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Okay, so you've said before you've done a fair amount of research on the russian bratva, and I'm dying to know more about Otabek's tattoos in the mafia au. Like, where/when did he get them? Not in prison, surely? What are their significance? I know the stars on the shoulders mean something along the lines of "bow to no one", and knuckle tattoos are symbolic in their own way... But yeah. I am thirsty - scratch that - I am dehydrated for these details

WELL all my research is years, years old and I haven’t truthfully brushed up much besides dusting off my tattoo encyclopedia and finding a folder of scanned research from my college days (lol what was college Kait up to i’ll let you think about, but I did take two semester of Russian history. Do I remember much besides my professor talking about traversing a mountain with his mother as a child to get to safety? not really). Anyway, thats all a disclaimer to say that if I’m wrong about anything I’m more than willing to be corrected~

In the AU, several of Beka’s tattoos he DID get in prison. With shitty prison tattoo techniques. It’s not glamorous or fun and definitely wasn’t safe. But, its just something that happens. Some of them, he got outside of prison with actual proper tattoo guns either as markers of status or loyalty etc.

But, since I’m way too busy to properly make a tattoo guide for Otabek’s tattoos now like promised, I’ll break them down here:

- Stars on the shoulders mean that he’s a respected thief/criminal

- Rose in a hand on his left arm means he turned 18 while in prison

- Sunrise over water is about a longing for freedom (he did this one while in prison)

- On inside of his right arm he has that feather with text that says “I was born into torment, I don’t need happiness” (yikes Beka tone it down, I know you had a hard life but)

- Crosses on his knuckles are the amount of times he’s been to prison (he has two, fyi)

- He has ring tattoos that are basically just a thieves cross, one that means he is hostile to authorities/police, one that means he was sentenced as a minor, one that means he served his sentence in full

- I keep wavering on the text on his lower knuckles, so I’ll let you know if I keep it lol

I think thats all of them? I may have forgotten some (again, why I SHOULD have made a guide but other things take priority D: )

Oikage Week 2017

The theme for this Oikage Week will be centred around quotes. You do not have to explicitly feature the quote in your piece, it can merely be a title or inspiration. Said idea was inspired by an anon who provided two quotes as suggestion, both of which have been featured.


FAQ can be found on the sidebar of the blog

Day 1 / May 14th

“I never know how much of what I say is true.” - Midler

Day 2 / May 15th

“I’m not upset that you lied to me, I’m upset that from now on I can’t believe you.” Nietzsche

Day 3 / May 16th

“I want the fact that I existed to mean something” -Chapin

Day 4 / May 17th

“If people like you, they’ll listen to you, but if they trust you, they’ll do business with you.” -Ziglar

Day 5 / May 18th

“While one person hesitates because he feels inferior, the other is busy making mistakes and becoming superior.” -Link

Day 6 / May 19th

“That’s how stories happen - with a turning point, an unexpected twist.” -Murakami

Day 7 / May 20th

“We accept the love we think we deserve.” -Chbosky

Day 8 / May 21st

“Happiness is an allegory, unhappiness is a story” -Murakami


I don’t know what it means that my two favorite pairings reached this particular milestone within days of each other…

But anyways- why not celebrate with links to a few demonic nwalins?

Law Enforcement In Hell - short ficlet where both Nori and Dwalin are demons.

Incubus Dreams - Dwalin is a demon hunter, Nori is an incubus, sexy times are had by all. 44k.

Saltwater and Smoke - this one’s a bit of a stretch to include, but Dwalin and Nori are both spirits and have a bit of fun in a bathhouse. 3k.

and of course I Will Fear No Evil - the evil!priest western horror/tragedy. 6k.

Anybody else have some thematically appropriate nwalin to share?

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Hi, firstly lovely blog. I only recently discovered your blog and want to read back obviously but I have a question. What is the deal with Jules? Did he get messed up somewhere along the way. He's like a mix breed between Dr. Evil from Austin Powers and Forrest Gump. Or is the mental issue(s) he suffers from on purpose? He's mother is also a little ditty if you know what i mean, it must be genetic.

