these two idiots have ruined my life

musicals as vine quotes cause why not

Phantom Of The Opera: “Hey, guys. Hit that like button if you think being haunted is. Kinda hot.”

Wicked: “And they were roommates!” “Oh my god they were roommates.”

Dear Evan Hansen: “He’s dead…” “… Oh ‘not the dickhead’ what do you want me to say?”


Spring Awakening: “Hey, ma, what’s good? How old are you?” “Fifteen.” [UNINTELLIGABLE YELLING NOISES]


Be More Chill: “Hey bro what do you wanna eat?” “ T̠̤̭̘̬̀h͖͉e̴͉̼ ̬̙͡s͍̦̖̘̥̮͙o̳̕ụ̪ḻ̣͞s͓͖̬ ͚̬o͍̮͉f̜̫̼̲̭ ͖̕t̲̱̮̣͎͍͈h̝͇̮̦̥͜e͙̺̝ ͈̼in̶̗̪̪̪̝n̗̮̭̣̺͈o͙̻̟̜͙̞c͎̻e̹̤̭̟n̘͞t” “A bagel.” “ N̟̦̬̭͖͍̗O͓̼͟!̣͢ “

American Idiot: “Don’t let anybody else ruin your life. Because it’s your life. You should ruin it.”

Les Misérables: “Hey ~  How ya doin? Well, I’m doin just fine. I lied. I’m dying inside.”

Rent: The “Completely Giving Up” vine that has all the characters named Me

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde:  “My god, they’ve been in there forever.” “Eh, they probably just-” “WHOA WHAT THE FUCK WE’RE THE SAME PERSON” “HOLY SHIT” “HOW DID THIS HAPPEN” “STOP YELLING AT ME”

Waitress: “Why did you seat that couple before us?” “It’s a table for two.” “Yeah?” “You have ten people.” “Yeah?” [”We Like To Party” by Vengaboys plays]

Chicago: Could ya stop playin that damn music?” “Don’t talk shit on my music!” [GUNSHOT] ♪ say you’ll remember me ♪

Do You Promise Me, Weasley? - George Weasley Imagine


Hi~ Can you write an imagine where George is jealous and overprotective because the reader have to do a work with a boy that is in love with her (she doesn’t know but George does and he hate that guy XD) I’m sorry if my english is bad ;^;. Thanks~
Can you do an imagine where george and his girlfriend get into a big fight right after she finds out she is pregnant but hasn’t told him yet and she believes he doesnt want to be with her anymore and won’t want the baby. But of course it all works out in the end. Please?

A/n: I don’t know why but for some reason I just thought that this might be a really good idea to combine both of these requests… I may be wrong tho…

~(Y/n)’s POV~

How does one react when they get the truth that there is a baby living and growing in your stomach? My reaction like most girls is happy. I was joyful and grateful that I was able to have an amazing boyfriend who can father this child but as my mind drifted off to the thought of George, I was instantly saddened and anxious. How would George react to this news? We’ve been together since our third year but we’ve been best friends since our first year in which I’m thankful everyday that my chocolate frog ran away from my clutches and landed in the hands of a very special ginger.

Life is an unexpected thing. You probably won’t even know what’s going on until it actually happens. I can’t predict or change the future, even if I wanted to but sometimes you just have to accept the things that are happening. I didn’t want to lose George, he’s the best thing that has ever happened to me. He cares and loves me for me. He never hesitates to tell me how beautiful I am no matter where we are and he protects me from any kind of danger. Including “danger” that involves boys talking to me, I don’t think I’ve ever had a conversation longer than five minutes but I didn’t complain.

All day long, I thought long and hard on how to break the news to him. I looked at myself in my hand mirror talking to myself.

“I’m pregnant, George… I’m pregnant! Surprise!… I’m pregnant haha” then I smacked myself in the face, this was harder than I thought. I don’t even think that I’ll be able to speak when I get the chance to talk to him. I waited in the common room for him to arrive, I knew he would be back soon from his quidditch practice. I kept practicing until the moment he walked in, something about the look on his face showed that he was mad.

“What’s wrong?” I asked, the news can wait as it seems that right now isn’t a good time.

“Nothing” he mumbled brushing me off before heading straight to the staircase. Are you kidding me? I grabbed his hand and yanked it.

“Don’t tell me that it’s nothing George. What’s wrong?”

“You want to know what’s wrong?” He spat “I can’t believe that I was so oblivious to see that you were cheating on me!”

“What the hell are you talking about?”

“Don’t act all innocent. Brennan already told me everything”

“I’m not cheating on you!” He didn’t speak nor did he look at me “You’re seriously going to take his word over mine!”

I couldn’t believe it. George, out of all people, knew that Tyler Brennan had this huge crush on me and he’s even made a few accusations that I’ve slept with him before but now all of sudden George believes his bogus story.

“George, I’ve never cheated on you! You know that Tyler is lying to you! He always lies!” I tried to give him reasons but it seems that he wouldn’t take any of them.

“George?” I whispered

“Just leave me alone” he said in a quiet tone before actually leaving me alone in the common room. I stood there in disbelief. He just left me.

~A week later~

It was ridiculous the way George was acting. Freaking ignoring me when I passed by, making no acknowledgement that I was in the same room. It was as if I no longer existed, like I was a ghost. I haven’t told anyone about the pregnancy but keeping secrets had its toll on me. I felt like I had this unbearable weight pushing down on me because there’s no one to talk to about it. I was surprised that I haven’t been skipping classes to eat ice cream in front of the common room fire, I always thought that without George I would be miserable that I didn’t have my boyfriend and a father for my baby but I’ve seen plenty of strong and independent single moms.

Unfortunately the dreadfulness of my life continued.

Only for a few minutes because our teacher, Professor Trelawney, paired me up with the person I hated the most because he ruined my relationship, Tyler Brennan. I would happily end his life with two simple words “Avada Kedavra” but then I would get expelled from the best school in the universe and go to azkaban which doesn’t really sound worth it once I think about it. I rested my chin atop of my folded hands and looked into the cloudy crystal ball trying my hardest not to punch the idiot right next to me.

“So, I heard that you and George broke up. Do you wanna go out? I would have asked you earlier but I’ve been so busy with quidditch you know.” His cocky voice making me gag, I looked up at him to see him bending his arms up and showing his supposed ‘guns’. I’m pregnant and I found that I have a lot more mood swings… Then usual. I rolled my eyes and raised my hand.

“Yes miss. (Y/l/n)?” Trelawney said.

“My poor partner’s future says that he’ll die soon and it makes me very very sad” I said “I don’t want to hear the rest or I might cry so I’m just going to switch with…” I looked around. “Maverick, if you don’t mind”

“Oh. Go, go ahead” she said, I just decided to sit with Maverick. He was this Hufflepuff student in my year, same height as George, black glasses, black hair and olive skin. Every time we encountered, he seemed to always wave and smile in which I would always return because he’s always so nice.

“Hi” I said plopping down on the empty seat next to him.

“H-hi” he said meekly.

“So. What are we doing?”

“Well, we’re just supposed to look into the ball and see if a sign pops up.” It was silent until he started a conversation. “H-how are you? I heard that you and George broke up” I just looked at him and smiled.

“I’ve been better, I must admit. Just a little.”

'Oh also, I forgot to add that I’m pregnant but forget about it. How are you?’
I thought in my head.

“Um… You know that w-” he was cut short as he was pushed back making him fall. I looked at the attacker to see, George.

“What hell are you doing?” I got up and helped Maverick. George came closer.

“He was practically undressing you with his eyes” he said furiously, the anger getting the best of him. Everyone was looking now.

“So what if he was?!” I spat, my anger, now, getting the best of me. “We’re not together, George. Remember, you left me because you believed his bogus story!” I pointed at Tyler.

“I was wrong. I don’t know why I believed him.”

