these two just give me a lot of feels~ ok

I cried
Never gonna hold the hand of another guy
Too young for him they told her
Waitin’ for the love of a travelin’ soldier

So here’s one doodle from an AU that I’m never going to finish. I was trying to save up a few drawings for it and post them all at once but that sure didn’t pan out so have the only good one. I might write a drabble or two for this AU tho. Maybe. 

Anyway, Traveling Soldier by the Dixie Chicks just gives me a lot of Shidge feelings, ok? 

I think Fitz saying that this situation is “one of the oddest, even for us” is his (quiet) way of acknowledging Jemma’s feelings for him. I think a lot of us expected him to assume Jemma had gotten over him while she was on the planet, had decided she didn’t want their date to happen. In this conversation, though, he doesn’t try to write off her feelings for him or tell her how she feels, he acknowledges that she’s in an unbelievably difficult and bizarre situation. And he doesn’t push it.

Of course he’ll help get Will off that planet (because he’s a decent human being) but I think we can also see that maybe, just maybe, he’s not given up hope yet, doesn’t assume Jemma would choose someone else over him. And after all of his feelings of abandonment and how much that weighed on him and made him feel inferior in season two, I think Fitz accepting, maybe, finally, that Simmons could love him back the way he loves her is some serious character development.

anonymous asked:

I have this feeling like I'm verging on a panic attack and it's been with me for the past two days, it's like when you miss a step going downstairs and get that initial shock of "uh oh" and its affecting me a lot, it's giving me headaches and Im so tired at the end of the day I just took a six hour nap and Im still really tired. Do you have any advice? Or any stupid jokes that might make me feel better?

Ok, panic attacks. Oh boy, I hate them. I hope this advice isn’t too late cause my WiFi got cut off from my family. So I experience panic attacks full on, in like 3 seconds and then I am a complete mess and can’t stop. I never had an ongoing feeling of panic. The only thing that keeps me from having a panic attack is thinking “not now, not here” and then I go to do something. Last time I just did my laundry another time I wrote with a friend. Ongoing panic is something completely different though and I suppose it’s important to know why you might feel that way. I always think tea is a good way to relax. Take a tea and set yourself down somewhere, then try to feel everything. Try to feel your skin against your clothes or the warmth of the cup your holding. Focus on yourself being alive, breathing, that everything is okay and that it will be okay. Panic is not worth it. Another thing I like to do is cry. I cry and feel better, this can be hard because crying can lead to panic in a quicker manner. Maybe talk with someone about it if you can. Take a walk or draw or sing, keep your mind away from thinking about the panic. As for a joke, I don’t really have one rn, sorry. I belive in you, that you can do it an work against your panic.