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I’m a little late but… HAPPY 2 YEAR ANNIVERSARY MIRACULOUS LADYBUG! I can’t believe it’s already been two years since we were first introduced to these lovable dorks and their story. I love contributing to this fandom and making you guys laugh despite all the ups and downs. Thank you Thomas Astruc and everyone who worked on making this series. Can’t wait for the future seasons to come!

Guys… straight up, sometimes I have a hard time reconciling OSCAR-nominated Mary McDonnell who freakin’ lit up the screen in DWW and Passion Fish and then showed everyone what real, raw talent is in BSG and the selfie-posting still of Mary McDonnell the lovable, adorkable human being “singing” in the car. It completely blows my mind, and I adore her even more for it.

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Happy Grillstember?!

Gastber? Grillember? Septemgrillsterber?

Happy “I’m shipping Grillster all month” month! Ahaha

So I bet ya’ll are wondering what’s going on? Why this, you ask. What the heck are you doing? That’s a little outta left field doncha think thar, Skye?

Well lemme explain!

September, as many people already know, is Undertale Shipping Pride Month! Which is awesome and fantastic all on it’s own and I fully endorse safe and age-appropriate participation in the love-y intro-to-fall month shenanigans! However it’s been brought to my attention that Grillster didn’t make the official ship list this year! A tragedy, I cry! The horror! Ah the dramatic plot twist! My heart weeps! I must protest!

And to (good-naturedly) protest the lack of Grillster in the official shipping month shenanigans, I’ve offered to fill the void myself! This month, I’m going to make an almighty effort to produce at least 1 Grillster related content a day. Either sketches or drawings, the good-ol-fashioned 1 shot fanfic. I think it’ll be fun, and a great way to participate in the UT Shipping Month in the only way I know how: through flame and void! dads!

Oh ho ho, but do you think I’m doing this alone? Not a chance! Joining me this month with their own Grillster related shenanigans comes:




Together, we strive to breathe some life into the tag (and maybe give some people some laughs and smiles along the way).

I’d also like to open up this to anyone else who’d like to join! Enjoy Grillster? Got a favorite artist or fic writer who enjoys the ship? Just always wanted to doodle a cute and tragic (arguably) crack-pairing? Well now’s your chance!

Don’t feel like producing your own content?

Dig through your tags, your favorites, your links! Leave comments on the works you love, and if you’re feeling really ambitious, reblog them and tag me so I can see ‘em too! I’d really love to feel the spirit of awesome and community this silly ship can bring! I’ve made good friends over fanart of our two lovable dorks, and I’d love to make more.

So! Join me for Undertale Shipping Month, join me for a month of Grillster! Be nice, have fun, share some smiles!

And have an awesome September!

McCoy in a support chair. Imagine how McCoy is sitting down, minding his own business, reading a novel or doing a crossword puzzle when Jim comes out of thin air and crashes into his support chair and manages to wrap his hands around the man’s thin, smol frame. And McCoy is half started half alarmed and he is still not used to it, “Damn it, Jim, stop doin’ that!” as Jim nuzzles the man’s neck. Spock usually puts McCoy to bed, bridal style, despite the man’s protests. Jim finding ways around it to please his husband and making him feel useful that despite having a support chair instead of walking around he can literally hover above the floor. Spock and Jim dotting the older man in kisses and adoring over him like he is the center of their solar system. Spock making sure that the support chair gets updated. When McCoy is on the bed, he is spread out between the two. Jim decides to tickle the man’s feet, which sometimes wakes the retired doctor laughing. Spock traces ‘taluhk nash-veh k’du’ in vulcan calligraphy on the doctors back when he is supposedly asleep not that he is deep into his hundreds.  Jim and Spock both work together to help McCoy get into the sonic shower so one of them takes a shower  with the doctor while the other makes breakfeast which is usually Jim and sometimes it is  Spock.  Some people think their dynamic as a married couple would change because of McCoy losing control of his lower limbs but, lol, it doesn’t. Not at all. They adapt and change to it accordingly.

1. McCoy, in his support chair, will just grab Spock while he is talking from a random conversation at the admiral banquet ball regarding possible future missions in star fleet  and he drags the  Vulcan in and just wheels away leaving Jim just laughing at his two lovable dorks. The other admirals and captains laugh. McCoy moves Spock to the science nerds group and just dumps him on the officers who happen to be big fans of him. McCoy gets a drink.

2. Jim and Spock adapt their anniversaries to accommodate McCoy’s support chair. With their guidance holograms. McCoy is worried how he is making them lag. Spock and Jim deny that because they are taking life slower and as it turns out, it’s very fun. 

3. McCoy gets worried about Spock’s seven year curse. Spock endures it because of his T'hy'lara and he largely considers that the legs have nothing to do with their sex life. Jim and Spock pamper McCoy during The Vulcan’s seven year important three day periods. Jim gets the worst of it.

