these two i swear they are actively trying to kill us with their cuteness!

dear evan hansen headcannons

- bisexual

- 5'10

- he tends to do things like tap his pencil or his foot or he plays with erasers or some shit he’s just always doing something with his hands

- has those erasers with removable pieces because “THEY’RE CUTE CONNOR I LOVE THEM”

- freckles. more freckles after a day in the sun. freckles everywhere.

- has a bonsai tree


- actually really fit because of his outdoor activities??

- lifted connir off of the ground like he was a feather and everyone was Shocked


- LOVES TO BAKE BUt kind of sucks at it

- afraid of big dogs. and fluffy dogs. and dogs with big eyes and long tails and legs and just dogs. he’s scared of dogs.

- cheesy romantic. reads romance books and watches romantic movies and just. my boy.

- when he’s feeling down he goes to connor because they can trust each other because of the one thing they have in common - the suicide attempts.

- dyed a streak of his hair blue for halloween one time and made connor cry


- got high once and laughed for seven minutes straight before passing out

- has a burn scar on his back from when jared set him on fire by accident

- learns to do hair because he likes touching connors hair

- he maybe likes connors dog a little bit

- “i may seem collected on the outside but on the inside i am screaming 24/7.”

- borderline personality disorder !!!!

- sees a therapist and takes medication

- he honestly went through ten therapists before deciding to go with evan to his therapist

- has a pitbull named cheese that his mom got him to help calm him down when he snaps

- still a dick every now and then but he’s Trying

- 6'0"

- panseuxal

- is literally. always napping. he sleeps on the ground. on his desk. on evan. anywhere.

- paints his nails when he’s high with 100% accuracy but fails when he’s sober


- LOVES sweets. needs them. craves them.

- literally cries over evan’s freckles like what

- sarcastic as all hell

- he and jared’s friendship is just a race to see who can roast the other faster

- draws on himself constantly until he has literal sleeves of designs on his arms. then he moves to drawing on his friends.

- alana buys him a sketchbook when she wakes up with white sharpie printed on her face

- he draws the most AMAZING scenery and designs

- probably wants to be a tattoo artiat

- always records himself when he’s high

- new bruises and cuts every day - he bumps into things a lot when he’s high

- he gets his first piercing from a dude in an alley. it’s a septum piercing. everyone screams when they see it.

- hates pepe

- comments on how gay he is every day.

- still has bad days and when he does he locks himself in his room and calls evan

- evan’s talk of trees got him into plants. owns seven cactuses, a pot full of forget-me-nots and three succulents with names and backstories.

- “i will shove my foot so far up your ass you’ll be tasting leather and shit for the rest of your pathetic life you wrinkly numbnut”

- still having trouble forgiving her brother for all the years of mental abuse

- 5'10

- lesbian af

- makeup that could literally kill a god

- likes to wear crops tops and dresses

- wears sweatpants to school ONCE and is reminded of it every day for the rest of her life

- literally a huge photography nerd

- has EVERY PICTURE SHES EVER TAKEN hanging on her wall. even that ugly ass one of connor screaming over titanic when they were thirteen.

- probably does yoga

- dreams of going to paris. can literally speak in french and owns literally everything with the eiffel tower on it.

- replies to everything in meme language. her parents are worried for her. connor wants to die again.

- has a poem alana wrote to her on her wall next to her bed

- so many pictures of alana


- likes to draw constellations with evan’s freckles on his face

- literally has not combed her hair since fourth grade?? its just naturally perfect???

- “im gayer than you connor”


- so much emoji’s

- steals all of alana’s hoodies

- hates not having anything to do so much

- 5'6"

- in every school club tbh

- also a lesbian

- a journalist/writer

- literally stays up until 2 am every day and comes to school looking like a goddess


- she probably tutors everyone

- “what’s the answer to this problem alana” “hella”


- can kill you in two seconds with The Look


- probably listens to asmr

- totally has tumblr


- feminist. not a feminazi, will make jokes about women being in the kitchen with jared but will stab you if you are genuinely against women’s rights

- attempts to do yoga with zoe once. she breaks her nose.


- likes to do diys.


- once punched a man for a klondike bar

- “sorry im two hours late feminism called”

- panromantic asexual!!!!!

- 5'4"

- a gaming youtuber

- actually somehow has like 1,000 followers???

- everyone has been in his videos at least once


- every birthday connor buys him a bath bomb and screams “CRONCH” in his face

- enjoys really cringey memes

- has a german shepard named Sir Titlicker


- once tripped on a bug

- he’s actually self conscious and hides behind self deprecating jokes

- threw a dreidel at the menorah once when he was little and is still not allowed near the menorah

- soft chub legs

- much Sarcasm

- literally is so sarcastic with connor??? they like each other but sometimes even evan wonders if they actually like each other or not

- probably enjoys nickelback


- likes star wars probably

- wore a shirt that said “im a gamer” once

- “burn that shirt now” “EVAN WHAT THE FUCK”

- actually cried when he played slenderman with Evan

- “are you ok” “IS HE GONE EVAN IS HE GONE” “yes” /looks up and sees slenderman appear “WHDBANFBJDJSBSDH” /evan is wheezing

- makes dirty jokes 24/7 but literally blushes for 9 years if you make a dirty joke towards him

- actually Fragile

- in a cult probably

- probably has a runescape series on his YouTube channel

- has set evan on fire before

- he tries to be a good friend he really dies but he fails sometimes

- “are you a nail baby because ill hammer you into the wall tonight ;)"

Truth or Dare (Riverdale, Pt.3)

Summary: Betty, Archie, Veronica, Jughead, Kevin, Cheryl, and Y/N are spending the night at Y/N’s house. Kevin suggests Truth or Dare at some point and they all decide to play. Shenanigans ensue and eventually certain feelings are shared, but will they be taken seriously or laughed off? Possible angst.

Pairing: Jughead x Reader (maybe), Kevin x Reader (platonic), Archie x Reader (platonic), Betty x Reader (platonic), Veronica x Reader (platonic), Cheryl x Reader (platonic)

Beta-ed?: No

A/N: Okay real talk? This was pretty difficult to write. Not necessarily a tear-jerker like the first two, but I think I more than made up for that by making this part ridiculously long. I’m putting a ‘read more’ because of the length. Again any comments are welcome!

Part 1, Part 2

Previously: Veronica gave me a kiss on the cheek before making her way back to the couch, one last tear falling out of her eye before she wiped it away. “You’re grounded by the way,” Kevin spoke up, pretending to be mad. “I said no more tear-jerking speeches.” Everyone laughed at that, still wiping away some tears that wouldn’t stop coming. I took a deep breath, trying to calm down before I looked around at everyone. “Sorry, but you said to tell everyone what I really, truly thought of them, so deal with it Keller.” I grinned. “So, whose next?”

By this point Jughead had stopped pretending to ignore us and had put his laptop to the side. He looked calm, the corner of his lip barely turned up, Jughead’s version of a smile. I smiled at him, and when he noticed me watching him, his eyes widened a fraction before he dropped his head slightly. As I kept looking at him I could’ve sworn his face started turning light pink. “Jughead,” I called with frightening authority in my voice, and I saw his whole body tense up as he froze. Everyone turned to look at him, expectant looks on their faces. I smirked at him before speaking. “Who do you think I should talk about next?” His body visibly deflated while everyone else groaned in frustration. “C’mon Y/N, do Jug next!” Archie called. “Yeah!” Chimed in Betty.

“We all wanna know what you have to say about our favorite beanie-clad boy over here.” Kevin spoke, amusement in his eyes. I glared at him before I shook my head and looked around the room, trying to will away the slight blush that decided to bloom across my face. “Nah, I think I’ll save him for last Kevin.” From the corner of my eye I saw Jug tense up again. I continued looking around the room before my eyes finally settled on a person.

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Essential Avengers: Avengers #113: Your Young Men Shall Slay Visions!

July, 1973

So. I guess Vision is super dead this time.

And he was killed by young men. There was no need to take him down. I said, young men. Pick that synthezoid off the ground.

Gotta give Englehart this, he sure knows how to change one word in a bible verse to make it into a title for a comic book.

Anyways, Wanda is going to Avenge him. And then she can date Lil’ Vision.

Just a heads up, this is kind of a weird issue. Not incomprehensible. Just eyebrow raising.

We start off before Vision is super dead. The Avengers are repairing the Statue of Liberty after Gog tore it up in Astonishing Tales #18. I guess Damage Control doesn’t exist yet.

Its good to see the Avengers uncausing some property damage for a change. And just look at Vision and Cap recapitating Liberty.

