these two just give me a lot of feels~ ok

HomoLesbians advice to baby dykes
  1. If you feel like getting an alternative lifestyle haircut, get one! Yes it’s a little bit of a cliché, but sometimes we need to feel life-changes manifest on the outside as well as the inside. Besides you can always grow it out later. 
  2. If you all of a sudden feel a need for excessive flannel and rainbow items, that is also ok! Again, it’s not because you realized you like girls, it’s a symbol of change and transition.
  3. Watch all the things. (Except The L Word, stop at season 3)
  4. Join things. The clubs, the organizations, it’s time to build your lady loving network! If you want to surround yourself with other gay ladies, you’re gonna have to make an effort.
  5. Don’t always take your feelings too seriously. Yes your first girl crush will make you feel like you’ve met the love of your live. I’ll give it two weeks though. Three, tops. You still have a lot of exploring to do, too much fun to have.
  6. At some point your baby dyke phase will end, and you might feel like changing things again. And that’s ok. That’s how we mark transition. Just like our sexuality dosn’t define us as humans, your baby dyke phase doesn’t define you as a lady lover.

Life is not a static experience, it’s a journey and a roller coaster. Things change, people change, you change. And that’s ok. The important thing is that you accept yourself the way your are in the moment.

    7. Oh, and one last one, STAY AWAY FROM STRAIGHT GIRLS!!!  

Let me corrupt you

Chapter 1: My stupid tutor

This is not the story of a good boy who fell I love with the bad boy but totally the otherwise this is the story of how a bad boy fell in love with a good boy and tried to pull out the worse side of him will you stick around?

Keith was a bad boy always in trouble something was always off with him one time shiro found weed in his room Keith was 18 he fails one year and was a senior when he was suppose to be already on college and he always head out and drink get drunk and go back home…well at least he head back to their apartment.

It was 3 A.M and Shiro was freaking the fuck out he wasn’t answering his phone no text and he didn’t say where he was going to go Shiro was about to call the police when the front door open and Keith get in “Keith oh thank god” shiro said and walk to Keith “where where your?” Shiro said “out” Keith answer “Keith the school called me” Shiro said with a serious face “and here we go again” Keith said rolling his eyes “Keith is the fourth fight you get into this week…and it’s Tuesday” Shiro said “in my defense he stared it” Keith said “Keith he bump on you…AND YOU BROKE HIS NOSE” Shiro said and walk to sit down “Keith you’re out of control you’re home and 3 A.M and you have classes in 4 hours” Shiro said “the school is always calling me because my trouble maker brother can’t keep his fists off people faces” Shiro said “agh don’t call me like that everyone call me like that” Keith said and sit down in the other couch in front of Shiro “Keith people call you like that because you are a trouble maker 4 fights in 2 days?! Are you going for a record or something?” Shiro said.

“Keith what will mom and dad said if they where here?” Shiro said “I don’t know they’re dead” Keith said and leave slamming the door of his room shiro heard the 100 locks on Keith room he sigh and picked up a letter the school

“Dear Mrs Kogane
The grades of the student Keith Kogane are decreasing in an alarming way and he’s a distraction to the other students he’s also dangerous for his classmates he often attack verbally and physically students and verbally attack teacher if this continue the student will be expelled we will suggest you to seek help before he does hurt himself

ATT: Principal

Shiro let out a deep sigh “Keith Keith Keith what am I gonna do with you” shiro walk into his room and picked up an old photo of their parents “mom dad I need help I can’t control him he needs you both…I need you what do I do?” Shiro said and a photo of him and his Best friend Allura fell ’My brother is exceptional shiro sometimes I think he’s gonna graduate first than me’ Shiro remember what Allura said about her brother BINGO! Shiro rushed to his cellphone praying Allura didn’t change her phone number the phone ring three times until it connect the call “hello?” A sleepy voice sound it was Allura “Allura is me Shiro” Shiro said “Shiro?…ohhhh Shiro hi hi what’s up why are you calling me at…3 am?” Allura said “I need your help” shiro said “remember you said your brother was an exceptional student? He’s still that good?” Shiro ask “pfff of course he is” Allura said “where does he study?” Shiro ask “he got a scholarship on Arus why?” Allura said “perfect I need him to help my brother with his grades” Shiro said “say no more” Allura said and shiro smiled maybe Allura’s brother could be Keith savior.