4. McCoy can still swim. His husbands make the best of it. To their advantage and credit, they didn’t expect to find a city underwater on a new federation friendly planet. For once, McCoy likes this planet.

5. McCoy is still McCoy. He frets over his boys and how aging is effecting them. When Spock is driving, the two men have McCoy in the front seat pinned between them with the support chair in the back. Spock considers himself how lucky he is to have two beautiful, adorable, and cute men as his mates every day. Majestic, purely. They are getting more attractive as the day wears on.

6.  McCoy watches Jim garden. Spock showers McCoy, tenderly, with images and loving thoughts, while helping Jim garden. They use the garden hose to spray their husband  when he is dozing off looking into space. Jim and Spock decide to “clean” him by taking turns. McCoy has no say in their “cleaning” because they are the ones dirty from gardening not him! He enjoys it despite complaining about it. The three men are cuddling on the grass together with McCoy between Spock and Jim. Spock and  Jim share a knowing look as McCoy is resting perfectly happy. And they know it’s too good to last. They pledged long ago to make their days with him golden.

7. McCoy gets his boys lemonade when they are doing yardwork. McCoy drinks the bourbon not the wannabe synthenol version of it. He takes pills that repair his liver from drinking, once a week, to undo years worth of damage done by drinking. Jim worries more about McCoy’s physical state than McCoy worries about Jim’s health. Spock worries more about his husbands continued physical health just as they worry about each other. They are the worrying triumvirate.

8. They are pretty happy together. Pretty relaxed, cool old men. Nothing can possibly go wrong—OH SHIT, DID SPOCK BUY A RUSSIAN DOG BEAR FOR MCCOY’S PROTECTION? McCoy is terrified at first within the first week with the ginormous bear dog. The bear dog wins him over when Spock and Jim are away. They find McCoy fast asleep on the bear dog. McCoy loves it.

9.  Spock and McCoy continue to bicker/debate. It’s Jim’s favorite activity every day. He just loves hearing them. He can’t picture them not bickering together. McCoy wins more often not because he is support chair bound but because he is right, damn it.

9.1  the dog lets McCoy ride it to closeby places that are notably spas and it doesn’t even mind. Spock got a harness for the man. He doesn’t use it. McCoy has a tight grip apparently. 

9.2 Jim teaches the bear dog to stop in traffic. Future problems taken care of.

10. Spock sings to McCoy in Vulcan when Jim has all ready gone fast asleep and it’s “my little sunshine.”

Did I just break your heart? The hell I did.

I kinda want an izuocha fanfic that is not one-sided and doesn’t have blushy blush. Just these lovable two dorks having a great conversation with one another.

Hi guys! Thanks for being so awesome and giving us the chance to run something like this! We appreciate it so much! Our dorks deserve all the love they can get!

SteelAtomWeek2017 will be held during the week of June 12th - June 19th.

The themes for the days are as follow:

Monday, June 12th — Soulmates  

  • Ever think that it’d be fun if Ray and Nate were destined to be with each other? Well, this is your chance on exploring that, whether it be through soulmarks, soulbonds, or etc. Time to let the connection shine!

Tuesday, June 13th — Earth-2/Multiverse AU

  • Ever imagine if Nate or Ray meets another version of themselves? Well, this is your chance to get wild. Throw whatever version of Ray and Nate, or heck even SteelAtom  together from Earth-2 or another Earth! Let the confusion and awkwardness begin!

Wednesday, June 14th— Fake/Pretend Relationship

  • Ever imagine Ray or Nate having to pretend to be in a relationship? Maybe they have to do it on one of their missions. Maybe they have to do it to get their teammates, or friends, or families off their back? You are free to build your budding ‘fake’ relationship! Throw the dorks together and maybe make them see what happens when ‘bromance’ turns into romance! 

Thursday, June 15th — Nate’s Hemophilia

  • Ever wanted Nate to confine a bit more in Ray about his hemophilia? Or maybe gets injured where his hemophilia starts acting up? Or maybe he hides the fact that he still has his hemophilia from the team, and Ray finds out? Do whatever you want! Let the discussion begins!

Friday, June 16th — Free Day

  • This is the day to try out all those prompts that didn’t make the cut. Or maybe you have other ideas. You can do whatever you want on this day. Let those amazing ideas out!

Saturday, June 17th — Jealousy/Protectiveness

  • Are you a fan of jealousRay! or jealousNate!? Now is your chance to put them into a scenario where one of them gets jealous, or maybe both of them do. 
  • Or maybe you’d rather protectiveRay! or protectiveNate! Maybe one of the dorks risks his life, and almost dies in the process, and the other one can’t help but smother him/watch him like a hawk. 
  • Let the dorks lose control by driving each other crazy with jealousy or protectiveness!

