of unrequited longing can identify, to some degree, with Colonel Brandon’s awkward position. He can be a difficult man to get to know, however, and his habits have made him closed-off, particularly to any woman he may wish to get to know romantically. In feeling he would never love again after Eliza’s death, he must have taken pains over the years to cultivate manners which would not offend, but would also not invite any woman to get her hopes up, in regards to him. (As Mrs. Jennings reminds us, he is quite eligible, and, in something of a delusion, once thought her daughter Charlotte would have been a good match for him.) Set in a spin by the suddenness of his feelings for Marianne, he can be in no position to easily begin recommending himself to her, and his gentler, slower ways are almost immediately blotted out by Willoughby’s youth and energy.

I’m not saying the Colonel should have made his move faster, but it’s not just that he needs to sit around waiting to be discovered, it’s that he’s likely dug something of a hole for himself over a long period of time and the stars just aren’t aligned in his favour for him to make a deep impression on Marianne at the beginning. Fortunately for him, his time does come, and his faithful ways make good…but longing from a distance without doing anything about it was never going to get him anywhere. Only once he is able to prove his love by actions taken on Marianne’s behalf can he begin to win her.

He’s always been worthy, yes, but he’s hid his light under a bushel, so to speak.

What I’m saying is, let it shine, show people you love them when you have the chance. It can be hard and scary but at least you won’t wonder what if!

Confession Sealed With A Kiss


Pairing: Isaac x Reader

Summary: Can I get one where isaac & reader are childhood friends and they both love each other but one day she gets hurt and he takes her home and fixes her up and let’s her borrow one of his shirts and they confess and kiss? Lots of fluff! Love ur writing!

It sucked, sitting opposite him watching him talk, laugh and smile. He had no idea on how madly in love you have been with him, ever since a year ago. Isaac was sitting beside Scott and they were in a deep conversation about god knows what. He was the one who actually introduced you to the rest of the pack, both of you were like glue, always at each others side which resulted in a lot of “You two should just date already” or  "You guys look so cute together"….how you wish it was all true.

Being invested in your own perfect world, you came back to reality which is something you didn’t want when you felt a pencil poking you hard in the arm.

“Ow” you said rubbing the spot.

“Well I wouldn’t have needed to do that if you were paying attention in the first place” Stiles stated, “What’s going on with you anyway? Since we sat down you seemed kinda out of it”.

Fiddling with the ends of the book that was too heavy to fit in your bag, you flickered over to Isaac who was still chatting away with Scott. “Nothing, I’m fine”.

Stiles gasped and looked to you, to Isaac then back to you again. “Wa-How-Oh my god!” he shouted and everyone turned to stare at the two of you. Kicking Stiles under the table he immediately fell silent.

“Everything okay over there?” Scott asked.

Giving Stiles the “don’t you dare” look, you said. “Fine, just perfect”.

While Scott and the others seemed to buy that, Isaac stared just a little longer. And apart of you was hoping that the extra second meant something. Getting up you said goodbye to the pack and headed to the parking lot.

Hearing your name being called, you turned around and Stiles was jogging towards you. “How long?” he asked.

“How long what?” not knowing what on earth he was talking about.

“How long have you had feelings for Isaac?”.

Making sure that no one else was around you pulled Stiles in, “Please just leave it, okay. it’s not a big deal and I rather he didn’t find out”.

“Y/N come on, we all see how he looks at you”.

Letting go of Stiles shirt, you walked to the side of the car. “Well looks can be deceiving. Please Stiles, I’m asking you as a friend to just leave it alone”. He opened his mouth to speak, but you were already in the car. Driving off you glanced in the rear view and saw Stiles starched his head, before walking away.

By the time you got home it clicked that there was a book you needed, and without it you couldn’t prepare for the quiz that was most likely going to be held tomorrow. Cursing under your breath, you turned the engine back on and made the trip all the way back to school.