“Allura I’m leaving” Lance said “hold on hold on” Allura rush down stairs “today a friend and his brothers are gonna come here so room clean?” Allura said “check” Lance answer “laundry clean and fold?” Allura ask “check” “Kitchen clean and order?” “Check” “great personality and self confidence?” Allura said “check” Lance said laughing which made Allura laugh “go go or you’ll be late” Allura said giving Lance a kiss in his forehead “Bye sis!” Lance said walking to the bus stop “Bye Lance!” Allura said “I should get ready too” she said to herself and got ready for her job.

Once at his school Lance leave his things on his locker and head to the main room to find his friends Pidge and Hunk where there “hey there bitch” Pidge said “hi gremlin” Lance said and hi five Pidge small hand “sup bro” Lance said and made his special hi with hunk “yesterday the quantic physic class was so bore the teacher didn’t have a clue of what he was saying” Pidge said “you couldn’t sound more nerd” Lance said and laugh “oh shut up” Pidge said “you’re in no position to talk” she said laughing
“who knows the answer to this problem?” The teacher ask and Lance raise his hand “ok I’ll correct the question someone that is not Lance knows the solution of this problem?” The teacher said making the class laugh and Lance blush “just let him answer” Shay said in the back of the class “What is the answer Lance?” The teacher said “is 13.5 sir” Lance said “correct like always” the teacher said the day pass like any normal day except that Lance lost the bus and had to walk home.

Walking home Lance got distracted and bump on a girl making her spill her coffee “oh I’m so so sorry” Lance said “WHATCH WHERE YOURE GOING ASSHOLE!” The girl yelled “I’m sorry I can buy you another coffee” Lance said “I DON’T WANT YOUR FUCKING PITTY” the girl yelled and two more guys came one taller than Lance define muscles and visibly angry the other one had black hair violet eyes and was visibly angry too “Nyma are you ok?” One of the guys ask “Do I look ok Keith?! This asshole made me spill my fucking coffee” Nyma said oh no that uniform they where students from Marmora high school that school had a reputation of have students…hard to deal with “Hey Keith what do you say do we teach this guy some manners?” The other Guy said “heh bring it on Rolo let’s show him” Keith said and start to walk

Lance panic throw his jacket at them and run “Catch him!” Rolo yelled and the three ran behind Lance they did catch him and Rolo hit him a lot Lance tried to cover his face and important parts they throw him to the floor and Nyma kicked him “wow look at his uniform” Nyma said “well well look what we have here” Rolo said “Keith check this out” the guy called Keith walk close to Lance he was the only one who hasn’t hit him “so we have an Arus student?” Keith said “he might have a lot of money” Rolo said “take his backpack” Nyma said Lance grab some dirt throw it at them and run again this time he manage to get to his house he panting somehow one of his contac lent fall off his right eye so he was half blind “You’re home late Lance” Allura said going downstairs “our visits will be here in two hou- LANCE WHAT HAPPEN?!” Allura face showed horror when she saw her little brother “I…I got into a fight” Lance said Allura sigh “Lance I’m your big sister I know you like the palm of my hand you never get into fight and the school would’ve called me what happen?” Allura said pulling Lance to the couch and getting the first aid “I lost the bus today and I knew you where busy so I walked home but in the way I bump into this girl and made her spill her coffee I told her I’ll buy her other but she got angrier and two of her friends showed up they followed me and hit me” Lance said “tch assholes” Allura said “ok all done” she said “go take a bath I’ll wash your clothes” Allura said.