Not that they’re actually good statue repairers. The torch hand falls off and falls toward Scarlet Witch but Vision flies down to intercept it and lets it break across his back.

Guess Liberty is a southpaw now.

He also leaves Cap holding the entire crown but I guess Cap has super-strength or something now.

In the heat of the moment and grateful that nothing bad happened to anyone that wasn’t a statue, Wanda and Vision start making out.

This happens to be in public where everyone can see. And it causes a bit of a to-do.

Although what causes more of one is that Cap loses his grip on the crown and Iron Man barely catches it before it smashes into the ground. All while Wanda and Vision continue to make out, oblivious of the outside world or the people that almost died.

Ah, young love!

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Avengers Chatroom: Breadsticks

Requested by Anon

Pairings: Peter x F!Reader.

Scenario: Fine Dining + Reader wanting revenge on Cap

A/N: Language.

Y/N has started a chat.

Y/N has invited Peter, Wade.

Y/N: Help me, spoderman!

Y/N: and bring chimichangas daedpewl. I’m hungry.

Peter: I thought you were in serious trouble for a second!

Wade: Peetie almost wet his pants.

Y/N: I am!

Peter: We’ll see when Wade and I get there. Aren’t you supposed to be having a celebratory mission dinner?

Y/N: I was but I had to flee.

Wade: I told you those fancy restaurants are crap! What’s wrong if I want to dine in the nude? it’s freeing. Did you at least get any breadsticks?

Y/N: Yeah I got like 6 for you.

Wade: I need more.

Peter: So wanna tell us what happened? We still have 10 minutes until we reach you.

Y/N: wait i didn’t tell you where i am

Wade: It’s totally normal for a teenage boy to have a tracker in their girlfriends phone.

Peter: We’re not dating, Wade! I activated the tracker Mr. Stark put in your phone.


Y/N: Now I need a new phone!

Peter: He said it’s to keep us safe since we’re the youngest ones in the team!

Wade: Peetie stalks you. You should close your blinds at night.

Peter: Shut up, Wade.

Y/N: Anyway … Moving on.


Wade: My lips are sowed shut.

Peter: dude…

Y/N: So what happened was: Everyone was having a good time, except for Bucky because Sam kept stealing his food. Then I see this person wearing a really cool Spider-man shirt and i was like, okay, wade would totally love this since he’s been looking for one.

Peter: Wait, what?!

Wade: Shhh I’m listening to the story.

Y/N: But I didn’t feel okay with going and asking them so I thought I’d take a picture of the shirt and just get Tony to scan for where it’s from. But I didn’t feel comfortable with doing that so I asked Cap.

Wade: Him? He’s so serious all the time there’s no way he’d do it.  Maybe he should take that shield out of his ass, then he’d be more fun.

Peter: This is why you’re not on the team.

Y/N: Cap owed me a favor so he agreed.


Y/N: So i was about to hand him my phone when i remember that time he never let me go on the mission to the Caribbean

Peter: that was fun

Wade: I wouldn’t know SINCE I’M NEVER INVITED.

Y/N: So as revenge, I turned on the flash. Cap took the picture, the flash went off, and omg i swear everyone in the restaurant stopped what they were doing and started staring at him

Wade: Yes, Barry. Get some.

Peter: Who’s Barry?



Y/N: And then all hell broke out so i bailed.

Peter: Oh man Cap must be so angry!

Wanda has joined the chat.

Wanda: Y/N where are you?!


Wanda: I am not mad at you. It was very funny and the way the Captain started blushing. Too cute. But he is furious, so I hope you’re in a good hiding spot.

Wanda has added Clint, Nat, Bucky, Bruce.

Y/N: The whole point of staying hidden is to not draw attention to yourself…

Nat: Don’t worry, we were just worried about you because you left so quickly.

Wade: Hi, I’m Wade. Nice to meet you.

Nat: And for the last time, stop hanging out with Wade! He is twice your age!

Y/N: So since only the few of you were worried, I’m guessing the rest are mad?

Bruce: Tony is livid. That was his favorite restaurant and now he can never go back.

Peter: Don’t worry Y/N, you’re too cute to stay mad at.


Bucky: Shut off your dad mode. They’re adorable together.

Peter: Oh and Wade and I might be late since Wade has ordered way too many  chimichangas and we’re in our suits so I’m not sure how we’ll bring them over.

Bruce: You know where Y/N is?

Sam has joined the chat.

Sam: Tell me and maybe the Captain won’t be too mad.

Peter: I don’t know what you’re talking about.

Bucky: Were you really spying on the chat and waiting for the right time to join?

Sam: I was enjoying my dinner! And then that had to happen!

Y/N: You act like I murdered someone.

Wade: I once killed a man with nothing but a buttered lobster.

Clint: Someone ban him!

Sam has added Steve, Tony, Thor.

Steve: Young lady you come back to the base right now!

Y/N: Who? Me?

Steve: You are in so much trouble!

Peter: Give her a break, Cap!

Bruce: Yeah it was just a small joke.

Tony: SMALL JOKE? REPORTERS WERE THERE! I would track her but it’s not working.

Y/N: Really, Tony?

Peter: Y/N, open up, we’re outside.


Peter: I’m sorry, but I’m not telling.

Y/N: Thank you! I could kiss you!

Peter: Well… I did carry a ton of chimichangas here.

Y/N has left the chat.

Peter has left the chat.

Wade: My Peetie and Y/N are talking about… Feelings. Ugh. I’m also sure they’re going to start sucking each others face off any second.

Clint: Oh god please don’t tell us anymore.

Thor: Has anyone checked the news yet?

Steve: What does it say?

Thor: “Captain America, beloved hero: A Pervert? Is this the man you want your kids to look up to?”

Bucky: This is hilarious!

Tony: You’re right. Why was I on Steve’s side? Someone smack me if I ever side with him again.

Bruce: I volunteer.

Tony has left the chat.

Bruce has left the chat.

Steve: I’m not a pervert!

Wanda: Calm down. We know that. This will pass in a few days.

Steve: Yeah, you’re right. I should apologize to Y/N when she’s out of hiding.

Wanda: And since our dinner was interrupted, can we PLEASE go get something else to eat?

Steve: Of course :)

Wanda has left the chat.

Steve has left the chat.

Sam: Since those two bailed on us like Y/N, can we all go get something as well?

Thor: My stomach is making noises, so yes.

Thor has left the chat.

Clint has left the chat.

Bucky has left the chat.

Sam has left the chat.

Nat has left the chat.

Colossus has joined the chat.

Colossus: Wade, I thought you said you wouldn’t get into more trouble.

Colossus: Sending Professor X love letters signed as Magneto isn’t funny. If you would just accept my offer to join the X-men you would spend your time more wisely.

Wade: Out of all the surprise characters, him? Fucking Balls of Steel?

Colossus: Who are you talking to?

Wade: Will you at least let me send love letters to Wolverine?

Colossus: Signed as who?

Wade: D Piddy.

Colossus has left the chat.

Wade: I’m still going to do it!

Wade has left the chat.

anonymous asked:

spones for the ship asks?

Send Me A Ship And I’ll Tell You Who…

Drinks all of the coffee

BONES for real. Doctor is grumpy in the morning (and maybe hungover) without his coffee. Spock doesn’t drink coffee (not even Vulcan Mocha) but he drinks tea and they’d squabble over whether hot tea is better than iced and why coffee is bad for you/stunts your growth (which would infuriate Bones) while tea is good for you “without a clotting amount of sucrose” (more angry Bones). Spock tries coffee ONCE and underestimates how powerful it is (Bones might have added espresso) which causes him to spend alpha shift trying to do everyone’s jobs at once. It annoys the crap out of most of the crew but Kirk thinks it’s the best thing ever. He tries to convince Bones to do the same thing with liquor.

Brings up adopting a pet

Spock. He’s such an animal lover. Brings up getting a Sehlat and Bones teases him about wanting a teddy bear until he *sees* the h u g e freaking things (as Spock goes up to one and calmly pets it) and is a little impressed that baby Spock managed one. Though he’d never say that of course. Eventually they decide that Starfleet takes up too much of their time to properly care for a pet while they’re in it. When they retire they go to Vulcan (Bones can take the heat, he’s from the south) with a sehlat named Tiberius that Bones “spoils rotten” according to Spock, and a sort of weird bioengineered dog named Hank that looks like a bloodhound but was built for the Vulcan atmosphere. (Spock voices some doubt to this fact given that Hank seems to always be sleeping. Bones tells him Hank’s resting up incase something good happens.)

