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pride & prejudice + mr darcy’s declarations of love


└ Ohmiya cuteness needs to come with a fangirl-wellness warning.

Cr: Arashi ni Shiyagare 27.05.2017

I love it equally when:

–Cas is a nervous virgin, and shivers when Dean pushes his trenchcoat down off his arms.  Trembles when Dean opens the buttons of his white shirt.  And Dean is so gentle, so tender, so sweet, constantly asking, “Is this ok?” and “Are you all right,” and looking up into big, blue eyes that are so wide with adoration and love and trust.  

But also when:

–Castiel is a BAMF who has seen humans have sex millions of times over the centuries, and knows every detail of Dean’s biology from having put him back together after he died.  He has no mercy, no mercy at all, and slams Dean up against the wall with his grace like a vengeful spirit, fucks at Dean’s prostate with more grace so he can use one hand to pin Dean’s wrists above his head and another to milk Dean’s cock while he bites Dean’s lips so hard they bleed, and if Dean can bear to open his eyes, just for a second, and look into Castiel’s, they are flashing like a lightning storm.  

  • Draco, flinging himself onto Harry's lap: Did you miss me?
  • Harry: You went to the bathroom for two minutes
  • Draco: I know. Did you miss me?
  • Harry: Malfoy, we hate each other.
  • Draco: Then why haven't you pushed me out of your lap yet?
  • Harry: I... maybe I did miss you
  • Draco: *smug*

An afternoon date~

and a bonus