these two need to work together again!

Sex with Sam Winchester...

Sex with Sam Winchester was always amazing.

Sex with Sam Winchester when he came home from a hunt was fucking incredible.

His skin still had a thin sheen of sweat, he’d have scratches from whatever monster he’d killed, and he was always on an adrenaline high.

Within two minutes of him walking in the door, he’d have the two of you naked and writhing, desperate to be together with nothing in between.

Within eight minutes, he’d have worked the two of you to climax and you’d be kissing passionately, getting ready to go again.

Sex with Sam Winchester lasted for hours, leaving your muscles aching from over-use.

And you fucking loved it.

Written for @cleverdame‘s V-Day/B-Day 100 Word Challenge! Tags under the cut

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Business and Pleasure - Part 2

Summary:  Bucky AU. After a major deal falls through, your father’s business almost falls apart. In a desperate attempt to save his livelihood, he seeks the help of his oldest friend, George Barnes, who happens to be the CEO of one of the most influential businesses in New York. He agrees, but on one condition. You have to marry his son.

Word Count: 1,762

Warnings: swearing

Part 1

Originally posted by sebastiansource

“Remind me again why we’re going to this dinner,” you gave your dad a pointed glance as you smoothed out your dress. “I know you and Mr. Barnes are working together now and it’s great that he’s doing this to save the company, but I don’t understand why James and I have to be there. Couldn’t you two just go out to Nobu or Oceano or one of those other fancy restaurants like you always do when you close a deal? I really don’t think there’s any need for me to be there. Besides, I had plans with Steve tonight.”

You had met Steve Rogers when he was interning for your father, and he had quickly become your best friend. At first, you had thought was intimidating. After all, he was a very large and muscular man, but within mere minutes of getting to know him, you discovered that he was more like the human equivalent of a golden retriever. He was friendly and outgoing with a heart of gold, always quick to laughter and willing to lend a helping hand to anyone in need. In fact, he had practically saved you when you had forgotten about a meeting with an important client. He had stepped in, taking the blame even though it was completely your fault. That was just the way Steve was.

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Bother Me (Part One)- Percival Graves

Pairing: Percival Graves/OC

Request: “anonymous asked:

hey could you please write a percival graves imagine where you and him absolutely hate each other but everyone thinks you’re perfect together and just need the two of you to see it?”

Warnings: None much :)

A/N: Loved this idea! Tweaked it a little to make it work for me, so I hope it turned out alright! Once again, I made it too long so I split it into two parts. I just get so carried away, guys.

The air inside the conference room was thick with tension and tight-lipped silence. Madam President sat at the head of the long, oak table while the rest of the investigative team filled in the seats around her. I chose to stand, leaning back against the nearest bookcase. I’d learned to have a love/hate relationship with our weekly meetings. Emotions always seemed to run high, nothing ever truly getting accomplished. Yet, I’d never missed one. Grindelwald was the first big case I’d been assigned to. I was determined to be the one to finally bring him in.

I shifted my weight from one foot to the other, focusing my attention on President Picquery as she carefully folded her hands across the table and addressed the room.

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‘Amy said what she’s going to miss the most is her cast, especially hanging out with Sarah everyday. They sometimes hang out in each other trailers and even though they’re tired they would always be laughing because Sarah has the best sense of humor.
You should see her face when she talks about Sarah. She’s totally gushing about her. I told her I hope you guys could work together again in another show and she was like ‘yeah and I will fall in love with her again’ then she laughed.’

- A fan, after her meeting with Amy Acker at Dallas Fan Expo.

Okay but imagine that Soldier: 76 needs a little extra power for a particularly destructive op, and decides to hire a pair of mercenaries with a reputation for collateral damage, and we know who they are,

Imagine that Overwatch is coming together again, but this time, it has Junkrat and Roadhog working with them

Imagine that Soldier:76 keeps saying that he’s only keeping them on because they need someone without a reputation to take the fall if need be, but everyone’s actually kinda sorry for the two little trashmen

Imagine Junkrat vomiting his guts out from radiation sickness and Mercy noticing and trying to heal him and Junkrat freaking out because the only “glowy bullshit” he’s seen was dangerously radioactive Omnic parts

Imagine Reinhardt thinking he can easily out-wrestle the fat Streetpig and getting fucking rekt because Roadhog is built like a sumo wrestler