Kills the bugs

Bones. He grew up in the SOUTH for godsake. Spock would merely shoo them away or trap them then release them outside. (There are no bugs in space so this is either on missions or back home) Though Spock actually likes bugs and will catch them for fun/to examine. Bones does not like this especially since Spock will cavalierly walk up to him and hold out his hands only to reveal a huge/possibly alien/hairy bug thing and start lecturing Bones on what it is while Bones tries to remember what a normal heartrate feels like.

Cooks the meals

Bones. Good ol’ Georgian cooking (though he’s a bit of a bachelor in the sense that he only cooks when he HAS to and would rather have someone else cook it. He doesn’t mind synthesized food but he swears he can taste the difference despite Spock informing him there’s no molecular difference.) Spock isn’t very enthusiastic about Bone’s cooking because he’s Vulcan and they think saltines are too flavorful but Bones CAN NOT tolerate Vulcan food so if someone’s cooking it’s him.

Starts getting into holidays way before they should

They’re both grumpy when it comes to holidays but down to the wire Bones probably celebrates more than Spock. He at least had traditions around Christmas and Halloween and the like. Spock wasn’t raised to celebrate earth holidays but might participate. (If Bones forces him) Spock observes Vulcan holidays (though there aren’t very many) with the exact amount of enthusiasm as he was taught to display. He’s not very interested in trying to get Bones to learn the disciplines of Surak, though after they get into a fight (debate?) over Bones’ disrespect of Vulcans/their culture, the doctor tries to learn a little just to be supportive. (He still cannot perform the ta'al though. Spock thinks it’s funny but he would never say.)

Initiates the couple selfies

Kirk. HEAR ME OUT! Spock thinks photographs should be used solely for documenting important things/research/etc and Bones is a Grumpy Old Guy™ who definitely complains about the younger generation (Kirk) taking so many goddamn selfies. So they would have approximately 3 photos of the two of them and they’d likely all be official group photos from Starfleet events. But Kirk ships them HARD (his two best friends dating is hilariously cute to him) and would, as a result, sneak photos of them whenever possible. Them eating in the mess hall, playing chess, talking on the bridge, and ONCE a photo of them exchanging a brief Vulcan kiss before a particularly dangerous mission. (I still think that Spock sticking his tongue down Uhura’s throat was OOC as hell. Inappropriate and emotional not to mention breaking regulations and revealing their secret relationship. He wouldn’t even break regulations when it meant he was gonna DIE. But I digress.) Spock eventually catches on and his ears will flush green if he sees Kirk photographing them (which only makes the photos cuter according to the captain) but Bones doesn’t catch on until Kirk forgets to turn off the flash one time and tries to take a picture of Bones feeding Spock a piece of alien cuisine on a mission. The flash goes off and everyone goes dead silent and Bones just sloooowly turns to Kirk and there’s a pause before Kirk stands up and HAULS ASS OUT OF THERE screaming “BEAM ME UP!!!” into his communicator as Spock attempts to restrain a near-rabid-Bones.

Kirk escapes alive, though his next few doctors appointments include a lot of hypos.

Forgets the birthdays and anniversaries

On the one hand, Spock is Vulcan and probably doesn’t care. On the other, his memory is near perfect. Bones doesn’t seem the type to care about anniversaries much unless it’s a BIG one (marriage) but he’ll definitely get Spock birthday presents (either gag gifts he presents with an overly cheerful air or serious ones he hucks at Spock grumblingly and leaves before the Vulcan can react). Spock will either ask Bones what he wants to have happen for his birthday or seek Kirk’s assistance (which might not end well) in throwing a party/giving him presents.

Always ends up with too much junk food after grocery shopping

Bones but barely. He’s a doctor and Spock is a Vulcan so neither would be overly into junkfood (Kirk coughcough) but Bones does enjoy his southern delights (peach pie, apple fritters, liquor, etc) while Spock’s idea of indulgence is adding redspice to his plomeek soup.

Nicknames the other

BONES are you KIDDING ME?! He’s constantly giving his hobgoblin green blooded pointy eared robot alien boyfriend nicknames. He finds out which ones Spock is too sensitive about and doesn’t use them but Spock grows to understand the doctor means them affectionately. (Well. Not affectionate when they first met, but… over time) Spock retaliates ONCE and it nearly scars Bones for life. He had just made some crack about how dating Spock was the same as standing next to a wall and calling it “darling” and Spock (in front of the entire bridge and without turning away from his screen) said “That statement is illogical given that walls cannot hear nor speak. I am able to do both along with several other amorous activities you do not seem to mind, *darling*.”

Kirk passed out from laughing so hard and Bones didn’t revisit the bridge for a solid week.

Original Imagine: Imagine being in class while Kol fingers you under the lab table

Author: daenerystormboern

Reader Gender: Female

Word Count:1,628

Warnings: Smut, dubcon

After a hellish morning, I opted to sit in the back of the class for my afternoon AP English.  Being in a class with a thousand year old vampire was unnerving, to say in the least. As if Elena would flee the country to keep Klaus from using her to make his hybrids instead of sitting in fifth period listening to Mr. Smith drone on about Turn-of-the-Century literature. Kol Mikaelson was the youngest male of his brood, and apparently Klaus couldn’t trust Rebekah to keep her eye on Elena and not the football team. So that morning, Kol enrolled into Mystic Falls High School, and probably compelled the hell out of the counselor to put him in all Elena’s classes. Which meant he was in several of mine.

Speak of the devil…

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Oh my gosh, its Sunday and I finally found time (like really really hard you know ?) between studies & family and whatsoever. Okay enough with me finding time for ya all cause its worth it (cause I really love everyone of you)

Okay lets start from this morning, after a week of homework, studies and blah blah. I decided to pamper myself cause my hardwork for the whole week, you guys really should do that ;), and I went to Facebook. I was swiping down and saw plenty (not one/ two) complains about 2016 is killing them (and by them is my friends, juniors, seniors &etc etc). I was so so shocked cause its only a week, and so far I was having a blast. And I thought about you guys, maybe some of you all having 2016 murdering you so I decided to help (and to apologize not being active this week) you guys 😘

Seriously please yes. Its only a week of 2016 ! God sake buy it ! Its worth it ! Last year I was a total slob (BOO) so this year I bought myself a trusty book and wrote down everyday my goals, my plans , homework I have & etc etc. And it really really helped me. If anyone out there is shy or whatever to take your planner out, hey! Its your book! You should be proud of yourself making an attempt to be organized and not to be embrassed ! My planner is quite thick but I am not shy about it. I swear nobody is whispering/gossiping you with your planner. Pinky promise.

This help like so so much af. Sometimes when you wake up late and in a rush to go to school, it seriously helps if you packed your bag the night before ! Make it as a habit !!

Yes af ! If you know you are gonna go cuckoo over some app/tv show then set a rule like “I am not going to touch my phone unless I am done with xxx” if that doesn’t work, download some blocking sites/ apps then (which I will recomand down below)

I dont know about you but this year I am aiming to save money for a laptop (yes af) so this helps if you really want something and your parents says no or you just set a goal to save more money. I would bring lunch to school, I wont buy things I dont need so yea. I also made a jar to put my savings and stick cute motivational label to keep me motivated. You could use a notebook/app to record your expenses too.

Like because you EARN it ! Dont think you are not worthy enough to get some love from yourself ! ;) I always choose to read, cook something or just eat chocolate and listen to my bae song. :)) its up to you though

Music is the door to the soul (is it ? To me yes !!) When you feel stress or anything that makes you feel down, blare the music, ignore about everyone (though I suggest doing this in your room), and just dance. Just dance out till you drop laughing over your moves :) that is the best feeling ever.

Yes pleasee !! Its awesome to write down your feelings like sharing your feelings to a book (ahem) and reading it again at the end of the year. Best feeling too af.

If your lazy to write but still want to “write” your memories down, friends use your gadgets to take everything you like to remember ! I always keep a folder just for the pictures *sigh memories*

Oh that. I’ll teach you. This is actually a feeling (called self-sufficiency) when you get small lil'things and you will feel eternal grateful. This seriously improve your life & mood :) it may take time to cultivate self-sufficiency but It is totally worth it ♡

Yep really ! In this pressuring world we have there its is so so important to walk around in the nature. Even though I am busy I will always make free time for Sunday just to go to the park and that is awesome, relaxing.

Know yourself, what makes you motivate. Your family ? Pets ? Supplies ? Food ? Anything would be fine just as it must (MUST) motivate you to get studying. For me its emojis and supplies. Weird I know but they boost my determination to do my work, so it works :)

OMG the most important thing evar (I know I am exaggerating haha) if you dont have fun then trust me , it is going to be a longgg year. So take time to catch up with an old friend , watch a movie etc.

