these two need to stop touching each other

A list of quotes my band director has said

This martini isn’t dirty enough

We need a stronger bottom

Think of the ding dong, I need a lot of ding dong

Have your parents pick you up at 9:010

I want it tasty

Yeah I’m not liking the uterus either

I want you guys to learn beef

Judd: The band is only as good as the weakest link.
Anthony: Fuck we’re gonna lose

Don’t try not to lose time

How can I breathe without no air

I changed my mind, I’m not changing my mind

We got six on the bottom and five on top.

Play an A# instead of an B-flat

Try not to sound like a duck

You fracked your climactic one note of glory

Mikey, stop being pointy

Ziggy, stop hugging Malakai

You can’t frack and never return

If you’re not making Juddy proud, you’re wrong

Stop being an ice cream truck

The leaning tower of Luke Choi

You can all take a breath together after your ding dong

Add a curvy linear

Try not to have a bulge in the front

You need to have a strong d

You’re teasing me melodically

It’s getting a little tight in Darren land

The ding dong is being lost

Ziggy and Daniel are joining the ding dong

Your higher note on the ding dong has even more stress

The ding dong was well projected

I don’t hear enough of the dong

Now we know where we are at. THANK GOD

It needs to be the creepiest 3 blind mice you’ve ever heard

It’s just not big enough

Just grab me, it is destiny

Add weight, like my stomach

Finger the air

Jesus that sounds like cattle

We are not playing Frogger with our instruments

Yo, what’s with that gangster hat

We’re Swiss cheese in the clarinet block

There’s just too much body language, and I don’t appreciate it

If that amp was your mother, she would be proud

It sounds so much better when we don’t breathe

Even though I changed the music, I really haven’t changed the music

You need to have confidence on those bitches

Breathe through 8 counts without taking a breath

Are you a G?

Dylan, you’re an ass

You need to have laser eyes on Lexi

We have to be more smart at rehearsal

I’m a Facebook like Nazi

Dylan, sound like Mickey Mouse


Will’s on fire, somebody put him out

Is there a way to pause without pausing it

I’m literally turning into a parrot

I want Kaitlin on top and everyone else under her

More trumpets, more sex

Hey there J-dog(Justin)

This is Amish paradise


You need to listen for Lexi’s cut-off

Stop yabbadabbading

You’re not good

French horns, don’t put your hand in the bell

I’m hearing wrong fingers

Turn on a new hat

Finger with me

Play it as written, nice and long

Please stop touching each other

You’re the Toungey McToungerson I’ve been hearing the whole time

Just pull it out

You’re not matching the windses dynamics

There’s 2 counts of horse

The best way to spread Christmas cheer is, oh look at that, lunch detention! Congratulations Nikko, Donovan, and Nathan!

Oooo, that was a big one

A bunch of you guys need to be the icing on the cake

*plays invisible banjo passionately*


Here’s my time for glory

Imagine you’re in an algebra class, taking a test on trigonometry

Sing your finger one two ready go

I just wanna touch it

*stops band* Jesus, guys

Start at number C

You can play those notes more fuller

You sound like an elementary band learning how to play mallets for the first time

Oh Jesus

Never blink

Jesus, try again

I changed my mind, I haven’t changed my mind

It did got better

Lower my thing

You’re talking into the horn

Play the ding bum

I know you wanna shake it

Hey guys can we get rid of that chair? No chair left behind

Pull out more, more than the D would normally take

We learned how to use our tongues today. You do 16th notes until you are happy

The good ol’ sleight of glove


Take Nikko’s stick and hit it right on the downbeat

I have a guide to fingering and tonguing

That’s enough men for 2 months

Mrs. Mocha and myself might get a little excited

We can’t waste any time (plays G minor as a round twice)

You are a ninja

No girly birds!!!!!!!!

Shake this as you’re doing the wawa

I don’t hear no wawawa

Thunder where are you

Get your life together!

Jacob, you’re nothing

Be smart

I have other beaters in my office


You come when it’s time

There’s a lot of ding dongs, I feel like hostess

F all

Speak now or forever hold your run through

Play good

I’m honking my horn, get out of my way

Blend to the beef

Someone strike a D


The hunchback of Notre Justin

Don’t think of a snare, think of an instrument

Oh hello! What’s for dinner? COMPOUND TIME

I feel like I should rent a babysitter and put you in a play pen

Get better

We’re not in a smoking club here saying *cough cough cough* I’ve been doing this for 20 years, like there are like 5 band kids that need cough drops

Right now, you’re playing like a drunken sailor ballerina

*sings* be dahh boo dahhh DINNER TIME

It’s hard for Ryan because he has the runs

It sounds emotional, but it’s the wrong emotion

CUT, wow that’s a mess

Margaret you sound like the recorder version of Titanic on YouTube

You want candy, I want notes

Make it more shapey

FLINGER FLINGER FLINGER. I say FLINGER because it’s not quite there. It’s like you’re playing with octopus hands. Tentacles

This is the sound of not music

We are under the sea

Put your hand on your finger

How to tame your dragon

Right now, you’re a nike check mark

I feel like I’m feeding bread to a duck

We have a lot of articulation problems in the goat heard


It’s so bad, I feel like I’m on American Airline

Sound like a butterfly. FLY AWAY TUCKER, FLY AWAY

We’re not going to the zoo trombones, no butterflies today

Ba be ba da FORTSZANDO Ba be ba da AAHHH

WOAH! Wait that wasn’t Kaitlin, liar

Oh so you do have it on your stand. Hm. Two liars today *squinches eyes*


I want to hear a C, not an AAAAAAAA

Your guys’ bad phrasing gave him a bloody nose

Stop looking at me with your glossed over eyes

Why not, HA you thought

Here comes the Dylan!

Ding dong ding dong, don’t be a ding dong

I don’t want to expose everyone right now, but it has to be done


I guess I don’t yell enough

There’s limited times when we do that, like the McRib

It sounds like you’re in the bathroom

Don’t look like the hunchback of Notre Clarinet

This is like a daycare or something

It sounds like dinner time

Guys it sounds dorky

*turns to clarinets* bitch

I’ve always wanted to adopt Tucker

Light beer is like pee

Wow Hector, you’re like Jenni Craig

I was a lethal weapon

You have a secret affection for your clarinet

Figure out your life

It makes us sound like the asthma band


A Richonne Ranking: 40 Moments
[23] Toothpaste – The Next World, 6x10

Now this, this is the show I want to watch: casual co-parenting in the apocalypse. The Next World is probably my favorite episode ever. It’s bookended by two perfect Richonne scenes, starting with this one, which serves to effectively reset the narrative after Carl’s near fatal gunshot wound. If you were anticipating dramatic aftermath, tough luck! We got ourselves some heavy domesticity instead! What a timely reminder to us all of how slight the shift will be when Richonne becomes official. In about… ooh, 40 minutes. Set your watches.

Michonne’s never been more relaxed onscreen than in this moment, robe-clad and grinning away as she rolls her head from Rick to Carl. (And just look at the way she watches Rick with Judith in the eighth gif.) Likewise, Rick is in embarrassing dad mode without a care in the world. We see two people who are exactly where they’re supposed to be. She even says to him, in some high-key flirting, “You be good out there.” The sweet little hand touch as they walk away reminds me of tennis doubles players between points; they don’t need to stop and check in with each other – they’re on the same page without words. And for one playful extra detail, as if to support my unnecessary tennis analogy, the ball gets passed back to Michonne just at the very last second. It’s in her court now.

  • Danai: The bonding of [almost losing Carl in No Way Out] and the fact they have a newly formed life now — it’s two months later, they get Carl back, and they’re able to rebuild Alexandria. Rick transformed as well. He’s able to take on all that Deanna used to say and that Michonne would encourage him to believe — to come to Alexandria and consider himself one of these people. He’s now much more hopeful and I think that’s something that appeals to Michonne as well. They’re in a place where they can actually allow their hearts to express themselves. Things are stable and better, they have a new lease on life.
  • Andy: It makes complete sense. It was that sort of domesticated, familial relaxation between old friends.

The amount of Love and Support Bitty and Jack have for one another is just??? Let’s just break some things down:

  • While Jack was taking a nap, Bitty was making, from scratch, enough butter and bread to make 30 pb&j sandwiches. Jacks favorite pre-game snack/meal. Nbd
  • Jack is apparently grumpy after naps? S’cool, Bitty has it handled. 
  • Jack has a FRAMED photo of he and Bitty, all casual like in his living room. (i’m not freaking out you’re freaking out)
  • Not sure if it’s Bitty or Jack’s phone, but EITHER WAY, the lock screen has a picture of Bitty front and center with Jack TOTALLY looking all smitten towards Bitty. (Lardo and Shitty are in frame too) 
  • Physical comfort is a big thing for Bitty and Jack. They’re so tactile. I’m pretty sure I ascended just a little from how much they touched. 
  • Eric “always attuned to Jack’s needs” Bittle checked in with Jack to see if he needed space, wanting to give comfort however Jack needed it and being okay with it.
  • Jack - just break my heart why don’t you that’s fine - firmly telling Bitty to stay because he’s alone too often. (am I laughing or am I crying? i can’t tell)
  • Size-difference. Just that.
  • Their BLUSHING faces.
  • Jack wanting to remain close to Bitty (after his anxiety attack) and frankly seems to genuinely enjoy helping Bitty in the kitchen. 
  • Bitty essentially missing Jack, even though he was just taking a nap in the same apartment. 
  • Did I mention how much they touched each other for comfort and just because??? Because that happened. (whoever is cutting onions near me needs to stop)
  • EMOTIONALLY SUPPORTIVE BOYFRIENDS. Such healthy communication. (i cry)
Saudade [2]

pairing: Jungkook | reader I Yooongi
✥ genre: angst (Soulmate!au meets Hanahaki!au)
✥ word count: 3.863
✥ warnings: none
✥ author’s note: mylord end me. i have absolutely no hint of a plot whatsoever so im making this into something along the lines of a three part story. like three stages of heartbreak or somthing along those lines. take it, eat it and shit it out im done with everything bless you. 

Series: Part 1 // Part 2 // Part 3                                 

Saudade;                                                                                                           ↪ The feeling of intense longing for a person or place you love but is now lost


You coughed, surprising yourself. A burning sensation started to travel up from your abdomen to your throat.  You started to cough so hard you felt like throwing up.

A wave of pain suddenly washed over you; it was exquisite and debilitating. For you, it was the worst burning sensation you had ever felt. Your throat gurgled as you struggled to breathe, spitting blood. Your body was shaking. Slowly breathing hard, your hand shot to your side, clutching it as an electric shock from the pit of your stomach ran throughout your body, and then caught fire. The pain was merciless without escape. You fell to your knees, hands stretched out in front of you on the ground for support.

You felt something caught in your throat. Then, you sputtered out something – something dry.