“Just save it. I don’t want to hear more lies” I said quietly before grabbing my bag and leaving the classroom then I began my long journey down the staircase.

“(Y/n)!” It was George.

“What George?!” I yelled. I was so done. God, I’m pregnant and I’m having a fight with my child’s father. I looked up to see George barely at the beginning of the staircase.

“I miss you. I should have never took Brennan’s word over yours-”

“Yet you did… Just leave me alone”

“No! I won’t leave you alone”

“Why not?”

“Because I love you. I made the biggest mistake letting you go but I won’t let it happen again. I’m sorry for everything, I should have never yelled at you or accused you of something like that. Just please give me a second chance.”

I was about to walk up the stairs and hug him but I think the baby was disagreeing. I can feel that weird sensation in my stomach and I began to feel a bit dizzy, I ran down the rest of the stairs with both of my hands over my mouth. I heard following footsteps indicating that George was chasing after me. I went to the nearest dirt path and let it go. I felt hands pull back my hair.

As I was done, I looked at George.

“I’m pregnant. Surprise!” I said weakly with a small smile. I think the adding of surprise made the news more cheerful I think. George smiled and hugged me tightly in his arms.

“I’ll be by your side the whole time”

“Do you promise me, Weasley?”

“Who do you think I am? Ron?” He laughed “I promise”



Captain Swan thinking that the other doesn’t care but them telling each other that they do.(Season 2 Finale | Season 3 Finale)

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How dare you make me want to use what little spare time I have to watch every episode of Emmerdale that has ever featured Aaron and Robert. I'm like /this/ close to looking into it

I’ve never felt so proud in my entire life tbh. I want to frame this ask.

There’s a YouTube that has their storyline uploaded and I highly suggest all of it. I also welcome all live blogs and yelling when they ruin your life.

There will be cuteness and so much angst

But lookit Aarons lil face

How could you not wanna watch these two idiots fall in love

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I’m finally seeing my therapist for the first time in two months next Thursday and… Jesus I don’t even know where to start. How the fuck are we gonna cover all the shit we’d been covering before when I have the drama from the assaulter I had to block, H leaving the state and me being heartbroken about that, school plans getting fucked up because I’m an idiot who doesn’t do his research, my insurance changing and maybe ruining my mental health coverage after that session and everything else from the last godforsaken month to throw in?

Should I just pretend everything but that basic life shit is just okay? I only have a fucking hour.

Good god. So it’s been WELL over a week now since finishing ACOMAF and I am still helplessly hungover from this amazing story and world. And despite making this blog, two Pinterest boards and rereading my favorite parts, I still can’t flush this preoccupation from my system. SO, I just had to paint these two idiots to ease my obsession (though I perhaps might have just fanned the flame further). I cannot for the life of me get Rhys’s lips or hair right (they have to be perfect, yafeel?) Thus this is still very much a WIP with the final colored version coming soon. Just wanna shout out @sarahjmaas for bringing this story into my life but also ruining me.

*I’m calling this piece “My FAEves” (heh, get it?) 

Throughout my life I have seen, without one exception, narrow-shouldered men performing innumerable idiotic acts, brustalising their fellows, and corrupted souls by every means. They call the motive for their actions: fame. Seeing these exhibitions I’ve longed to laugh, with the rest, but that strange imitation was impossible. Taking a penknife with a sharp-edged blade, I slit the flesh at the points joining the lips. For an instant I believed my aim was achieved. I saw in a mirror the mouth ruined at my own will! An error! Besides, the blood gushing freely from the two wounds prevented my distinguishing whether this really was the grin of others. But after some moments of comparison I saw quite clearly that my smile did not resemble that of humans: the fact is, I was not laughing.

Comte de Lautréamont in “Les Chants de Maldoror” (1869)

The same year “The Man Who Laughs” (the main influence for the Joker’s chara design), by Victor Hugo, came out.
Love Is a Lie Series- Haunting | Oneshot

Taehyung x Reader | Oneshot

Summary: Taehyung, a young and sweet soul, finds someone who he falls for in his dark and dreary life. But sometimes, love is not always what it seems to be.

Genre: Angst and a little fluff

Words:  6,532 Words

Warnings: Mensions of mental illness, heavy angst

A/N: I’ve been working on this for about a week and I REALLY LIKE IT, and I’m turning this into a series, the next one will probably be Yoongi.

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First rough sketches for my Skyrim/Dragonborn Crossover for the hobbitreversebang. These are only some inputs, a masterpost with both the “covers” for my two entries and all the infos will come later on!
It’s vaguely based on Skyrim main plot. A little summary for better understanding, more will come in future:

When Bard kills Smaug, his soul unexpectedly comes back to the Mountain to be assorbed by Bilbo and Thorin. They’re both heavily confused until Gandalf appears and reveals that apparently they’re the Dragonborn, the descendent of dragons that is destined to rid the world of their kind. This time though, it has reincarnated into two beings - Bilbo and Thorin indeed. They now must go to the north of Middle Earth to stop the new coming of dragons, and most of all stop the cultists of dragons who want to bring back the great Ancalagon the Black, who would help Sauron take control of all Middle Earth. Things are not made easier by the fact that Thorin - still partially under the effect of the gold-sickness - doesn’t want to leave his newly reclaimed kingdom, Bilbo is extremely cross with him, and it happens that they have to be somehow connected to make their powers work.

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i am literally dead i don't know what to do with myself or my life until they reunite i won't be able to be a normal functioning person they have truly ruined me i am in so much pain they deserved to be happy together but instead bellamy thinks clarke is dead and clarke talks to him every day even though she doesn't actually know if he is alive but she has hope and i WANT TO DIE


  • Me after watching first two episodes of Psycho-Pass: Oh, Akane and Kogami have a good chemistry.
  • Me as Psycho Pass pogresess: Their interactions are good, maybe another ship in the list.
  • Me after episode 18: Dammit Kogami, you idiot! why you let her behind?!
  • Me after final of S1: Shinkane only leaves feels and angst.
  • Me after S2: All that parallels. actions and everything, dammit this OTP.
  • Me after trailers ans screenshots of the movie: It's official, this damn OTP ruined my life forever.
Chapter 24: Miss You.


“Oh, you cooked?! And it smells good?! I must be dreaming!” I yelled out as I entered Chris’ house. He practically begged me to come over because he was bored so here I am now. 

“Girl, my baby can cook! Where have you been?” I heard Momma J ask from the kitchen causing me to giggle lowly. See, why is Momma J in the kitchen? She must’ve helped Chris. I mean, he could cook but what I’m smelling smells gooooooooood with 10 o’s.  

“Shit.” I mumbled to myself as I tripped over one of Chris’ big ass shoes by the front door. That’s what I get for talking about ‘his’ cooking. 

“Honeys I’m home!” I smiled as I entered the kitchen and posed against the wall as Chris and his mom looked at me with a blank face. 

“What? I’m not cute?” I pouted as I did a 360 spin and made more model poses causing Chris to shake his head and Momma J to laugh. They know they love me.

“You’re gorgeous, baby. I’m gonna go get ready for work.” She laughed as she walked off towards her room. She reminds me of my mom so much. That nice, sweet, caring, and positive attitude. How could you not love someone with a positive attitude?

“Wanna taste it?” Chris asked smirking as he stirred the pot around. What’s he smirking for? I hope he doesn’t have anything up his sleeve, cause I’m gonna beat his ass. I’m already prepared. He’s done did so many things that it’s hard to tell if he’s being serious or not.

“Sure.” I smiled as I sat down in front of him and closed my eyes before silently praying that he doesn’t kill me. In the middle of my prayer, I felt some kind of hot sauce splash all over my jersey and some even got on my face. Oh hell no.

“I knew it was too good to be true!” I gasped as I looked at all the sauce from the pot that he got on me. Picking some up with my bare hands, I smashed all of it on his face as he stood there debating on if he should get me back or not.