So thats all for my tips (omg I know I wrote plenty but yea) thanks for reading for so long and not give up half way through… now for our gadgets :p

I highly suggesting to have this extension ! I love looking at the beautiful wallpaper they have everyday and it so motivates me so much ♡

YAS ! AF ! OMG ! I always get inspiration from there and it really help life getting more interesting (especially uncreative people like me) its like my source of everything !

This is a game. Go to play store to check it out as I am not really sure how to describe it. Everytime I have something in my mind but couldnt get it out of my head (literally I tried everything) I would play this game to get anything my mind, out of my mind :)

For remembering important events (which I always ended up forgetting OOPS)

Yes I love this app ! Its helped me to focus so so much. And plus when a cafe is far from your house this really helps :)

To learn languages. I love it ! Its like a game but it is actually teaching you umm LANGUAGE ! Best part !!

This is so good I dont even needa explain.
BTW for who that dont know its an app to let you make flash cards on your phone and you could use it on your phone anywhere you go :DD

Like a timer , and it inculdes breaks !

Its saves life (very serious !!)

I dont even needa ♡ it teaches like EVERYTHING !

Cute app to help you focus cause nobody even DARES to kill a cute lil tree ♡

Great app to train your brain according to your brain. Awesome !

The best habit app I have ever downloaded ! It have yoga, meditation and stretching guide like COOL AF !

Calender app (and the best ever I had used)


Unwanted (final part)

Summary: The reader is kidnapped by Hydra and finds out that she is Tony Stark’s daughter. She is taken under the wing of the Avengers with Bucky and Steve acting as her protectors. The reader discovers the truth about her family while trying to grieve over the death of her mother, who died during the events in Sokovia. Will she be able to forgive the people responsible for her mother’s death? Will she survive the danger that has fallowed her all her life?

Bucky X Reader X Steve

Words: 1570

part 1

part 2

part 3

part 4

part 5

 part 6

This is the last part because I wasn’t feeling the story anymore. I know that ending is kind of bland but I just wanted to tie off the story. I hope you like it.

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Scarlet Heart Ryeo Episode 15

For all its vulnerability regarding the crown, King Moo’s death was gut-wrenching. I started the episode crying along with his loyal siblings and friend. Watching Ji-mong saying goodbye to his childhood friend was heartbreaking and I wish we would have seen more of their bromance. Cue to the best flashback the show has given us so far.

Well, guys, the shit hit the fan and now everyone is in danger. No-one is safe under Wang Yo’s reign. His first command as King? Executing Wang Eun’s entire family in order to eliminate one of the most powerful clans inside the Palace and put the blame on them for Moo’s death. I don’t expect Yo to last very much in the throne, after all what does he know about government? His entire life has been about accumulating power in order to win the crown, not learning how to wear the crown. Big difference between the two. I am expecting Yo to go all Hamlet on us and start seeing ghost and threats where there’s none. Who will kill him? Wang So? Wook? Methinks there’s a chance Queen Yo will be the one.

Oh, and who was Moo’s real murderer? Wang Wook. Not only that, he is telling Yo how to exactly use Soo in order to bend So to their will and it’s also the one behind the plot against Wang Eun’s grandfather. Has this been his plan for the past two years? The entire thing is so detailed, cold and calculated, it gives me chills to think anyone ever could have put their trust and heart on this man. Worst part of it all, he doesn’t feel the least guilty about it. He thinks he is doing the right thing for him to be finally happy and his family to be protected. This are the worst and best kind of antagonist, the ones who justify their actions with righteousness; because they truly believe that what they are doing is the right thing.

Now, Wook is looking to create friction inside So’s allies: General Park and Astronomer Choi. Good luck with that, buddy. See ya at the funeral.

Through the episode the only time I was in a  “Yay Hae Soo!” mood was when she confronted Wang Yo. She has no respect for him and let him knows it, good. I was happy to see some of her old spunk back and into a more pro-active role today.

The rest of the episode I was fuming at her for not trusting So after all he has done for her and the people he loves. Hasn’t he proved himself to be worthy of trust already? She really should have known better than behaving like this and not giving him a chance to help out Eun and his wife. She was making decisions purely based on what wasn’t actually happening and by doing that, what she was trying to avoid, now I feel it’s going to happen. Also, let me point out that Soo’s final vision was of Eun dying because of an arrow which it’s Yo’s weapon of choice.

But now I am betting everything I have Wang So will be forced to kill Wang Eun in episode 16. Maybe out of mercy since leaving him to Wang Yo would be worst? Maybe Eun will kill himself after his Soon-duk’s death? All I know is this is going to happen and it’s going to be ugly and horrifying. You better make up for this shit, show. You better do something so grand and satisfying it will impossible to hate you.

In stark contrast to Wook’s shady ways and outright lies, Wang So was trusting and honest with Soo. He told her directly about Yo’s order and how he plans to disobey them. Why didn’t she spill the beans right there is beyond me, especially after having a first encounter with a pathological liar. Doesn’t she know how different Wook and So are by now? Doesn’t she have faith in her feelings? In So’s word? Come on! Why are we doing this dance again?

The only one who had her shit together through the episode was Lady Soon-duk. She even metaphorically bitch slapped back some sense into Soo by telling her to trust the man she loves. Grand General Park truly raised her to be awesome, didn’t he?

Wang Eun and Soon-duk’s scenes today were incredibly cute and endearing, and like him I was wishing we could have seen them living like this way earlier. To me their happiness is like a bad omen for what’s coming next. Because if Eun and Soon-duk die in the next episode, Grand General Park is going full force, down and dirty, against Wang Yo. A part of me wishes they can be saved, but another part of me wants to see the Grand General breaking down the Palace’s doors and shred Wang Yo and Wook to pieces for everything they have done.

And why are we putting all the blame on the men about Eun when it was Yeonhwa who sold him out? She goes and tell Yo and Wook so they sent their soldiers to look for Eun and after she tells So who will be too late to help Eun escape but just in time for the worst to happen. Is her plan to use Eun’s death to create a rift between So and Soo?

I swear this woman is the worst. Fine, I give her credit for playing a role in the politics of the show when in those times women were supposed to be marry off and have babies. But she has done nothing but bring misery to everyone around her. Her brother, her mother, her other half-siblings and herself. Joke is on her because now Yo wants nothing to do with her and So has already rejected her. She is worse off now, after everything, than when the show started.

I love that all it took for Wang Jung to recognize his sister in law was one her martial art moves. HA! And it was nice to finally see him choosing sides, too bad he still doesn’t seem to trust Wang So. Look, I get it. They love the same girl, and it doesn’t seem like his under his mother’s influence anymore, but Jung needs to put his feelings aside and start working with So if he wants to at least have a chance of surviving the war that’s coming.

Also, show, why are you refusing to give Wang Baek-ah more screen time? Granted, you gave me my wish and now he is actively working with So but I wanted to see it not being told what he is been up to off screen. Baek-ah is a great source of help for all his brothers (the decent ones) and has not respect nor lost love for Wang Yo. I am guessing that when he realizes that Wook is the one pulling the machiavellian strings, he won’t have kind words for him either.

And what’s up with Woo-hee? Why is she still around and why is she coming back into the palace now? Was the sinister Minister following her? What did Yo propose to her? Marriage? PLEASE NO. I know the rhythm of the show is a slow burn but she couldn’t possibly betray Baek-ah at the eleventh hour, right? Don’t you dare break his heart!

Oh. About Wang Won?

Monster AU Part II: The Frogs

Part of the Monster Haus AU

Part One Here

AHHHH thank you everyone who indulged my stupid monster AU!!! You’re all a delight. I know some people asked me for more Kitchen Witch Bitty and Jötunn Jack and there were more questions and I’ll get to that BUT I wanna introduce the whole team before I get into real shenanigans so HERE THEY ARE. THE FROGS…and tadpoles.  

Once again, thank you @midnitedancer for all of your beautiful ideas and contributions. 

A summary: Chowder is adorable and is just happy to be here. The Demonic D-Men are both in need of some serious help. One is a pain in the neck, and the other has a pain in his neck. They are unrelated occurrences.  

Also featuring appearances from Accidental HBIC Farmer, Trying His Best Tango, and Whiskey the Mystery. 