There, you saw it.

Your eyes went wide and for a moment, you couldn’t breathe. You scooped it up in your hands, fighting the urge to cry.  

In your palm lay a familiar cluster of rose petals.

With a burst of anger, you threw away the petals, now littering the washroom floor. Biting back tears, you slumped your head against the cabinet in defeat. You watched the petals splay across the floor with an unwavering gaze as their fiery red orb of light slowly sank into threads of light, dyeing the petals first orange, then red, then dark blue, until all that was left of the petals were a chalky mauve.

Coughing out flowers sounded like a curse out of a fairy-tale – one that could never and would never exist in the real world. It was too beautiful, too unearthly to be true. However, when you first started coughing out tiny rose petals, you found out that you were cursed with the Hanahaki disease.

The disease started when you met Jungkook. The two of you were five-year-olds, innocent as day. Jungkook moved next door and he had reluctantly joined your tea party and a friendship slowly blossomed between the two of you. You had not have begun to cough flowers just yet. The two of you were far too young to experience any form of puppy love.

The first time you coughed out rose petals, the two of you were ten. Sitting near the edge of a lake, Jungkook had opened up to you and as his best friend, you listened. He told you about his crush on another girl in your class. When he first mentioned her name and how much he had a crush on her, your chest tightened, and your throat felt as if something was clogging it up. You gasped for air, and Jungkook thumped your back and a handful of rose petals fell onto your lap.

Screams erupted from both your lips and Jungkook practically carried you all the way back, even though you resisted his offer. Jungkook went home that night, thinking that you had accidentally eaten some flowers as a joke and everything was normal again. It was that night when your mother explained the Hanahaki disease to you for the first time.

It was said that a witch once cursed the entire women of a village for loving the village head – someone who wasn’t their soulmate. Although finding your soulmate was, and still is a rarity, the witch cursed them with the Hanahaki disease. The flower that grew within you would be different for each person – it would reflect the splashes of colors you had painted for their soulmate to see.

Your mother had explained how she too, used to cough out flowers when she was a little girl because she was in love with your father but he never reciprocated her feelings until later. It was a fatal disease, for the growing flowers would eventually clog up your respiratory system. The disease could only be removed if one undergoes an operation to remove the flowers, along with their feelings.

Jungkook’s crush with that girl in his class didn’t last very long, and thankfully, the flower petals stopped for a period of time. However, flash forward to your second year in high school, things were different now with you and Jungkook. Sure, the two of you were best friends, and the two of you spoke and hung out together a lot; but the only thing that was different was your love for Jungkook and Jungkook’s love for someone else.

It was like history repeated itself when he had told you that he planned to ask out your sister. He’s always fancied her, you’ve just been in denial for the entire time.

You sat under the sunset, reading a book when he first told you.

“Y/N, I’m going to ask Hyojin out,” he had mentioned out of the blue. Your chest tightened, the same way it did when you were ten. You felt a tingling, itchy feeling clawing up your throat and stopping midway. It felt like a hairball that had been stuck, but you managed to swallow it down with some water.

“Y/N, are you okay? You look like your –“

“I’m okay, Jungkook. I just choked a little on my water when I laid down,” you lied, clutching your chest and covering your mouth to prevent yourself from coughing out any more petals.

Jungkook raised an eyebrow but did not question further. “Well, what do you think I should do?”

You thumped your chest and the tightening feeling disappeared for a while. “Just go straight up to her and tell her,” you said. “Look she’s right there,” you pointed out to your sister, who was much prettier, perfect and definitely much more of Jungkook’s type than you ever were.

With a small smile, he ruffled your hair. “You’re the best friend anyone could ever ask for,” were his last words to you before Hyojin accepted his confession.

That night, you tossed and turned in your sleep, until you gave up. It was three AM, you sat on your bed, coughing out petal after petal, tears streaming down your face as you clutched your chest. The endless stream of petals seemed as if it would never stop, likewise with your tears as one single word ran through your mind. Jungkook. Jungkook. Jungkook. How ironic was it that he was as beautiful as the flowers you were coughing out?

You shut your eyes, trying to compose yourself before you were forced to go outside once again. On your knees, you and gathered the petals and dropped them into the toilet, flushing them away. You stared at the bowl as the petals swirled through the water, whirled away from you.

You stood up, gripping the side of the vanity. The pain had an unpleasant warmth to it, eating at your stomach. You felt slightly nauseous, just enough to make you hold onto the table for support and breath slow. You’ve often prized yourself in ignoring the pain and just rocking on regardless, but that just wasn’t possible right now. It owned you, dominated every thought, and controlled your every action.

You stared into the mirror in front of you. Your hair was sticking to the sides of your face as a thin sheet of perspiration glistened on your neck and forehead. Your cheeks were flushed and the tip of your nose was pink from crying. Dried up tears were streaked across your face, glistening under the fluorescent lighting. There was something solemn swimming in your eyes. Their stunning, deep brown held a truth that your face could not hide. The despairing chill that they conveyed made you feel heartbroken. You looked away; you couldn’t bear it. A lone tear rolled down your cheek.

And so, the world turned into a blur along with all the sounds. The taste. The smell. Everything was just gone. You paused trying to hold back the strange feelings rumbling inside of you but you couldn’t. Another tear traced down your cheek, and just like that, the floodgates opened. So many tears burst forth like water from a dam, spilling down your face. Your chin trembled as if you were a small child. You breathed heavier than you ever had before.

You heard the door creak open, the sound of footsteps coming to halt.

“Oh shit,” you heard a panicked voice curse from the doorway.

Your heart missed a beat.

“Sorry, the door was unlocked…” his voice trailed off the moment his eyes landed on you.

Through the mirror in front of you, you saw him.

“I-I was j-just leaving.”

Immediately, your hand flew to your face, wiping away your tears. You quickly removed the strands of hair sticking to the side of your face. You didn’t wait for a response as you tried to leave the washroom – you were beyond mortified.

You felt a hand firmly grasp your arm, halting you from moving any further. a soft whimper left your mouth as you desperately tried to wriggle out of his grasp. you tried your hardest not to look at him. you didn’t know what would happen if you did.

Jungkook,” you choked out as you wilted under the heat of his stare. Your eyes trailed up to meet his. The two of you were standing in the washroom, staring at each other. Your stomach filled with a sense of fear and excitement. Time seemed to stop as those eyes met your own.

His touch was as gentle as silence but was still firm, unwilling to let go of you. You brought your head down to look at his chest instead.

“Jungkook, l-let go of me,” you repeated, your voice came out as a whimper. The familiar scent of his cologne infiltrated your nose and invaded your senses. You needed to get out. Now.

When Jungkook spoke, his voice trailed slowly, like his words were unwilling to take flight. There was a sadness in his eyes, the brown too glossy – similar to when you two were on the rooftop a few months ago.  

“Y/N,” Jungkook paused, it was the first time in months you had heard his voice say your name. “I-I’m sorry,” his voice was as light as a whisper but heavy with emotion.  

You tilted your head to look at him. Your eyes landed on his jaw and trailed up his cheeks to meet his eyes. His eyes were heavy with unshed tears.

“For what?” you felt your stomach as it clenched and unclenched, You were worried that the petals would come straight back up.

“For everything,” his voice cracked, “I’m so fucking sorry.”

Just like that, your brain powered down, unable to process what was happening. A thousand different thoughts raced through your mind as you tried to focus on what was in front of you.

“I’ve been thinking about what you said,” he let out a tiny exhalation, as though saying the words gave him relief. “I’m sorry I left you like that, for what I said to you,” he took in a breath, “ever since that night, I’ve physically felt your absence.” His voice got softer, “missing you is the hardest part of my day.”

You couldn’t speak, it felt like you were swimming through a fog.

“Then why did you leave?” the back of your eyes burned with tears.

“I—I, I was confused. I didn’t understand what I was doing,” he shook his head.

Confused?” you pressed. A swinging, seasick feeling took over your head, “you were my best friend.”

“I know,” again he looked troubled, as though trying to recall the meaning of the words. “I–,” he opened his mouth to apologize again when you stopped him.

“Don’t,” you couldn’t stop your voice from rising. The anger was vibrating, ripping through you like a live current. “Don’t say it because I know you don’t mean it,” your vision got blurry. “I loved you. You were my one thing. My—,” the sickness surged up and you took a step forward, clenching your fists, blinded with rage. “Why did you have to take the one thing that made me happy? Why did you take it? Why do you always take everything?” you felt hot tears rolling down your face. “Did you even miss me?”

Jungkook’s mouth opened, but for a reason unknown to you, he closed it. You waited for an answer, but you were met with silence.

You scoffed, “I knew it.”

“Y/N –,” his eyes flashed with guilt.

You wriggled yourself out of his grasp and pulled yourself away from him. “Why do I even waste my time,” you said under your breath as you tried to push past him once again.

“No,Y/N!” Jungkook grabbed you by your shoulders, “I missed you every single hour. And you know what the worst part was? It caught me completely by surprise. I’d catch myself walking around to find you, not for any reason, just out of habit, because I’d seen something that I wanted to tell you about or because I wanted to hear your voice. And then I’d realize that you weren’t there anymore, and every time, every single time, it was like having the wind knocked out of me,” his voice was strained by the time he finished talking.    

You saw how he was staring at you. You couldn’t bear to see the way he was looking at you. His eyes bore into yours and became glazed with a glossy layer of tears. As he blinked, they dripped from his eyelids and slid down his cheeks. Jungkook bit his lip tightly in an attempt to hide any sound that wanted to escape from his mouth – your heart sank. You swallowed hard and looked away, hating the weakness of your spirit. You were more than this. You were stronger than this. But damn it, this hurt.

It hurt because he was the man responsible for making you burn. For making you feel like a woman. It hurt because it had been a trick. An illusion. And it hurt most of all because he did not see you the way you saw him.

“Y/N, please. Just listen to me,” Jungkook pled, “Don’t walk away from me,” tears had poured from his eyes. It was from pure pain and surrender.

Your eyes enthralled on him. His eyes were like crisp toffee drizzled in melted chocolate and framed with darling lashes. A blade nose and burrowed cheekbones, his appearance only to die for. You couldn’t help to notice leathery black strands flopping over his face which to your distaste was veiling some of his enticing features. So perfect, yet so frustrating that you could bear no social contact with that sensuous man. Damnit.

Jungkook did not belong to you, he belonged to your sister – Hyojin. She loved him, and you loved your sister. But you also loved Jungkook. You couldn’t break your sister’s heart, even if it meant breaking yours

“I’m good at walking away. Rejection teaches you how to reject,” you couldn’t bear to look him in the eyes as you said it. You immediately regretted your words as soon as you thought of them, but you had no other choice.

You felt his hands drop from your shoulders in shock. Without sparing him another glance, you raced out of the room.