Sunday, June 18th— Fairytale AU

  • Ooh, do you love fairytales? Ever want to throw these two lovable dorks into a land of magic, love, heartache, and beauty! Because we do!
  • Want Ray to be the cinder-boy and Nate to be the dashing Prince, or vice versa!
  • Want Nate to be an hideous beast, and Ray to be his beau whom awakens him with an act of true love, or vice versa! 
  • Want Ray to fall into a deep slumber after escaping from his wicked step-mother, or step-father, or hint, evil twin brother, only to be awaken from true love’s kiss which can only come from no other than the dashing Prince Nate? 
  • Light the sparks up into these two dashing men’s lives and let the candles burn! 

Monday, June 19th — Wrap Things Up

  • This day is for you guys to wrap things up. If you couldn’t do the prompts for each day, this is the day, where you can try those prompts out, or finish the ones you started but never got around to finish! This is your day and we hope you take advantage of it! Or maybe just sit back and relax, dreaming of Ray and Nate bromancing each other, without the ‘bro.’


What is SteelAtomWeek?

SteelAtomWeek is a fairly new thing, and we aren’t sure if there is going to be a next one as of yet. This is basically a weeklong event dedicated to Ray Palmer and Nate Heywood from DC’s Lot. This is where you guys pour your heart and soul out, if you can, by writing/creating things that relate to Ray Palmer/Nate Heywood.

Is there a specific tag to use?

Yes, of course, how else are we supposed to find your amazing creations! Make sure to tag your work(s) with #steelatomweek2017. This must be included in the first five tags, or we might lose track of your stuff, and we don’t want that to happen.

Any other questions?

Send us your burning questions or check out our FAQ page! Happy shipping!

Today I share a sim. This is Lucian, son of these two lovable dorks. He actually came to be because I accelerated time by mistake and Thea, who was pregnant for the sake of making this image, gave birth. It’s not like his face is anything extra special, but he might be of use to someone. He’s cute to me and rarely I get nice looking sims.

Lucian is of the elf kind (from his father), so he has a bit of pointy ears. And I made two versions, with his father’s coloration and with his mother’s coloration, but both sims are the same. You can choose the one you like the best. I half-assed a sleeve tattoo on his arm, but it’s sort of crappy, so as an extra I included the unaltered EStudio skin, for you to change if you like.

Anyway, hope he makes someone happy. THANK YOU to all the creators for the CC, the full list is bellow the cut because it’s rather long. Anything wrong, just let me know.

SFS DOWNLOAD: Lucian (brown hair version)
SFS DOWNLOAD: Lucian (white hair version)

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*not my art*

Can we just talk about how the prince of FriCkiN DeAth is super adorable and actually lights up around his bubbly dork of a boyfriend, and how precious it is when Will turns on his ‘doctor mode’ and gets super serious and protective of Nico like “yew want tu go out n ply? Nu you sty hure wth meh bby, i kep yu safe” and Nico just goes along with it! Like he knows there is no point in arguing because he didnt even want to leave Will anyway, and probably got hurt on purpose because he likes when Will 'scans’ his body for injuries (i c u Nico) and AAAAAHHHHHHHHHH

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Djimmi honey... Since the devil can technically grant his own wishes, that makes you free to grant other wishes (?)....have you thought maybe explaining your situation to cups or mugs and maybe they could have wished you and everyone else who owes the devil to be freed from him themselves? Because I feel like that would a better idea rather than getting beaten to a pulp for your soul... (Also I'm still salty and petty from isle two when playing Cuphead. But I still love you lovable dorks)


Supernatural 06x19 // 08x05 // 11x04

Dean trying to name monsters, and the lukewarm reception he gets for all his trouble.

(Rowena isn’t the only one who sucks at naming things.)

(I’m just kidding, Dean, I love your monster names!)


These are my slightly annoying lovable dorks! Two Fletcher’s, Scapegrace, Thrasher, and Clarabelle.
You may have seen these on Twitter because Derek retweeted them all, but I’m going to upload them here!!

If you have any SP or other nerdy requests please send me an ask!!

Little headcanon(s) concerning the time when Toshinori and Izuku had just met each other.

I mean, just imagine this two dorks getting to know each other. They probably were so awkward at first.


When Toshinori gives Izuku his phone number so that they can stay in contact with each other, Izuku nearly faints – this is All Might, giving him his phone number. His idol, casually handing his contact over to Izuku of all people.


Toshinori would be a little bit flabbergasted, perhaps even concerned, about the boy’s strong reaction. He is not All Might right then, after all. All Might may be used to fanboys and fangirls reacting strongly to his mere presence, but Toshinori isn’t. Quite the opposite. In fact, Toshinori can’t really believe how fast Izuku has accepted the fact that All Might is a frail, bony man for most parts.


