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So, as nice the SQy ep was, they made sure to show it's all about family and again #nohomo. The EQ had to hit on Alladin (in her unsaitable thirsty heteroway *roll eyes*) and Regina was so lovestruck for Fake Hood, that she forgot about Emma/Henry and her only chance to go home to SB. And in the promo a ring is shown, most def. to lure in the C$ manics. As always: A SQ (more SMF) ep is followed up by new levels of C$/OQ BS. Wow, what a surprise. They'll never learn or change.

True. As SQ-ey as it was, a lot of it was just unpalatable. I personally resent the split-queen thing (which, can’t even call it that anymore as she’s written as two entirely different people pretending to know each other, a perfect example of Kitsowitz’s evidently extremely narrow view of good/evil, but also–a weirdly simplistic view of Regina’s complexities and inner conflicts) since the EQ is just obnoxiously two-dimensional and just so… hypersexualized that even Regina herself finds it perverted (which, wtf?) now. And then there’s the fact that no one, not Henry, or herself–cares if… what’s essentially a part of herself–dies? But what’s even worse, at this point we can’t even blame them for that because the writing is so atrociously digital (either on or off, black and white with no shades in between essentially) that it’s not even funny. But hey, the good thing is that it seems like they finally (finally!) found some sense of humour (some self-irony, also a lot of Reginas sass) but the bad thing is–they’re NOT done with their offensive notions of ‘romance’. ForestDung is back for some reason, and it DID spoil everything–because I can’t imagine what can they possibly do differently, this time. So I’m not looking forward to continuation either, because we’ll be having a beard in each ‘reality’ –Regina making moo-eyed faces at this dunce (she already started, her facial expression alone made me want to barf) and then we’ll be having the ragey self-righteous pirate in the other one–trying to find Emma because he’ll “always find her”, which… more barfing.

So we agree, because there’s a LOT of ambiguity–I’m quite sure that they’re definitely going to continue trying to balance between ‘mainstream’ audience (what they probably believe are either ship-neutral or C$-oriented–Tweens and Twimoms) and that large chunk of ‘alternative’ audience (SQ-ers and SQ-friendly/supporters, also those interested in original dynamics and Swan-Mills family) and try and cater everyone, whoring for ratings. Because as evident from this episode, ambiguity is everywhere. Like, Regina’s ‘deathwish’ (not even for a second thinking about shielding herself from Henry’s sword, thrown poetically the way both of his mothers do) showing either how fucked up she is (rather than not wanting to do anything hurt him) or ultimate resignation–she’d do anything to help Emma, even die? Or Emma remembering because she wanted to protect Henry–rather than it having to do anything with saving Regina? All of which, deliberate ambiguity, or queerbaiting?

And that’s just it. Just because we’ve had ONE episode like this, focusing on two main characters, their developing friendship and selfless trust and belief in each other–that doesn’t mean that I’ll be happy to sit through another season of them balancing out the scale (and straightwashing the ambiguous gayness) with Regina being mopey about some forest ape, and Emma being domesticized and Stepfordized for some hunky self-serving bastard. Waiting for what, to get another tasty morsel like this, because we had to wait for THREE years since mid S3–for this one?

Reason #1 that I refuse to lose hope when it comes to Olicity…

I’m not having that great of an afternoon, yet talking about the “three words” or even just thinking about it has cheered me up. These two idiots in love somehow manage to brighten my mood and put a stupid smile on my face. 

Having hope and something to focus on is very important to me.

and my vote is for the simple “I love you.” 

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What are your thoughts on the Geneva/William storyline? I absolutely loathe it and I skipped all W parts of Echo. I read the books for Jamie, Claire and their extended family so I'm not here for the son that was the result of J&G raping each other. It's also redundant storytelling to me, because Diana already used rape and who's-your-daddy as storylines a lot before then. It mattered to me who J had children with. I'm probably just bitter that Diana separated J&C for 20 years.

I don’t like William as a character. As a kid he’s adorable, but as a teenager he’s a twat. He starts to get less annoying by the end of MOBY, but I still am only interested in him when he’s interacting with the core family.

But it’s important to me that I don’t like him on his own merit. *Not* because his parents are two idiots who raped each other and conceived a kid. That isn’t his fault and he shouldn’t be treated poorly because of the circumstances of his conception.

I do, however, hope they nix the who’s Jem’s dad storyline in season four because as you said, it gets repetitive. I thought of a way to get around that and Bree’s rape when I was drunk one night and I would very much like it to play out this way please and thank you.

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how did you get to be so popular in the fandom?

I… don’t think I am? I’m just your average gal who’s way to invested in the happiness of two idiots in love and I post all of my thoughts on that love on here. 

I know some people like my not!fic and my headcanons, but I’m not really ‘popular’ in the fandom, but… I’m honored that you think so :)

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