  • Bitty gets used to his new friends. Jack isn’t half as scary as he was before, he’s actually not really scary at all now. And kind of cute, in his own Frost Giant way, BUT THAT’S NOT THE POINT RIGHT NOW. 
  • He carries salt packets around for Lardo just in case, he learned to make a few new all vegetarian dishes just for Holster, and in one truly memorable bonding experience - he helped shave Ransom’s back. 
  • But now there’s a whole new batch of creatures boys coming in and he’s going to have to readjust. He’s excited…but a little terrified. 
  • He saw the roster after all, this year might be a little rougher. 
  • But then of course he meets Chowder and takes everything back. 
  • Chowder is a Chinese Demi-God from southern California, and a literal ray of sunshine. Well, actually he’s a literal rain cloud, but he’s doing his best. 
  • He is descended from the Thunder God Lei Gong on his mother’s side. 
  • Despite his relation to an all powerful thunder dragon, Chowder himself looks rather human, and no one is quite sure if he’s constantly holding back his powers, or if they are really just that mild. 
  • As it is, Chowder really causes small breezes and the occasional light rain when he’s particularly upset. As the goalie, there is somewhat of a worry that he might use his powers to move the puck, but he swears on his mother’s life he would never. He actually claims he can’t even use his powers when he’s so worked up over a game. There have been disputes. 
  • He’s sweet and gentle and Bitty adores him like his own son. But his son is calling the two new defensemen his brothers - so Bitty thinks he might need to get used to them as well. No matter how much they frighten him.
  • His tiny storm cloud son and the two Demonic Defensemen. 

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Deadpool Preference: Dating Deadpool

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  • Always letting him decide if he wants to take his mask off because it depends on certain days if he is comfortable
  • Always comforting him and letting him know he’s beautiful for more than just his looks
  • Making sure he eats different food, not just chimichangas, and pancakes
  • Putting up with his flirting with others
  • Trying to get it when he breaks the Fourth Wall
  • Making sure that he stays safe and patching him up whenever he comes back injured
  • Him letting you patch him up, telling you its more for your comfort when in reality, he loves it that someone cares enough to take care of him
  • Rolling your eyes whenever you come home to see him covered in pink, yellow and blue frosting
  • Having a very active and ranged sex life
  • Kissing him over the mask until he’s comfortable being kissed on the lips
  • Assuring him you won’t scream or vomit the first time you see him without his mask
  • Touching his face and letting him know you are in no way repulsed
  • Him training you to use various types of weapons
  • Having innuendo wars
  • And him always winning
  • Making sure he takes pain medication whenever his skin hurts
  • Holding him through the night if you have occasionally run out
  • Going on missions with him and flirting with the evil dudes as you do
  • Him getting jealous when it happens
  • Him getting jealous all the time
  • Never ever going out in public because it always ends up as a circus (one time, literally)
  • Being the big spoon whenever he needs comfort
  • Him trying to joke away the pain (both mental and physical) but always able to read him and comforting him the best way you know
  • Being able to read him through his mask
  • Going to Comic Cons and both of you cosplaying as him
  • Giving him his space whenever he thinks about his life before his mutation
  • Making lame jokes with him
  • Wearing lollypop rings
  • Dismissing all of his negative nicknames about himself
  • Watching Green Lantern to annoy him
  • Him helping you babysit for your family/friends and being incredible at it
  • Having a failed swear jar that filled within two days
  • Talking him out of slicing parts of himself off ‘for science’
  • Always arguing who did a better job during a contract
  • Him being way over protective
  • Him choosing really inappropriate moments to swoop in for a kiss
  • Wearing something red because it turns him on
  • Him being a human shield for you more than once
  • Him dramatically dying whenever he does that
  • Or when you kill him
  • And you play along with it because it was funny to see the Avengers freak out that one time
  • Him being over the moon when you find out your pregnant
  • Him always trying to make it fun for the both of you
  • He later explains it’s because he doesn’t want you to leave him, and tells you about his bad history when it comes to relationships
  • Despite all the crude jokes and innuendos, he waits and always makes sure to receive your absolute permission before doing anything remotely sexual with you
  • You knowing about his being a victim of sexual abuse and understanding that the trauma has never left him
  • Hence the absolute permission and the few days that he just doesn’t seem himself
  • He always makes breakfast in the morning
  • It’s always pancakes
  • And when I say morning I mean any time in the morning. The moment it hits 12:01am, he could be waking you up at any time, plate in hand
  • Being his rock when he needs you to be and him being your rock whenever you need him to be
New Neighbor Part 1

Request:for a Gabriel x reader fanfic/ series????? Gabe’s my fave and it would be rad to have a cute fic with him!!!

Summary: The reader lives in an apartment despite being an active hunter. They never make friends or know their neighbors names. What happens though when a mischievous new neighbor moves in and tries to get to know them? 

Characters: Gabriel x Reader

Content: Fluff

Word Count: 881

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Tokyo Ghoul:RE Summer Camp AU

Almost complete

Because screw getting anything important done this is more fun and why not.

Camp Coolie Ghoulie was a regular camp 6 years ago under a different name but it was shut down due to legal problems surrounding a near drowning. The camp recently reopened under new management as a camp and is known to specially cater to kids with various food allergies and stuff that would cause problems at a normal camp. (because you know I’m playing off the ghoul thing here though the AU doesn’t necessarily have to be read as a ghoul AU)

The Trouble Cabin

(Head Counselor) Haise Sasaki (17) - One of the counselors in charge of the “trouble cabin” filled with Quinx. Very zealous about his job despite the fact he scared of lakes and insects and he loves taking care of his campers.

(C.I.T. Assistant Counselor) Touka Kirishima (15) - A C.I.T. (counselor in training) working as the assistant counselor to Haise.

  • Urie Kuki (10) - Got put in the trouble cabin because he refused to behave as a teammate in group activities when he was in Hirako’s cabin. (For instance causing his canoe to rotate in a circle because he refused to row along with the Kuroiwa and the rest of his cabin.
  • Shirazu Ginshi (11) - He was originally in a different cabin but got in a fight with a camper he thought was insulting insulting Touka (who he has a crush on).
  • Mutsuki Tooru  (10) - Mutsuki is a good kid though rather shy, he’s in the trouble cabin however due to the fact that he was rather scared of most activities and had the unfortunate habit of accidentally injuring himself in the activities he did participate in. Everyone agreed he could use the supervision of Haise.
  • Saiko Yonebayashi (11) - In the trouble cabin because she refused to give up her electronics and was often caught playing on her gameboy during activities and watching movies when she should be sleeping.
  • Ken/Oneshot Kaneki (12) - Ken got put into the trouble cabin as soon as he arrived, some counselors whisper he’s lucky to have been let back in after last year (whatever happened last year no one will say).  

Cabin One

(Head Counselor) Hirako Take - The Head of cabin one who is the best cabin in all the cabin competitions as well as one of the most well behaved.

(C.I.T. Assistant Counselor) Kuramoto Itou (16) - A C.I.T. (counselor in training) working as the assistant to Hirako.

  • Takeomi Kuroiwa (11) - A member of Hirako’s cabin who takes games very seriously and apologies if his cabin ever loses competitions.
  • Seidou Takizawa (12) - A bit over competitive, he has a tendency to get uset if he thinks he’s dragging down his cabin.
  • Furuta Nimura (11) - is a camper who looks innocent until his cabin realizes he’s been helping another cabin win the cabin competition, also he’s been seen throwing rocks at forest animals, bad child.
  • Hairu Ihei (10) - a camper in cabin one she is very interested in following Arima because in her 10 year old brain would be as awesome as becoming as good at killing bugs as him. She prides herself at being better at it than all the boys in her cabin, also she’s very good at archery.

Cabin Two

(Head Counselor) Eto (19) - She’s not above messing with her fellow counselors and is often know to play pranks.

(C.I.T. Assistant Counselor) Rize Kamishiro (16 ½) - As a C.I.T. she still sometimes encourages cheating in competitions among the campers, and is probably the type of person who would push Haise into the lake for fun. She went to the former camp when it was still open.

  • Naki (12) - A camper who often cries because he want to go home to see his big brother.
  • Ayato Kirishima (10) - A camper who like high place, concidently he can sometimes be found climbing too high in trees. “Get down Kirishima you’re not a bird!”
  • Hinami Fueguchi (9 ½) - One of the youngest campers and the “little sister” of cabin two.
  • Kanae Von Rosewald (10) - Is a camper who likes to hang around Tsukiyama and is always close to getting put in the trouble cabin for swearing at other campers in German.
  • Miza (12) - A camper usually found with Naki following her around, sometimes to her annoyance. Naki is the bane of Miza’s existence sometimes as he reveals everything whenever their playing any game that requires secrecy.
  • Tatara (12)- He’s a camper (because I say so) He likes to call everyone liars when they talk about the camp myths and often goes of on his own trying to find out the true behind the myths and when asked what he’s doing he says, “Smoking out a liar.”

Cabin Three

(Head Counselor) Hideyoshi Nagachika (18) - Also activities coordinator in charge of all outdoor activities such as canoeing, swimming, and hiking.