Also, there is a slightly awkward when they both figure out that Toshinori does not even know Izuku’s name yet. Between saving the boy from the sludge villain – basically saving him twice – and discovering All Might’s biggest secret, they kind of forgot to introduce each other.

Cue in here Izuku fumbling and stumbling over his words while telling his idol his name.


After they start training together, their daily routines changes quite a bit. Not only for Izuku, let me tell you. Sure, Izuku now goes to train before and after school, giving it his all to prepare for the entrance exam, but Toshinori experiences quite a few changes, too. Before, the man had not much to do during the day. He got up as early as he could, watching the news or prowling through the city in search for situations that required All Might’s help. Apart from that – or when he his three hours were used up – there was nothing much for him to do.


Now, though, Toshinori suddenly has a purpose again. Now he gets up early and goes to the beach to watch over his student. He spends as much time at the beach as he can. And even when he’s not with Izuku, he is most of the time worrying about the boy, trying to figure out what to do with him.


Because that’s another large part that has changed – suddenly, he has someone to care for again. He has a student. He, who has no idea how to teach someone, has not only a mere student, he has a successor.

Sometimes, he is very close to calling Gran Torino and ask him how one does train a teenage boy, but he catches himself every time, shuddering at the thought of what his old teacher would say to that.

Even more often, he wishes Nana could be here and tell him what he is supposed to do. How he can be a teacher for the boy.

Both Toshinori and Izuku worry a lot about the situation. Toshinori, for one, half expects the boy to quite. He is fully aware that the training schedule is hellish and that it would be normal for a mere fanboy to just give it up, call it a day.

But the boy doesn’t and every time Toshinori arrives at the beach and sees Izuku training without him needing to tell him to do so, the flicker of pride in his chest gets a little bit stronger.


Izuku, on the other hand, is constantly worried that All Might could give up on him. After all, it’s All Might – the hero surely has better to do than watch over a useless, quirkless boy like him. For sure the Number One could find a more suitable successor.

But All Might doesn’t give up on him, doesn’t look for another successor. And every time Izuku sees either the muscled hero or his scrawny real self, waiting at the beach for him, he smiles a bit less hesitantly and a bit happier than before.


And slowly but surely, the worry becomes less and less, because both of them realize – they are not going to quit. Both of them will see this through – together.

They can do this.

Just… two lovable dorks getting to know each other. I would have loved to see more of that

but like, brosami, man

these were two lovable dorks who could have easily been written to be each other’s “rebound” during book 2 but instead we get this beautiful little friendship between them which clearly had started well into book 1, and the fact that they’re the only two unrelated members of the krew where neither was ever romantically and/or sexually attracted to the other, when they could have also easily been written that way but instead they just absolutely love and adore one another as friends and that’s just perfect

brosami, y’all


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Oh yes, I do ship this like mad.

*ahem* Right, to put it simply I, as a general rule, am really predictable when it comes to my shipping preferences, one of those being that I almost always ship the “cannon” ship right from the get go. That is, the ship that seems the most “obvious” so to speak.

Izuocha was no exception.

And these two dorks got me especially early. Seriously, from the moment Ochako stopped Izuku from falling flat on his face I just sighed to myself and said, “You two are going to ruin me aren’t you?”

Cue Izuku saving her from that robot, and her saving him from splatting on the ground like an overripe watermelon, and I was hopelessly, completely lost.

But, to be more specific about why I ship it as much as I do, its the same reason why a lot of people apparently don’t. They’re simple. Really, they are. Izuku is a shy, nice kid who just wants to be a hero and save people like his hero and generally be a good person, and Ochako is the sweetest girl, pushing herself to the limit to help the ones she loves and always has a smile ready for her friends.

They help each other, admire each other, have the up most trust in each other’s abilities no matter what.

They both have a dream, and they will do whatever they can to achieve it, and help the other achieve their dream as well.

Ochako thinks Izuku is a “never give up” kind of guy, who always tries his hardest to help people and become a hero. She admires his strength and his courage.

Izuku knows Ochako isn’t the kind of person that needs help, who can stand on her own two feet and win, knows she pushes herself to the limit when she needs to and never falters in doing so. He admires how far she’s willing to go to help her loved ones.

Ship it or not, its undeniable, she’s his friend, and he’s hers.

It’s…really simple, it’s a simple and sweet teenage romance between two absolute sweethearts who care so much about each other, and while other people find it “plain” or “expected”, I think the best part about this ship is how simple it is. Honestly a lot of my ships are like that, simple.

I guess its because I think love shouldn’t be as complicated as some people make it out to be, at least not all the time.

Sometimes love is expected, and plain…but that doesn’t mean its not love. Sometimes love is between two lovable dorks stumbling their way through high school.

And that is why I ship Izuocha.

…why is this so long