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Tara watches across the junkyard as Gabriel bandages up Rick’s hand, trying to get the wound as clean as possible before he wraps the old torn t-shirt strip around it. Rick seems antsy, shifting his weight from one foot to another, and when Gabriel’s almost done with the makeshift bandage Rick yanks his hand away and points toward Michonne. “Holy shit, Gabriel, do you see that? Do you see that?”

The priest just looks confused. “What, what is it?”

“Wow,” Rick says again. “It’s the most beautiful woman in the world.”

Gabriel looks confused, Michonne delightfully exasperated. She rolls her eyes. “You’re dying of blood loss, you idiot.”

“Why’nt you come over here and kiss it better?”

Michonne shoots Tara and Rosita an amused and bemused Can you believe this guy look and then turns her gaze back to Rick, who’s grinning for what must be the sixth time that day (and the seventh time in probably three years, Tara’s pretty sure.) “I think you’re a few minutes away from bein’ a walker, and I’m not dealing with that.”

“Oh no,” he calls to her, sticking his arms out theatrically. “Michonne! I’m changin’! Michonne!”

Stop,” she laughs, ducking behind Tara as Rick comes after her. “Can you please be serious?”

Dead serious.”

Michonne can’t help herself; she laughs at that. Rick gets close enough to snag her by the wrist and she jumps away, running around to Tara’s other side. They’re playing like children, chasing each other around Tara.

“Must catch… pretty lady…”

“You’re getting blood on my shirt.”

“Oh, then take it off.”


Tara tries to lunge out of range of the two of them without tripping over Rick. “Aaron, help, the heteros are attacking me.”

Aaron just laughs, one hand over his mouth. Gabriel and Rosita watch on, confused, annoyed, but Rick’s going to worry about that later. Clearly, he has more important business right now, like catching Michonne around the waist and leaning forward to pepper her cheek with little kisses. “Gabriel, you’re never gonna believe this. She’s even more beautiful up close.”

Tara’s not gonna lie, Michonne’s smile is gorgeous, wide and gleaming and sincere. And so rare, too. Anyone smiling these days is a little miracle, but to see both Rick and Michonne smiling, laughing? It’s a goddamn reason to celebrate.

“You know you’re probably ruining the deal we just made,” Michonne points out, halfheartedly trying to push Rick off of her.

“No, you are.”

“Shut up.”

You shut up.”

“I’m about to shut them both up,” Tara says to Aaron.

“Yeah,” Aaron says, “break it up, you two. We’ve already got Carl and Enid to look out for. We don’t need another teenage couple running around.”

Which prompts Rick to fucking dip Michonne like they’re ballroom dancers and start singing, “Each night I ask the stars up above/Why must I be a teenager in love.”

“Cut it out,” Michonne says, but she’s laughing, and she honest-to-God giggles when Rick twirls her around. For just a second, they’re not in a junkyard at the end of the world. They could be in Paris, or old Hollywood, dancing beneath a sky full of stars, wine sweet on their lips and the air full of magic. No walkers, no Saviors, no problems.

But of course, Rick’s leg is injured and so’s his hand. They’re surrounded by debris and strangers, and Michonne’s more than a little tired. They do have problems, mountains of them. But they also have each other, and for just a few little moments, that’s enough to make them feel like silly teenagers again.

Day 5- Way to Grow

Chili’s evolutionary line is fairly straightforward, without much strange variances in the path. While uncharacteristically timid as a Pagumon, he seems to become emboldened with each larger form he takes. For example, he is fairly cowardly as BlackAgumon, but once he digivolves into DarkTyrannomon he is more powerful and is no longer afraid to jump into fights. However, once he reaches his MetalTyrannomon stage, Chili becomes a little more distant from himself and more in tune with fighting, which is why he only digivolves this far during battles. He has only been BlackWarGreymon once, and only for a short period of time. He himself is anxious to return to his Mega form, but his tamer is a little more hesitant. 

(I modeled his Pagumon form more after the battle sprites they have in the DS games than the show design. I got my first DarkTyrannomon in World DS and thought it would be fitting to make him look more like the Digimon in-game!) 

Ok, so I don’t really have time to make anything for Band of Brothers Week today. Which is a damn shame because it’s Ship Day, and I don’t want Luztoye to go underrepresented even more than it already will be.

So, because of that, and because I’ve missed the last two Fic Rec Friday’s (this month has been rough y’all), I want to share my top ten favorite Luztoye fics out there right now (obviously there are many more and many more that deserve love, but…I could write up a thing on almost every luztoye fic out there right now, I just do not have the time).

The Freshest Around by daynight

Joe is stuck at home with a broken leg, and George is his friendly pizza delivery guy. It’s a god damn delightful read. 

Equal Exchange by rebelsquad (wolveheart)

I’ll let the summary speak for itself: “‘Guy, you took my jacket by mistake’,” Luz reads. “‘We’ve got the same Hawk & Co. jacket. Looks like you accidentally took mine from the couch of ‘Bastogne’ last night and left yours. Mine had my keys, which I clearly fucking need. Yours had an avocado in the pocket. I assume that’s equally important.’”