The doorbell ring and Allura walk to the door “Lance they’re here” Allura called as she open the door “Hi shiro” Allura said “hi Allura let me introduce you this is Keith my little brother” Shiro said hitting Keith with his elbow so he would say hi “sup” Keith said “nice to meet you Keith my name is Allura” Allura said “come in Lance will be down in a bit” she moved and the two guys walk in and sit down “nice place” Keith said shiro was so surprise ‘holy shit a compliment’ shiro thought “thanks Lance come down!” Allura called “coming!” Lance yelled and footsteps sound coming downstairs Keith and shiro turn to see at Lance Keith eyes went wide when he saw Lance so it happen to Lance “Fuck” Keith said “Keith!” Shiro said Lance gulp and sit on the couch as far as he could from Keith “hi Lance right? My name is shiro” shiro said and extend his hand to Lance they shook hands and after a few minutes of conversation “so Lance I’m here to ask you a favor” shiro said Lance found shiro like a really nice dude he was kind and funny he crack some jokes in the conversation “sure what is it?” Lance ask “would you please please help Keith with his grades?” Shiro said “WHAT?!” Keith snap out of his sit at the instant “HELL NO! I’M NOT A KID I DON’T NEED A TUTOR” Keith said “I’ll do it” Lance said Keith turn at him “EVEN AFTER I BEAT YOU UP?!” Keith said “oh no you won’t” shiro said and stood in front of Keith “this guy is gonna help you and you’re gonna do it you like it or not” shiro said “or what?!” Keith say with a defiant tone “or I’ll send you to live with Thace” shiro said putting Keith on his place “you wouldn’t dare” Keith said “try me” shiro said Keith sit down and cross his arms “thanks Lance this means a lot” shiro said “no problem is it ok if we start next week?” Lance said “sure whenever you feel like” shiro said.

Allura and shiro leave Keith and Lance alone so they could know each other “pfff this is ridiculous” Keith said “I think the term your searching is awkward” Lance said “nope this is ridiculous look just give me two classes and say I drove you crazy” Keith said Lance chuckle “that’s not gonna happen you and your friends beat me up for no reason this is my revenge” Lance said with a cocky smile “oh really?” Keith said making eye contact with Lance “yes” Lance answer “ok then I’ll have to get you off me” Keith said “I have a lot of patient you know” Lance said “I’m not the best of my class for no reason” Lance said Keith stand up and walk to Lance Keith grab Lance’s chin and made him looked up to meet Keith eyes “let’s see how much you can take until I drive you crazy” Keith said “bring it on mullet” Lance said and Keith let go Lance chins throwing him to a side “see ya next week” Lance said Keith raised his middle finger at Lance and walk off what Lance didn’t know it was that he just sign a contract with the devil.


so who else has garnidot feels?

  • garnet showing peridot different star constellations and prompting her to give them unscientific names (peridot is rly bad at this and mostly just names them all diff variations of clods)
  • garnet calmly explaining human stuff to peridot while steven sometimes chimes in to correct garnet bc garnet is not rly an expert either
  • peridot recording her thoughts on fusion and playing them for garnet, peridot thanking garnet for explaining in words she understood
  • peridot secretely fantasizing about what it would be like to fuse with garnet so she goes on and asks amethyst and pearl how it feels and they both just start swooning and peridot gets rly embarrassed and flustered
  • garnet asking peridot to dance again, just dancing, not fusing and peridot is able to relax and they do this a couple of times
  • until one time it just happens naturally and peridot fuses for the very first time. afterwards she hides in the barns for hours bc she is so flustered about everything she is feeling
  • peridot asking steven about emotions and feelings and what it all means. peridot asking garnet what exactly love means bc she doesn’t understand
  • garnet telling peridot that she’s not just any other peridot but that she is her own person and can decide her own fate just like ruby did
  • peridot with her recorder in hand asking garnet how sapphire and ruby met and how they first fused and peridot gets rly intense feels for the story like she did with her soap opera
  • peridot rly wanting to try this kissing thing she saw on tv and asking garnet about it. and garnet is just like ‘you want me to show you’ and peridot kinda wants to run and hide but she also rly wants to try so she’s all eyes pressed close and hands balled to fists and garnet just gives her a tiny peck on the nose and says she’ll wait till peridot is more comfortable with trying like she was with fusing
  • i just have a lot of feelings about these two ok??
Would Have Been (Endless Summer Fic)- WARNING mentions pregnancy loss