“I wanna play!” Ty yelled in a girly voice as he popped up of out no where. Oh shit, they’re gonna double team me. I wish Momma J could help but she’s getting ready for work. They always get me when I’m by myself. They planned this. One day I’m gonna scare their asses.

“Ty, you on my team!” Chris yelled to Ty as he hid behind the kitchen table. Ty nodded and ran over to where Chris was and threw his hat in the hall. He probably didn’t want it to get dirty because he had just got it. 

“Ok guys time out! I’m getting a little thirsty.” I laughed as I reached for the fridge handle and looked for some juice. As I was about to grab it, I was being grabbed by my legs and arms instead. Chris had my legs and Ty had my arms. I know they weren’t about to do what I think they were doing. 

“Put me down! I don’t wanna get wet!” I screamed as I squirmed around but that wasn’t helping shit. They had pretty tight grips on me. Curse them for being so damn strong. 

“Too bad because you already do that when you around me.” Chris smirked as I thought about what he was trying to say. Ew, he’s nasty. 

“1..2….” Chris and Ty counted off as they stood on the side of the pool in the backyard. I swear to God if they drop me in this damn pool, I’m gonna kill them. I just washed my hair and I had on make-up. I didn’t spend hours on this makeup only for it to be ruined by two idiots.

“3!” They both yelled as I felt myself being dropped in the pool. Wanting them to feel bad, I stayed under the water longer then I should have and I heard them panicking up top.Wanting to chuckle badly, I couldn’t because bubbles would come up and they’d know that I was playing. 

“Raye! Baby, wake up I’m sorry!” Chris said as him and Ty shook the life out of me. I wanted to laugh so badly because Chris sounded helpless and like he was gonna cry. Man, this was funny.

“Nah man you gotta slap her.” I heard Ty say, and immediately I died of laughter and opened my eyes. The looks on their faces were priceless. They didn’t know whether to laugh or be pissed so after a while they just laughed. 

“I’m gonna go get in the shower and wash my hair again, guys.” I said as I started to walk away but they both pulled me back by my arms. They still want to play, I see. I’m getting them back when they’re off guard. May be today, tomorrow, next year.. They’ll never know. 

“Uh uh, you gone help clean up.” Chris said as he rose an eyebrow, causing me to scoff. He’s the one that wanted to be childish and throw food on people so he needs to clean it up while Ty and I get our beauty sleep for prom. Unlike Chris, we have shit to do.

“Uh, you got me fucked up. Come on Ty.” I laughed loudly in Chris’ face before I grabbed Ty’s hand and ran upstairs to Chris’ room. I need to take a quick shower and wash my hair before I go to bed thanks to Chris. I had already did all of that before I came here.

“Sorry for the lil’ incident, you know I got love for you.” Ty apologized as he started blowing me kisses once he sat on Chris’ bed. Pretending as if I caught them, I then looked in Chris’ drawer to see if he had anything I could wear. Coming up with nothing, I just grabbed some Ralph Lauren boxers and a plain white Ralph Lauren tee. I hope his shirt is big enough for me.

“I’ll be in the shower if you need me Ty!” I yelled once I entered Chris’ enormous bathroom. It was way bigger than mines and he didn’t even use it like that. He only goes in there to take showers really. Most of the time, he’s in the bathroom in the hallway. 

“Ok, but hurry up I’m scared!” He yelled back as I started laughing. The funny part about it is that he’s serious. I don’t know why he just doesn’t turn the light and TV on. No wonder he always wants Nae up under him. 

Turning the shower water on, it got hot in no time. Washing my body for about 15 minutes, I grabbed all the hair products that I needed and washed my hair. When I was done with that, I repeated the same routine of washing myself then I got out. When I opened the shower curtain, it was super foggy and steamy so I had to hurry and get out. 

“Finally you came out..” Ty said as I opened the bathroom door and re-entered Chris’ room. I might have to change in the closet cause I’m not about to change in that hot ass bathroom. Could barely breathe when I got out. 

Making my way to Chris’ spacious closet, I opened the door and almost lost my mind. “What are you doing in here that has you so quiet?! You scared me!” I yelled as I quickly picked my towel back up and covered my body. 

“Excuse me Raye, I was looking for something in MY closet. My bad.” He sarcastically apologized as he mugged me. Holding his hand out for me to grab, I pulled it so that he could get up. Once he left, I dropped my towel and used my lotion, spray and etc. before putting on my clothes. Well, Chris’ clothes. 

“Hey, is that mine?” Chris asked as I came out of the closet. He tilted his head to the side, trying to figure out if it was his or not. He wears my shit all the time so he better not get mad.

“Yes..” I shrugged, nonchalantly. I didn’t think he’d care, but then I remembered that I ripped open a brand new pack. 

“That was new! You bu–” Ty cut off Chris’ bitching. He must be in his period today. One minute he was happy, the next minute he started bitching.

“Nigga, yo momma bought those don’t act like you did.” Ty chuckled as he muffled Chris. Chuckling along with him, Chris sucked his teeth and started stripping down to nothing but his boxers that were matching the ones that I had on. Twinzies. 

“Shut yo scary ass up. Damn near grown and you scared to be in the room by yourself, fuck outta’ here. And scoot over man, I ain’t with that gay shit.” Chris mugged Ty as he roughly pushed him over to the other half of the bed which left a big space in the middle. I guess I’m sleeping there. 

Crawling into the bed, I grabbed one of the pillows and put it between Chris and I. I don’t want his nasty ass trying anything. It was supposed to just be Ty and I in here anyways. Since Ty was facing me, I put my head on his chest as he sucked his teeth. “Put yo hair in a ponytail or something. That shit all in my face.” Huffing because I had put my hair in twist, I just pulled them up and put them in a ponytail like Ty asked. Well more likely demanded. They were still a little damp but oh well. 

Assuming back into the position I was in, I was just about to fall asleep when I felt Chris kick Ty. Oh here they go with this childish shit. They act like two big ass kids. 

“Ow, man! I’m trying to go to sleep!” Ty yelled as he rubbed his leg. They started going back and forth, leaving me here helpless and tired.

“You guys, I have a big day ahead of me tomorrow.” I mumbled in a sleepy tone as Ty and Chris kept going back and forth. This is why I hate when they get together, they won’t shut the fuck up. I have a million and one appointments to attend super early tomorrow and I’m trying to get a lot of sleep but I can’t with these 2 morons. They’ve been talking non-stop. Even when I asked them to be quiet in a nice mannerly way.

“Yea I do too, except Chris.” Ty joked as he started clapping because he was laughing. He always clapped or slapped his knee when he laughed and he laughed like a fucking 3 year old girl. It was cute on him though.

“Fuck yo punk ass. That’s why I saw Nae all up on this other dude yesterday in 3rd period.” Chris laughed as Ty stopped laughing causing me to smirk. Finally man. That got him to shut up.

I didn’t feel like sleeping alone, so that’s why I’m here with Chris and Ty but now I’m starting to regret it. I would’ve called August for sure, but he’s spending some time with his aunt because he’s gonna be with me all tomorrow and that’s when he’s leaving. 

“What the fuck was you doin all up on some nigga in 3rd period, Nae?” Ty asked Nae on the phone, breaking me out of my thoughts. I could hear Nae cursing him out, causing Chris and I to laugh. Ty’s dumb for believing Chris. After all these years they’ve been together, why would Nae be talking to some other dude? Plus they have a baby now. Nobody has time for that. 

“Alright baby my bad, Chris the one that told me that. I love you, don’t yell at me.” Ty apologized loudly causing me to put my pillow over my head and let out a muffled scream. I’m gonna be sleepy tomorrow. Well, today because it’s now midnight.

“Why you got this pillow between us Raye?” Chris sucked his teeth as he tried to move the pillow from between us but I smacked his hand away. If he keeps playing, he gonna be at the bottom. I don’t care if it’s his bed. 