Hi nonny, 

Thank you for checking out this mess of a blog. ♥

When I was conceptualising Jules, I pulled from previous heirs, in particular Anca and Roosje. Anca had a tendency towards harmless evil acts (which we see with Jules) and Roosje, stubborn and sassy and very driven. 

Jules really is a combination of both. He doesn’t have any issues nor does he have a traumatic past, he’s just a mix of two characters I had before with his own unique flavour added to the mix. I also did a mini series with him as a toddler so I built on that too (mostly because it would be funny to have an evil, cute toddler). I didn’t want to change it to I kept his evil ways.

Ok. I liked the episode and not just because the musical crossover and the last episode were such relationship-centered dumpster fires! 


I still don’t like Mon-El because we really don’t know why Kara forgave him. I mean the reasoning was: He lied, but you didn’t give him a proper atmosphere to tell the truth about himself even though he lied about his identity before you two were even a couple! So, yeah, it was typical blame the victim for not wanting to accept the hedonistic prince who cared nothing about his kingdom’s apparent love of alien trafficking, slavery and class oppression. But, hey, you should forgive him, right??? They never had a conversation. Just Kara believing she was in the wrong for not accepting such a planet. And then forgiving him as she was dying… I mean, true love made her forgive him? It’s just dumb. I want a real-ass adult conversation like the one Sanvers had this episode. 

I still don’t get why Kara’s hatred against Daxam is not justified. The relationship between Krypton and Daxam is so weakly defined in the show, I’m more inclined to believe our protagonist (well… if we can still call her that since it’s become the Mon-El Show) over the queen who imprisoned her son and killed her husband about whose planet was inherently terrible. The writers are doing a terrible job making Kara a racist by… calling out (again) a planet that prided themselves on debauchery. It’s like calling out Trump supporters for supporting discrimination and fascism and then being called anti-free speech.

Mon-El “isn’t like M’gann” because he isn’t a hero. You’re right, Kara. This isn’t like M’gann. He’s trying to save your life. M’gann is trying to change her terrible planet. One is not like the other. M’gann is a hero. Mon-El is not. He’s being selfless, yes, but only for you. He only does things for you. And the funny thing is, I thought he was finally going to go home and change his planet like M’gann. But, nope. He doesn’t care about his people. He cares about Kara. And when Kara said that he’s changed. No, he hasn’t. He only cares about one thing. And that’s Kara. And that’s the only thing that ever pushes him to be a good person. And I really think if the writers want us to see Mon-El as a hero. As someone whose really truly lost his evil past as the prince who cared nothing for those who suffered at the expense of his lavish life, then he needs to do one better and actually do good things to do good things. (The only example I can think of is when he saved the little girl from the falling car. Like, good job, Mon-El. But, we need more of that to really cement your hero status.)

James. The (Not So) Guardian. Number one. Supergirl is out of commission for 24 hours, so you decide to go to Game Night instead of working overtime as Guardian? I just… writers what the hell. Do you think the audience won’t care? They already HATE the poor guy because of his poorly-developed hero arc!!! And you portray him as a guy who doesn’t care about his job when he’s probably NEEDED the most!? Number two. He literally tries to help Kara, and then gets knocked unconscious… and that’s the last we see of him. What the FUCK writers. Why are you doing this to James? Did they leave his ass on the roof? I just… they are treating Mehcad Brooks so bad it disgusts me. Number three. Kara got fucking fired from CatCO like three episodes ago and they STILL HAVEN’T TALKED ABOUT IT. He’s fucking President of the company now. WHAT. THE… someone needs to shoot me with an anti-red kryptonite laser because I am heated. 