(Joint Counselor) Suzuya Juuzou (17) - He has to take over for Hide a lot since he has more than one job. He’s know as the fun counselor but also the counselor with the most safety violations. He’s sometimes mistaken for a camper because of his size.

  • Hanbee Abara (12) - The poor boy is often mistaken as a C.I.T. or counselor due too his height and is usually quite nervous and attached to Suzuya.
  • Shironeki (10) - Camper who spend some time in Cabin 2 but was eventually moved into Cabin three to be with his twin who had a tendency to become upset when he wasn’t around.
  • Kuroneki (10) - Camper who is very quiet and attached to his twin, sometimes picked on for his eyepatch.
  • Kurona Yasuhisa (11) - Even more attached to the hip with her twin than the boys, she and her sister along with Shironeki are  the only people with a lot of competitive ability.
  • Nashiro Yasuhisa (11) - Along with her sister the twins don’t trust Counselor Suzuya very much, they also tend to get in arguments with Shironeki.


Arima Kishou - The head counselor, the strong and silent type, Haise has the tendency to call him up in a panic to take care of bugs in the cabin (particularly centipedes) and so all Haise’s campers call him “the insect reaper”

Tsukiyama Shuu (19) - Is in charge of teaching the campers about nature, he loves teaching about things like flowers but has a natural hatred for bugs and dirt so everyone wonder why he works at a summer camp.

Nishiki Nishio - Is the camp nurse who keeps almost getting fired for swearing, “How the fuck did you manage to fall and do that!” “Nishio the children!”

Amon Koutarou (22) - The Camp’s lifeguard (his staff has become a safety poll), Haise wants to talk to him but more often than not he’s out on the dock and Haise doesn’t want to risk walking out there.

Akira Mado - One of the head counselors and the archery instructor (she’s a very good shot).

Uta - In charge of crafts and camp competitions “It’s my job to make sure the campers have more fun.” he says also, “We’re making masks again today.”

Yomo Renji - The camp handyman who most campers are at least slightly scared of, and they tell stories about.

Yoshimura - Is the head cook at the camp which is a lot more complicated than it sounds seeing as a lot of the campers have food allergies he and his staff must cater to.

Yoriko Kosaka (16) - Assistant cook to Yoshimura, she love making the food cute for the younger kids.

Ui Koori - Is one of the camp coordinators he’s usually busy trying to make sure no one accidentally gets the camp sued or kills a child.


Chibi Shironeki (because I say so) - A legend exists in the camp that a young camper once died due to the negligence of the camp counselors (someone watched to much Friday the 13th) and now the small white haired boy haunts the camp. Saiko -who is far too interested in pop culture for her own good- often warns Haise, “Don’t have sex mamman, the ghost boy will get you” Haise doesn’t have the heart to tell her that the legend was born after a controversy where he almost drowned as a student. (it’s also why he’s afraid of the lake).

Kijima Shiki- Is yet another legend at the camp, the patchwork man will hunt you down with his chainsaw if you’re out of bed past curfew. Some nights you can even hear his chainsaw. In reality the sound is just Yomo, who for some reason insists on doing most maintenance work in the dead of night.

Banjou - is an actual bear (until I can think of something better for him to do).

I’m adding more people later tell me who you want? Anymore campers to fill in the ranks?

You’re Mine

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     Oh, shit.

     That’s what you think when you saw Jukyung sit peacefully, playing with his phone across your table, then you found he wasn’t alone. You heard a familiar husky voice laugh which is Simon’s and you could see Chacha, DJ Wegun, DJ Pumkin, and the last is Jay Park. Basically, more than half AOMG’s members were going out for lunch at the same place with you. But you couldn’t find your new boyfriend, well he’s your new boyfriend because recently both of you decided to going back together, one and only Gray.

      You were on the middle of your lunch time at restaurant which nearby your office with your senior, you and him had a meeting with client earlier and he suggested to get lunch before you back to the office. Since you’re starving, you agreed without hesitation.

      That was not your hallucination to see them here, Gray’s fellow members, his close friends. You caught Jukyung glanced at you as if he checked whether you are y/n or not. Finally your eyes and Jukyung’s met, he also realized that wasn’t Gray but another guy with you. This scene obviously made his assume that you’re on date or maybe you’re cheating. You saw Jukyung talking to Simon and the boys, and wriggled his eyebrows to you, that’s his way to say hi. Then Jay waved his hand to you, also saying hi. Then Simon turned his head, and gave you big smiled. They recognized you, which was it made your heart beat multiple times faster than usual and your senior seems aware with your expression.  

      “What’s wrong? This food isn’t good? Do you want to eat another dishes?” your senior such a thoughtful and caring guy.

      To tell you the truth, this restaurant menu’s is undeniable. It was great, but found your boyfriend’s friends at the same restaurant and they might tell your boyfriend that you’re hang out with another guy without him knowing was such a dilemma. How could you eat peacefully in this condition?

      Your phone buzzed, a new message received.

      It’s from Jukyung.
      It doesn’t look like Gray hyung.

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To Be, Or Not To Be

Summary: Vampires are immortal. They live on forever, but not their Eves. To be, or not to be—that is the question…and answer to end this slowly dwindling time.

Pairing:  Kuro x Mahiru

Genre: Shounen-ai, supernatural, hurt/comfort

Rating: T

Author: Canna / Yellow Canna

Status: Complete (One shot)

I never knew the absolute silence could be so frightening.

I stared at the pair of lips above me, quivering and moving slowly. I knew this person was talking, but I couldn’t hear anything. I could feel something warm trickling down my body…but I couldn’t move my neck to see what it was. All I knew was that my body was completely drenched in the sticky warmth and what felt like a pair of arms holding me impossibly tight.  

“….—ro…” A raw voice choked out of my throat, trying desperately to form words. “K…ro…”

Those lips stopped moving. Sharp fangs bit down hard on the lower lip, drawling out blood before they gave out a shaky response. However…I still couldn’t hear. It felt weird…being able to hear myself but not this person.


Those lips moved stopped moving and suddenly gone slack. My vision began to blur, coming in and out of focus before my gaze drifted up…

“So…rry…” The soft whisper left my throat in contrast to my speeding heartbeat.

I stared in horror at the pair of wide, unblinking blackened eyes that didn’t have a tint of white in them. They just stared at me…completely dead…

Aah!” I screamed as I shot out of the bed. Sweat poured down my face as hot puffs of breath worked its way through my lips.

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Bad Boy BTS- Shades of Grey- Hoseok (Part 11)

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7,Part 8, Part 9, Part 10 , Part 12

“What the fuck do you want? Why do you have her phone?” Hoseok asked the man on the other side of the line through gritted teeth. The boys immediately stood up, and gathered around the telephone. Hoseok clicked on the speaker button.

“Well, you see… The other night, you not only hurt us, but you damaged our reputation. We thought as a punishment, we could take the thing you care about most, and damage her in return…” The voice purred  through the speakers. Hoseok clutched onto the telephone with such great force, everyone was surprised the electronic device hadn’t shattered in his hands.

“Don’t you fucking dare lay a finger on her.” Hoseok threatened, his voice more fierce and savage than they had ever heard before.

“Or what? What are you going to do to us little rat? Will you fight us?!” the man laughed through the telephone, and Hoseok could hear the soft whimpers in the background that indicated you were near them.

“I WILL KILL YOU!” Hoseok roared at the telephone. Suga put a hand on his shoulder, in a weak attempt to help him keep his cool.

“Bring it on buddy. But first you will have to come to us, and who knows, perhaps by then it will be too late. I wonder… Do you know what it feels like between her legs? Or is she still a virgin?” The man laughed, and he was immediately echoed by a multitude of laughter.

Hoseok immediately tensed up, his cheeks flushing a deep red due to the embarrassment that his friends had heard a question like that. He had a reputation to maintain, and the fact that he hadn’t done more than kiss you was surely detrimental. But that was secondary right now, what mattered most was your safety, and right now, it was gravely compromised.

“DON’T YOU DARE LAY A FUCKING FINGER ON HER!” Hoseok howled through the phone, making the other men in the room jump. You whimpered at the sound of his voice, tears dripping from your chin at an alarming speed. You were terrified, but you still had hopes that Hoseok would come to save you.

Hoseok didn’t even wait for the guys to make a move, he stood up, grabbed his leather jacket, and slipped it on, before making his way out the door. The guys soon started to move, dividing into two groups, one was to be driven by Namjoon and the other by Jin.

Where were they going? To the place he knew those guys would be at: an abandoned warehouse just outside town. They had chosen this place because it was private, out of the public eye, and away from people, so whatever they did, went unnoticed.