Imagine McCree and Junkrat bonding over just how fucking stupid the police are, and McCree despairing over ever getting Junkrat to shoot accurately

Imagine Torbjorn being impressed despite himself by the two merc’s cobbled-together, surprisingly clever tech - no match for his own work, of course, but still shows a great deal of promise

Imagine Junkrat trying to persuade Winston to let him take the Watchpoint: Gibraltar payload “out for a little spin”

Imagine Tracer and Junkrat riffing on each other and doing a stand-up comedy show with Junkrat as the “heel”

Imagine Junkrat and Pharah getting into a pissing contest about who has the better explosives and Roadhog/Winston trying to settle them down before it gets explodey

Imagine Ana trying to figure out exactly what Roadhog’s drinking to heal himself so thoroughly and being utterly baffled and disgusted

Imagine Junkrat realizing that for the first time since he left Australia, he’s found people who he actually likes

Imagine a Talon attack as Sombra steps into a trap, Reaper’s shadowy form is scattered by an explosion, and Widowmaker is yanked from her perch by a barbed hook

rain sickness

NOTE ;; extreme fluff alert

—————— • ——————

“hello, table for two please.” shawn says to the hostess as you two arrive at a fancy restaurant, celebrating your valentines late because you were both busy.

february was always a weirdly busy month for the two of you, shawn doing a lot of work before tours start again.
you were an interior designer and for some reason everyone wanted their houses designed in february. so you two got to finally have a nice night together.

“okay so, we need to do this more often.” shawn said sipping his water.

“i agree,” you smiled softly, looking through the menu. “what are you going to eat?” you asked glancing up, to see him staring at you.

he smiled for a moment, “well i wanted to eat you.. but that wouldn’t be app-”
“shawn peter raul!” you gasped, slapping his hand softly, making him laugh. “i’m kidding. i’m probably going to get the chicken alfredo, what about you?” he asked, closing his menu and setting it aside.

“probably the grilled chicken ceaser salad.” you said, placing your menu aside as well.
“so y/n, i was thinking.. how long until your lease is up?” shawn asked, placing his hand on yours and playing with your fingers.

“umm, about six months i suppose. why?” you asked, your thumb rubbing his hand.

“well, you know i’ve been thinking of moving to la, and i was thinking i could just move in with you?” you smiled at his question, it made you feel happy knowing he wanted to be independent and move away from his parents, but he wanted to be independent with you.

you nodded, “yeah yeah, definitely i would love that!” you couldn’t help but smile so big, “i would love to have you just.. yes yes please.” you both laughed at your desperate attempts to cover how happy you really were.

after dinner you both wished you were old enough to order a glass of wine and just chill, if you were in pickering you could - but not here. you both stood from your chairs after eating and made your ways to the doors.

“careful out there, use your umbrella!” the hostess said as you two walked out, confusing you both.

but when you opened the door, it was pouring down rain. the better thing, you guys walked here from his hotel. you looked back at shawn who stood behind you, “well.. isn’t this lovely.” you scoffed lighting.

“oh come on!” shawn laughed, walking out into the rain, grabbing your hand “lighten up, let’s go!” he smiled, skipping along the sidewalk.

you wouldn’t budge, your curled hair was ruined - sure you were going back to the hotel, but it’s the thought of how long it took - and you were in heels and a dress, leaving you freezing.

“come on, y/n!” shawn laughed ahead of you, basically dancing in the rain.
you rolled your eyes and popped your collar up to protect your neck,
shawn jogged back to you, “y/n,” he said, grabbing your shoulder, and giving you and quick, passionate peck “lighten up. have fun.” he smiled, holding his hand out for yours.

you sighed and looked at him for a moment, another sigh left your lips, and you reached down to take your heels off. “let’s go,” you said, grabbing his hand and you both ran back to the hotel.

walking into the lobby was embarrassing considering you were both soaking wet, on your ways to the elevator you both grabbed a complementary muffin.

on the elevator you both laughed about how wet you two were, sharing small kisses here and there.

arriving to the room you both stripped from your cold wet clothes and laid them in the tub, changing into warm sweats and tees. “hey, hurry up babe, forrest gump just came on!” shawn yelled from the bed,

you jogged back and jumped on the bed beside him, making his muffin fall from his lap. you cuddled into his side, picking at your muffin, later falling asleep.

the next morning

“hey babe, are you still coming to work out with me?” shawn asked,
your eyes fluttering open to see him in shorts and a t shirt, you groaned softly, your throat killing you.