Would Have Been
By Misha

Disclaimer- Not mine. I don’t own any of the characters and will return them when I am done.

Author’s Notes- This one was challenging for me because it deals with pregnancy loss, a subject I know too well and I drew on my own experiences a lot. The prompt request was “I lost the baby”, this is more MC-centric than MC/Jake, but the undertones are there.

Pairing- Jake/MC

Rating- PG

Summary- Stephanie deals with an unexpected loss.

Words- 979

“Ugh,” I moaned as I deposited the contents of my stomach into the bushes. It wasn’t the firs time either. My stomach had not been my friend the last few days. Of course, spending several weeks running around the jungle, battling monsters can take a lot out of you.

“Gross,” Zahra muttered.

“Now I think I might yack,” Craig complained.

“Don’t give Stephanie a hard time,” Sean said sternly before looking at me in concern, “Are you ok?”

“I’m fine,” I assured him, though I wasn’t sure it was the truth. I was exhausted and my stomach was all over the place. But I had to be fine because we still had two more idols to find and we had to save the world from Rourke.

“Are you sure, Princess?” Jake asked, hovering at my side.

“Yeah,” I told him, squeezing his hand.

“Well, I want to examine you, anyway,” Michelle said sternly.

I nodded, knowing that there was no use arguing. She took led me over to a quiet spot and then took my pulse and did a quick exam before leaning over and whispering, “when was your last period?”

I shrugged. “I don’t know. Before I got to the island. I take the shot, so I don’t usually get one.” I had gotten a new injection right before we’d left on our trip.

Michelle looked concerned. “Stephanie, who knows what going through the portal, plus the island itself has done to your system, I don’t think you can rely on that.” She paused. “Have you and Jake been using other birth control?”

“No,” I admitted, “it never occurred to me.”

Jake had asked, that first night, and I’d assured him that I had it covered and the subject hadn’t come up again.

“I wish Iris was here,” Michelle muttered, “because I think there’s a good chance you’re pregnant.”

Pregnant… That one word threw my entire world off-balance. I couldn’t really be pregnant, could I? It definitely wasn’t in my plans, not now, and it wasn’t like this was the right time to have a baby. I didn’t even know if I was going to live to see another day, how could I bring an innocent child into this madness?

“Can we keep this quiet?” I asked Michelle after a moment, knowing I wasn’t ready to think about it, let alone talk about it, “just for a couple days.”

Michelle glanced over at Jake. “If you’re sure…”

“We have a lot going on,” I reminded her, “we don’t need the distraction.”  

“If you’re pregnant, you need to take it easy,” she reminded me.

“I don’t have the luxury of taking it easy,” I told her flatly, “Just.. Give me a while to figure it out, ok?”

She sighed, “ok.”

She squeezed my hand and then we rejoined the others.

“Just heat stroke and exhaustion,” Michelle told the others after a moment, “she’s been pushing herself too hard.”

“You have to learn to take a break here and there, princess,” Jake scolded, wrapping an arm around me, “can’t have you collapsing on me.”

I nodded weakly, preoccupied with Michelle’s theory and wondering if it could possibly be true.

The next few days passed in a fog and then…


I heard someone scream my name, but couldn’t make out who it was because I was fighting to keep the world from going dark.