Jin drove at an alarming speed, and he was lucky there were no other cars on the road, or he could have compromised their safety. Jin had his eyes fixed on the road with a cold, serious expression, and expression the boys only ever saw on his face when it was business.

This time Hoseok drove in the passenger’s seat, while Taehyung sat at the back with Jungkook, getting mentally prepared for the fight that was most likely going to take place. Hoseok couldn’t stop fidgeting on his seat, he was nervous, anxious, and most of all, he was scared. He was scared of what could happen to you now that you were so vulnerable in their hands.

His mind wandered to thoughts of their filthy hands on your body, their lips on your skin, touching you in all the ways that a girl should never be touched involuntarily, and he couldn’t help but feel sick at the idea.

“It’s okay. We’ll get there in time.” Jin reassured him, removing one hand from the steering-wheel, and placing it on Hoseok’s thigh, who flinched at the sudden contact that had brought him out of his thoughts.

“Kookie, what are you going to tell your parents this time if you come back hurt?” Taehyung asked Jungkook cutely, worrying for the safety of the younger member of the gang. Honestly, none of them wanted him in it, none of them wanted to involve someone so young, with such a great potential in his future life in the gang’s activities, but what else could they do? It pained all of them to see the younger boy hurt after one of their “adventures”.

“Same as always, they have given up on asking questions now.” Jungkook mumbled, trying not to talk much. He had been quiet ever since they had met him, but they had all seen him around before, they had seen his fun, talkative, bright side. It was such a shame to have it wither away, but no one managed to fully bring him out of his shell. He was a walking dead man.

“Yah! No one is getting hurt tonight except those fuckers!” Jin yelled at the two boys at the back, a little exasperated from the defeated talk. They all suppressed tense smiles, it wasn’t common to hear the oldest member swear, but when he did, it sounded so odd, it amused them all.

They stopped at the old, abandoned warehouse, and examined the architectural structure from outside, wondering how it hadn’t fallen to pieces already. Jimin was tempted to blow at the bricks, perhaps it would crumble.

“Okay, we going in?” Said Namjoon, as he locked the car with the wireless remote. They all nodded, bracing themselves.

The inside of the warehouse was just like the outside, worn and tattered, dust hung in the air, getting stuck in their lungs as they took breaths. There were abandoned machines, rusty and useless, and lots of litter covering the floor like a mantle of rubbish and evidence of the people who frequented the place.

Suddenly, they heard the sound of a sharp slap across flesh, followed by a scream and a whimper. Hoseok recognized your small sniffles and sobs, and he noted the terror and sadness within them. He could have recognized your voice in a million, he was sure he could close his eyes, listen to a million people say one word, and would still be able to confidently point out which one you were, because you made him feel things, just by saying his name, that no one else had made him feel before.

He began sprinting faster than was humanely possible, his feet slamming down onto the concrete floor with such intensity, he could have easily caused an earthquake. His friends began to follow him, sprinting towards the room where the screams came from.

Hoseok kicked the door open, the loud noise startling everyone in the room, who immediately halted their actions, and looked up at the source of the ruckus. Your froze immediately, the tears in your eyes receding back to your tear ducts as suddenly, you were filled with hope. Hoseok was your only hope.

Hoseok tensed up, and squared his shoulders, his chest heaving with every breath he took. His eyes narrowed at the hand on your shoulder, his nostrils flared, and his bands balled into fists. He could feel rage and adrenaline coursing through his body, making him shake out of pure wrath. He knew he wasn’t going to be able to control himself if he made a move.

“You’re dead.” Hoseok growled, before lunging at the leader of the gang with his bare fists.

Alright so these videos from that fucking night in Brussels (09/10/15) give me life so I made a list of all the things I looooooved (and/or hated but for the Twins it’s the same thing so…) about each of them. Ready ? (Also some translations ‘cause they were speaking in French (God Yeeees!))

- Larry : “you may be thirsty”
- Les Twins acting like rock stars, splashing water onto their audience at a concert.
- Mosh Pit by Flosstradamus. Again. And always.
- Lau worried his bro might slip on the water.
- Lau leaning against the DJ table. (Idk how it’s called)
- Larry : “we didn’t do anything yet! I wanna know if there are dancers in the house ?”
- Larry making fun of a girl, as usual. (twerking)
- Lau : “hey, move” (“dégage” idk why but I love when he says that..)
- Lau : “I was told that there was a kid named Alan who’s 12 that knew how to dance. Alan get your little butt right here with me. He’s blonde, super well dressed.”

- Larry keeps shaking his beannie off.
- That second dancer stealing every single move (death drop, falling flat on the floor and other moves I don’t even know how to describe) he can from the Twins. I was startled by them not giving him a lesson after that…
- The third dancer getting ‘a killer song’ according to Larry. His response was “don’t worry”. I gotta say, he’s got good musicality. (BUT ! If he’s like me and watched too many times the videos of Les Twins, you tend to know the songs they danced on pretty well so… I’m just saying.)
- Larry to the girl : “calm down baby, calm down.”
- Alan killed it. Go little dude!
- I guess that last dancer didn’t show enough musicality to Laurent. Beast took over.
- Twinning moment.
- Larry Interrupting Bourgeois take 1

- Larry holding up Alan with one arm. (I saw people comment 'damn he’s strong !’ ……. 👀)
- Larry making people sit down. “Cause you know he’s not really tall. He’s not a dwarf he’s a child.”
- Larry battling little Alan. That was cute. And hot 😳
- Laurent getting a jacket as a present. Glad Larry didn’t notice, he would have been jealous and made a scene.
- Larry screaming.
- Larry : “You’re not ready !” x 3
- Eleni doing her job : holding Laurent’s hat.
- Larry Interrupting Bourgeois take 2 has failed. But Lau lost his chains so he stopped and L.I.B take 2 actually succeeded.
- Larry to Lau : “you didn’t need to do all of this, you know”. I guess that’s how you say 'you were fucking good’ to your brother.

- Judge for yourself but I think that was amazing and real good. They were all good, damn !
- Lau : “I love Belgium !”
- @ 1:33 did Larry just try Lau’s move ?! The 'pointing your opponent and spining real fast’ move ?!!
- Les Twins killing it. MUSICALITY. 🙌
- Larry : “I’m starving”, Lau rubbing his belly.
- Laurent handing his hat to Larry. Larry looking for Eleni so he can get rid of it. LOL.

- Larry fanboying.
- L.I..B take 3. Lau didn’t really like that one. Like, at all. (But that scream though !) I think he stopped him because he wanted to battle every single one of the guys standing on stage with them.
- That little guy was a bit disrespectful.

- That little guy just got served. Larry destroyed him.
- Lau fanboying.

- Laurent pretending to drink something coming out of the guy’s nipple I don’t… Laurent is weird, ok ? I’m trying to get what’s on his mind and it’s difficult. Maybe it’s a metaphore for the guy dancing with his heart and so Lau wants that 'juice’, just like when he pretends to inject somebody’s blood in his veins with a needle like he does sometimes. Idk. Like I said he’s weird.
- Lau trying to stop his brother from dancing, singing, doing anything really, while he’s dancing. I think he’s fed up with Larry being in charge of everything since the begining.

- Larry screaming, fanboying, loving his brother.
- Lau being in love with the dude he drank the juice from. Cupping his face, really Laurent ?..
- I swear Lau is so overwhelmed by his feelings he looks like he’s possessed. And I like it.
- Larry : “make some noise for these guys right here ! Please.”
- Lau : “you need to understand something. We’re everywhere. -names, names, names- we’re with the best dancers in the world. Us too, we are worldwide artists (I’m gonna forget the huge grammatical mistake 'artistes mondials’ and keep going like nothing happened) but genius recognize genius. (He really likes this phrase) and we love seing people like that on stage. We’re not the only geniuses in the world. These guys showed us that we are not alone.”
- Idk what Larry wanted that Laurent didn’t but they dealt with it by doing Rock, Paper, Scisors and Larry won. That was really cute.
- Larry wanted to be sexy. 👀

- Larry to the DJ “you really want me to get laid tonight” so he asks for a song a little bit less sexy.
- Larry killing it like he got refilled from those guys he was battling with.
- Larry getting so deep into the song Lau couldn’t help but stop him by grabbing him from behind and hug the shit out of him ! Also… I think Lau said “how can you not want to make love with him?!” But I’m not sure about that one 👀
- Lau singing Angelina. And getting hyped. He’s so proud of himself I swear…
- That rude big guy who, as we say in french, 'ne sert à rien’. I guess he wanted to dance but Lau hurt his feelings by making him stand by. Or he didn’t wanna dance to Angelina. Idk he’s stupid.
- That woman got Larry excited. Maybe he was really going to get laid that night. Thanks DJ ? 👀

- Na Na Na you don’t know me. Featuring Roy and the other useless guy.
- CONFETTI, IT’S A PARADE!!!! (sorry)
- Brace yourself, Na Na Na is coming. In two weeks. Soon. Don’t worry for that.