“no, i think i’m gonna sleep in,” you moaned. “sorry baby.”

“it’s alright, sleep well.” shawn smiled, kissing your forehead, “whoa. babe, your burning up.”

you moaned at his comment, “i don’t feel good.”

“anything else wrong?” he asked, sitting on the mattress and rubbing his soft thumb against your cheek.
“i have a sore throat, a terrible headache, and my whole body aches.” you sighed, “and i think a fever.” getting sick wasn’t for you, you were too busy to get sick.

“i’ll go get you some medicine and breakfast okay? i’ll be back.” he smiled, kissing you on the cheek before walking out.

about twenty minutes later

shawn woke you up with a blueberry muffin, bacon, and eggs on a plate, along with some pills to help you, and a orange juice in the other hand.

you slowly woke up, “oh my goodness shawn,” you began to sit up, “thank you honey.”

he smiled, “here, there’s some advil, some sudafed and a benadryl.” taking the pills from the plate to place in your hand,
you took the medicine and swallowed them. “thank you so much, shawn,” he only smiled and walked off to do things while you at.

after eating and sitting on your phone for a little bit, the benadryl began to kick in and make you sleepy, you slowly slid down in the bed and cuddled into the soft, cloud like, white sheets.

soon feeling warmth beside you, shawn wrapped his arms around you, kissing the top of your head.
“i wouldn’t be sick if it weren’t for you,” you laughed, hugging his arm. “but are you really mad? you get to cuddle with me all day.” he smiled, making you both chuckle.

you soon fell to sleep while he watched tv.


Here are all of them! Whole team together! ( so sorry for uploading first two again)  I felt that I needed to do the rest. 

Animating. This is a good way to improve you mood. No I’m happy. Kind of. I could do better.

I wish I could animate the whole story. But it’s impossible with my skill and low amount of free time. I wish to have funds to do this and hire other people to work on this project ;w;

So from top: Rubus, Carduus, Tilia, Himembra, Asculus

I totally respect everyone’s opinion and speculation, but I don’t think we’re going to have John faking his death. I think we will have John actually get injured, probably seriously injured, but I don’t think we’re going to see a reverse Reichenbach.

I don’t think it serves a narrative purpose. Sherlock already realizes that the way to defeat Moriarty (or whoever they are against) is for he and John to work together, united, just the two of them against the rest of the world. This was a huge theme of tab.

And John realized the same thing long before Sherlock did. He realized before trf and had already committed himself to Sherlock. And John reiterates that fact once again in HLV (“always your way”; “we decide if we want you or not”).

Unnecessarily separating these men once again when they both realize that they need to be together is pointless in my opinion and doesn’t help to move the plot forward. In fact, it would be a complete regression of character development both on the part of Sherlock and John.


Pairing: Lafayette x Reader

Prompt: #13: “Who are you texting?”“My lover.”“Yeah right.”

Words: 494


When you had started college, you roomed with Eliza Schuyler. You two worked great together, and became great friends. About halfway through your sophomore year she started to date Alexander Hamilton, and the next summer she moved in with him. So you were alone.

You couldn’t pay the bills on your own, so you were looking for a roommate. Eliza stepped in again to help and told you about Lafayette, Alexander’s friend from France. He would need a place to live so you opened your home to him. The two of you worked great together, maybe even better than you and Eliza.

Most of the days were the same. You and Laf attended your daily classes or work hours, and then came home to have supper together. Afterwards, depending on the day, you would do homework or watch a movie together.

Today neither of you had any pressing homework, so you decided to sit down and watch Heathers together.

The movie was good, but you had both seen it before so you weren’t paying attention to it that much.

Lafayette was just drifting in and out of awareness, he kept staring at the tree in your kitchen. You had been texting Thomas Jefferson. The two of you were assigned to work on your biology project together, so he was shooting off ideas to you.

Some of these ideas were so stupid that you couldn’t stop smiling like an idiot. You couldn’t tell if he was being serious or not.