Your muffled sobs went unheard as you entered the living room. Immediately, you were hit with a suffocating wave of humidity. The air stunk with sweat and alcohol. Music blasted from the speakers and bounced off the walls of the house at a deafening volume. You could hear everyone screaming with joy and could feel their feet disturbing the ground around you. Without looking, their smiles extended towards you, attempting to rope you into one of their conversations. You saw people dancing – their bodies moved together as they celebrated, rhythmically breaking into shapes and colors that you were resentful of. You saw your sister, Hyojin, catch your gaze and attempted to pull you towards her group of friends. You simply looked away and headed towards the kitchen.

The kitchen was closed off and separated from the living room to which you were immensely grateful for. Along with you, there were a couple of people in a circle off to the side of the room, happily chatting amongst their selves.  You walked to the counter and spotted a jug full of what you assumed to be water and poured some for yourself. You were never a fan of parties, especially not your sister’s and his first anniversary.  

“I wouldn’t drink that if I were you,” you heard a light voice come from behind you.

Scared, you dropped the cup and splashed the contents of your beverage all over the kitchen counter and onto your dress.

Shit, you swore under your breath as you vigorously tried to rub off the liquid from your clothes. Out of the corner of your eye, you saw a man step toward you. His hand was stretched out to stop yours from moving. You turned to look at the man that caused you to ruin your dress and for a moment, you stopped breathing.

His hair was black as the wintry night; eyes as deeply dark as were the desert skies. His beauty was as fervent as a fiery moon.

“Oh, did I scare you?” you heard him say with a small smile. “Ah, don’t worry about your dress. Vodka doesn’t stain.”


He nodded. The man offered you a comforting smile as he leaned against the wall. “Mostly vodka, there’s a whole lot of other shit in there.”

You laughed and immediately regretted it as you felt your head begin to hurt. You pressed your hand against your temple, feeling it pound under your fingertips.

“Normally people get head splitting migraines after they get drunk,” he playfully teased you. You lightly hit his arm.

“Do you want some water?” he asked you. You nodded your head before you clutched your eyes together. The pain was getting worse.

He walked to the back of the kitchen, bringing back a bottle for you. “Here,” he gave you a plastic water bottle. Grateful, you muttered a rushed thank you and immediately gulped down the clear liquid. You hadn’t realized how parched your throat was until that moment.

“Whoa there, slow down. You’re going to ch—“

You coughed out some water as you choked on it. A warm hand patted your back as you gripped onto the edge of the sink in front of you.

“Today just isn’t my day,” you awkwardly laughed.

You turned around to face the man once again. His eyes were as dark as ebony, looking straight at you with a hint of curiosity. He reminded you of the night – he was as fair as a star when only one was shining in the sky.

His eyes smiled as he stretched out his hand towards your own, “Min Yoongi.” You were slightly taken aback at the sudden introduction, but slowly, you returned the handshake, feeling his soft hands carefully grasp your own and shake it. You told him your name and you heard him hum in acknowledgment.

The man’s eyes slowly crinkled at the corners, his lips twisting from the side. His eyes formed into small crescents, similar to Jungkook – the ones you fell in love with.

Your chest began to constrict and you felt yourself about to cough at the mere thought of Jungkook. Hastily, you reached for the water bottle again and drank from it, trying to suppress your urge to throw up right there and then. You looked back to see a concerned expression on the man’s face.

You offered him a sheepish smile, “I’m sorry you had to witness all of that. I’m normally not like this. On regular nights, I can drink water without choking on it,”

He kept looking at you, his face grew serious, “what makes tonight any different?”

A moment of silence passed between the two of you before you made any motion to respond. You mentally debated if you should tell him about Jungkook. You hadn’t talked - couldn’t talk to anyone about this particular matter and Yoongi looked genuinely interested in what you had to say. You heaved a sigh and turned to look at him. “Tonight, I lost my best friend because I was stupid enough to fall in love with him,” the reality of the situation hit you after you admitted it out loud.

Yoongi made no comment. Instead, he leaned in, resting his arm on the counter top. His eyes flashed with concern as he waited for you to continue.

With an intake of breath, you poured your heart out to a complete stranger.

“For months now, a - a stone has been sitting on my heart. I’ve shed a lot of tears over him, lost a lot of sleep, and eaten a lot of cake batter. But now, after tonight, I have to move on. Life is going to be hell if I don’t shake loose from the grip he has on my heart. Even if he feels like the one. Even if I’ve always thought we’d end up together. Even if he still has a choke chain on my heart. But I can’t,” you looked at him, “Yoongi, I can’t shake him loose from the grip he has on me. I miss the smell of him. I miss his lips and his strong arms. I miss him.”

His eyes showed you the kind of gentle concern your mother used to show you. He laid his hand lightly on your shoulder, and instead of flinching like you thought you would, you were soothed by it. He left his hand there and spoke with such a soft voice you felt his words calming you more by the way they were said than the actual words. It felt as if you were wrapped in a blanket of his caring.

“I don’t think anyone can give you advice when you’ve got a broken heart. But, think of it this way: you can’t have heartbreak without love,“ he pointed out. “If your heart was really broken, then at least you know you really loved him.”

You took a minute to let his words sink in. Yoongi kept his hand on your shoulder, now sliding down to hold your arm, squeezing it slightly. You couldn’t help but ask him a question that’s been eating at you ever since you were left alone on the rooftop.

“Do people always fall in love with things they can’t have?’

“Always,” he said. You could see the silver of pain hidden deep inside his starry eyes.


He looked at you intently, from what seemed behind the veil of a grave experience. Then slowly, he said something that sent chills down your spine.

Y/N, the heart was made to be broken.”

Protecting Us

Pairing: Yoongi x Reader

Genre: Mafia au, angst, slight smut at the end

Warnings: Strong powerthankyou language

Word Count: 1.8k

“Stay here” Yoongi unbuckled his seatbelt and was about to open the car door when he turned to you. “I know you can take care of yourself but if something happens to you I won’t be able to get through it, ok? So please don’t do anything stupid” He sounded loving. He cared about you, and you knew that.

Anyone would say he was cold and hateful, a killer. But what they didn’t know is that he wasn’t like that on the inside. Obviously, you will let them believe that, as being cold hearted was his job, but still. He was the most loving person you have ever met. He was there when you were down, even if your problems were stupid, he never judge you. He wasn’t like that at all.

“Yoongi, I work from this too” You said, trying to calm him down. You have killed just as much people as he had, that’s how you met each other.

Many people would think you were the bad ones, when there is actually not a good or bad side. The government was fucked up and Yoongi and you worked for the people trying to stop this shit. You were the “good” ones, at least until you talked with one of the guys on the other side, and then the story iwas completely different.

“I know, I know, babe.” He shuffled his hair as his eyes went to the floor and up to you again. “Just promise me you won’t risk your life, ok?” Yoongi seemed really serious right now, and, if you had to be honest, that scared you.

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BTS Reaction- Falling in love with you

A/N: I suggest to listen to Serendipity by Jimin while reading! ^.^


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anonymous asked:

Hello~ would it be alright if I requested an angsty nfsw? The RFA reacts to MC saying another RFA member's name other than theirs during the fricklefracklfricklity?

Hellooo, I’ll only really be doing their reactions for this, I’m not all too comfortable writing smut, sorry;;

Hope you’ll still like it ^^

In parts due to its length. Dunno when I’ll upload PART2 lolol


Request Killing: 11/30

Saying Another Member’s Name During… PART 1


  • The one thing he looks forward to the most during the nights you spent with him was the sound of his name leaving your lips
  • It was so sweet and intoxicating, he always wanted more. He wanted to hear you scream your love for him more.
  • One night, you were drinking together, after you’d challenged that you could outlast him. He had scoffed, knowing very well he could hold his liquour better than you.
  • Halfway through your competition, you were already drunk, and grew bored of the game—rather, you’d lost focus.
  • You hugged Zen’s arm as you stared up at him with wide eyes and pouty lips. “Zenny~ I don’t feel like playing anymore,” you whined, batting your eyelashes at him innocently
  • He caught on, hearing the playful tone in your voice. “Are you sure? That would mean I win this drinking contest, jagi,” he drawled, smirking. “You know that I means I deserve a prize, don’t you think so?”
  • You giggled, finding it funny in your drunken haze, and planted a sloppy kiss on his lips. “But I don’t wanna go home yet…”
  • “We can get a room here,” he reassured you, chuckling as he gently led you upstairs by the hand.
  • It wasn’t long before the two of you were all over each other, moans and gasps escaping your lips without pause. He was leaving a trail of kisses up the inside of your thigh when he suddenly heard you moaning loudly for him. He listened carefully with a smile as you continued,
  • “Oh, baby, please… mmn, touch me already, I-I need you, Jumin!!”
  • Zen’s eyes sprang open in shock. What?
  • You didn’t seem to notice he’d stopped for a second, and Zen tried to dismiss your earlier words, continuing to shower you with kisses. Maybe he had heard wrong.
  • Yes, he pretended not to have heard it the first time, and ignored the fact that you never said his own name throughout the rest of the night. But it would weigh on his mind for the span of the next 3 months he continued to date you, and eventually he couldn’t hold it in anymore.
  • He’d suddenly say it out loud during a movie marathon together: “Let’s break up.” When you stare at him in surprise, he repeated the words, as if to confirm the end of the relationship for the two of you. “Let’s break up, MC.”
  • He’d get up from the couch, throw on a jacket and head for the door, letting you watch him. “I’ll stay at a friend’s for the week. Please move out by then. I’m sorry.”
  • He’d leave without an explanation. He never wanted to blame you. Had this been about anything else, he would’ve talked to you about it instead. But he had always been insecure about himself, and he didn’t want to hear you confirm if you really loved someone else. He wouldn’t have been able to take it if you loved the man he called his polar opposite, someone who was born with everything. It would only hurt.
  • Although the fact that you had been silent the entire time he was leaving hurt more than enough.


  • She had come over to your place when you called her, feigning sickness. When she arrived, worried about your health, you surprised her by wearing a sexy set of lingerie.
  • Jaehee reacted positively, taking you into her arms and slowly moving towards the bedroom in the midst of hot kisses.
  • But she froze when she recognized the name you called was not her own. And you didn’t even seem to realize it.
  • “Mmn… Saeran,” you sighed quietly, loving the feeling of the hands on your body. But they left, and your eyes snapped open in confusion.
  • “It’s because I’m not a man, isn’t it,” Jaehee murmured softly, realization reflected in her eyes. “You should’ve just told me sooner… I would’ve understood. Then you wouldn’t have had to waste all those months with me. You could’ve talked to me, MC… You don’t trust me?”
  • It was then that you realized your mistake. You opened your mouth, trying to explain.
  • But she cut you off before you could speak. “I wouldn’t have minded just being a best friend to you. I know not everyone is comfortable dating the same gender. I don’t blame you for it. And well, Saeran is pretty hot… I wouldn’t have minded listening to you ramble about him, and I would’ve fully supported your relationship with him.”
  • Dread filled your heart as you held your breath in anticipation of her next words.
  • Jaehee turned to face you properly, tears in her eyes. “There are so many things I would’ve done instead if you would’ve just talked to me, MC. But no, I just had to find out the truth while we were supposed to be having a romantic moment instead. My god, MC, I’ve given all of myself to someone who was never able to love me in the first place, just because I’m not a man.
  • You didn’t know what to say. So you didn’t.
  • You just let her leave, until she’d walked out of your sight the way she had come only hours ago.