“It’s freezing, and instead of being at home in bed I’m out here…getting a stupid book for a stupid test” you muttered to yourself, shivering from the wind.

Once you retrieved the book, you headed on out. However since it was dark you couldn’t really see much, which lead to you hearing a rip and a warm sensation. Standing underneath the street lamp, you saw that the top part of your arm sleeve had been torn and a huge cut was visible with blood running down.

“Great, just great” you muttered again.


Looking up the last person you thought you run into tonight was coming towards you, “Isaac what are you doing at the school?” asking him all while trying to cover up the wound.

“I was practicing out on the lacrosse field, what are you doing here?”.

“Forgot a book”.

You winched from the pain of the cut, “Y/N why the hell are you bleeding? What happened? Did someone attack you?” Isaac removed your hand, and his face widened when he saw the cut.

“I must of scrapped my arm on something sharp, it’s nothing. I’ll take care of it once I get home” you told him proceeding to head for your car.

Isaac was quick to block your path. “Give me your keys, I’m taking you back to my place and I’m going to fix that cut”.

Sighing Isaac wasn’t going to give up, so you gave him the keys and he carefully got you seated in the car before taking off.

Entering his house you only been here a few times, Isaac never liked to spend much time here. He was always at school, Scott’s place or your house. He tapped the bathroom counter, and lifted you up leaving you for a brief second to go and get the first aid kit. Watching him fiddle around with the items in there, you were surprised on how calm you were about this.

Calm at the fact that your arm was injured and also calm at how close you were to Isaac. It wasn’t like you hadn’t been this close before, but this time it was different…this time there were feelings attached, and only one side knew about them.

“Alright you can lift up the sleeve so I can clean it” he instructed.

“This might sting a little” he pressed the cotton ball on the wound, and you hissed at the pain grabbing onto his other arm without realizing it. He looked down and you quickly pulled away, slightly embarrassed.

He wrapped up the cut and in minutes came back with a new shirt. “You can borrow my shirt, don’t worry it’s a clean one” he smiled and closed the door to give you privacy to change.

Once you got changed, you came out and Isaac was tidying up. “Thanks” was all you said.

“Anytime, that’s what friends are for”.

Hearing him say that hurt a lot more than what it should have, leaning down you picked up a few items of clothes from the floor just to help him out. But it seemed he had the same idea and both of your foreheads bumped into the other.

“Ouch” you said, while he rubbed his.

“Sorry I guess we both had the same thought”.

He was handsome, his eyes were the prettiest shade of blue and staring at him time just automatically stood still.

“Y/N? Y/N did you hear what I said?” Isaac asked.

“Sorry what?” you turned away to prevent Isaac seeing you blush.

“Are you okay? Did I do something? Because lately you have been acting different around me”.

Oh god, there was the question indicating he knew….why couldn’t you have just hidden your feelings better. “Have I?” Facing him again, you wondered if Stiles could be right. Could Isaac have feelings for you too?

“Isaac I-oh god” You felt your heart beat faster, and you shut your eyes and opened them to go back to the state of calm you had before. “Ilikeyou” the words came blurting out, no time to even pause or stop yourself.

“Y/N your going to have to slow down and say it again” he moved towards you, which caused your throat to get dry.

“Just forget it, I shouldn’t of said anything. Thank you again for helping me but I should go”. Your head was spinning and it a matter of seconds you nearly ruined a strong, lasting friendship with Isaac that was built when the two of you were just children.

Rushing out the door, Isaac wasn’t far behind. Since he was taller it meant he could match your steps, he blocked the door. “I like you too” was all that he said.

“You heard what I said?”.

“Yeah, and it’s the same thing I’ve wanted to say to you for awhile now” he admitted.

Blushing a deep red, Isaac bit his lip before stepping towards you. “Do you know how hard it was to convince myself to not say anything? I didn’t want to ruin our friendship, and every time I saw you I wished I could walk over and kiss you”.