Lafayette was jealous. To him, it looked like you were texting a boyfriend or girlfriend. You kept smiling at your phone like that, no wonder he felt jealous. Anybody would think that there was someone holding your affections from the way that you looked at your phone.

“Hey Y/N,” he called, turning his head towards you.

“Yeah?” you responded without looking up from your phone.

“Who are you texting?”

“My lover.”

“Yeah right.”

You looked up from your phone.

“You don’t think that I could have a lover?” you asked, glaring at him. He stared back.

“No I just think that you would have told me,” he huffed. You looked at him. He looked, sad almost. Like he was jealous.

“Laf are you jealous?” you asked him, getting up and walking to where he was sitting.


You looked at him. The man that you’d been crushing on since he moved into your place. Thankfully you were very good at hiding your feelings, and apparently, so was he.

You decided to go for it, and pressed a hard kiss to his lips.

He froze for a second before responding, as he flipped the two of you over, so that he was laying on top of you.

You broke the kiss, both of you breathing heavily.

“Well-” you were about to say before Laf interrupted you.

“Stop talking.”

And the two of you went back to making out.

It got a little steamy that night. 


This is probs the worst one I have ever written. I am so sorry.

Everyone please go read @inktae ‘s masterpiece: Lavender Hues.

I cried reading this piece when it was posted some time ago, and it’s not because of the plot (not all of it at least), but because Mari’s writing is so beautiful you can only stop whatever you’re doing and read, read and read, enjoying every single word, every description and metaphor, until you’re done and you need to read it again to drink in every detail.

I was desolate when I first read it because I knew I’d never reach the level of beauty she achieves with each work she creates, but god I after the first two paragraphs I didn’t even care, I was crying like a child all throughout the piece because it really is a sublimely crafted piece of art, delicate and intricate and just so well put together.

I never do this. I never ever do this, but this is one of my favourite pieces and you should cherish and love it and shower Mari with love because she’s an incredible writer, a great inspiration, and foremost, an amazing human being. If I’m here it’s because I was once inspired by her talent… so THANK YOU MARI FOR SHARING YOUR WORK WITH US.

Beyond the Interview

Summary: Dan’s been working a lot and Phil’s determined to tempt him.

Warning: Smut, Daddy!Kink, Dirty talk, Businessman!Dan, Pastel!Phil, Top!Dan

Word Count: 2,710

A/N: The prompt is a bit confusing. The roles have been reversed and Phil’s not really little. He’s more the pastel princess his Daddy loves him to be.

Part 2


Fanfic Masterlist

“Have to work late again. Sorry. Don’t wait up.” the text message reads. Phil lets out a large sigh and tosses his phone onto the bed next to him. He falls backwards and stares at the ceiling with such intense focus it’s as if the answer to his problem is written across it. Silent tears slip from his eyes and pool in his ears, but he makes no attempt to clear them because right now, he just needs a good cry.

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Clinton hopes she can be friendly with Trump again
Clinton and Trump have traded harsh invective for months.

After the final presidential debate, both candidates attended the Alfred E. Smith Memorial Foundation Dinner. According to its host, the two also had nice things to say to each other privately. Cardinal Timothy Dolan recalled Trump telling Clinton she’s “tough and talented,” and Clinton telling Trump that “whatever happens, we need to work together afterwards.”

All the spectacular rhetoric, all the dirty accusations, all the media spectacle that this last year and a half has been…..It was all just a fucking ruling-class game to them. A fun little chess match. A reality tv show with a nice prize at the end. 

They never cared about you farther than they needed to pretend to to get your votes. We deserve better than this farce we pretend to call Democracy. We need to build our power outside of all this glam and spectacle. 


Ok but like, yknow how Slav is always on about “in this reality” and stuff - well what if he says this stuff because he can actually see alternate realities and/or planes of existence? Like he can basically see the future or something? What if Slav can see the astral plane too?

I need season 3 to kick off with Shiro like stuck in the astral realm and Slav being the only one who can see him, and then the two of them having to like work together to get Shiro out of there again or something. I think that would make for a great character development episode for both of them because of the dynamic of conflict between them and I need this to be a thing now.

