these two just ;3;

…OK, in my defense, Min and Max are not always the most attractive fellows in their one TAS episode. I know I made worse, but STILL. 

Just two henchmen driving their new boss around :3

@lances-legs mentioned something about needing a Klance selfie? But it seems it didn’t go so well.


My friend @missyzero and I were talking about what Shadow’s damage might be in Sonic Forces and she was like “watch it be a Shadow bot and real Shadow was washing his bike somewhere.”

For some reason I thought that was funny and decided to draw it!

Your two complicated sons




suho’s birthday countdown // D-3 ♡
↳ cherry hair 🍒


Journey au

Part 1 

❄️ The Hero and the Fairy ❄️ this piece has been a long time coming~ i originally posted the initial sketch back in December, in fact! so, if anybody still remembers that, and helped choose this piece’s direction - thank you! and i hope it turned out to your liking! and i also hope that everyone who is seeing it for the first time enjoys it as well! (-^   v ^-) i feel like this is they Otayuri piece i’ve been waiting to draw since the first time i saw episode 10. i’ll be posting the WIP shots for this in the next few days, so for anybody who enjoys those types of things, keep an eye out! (^   w ^) <3



make me choosevilde and noora or jonas and isak? (asked by @orpheaus)

eres bonita como eres. you’re so cute, thank you so much ❤️ […] but hello, i don’t take spanish, what does it say? tienes que averiguarlo por tu misma, amiga.   

This scene right here is so sweet

Because when Keith says this, he’s indirectly telling Lance to always stay himself and not try to be someone else (in this case Pidge)

Keith can probably tell that Lance has low self esteem, especially considering that he told him this

Expressing that he’s questioning and doubting where he stands on the team, acting as if he isn’t important

Which is why Keith’s reaction is this

He doesn’t think Lance is unimportant in anyway and what he’s saying is really stupid, because he knows Lance is such an essential and valuable part of the team

Which is why before Lance leave, he says: “Leave the math to Pidge.” Or in other words: “Just stay yourself, don’t change for anything and don’t doubt your value and who you are.” 

That’s why Lance smiles even though he still may not be feeling happy

Because he knows exactly what Keith is saying