- Lau killing it.
- Roy desperately trying to be the third twin.
- L.I.B take 4.
- Larry : “what do you want ? Because we know he still got some juice left.” So why did you stop him, LARRY ?!

- Larry : “Laurent, don’t get mad”
- Lau killing it.
- Larry : “Putain” (which means “damn” but it’s more powerful in French)
- Laurent being poessessed again. I’m weak… ; Larry : “there he is”
- Lau needing a moment to come back down.
- Larry : “calm down. I hate when you do that. See now I wanna dance.”
- Larry : “give me a problematic song”
- Larry : “YOLO”, in short.

- Roy : “turn up, turn up, turn up, turn up.” 😒😒😒😒😒
- Larry shaking his bumbum 🍑

- Apparently the guy dancing is the bartender.
- And Lau smacked his ass. Cause he liked it.
- Larry : “we’ll drink water together later” 👀
- Larry : “You like house music, apparently. Ok let’s try it.”
- Lau : “Be careful my brother. Be careful.”
- Larry having fun with the song. PARTYYYYYYY !!! 🎉🎉💥💥
- Laurent worried for his brother again. “ 'TENTION !” (“careful”)
- Larry to Lau : “come on, baby”

- Alan dancing. Larry : “you feel how good it is ?”
- Larry is now worried for his bro “be careful” while fanboying.
- Lau grabbing his anaconda. 🐍🐍🐍🙈

- L.I.B take 5.
- Larry : “that has nothing to do with money. […] this is serious. The more you give, the more we give you back. We love that. It’s something with people from Belgium, you’ve got one hell of a way of fighting, you never stop. This is craz- Stop it ! (To the DJ) They’re hungry, give me something.”
- Larry suddenly angry at Laurent, because he was taking pictures while he was dancing. Which meant that his attention wasn’t on him. Larry : “Battle. Right now.”
- Lau big bro doesn’t care and says “excuse me, I wanna see that guy dance.” Sorry Larry.

- LARRY’S REMIX, GUYS!! It’s so dope.
- Larry : “alright we’ll let them dance now. Hey, Lau. That’s it. We’re done. Let’s go sit.” The DJ puts on a song they love. “How do you want us to sit down if you put that on ?!”
- Lau raps to the song. Larry feeling it.
- Larry : “Thank you for welcoming us, that was nice of you.” 😂😂
- Larry raps to the song too… That was new 😳

Voilà. I spent too much time on this.. Hope you enjoyed it.

ioqggjoho-deactivated20170322  asked:

Thank you for the posts against the JohnDave shippers this upd8. Honestly, I don't really care for JohnDave (it's a ship I like as friends, but not as lovers; same with Johnkat), but I swear to God, the shippers are some of the most obnoxious in the Homestuck fandom, as they keep making all this gross, obnoxious, out of character bullshit.

Ahh, thank you!  I actually have gotten a lot of people asking just why I take this so seriously, and the reason is that if people make “cute” or “funny” jokes about how John is a jealous boyfriend telling Terezi to fuck off, we’re kind of making a mockery of something that does in fact happen and isn’t cool to do.  I would like to actually explain something here, so if I take a while to post this answer, the reason why is I wrote a lot on it.  But here goes: 

The jealous boyfriend jokes are not okay for one basic reason: it’s making a mockery of an instance of a controlling one-sided relationship.  That, and it’s kind of annoying to watch shippers repeatedly force their ship into a situation that a) has a great fucking message and b) has nothing to do with Johndave or John having feelings for Dave.  I’m going to pull up the panel in question here:

First off, before I go on my rant here, I’d like to say that what John did will probably fuck up the timeline, because he was specifically instructed to stick to Terezi’s instructions.  But that doesn’t hinder the message John is trying to give.  For a kid who as far as I can tell is pretty clueless about romance and has characteristics of a grey ace, he’s pretty damn smart.  This letter is him saying that Terezi shouldn’t rush into a relationship with Dave.  He knows it got kind of weird and awkward towards the end, and we the audience know that it fizzled out due to cultural differences.  Terezi wanted a black quadrant, didn’t know how to break it to Dave, and Dave didn’t want to “share” her with Gamzee.  In terms of breakups, it’s a pretty sad one.  I would gander Dave, who seems to be a monogamous human, felt pretty cheated on.  And Terezi, who simply accepts quadrants as not only part of her culture, but he means of survival, had no clue how to deal with things in the end.  John is warning her almost, this will get weird.  Dating humans is tricky.  You should figure your own shit out before you get into any relationship.  And as DUMB AS HE IS FOR TRYING TO CHANGE THE TIMELINE PARTS TEREZI NEVER TOLD HIM TO CHANGE, he’s right.  At this point in the timeline, they’re still both young and both ignorant to each other’s culture.  Karkat’s problem was his indecisiveness and controlling behavior over Terezi.  Dave’s problem was ignorance, he was in the 13-15 age range, do you think a young teenage boy is going to go out of his way to study his alien girlfriend’s troll culture?  Hell, Dave was probably trying to touch them titties, or whatever hormonally charge teenage boys think about.  In my experience, it’s boobs. 

Okay, now for the rant on why the alternative interpretation of this panel is problematic as fuck and absolutely gross to me.  I’m gonna get a little personal here and I’m going to ask you to meet 16 year old Rae, a young girl experiencing her first lesbian awakening.  Oh man, that was 11 months ago. Anyway, she falls hard for this girl we’ll call J.  J was extremely cute and funny and wore cherry red lipstick that Rae assumed tasted like real cherries.  And Rae was going to ask J out on a date.  But little did Rae know, a guy friend of hers liked her.  It was actually near obsessive and kind of creepy, but she didn’t know that until later.  She also didn’t know that this guy friend, G, pulled J aside and told her a lot of hurtful things to her, threatened nasty things if she agreed to date Rae, and talked a lot of trash.  His logic, if I can’t have her, no one can.  Not once did he say anything about his feelings to Rae.  But as soon as Rae had feelings for someone that wasn’t him, he felt entitled to ruin her chances of a relationship with a cute girl. 

The situation people are romanticizing in the fandom is no different.  To say that John is intentionally breaking two people apart so he can be with one of them isn’t cute or funny.  It isn’t clever of him, and it’s by no means evidence that a ship is canon.  And yes, it’s fictional and it’s open interpretation for the fans, but there comes a time when the fans need to recognize that this is not romantic.  It’s problematic.  Abusive and controlling people use this very tactic to pressure people into dating them.  It’s manipulative, low brow, and nothing about it is romantic.  In fact, it paints John out to be an obsessive asshole. 

John also has no characteristics of ever attempting this.  He’s gullible and really dumb at times.  That and time and time again you see him worrying over Dave’s happiness over his own.  He teases Dave’s coolkid getup as a way of encouraging him to be his own person.  He compliments Dave whenever he comes up as a subject in conversation.  He’s always genuinely happy to talk to Dave.  This is a sign of friendship, maybe love.  Is is romantic or platonic love?  Well, that’s up to the reader to decide.  But you see, he shows no signs of obsessing over Dave, he has two other friends to protect and lead during the game.  He has his other interests, Vriska and Roxy, he cares about a lot more than if Dave is dating Terezi or not.  He’s wary of Terezi because one time she fucking nearly killed him, but he never once in canon actively tries to break her and Dave apart.  Except at this one part, and why?  Because he gives a shit about Terezi being happy.  He wants her to be in a relationship when it’s right, not because she feels the need to be.  This is a flaw in her character that many girls actually can relate to.  When Karkat failed to be a good whatever-the-fuck-Karkat-wanted-them-to-be, she turned to Dave.  When Dave was uncomfortable with quadrants, she went to Gamzee.  Gamzee, even in a black quadrant, is abusive.  A healthy rivalry has both parties on equal footing when Gamzee clearly has the upper hand over her.  But she still stays, she fears being alone so she stays. 


John is basically telling her don’t feel the fear of being alone.  Alone is nothing to fear!  Things don’t work out with Dave and that’s okay.  He isn’t worth it.  Karkat isn’t worth it.  Gamzee isn’t worth it.  John is actually flat out downplaying Dave, calling him not worth the stress and the toll the breakup takes on her. 

In conclusion, it has nothing to do with your ship, please stop insinuating the idea that John the controlling one sided lover is romantic.  It’s not.