Revenge - Giriboy (smut)

The evening at the club had been a rather fun one, or at least it had been from your perspective. Your boyfriend, Siyoung, on the other hand, he didn’t seem to like it all too much. He had been staring at you and a friend of yours. The two of you hadn’t seen each other in weeks and it was nice to catch up again; to the dislike of your boyfriend. Without you knowing it, he felt left out and betrayed by his girlfriend. After all, the two of you came here together, but you would rather stand there and laugh and joke around with that guy… He had wanted to do something about the situation, but despite all his frustration he didn’t know how without being a jerk. So instead he kept quiet the whole ride as he dropped you off at home, going to his own apartment after telling you he needed to go to work early the next day… Sadly enough you weren’t aware of how he couldn’t sleep that night as he thought about you and the guy at the club almost nonstop.

- - Next day - -

Siyoung-ah, do you want to meet up?

You had texted him in the late afternoon, hoping he would be done with work by then and that the two of you could meet up. You weren’t stupid, you had noticed his frustration the day before. But as his reply came, you were surprised by how angry he really was.

Why don’t you hang out with your new boyfriend from the club?

With a shock you read his words over and over again before you decided to text him again. No reply came to your words of reason; and you could perfectly imagine how he was letting his phone simply vibrate loudly as he ignored everything you send to him. He was trying to avoid confrontation. So typical!

Without a second of doubt you made your way over to his apartment, knowing that this kind of solution would be the best for the two of you. If you allowed him to get even more angry and ignored him as well; things would soon explode and you did not want to get in a huge fight with him over something this stupid. That guy had only been a friend, nothing more or less. And he was being ridiculous over it. Still, you wanted to make up pretty badly. Hating the thought of him being mad at you.

Ringing the doorbell you waited; seeing his face turn into a frown as he opened and spotted you… Only to try and throw the door back into your face. Oh no he didn’t! You felt a flare of anger rise inside of you at his behavior; pushing the door open again and watching him walk away from you and back to the desk in his living room.

“Okay, can you stop being a big baby?” you snapped; seeing him turn around to face you so insanely fast, you moved back a little in surprise. “Excuse me?” he spoke while his eyes narrowed at you. You did the same; glaring at him while you balled your fists. “Stop. Being. A. baby.” You spoke again; reaching out to put a finger to his chest with every word you said. And you continued on before he could say much more to that. “See, I don’t understand why you’re acting so jealous to begin with! I was just talking to an old friend!” you raised your voice slightly at him, being annoyed at how he was acting as if you seriously did something bad here. It had been a talk. And he was exaggerating it in your opinion.

“Well, if talking to him was so much fun. Why don’t you go hang out with him instead?” He replied to you; eyebrows raising cockily. You both hated and loved that side of him. And since it was currently used against you; you mostly felt your anger rising at his reaction. “Oh really now? Oh boo hoo; little giriboy didn’t get enough attention for once! You are acting like I cheated on you!” you were now full on reacting to your anger. And when you were angry, you said things you didn’t mean… things that provoked him and made him angry as well… And he would definitely not hold back from saying bad things either.

“Well, yeah, you basically did! You had your fucking eyes all over him and you think I didn’t see the way he was drooling over you? You fucking loved it! Just admit it that you were horny as fuck for that dude!” He snapped right back at you and making your mouth fall open in surprise. Now that was Siyoung being an ass alright. Both of you probably knew in that moment you were saying things you would regret. .. So you continued on as well.

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Listen, I will pay someone two dollars and thirty-one cents (USD) exactly if they write me a sambucky fic where Sam and Bucky are, accidentally, magically bound.
Elaborate, you say? ALRIGHT!

Sam and Bucky are on some sort of mission. Now that Steve’s got hearts in his eyes for Sharon aka THE™ Badass aka Agent 13, they tend to do a lot of work together (or Steve does it alone bc he’s a martyr and doesn’t want anyone to get hurt). So, again, Sam and Bucky work together a lot. Sam needs eyes on the ground, and Bucky will admit that he benefits from having eyes in the sky.

It’s fine. They don’t hate each other per se, so it works, but the two of them don’t exactly like each other either. Once a mission is done they part ways and keep it that way. Strictly business. They work together grudgingly half the time anyway.

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Imagine going on a road trip with the Avengers. All of them.

“Stop kicking my seat.”

“What does it bother you?” Peter asked, pulling out his headphones and smirking. Scott-who was directly in front of him- turned around.