  • He was crying. You had only walked into the living room to find him in tears.
  • “What’s wrong, baby?” you asked softly.
  • He raised his head from his arms briefly, directing a tear-filled glare in your direction. In truth, you knew exactly what he was crying about. You were only pretending not to know. But every detail of last night was clear in your mind.
  • “Zenny,” you moaned, your eyes squeezed shut in pleasure. Yoosung’s ears perked up at the sound, picking up the fact that it wasn’t his name.
  • He had suddenly let go of you, his movements slower and less intimate. After the two of you had finished for the night, he turned to his own side of the bed instead of cuddling like you normally did, and he didn’t say anything to you.
  • “Yoosungie~?” you questioned him, pouting on purpose. Your voice was sickeningly sweet to his ears, and he wanted nothing more than for you to shut up.
  • He closed his eyes, trying to dismiss the jealous thoughts whirling in his mind. You had clearly said ‘Zenny.’
  • ‘Even though she said she loves me?’ he thought. ‘I know we’re not dating, but she told me that she’d wait until I was ready for a relationship… Why is she moaning another man’s name during OUR time together, then? And Zen, of all people. Does she even really love me?’
  • He fell asleep to those thoughts, and he tried to avoid talking about it with you for the next day as much as possible, but it got to the point that he couldn’t take it anymore, leading you to the situation now.
  • Yoosung looked at you with pained eyes. “I know I’m not as handsome as Zen, and I don’t have his height, his muscles, his fame, or his acting skills,” he began. “But I really believed you when you told me you loved me and that you’d wait for me. I believed you when you said you were attracted to me even though I’m a crybaby, immature and unreliable… And yet, you’re calling the name of someone who’s the exact opposite of me.”
  • You let him finish speaking before you revealed it: “I did it on purpose.”
  • When he looked at you in confusion, you repeated yourself, “I don’t love Zen. But I said his name last night on purpose.”
  • “…Why?” he asked, eyebrows knitted together as he only grew more confused by the minute.
  • “To put it simply, revenge. You broke my heart, so I broke yours. Well, I don’t even know if you even care about me enough to be hurt by what I did. After all, I’m not the one who’s been unfaithful, Yoosung,” you murmured lowly, a flash of resent in your eyes. “You probably don’t remember but, on our first night together, after we finished, it wasn’t my name you said as you fell asleep.”
  • His face grew pale as he dreaded your next words.
  • “It was Rika’s.”
Dreams - Dean Wincester x Reader

Title: Dreams 

Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader

Word Count: 2,634

Warnings: None

Prompt: I have a request,so maybe dean and the reader fell in love in high school or some point and then dean had to leave, but they made love the night before he left. He comes back to the town however many years later you want it and he sees the reader with a little boy and he’s distraught because he wanted that with her when the little boy turns dean just knows it’s his little boy because nobody could mistake those candy apple green eyes, im sorry for being so specific, and please choose the ending.

Dean had never forgotten about this town. From the moment he drove into town with the Impala, from the moment his eyes casted on the welcome sign, he felt his heart leap up to his throat. Even if his mind forgot about the name and about all of it he knew that his heart wouldn’t let him. He knew that his feelings were always going to be there and come heaven or hell there would be something to remind him of this town, even if all of his memories were wiped out.

But now they weren’t. He had all of his memories and he wished he would never let go of them. They were the only ones that kept him going in his darkest moments.

What do you mean you have to go?” the hurt in your voice and the way you pulled your hands from his shattered his heart in ways he never thought it was possible.

I-” he ran a hand through his hair “My dad said that today is- was our last day here. He got done with the case and we-we leave. First thing in the morning.” he swallowed thickly, holding back his own tears. He feared that this moment was coming, he knew it would inevitably, but he liked to pretend he had forever with you- or at least the rest of his life. That maybe by some miracle, that he didn’t believe in but you did, he would end up staying and his father would have no objection at it.

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‘ good mythical morning ’ sentence starters ━━━━

❛  i have been repeatedly spooned by this man.  ❜
❛  what i discovered is that i bleed…  &  then i heal.  ❜
❛  he had a dream vomit.  ❜
❛  i am a modest princess.  ❜
❛  whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat  !!  ❜
❛  bikers wanna do more than kiss.  ❜
❛  hey…  hey girl…  hey.  hey girl…  i like your boots.  ❜
❛  laughter is like farting out of your mouth.  ❜
❛  i sleep with reckless abandon  !!  ❜
❛  just call me sugar daddy.  ❜
❛  soft tacos are wannabe burritos.  ❜
❛  i’m gonna be a rapper,  i’m gonna call myself ritz cracker  !!  ❜
❛  it’s made from the muffin tops of men.  ❜
❛  my cheeks are sweating…  all four of them.  ❜
❛  the fastest way to a woman’s heart is through a worm’s anus.  ❜
❛  dare me to eat the anus  ??  ❜
❛  i could,  at any point,  share something inappropriate.  that’s part of who i am  &  i embrace it  &  constantly battle with it.  ❜
❛  embrace the taste.  ❜
❛  when in doubt,  whip chocolate out.  ❜
❛  question:  how do you eat a fart  ??  ❜
❛  when in doubt,  choose humping.  ❜
❛  everybody wins a goat.  it’s like oprah,  except it’s goats.  ❜
❛  cheese pizza is for kids  &  sad people.  ❜
❛  do you wake up with melted booty dents  ??  ❜
❛  you gotta cross a few lines to get to the circle.  ❜
❛  uneven sideburns are off fleek.  ❜
❛  paint me like your french fries,  jack.  ❜
❛  elbow points are a sign of intelligence.  ❜
❛  you show you mine,  i’ll show you yours.  ❜
❛  these have been boiled for safety.  ❜
❛  i was an anxious child.  i felt safest on the couch.  ❜
❛  you heard of that band  ‘ vomit launch ’  ??  i heard they’re coming into town in a few minutes.  ❜
❛  we’re eating the stars.  everything is stars  &  that makes everything okay.  ❜
❛  we are living in an instant world  &  i am an instant girl.  ❜
❛  let’s talk about that  !!  ❜
❛  i don’t want to  ‘ lady  &  the tramp ’  with you  !!  ❜
❛  now don’t go with too much gusto or you’ll pop through.  ❜
❛  you can do it,  serpent king  !! 
❛  volcano boarding is real.  ❜
❛  nachos are for sharing.  ❜
❛  what the–  what the crap  ?!  ❜
❛  which type of poop do you want to make  ??  ❜
❛  are you harboring a bad relationship under your left butt-cheek  ??  ❜
❛  she’s not gonna go to pittsburgh with me to open the put-put palace with me.  ❜
❛  bubbles are the answer.  ❜
❛  today we master the art of the contour.  ❜
❛  this is like the first thing people see see when they arrive in hell.  ❜
❛  i want you to glow,  man.  i want to be the glow boys.  ❜
❛  i could be a bird.  that’s what i’ve learned.  ❜
❛  when it comes to turkey,  i am a breast man.  but when it comes to humans,  i am a wing-man.  ❜
❛  me  &  my sports bra dance amongst the windmills.  ❜
❛  there’s no real crotch under here.  ❜
❛  i think they’re just making sarcastic remarks directly into each other’s mouths.  ❜
❛  there are moments when you really frighten me  &  i question why you’re my best friend.  ❜
❛  answer the question  !!  what color are your nipples !?!
❛  i’m on top of you  !!  ha-ha !!  i’ve got you right where i want you  &  that’s under me  !!
❛  my rectum is so tight.  ❜
❛  i’ll be caressing your dinosaur fossil on a regular basis,  if you’re okay with that.  ❜
❛  a cookie solves a world of problems.  ❜
❛  this has got to stop.  this,  us eating  &  drinking gross stuff,  has got to stop.  ❜
❛  you’re the mouth king  !!  you’re the mouth king  &  nobody knew it until today.  ❜
❛  you need me  &  i need you.  we need each other at certain points in our lives, that aren’t the same times.  ❜
❛  when you serene really hard you start chillin’.  ❜
❛  let’s touch our sword tips.  ❜
❛  everybody’s got a butthole,  but i got two.  ❜
❛  go to bed.  don’t pee on your ritz crackers.  ❜
❛  the sun is always shining on a unicow that’s milking itself.  ❜
❛  i’m always thinking about women in corsets  &  i’m always thinking about getting my piercings snagged.  ❜
❛  before i apply my face,  i like to mist myself with a light film of my signature scent,  febreze.  ❜
❛  i always say nothing livens up a party than a pair of chaps.  ❜
❛  ever pooped out an engagement ring  ??  ❜
❛  there are also professional butt slappers.  ❜
❛  lotta foreskin going around these days.  ❜
❛  i don’t know if you can feel how hard i’m breathing,  but that’s the sound of winning.  ❜
❛  hey,  i’m a bird of paradise.  ❜
❛  i might say stupid things,  but at least i know they were stupid.  ❜
❛  you began to thrust your pelvis out to meet the bat.  ❜
❛  you seem to be getting a little too much of a thrill out of beating the crap out of me.  ❜
❛  there’s nothing like the feeling that your balls are impervious.  ❜
❛  i’d like to see the root of that sternum.  ❜
❛  he must look  &  feel amazing.  ❜
❛  oh gosh,  i can’t look away.  ❜
❛  you’ve never worn panties before,  huh  ??  ❜
❛  kids,  this is how you make a baby…  first,  you get a belly bongo.  ❜
❛  i think it’s gonna become clear as i take my clothes off what i am.  ❜

Two Weeks

“Two weeks?” Jack blinked over at his brother.

“Two weeks.” Conor nodded, his eyes darting between the two sat across from him, “Think you can handle it?”

“You make it seem like we can’t live without each other,” Joe responded, crossing his arms.

“You two are sat so close together you’re practically in each other’s laps.” Josh casually pointed out, smirking as Joe and Jack blushed and inched away from each other.

“Two weeks. No touching.” Conor repeated, “If you can manage it, all of us will do one thing each for the both of you. Anything you ask.”

“It shouldn’t be difficult,” Jack said, turning his head to look over at Joe, who shrugged in response.

“I think we can manage it easily.”