Captivated by his eyes you whispered, “You can kiss me now, if you want”. He chuckled and didn’t hesitate.

“I can’t believe we just kissed” he said with a grin.

“Me either, but it’s something I could definitely get use too”.

“Is that right? Well how about we go and get real use to it?”.

The two of you wasted no time in locking lips again. The line was crossed, childhood friends to lovers was something most people don’t dare to do. But here you were in the middle of the hallway, kissing the guy you had known your entire life….this was the moment a brand new page turned. You could officially introduce Isaac as your boyfriend and there wasn’t any better feeling than that….actually starch that, there wasn’t any better feeling than kissing him right now.


Taylor Swift Song Appreciation - Ours

It’s a song I wrote about someone that I really liked at the time. What kind of happens with my life, which has been interesting, is there are a lot of opinions about who you fall in love with. Which happens in everybody’s life – you know, you fall in love with someone and all of a sudden your friends start chiming in. But in my case, it’s like, people I don’t know just make comments on it. The last thing that you want to hear when you fall in love is ‘They don’t look cute together.’ ‘He’s got tattoos.’… ‘He’s too short for her.’ ‘He’s too young for her.’ ‘He’s too old for her.’ Because I think that when people fall in love, it should just be about those two people. And when I was dating someone that people didn’t think I should have been – because I shouldn’t have been dating him! – anyway, back to the story… I wrote this song to let him know I didn’t care what anyone else thought.

Nerdiest Lovers ~TJ Perkins Imagine

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TJ x Reader 


It wasn’t that hard to see that you and TJ had something going on between the two of you. One of your friends pointed that you and TJ should just date already. She shipped the two of you but you were afraid to tell him how you felt. You didn’t want to ruin the friendship, he was the cutest nerdiest guy you ever met. 

When he left for the cruiserweight , you had hopes that he would get his wish to be a champion and be on the main roster in the WWE. In his eyes you could see that this was something he really wanted to do. 

“ I’m going to miss you” you mumbled, pouting as you stood with him at the airport. 

“ Don’t do that” he cupped the side of your face, his thumb going to your lips running his thumb over your bottom lip. He thought you were the cutest thing ever. His heart was racing seeing the way you were looking at him, with your wide eyes and pout on your face. He wished he could kiss you right now. 

Wrapping your arms around him,burying your head into his neck breathing in his scent. He wrapped his arms around your waist, holding you tight to him. TJ wished he could take you with him. 

It was getting hard for him.

Pulling away, you cupped his face with your hands brushing your thumbs over his cheeks. 

“ Go get em” a small smile lit on your face, it was weak. You wanted to cry right there and there but held back , swallowing the lump in your throat. He let go of your hand, walking backwards watching you in the distant. 

Closing your eyes, a tear fell down your cheek. TJ watched as you silently cried putting a hand to your mouth, his heart fell into his stomach. He wanted to run back to you hugging you not letting you go. He couldn’t stand seeing you cry. 

TJ and you are best friends growing up, he grew up next to you telling you his dream was to become a professional wrestler. He wanted you to always be by his side, watching him, supporting him just like you did through high school and college. 

He called you his number on girl. 

Although through the years, TJ has been seen different in your eyes. He took your heart, he grew into a gorgeous guy. But you never told him how you felt because you didn’t want to lose him. You’re friendship meant so much to you, if you couldn’t have him then you’d be his best friend through the years even if it hurts watching him look at someone else, hold someone else’s hand, smile at someone else. 

When he had his match in the Cruiserweight, you saw him with the title. It brought tears and amount of happiness you felt for him. First thing TJ did when he ran backstage after his interview, he called you. 

“ Y/N! I did it..” he said. 

“ I am so happy for you TJ. I knew you could, I wish I could be there for you” 

“ Me too” then he hung up on you before face time calling you. When you saw his face pop up, he was smiling at you while holding the purple Cruiserweight title for you to see.