“Cause you don’t know how to keep your hands to yourself.” I mumbled into my pillow. Can’t he tell that I’m annoyed? It’s all in my voice. 

“I’m sorry, I can’t help it.” He mumbled in a deep voice, reminding me of August a little bit. Sighing loudly, I decided to text him to see what he was doing. It’s not like I’m gonna get any sleep anyways. 

Me: babe 😩
Baby: yea?
Me: hi 😉
Baby: what yo bored ass want Raye? 😂😂😂 auntie keep getting mad at me for looking at my phone n not paying attention to her so what is it?
Me: I can’t go to sleep 😩
Baby: take some medicine. u need to go to sleep frfr, we gone be up all tomorrow. 😈😔 I love you babe. Can’t believe I’m leaving. Idk how ima make it w/out you.
Me: I love you too & right. I’m gonna be a wreck
Baby: nah, you gotta be strong for me, aight? always remember that I love you & even if I’m not literally w you, ill always be in your heart babe. 💕 if somebody tries to fuck w you, just think 'what would aug do’ 👊 & do just what I would do 😂 fr tho, as much I wanna let you go.. I can’t. ion want you giving up your dreams to be w me. that’s selfish of me. make sure you go to college & make dat $$$$ & follow your dreams. you gone always be my baby 😍😍😍 & if you need somebody to talk to im always here. I love you silver👫. wish you the best. 🙏

Re-reading the message over and over, tears started to roll down my cheeks. I don’t see how I’m gonna be strong. August is such a good guy, with a great personality and I’m really gonna miss that. It’s going to be hard not seeing him everyday. I can’t believe he’s really leaving me. “What’s wrong?” Chris asked, breaking me out of my thoughts.

Handing Chris my phone, he sighed and asked Ty could he give us a minute. Ty being the childish guy he was, he kept making kissing noises at us two before he left the room.

“Stop crying, Raye. Like he said, be strong for him. Crying ain’t gonna solve a damn thing. You got a big day tomorrow, don’t think about him leaving just focus on the positive. I’m gone leave you alone because I know you need your beauty sleep but I love you.” Chris said in my ear, before kissing me on the forehead. Moving the pillow from between us, I buried my head in his chest as I tried to stop crying. Wrapping my arms around his torso, I started holding onto him for dear life.

“Damn, you squeezing a nigga to death.” Chris mumbled as he managed to let out a small chuckle. Chuckling along with him, my tight grip loosened a bit so he could breathe.

“I’m sorry, I just.. need some comforting right now.” I sighed as Ty slowly crept back in the room. Looking at me for confirmation to come in, I laughed and nodded.

“Goodnight, y'all.” Was the last thing I heard from Ty before I fell asleep in Chris’ arms,


I really didn’t feel like going to prom anymore, but I didn’t wanna disappoint August. He was really excited about going and I don’t wanna ruin that. I had this major headache and I just wanna lay down all day, but Aug’s leaving early tomorrow morning and I want to at least do one last thing with him. I guess I just have to suck it up. Maybe I just need to take some medicine.

“You feeling better?” Chris asked as he came in my room with his niece in his hands. He’s so good with kids, I can tell he’s gonna be a great father some day. Chris luh da kids.

“No, but it’s not about me.” I shrugged as I sat up in the bed. Chris sucked his teeth and side eyed me before putting his attention back on his niece who was so pretty by the way. I forgot her name.

“So, you going or not?” He asked after placing lots of kisses on his nieces face as she giggled. Smiling at the sight, I nodded and checked my phone which was on his nightstand. I had six texts from August and one from Bri and Raymond.

Baby: gm bae 😘

Baby: can’t wait to get up in them guts tonight 😉😈😏

Baby: no condom 😎
Baby: wake up

Baby: damn how long u gone be sleep

Baby: 😕😐😑

Me: calm down baby, I just got up 😂

Chuckling to myself because he was becoming frustrated, I decided to text  all of them back.

Bri😍😘😜😂😎😇🙏👭: have a good day today sis. I’ll be waiting for you later on.

Me: ok.
Raymond: Wya 👀👂👃
Me: Chris house 👀  

“Are you excited?” Chris asked, breaking me out of my thoughts.  I don’t know if I should be happy or sad. I’m a little bit of both. I just have to suck it up and be a big girl for my baby. He promised that he’d come back so I’ll just wait and see.

“I don’t know..” I mumbled loud enough for them to hear as I cleared my throat. Feeling the bed shift, I looked over and Chris was sitting beside me.

“Just think positive, alright?” Chris said, as I nodded. I guess he was right, if I keep thinking negative then I’m not gonna have any fun today. Let me just get the thought of August leaving out of my head for right now and try to cheer up.

“Gotcha. So are you ready to take me to my appointments?” I asked. Raymond was supposed to take me but he was gonna be rushing me so I just asked Chris instead.

“You ready to go?” Chris asked as he stood up with his hands in his pockets. Nodding, I got out of my bed and slid on some black Burberry sandals to match my all black outfit. Quickly checking the weather on my phone, I didn’t bother to get a jacket. I was gonna be burning up.

Once we got outside, he opened his car door for me and I gasped. “When did you become such a gentlemen?” I asked sarcastically as he rolled his eyes and laughed.

“One of my hoes had a lil talk with me earlier..” He shrugged as I huffed and dramatically rolled my eyes. He always ruins the moment. Laughing at my reaction, he jogged over to the drivers’ side and got in before driving off. I wonder where Ty went..

“How do you get so many girls with your rude, disrespectful ass?” I chuckled as he smirked and licked his pink plump lips cockily. Chris is so conceited.

“You must ain’t heard what they be calling me at school..” He said as he winked at me then put his focus back on the rode. Then, I thought about it. They do have nicknames for Chris but.. Oh! Ew, I didn’t think they were talking about my Chris.

“Ew! Who came up with that name?” I asked scrunching up my face but I couldn’t help but laugh at the name. The name was Sweet Dick Chris. I hear it all the time but I just shrug it off because I thought they were talking about somebody else. Now I’m not gonna be able to take Chris serious.

“Ion even know. You know it’s true tho, so ain’t no Ew.” He laughed as he pulled up to the hair salon. I’m surprised that he was taking me, because he hates waiting for me but he said he wasn’t gonna complain this time.  I’ll believe it when I see it. At least he’s not worse than Raymond. Raymond will really get on your nerves.

After talking to the lady at the front desk, she directed me to my hair dresser and I sat down in the chair. Chris pulled up a chair next to me, and stared at me as the lady started to massage my scalp.

“How did you want it, again?” My stylist Janelle asked. Chris kept licking his lips at her, causing me to roll my eyes. He’s such a hoe. Staring at her like she’s a piece of meat. I mean, I have to admit, Janelle is gorgeous but gahdamn.

“Bone straight, middle part. Like Lauren London’s hair most of the time.” I assured her as she got a cape out for me.

“You cut hair?” Chris asked, breaking the silence. Janelle looked at him, before focusing back on my hair. I could tell she really wasn’t interested because 1. she already had a boyfriend and 2. I told her all about Chris.

“Yea, you wanna book an appointment?” She asked as she gave him a nice warm smile, flashing her pearly whites which complimented the red lipstick she had on.

“Yea, I need a haircut bad. Can’t you tell?” He asked as he took his hat off, and started playing in his curls. They actually looked good on him, I didn’t think he needed a haircut.

“Nah, it looks good on you. Maybe an edge up will do the trick.” She said as he nodded and pulled out his phone. He’s probably texting all his hoes back. That’s the only thing he does on his phone. That and get on Ig to lurk.

After about 2 hours, Janelle was finally done with my hair. Her and Chris kept me laughing the whole time, so it went by pretty fast. After leaving my other appointments, we were finally at Bri’s house and I was getting more anxious to see August by the second.