“She’s bleeding! Why is she bleeding?”

That was the last thing I heard before I gave into the darkness. I woke up a while later and had somehow found myself in a bed.

Jake was sitting beside me, his expression solemn, and Michelle was standing behind him, watching me carefully.

“Stephanie, thank goodness you’re ok,” Michelle said, I struggled to sit up and she reached over to stop me, “no, you need to rest.”

“What happened to me?”

Michelle and Jake exchanged a look. “You had a miscarriage,” she said finally.


“So I really was pregnant, but I lost the baby?” I asked, trying to wrap my head around the idea. I hadn’t really even had time to process that there might be a maybe, or let myself think about it, and now there wouldn’t be.

“Yes,” Michelle confirmed, “there was a lot of blood and I was afraid that you were hemorrhaging, but we were able to stop it and I think you’ll be ok.”

“Thanks, Michelle.”

“I’ll give you two some privacy,” she said softly and then she was gone.

There was a long moment of silence and then Jake spoke up. “Why didn’t you tell me, Princess?”

“I don’t know,” I said honestly, knowing that there was no real excuse for my silence. “I just… I didn’t know for sure and I didn’t know how to feel about it. Plus being chased by sea monsters and sabretooth tigers didn’t really give me time to think.”

He nodded, but I could see the hurt in his eyes.

“I’m sorry I didn’t tell you,” I said softly, “I would have, once I’d known for sure.” I touched my stomach, still trying to process the fact that I had been pregnant and then I wasn’t. “Do you want kids?”

“I’m a wanted man,” he reminded me, “I don’t have the right to bring kids into the world.” He let out a deep breath. “But a baby with you… It would have been something special.”

“Yeah, it would have,” I agreed, picturing a miniature version of Jake. I’d never really thought about having kids, but… I could suddenly picture it so easily. Maybe because for a moment it had been real.

Of course, it had been the wrong time and definitely the wrong place, but… A part of me mourned what I had lost. Mourned the chance to know the tiny person who was half me and half Jake. Who would have been ours.

-          End

I cried
Never gonna hold the hand of another guy
Too young for him they told her
Waitin’ for the love of a travelin’ soldier

So here’s one doodle from an AU that I’m never going to finish. I was trying to save up a few drawings for it and post them all at once but that sure didn’t pan out so have the only good one. I might write a drabble or two for this AU tho. Maybe. 

Anyway, Traveling Soldier by the Dixie Chicks just gives me a lot of Shidge feelings, ok? 


the 100 » modern aesthetics
   jasper & monty × japan au.

when 15-year-old jasper moves to japan because of his mom's new job
he doesn't know a single word in japanese; except for kawaii,
thanks to anime. that's why he feels really lonely in his new
junior high school class until he gets to know monty,
a straight-a student from south korea who speaks english really well.
monty grows fond of the tall, clumsy, somewhat dorky american
and begins not only to teach him the japanese language but also
how to enjoy hanami, why purikuras are so important
(glitter and funny speech bubbles, hello?!), how to not look like
a complete tool when playing dance dance revolution in public
and how to eat with chopsticks, which really frustrates jasper
so he kinda just stabs his food all the time and shoves it
into his mouth or lets monty feed him.
over the course of weeks and months they not only become best friends
but there's also something else blossoming between the two boys.
and when monty gives jasper his first self-made bento,
he does know what it means. because jasper actually listened
to everything monty taught him about japan
and so he just gets up and gives him a shy peck on the lips. daisuki.

I think Fitz saying that this situation is “one of the oddest, even for us” is his (quiet) way of acknowledging Jemma’s feelings for him. I think a lot of us expected him to assume Jemma had gotten over him while she was on the planet, had decided she didn’t want their date to happen. In this conversation, though, he doesn’t try to write off her feelings for him or tell her how she feels, he acknowledges that she’s in an unbelievably difficult and bizarre situation. And he doesn’t push it.