“ It’s purple, nice” giggling, he rolled his eyes knowing it was your favorite color. He looked at the title before looking at you through the phone, he winked saying, “ I can’t wait to see you.” 

“ Soon, maybe”you shrugged sighing, work has been a hassle. They kept you at late hours and you were getting more tired than ever. 

You and TJ stayed talking a little more before he had to go get showered and head back to the hotel. That night he wished you good night sending you a picture of himself while holding a plush toy you hide in his back saying he found it. 

When TJ found the plush toy in his suitcase, he chuckled knowing you put it in there. It was a little dog plush toy that you kept in your room. He kept it with him, hoping one day you’d come see him. 

That day came sooner than expected. The Cruiserweight roster have been put on Raw. They were in LA and you already gotten a ticket to see him. He had no idea that you were coming. 

I miss you so much, TJ texted you. You’re heart melted getting a message from him. He was extremely busy but he made sure he made time to send you a message, a selfie or tag you on twitter. He was so sweet and you wished more and more that you were his girlfriend instead of his best friend. 

You drove up to the arena where RAW was being held, excited to see the look on TJ’s face once he sees you. You got front row tickets, getting out the car you walked towards the arena. 

The closer you got, the more nervous you got. No one knew how much you love TJ, he was your best friend but he meant a lot to you. Biting your lip, you handed your ticket. It was being scanned, your phone buzzed letting you know you had a text.

Getting your phone out while taking the ticket, so many people where. You already went to the bathroom before and grabbed something to eat before coming here. Making your way to your seat, you stopped gasping seeing how big it was. 

It was amazing to be here. Getting to your seat, you glanced at your phone seeing TJ texted you. 

Why haven’t you called me? :( </3 Awe he was upset that you didn’t talk to him today. It wasn’t that you didn’t want to talk to him. You wanted to surprise him, for him to see you in the crowd.

I’m sorry, I will later you texted back with a heart. Right away he send you a blushing emoji with a heart. It was too cute. He was too cute. 

The show started, you stood up putting your phone away watching every match closely. The camera ran by you and you hoped that TJ saw you. You’re phone did buzz, a wide smile appeared on your lips knowing it was him. He saw you backstage. 

When it was time for his match, you screamed throwing your hands up seeing him coming out. TJ scanned the crowd, he did see you backstage and was so excited seeing you here cheering for him. As he walked down the ramp, he turned to see you smiling wide at him.

For you, he broke character rushing to you hugging you before going to the ring. He winked at you, you watched his match closely. Cheering for him, yelling and booing his opponent. 

“ you got this TJ!” you yelled. He heard it, looking at you and nodding his head before he turn the tables on his opponent giving it all he got. As the show came to an end, a security guard made his way over to you.

“ Miss, TJ Perkins requested for you to come backstage” he said to you. “ Okay” you nodded following the security guy backstage. Walking past many superstars and women, you were brought out of your trance when you heard your name being called. 

“ Y/N!” turning your head just in time for the person to crash into you sending you to the ground. You laughed, seeing TJ above you smiling down at you.

“ Hey there” you giggled. He got off you ,letting out a hand for you so you could get up. You grabbed onto his hand, he helped you up before bringing you into his sweaty chest.

“ Ew, TJ your sweaty” “ Oh shush. I am enjoying the moment” you laughed, he was such a goof sometimes. But that was one of the many things you loved about him. 

Pulling away, you looked into your eyes while he looked into yours. It felt like no one else was around. Just you and him. 

“ Damn, she has a nice ass” someone muttered. It was right behind you, TJ looked over your shoulder seeing one of the crew members talking about with the other crew member. TJ pulled you closer to him before telling them, “ Keep your eyes to yourself, thanks. She’s mine” he growled underneath his breath and you swear it was the sexiest thing you ever heard.

Pulling away from him, you arch your eyebrow glancing at him, “ I’m yours?” 

A blush reached his cheek as he rubbed the back of his neck looking elsewhere but you. “ Uh..” was all he had to say, you giggled leaning up kissing his cheek.