“Raye! Are you ready for prom?” Bri asked excitedly, trying to brighten my depressing mood, because I was missing the fuck out of August. He should be here in a few. I felt like I haven’t seen him in forever.

“Yea, I guess..” I shrugged, as I sat down next to Chris and started playing in his curls. It became a habit of mines, I don’t know why. Maybe cause he’s always playing in my hair. It felt good though, well at least that’s what he said.

“You ready to help me?” I asked, weakly smiling down at him. He was all slouched down on the couch, that’s why I was looking down at him instead of up. I could tell he was tired, but he promised he’d help me.

“Yea, and that lady did good on your makeup.” I smiled as his eyes started to wander over my face. The lady that did my makeup did really good. I mean, I wore makeup everyday and it looked good but damn this was looking too damn good.


“I guess, let’s go though.” He said as he stood up and put his hand out for me to grab. Once I grabbed it, we both jogged upstairs to Bri’s room before shutting the door behind us.

“Wanna hear some music?” I asked as she grabbed Bri’s red beats pill. Nodding his head, I set everything up and a couple of seconds later the Trap Queen beat dropped causing me to huff in annoyance. Everybody was wearing this song out. Used to be my shit.

“You already took a shower?” Chris asked me as I looked at him like he was stupid. Why else would I have on a towel?

“Duh.” I said nonchalantly as he chuckled and flicked me off.

“Aye man, I was just asking. Disrespectful fuck.” I said as I put my hands up in defense. Smiling up at him, I let out a small laugh as I started staring at him.  I’ve been doing it a lot these past couple of days. I can’t help it, Chris is beautiful.

“What? Why you staring at me? It’s something on my face?” He asked as a smirk slowly started to spread across his face. I could tell I was making him nervous the way I Was staring at him. I ain’t stared at him like this in a long time.

“It’s nothing.” I shrugged as I went to get my  dress out of Bri’s closet. Laying it flat down on Bri’s bed, I smiled down at it and looked back over at myself in the mirror. I was gone look good as hell tonight.

“Alright, is your hands clean? I can never keep my white clothes white.” I asked as I took the long white prom dress out of the plastic. Stripping out of my towel I was talking but Chris was too into my body to even recognize what I was saying. Good thing I had on underwear.

“Hey! Let me turn my ass around, you weren’t even listening to me. Too busy being a pervert.” I rolled my eyes as I turned around while covering my breasts. Chuckling at my statement, he helped me get into my dress and zipped it up afterwards. It took about five minutes just to zip up that tiny ass zipper.

“How do I look?” I asked as I turned around to face him before doing a 360 spin. I felt like Cinderella in this dress, even though it didn’t flare out as much as her dress did. I just felt like a princess or something.

“Amazing.” He complimented me as a smile plastered across my face. He was being so nice today, what is up with him? I don’t know what’s gotten into him, but I like it.

I was about to thank him until the door bell had cut me off. Quickly grabbing my heels from Bri’s closet, I didn’t hesitate to push Chris out the way just to get downstairs. I knew who it was. It was my baby.

As soon as I got to the front door, I swung the door open and became face to face with August and his aunt Em. She probably wanted to take pictures of us.

“Baby! I missed you so freaking much!” I squealed as I jumped on August. On queue, he caught me and held me up like I was a baby. He smelled and looked so good. Is the room getting hotter or..?

“I missed you too babeh’.” He mumbled in my ear as I felt his lips form into a smile. He started planting kisses all over my face, only for his aunt to clear her throat and out her hand on her hip.

“Where’s my love, Raye?” His Aunt Emerie asked with her arms held out for me. Tapping August so that he could let me down, he did just that and I jumped in his aunt’s arms afterwards. Besides Momma J, she gave the warmest and welcoming hugs.

“We’re gonna be around each other a lot when August leaves.” She laughed as I nodded. August sucked his teeth,  causing us to snap our heads in his direction. I finally got a good look at him, and he was looking goooooooood as hell. He had on all white, just like me. He cleans up nice.

“So y'all just can’t wait til I leave, huh?” He asked, licking his lips making me melt inside. He was looking so fine today, omg. I can’t take it.

“No baby, I’m gonna miss the hell out of y–” I was cut off by Chris’ voice as he stood in front of us. It was kind of awkward, to be honest.

“Um Raye, you forgot your purse.” Chris said as he scratched the top of his head while holding my purse up in his other hand. Grabbing it from him, he was about to walk away until I stopped him.

“Thanks for helping me with everything.” I smiled as he gave me a small smile back. I could tell he was starting to feel uncomfortable.

“Hey! I remember you.. Why do you look so familiar?” Aunt Em asked Chris asked she squinted her eyes to look at him. Figures, everybody in Aug’s family knows Chris. This always happens.

“I don’t know, you’re probably thinking of somebody else.” Chris chuckled, as he politely walked away. His ass was lying. He probably didn’t wanna make it more awkward by telling her him and Aug used to be friends. She probably would’ve asked why aren’t they friends anymore and how Chris and I know each other and it’s just too much. I need to remember to thank Chris for his little lie.

“He’s lying but whatever. Time for pictures!” She squealed as Bri came to the front door doing the same thing. Both of them started taking pictures with their phones and Bri had her Canon. Making up different poses, Bri told us to do one exchanging corsages. It was the cutest one, honestly.

“Alright, have fun and be safe Raye. I love you! Oh yea, and use protection August!” Bri warned us as she gave us the 'you better or ima beat you ass’ look.

“Psh.” August mumbled, causing me chuckle loudly. He was right though. I’m sorry but the last time we did it without a condom felt so good that I just couldn’t use protection.

“What was that?” Bri asked as she put her hand behind her ear, waiting for an answer. Mumbling a 'nothing’, she nodded and pushed us out of the house before blowing kisses. Aunt Em was already waiting in the car.

“You smell so good and look so beautiful, babeh’.” August said as he walked behind me with his hands around my waist. I still had my shoes in my hand. I wasn’t gonna put them on until we got there because I know my feet were gonna be killing me.

“Thanks, we bout to slay everybody’s lives babe.” I smiled as he laughed. Helping me into the car, he shut my door and got in on the other side since his Aunt was driving. He wanted to drive, but she talked him out of it. Minutes went by, and we were finally at our destination.

Wish us good luck..


We had just got to the hotel from the prom after party, and we had a blast! This is honestly the best night of my life and I really don’t want it to end. I wanna stay like this forever. Who knew prom would be this exciting? This is not what I pictured, tbh.

Scrolling through all the pictures we took at prom, I smiled and set one as my lock screen.One of them were really cute, but Aug looked fucked up so I had to crop him out. Didnt want nobody talking about my baby in the comments. Im just gonna upload a few.  

rayeisbae: had fun tonight @augustalsina, gonna miss you baby

rayeisbae: prom2k15

rayeisbae: prom 

I didn’t have my prom dress on anymore, because I changed for the after party. I still had my makeup on also, and I really didn’t wanna take it off. My face was BEAT. I wish I knew how to do makeup this good.

And August? He enjoyed the hell out of himself, he won Prom King! I was so happy for him! Some other bitch won Prom Queen, but oh well I was still happy for Aug. I told y'all that school loves him.

“Daaaamn where da’ music at, it’s quiet as hell in this bitch.” August said all goofy like, as he came out the bathroom shirtless. He was high as hell.

“Go put some on.” I said as I tossed his phone to him and he caught it immediately so that it wouldn’t hit the floor or wall and crack. He had just got a new one like a couple of days ago.

A few seconds later, the song Earned It by The Weeknd started playing causing a creepy smirk to spread across my face. The bed had shifted, indicating that August had got in. Hovering over me, he made his way between my legs.

“I been waiting all day for this moment.” Was the last thing I whispered in his ear.


“I been waiting all day for this moment.” Was the last thing she whispered in my ear before everything went down.