When Rhea tried guilt-tripping Mon-El into returning home by telling him she loved him, it literally reminded me of what Mon-El did to Kara when she broke up with him. So, I don’t know why we’re supposed to view one as good and the other as bad…


Mon-El wasn’t as insufferable. This definitely has to do with the fact that Mon-El really hit his peak of being a screentime-sucking, soul-sucking POS after guilt-tripping Kara into staying with him after lying about who he was. About not owning up to his disgusting, slave-owning past whereas M’gann’s redemption arc left her on a suicide mission back to her planet. About caring only about his relationship (and his take on it) and not about anyone else. Here, I think we’re FINALLY starting to see a hero come out. Like, I said, again, it was Kara that pushed him to do something good (whcih, I mean, has a lot of other gross sexist undertones about how women fix men but I’m trying to be positive here), but it WAS at the expense of the relationship he lives off of so… good job-ish? I really think if we get more of this kind of Mon-El. Somewhat more selfless. Less of an asshole. Less of a fratboy. And I think he’s really on a road to redemption. But, god, please, cut his screentime (which is impossible since the big bad of the season [which has been inconsistent AF this whole season] is apparently his mom now).

Sanvers is, again, how a healthy relationship should be. No drama. Just talk it out. TALK IT OUT. Don’t guilt-trip each other. Support each other if you can stomach what they’ve done. The conversation about Maggie cheating on her ex and Alex not trying to guilt her, but just trying to UNDERSTAND (a conversation we DIDN’T get when Mon-El was caught in his huge fucking lie, and was only forgiven when Kara was dying, so, again, Sanvers is healthy, Karamel is not), it was a breath of fresh air after the hot ass Karamel mess of the last two episodes (counting Flash). 

Can totally relate to not wanting to talk about yourself after being betrayed by the people who should have cared the most about you after you’ve told personal things to them. I cried. Love their scenes. They’re so kind and healthy.

Martian Manhunter was used relatively a lot this episode. It pains me that J’onn only remembers he’s a mind reader when the writers want him to. It pains me when J’onn who is just as powerful as Kara is rendered to nothing more than a DEO agent even when Kara is getting messed up and could really use someone her cousin called “the strongest being on Earth.” So, when Martian Manhunter gets to destroy another telepath’s mind (David’s acting there was epic) and then be a badass Fake!Kara (I LOVE WHEN HE DOES THAT [and can we talk about how Melissa pulls off J’onn’s mannerisms so well???]), it’s nice to see.

Winn coming into his own as a field agent was a nice touch. And I like his friendship with Mon-El. Another time when Mon-El isn’t as insufferable.

Romeo & Juliet allusion. I love allusions to literary works on TV because they really are paying homage to their predecessors. And I’m so here for that. Parallels between Karamel and Romeo & Juliet really isn’t… a compliment so lol. But I do love the subversion of Rhea killing her husband. And crazy moms. So Shakesperian.

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I have a question! Do you know what crows symbolize? I've been interested in attracting them into my life (I built a feeding station for them yesterday but they have yet to use it). Last night I dreamed of two crows and a raven and saw a sticker of a crow on a parked car before I went to bed. I've never attracted something to the point where it shows up everywhere in my life before. Do you know what it could mean? Thanks!

Absolutely! Crows are a little tricky because people like to interpret them differently. Everyone agrees that they’re messengers, and that they reveal secrets. WHO they’re messengers for depends on your belief system. Personally I find they like to bring their own messages. Crows are also associated with the dead, especially those who have died in battle, because of their tendency to eat carrion. Some say they lead the souls of the dead to whatever comes next, and others say that they speak for the dead.

The general consensus, and what I have always found, is that they are deeply magical messengers, who may herald change in your life. On a more practical note, these highly social birds are fantastically smart and can learn and remember faces, and convey ideas to one another. Researchers have found that they remember slights against other crows, and will reward help. Gain the friendship of crows and you will find yourself watched over and sometimes gifted shiny objects. Cross them and they’ll haunt you (and possibly poop on your stuff)

What you “identify” as is irrelevant.

We are all walking sacks of meat and water, carrying our thoughts throughout our environment, experiencing physical reality. Your gender, sex, race, or whatever  you identify is couldn’t be less relevant, unique, or even interesting.

Race: As far as I’m aware, you didn’t create yourself. Being proud merely because you exist is called narcissism. I’m tri-racial and I never gave a fuck. Still don’t. In fact this is my first time actually typing the phrase “tri-racial”.