“Yeah,” Josh scoffed, “I think you’ll make it a day.”

“Oh shut up.” Jack said, throwing a pillow at his former roommate.

The boys had all decided to challenge Joe and Jack to absolutely no touching for two weeks.

Not that either thought they touched each other that much, but their friends claimed they were the most touchy feely best friends they’d ever met.

Joe had always brushed off the comments, because he just felt comfortable around Jack, that was all. And Jack was just a naturally touchy person, so he didn’t think anything different of it, even though when he did stop and think about it, he touched Joe more than anyone in their group. But it was all innocent little touches. A hand to the knee to get his attention, grabbing Joe’s hand to lead him somewhere, or leaning close together while watching a movie, because Joe tended to get tired and apparently Jack was comfy.

That was all.

Purely innocent.

And so both figured two weeks of no touching should be easy. Simple. They’d win no problem.

Three days in and Jack was regretting agreeing to the challenge.

It wasn’t until now that he realized just how much he had grown used to having physical contact with Joe.

There were many times where he had to catch himself before his hand landed on Joe. Like earlier that night while they were sitting together watching a YouTube video, Jack’s arm slung across the back of the couch, and Joe’s body had naturally moved closer, so Jack’s fingers were close to brushing through the soft locks, something he knew helped Joe relax, but then Jack saw Caspar watching him closely, a little smirk on his face.

Jack quickly removed his arm, and sat on both of his hands.

Maybe this challenge would be more difficult than he thought.

Or maybe he just needed to be more aware of his limbs.

A couple days after that, Joe began to realize how much he was struggling.

He couldn’t even be on the same side of the room as Jack, because his body seemed naturally drawn to the other man.

He also hadn’t noticed how much he relied on Jack’s touches to relax him, meaning Joe was constantly fidgeting; his knee would bounce, his fingers tapping against his knee, or he’d constantly shift in his position to get comfortable.

All the while, he would feel Jack’s eyes on him, that small frown surely on the younger man’s face, because he knew he could stop the fidgeting that everyone was getting annoyed with. But both Jack and Joe were determined to prove that they were able to go without touching for two weeks. They could do it.

Surely they could.

A week into the challenge, Joe and Jack decided that they needed to stop hanging out. At least alone.

Because there were a few close calls when it was just the two of them, and while they knew they probably could have gotten away with it, since there was no one to witness it, they were both stubborn in completing the challenge properly.

And so, they stopped hanging out alone. And if they could avoid being around each other at all, even better. Although neither really liked that option, because they were still best friends and wanted to see each other.

Joe felt like he had lost a part of him, not being able to be how he usually was with Jack. It felt odd to see Jack on the other side of the room, or glance at him from a completely different room, when normally they were always side by side.

Jack was feeling the absence just as strong, trying to busy himself with other activities to distract himself from the weird empty feeling of not having Joe around.

The challenge was opening both of their eyes to something they hadn’t expected to find.

Perhaps this was the boys plans all along.

When the two weeks were nearly up, Joe was very much ready to throw the challenge out the window.

He didn’t think he’d slept properly since the challenge started, tossing and turning in bed as he tried to force his body to relax. It felt constantly on edge, leaving his mind exhausted, but at night unable to sleep. The conscious effort to not touch Jack was wearing down on him heavily, and his muddled mind was greatly confused.

Because it shouldn’t be this difficult to go such a short time with not touching your best friend.

Jack on the other hand, while also feeling the effects of the challenge, had come to a realization just past the halfway point. And that realization had actually made it a little easier to avoid Joe, because he wasn’t entirely sure how the other man would react.

But Jack’s tired mind finally revealed why he touched Joe so much, more than what best friends should do.

And although he hadn’t told anyone yet, Conor had that smug look on his face, meaning he knew what Jack had come to accept. And Jack really hated that his older brother knew how to read him so bloody well.

“Only one more day, boys!” Josh announced as they were all hanging out one night outside at Joe’s.

Joe and Jack were sat on opposite sides of the couch, as to avoid losing the challenge, although Joe was ready to curl up against Jack’s side so his body would finally relax for once.

“And you thought we wouldn’t make it,” Jack said, running a hand through his hair as he glanced over at Joe. He wanted to pull Joe close as well, although for entirely different reasons than before.

“Nope,” Josh shook his head, “Honestly didn’t think you’d make it this long.”

“You two haven’t been cheating, have you?” Caspar asked, studying each in turn.

“No.” Joe sighed, “We haven’t laid a single finger on each other since you idiots issued this stupid challenge.”

“Thought it would be easy?” Conor smirked, sending Jack a silent look who rolled his eyes in response. Just one more day to get through.

“It has been!” Joe protested, although it sounded weak to everyone’s ears.

“Mate, you haven’t stopped moving since last week.” Oli casually pointed out, nodding towards Joe’s bouncing knee.

“I’m fine.” Joe snapped, forcing his knee to stop. One more day.

Jack decided he couldn’t handle watching Joe fidget any longer, not when he knew what could help, and so he pushed himself off of the couch, announcing he needed another drink before slipping inside.

He was stood at the worktop, hands braced against the counter as he tried to think of anything but touching Joe when he heard a warm and familiar voice wash over him.

“You okay?”

Turning around, Jack smiled over at Joe, who’s blue eyes were shining with worry.

“I’m fine. Just had to get away from them for a moment.”

“I get that,” Joe nodded, his eyes locked on to Jack’s.

“How’re you doing?” The younger man asked softly, noticing the way Joe twisted the hem of his shirt around and around his finger.

“M’fine. We probably touched each other too much for best friends anyways,” Joe answered, a nervous chuckle following his words.

Had he realized what Jack had?

“Yeah, probably.”

The two stared at each other for a moment, the sound of their friends laughter filtering in from outside.

“Jack…” Joe started, a new emotion flashing through his eyes as he worried at his bottom lip.


“Are we….do we….I mean….”

“You gotta use your words, Joe.” Jack smiled gently over at the nervous man.

Yup, Joe had the same realization as him. But now one of them needed the courage to do something about it.

“Did you ever think about why we always have so much physical contact?” Joe finally blurted out, his body still for the first time in almost two weeks.

“I did,” Jack nodded, stepping closer, “But then about a week ago I figured it out.”

“You did?”

“Mhm,” Jack’s fingers hovered around Joe’s, only a hair’s width of distance between them, “Have you figured it out yet?”

“I think so…”

“Do you want to wait until tomorrow?”

“No.” Joe breathed out before his one hand moved to the back of Jack’s neck, pulling him down into a long overdue kiss.

Jack’s arm wound around Joe’s waist, their bodies flush together, both relaxing instantly at the familiar touch as their fingers laced together at their side.

“Fucking finally!” Conor’s exclamation caused the two to break apart, even as their hands remained joined together, neither wanting to let each other go now that they’d finally been reunited.

“I’m actually surprised it took this long,” Oli said, shaking his head, “I figured they’d give up within the first week.”

“We should have done this ages ago.” Caspar commented as he headed for the fridge.

“I’m impressed,” Josh said to Conor, “Didn’t think they’d make it almost the two weeks.”

“I thought two weeks was going to be too much for them,” The older Maynard replied, “And that they’d give up a lot sooner and just get together.”

“Wait,” Joe shook his head, “What?”

“They planned this,” Jack laughed, “They knew how we felt before we did.”

“You knew?” Joe looked over at Jack.

“No, I figured it out a couple days ago though. Because Conor was giving me smug looks.”

“Because you finally figured out what we all knew!” Conor said to his brother, “And I knew it was only a matter of time before you caved and did something.”

“But I wasn’t the one to break it!” Jack protested, “Joe did!”

“You initiated it!” Joe fired back.

“I did no such thing!”


“Oh my god!” Caspar called out, slamming his water bottle down on the counter, “Shut up! You both lost, that’s the point! We knew you couldn’t go two weeks without bloody touching!”

“Did they lose though?” Oli chuckled, nodding towards the new couple who were talking softly, standing very close together.

“I think we’re the ones that lost,” Josh rolled his eyes, spinning on his heel and heading back outside.

“Oh well,” Conor shrugged, following after the taller man, “At least we don’t have to watch them send each other pathetic looks now.”

“Thank god for that,” Oli muttered, him and Caspar heading outside as well, leaving Joe and Jack to make up for the lack of touching from the past two weeks.

“take me to bed” just a little something before i start on all the requests!

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it was getting harder and harder to ignore your fathers death glaring stare from across the room now. you felt that if you were sitting any closer to him, he’d have killed you with his bare hands.

it wasn’t like this before….

before kattegat…..

before him.

you couldn’t deny the strong attraction you had felt for the oldest son of ragnar lothbrok. he was smart, cunning, strong, brave, and so handsome.

and most of all, he was hated by your father.

you didn’t exactly know why your father hated the lothbrok family so much, but every time he had to converse with any of them, he had an ugly grimance upon his face.

but you, you loved them. and they loved you.

you got on so well with the lothbroks, and that made your father very, very angry with you, so much so that you two hadn’t spoken a word to each other since you had gotten to kattegat.

your father was trying desperately to get more land from them, this made you slightly annoyed since your family has almost more land than the lothbroks.

but honestly, it allowed you to see them, so you didn’t mind. you knew they wouldn’t give in anyway.

and as time went on, you and him had gotten closer, and closer, and closer.

you both were drawn to each other. call it attraction, call it whatever you want, but you both knew you needed each other.

and one night, you both had given in to those urges.

you had made passionate, wild, lustful, wet, hot love to one another. you both never wanted to stop, and you both hadn’t until the fourth round was done.

but hours later you two went again.

it was the best night of your life, to be touching him, kissing him, crying out his name and giving everything to him.

and even after that night, you two never left each others sides.

you weren’t together though, just short, silent kisses and lust-filled nights were shared.

and the more you two got alone time together, the more you loved him.

and the more your father got suspicious.

then, one night, after a long session of love making, your father had requested your presence.

he knew, he fucking knew.

he screamed, yelled, waved his arms like a mad man for hours on end. scoffing disgustingly at your disgruntled appearance.

he forbid you from ever seeing him again.

long passionate stares were shared now between you and your in the dark lover. he’d lick his lips when your father wasn’t looking, giving you a tiny promising wink, but when your father looked, he’d glare at him and shake his head angrily.

and now, as you sat here alone at a table in the hall, ‘celebrating’ your fathers presence annoyed you even more.

you suddenly felt someone come up behind you, their shadow hovering over you.

“what’s he pissed about this time?”. it was him, it was him.


you bit back your smile and slid over more, allowing him to sit beside you. he sat down with you and took a long sip of ale from his horn.

you finally willed yourself to look at him, you could tell he was seeing your pain through your eyes.

in his were a longing, a want, a need…for you.

you tried as hard as you could not to reach over and touch him as he looked at you like this.

“what’s he pissed about this time?” he repeated, but in a more soft tone. you sighed heavily and shook your head.

