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two steps forward and you’re at the start, who knew growing up would be this hard .. 🎶

I love when anti’s religiously reference the brother quote to shut down Sheith people as if one line against them being romantic is gonna get us to stop loving and appreciating the most well written and complex bond between two characters on the show

just-another-exhausted-fangirl replied to your post “remember when i actually imagined what itd be like if they explicitly…”

Could you name some? As a cis person it’s very hard to see it from a trans perspective so I’m very curious! ��

aight heres some off the top of my head but theres more in my trans sherlock tag

-judging by the pirouette he does in tsot, it is very likely that he has studied ballet at some point in time, most people who do do so in childhood and most children in ballet classes are girls (balance of probability)

-magnussen, a man who loves to blackmail, intimidate, harass, and expose the secrets of vulnerable people for personal gain, in a deleted scene from HLV held sherlocks hand in his and described them, ending by questioning if they were a woman’s hands, at which point sherlock mustered all his energy just to disgustedly pull his hand away

-”sherlock is actually a girls name”, yes it was a joke sherlock said while high but its an interesting possible truth nonetheless

-in HLV mycroft says (and im quoting from memory only here, also the added emphasis is by me) to sherlock of his drug habit “How like Uncle Rudy, though in many ways cross-dressing would have been the wiser choice”

-in teh sherlock has been away for 2 years and in that time his hair grew very long but his facial hair barely seemed to grow at all ??? though we know it can due to The Lying Detective setlock pics (suggesting a lack of T while undercover and away from home)

-his lack of sexual experience could be contributed to by body and more specifically genital dysphoria, in addition to being trans making it even scarier to get close to people

-despite mycroft being frankly quite belittling and mean to him, he looks up to him at almost every turn and clearly models a lot of himself on mycroft, which to me seems like someone looking for male role models to replicate, which just personally to me is a LOT of what gender presentation involves

-sherlock saying in TSOT “beauty is a construct”; gender is also a social construct, something which many trans people know very well and something being a “construct” being….quite the thing to just blurt out

-#drugs mention for this bullet point: Sherlock seems to take intra-venous drugs, and testosterone taken by trans men is typically injected with needles! it seems to me like that would have been a perfect cover for his drug habit, in addition to the possibility that getting gender-affirming surgery would have given him more reasons to be on and methods to obtain other drugs

'cause we could be immortals, immortals
just not for long, for long.

the porch kiss from This Winter by Alice Oseman  * . ` ✧*♡ᑕू∙ો ੍✧ ✶ * .


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will @dongoverlord ever not make me ship something

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lmao but yeah do y'all recognize that karen spent all night in the middle of the burnt corpses trying to figure out if anyone had identified frank’s body already and was so worried and all the cops thought that she was crying because she thought that frank was still alive and on the loose and “coming back to kill her” when the actual reason was because she thought that he died in that ship lmao same bye