I gently caressed her cheek before kissing her soft plump lips. Kissing Raye always felt like the first time to me. I don’t think I cared about any girl as much as I did her. As much as we fought about dumb shit, there wasn’t anyone else I’d rather spend my time with. I hated that fact that I had to leave her.

She moaned into my mouth as I softly squeezed her hips deepening our kiss. “Baby I need you.” she said softly against my lips as I broke our kiss. “I’m right hea babeh’.” I know she wanted more, but I wanted to take my time with her.
I slowly unzipped the zipper on the front of her dress opening it up. I bit my lip and grunted at the sight of Raye’s body. Lil mama stayed in that gym and kept it tight. 

“You so fucking sexy babeh’.” I said to her biting my lip making her giggle.
I softly swirled my tongue around her left nipple before nibbling on it gently. Her breathing increased slowly. I repeated the same process to her right this time squeezing her left breast. I was never really a breast guy but Raye made a nigga turn over a new leaf.

I trailed kisses down her toned abs defined abdomen before swirling my tongue around her belly button. I know the anticipation was killing her softly. I softly but roughy sucked the inner part of her left thigh and she groaned. I repeated the same to her right thigh before making eye contact with her pearl. I licked my lips as I watched Raye’s pretty pink center pulsing.

“August.” she whined as I blew air onto it.

I chuckled and ran a finger over and between her folds making her cry out for immense pleasure. Using the tip of my tongue I teased her clit before sucking on her bud. “Ohh.” she cried out. I start to kiss her middle with my tongue still firmly sucking on her bud. I pushed my middle finger inside of her, and she arched her back. “August Ba-baby!”  

Raye was wet af. Her juices were just spilling into my mouth rapidly. I quickly switched stances catching her off guard as I began to tongue fuck her middle. She was rolling her hips so vigorously. “Fuck August don’t stop pleaseeeee.” she begged as I tickled her g spot. Before I could even increase pressure by rubbing her clit she was cumming in my mouth.

 "FUCK BABY, ITS CUMMING!“ She screamed as she pulled my hair roughly.
I gladly lapped her seat nectar as she released into my mouth rapidly. I kissed her pearl once more before climbing back on top of her to kiss her letting taste herself. She sucked on my tongue roughly as she rolled her hips against my rock hard throbbing member that was resting directly on her middle.

"You ready fa’ me?” I asked her as I started sucking on her neck roughly leaving numerous love bites behind.

“Hurry up.” she moaned making me laugh at her great deal of impatience.
I grabbed my rock hard length and rubbed it against her a few times wetting the tip before slowly pushing myself inside of her. She shut her eyes tight and gasped. I stroked her slowly watching her face as she cried out in moans of pleasure. “Fuck you so wet.” I groaned as I slipped so easily in and out of her haven.

I was so deep inside of her she was digging my back out every time I thrusted inside of her. I put one of legs on my shoulder going deeper of that was even possible and she quivered. “August, don’t stop baby please!” Without any warning she clenched me tighter and I dropped my head into the side of her neck. “Fuck man.” I groaned.

“Look at me.” I demanded aggressively slapping her thigh. She obediently opened her eyes, and she gave me the deadliest lust/love filled look.
I put my hands over her head and thrusted harder but still slow enough to make her feel me everywhere. She was so wet her juices were flowing everywhere. The only thing that could be heard were her moans, our bodies rocking against isn’t one another, and her sopping wet pussy.

“Damn, you so wet baby.“ I said as I felt her soaking my dick with her juices.
I bit my lip and grunted every time her pussy gripped me tight. She was working her hips just right meeting me thrust for thrust.

“Rrrrright th-th-there.” she moaned into my ear biting down on my neck.I changed the angle making sure to rub over her spot with every thrust. I felt her legs start to shake and her pussy started gripping my dick even tighter. Her pussy got wetter cause it started sloshing with ever thrust.

“Cum on this dick Silver!” I grunted as I worked her just right.

“Ahhhh!” she screamed as she came hard on my dick.
She was gripping me hard and I felt my dick start to twitch. I was weak to how she was making me feel. I was about to bust.

“Cum for me daddy!” she said in my ear nibbling on it. After hearing what she said, I came hard inside of her.

“Fuuuuuckk!” I groaned relaxing my body.

“Mmm give me more!” she said kissing my neck making me chuckle. 


We’d been at it all night. I wasn’t fucking her. I was making sure she felt everything. I licked my lips and gripped her waist with one hand and used the other to slide myself inside her. She moaned as she slid down my shaft. I worked her nice and slow from the bottom. She moved her hips to move in sync with my slow but hard thrusts.

“You feel so good baby!” She moaned putting my head in the crook of my neck. Her eyes were closed but I know pleasure was written all over her face. She was riding my shit like life depended on it.

“Fuck babeh’, who pussy is this?“ I asked biting on my bottom lip.She opened her eyes slightly and her stare was so intoxicating.

“It’s you-yours Papi!” She managed to get out.

She worked her hips until her legs started to get weak. I started drilling her slow but hard from the bottom.
“You feel that? Tell me where I’m at.“ I asked pushing down on her stomach. 

“OHHH my god! My stomach!” She moaned.

“Uhhhhh keep fucking this pussy!” She groaned.

I gripped her waist tighter as the head of my dick start to swell. I picked up the pace and she closed her eyes and scratched up my chest. By the end of the night, my shit gonna be bleeding. A nigga gone be in pain in the morning.

“Ohhhh I’m cumming!!!!!!” She screamed.

Her juices drain all over my dick as I kept thrusting to find my own orgasm. I pumped and finally released inside her for the last time tonight. I groaned and bit my lip as I busted hard.

“Tight ass pussy.” I mumbled into her neck making her giggle.

“You love it daddy.” She said pecking my lips.

I chuckled and thrusted my hips up hard one good time making her moan “Yeah, your freaky ass love this shit as well.”

She laughed and we kissed. She sucked on my tongue hard and nibbled on my bottom lip. She climbed off of me and moaned from the sudden lost of me filling her up.

“I could stay here with you forever.” I said. I didn’t want to leave at all, but I knew that I had no choice. I’m going to miss the fuck outta Raye.
She blushed, “Aw baby! I wish you could.” I snuggled my body up against hers and laid my head on her chest. I drifted off to sleep as she played in my hair.

Sighing as the alarm on my phone went off, I made sure to turn it off as I sat up in Raye’s bed. I wasn’t even really sleeping. I couldn’t sleep. I was tired, but I kept thinking about how Raye and I wasn’t gonna be together anymore. This shit is hard. Especially leaving her. I’m not gonna be here to hold her, protect her, make her smile, none of that shit. 

"Baby what time is it?” Raye asked in a sleepy voice as she sat up in the bed. She always woke up when I did. 

When she noticed that I didn’t say anything, she glanced at the clock and sighed. She knew what time it was. As I was about to speak, Rihanna’s Stay started playing from Raye’s iPod that we left on all night from making love. Everybody was downstairs so we had to play some music to drain out the sounds.

Why this sad ass song have to come on, though? Right on queue, I heard light sniffles from Raye and noticed her wiping her eyes. Sitting her on my lap, she buried her head in my chest and started sobbing. “August, I don’t want you to go..” She cried as my shirt started to get wet from her tears. 

“Ion’ wanna leave you..” I whispered in her ear before kissing her forehead.
“Is this the end is of us?” She asked as she looked up at me with tears still in her eyes. 

“Ion’ know..” I mumbled as my voice cracked a lil bit. I ain’t want to be the end of us, but I know this long distance shit ain’t gonna work. We can try, but I don’t think we gonna have time for each other. She’s about to go to college and I know she gonna be hella busy. Fuck, this is frustrating.

“We should be heading to the airport now..” Raye sniffled as she got up off my lap and stood up on the floor. Nodding at her statement, I grabbed Raye’s VS Pink bags and my phone before heading downstairs. Raye let me use her shit cause I don’t know where the fuck my bags went. They just magically disappeared. 