“the usual…me.” you muttered, taking a long and large gulp of ale, trying to drown your sadness.

bjron watched you as you drank, his finger slowly rubbing over the rim of his cup.

“i miss you” he said, eyes not looking at you a he said this. you bit at your lip, trying to prevent yourself from pouncing on him right then and there.

“i miss you, too” you whisper. you sighed out when his hand gripped yours under the table.

his fingers lovingly stroked over your knuckles. he leaned down and kissed your hand, his lips lingering more than they should have.

“i have something to ask of you” he said, eyes staring at your father as he said this. you nodded and listened intently, worry lacing your nerves.

“when your father leaves here…..i want you to stay…with me” he said, his voice the softest you’d ever heard it.

you stared at him in shock for a moment, not knowing how to respond.thankfully, he continued.

“i want you to be with me. be my woman, and my wife. i want you for as long as you’ll have me”.

this  made you want to smile and scream out joyfully at your father. but, how would he take this?.

“bjorn…my father hates you”.

bjorn nodded thoughtfully, trying to figure up his words.

“i know. but this isn’t about him, this is about you and your decision”. you slowly closed your eyes, which were filling with tears. you wanted to be with bjorn, but you wanted to make your father proud.

“he thinks you’re dangerous” you said. bjorn gave you a look that shook you to your very core.

“perhaps he is right” he said, pausing to tuck a stray hair behind your ear.

“but that will not stop me from having you. loving you. i want to care for you like you deserve, if you’ll allow me to”. he then suddenly stood, and went to walk away from your table.

but your hand shot out and gripped his, not wanting him to go.

“bjorn, where are you going?”.

“ you make your father proud. settle down with a well to do farmer and bear his children and become his little wife. or stay with me, stand by me and become mine. in the end i know you’ll make the right choice”.

he leaned down and kissed your cheek, teasing you by kissing so close to your lips, then left the hall, giving you a very seductive look over his shoulder just before he walked out the door.

you pondered over this for a moment. you loved bjorn, you loved the idea of being by his side as he searched for new lands. but your father… how could you disobey him so openly?.

you stood and took a hug gulp of breath through your mouth and headed straight for your father.

this was your choice.

you took a left right then and walked out the door. running to catch up to bjorn.

but you couldn’t find him. you froze where you stood and searched all around.

until two very large arms wrapped themselves around your waist.

“i take it you’re staying” he mused cockily, lips pressed to your neck. you scoffed but couldn’t help laughing at your lover.

you wrapped your hands over his and squeezed his fingers.

“shut up ironside” you whispered turning your head and catching his lips in a bruising kiss. he hummed, his tongue gently lapping at the roof of your mouth. his hands reaching up and stroking over your breasts.

you moaned and pulled away, just enough to breathlessly say.

“take me to bed and prove to me i’m yours”.

Jess Mariano is NOT Luke. Logan Huntzberger is NOT Christopher. Rory is not her mother.

I’m getting so sick of people saying that the revival proved that Jess is Rory’s soulmate and her one true love. The “Jess fans” say that he had the most in common with Rory because they both read a lot… 

However, Jess Mariano had emotional baggage which is understandable but Jess never talked to Rory about  it. When he left he ran into Rory on the bus and never said anything.. 

Also, when they had that phone call Rory said that she “THINKS I MAY have loveD you…” and Jess doesn’t say anything. Rory never says I love you to Jess and the only time she comes close it’s a vague reference about maybe having loved him but it was past tense. 

Then when Jess returns and is miraculously ready to work with Rory on their relationship… she shuts Jess down.

Logan has also read the books Rory read, and even shares the love of journalism with Rory which I think does not come from being the heir to a newspaper empire but a real love and interest for journalism like Rory he also has a talent for it even Doyle says so in one episode. So Jess is not the only other person in Rory’s life that is an avid reader and is on the same intellectual level as Rory and shares interests that require hard work, natural talent, and critical thinking. And Jess isn’t the only guy that understands Rory’s popular culture references or challenges her in a way that gets her out of her safe bubble to have fun.

But the big difference between Jess and Logan is that Logan did not go running away when things turned serious. Logan supported Rory in all of her endeavors even if they would be mistakes like quitting Yale and joining the DAR. Logan was not afraid to own his mistakes and do everything he could to show Rory that he was truly sorry and when Rory needed him by her side in emergencies he was there and Rory was there by his when she needed him. And here’s a big difference I’d like to point out when it came to Jess and Logan and how they approached the issue of sex for the first time…

And Rory’s first time with Logan…

So please stop telling me that Jess is Rory’s intellectual match, he is her one true love, her perfect soulmate, and the person who knows Rory the best out of everyone in her life. 

When we pick up with Rory and Jess in the revival, the two have not seen each other in four or maybe more years. The two are not in touch anymore and if you bring up that he knew that her life was in a mess and something was deeply wrong… well, that had nothing to do with Jess knowing Rory but more to do with making a very obvious observation like saying, “water is wet,” and Jess is one in a long line of people to observe this about Rory in the revival. Now some would argue that he set her on the path to correcting her problem by telling her what to write her book about and yes, it did help but when Rory tells Lorelai all about the book and they get into a huge fight which causes them not to speak to each other which upsets and hurts Rory, who fixes that problem or more importantly who does Rory want to help with that problem because she’s in need of someone who will make her feel better so she calls the only one that can help her… Logan. 

And the last thing to deal with is that long and lingering look at the end of Jess’ final revival scene. There a chance that could be an “I’ll always love Rory Gilmore, no one will ever be better, I was stupid to let her get away, and if I had a second chance I’d spend the rest of my life with her.” Of course, since Jess turned out to be arguably the character that has the best development since we last saw him and he’s now a stable, mature, well rounded, got his shit together guy that has grown up and moved on finally able to let his demons and baggage go as well as leaving the past where it belongs… now, Jess Mariano is not a lovesick stupid teenager anymore so that look could also have been something more like, “Rory’s finally going to be alright and she seems happy. I hope things work out for her because I did love her once and while I no longer feel anything romantically for her, she helped me in so many ways and I am happy that maybe I helped her find her path like she helped me find mine.”

Scared Of Happy | J.A

Requested: No, I just really wanted to write it oops

Warnings: One curse word? // This was supposed to be full of angst but it’s more like 5% angst and 95% pure fluff because I suck.

Notes: I didn’t realize until after I finished it but this is kind of based on the song “Scared Of Happy” by Fifth Harmony.

Jack’s name appeared on your phone screen for what felt like the billionth time today, you’d been avoiding him for the past week and a half and you were running out of excuses. Which is how you ended up here, hiding away in your room, watching Netflix and ignoring your boyfriend.

It wasn’t that you guys had a bad fight, you just had been feeling like you weren’t good enough for him. He’d be better off with someone who could handle being in the spotlight or someone who was able to talk to him instead of hiding away for a week. 

1:15 pm

Jack: if you don’t call me back in five minutes i’m coming over.

As much as you knew he deserved an explanation, you couldn’t bring yourself to answer his texts or the phone call that came after them. Instead, you pulled the hood of Jack’s hoodie over your head and leaned further into your bed. 

When he appeared in your room, you had your back to him. You felt the bed move slightly as he sat down beside you. 

“Are you sick, babe?” Jack’s voice was as soothing as his hand that was rubbing circles on your back. “You didn’t need to stay away from me, I’m sure you’re not that contagious.” 

You rolled over to face him, trying to give him the best fake smile you could muster. “Not really.”

“What do you mean?” He tilted his head n confusion, staring at you in hopes of some explanation for why you were acting so weird. 

“You deserve better than me, Jack. Maybe you should just break up with me.”  You sat up in front of him, bringing the blankets with you keeping them close to your chest. 

Jack’s eyes studied you as he tried to remember any reason that you’d say such a thing. Had he done something? Did you do something? Was it the fans? They’d been so nice about your relationship, It couldn’t be that. 

“Y/N, you’re not making any sense.” He spoke slowly. “What aren’t you telling me?”

Anything you’d wanted to tell him for the past week and a half suddenly sounded completely irrational and pathetic in your head. How were you supposed to tell him that you were jealous of all of the perfect LA girls or that you didn’t want to get in the way of his growing success with the band? That you’d been hiding away from him because you didn’t feel worthy of his love? 

You looked into his eyes for the first time since he’d arrived, the worry was evident in them and it only made you feel worse. “Look, Jack. I just don’t think I’m good enough for you okay?” 

“Oh my god, you’ve got to be fucking kidding me.” Jack screwed his face up, sighing deeply. He jumped to his feet and started pacing with his hands on his head for a while before he turned to face you again. “Is this just you being insecure or did you cheat on me or something?”

You continued to sit on your bed in his hoodie as you watched him carefully, he was never one to be violent but if looks could kill you’d be six feet under right now. 

“Jack-” You attempted to say something, anything but you were at a loss for words. 

“Did you cheat on me?” Jack questioned you, the anger in his voice rising with every word. 

The air was heavy with all of the negative energy and you knew he could feel it too. You could practically smell his anger radiating from his body, suddenly it hit you that this was your fault. If you hadn’t been so insecure and you hadn’t felt the only option was to avoid your own boyfriend, neither of you would be here right now.

“Of course not. You know I’d never do that!” You snapped, as you felt your eyes start to well up at the mere thought of it. Unintentionally you had started to pull at your hair. You hadn’t even brushed it today, it was still in the messy bun you slept in last night.

“Then what reason could you possibly have to be able to sit there and tell me what or who is good enough for me and what isn’t?” Jack took a deep breath, trying to calm himself down enough to not scream. “I’m telling you right now, you do not get to decide that for me!” 

You couldn’t bring yourself to speak, mostly because you weren’t sure how to give him the answer he wanted. So you sat there with tear stained cheeks and buried your head in your hands. 

Jack closed his eyes and took a deep breath, before walking back over to you. He removed the blankets from you, leaving you in a hoodie and sweats. His hoodie and sweats. This made you look up at him and into his eyes that were no longer glaring, but apologetic instead. He moved around until he was sat directly in front of you and opened his arms, which you gladly crawled into. 

“Here’s what’s gonna happen, you’re going to let yourself cry because you’ve probably been holding it in for way too long,” Jack whispered, not needing to talk any louder because your head was at the crook of his neck and you could hear every word. “Then you’re gonna tell me what the problem is and I’ll fix it because I love you.” 

Your sobs were so violent that your whole body was shaking, you had your arms wrapped your boyfriend’s waist, hugging him like it was the last time you’d ever see him. Jack let you cling onto him and cry your heart out. He’d speak when your sobs got caught in your throat and he had to remind you to breathe. His hands went from rubbing your back, to up and down your arms, until eventually he just held your head against his chest. 

By the time you were out of tears, Jack’s shirt was completely soaked from you crying directly onto it. You were exhausted but you felt like half of the weight you’d been carrying all week had been lifted. 

