these two have such a brilliant dynamic

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i love abby, but she's much better as a doctor than a chancellor

I think it makes way more sense for her as a character; she never ran for Chancellor, it wasn’t a job she wanted, and she did a good job but she’s more needed in the area where she has specialized skills nobody else has.  I’m 100% in support of the show moving her back into storylines where her job is to be the brilliant kickass doctor who can figure out things nobody else can figure out, and keep Kane at the heart of the politics storylines.  In season 2 it was fun watching them push back and forth against each other with two totally different leadership styles, but now that they’re a united front, there’s nothing dynamic in putting the two of them into a politics storyline together, and it leaves her kind of extraneous.  So while I hate having Kabby separated I HATE IT I HATE IT I HATE IT, I’m here for her being the queen of Science Island.

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What actors would you like him to co-star with him Me: Tom Hanks Liam Neeson Johnny Depp Ben Kingsley Keira Knightley Mark Rylance Daniel Bruhl Jennifer Lawrence Donald Sutherland Judi Dench Helena Bonham Carter Benedict Cumberbatch and Eddie Redmayne. Who would you like for him to CoStar with

Ohhh i love this question!!!
Definatley want to see him with Benefict Cumberbatch( thats such a dynamic duo) chris pratt , mr 007 daniel craig( love a bond movie with those two- kit would make an incredible bond)
Liam Neeson - i wouldve loved to have seen him co star with the late and brilliant Alan Rickman!
Emma Thompson - Andrew Lincoln - Norman reedus - Emma Watson … gosh theres so mant but cant think of them all! But definatley all these above!
Thank you so much for this question! I really enjoyed it !! 😘😘😘

One of my favourite thing about Beyond is that, it explores so many dynamics among the crews.

Jim and Chekov
I always imagine Jim as a brother figure to Chekov. Their journey together is adorable and exciting! I’m so glad they give so much more screen time to Chekov as compared to the two previous movies. He’s brilliant, fresh, genius and undeniably reliable. Thank you Anton for playing this lovable character so well, you will be missed.

Spock and Bones
Ugh these two. I love their dynamic sooo much. It had always been Spock and Jim or Bones and Jim before (not that I’m complaining, don’t let me start on our golden triumvirate but) it’s time to have the goodness of Spones and Beyond gives us just that, thank you! They have vastly different personalities and I love watching them bickering with each other as a façade of their mutual respect. Besides, we can witness Spock’s rare moment of vulnerability (wink wink) and Bones kicking some major asses, so, hell yeah!!

Scotty and Jaylah
You have no idea how much I love Jaylah, she’s AMAZING! Brilliant, strong and independent. Sure she has her vulnerable moment but FUCK IT, WHAT DOESN’T KILL YOU MAKES YOU STRONGER!! Scotty and Jaylah are amazing together (I see them having father/daughter relationship is it weird? anyway) Jaylah is a free spirited lassie with minimum contact with other beings (minus those hostiles aliens of course) and Scotty being as accommodating as he is, just know how to balance out their dynamic, so YAY!

Sulu and Uhura
BROTP! They are so protective of each other, like when Uhura lost her shit when Krall did his sucking mojo on Sulu and Sulu super worried expression when Uhura and Syll was trapped in a room with Krall and Manas. They are super concern of each other it gives me this warm and tingling feeling inside. We saw them working together in the opening scene of ST:ID but this is just another level.

I’m sooo happy to witness their relationship had evolved to one step further, better. Not just as crew members who got stuck together due to the event of Narada but to actually have mutual trust and respect, much like a family. For that, I’m sooo happy and grateful for what this trilogy (reboot wise) had brought to us.

Thank you Beyond.

alex tinselblake’s not-so-comprehensive fic rec list

i ran out of time to do a follow forever so i made this? 

all these fics are longer than 10k, and they’re all brilliant, some of my favourite fics ever. i might make a rec list for shorter fics?? maybe?? probably who am i kidding (tbh i’ll probably make a part two to this as well)