“Keep it.” I mumbled to Raye as I tossed her my keys. I promised her that I was gonna buy her car and since I didn’t get to, I was letting her have mines. It can be something she’ll have to remember me. Ima be okay, I got a car at my mom’s house anyways. This car was my baby though. Oh well, Raye deserved it. Besides all the bullshit, she was the best girlfriend anybody could ask for. 

“Are you serious?” She asked as she started tearing up again. I can tell she was shocked because I barely even let her drive my car. Only time she drove it is when I was out of town. 

“Yea baby, I told you I was gonna get you a car and since I didn’t you can have this one.” I smiled at her as she screamed in excitement before jumping on me. Catching her, I crashed my lips into hers as our tongues explored each other’s hungrily. Roaming my hands over her body, my dick started to get hard. 

“Damn I wish I could fuck you one more time. Ima fuck around and miss my flight.” I huffed as we both got in the car. Even though we got it in last night, I still wanted some now. It’s all good, I can wait. 

“I know, me too. Its alright though, last night made up for everything. It was amazing. I love you August.” She smiled as she started up the car before driving off. The airport wasn’t that far away from her house either so my heart stated beating faster and faster the closer we got. 

“I love you too, Raye. Make sure you check up on my Aunt and shit, alright?” I told Raye as she nodded. My aunt couldn’t come. She said she was gonna make sure she visited all the time though. When I left the house last night, she was crying her eyes out. I was like a son to her. I should text her and tell her I’m leaving. Her ass probably up this early cleaning the house. She’s a neat freak.

Me: auntie, I’m omw to the airport 😔
Auntie😘😍😂😎😇👌👫: what’s omw? 😳

Chuckling to myself cause I forgot that her ass was old. Well, she wasn’t that old she was like 30, but still. Raye look at me with her eyebrows furrowed. 

Me: on my way 😂 you slow. but ima miss you 
Auntie😘😍😂😎😇👌👫: boy I’m far from slow. & I’m gone miss your big head self too. Have a safe flight baby, I love you. Kiss your momma for me. I’m gonna try to come out there soon. it’s gone be quiet without you around, I wish I had a little son running around here 😔 it gets lonely sometimes, you know? gonna miss having you around.  
Me: I love you too & alright. Thanks for raising me into the young man I am, you get all the cool points for that 😘 & go adopt one. 
Auntie😘😍😂😎😇👌👫: youre welcome baby. How’s my other baby Raye holding up? & I’ve been thinking about it..
Me: she cried about it PLENTY of times, but I understand why. Ima miss her. & I think you should because ain’t no telling when I’m coming back & you love kids. 
Auntie😘😍😂😎😇👫: aha I’m gonna take her away from you 😜 I’m kidding but tell her I said stay strong but I gotta go love you nephew! 
Me: alright, love you too. 

Putting my phone away, I looked up and noticed that Raye had stopped the car and she was looking down at the ground playing around with her fingers. Fuck, that was quick as shit. We were literally at her house some minutes ago.
Raye finally looked up at me and I noticed that she was crying again causing me to sigh. She had a small frown on her face. “Get out the car babe.” I demanded, tapping her thigh lightly. She did as I said and stood in front of the car, as I got out and grabbed my bags. 

“Stay strong for me, okay?” I said to her as I was leaning my forehead on her big ass head. My head was big too, so let me shut up. Now’s not the time to be playing, anyways. She’s about to cry her eyes out. Ima pray that she drives safely.

“I can’t.” She said in a shaky voice. She gotta stop with all this crying. I know this whole situation sucks but crying’s not gone solve anything. 

“Yes the fuck you can. Here.” I said to her before I took off my gold cross chain before kissing it putting it around her neck. I would’ve gave her the angel that I had, but we both had matching ones and I wanted to keep mines to remind me of her. 

“I love you Raye. Stay strong, alright?” I said as she nodded and wrapped her arms around my torso. Standing up on her tippy toes, she crashed her lips into mines as we shared a long, passionate kiss. 

“I love you too, be safe.” She frowned as I started walking away backwards as I blew her a kiss. Pretending as if she caught it, I chuckled and waved her goodbye. As she waved back, I turned around and sighed once reality started to kick in. 

I was really going back home for good..


*The Next Day*

I couldn’t think of shit to do right now. Since Raye had left, I was sitting here bored as fuck. I thought Bri and I was gone throw a big ass party but her ass ditched me for Cameron. Dick must be too bomb, cause she always going over there. 

Only one person crossed my mind, but I doubt that she’ll wanna talk to me. She’s been looking real good and happy at school lately. Every time I see her, she’s smiling. Yea, she sees me in class all the time but she never pays me any attention. I wonder if she got a new nigga. I should text her. I know she ain’t doing shit.

Me: wyd
B: 😕😐😑 nigga it’s late at night and that only means one thing. my answer is NO.
Me: chill I just wanna talk 😳
B: chill? but weren’t you the one that told me to fuck off? 😳
Me: man 😑 ok & I’m sorry. I should’ve never did that. why you not at prom anyways?
B: I didn’t wanna go. not really my thing. I should be asking you the same thing.
Me: let me pull up on you 😈 & I ain’t taking no random hoe to prom 💁
B: 🙅 I’m good.
Me: stop playing, wya?
B: 😒 I got a new apartment by myself.
Me: send me the address n stop bs

A few seconds later, she sent me the address and I started doing a lil happy dance. I knew she couldn’t resist me. Even if she wanted to, she couldn’t. Oh yea, and we GONE do something whether she likes it or not. I typed in her address, and that shit was like 20 minutes away. I ain’t going that far just for no bullshit ass talk.

Chuckling at my thoughts, I snatched my keys off of the coffee table and jogged to the front door. Going outside, I shut the door behind and almost fell due to the way I was walking. I mean I was already bow-legged, but still.

Once I was in my car, I didn’t hesitate to hurry up and pull off. Just when I got on the freeway, my phone oddly started blowing up. Looking over in my phone in the passenger seat, I had a few messages from Christina. She gonna do something to piss me off, watch.

Christina: I had fun at the beach 👌👌👌 u should’ve came

Sucking my teeth at her tight ass bathing suit, I patiently waited for a red light to come. I wasn’t about to curse her out while I was driving. I told her fuck ass to wear some shorts. She always gotta go overboard. I paid for her to get some braids, and she don’t know how the fuck to act. She better not put them bitches on ig. I already have to threaten all the thirsty ass niggas that be in her comments.

Shaking my head at this fuckery, I cut up the music a little louder and Drake’s 6 Man was playing. Oh shit, this song gets a nigga hype as fuck. The beat, the lyrics.. Just everything about this song. Damn I wish Raye was in this bitch cause this was her song too. Damn this gonna be a long ass car ride.


“Damn Bliss, I know you hear me out here.” I sucked my teeth, becoming impatient. Since I was walking around and moving a lot, my boxers ain’t feel right. As I started fixing myself up, she opened the door.

“Damn, I wait for a minute and you already being nasty.” She giggled, making me look up and smile at her. Her goofy ass thinks everything is funny.

“Nah, I had to fix my– know what? Never mind. Just let me in.” I tried to explain, but I roughly pushed her out of the way on purpose. She knows I play all day.

“So what did you want?” She asked as she sat by me down on the couch.  Looking at her like she was dumb, she started laughing. She knew what the fuck I wanted. Nobody comes over late at night for nothing.

“Chris, I can’t. I kinda have a boyfriend.” She pouted, as she scooted away from me to the far end of the couch. So that’s why she been looking so happy at school lately. I think I know who it is.

“So? What that gotta do with me?” I asked, scooting closer to her so that she couldn’t get up. Well, she could just get up off the couch, but I doubt that she’ll do that.

“Come on Chris, I really don’t feel like it. I’m gonna be in pain afterwards.” She whined, causing me to smirk. Once she noticed me smirk, she playfully punched me in my arm and ended up laughing.