“Talk to me, baby girl.” Jack smiled at you, as he moved you away from him ever so slightly so that he could see your face.

“You have so much talent, Jack. You and the boys are going to go so far and do really amazing things and I don’t want to hold you back from any of it.” You spoke slowly, afraid saying your thoughts out loud would make you cry again.  “I’m not like the pretty LA Instagram models that are everywhere around here. Look at me, I haven’t even brushed my hair today.” When Jack still hadn’t said anything, you continued on with your train of thought.

 “You’re amazing and I’m not and I don’t think I’m worthy of your love or attention.” 

Jack pulled you back into his chest, kissing the top of your head repeatedly until you couldn’t help but laugh. He finally let you go again and you stared at each other intently. 

“Do you think I care about any of that stuff? You have the most attractive personality I’ve ever seen, you already know I fell in love with you for that first. I know you’re insecure and I know you think you look awful right now, but you don’t. Those girls you see on Instagram don’t look like that all the time and you know that. People post what they want others to see, don’t let it change how you see yourself. You’re the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen and I can’t believe you’re mine.” His eyes never left yours as he listed all of the things he loved about you and he smiled the entire time. 

“You’re not still mad?” You spoke barely above a whisper, still not fully understanding what you did to deserve someone as loving and caring as Jack. 

Jack shook his head as he took your hands in his. “It hurts me that someone as amazing as you is so insecure and that you felt like you couldn’t talk to me about it but I’m not mad at you, baby.” 

Before you could say anything else, your boyfriend walked over to your vanity at the other side of your room and returned to you with a hairbrush in hand. You stared at him in amusement until he made you turn around with your back to him.

“Tell me if I hurt you, I might have three sisters but I’m not good at this.” He sat behind you and laughed nervously. 

Every so often he’d catch a bit of tangled hair and apologize profusely but having such long, wavy hair you were used to it anyway. When he was done, he moved your hair out of the way and left kisses at the side of your neck. You thanked him and he wrapped his arms around your waist from behind. 

“Why don’t you go take a shower and then we can order pizza and cuddle?” He offered, resting his chin on your shoulder.

“Are you saying we can’t cuddle until after I shower because I smell?” You joked. 

“No, but I know you probably haven’t left this bed all day and you need to take care of yourself.” He laughed and you felt it vibrate on your shoulder.

What he said wasn’t a lie, you had only left your bed today to pee or get snacks from the kitchen. 

You walked back into your room half an hour later in a fresh pair of sweats and a sports bra, feeling a lot fresher too. Jack was laying on top of your bed, trying to find something to watch on Netflix. You were just about to walk over to him when you heard the doorbell ring.

“That’ll be the pizza. Can you get it while I dry my hair?” You raised an eyebrow at him.

“Sure thing, baby.” Jack grinned and threw the remote at you, which you barely just caught. “Pick a movie and wait for me.” 

You were glad your hair was cooperating today and it dried fairly quickly. By the time Jack returned, you were sitting on your bed with Hercules waiting to play on your laptop. 

He sat the pizza box in front of you and climbed onto your bed next to you. The two of you cuddled into each other and watched the movie in a comfortable silence for the first ten minutes. 

“Can you promise me one thing, Y/N?” Jack was the first to break the silence. 

“Anything.” You answered quickly. 

“Please try to stop being so scared of happiness.” He sighed gently. “You make me really happy and I know I make you happy too, you don’t need to be so scared of it.” 

Jack cupped your face with his hand, rubbing circles on your cheek with his thumb and you melted into his touch. It didn’t take him long after that to grab your face in both of his hands and press his lips onto yours. His words went a long way, but his actions made them real. 

“I love you so much, Jack.” 

“I love you way more.” 

Heat/ Theo Raeken

Request: 98 with Liam or Theo pls!!
Prompt(s): 98.“1+1= 3 without a condom”

Warnings: Mentions of sex, heated make out session

Theo had been crazy attracted to you lately. Like he was always touching you in some way and he was kissing you every moment that he got. You didn’t really had problem with PDA but lately he was going really crazy with it. You had no idea what was going on with him until you found out that he was in heat. You had no idea what to do so you went to Scott to ask him on what to do.

“Well Y/N if he is in heat there isn’t much you can do about it.” Scott said with a little shrug.

“Really so I just have to let him almost make out with me in the middle of the hallway.” You said crossing your arm.

“Well he is just really um….sexually attracted to you. It’s even possible that he wants to uh you know….But to be honest it’s probably not the best idea.” He said sitting down on his couch.

“Why not?” You asked confused.

“Well because he uh can be a bit rough when he’s in heat.” Scott said as he rubbed the back of his neck.

“So I can’t help him in any way?” You asked him.

“No sorry Y/N.” Scott said with a small smile.

“No problem thanks for giving me more info about it though.” She said with a small smile.

The next day you were waiting for Theo at the school parking lot. You were looking at your phone when you suddenly felt to arms around your waist.

“Hey baby.” Theo whispered in your ear.

You smiled put your phone away and turned around.

“Hey.” You said with a smile as you put your arms around his neck.

He immediately leaned in and kissed you very passionately. You felt his tongue go over your lip asking entrance which you granted with a smile. Your hands just stayed at his neck and you played with a bit of the hair that was at the nape of his neck and you felt his hands slide down to your butt. Before his hands could reach your butt you pulled away from the kiss and removed his hands.

“Theo were at school. This is a public place okay.” You said as you stepped back.

“Oh come Y/N since when did you have a problem with public display of affection?” He asked pulling you closer.

“I don’t have a problem with that but I do have a problem with having sex in front of the whole school.” You said pulling away from him again.

He just rolled his eyes and rook your hand as the two of you went inside. Theo realized that holding your hand wasn’t enough for him and he pulled you closer wrapping his arm around your shoulder. The two of you had almost every class together and of course the two of you sat next t each other. Normally the two of you wouldn’t have any problems but because Theo was in heat he literally couldn’t stop touching you. His hand was on your thigh trying to get closer to a certain area and you had to constantly stop him. After class the two of you walked out and you looked at Theo annoyed.

“You really need to stop Theo.” You said looking at him.

“Stop what?” He asked confused.

“Constantly touching me. Especially in class.” You said as you opened your locker.

Theo smirked and leaned against the locker next to yours.

“Come on Y/N you know you like it.” Theo whispered in your ear.

“Maybe I do but not in school.” You said looking at him.

“I just really need you. Okay.” He said crossing his arms.

“Yeah well I’m not sure that is such a good idea right now.” You said closing your locker and looking at him.

“Ow yeah why not?” He asked looking at you.

“Because you’re in heat. And Scott told me that having sex isn’t the best idea then because you might be rough.” You said also crossing your arms.

“Baby I’m always rough.” He said with a smirk.

“Yeah but not that rough that you would turn in a werewolf and break my bed.” You said quietly as you started walking again.

Theo followed you and took your hand and pushed you against a wall in a little corner where no one was.

“We can still try. I’m pretty good at controlling my powers.” He said as he stroked your cheek.

“You do know that if we do this that you literally mark me as yours right.” You said looking up at him.

“Oh baby I’ve already marked you as mine.” He said with a smirk as he started to kiss your neck.

“T-theo come on not here.” You said trying to push him but he didn’t budge at all.

He pulled away from your neck and started to kiss you again and since there was no one around his hands immediately went to your butt. The two of you were having a really heated make out session in school and you could not believe you were doing this. The two of you just kept kissing and your hands started to go under Theo’s shirt and he just moaned from your touch. When suddenly you where interrupted.

“Hey 1+1=3 without a condom.” Scott said interrupting the two of you.

The two of you pulled away shocked at the sudden voice. Theo turned around and looked at Scott who threw him a condom and winked at you letting you know that it would be fine to do it.

“So uh you wanna skip school?” Theo asked with a smirk.

“Yeah let’s go.” You said with a smile as you took his hand.

The Flyler/Sanvers Glaad

- Chyler in a suit. Ok. So Chyler can do dress, can do jeans, can do suit, can do streetwear, can do sportwear, can do glasses, can do beanie, can act, can sing, is a friend, is a girlfriend, is a mom, is a wife, is protective, is generous, is invested, is funny, is beautiful…. She is not Human, She is GOD.

Speaking of God, let’s talk about God’s Angel: Floriana.

- Floriana, simple is easy : She went to the Glaad without rings, necklace, earings, purse, phone… Just her, in a blue dress and a pair of high heels,and she is just beautiful. WHAT KIND OF MAGIC IS THAT?

Then :

- How many tattoos does Chyler have?

- Chalet Leah? Ok, so it was April 1 but still: Why Chyler’s name is so hard to spell, write or pronounce? I mean come on !

- Floriana is so shy, she is the cutenest.

- Flo’s hands, tongue, arms, smile, eyes.

- Chyler touching Flo’s arms, dress’s belt… well in fact Chyler couldn’t stop touching Her Lovely Date Floriana.

- The way they look at each other.

- “For us, to be in a relationship…” this line is Gold.

- They are really protective and proud about being Alex and Maggie. They really want Sanvers to be as real as possible.

- Sanvers didn’t win, but to be honest, I’m glad that Malec won. Because well, the two actors are doing a great work, but also because the representation of m/m relationships on tv shows is so poor. M/M relations need to be shown, they exist, they are real.

- The What The Fuck Fact: Chyler and Floriana represented Supergirl last night and of course Sanvers. But, we can all notice that the entire cast and production were radio silence about it (no tweet, no word, nothing). Is there a true honest explanation? or they just don’t care?

- Chyler and Floriana: are natural, gorgeous, real and they care.

Oh and I almost forgot: Floriana Lima’s got a special bodyguard: Leigh. Chyler Leigh.

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Cuddling HCs for Kakashi and Shisui (separately!) please! Like, in public, private, while sleeping, after sex-times, etc. Thanks!

Originally posted by staychinked

Kakashi Hatake:

Public: The most you can get out from Kakashi is when you two are out in the grassy and peaceful area where he can lay his head on your juicy thigh as he reads his book or you two are having a normal conversation. OR if you two are walking without being notice by friends, he likes it when you wrap your arms around his forearm. He doesn’t like showing PDA because #1, his students can appear out of nowhere and just like, make fun of him. If not his team, the other teams will tell team 7 about Kakashi’s love life. #2. Maito guy. Who knows what he’ll do.

Private: See him lying on his back? Why don’t you climb on top of him! Depending on the situation like if he’s reading his book as you climb on top of him, he’ll joke about how heavy you are to him. But if he’s napping, he’ll caress your back and maybe flip you, so he’s on top of you or maybe push you to the side to spoon.

While Sleeping: Okay. His shoulder support your head, while his hands holds your upper back.This is the sweat heart cradle position. He wants you to know your protected and you’re being safe. 

