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I rewatched this scene and I just wanted to tell someone about this. When Lucy tells Mina she loves her and Mina is all like "has our whole friendship been a pretense?" This is the moment you can tell Mina has never been in love. Because if you are truly in love with someone you would give them the whole world, everything you do and feel has an essence of them in it. Lucy would probably die before she ever let anything bad happen to Mina/ upset her because she really is IN LOVE with her.

And Mina has the fucking audacity to say that she’s just been using her?! Never, poor sweet Lucy could never wish any harm on Mina, her best friend the love of her life, and you can watch her little gay heart smash into a million tiny little pieces when Mina shouts at her. Mina really believes that Lucy would ever try and hurt her!!! Basically I had a lot of feelings about this scene. (Also Mina low key annoys me, in case you couldn’t tell) anyway have a nice day/afternoon/night

i know! it’s so frustrating because poor lucy would never do anything to hurt mina and yet mina just fucking destroys her. ya i’m not mina’s biggest fan either.

One day in early spring he had so far relaxed as to go for a walk with me in the Park

like those walks are so precious to Watson that he writes about them like that, followed by

where the first faint shoots of green were breaking out upon the elms, and the sticky spear-heads of the chestnuts were just beginning to burst into their five-fold leaves. 


For two hours we rambled about together, in silence for the most part, as befits two men who know each other intimately.”

asfhhgfdsdfghjhgfds he enjoys so much their walks in the park :’)

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What are your favorite things about bellamy (and also bob)

OK here are a few because I could really truly honestly write a trilogy on what I love about these two men!!!

Bellamy Blake

1. he has the purest soul and the best intentions

2. he doesn’t realise how beautiful he is

3. his shoulders. don’t touch me if you don’t think Bellamy’s shoulders/collarbones/neck are the most beautiful things you’ve ever seen like they’re so perfect leave me alone

4. how passionate he is, how willing he is to fight for what he believes in

5. his love for mythology. what an intellectual, I’m so in love

6. not something that makes me happy but: his inner battle between subconscious and conscious. his fight between what he wants to do and what he doesn’t ultimately let himself do. the Bellamy he presents to us is refined, repressed and a product of self-conditioning and it’s very sad to see

7. his sense of humour, it’s so sardonic and sarcastic I love him

8. his power strut. the way he walks and runs is quite majestic

Bob Morley

1. he’s the total opposite of Bellamy and that’s hilarious

2. how passionate he is about raising awareness for mental health! the man got a damn tattoo for the cause, that’s absolutely beautiful!

3. his acting abilities floor me. the time and effort and blood and sweat and tears he puts into playing Bellamy is so impressive

4. he’s so sweet to fans! he really engages with everyone he meets

5. he gets so sheepish when people compliment him and he can’t seem to take a compliment it’s so cute

6. his laugh!!!!! is perhaps the greatest thing I’ve ever heard to date

7. his answers to con questions about Bellamy are very well-spoken and he really does seem to understand Bellamy in a way I have not seen in other actors

8. his building skills – excellent. wish he would build me a chair

Morning Sickness

Prompt: Could you possibly write one where reader (who’s part of the justice league) and is in the middle of like a sparring session or something with Hal (her boyfriend/husband idk lol) and she stops to throw up and so he gets worried and is confused leading her to be like “surprise!!” Lol thank you 💕 by anon

Y/N did not feel good. She could tell that she was going to be sick shortly, but she was also trying to pretend like everything was alright.

She was watching her boyfriend, Hal Jordan, as he sparred with Oliver Queen. He wasn’t using his ring at the moment and Ollie didn’t have any of his weapons either, so they were old school throwing punches and dodging.

“Do you think they are actually sparring or do you think they are doing their best to not look bad in front of ‘their women’?” Y/N asked Dinah, not taking her eyes off the two men.

“Probably a bit of both.” Dinah laughed. They continued to watch the men go at it. “Are you feeling okay? You look a little pale.” Dinah said, taking her eyes off the fight in favor of inspecting her friend’s face.

Y/N gave her a small smile. “I think I am coming down with something.” She lied. She knew what the real problem was. She was pregnant and morning sickness was getting ready to kick in. She had been sick every day for the past week. Yesterday, she had decided she had enough and went to the clinic only to find out she was pregnant. She hadn’t told Hal yet as she was waiting for just the right moment.

Dinah accepted her explanation with a nod. “I hope you don’t get me or Hal sick then. Illness would spread through the league like a plague. Or at least, all of us humans would be at risk.” Dinah said. Y/N nodded and let out a slow breath. The nausea was lot worse now.

She got up and walked as normally as possible to the nearest bathroom. She went in, closed the door, and ran to the nearest stall. She didn’t hear the door open only to close several seconds later.

She had flushed the toilet and felt a hand on her shoulder. She looked up to find Hal standing there with a scared look in his eyes.

“Are you okay? Dinah said you were throwing up.” He asked as he crouched down beside her.

“I’m fine.” Y/N said as she got up.

“No, you aren’t. You don’t just throw up without a reason. What’s going on?” He asked as he watched her walk to the sink and wash her hands.

Y/N sighed and turned to him. “I’m pregnant.”

Hal stared at her for several seconds, completely frozen. Y/N started to get scared that he might react negatively. She reached out to touch him and was pulled into a tight hug. “We’re going to be parents.” He breathed against her hair. He pulled back and kissed her forehead. He had an enormous smile on his face. He released her and ran back out the door.

“Hey, Queen, I’m gonna be a dad!” Y/N heard him cry out. She would have smiled, but she was too busy running back into the stall.