Sex: Just like race, you didn’t create yourself. You’re born male or female. Anything else is an amalgam of the two. You don’t HAVE to like it.

Gender: Non-binary isn’t a thing. Just because you don’t know what you are, doesn’t mean you’re NOTHING, and what you DECIDE you are, is in fact, what you are. Your thoughts don’t affect reality the way you believe they do. If you can scientifically prove you’re genderless, you’re technically (not even technically) not a human being. Humans, animals, EVEN FUCKING PLANTS are of a binary. This has been true for a long time.

In the end, this self-obsession with attempting to be as different as possible through superficial means will never end well. Your thoughts are all that matter to me and you can take your race/sex/gender self-obsession and fuck off. You’re a unique and interesting individual if you do and say things that are unique and interesting. 

Your thoughts are all that matter.


Thank you guys for all of your kind words. It really means a lot to me. Its people and comments like this that make me want to keep writing and try and get stuff out for you guys. I want to thank the mods as well for one, joining the blog when you didn’t have to at all and two, for sticking with me through this terrible writer’s block that I’ve been having and for the things that you have said in response to everything.

In response to the two anons, clearly the two of you don’t know what happens to people who come to this blog with the set purpose of being disrespectful but I’ll let it slid this time for your sake. But if you don’t like the things the we put on this blog or if you don’t like that I’m writing on MY BLOG then I will gladly direct you to the unfollow button and you’ll never have to worry about it again. ~Mod Sinpai

(Thank you again @pepper-peen-queen , @xzarlikore , and the two wonderful cupcakes)

I just had the weirdest answer to a comment on AO3…
I was told not to use many foul words, and I was like “What? Where?”…
Because on the two comments I made, I didn’t use a single foul word! Not a curse, nothing…
So, I’ll wondering…what did that person mean? Did he/she mean the language I use on my fanfiction?
Because if that’s the case, well…guess the fuck what?
Not happening! I’m not changing my writing style when I my characters are starfighter pilots…everyone knows pilots swear like their lives depend on it!
I should know….I dealt with real life f-16 and A7-P pilots…

You know after going through like 8 tales games I have to say that the one thing I like most about the series is how nothing is explicitly “canon.” Sure there’s the ships that seem canon or the storyline or what not but there’s no like distinct “this is the canon ship, character etc.” I mean have you watched some of these characters interact? Either Namco is bad at romance or they don’t realize that two guys don’t normally stare into each eyes lovingly for ten seconds. And there’s always implications for the characters too like how some of them might be autistic or asexual etc. It’s honestly how you perceive the series and there’s no right or wrong way and I really love it. (And if the fandom theories and headcanons are anything to tell me that there really is no right or wrong way then I think that’s enough proof to me) speaking of the fandom, there’s a bit of controversy but it’s a pretty comfortable fandom to be in (incomparisontovoltronandsucausejesus)

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Hi! I'm not British, so I don't really understand your school system. I have two questions: Why is Prince George starting school at 4? and Are all British schools that expensive? Thank you

So it’s not really my area of expertise either. Education is what’s called a devolved matter which means Scotland has a completely different education system from England and I went to school in Scotland. But as far as I know you can start “school” from the age of 3 in England. George will be going in to what’s called Reception stage. He won’t be starting primary school proper (which is what they call Key Stage 1). So it’s like pre-primary. But every country has different guidelines about when a child should start school so in some countries you start at 3 in others it’s 6 or 7. It really depends. 

As for the price, absolutely not! If it was then only a few thousand people would get educated per year!! George is going to a fee paying school. It’s a private school. Different countries call it different things. But the UK also have state schools which are free. Most children will attend a state school and their parents don’t have to pay for them to go. 

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You didn't post in a while; have you been okay?

somewhat sick and “resting” right now, if that means anything other than not posting anything for a bit. not really interested in any of the art stuff currently, rethinking what i should draw.. and not being able to start a drawing. i don’t know how I could ever do commissions.. aside from that, I’m fine, and i’ll probably be back on a regular basis in a week or two.