After sex-times: He plays the big spoon. He’s too tired from thrusting, sucking, kissing and you’re tired from moaning, screaming, groaning, sucking, licking all the above. So, here’s come big Kakashi wrap his muscular arm around you as you two sleep soundly.

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Shisui Uchiha:

Public: He loves it when you sitting on his lap, whether it be on a bench or on a grassy ground by the river or under a tree. You two are interlocking your hands and just like, enjoying each other company. When he wants to get naughty, but can’t do it outside, he can simply lift you up and BAM! Teleportation no jutsu, You two are at home.

Private: He’s doing some paperwork in the living room. You climb on the couch and start playing with him with light touches and kisses. Depending on how much of work he needs to do, he either let you continue this foreplay cuddling thing (which can lead to sex) or tells you to stop because this paperwork needs to be done.

He also likes it when you lay on top of him. Why? #1. He can wrap his arms around you sway. #2. He can slip you over, so you can be underneath him.

While Sleeping: Spoon. He just wants to hug you as tightly as possible.

After sex-times: Nuzzling position. He’s not done with you yet! Here come the kisses and snuggles!


hi!! can u please write this prompt with Keith from voltron?? if not that’s okay thank you ((: “Do me a favor?” “I swear to god if this is like the last one-” “No, no, calm down, this one is legal.”

Sorry this took so long! I just started a new semester at school so I was a little busy! Hope you enjoy anyway.


“Do me a favor?” “I swear to god if this is like the last one-” “No, no, calm down, this one is legal.”

Keith sat in the lounge of the castle reading an old book he had brought from Earth, just enjoying the silence that was so rare among his comrades. All of a sudden the door to the lounge slid open revealing his girlfriend, *y/n*, leaning against the door frame. She slid across the room and plopped down on the couch, making herself comfortable.

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okay but Jungkook leaned in a bit too????? there are so many things I’m confused about

  • Jungkoook said there was no one in the room to help him with the wifi connection so there’s no one who could’ve opened the door when Jimin came so did he have the key? Why? How? He literally broke in the second time and fell while running down the hall
  • Jungkook said there was no way Jimin could’ve heard him because his room was on the other side of the hall. How did he know? Had he already been to Jimins room? Definitely
  • The look Jimin gave Jk when he was talking about that one time he roomed with Tae in Mexico? And how Jungkook wasn’t even listening to him because his chest was too distracting?
  • How Jk was so visibly disappointed that Jimin wasn’t coming back to his room but when Tae entered he was suddenly so annoyed?
  • The thing Jimin does when he talks to Jk and his voice is really soft?
  • The way Jk just froze when Jimin touched his hair??????
New beginning (Oneshot)

(A/N) First of all: I, personally, don’t have anything against Taylor Swift. I took her as a character, because of the relationship she had with Tom some time ago. It was the time, I just lost interest in Tom Hiddleston for a few weeks. So, if you want to hate on me, go ahead, but don’t think I will take you seriously or change anything because of that.
Second of all: Enjoy!~ And thank you to the kind anons that asked me to write this! Sorry it took so long! <3

Summary: Imagien working on the set of ‘The Avengers’ and falling in love with Tom Hiddleston. You being way to shy, don’t tell him about your crush. But as your bestie, Taylor Swift, visits you, she crushes on Tom and they become a couple, even though she knew about your crush. The rest of the cast comforts you and helps you to get over it.

Pairings: Tom Hiddleston x Taylor Swift

Warnings: negative things about Taylor Swift, a little angst I guess

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Just as I finished preparing everything for today, there was a short knock on my trailer door. Strange, the actors weren’t supposed to arrive before 10 am.

Opening the door, my best friend Taylor stood before me, grinning from ear to ear. “Taylor!” I threw my arms around her neck, and pulled her against me. “Why are you here? Aren’t you busy? Come in!” I was so excited to see her. She was always busy with her music, and since I got more popular, more and more movies asked me to do the make-up for them.
We sat in y trailer together, talking and catching up. Taylor told me about her new songs and the planned tour and I told her everything about my work here, and more importantly about my crush. Of course, Taylor already knew about him, but there was always news.
Just as I was finished fussing about him, a knock sounded at my door. This time, instead of my best friend, my crush stood before me. He smiled up at me and handed me my daily coffee.
“Good morning Y/N! How are you?” Getting out of the way, I invited him inside. “Just fine, thanks Tom. What about you?” Yes. My crush was the famous Tom Hiddleston. I don’t know how I got into this situation, but I decided long ago, that there was nothing to do about it. So, I just accepted it and lived with him being a great friend of mine.
“Just peachy!” His never fading smile, caused my heart to skip a beat. “And who might you be?” Tom turned towards Taylor and my heart sunk. It always went this way. I crushed on someone, they met Taylor and soon she had a new boyfriend. That’s why, I stopped introducing my crushes to my best friend. So much for that matter.
“Now I’m insulted! Taylor Swift, hi.” The two of them shook hands, smiling at each other.
What made it worse, they flirted. And they didn’t stop. Only when I finally send Tom away, the two of them stopped.
While I finished Roberts make-up, Taylor told me, she needed to use the toilette. She left the trailer and Robert immediately shot me a small smile. “Rough morning?” Letting out a small sigh, I smiled at him through the mirror. “That obvious?” Robert just nodded.
“You know about my crush, right? Taylor and he flirted the whole time. I should be used to it by now. I mean, that’s how it always goes.” Instead of answering, Robert stood up and pulled me into a hug. “Let’s go.” Since the other actors weren’t required to come today, Robert pulled me outside. I wish he hadn’t.
Taylor and Tom were standing together, chatting. Well, Taylor was flirting, touching his arm, playing with her hair and so on. Rolling my eyes, I felt Robert squeeze my hand. “Don’t let it get to you. You know, you’re way better than her. You’re prettier, smarter and your personality is way better than hers.” I smiled at him and together we walked to the set.


The next few days were quiet. Taylor stayed here and accompanied me to set every day. Although, she spent most of her time flirting with Tom. That’s how my days were spent. Doing make-up, listening to the actors trying to cheer me up and trying to not follow the impulse to kill Taylor.

After the last day of filming was over, there was a party, where everyone was going. Taylor had to go somewhere and would join us later, so I had no one to get ready with. Thankfully, Scarlett offered to help me get ready. After all, she wanted me to impress Tom tonight. I wasn’t as optimistic as Scarlett, but I didn’t want to pull her down. After all, she was the one most annoyed by Taylor.
She even managed to convince me to wear a short, wine red dress, paired with black heels, but only light make-up. She pinned my hair up and gave me a small purse, for my phone and other stuff I needed to take with me.
I really looked impressive. The last touch, was a silver necklace with a red heart.
Together, we took a taxi to the party. I was really excited, after all, this could be the night that could change everything! I couldn’t stop grinning at the thought and Scarlett joined me.
The optimistic look on things was short lived. In the taxi, I got a pop up message from my news app.
“Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston new dream couple?”  Underneath the headline, was a photo of the two, walking, holding each other’s hand. After scrolling through the article, I found another picture. They kissed. The picture literally showed them kissing.
My heart stopped beating and my eyes welled with tears. Scarlett noticed my change in behaviour and took my phone from me to see what caused that.
Her grip on my phone tightened and I was scared she would crush my phone. “Just-Just don’t believe it! They always make things like that up!” Her voice was strained. She knew just as well as I did that this article and its content was true.
After just sitting there for a few seconds, she asked me if I wanted to go home, but all I wanted to do in that moment was to confront Taylor. Ask her why she always did that.
As soon as we arrived, Scarlett took my hand and led my inside. It wasn’t too hard to find Taylor and Tom. They stood, in each other’s arms, by the bar.
“Y/N…” Robert came to stand next to me and Scarlett and pulled me into a hug. “I know. I know.”
The others came too, standing around me, offering me comforting smiles and hugs. But, I needed to do this.
Walking up to the two of them, Taylor’s eyes instantly widened. “Y/N-“ “Can we talk? Outside?” Taylor nodded and followed me. We walked out of the back door, and into a dark alleyway.
“It just happened Y/N. I can’t explain it and I’m-“ “Sorry. I know. I…just thought you were better than that. I thought you were my best friend. Obviously, I was wrong.” I couldn’t even look her in the eyes. “Don’t say that…” Her voice was pleading and she tried to catch one of my hands, but I pulled them away before she could reach one.
“Don’t say what? That you knew right from the beginning that I liked Tom? That you know I’m incredibly shy, so I won’t speak to him about that? That you…still felt the need to add him to your collection? Please…never talk to me again.”
She tried to hold me back, but I just walked by her and re-entered the club. I passed Tom, who also tried to speak to me, but I just kept walking.
The group that formed around me earlier, was still there, waiting for me.
“Come on. Let’s get out of here and go for a drive.” Scarlett grinned at me, showing me Robert’s car keys. “Wait! Where did you get those from?” He tried to grab them, but Scarlett took a step back and out of Robert’s reach. The two of them raced each other to the exit, causing me to chuckle.
“Let’s go.” Chris and Chris took one of my hands each and together we left the club.
Our first stop, was a gas station, where we bought different kinds of alcohol.
“Yeah! Let’s forget everything about those idiots and drown our sorrows in cheap alc and ice cream!” Robert screamed as if he was already drunk. “You’re unbelievable!” I laughed, letting me be pulled close by him. The next stop was McDonalds, where we ordered food for I don’t know how many people. We sat there, in our million-dollar clothes and stuffed our faces with fries, cheeseburgers and nuggets. They all helped me, forgetting reality for a few hours and make it a lot easier to face it the next day.
In the end, everyone slept at my place and woke up the next morning extremely hungover. While brewing fresh coffee for my friends, there was a knock at my door. Rubbing my aching head, I went to open it.
“Y/N, listen-“ Before I even registered who disturbed my fine morning, Tom already started talking. And even though I had a killer headache I was quick to cut her off. “Both, you and I, now there is nothing I should listen to. And either way, you’re not the one that’s done anything wrong. It just happened.” Not letting him answer, I shot him one last, sad smile and closed the door.
Turning around, Scarlett stood in front of me and pulled me into a hug. It was time for a new beginning. New friends, a new best friend and a new crush. Maybe this time, he would actually become my boyfriend, not my best friend’s.


genre: Chanyeol Fluff/semi-smut
type: drabble/scenario
characters: Chanyeol, reader
Do not re-post without permission or use in any way, this is my work.
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You were never the kind of person who would ran off with some guy you just met. Honestly, you wouldn’t even think of it. Adventures weren’t you thing, risks were better when untaken. But that morning you woke up differently. Or maybe they put a secret ingredient on your coffee. You weren’t sure. But when you left coffee shop you weren’t the same. 
Maybe it was because of him. Because of that boy who couldn’t stop smiling and staring at you until he finally got up and walked to your table.

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