“Nah, I’ll be gentle.” I lied, as she gave me the 'whatever’ look. Sucking my teeth, she was really putting up this unnecessary fight. She know she’ll be ready to bust it open for me in 0.5 seconds, so I don’t know why she acting like this. I’m gonna win whether she likes it or not.

“As much as I want to, I can’t. I promised myself that I wouldn’t let you take advantage of me again.” She shrugged as she gave me an apologetic look. I know she was not serious. She couldn’t be. Take advantage of her? Who? How? Where? When?

“How did I take advantage of you?” I asked, scrunching up my face. I never took advantage of her. Where she get that shit from?

“Come on Chris, just admit it. The only reason you were with me was because Raye didn’t want you and you knew I was easy access. Don’t even deny it either because if it’s not true how come you didn’t wife me up? I’m not stupid, Chris. It’s okay man, I’m not gonna get mad. It’s the truth. I’m totally cool with that.” She explained, as I started to feel a little bad. I mean, it was kind of true but I had a little crush on her.

“Alright, yea it’s kind of true but I actually do kind of like you. You cool peoples.” I said truthfully as she smiled but her smile soon turned into a mug.

“Nah, don’t be trying to sweet talk me just to get in my pants. My daddy had a talk with me about that just a couple of hours ago.” She said as she stood up with her hands on her hips. I wasn’t about to play with her tonight. Picking her up bridal style, I searched around for her room and finally found it.

Laying down on my back, I motioned for her to come here but she shook her head no causing me to suck my teeth. “Girl stop putting up this front on and come sit on my face.” I said as she sighed and started to strip out of her clothes. See, it was all just a big ass front.

“This is a one time thing.” She mumbled before I started going to work.


“You a Cheater.” I teased Bliss, as I started to wash her back. I knew she was gonna get mad at me from saying that. She had put up that big ass fight and I threw it in her face.

She gasped and turned around to face me. “Ugh, this is why I didn’t want to do this in the first place!” She rolled her eyes as she punched my chest hard as fuck. She hits like a fucking man, I swear.

“Chill, I was playing.” I laughed as I wrapped my arms around her small waist. She wasn’t the thickest girl in the world, but her body was still perfect.

“Since you’re not going home, go shopping with me.” She said as I started stare at her. She had the most beautiful, softest looking skin I’ve ever seen. Her purple hair complimented it even more.

“How would your boyfriend feel about that?”  I asked as she sucked her teeth and cut the water off. Wrapping herself up in a towel, she re-entered her bedroom and sat on her bed. Once I did the same thing, I followed behind her.

“Fuck, I’m gonna just throw on anything. I didn’t bring all of my clothes.” Bliss cursed to herself as she looked around for something to wear.  he grabbed a pair of some short ass shorts and I was gonna say something, but I realized that she ain’t my girl. Well, that was gone be her response of I would’ve said anything.

“You gone get dressed or you going out naked? Either way is fine to me.” She winked at me, snapping me out of my thoughts. Ignoring her question, I started to put on my clothes and surprisingly I was done before her. She started before me, and her ass still was taking long. About an hour later, we were finally out the house, walking around the shopping center.

“Want some? It’s your fav, Pina Colada.” Bliss smirked as she waved her drink in my face. It was honestly my favorite flavor of everything. My favorite fruit was pineapples and the coconut with it just made it even better.

Taking the drink from her, I sipped a little before handing it back to her. “Damn, it reminds me of your pussy.” I mumbled as I licked my lips. That was the best drink I ever had. Bliss had spit her drink out from laughing at the comment I just made.  I was dead serious.

“Wait, what?"  She asked, grabbing a napkin from her bag to wipe her mouth. Shrugging, a smirk started to spread on both of our faces. I don’t even know why she was smiling. I was just smiling because she was. 

Since the small smirk never left her face, I pulled out my phone and snook a picture of her. "Don’t post that bullshit, you gone get me caught up!” She sucked her teeth as she snatched my phone away. Snatching it back, I waved her off. 

“Relax, my account private.” I said, adding a caption to the picture I was gone post of her. Ion’ know why she tripping. She obviously don’t care about the nigga she with that much if she cheated.

fuckyopictures: wce 💕🍫😩😍👅💦

Stuffing my phone in her purse, I started to walk behind her with my arms around her waist. Placing my head in the crook of her neck, I inhaled her velvety scent and smiled. She always smelled like cake and shit. Laughing at my thoughts, she looked at me suspiciously then just shrugged it off. 

All of a sudden, Bliss had stopped walking causing me to look up. When I looked up, there stood Raye looking sad as ever. She looked like she had just got done crying. Damn, I forgot August had left today. 

“Chris can you please come with me?” Raye sniffled as she looked at Bliss then back up at me. Fuck, I wanted to go but I couldn’t just leave Bliss.
“I’m kind of busy..” I bit my lip nervously as I scratched the back of my neck. Bliss already thinks I take advantage of her, and now she would definitely think that shit if I leave her. 

“Chris, please.” Raye begged, causing me to sigh because she knew I’d never say no to her.

“Ugh, Chris just go. She gone have a heart attack if you don’t. I’ll see you around.” Bliss rolled her eyes as she removed my arms from her waist and walked off. I was about to go after her, but Raye was more important. 

“Thanks..” Raye mumbled as she buried her head in my chest. Kissing her on her forehead, I grabbed her hand and led her back to my car. Once we both got in, I thought about if we should go to her place or mines. 

“I love you Chris.” Raye said, breaking the silence in the car. Wait, I know she ain’t say what I think she said? She must be high or something. I ain’t heard them words from her in months. She caught me off guard

“Hu–” she cut me off by crashing her lips into mines. What the fuck?

I was dating this guy for three months (we had been friends for four years before that), and he was really nice at first, but then he started being really rude concerning my appearance, so I broke up with him. He would say things like, “I wish your boobs were bigger” and “you’re not really that hot, I don’t get why all these guys want to talk to you.” We tried to have sex once (he was a virgin, I wasn’t) and he couldn’t get hard, so he took out his laptop and held it in front of his face and STARTED WATCHING PORN WHILE I WAS NAKED IN FRONT OF HIM. When I asked him why, he said the girls in porn are way more attractive, and I wasn’t enough. (He’s still a virgin.)

I deleted his number, but we’re still friends on facebook, and a week ago, he made a post about how I was a terrible girlfriend, not hot, and he wasted three months of his life with me when he could have been with someone much better. A ton of our friends commented, nearly all of them shocked he would say those things about me, he deleted the posts at his parent’s suggestion, and he didn’t use facebook for two days. 

And then came a long “Women should just be for sex, feminism is ruining my chances with women” rant, complete with a very accurate recap of our failed attempt at sex . All our guy friends were saying things like, dude, you’re a fucking idiot, and the girls were saying, you’re terrible, no one will ever want to date you. 

I guess at some point, he felt like he made a mistake, because he tried to get me to stop talking to other guys, even going as far as to demand I stop talking to my own dad, because he should be the most important man in my life, and I can call him Daddy instead. All though facebook posts. Which are still public. Again, the posts got deleted at his parent’s suggestion.

Since then, I’ve had multiple guys from our friend group offer to “show me a good time” and I’m not sure if they’re serious or not, but it’s pissing my ex off, which makes me laugh. The best part is that yesterday, he sent me a dick pic, with the caption, “Thinking about you makes me like so fucking hard, baby girl. I’d let you have another chance, if you sucked me dry like the little cock whore you are.” Like that’s supposed to make me want to take him back.

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i saw how u tagged the post about loving minor characters with the marauders and i was like...... what are u talking about it's harry potter of COURSE the marauders are main characters. and it took me a sec before i was like... wait no. no they're really not. hmmmm yeah i'm right there with ya.

Sometimes I forget that they are people out there who can’t even remember who James and Lily were without a bit of coaxing and then I look at my life choices