these two jerks


and the asshole of the year award goes to none other than…..RIKA (’cuz she’s why V is dead) LOLOLOLOLOL

  • N: Hongbin, get in the water, we're doing water exercises. The water is like three feet deep, you'll be fine.
  • Hongbin: You know I cant swim.
  • Hyuk: I hear saving yourself from drowning is great cardio.

@huxloween day 22: watching scary movies

I spend my night on this but it was worth it ! Hux, you little f*ck….. Those two are jerks, I love them.

You don't ship Stanchez? That's cool, that's fine. But consider the following...

Stan with a ton of internalized homophobia who, even in his old age, isn’t very comfortable admitting he’s into another man. Canonically pansexual Rick with a who-gives-a-shit attitude to the gender binary and a strong desire to make other people uncomfortable.

Soos going through Stan’s records to find music for some event the Mystery Shack is throwing and discovering a brightly colored album of bizarre, vulgar, screaming punk music tucked in among the subdued oldies. 

Stan getting flustered when he mentions it, snatching it away and telling Soos to go clean the gutters or groom the Sascrotch or something.

Rick wearing Stan’s shirts and swimming in them. Stan wearing t-shirts with Flesh Curtains’s logo on them.

Rick writing several songs about Stan for Flesh Curtains that don’t have Stan’s name in them but when Stan hears them he knows, he knows. Stan hearing torch songs on the radio and thinking of Rick. 

Rick picking some obnoxious pop song and jokingly declaring that it’s “their song” just to annoy Stan, playing it on every jukebox and generally being an enormous troll about it, but then years later when the two of them are on the outs Rick hears that annoying pop song on the radio and starts crying and can’t stop.

Rick saving Stan’s life without even knowing it by coming into his life and distracting him from his problems just when he was losing hope. Stan saving Rick’s life without ever knowing it by giving him a purpose and a goal when he was beginning to think everything was pointless.

Both of them caring about each other so, so much but being far too emotionally constipated to express their affection openly so they develop a way of showing each other they care that looks incomprehensible, even dickish to outsiders. Like Rick is hanging around the shack and sees Stan wincing and rubbing his back, so he throws his back brace at him and says “here, dumbass.” And Mabel and Dipper are like “that guy is so rude” but Stan is touched.

Stan and Trans!Rick. Just…Stan and Trans!Rick.

Rick collapsing on Stan’s doorstop after nearly sending himself into a coma via a variety of illicit substances. Stan frantically trying to care for him even though he has no idea how to treat an overdose of neputian dream crystals. Stan screaming at Rick when he’s finally healthy enough to talk again.

Stan and Rick going on crazy crime sprees when they were younger. Stan and Rick still going on crazy crime sprees now that they’re older.

Morty visiting the twins and getting made over by Mabel. Morty going on a monster hunt with the twins and being pleasantly surprised at what a nice, non-abusive fun adventure it is.

Rick hiding out from the Galactic Federation in Gravity Falls. Rick living in the Mystery Shack with Stan. Rick slowly, subtly becoming more content and domestic. 

Rick realizing he just spent forty minutes shopping online for a birthday present for Stan and thinking he’s settling down and getting incredibly pissed off about it and taking Stan on some crazy space adventure to compensate.

Rick making cocoa and watching TV on the couch with Stan afterwards and realizing he’s actually enjoying this more than the intergalactic adventure and becoming incredibly angry at himself and acting like a pissy house cat for a week.


I was thinking about how Hyperion would be like if Rhys and Jack managed it together as Co-CEOs. The classic ‘Good Cop/Bad Cop’ seems to fit well with these two corporate jerks. 

One of the aspects I enjoy most about Rhys and Jack’s dynamic is that their temperaments are different enough to balance each other but overlap enough for them to collaborate ::::: Rhys is level-headed enough to keep Jack grounded and keep him from making rash/destructive decisions. Jack is a lot more experienced in running a business and I assume he’s quite brilliant at it. There’s a limit to what sheer force can achieve, and waving a gun around alone can’t push a corporation to the top while making the population love/hate him. He’s a man who knows when to use a whip, make bold decisions, and when to use a carrot (he just likes using the whips too much). He can mentor Rhys in those aspects.

So I guess this would be a rough draft of a (canon divergence?) AU where the Vault Hunters and residents in other galaxies refer to them as the “Two-Headed Snake of Hyperion” (idk it’s funny to me)::::: Together, they launch a planet rehabilitation project called “Project Angel” for Pandora, where they combine Jack’s approach of using force to wipe out legit trash bandits and dangerous creatures, and Rhys’ approach of forming a safe community and living environment with more consideration for the rest of the Pandorans.

—edit: I’ve decided to call this a “HyperionSnake!AU”