“ Go get showered and change, I’ll wait here” He nodded rushing but not before placing a kiss on your forehead. 

It didn’t take him much longer as he came back to get you. He took you to the parking lot where his rental car was, you got into the passenger seat as he drove back to the hotel. 

His room was nice, his room mate wasn’t here yet. 

“ Is it okay if I’m here?” you plopped on his bed as he took off his shoes. 

“ Yeah, I don’t see why not?” you shrugged before bouncing a little as TJ laid down next to you. 

“ Did you enjoy the show?” you nodded. “ You did great out there like always” you turned your head to look at him. He glanced over to you, a strand of hair was in your face so he leaned on his elbow, pushing it away. 

His fingers went to your cheek stroking it. It’s been awhile since he touched your skin. It was soft just like he remembers. He cupped the side of your face, stroke it smiling at you but his smile dropped as his face turned serious. 

He looked down at your lips then to your eyes asking you for permission. You nodded your head. TJ leaned down brushing his nose against yours before brushing his lips against yours. He was hesitant to kiss you. 

You wrapped an arm around his neck bringing him down kissing him softly. His hand went to your neck pulling you so you rolled on top of him. His hands were on your hips before moving to your back rubbing it while he kissed you.

Softly pulling away, you stared into his eyes. They held love in them.

“ TJ…”

“ Y/N” you both said at the same time, you laughed telling him he could go first.

“ Y/N, from the moment I saw you, I wanted to know you. Once I got to know you, I found myself liking you. As our friendship grew my heart was yours from the beginning of it. I am in love with you, I know distance may be hard between us but we can work. I will do anything to have you by my side.. please be mine?” 

“ Of course Perkins, you had my heart since we met. I love you too dork” he leaned up capturing your lips with his, turning over so he was on top now making you squeal into the kiss. 

He pulled away from the kiss brushing his nose against yours, rubbing it giving you an eskimo kiss before he kissed you again mumbling against your lips, “ Mine.” 

You were happy to be his. 

unicornpie797  asked:

Considering its April Fools day, could you please find me fics where Stiles is asked out on April Fools day and he thinks it is a joke? Pretty please and Thank you!!! :)

Here you go. Only a month and a half late. There weren’t many so I threw in some where Stiles asks as well. - Anastasia

Originally posted by politedemon

A Fool To Believe by bleep0bleep 

(1/1 | 1,156 | Teen I Sterek)

“So, I just wanted to let you know that I think you’re great, and I like you— I have, for awhile— and do you —would you like to go on a date with me?”

When Derek imagined all the possible ways for Stiles to reject him, he really isn’t expecting Stiles’ mouth to drop open, his face to turn an alarming shade of red, and to angrily shout, “What the actual fuck, Derek,” and slam the door in his face.


Or, the one in which Derek forgets it’s April Fools’ Day.

April Fools’ Is No Joke by aisatsanashiba

(1/1 | 1,169 | Explicit I Sterek)

Written for the tumblr prompt by captain-snark,

Can I get fic where stiles finally works up the courage to ask Derek out and Derek says no and Stiles is like haha ok and then is so devastated and Derek is devastated too because Stiles didn’t realize it was April Fool’s Day and Derek assumed he was being a jackass.
And then there’s misunderstandings and people mad at Stiles who’s very confused because he’s the one that got rejected and then they figure it out and have a nice date and then do the do.

The Joke’s On- Well… Both of Us by kitsunequeen

(1/1 I 1,842 I General I Sterek)

“You know, like- god, Derek. Do you wanna go out with me?” he blurts, then half-smiles, shoulders sagging a little like he’s relieved.

Derek stares at him for a moment before slamming the door in his face.

I’m not joking by IdontlikeIobsess 

(1/1 | 4,674 | Explicit I Sterek)

Derek overhears Stiles talking to Scott about his date in just two days. Maybe Derek should learn to mind his own business. And to remember what day it is.