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OKaY SO I was always afraid of my sexuality but year ago i started considering myself bi and all of a suden everything felt just so RIGHT. And yesterday my friend was having a party. There were three of my closest friends. Aaand of course i got drunk. I dont even remember how i got to this topic but i totally dramatically outed myself to her.(but she doesnt remember that smh) Then i went to another frien dramatically outed myself to her too. I cryied for 30 minutes, then outed myself again(1/2)

[(2/2)(forgot how i ended last time lol hope u dont mind)Basically i outed myself to third friend and cryied for another 10 minutes while they were telling me its okay again and again until i stopped crying. .me and my 2 two friends stayed to help cleaning in the morning and I was so afraid.I was afraid to talk to them when I was sober but I knew I would have to face it so I brought it up and… they told me the same thing they did when we were drunk. That they are my friends and they love me! (+) basically drunk me is dramatic but sometimes makes good decisions]

awww i’m so happy they accepted you right away! also that was the most dramatic story ever holy shit i was sat there updating my inbox waiting for part 2 for so long lmao. i hope everything is fab now :D u go me bi and happy my friend

Don't ever think about headcons

I just want to thank @highladystarfall for the help with this I wrote it about a week ago and warning I have already made two people cry so you have been warned 😈

Don’t ever thing about .

Don’t think about Rowan and Aelin get matching tattoos .

Don’t think about when they hold hands there tattoos match up .

Don’t think about them get married and get matching tattoos of there stories.

Don’t think about Aelin running her hands up and down Rowan’s very Muscular thighs (okay just for you @highladystarfall)

Don’t think about Aelin get tattoo about her have a miscarriage ( ok I know this I’m sad 😂but I Love torture you guys) .

Don’t think about Rowan and Aelin first child and the baby always touch Rowan’s tattoos .

Don’t think about Aelin and Rowan and Aelin get there children’s name tattooed over there heart .

Don’t think about Rowan have fireheart on his heart and Rowan name over Aelin’s heart .

Don’t think about them comparing tattoo .

Don’t think about Aelin be shy asking if he would do a tattoo of a hawk .

Don’t think about there kids asking for matching tattoos and Rowan and Aelin saying yes.

Don’t think about there whole family having. the Terrasen crest on there wrist .

Don’t think about there kids asking to learn to tattoo.

About Rowan getting a piano forta for Aelin .

Don’t think about Aelin with her favorite song tattooed .

Don’t think about them stay up all night when they should have been working to so they could tattoo .

Don’t think about them writing each other’s story’s on each other .

And don’t ever think about them and tattoos.

Hinata and Orihime were both hated on. They were both body shamed, called names, and treated like garbage by many people in their fandoms. They both were called weak, had their own horrible pasts, faced their own demons, and held strong. Now they are married to the man they love and have always loved most; who they had beautiful children with. They are finally happy and I couldn’t be happier for them.

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“I think that Shiro knows Keith very well.” 

“Shiro and Keith had kind of a touching moment outside of Keith’s desert shack.”

“It implies that they have a past.” 

“I think we’re gonna see a little bit more of that development.” 

“It’s just Shiro knowing what Keith has in him.” 

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Osomatsu-San short episode 5: Chat (feat. Karamatsu and Ichimatsu)


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Rest in Peace, Lauren Bacall (September 16, 1924 - August 12, 2014)

“I’m still fighting for the right to be thought of as I am, the way it is, not as anyone else’s image or idea of what I am because of parts I played when I was nineteen. It’s been a losing battle so far, it may always be, but I won’t give up. Not then–not now–not tomorrow.”


Yunho and Changmin have been spotted at SM Cafe together today!!! Seems a manager was w them too~ [x][x]

160827 “When Yunho arrives, Changmin gave him a salute and a big warm hug. I’m not even cassiopea but the scene warms my heart.” [sc]