“Yes. Yes it does.”

“I couldn’t tell.”

Steve groaned from his position in the front seat and you looked back in the rented out bus. You got up and moved past the bickering bug hero’s, to sit by Bucky and Steve.

“Why again are we doing this?” You ask, rubbing your forehead.

“The team needs to learn how to work together. To bond.” Steve replied. 

You snorted, still rubbing the bridge of your nose.

“Oh yeah- it’s been a great idea. We already have T’challa sleeping in the bag storage, and I think Scott and Peter are this close to killing each other.”

“You’d think two guys who both dressed up as bugs would get along.”

(To be continued??)

Explicit | Word Count: 2.3k | [AO3]

I saw @prettyboydean‘s reblogged gif post with these two and I needed to write this. 

They left without him again. They probably want to have a family moment together. Dean’s words echo in his mind We’re family, Cas. Maybe not family enough. Mary is back and they probably don’t need him anymore, or at the moment. It’s probably nothing personal. He’s got more pressing matters, though, he has to fix his mistake and hunt down Lucifer.

Castiel bangs the door of the pickup truck and sighs. Reaching into his trench coat, he feels the piece of paper with the man with the endearing accent’s number. Okay, it wasn’t that endearing; he’s heard many people with it but something about his sent tingles through his body. Taking the scrap paper out, he reads the name and the number. Maybe he’ll know something about Lucifer, it might be a stretch but it doesn’t hurt to try.

He takes out his cell and types in the number. With a deep breath he presses call, bringing the phone up to his ear. He listens to the first ring, then the second, then the third, maybe he won’t pick up. With the final ring, he hears a weary voice grumble an unwelcoming hello.

“Is this Mick?” Castiel gruffly asks.

“Yes. Whose…Mr. ‘I don’t sweat under any circumstances?” Mick’s voice clears up.

“My name is Castiel.” He exhales in annoyance.

“Right.” Mick chuckles, “How may I be at your service?”

“Meet me at Rudy’s Bar.” Castiel states, remembering he passed it while coming over to this place. “I have some questions.”

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Open Starter - Mock Presidential Election

“Citizens of our fair nation, I appear before you to announce my candidacy for President of our country! For far too long, the main two political parties have become excessively polarized, and have become too divided on the issues, to the point where they will not even work together to solve the problems plaguing our great country! Issues like protecting our borders, making sure our police aren’t beating up good citizens, and bringing our troops home from overseas!

I stand before you today as the Independent candidate for President of our country, because I believe we need to right these issues, get our main parties working together again, and make our country united once again! As President, I vow to protect our basic and unalienable right to free speech while keeping our nation free to anyone who legally enters regardless of race/gender/orientation, etc. and granting equal rights to all our legal citizens, and I vow to protect our right to keep and bear arms, while closing loopholes in the background check system to keep guns out of the hands of our more dangerous citizens. I also vow to protect our borders from illegal immigrants while creating an easy system for getting a green card both for illegals already here and those coming in, and I vow to support efforts to prevent police brutality. Most of all, as an Independent, I vow to work with both liberals and conservatives to get our great and fair nation united and working together once again.

Citizens of our nation, if you, too, believe that the country is far too divided, I implore you, come Election day, please cast your vote for me, John "Rock” Fujioka for President of our nation. A vote for me is a vote for unity!“

Name: John Fujioka (a.k.a. "Rock”)

Political party: Independent

Where he stands:

- Wants to bring the troops home.
- Pro-gun, yet pro-gun control
- Pro-Border Protection (but wants to create an easy system for getting a green card)
- Entirely pro-free speech
- Believes in equal rights to all legal citizens regardless of background.
- Supports efforts to prevent police brutality.
- Believes we need to start working together again and, to that extent, vows to work with liberals and conservatives on issues (to the point that he himself ran as an Independent).

Campaign slogan: “Unity”.

(Anyone who wants to join can either throw their hat in the ring as a candidate, or ask questions as a voter and then “vote” for the best candidate on a decided day.)


Just finished my commission for @jncera, who wanted to see these two badass Lazarus Pit bros together!

I hope you like it, jncera! I had a lot of fun working on this piece! :> I appreciate you commissioning me! :D :D :D

DaPanda’s Commission Info