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hiii! i know (or at least, feel like 😅) btob have recently been on a lot of variety shows while promoting movie. do you happen to know if any of them are subbed or what the links are? you are probably the most reliable/active btob blog i follow so i figure i'd ask you ☺️ thank you!

i will put the links to everything as soon as i get the chance (forgive me i have 2 12 pages essays and 1 presentation this week im literally like dead if anyone reading wanna write me an essay on bosnian civil war i will literally give u my soul my first born and all my money) but for the meantime i think many results will pop up if you just search any of the things i listed out 😎😎😎

tv broadcast

  • new two men show (170310, 170317)
  • ilhoon on one night food trip (ep1, 2, 3)
  • peniel & sungjae on law of the jungle (ep1, 2)
  • peniel & sungjae on baek jonghyun’s 3 kings (x)
  • eunkwang being one of the panel judge on the mask singer (x)
  • changsub on duet song festival (170303, 170310)
  • hyunsik on sing for you 
  • 5minutes delay (with got7, highlight)
  • KRush EP3: btob’s comeback interview
  • mcountdown comeback mini fan meeting 
  • 170311 show champion: btob’s fan heart attack (x)
  • 170315 Curtain talk with MC Benji (x)
  • 170314 show champion behind
  • yoo hee yeol’s sketchbook (will be aired on april 1st)
  • entertaiment today: btob interview (170311)

radio appearance

  • 170318 hongkira (full, btob’s waiting room, )

internet thingy 

  • ask in a box
  • sungjae onstyle white day special short film 


  • 5mins before comeback: music video introduction 
  • movie comeback countdown 
  • the beat season 5 (epsiode 1 fashion king)
  • btob 5th anniversary party / the return of sik’s sense
  • ilhoon invading bap’s vapp (x)

channel plus

  • btob talk #1 peniel > minhyuk (mini replay, full)
  • btob talk #2 hyunsik > changsub  (mini replay, full)
  • btob talk #3 ilhoon > sungjae  (mini replay, full)
  • btob talk #4 changsub > ilhoon  (mini replay, full)
  • vehind: like a movie

united cube

  • 10th mini album feel’em album shooting
  • beatcom #8
  • beatcom #9
  • beatcom #10
  • beatcom #11
  • hashtag cube (ep1: btob’s eating king, ep2: btob’s game king)

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I love Colonel Brandon, I swoon for him. I liked the mini series as well, the one with David Morissey.

I…I mean, okay, I’ve written ridiculous 50k+ fanfic involving Colonel Brandon in the past and I think he’s a generally solid guy, and much as everyone has the right to like who they like, I will say I’ve noticed that Brandon’s fans go the hardest. (Yes, harder than the Darcy fans.) And so my knee-jerk response is ‘why?’ and I’ve spent a while trying to figure it out. I’ve got issues with both the 1995 and 2008 castings/directions/writing/whatever it was they did to Brandon in particular, but again, that’s me and my problems with anachronism and creepy themes you get when you’ve got two old men in charge. (The falcon thing? NOT. WELL. THOUGHT. OUT. You don’t starve a woman into submission! You don’t equate women with animals that need taming like jfc Andrew Davies I know you’ve got a bug up your ass about Ang Lee but how about instead of trying to undo or outdo whatever someone else did just do something that is meaningful to you? I like some things about the 2008 S&S but Andrew Davies really soured me with his attitude about turning it into some kind of pissing contest.)

I realize fury and disappointment probs wasn’t your intention with this ask but it’s really nothing to do with you or what you like, anon, and more just me and my complicated Feelings about Brandon Fan Culture in general and that adaptation in particular.

things i have learned from rons autobiography so far;

- he carried a dictionary around with him
- he had a gun kink liked the feel of guns
- he almost killed himself when he was 12 because he and reg had a row
- he loved two men in parkhurst and got one of their names tattooed on him (he doesn’t say where)
- his first love was a boy he didn’t bang but wished he did
- nobody likes george cornell.

"I made a mistake" Mafia Romano

The music was lively. People danced left and right. You watched from over the balcony. The cocktail you sipped on was running low.

“They just came in.” You rolled your eyes and sighed. Every week, Lovino Vargas brought his goons into your speakeasy and caused chaos. This would be the last week you’d allow it.

You handed the glass to the man standing on your left. “Okay. I’ll take care of it.” You stool and made your way down to the dance floor.

Lovino stood near the door. For the first time, you saw him without two big men on either side of him. “I didn’t come here to start any trouble. I just want to talk.”

“May we talk outside then,” you offered. The last thing you wanted was for Lovino to do something to any of you guests.

He nodded and stepped back through the door. You stayed in front of him. Lovino casually shifted his jacket so you could see the shiny silver on his gun. “What do you want to talk about?”

“I want to talk to you about buying your club.” He waved his hand lazily at the building.

You narrowed your eyes. “Why?”

He shone his nails on his suit jacket. “You get plenty of business, and it seems to be too much for you to handle.” Lovino paused. “Also, I’ll tell the police about what you did to Alex Mason.”

Without thinking, you reared back and punched him. Lovino fell backward as he clutched his nose. “That was a mistake.”

“You stepping foot near me was a mistake. Get out of here unless you want to end up like Alex Mason.”

With that, Lovino Vargas scurried off toward the street. You waited until you saw him the next week.

ok im sorty for the rant but im printing the essay we have to turn in and what I wrote has like 10 pages and what TWO GROWN ASS MEN wrote has like 2 pages