Of course he’ll help get Will off that planet (because he’s a decent human being) but I think we can also see that maybe, just maybe, he’s not given up hope yet, doesn’t assume Jemma would choose someone else over him. And after all of his feelings of abandonment and how much that weighed on him and made him feel inferior in season two, I think Fitz accepting, maybe, finally, that Simmons could love him back the way he loves her is some serious character development.

Gabriel AU one shot

*Ok this is my first one shot and my first time posting a fic to tumblr so if I mess up bare with me*

AU where you and Gabriel have been best friends since you were little. You’re both juniors in high school. Gabriel is the class clown while you try to focus on school more than anything else.

Prompt For Anon:

Gabriel looked over at you and smiled, he wiggled his eyebrows the way that always made you smile while everyone laughed at yet another one of his comments. You turned your head back to your book, smiling as the teacher made a statement to try and finally put an end to Gabriel’s shenanigans. Though you knew him well enough, he laughs off any scolding.

You knew what Gabriel’s reputation around school was, the notorious class clown type of guy. Who sleeps with a different girl so often no one bothered trying to make a relationship out of it. But you’ve been friends with him since elementary school, you know the side to him no one else knows. The side you always see in him when you two are alone together. Besides, you both were each others only friend. Not like you couldn’t make friends if you wanted to, Gabriel was just always enough

You suffered through the rest of class, taking notes while still texting Gabriel back and forth. Which made it somewhat easier to get through. Time drifted by before the bell rang and everyone shot up from their seats. Except for you and Gabriel of course, who always stayed back and waited for each other if it was lunch block to go out and eat together.

“Hey y/n! You ready to go?” Gabriel asked as he shoved his papers into his messy backpack and swung it over his shoulder.

“Yeah Gabe, just give me a sec.” You, unlike Gabriel, strived to keep all your schoolwork organized. Taking your time you grouped all your papers together before placing it in your backpack. “Ok lets go!”

Gabriel reached his hand out to you as you stood up. Not as a romantic gesture, it was never a romantic gesture. You two were just close enough to feel comfortable doing that. “So where you wanna go today y/n?” Gabriel asked as you two walked out to the student parking lot, looking down at you from the inches of height difference between you.

“It’s my turn?” You asked, as if you were just snapped out of a trance.

“Yeah, so choose before we get to the car or i’ll choose instead.” You looked up at Gabriel and he smiled, taking his hand out of yours and resting it on your shoulder instead.

“Gabe stop it you know I hate it when you do that!” You laughed and shuffled to the side, forcing Gabriel’s arm to drop to his side, “It makes me feel short.”

“Well it can’t make you feel much shorter than you already are, you can’t go much further down on a ruler.” Gabriel joked and you shoved him, he was always making fun of your height even though you weren’t that tiny for your age.

“Look whose talking, Mr 5'8. If anyone is short its you.” Which was true, in a high school with more than half the guys reaching over 6 feet tall, Gabriel was smaller than you in comparison.

“Low blow, y/n, low blow.” You both exchanged smiles as you got to his red Mazda 6, which you still weren’t sure how he ended up being able to afford that car. Though you guessed that it was the build up of selling oregano to middle schoolers and saying it was pot, but he never confirmed how he did it. “So, what greasy fast food mystery meat place are we going to today?” He joked as he leaned his elbows on the roof of the small car, waiting for you to make a decision before he got in.

“You really know how to get an appetite going Gabe.” You said as you rolled your eyes and thought briefly about an answer, “Why don’t we just go to panera and call it a day.” You finished but soon after clarified, “I mean call it a day for lunch, not for school Gabe.”

“I know what you mean.” He ducked into the car and started it up.

“Do you? Cause the last time I used that expression I got three cut slips for missing all my afternoon classes.” You said in a somewhat stern voice, which only made Gabriel laugh harder than he was going to already.