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Fullmetalradfem lied and told everyone lovcare was tcg so she was receiving death treats and insults because of that, also she said that well however lovcare was lesbophobic but still no receipts. At all. So stop playing the victim she falsely outed someone as a rape apologist like tcg and oh so strange she deleted!

she didn’t lie. she was mistaken and as soon as she realized, she made a post about it. i mean who would have thought that two radfems would make an 180 turn in the same day, say they had a revelation about their sexuality, and go full support for genderist politics with all the lesbophobia that entails? 

anyway, what does fullmetal’s posts have to do with people sending death threats to that lesbophobe (i haven’t been to her blog so i don’t know if that is even true or your delusional interpretation, i mean radfems believe biphobia is a thing as well)? why are you blaming a lesbian for anons’ actions? did she tell anyone to go harass anyone and i didn’t notice? or are you saying that lesbians are a hivemind and if one of us called a bi woman out for her lesbophobia the rest of us go and make death threats? you are basically saying that it must have been lesbians who attacked that lesbophobe (since no one else gives a fuck about lesbophobia). aren’t you tired of trying to demonize lesbians both as individuals and as a group when bi women are the ones who oppress us and advocate for violence against us and support abuse tactics to be used on us?

it’s ironic to ask of lesbians to stop playing the victim. this is the favourite past time of bi women and their favourite tactic when trying to shame lesbians to have empathy for their oppressors and abusers.

i am really curious how is it possible for a group of awakened feminists supposedly to be so embarrassing and so supportive of oppressive hierarchies in their communities. for shame.

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A year or two back I sent you a pretty mean anon message where I basically called you materialistic and criticized what I perceived to be your accumulation of products and I want to apologize for that. I don't know you or your life and I'm not sure what made me think it was okay to send a message like that anyway. I watch your videos and like them a lot, but even if I didn't it isn't right to send hateful/judgmental messages. I'm sorry and I don't think you're materialistic and yeah my bad.

Wow, thank you. I really appreciate that












1) it’s painfully obvious that Chris is suggesting that Viktor and Yuuri are sleeping together

2) the fact that Chris implies this means that he has good knowledge on how Viktor feels about Yuuri


I live for Viktor and Chris being best friend’s and sharing this between the two of them it’s both hilarious and sweet I’m glad Viktor seems to have one person he can trust and see as a true friend


I love Chris and how the show so easily implies the possibility of sexual intimacy between Viktor and Yuuri without making it into a big deal or over sexualizing it as lots of other media tends to do 

  • me: fuck im so ANGRY!! why does everyone have to PISS me off i dont DESERVE THIS
  • me two minutes later: -through wads of tissues- o-oh my god i'm sorry i dont know what came over me -sobs- im sorry i didn't mean to get so angry im SORRY
  • me another two minutes later: -skateboards in- whats up my guys i brought goldfish and hot dogs. let's watch clickbait

get to know me[2/?] actors: kit harington

Put me on a plane and I’ll cry at anything. I’ll cry at The Avengers for fuck’s sake. It’s something about altitude makes me weepy.


PART 1 || PART 2 || PART 3 || PART 4 || PART 5 || PART 6 || PART 7 || PART 8 || PART 9 || PART 10 || PART 11 || PART 12

I really wanted Jess to be part of the comic, but not in that sense. For now.
Also, sorry if my style sometimes mess a little, becoming kinda sketchy or cartoony. It’s a metter of concentration, I think. Same about backgrounds and shadows. Jesus! I’m such a lazyass.
I know the first part broke lots of hearts in two, mine first. I’m sorry guys, but the idea of this comic was hurting me from the inside since ages and now that I’m finally sharing it with you… I feel… worse.
Not sure where this is going or for how long I’ll be able to continue it: I’m letting the inspiration to carry me, which means that I have no plans about the story but only a vague idea of what happens next. Really vague idea.

(to be continued)

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I'm sorry if your not doing these at the moment but can you please do B1 with Mooching Hobo

this level of cuteness should be illegal

Hobo belongs to @loverofpiggies