Knight in Shining Armor by @caffeinehoe 

Joe gets stood up on Valentine’s Day, which…how? But! He’s saved from humiliation by a stranger, George Luz. It’s honestly just so sweet, I love it.

Hush by @webgottrash

Just a smutty, sexy canon era Luztoye romp that is equal parts hot and sweet. Come for the blindfolds stay for the soft, touching moments. Also, it’s got a jealous Toye that is soooo good.

Each and every day (of the year) by @r-catsby

Ok, yes, I talk about this fic a lot. But…it’s the best, so it’s not my fault if you haven’t let yourself appreciate the wonderfulness of it yet. Simplest way to explain it, Joe and Luz hook up on all the special holidays, until they just start hooking up all the time, until everything gets confusing and fucked up..It’s so real, and sexy, and wonderful.

These eyes behold a lot of what these hands cannot by Me!

Hey look at that, recc’ing myself like the egotist that I am! It’s a look into Luz and Toye’s relationship and the different facets of Toye, using his hands as a way in (sounds great right?)

One Day More by @justthinkingofwaystoavoidbusses

Just such a well executed little angst fic. So sad and perfect and lovely. Prepare your heart and some tissues. But even if angst isn’t your thing, I highly recommend making an exception for this one.

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year by @damnyoualex

I don’t care that it’s not Christmas Time anymore, you can still appreciate adorable Luztoye stories, regardless of the season. We’ve got Joe in an elf costume, and big brother/(cousin) Luz flirting at a mall, I don’t know any better way to sell it than that. It’ll warm your heart right up!

Let’s Get Drunk (and not talk about our feelings) by @luzlicious

Fratboy!Luz and Freshman!Toye. With banter and flirting and mutual pining all rolled in to the band of brothers boys being frat brothers (but not in like the douchey way…mostly). It’s fun, and sweet and funny, and everyone should read it right now!

Follow My Lead by @emono-omae

Emono writes Luztoye so good I wish it was the only ship they cared about. Alas! I cannot be that selfish (but I wanna be!). This fic starts off sweet and flirty and fun, and transforms into a beautiful, debauched scene with Joe Toye saying the dirtiest things and making all kinds of promises (that he delivers on). 

Yay for Luztoye content! Read all the Luztoye fics! They’re all so good. Again, I am sorry that I couldn’t go into even more of the ones that I love, because there are many, many more that are just wonderful and I love so much. And if you write for Luztoye there’s a good chance that I love you.

Happy Band of Brother’s Week, everyone!


midweek therapy sessions pt 1

Things I need from YOI season 2:
  • The second half of “History Maker” used in the OP
  • Yuri and Victor EXPLICITLY defining the relationship with one another
  • Yuuri moving into Victor’s apartment (to Yurio’s disgust)
  • More Victuri fluff and dates including Victor taking Yuuri sightseeing
  • literally ANYTHING about Victor’s past aside from skating
  • Victor and Yuuri being annoyingly adorable and sweet to each other during practice
  • Yakov/Yuri/Georgi/Mila/the entire Russian skating club being fed up with how cute those two are
  • Yakov having to forcibly separate Yuuri and Victor during practice
  • Otabek surprise visiting Yuri in Russia
  • Domestic Victuuri including (healthy) spats about household chores and duties
  • Victor and Yuuri making wagers on said chores during competitions
  • Yurio going through puberty (growth spurt, voice breaking, uncontrollable eating, being even more grumpy than usual)
  • Another pair skate
  • Maccachin in general, being adorable and just receiving all the love
  • “the podium family” dominating on the ice
  • Phichit on ice
  • Victuuri cuddles and sleeping together (macca squeezes in between them)
  • A beautiful wedding after Yuuri wins gold (which he will ofc)
  • Yuuri gaining a stronger sense of self
  • Yuuri’s hair progressively getting longer each episode (until it’s past his shoulders at least??)
  • Yuuri learning many Russian words and phrases(especially ones in the bedroom ;))
  • More ~beautiful costumes~ and ~beautiful choreography~
  • A cameo from our queen, Evgenia Medvedeva
  • The other version of “You Only Live Once” as the ED


  • Yuri and Beka getting super close (as friends first before anything else)
  • JJ still getting married even though he didn’t win a grand slam
  • Victor and Yuuri just whole-heartedly, uncontrollably laughing together
  • Yuuri calling Victor his fiance in casual conversation


  • me: maybe i'm not actually THAT unstable?? maybe i'm just making it up??
  • also me: *cries for 15 minutes bc my family ate some of my food*

build god then we’ll talk // panic! at the disco


#we don’t talk about this beautiful boy’s insecurity enough #and we should #because isak valtersen blames himself for things that are out of his control #and he’s so blinded by this misplaced guilt that he can’t see #that bad things don’t necessarily happen because of him #(and that maybe he’s worth a small ounce of regret once in a while) #but he doesn’t need to apologize for something that is not his fault #and this small parallel was so important to me #because it’s just that #just a small little detail #but i was so glad someone finally told him that it’s not his fault #it’s not always his fault #and maybe from here on out #after everything he’s been through #after everything he’s accepted about himself #he’ll finally start loving himself enough to start believing that



in parallel