“Gabe it’s not funny!” You protested to his laughter, but soon after scummed to his contagious laughter.

Gabriel let out a sigh as he finished off laughing, “Trust me y/n, high school is a lot more bearable if you just let go and laugh a little.” He said as he pulled out of the parking space.

Ever since 7th grade, when you both started drifting into the people you are now, he’s been trying to get you to ease up on the school work. ‘Do something fun, y/n. Go get with a guy and regret it the day after.’ You remember him telling you freshman year. Which in retrospect, was a fair example, given you only kissed one guy before. What was his name? You don’t remember. What you do remember was that it was a kid covered in acne and it was a nasty 6th grade kiss which is the one thing you regret most in your life so far.

But after every advance at trying to get you to loosen up a little you would come back with almost the exact same thing every time. “Gabe, laughing won’t get me into college.”

“So what? Who cares?” Gabriel made a face trying to get across the well known fact that, to him, college is not something he wants in his future.

“I care! Are you willing to get into this again?” You asked, you hated when you and Gabriel had this back and forth, because it always had the same outcome.

He took quick breaks from looking at the road to looking at you. He let out another sigh, you knew he thought this stress you put on yourself was going to catch up to you, and he didn’t want to see that happen. Though you weren’t going to change because nothing you can think of will make you. “Fine, but mark my words, you’re making up for that acne faced middle school kiss in 6th grade by senior graduation.” He lightly joked, but hinted at some seriousness.“

"Its a deal then.” He smiled, and even though he wasn’t looking at you, he could tell you did too.

As long as the time for lunch you had, it never seemed to be long enough. Before you knew it, it was time to go back and suffer through the remaining 3 classes. What did make it easier was knowing that you and Gabriel were going to meet up after school.

Time ticked by and eventually the end of school came. As everyone filed out of the classes and out to the front of the school you somehow caught a glimpse of Gabriel waiting by your car.

“How did you get out so early?” You asked as you walked up to Gabriel, assuming his comfortable position on the hood of your car has been lasting for a decent amount of time.

“Well you know, I have my ways.” He answered, not opening his eyes or moving from his original spot.

“You cut last block didn’t you?” You questioned, but already knew the answer.

Gabriel didn’t reply, but just smiled. You rolled you eyes and dropped your bag on the pavement, hopping up next to Gabriel.

“How have they not kicked you out of school yet?” You looked over at him and asked, thinking about that question with every brain cell you had.

“I’d like to think it’s because of my killer looks and irresistible hair.” He opened his eyes and winked at you, which you in turn let out a small laugh.

As you scooted over to rest your head on his chest he took a deep breath, “I don’t know, y/n. I imagine I get the pity vote.”

The fact that Gabriel was being honest and not brushing it off with a joke shocked you. In all the years you’ve been friends, you could count how many times you had a serious talk on one hand.

“Oh come on, Gabe. Why would they take the pity vote on you?” You were almost positive you knew the response, but you didn’t care.

“Why wouldn’t they? You have to see it, y/n. The kid with an absent father and a drunk mother who will never go farther than 5 miles away from where he grew up? I’m the epitome of pity."You sat up as he talked, preparing yourself for the rest of the exchange.

"Gabriel I swear to god if you say that again I will slap you so hard you won’t remember what we were talking about before.” You threatened him, of course you didn’t believe he deserved pity. Unlike him and what seemed to be everyone else around him, you saw everything amazing about him.

He looked up at you, seeing you sat up he mirrored you. “I’d like to see you try.” Gabriel joked, but he got himself into this conversation and you were going to make sure he wasn’t going to joke his way out.

“Gabe, i’ve known you since forever. You aren’t pitiful. You’re, believe it or not, a great guy.”

“Ok, mom.” Gabriel joked, but you could tell he got the picture.

“You’re also a dick a lot. But usually a good guy.” You smiled and took his hand as he looked up at you with puppy dog eyes. “I love you, Gabe.”

“I love you too, y/n.”

There was a long pause between the two of you. You both thought to yourselves what you meant by 'love’. You played with your thumbs as you contemplated this question. When you came up with your answer you looked back up at Gabriel, only to find he was already watching you. You opened your mouth to start to speak, you weren’t sure what you were going to say, exactly, you just knew something had to be said.

Before you could get out a syllable, Gabriel wrapped his hand around your neck. He gently pulled your head closer to his, and without missing a beat kissed you.

For a brief moment, time stood still. You weren’t sure whether you should pull away or go with it. Your entire body was just in complete shock. But in what seemed like split seconds after, you knew this was what you wanted.

Kissing Gabriel wasn’t like what you expected your first actual kiss would be like. It wasn’t rushed or tentative. No, it was like years of memories and emotions built up and came pouring out in this one moment. The whole feeling was a bit cliche to you, but it was the only way you could describe it.

When Gabriel did pull away, all the words you were going to say before vanished from your memory. You were completely speechless.

“I hope to god that was better.” Gabriel filled in the silence, though you had no clue what he was talking about. He saw the confused look on your face and continued to clarify, “6th grade acne face. I hope it was better than that.” He joked, and even though you were still speechless you managed to get out a laugh.

“Yeah.” You squeaked out, voice cracking. Gabriel chuckled at your reaction but reassured you by holding your hand. You cleared your throat, “Yeah it was.”

anonymous asked:

Hi P-m. What do you think about people who say Bucky is "a villain"?

Hi anon!

Well, it depends.

Option ONE: you’re having a casual conversation with someone who has never seen The Winter Soldier. My advice, keep it simple: “The Winter Soldier is the villain”, Don’t even mention Bucky. Why? You have to realize that for a lot of people it was a REAL surprise to discover that the Winter Soldier was indeed Bucky. Yup! When Bucky turned around and that Steve said “Bucky…?”, a whole part of the audience was like “NO WAY!!”. These people are casual viewers, they didn’t even realize/care that Sebastian Stan (who…?), the Bucky of the first movie was credited on the movie poster. They know about Scarlet Johansson and Samuel L. Jackson because they are famous, they know about Captain America but for the rest, zero. We don’t realize it here because on Tumblr, we are knee deep into fandom stuff but it’s not the case on the “outside world”. The vast majority here knew who the Winter Soldier was, about Sebastian Stan, about “Who the Hell is Bucky?”, bla, bla, bla but not everybody. So I’m Ok with “The Winter Soldier is the villain” in a non-spoilery conversation about the MCU.

Option TWO: The word villain is between “quotation marks”. Example: Bucky “the villain” of the second movie. I’m ok with that one too. Sometimes, you need to give a quick summary without going into details. I saw a lot of people doing this in movie reviews on YouTube for instance. Keeping it concise is fine when it’s a conversation “just like that”. Not every movie talk is about deep stuff and complex issues. When someone tells me that they loved “the “villain” of the second CA movie, I know what they mean. I don’t feel the need of being an obnoxious fan girl and take the “but he’s been brainwasheeeeed” road. Context is important.

Option THREE: You’re having a in-depth conversation with someone who has watched the movie and who actually believes that Bucky is a villain, period. No subtleties. *sigh* Not ok on that one. Because when people go down that road, I actually wonder if we watched the same movie. Did these people miss the part where Bucky was kidnapped, tortured, had his arm removed, his memory wiped, etc..? Yes, he killed a lot people but maybe, there’s something else about this character, don’t you think? It’s not even about being a “protective fan girl” at this point, it’s about understanding what the movie is about and from what we got from the trailer what Civil War is gonna be about too. So yeah, when I hear someone in an in-depth conversation abut the MCU saying that Bucky is a villain and nothing else, no gray areas, it makes me facepalm more than anything.

I hope I answered your question! Have a great day anon ^o^

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