  • i think it’s called love by LaughingSenselessly - this is 20k of pure GREATNESS. bellamy and clarke are adoptive-but-not siblings, and their dynamic is so filled with tension right from the very beginning. it’s funny and hot and sweet and a fab enemies/friends/lovers au
  • it’s all the rage back home by cmajorchords - quite possibly my favourite supernatural au?? ever?? clarke is the only remaining member of a family of werewolf hunters, bellamy is a new alpha that promises to help her avenge her parents, and the writing style is amazing. it’s poetic in all the right places and adrenaline rush-inducing in others
  • No Space Lies Between by prosciutto / @prosciuttoe - emily’s both one of my favourite people and favourite fic writers, and this fic is the bestttt. clarke moves back in with bellamy eight months after they break up, and the tension is SO GOOD i can’t handle it
  • Show Me What I’m Looking For by BitsCrawford / @daisyridlys - basically the best series two au?? the worldbuilding is fantastic and so is clarke’s characterisation, imo it’s what s2 could/should have been, and the progression of bellamy and clarke’s relationship is so natural
  • she’s touching his chest now, he takes off her dress now by Chash / @ponyregrets -  the body-swap au of my DREAMS. chash is one of my fave fic writers and everything she writes is fantastic. like everything else, this is funny and heart-wrenching and basically the best
  • and you thought the lions were bad by kindclaws (@kindclaws) - ok so everyone should have read sara’s fab mermaid au but i feel like this one goes unnoticed? which it really shouldn’t, it’s like daredevil and some superheroes had a baby and that baby turned out to be possibly the most atmospheric fic ever. it’s so dark but the writing is so good
  • Where They Think They Belong by LayALioness / @tierannasaurusrex- this is 50k of bellarke fake dating. it’s incomplete, but it’s 50k of bellarke fake dating that - *gasp* - turns out to be not so fake after all. if that won’t persuade you to read idk what will honestly
  • the fool keeps fighting by spiekiel -  one of the best fics ever?? this made my heart hurt; clarke and bellamy break up but shouldn’t have, and octavia’s wedding drags up everything they’ve tried to bury. this fic is tagged with “the epic kind of love” and honestly, that sums it up
  • Dreaming at the End of the Word by madjm - this is?? so interesting?? this author wrote a fake dating au that i adored, but the concept of this fic is so unique. it’s canon-divergent from the end of series two, and bellamy is captured by ALIE and hooked up to a machine that shows him his idea of a better life - of course, it involves clarke
  • walking on a wire, but you’re holding it steady by glowinghorizons / @dreamingundone - okay technically i’m cheating because this fic is 8k, but it’s so gooooood. i know nothing about hockey, but the dynamic between bellamy and clarke is amazing - bellamy is a captain of a hockey team, clarke is his new boss and when they first meet they do not get on
  • we both pretend (but i know i start where you end) by safeandsound13 - this is a cancer fic, but it isn’t sad? it follows bellamy and clarke’s relationship from acquaintances to best friends to more, with bellamy being the first to know that clarke’s ill. happy ending, obviously. 
  • kiss her or keep her by purple vanity - this is also technically cheating bc this fic is 8k too, but it’s a pushing daisies au and those are my favourite things ever. bellamy is a piemaker with the ability to raise the dead, and clarke is his murdered childhood crush, but the fact that bellamy can’t touch those he brings back to life again inevitably complicates things (featuring previously dead!octavia and private investigator!kane)
  • The Life He Chose by HawthorneWhisperer - this is a fantastic game of thrones/asoiaf au, with bellamy as a member of the night’s watch and clarke as a noble lady on the run. this fic is so descriptive - even if you were unfamiliar with asoiaf this fic would be easy to understand, and the dynamic and tension between bellamy and clarke is so good here, with bellamy’s vows to the watch meant to stop him from having relationships

other places to check: my fic rec tag & ao3 bookmarks, and basically anything else written by the authors above! (feel free to check out my fics too lmao)

why the signs are adorable and should be loved

aries: they will seriously take a bullet for their friends and loved ones. they hold so much compassion and love inside of one tiny body, and people still think they’re heartless. but they know who they are, and who they are is a beautiful and strong human being.
taurus: they too, like aries, are so loving towards those close to them. they are also so wonderfully passionate, they can’t help but inspire you to be greater than what you are now. they’re headstrong and graceful.
gemini: their eyes hold a precious light inside of them that can never be dimmed. they have two sides to them, and while some people fear and try to belittle/degrade them for it, both sides are dynamic, brilliant, and remarkable. they’re also wildly hilarious.
cancer: they devote themselves fully to the people they love, and hardly ever put themselves above anyone else. they want to give you their everything in return for little to nothing. all they ask for is your love in return. they have an attractive, magnetic and incredible glow/aura that you can’t look away from. they’re cute as a button, too.
leo: though it’s been said a million times, their confidence and charisma is charming and endearing. they are surprisingly very motherly towards their closest friends, and are wonderfully generous. they have an electric and eccentric charm to them that is hard to downright impossible to deny.
virgo: their poise and grace is breathtaking, and their stunning looks are bound to turn heads. they have an adorable energy to them, and even if they’re cool and collected, they make you want to giggle like a little kid and hug everyone you’ve ever met just for the fun of it and because life is so beautiful! don’t you love life? life is amazing.
libra: they are always multi-talented and pretty easy on the eyes. they are simultaneously stubborn and strong-willed, yet free-flowing and open-minded, you wonder how they balance it all. you want to be them. you know you do.
scorpio: they’re ½ adorable cinnamon roll that needs to be protected, ½ angry soccer mom wielding a knife (and angry soccer moms are terrifying as is). despite this, they make great sisterly-type friends and create a bond with those they love that lasts forever. they’ll also cut a bitch when necessary.
sagittarius: their love for life and anything in general is cute as heck. their happy and upbeat vibe is contagious and just the sight of them makes you want to jump up and dance! no one can cheer you up like a sagittarius can. while childlike and adorable, they’re also very loyal and dedicated, and will protect those they love fiercely.
capricorn: they are secretly and very lowkey super kind and affectionate, but they like to act tough (when everyone knows they’re the biggest dweebs to roam the earth). they select a few people to be close to, and you better count your lucky stars if you’re a chosen one. capricorns are precious and both require protection while they’re also protecting others.
aquarius: aquarians are truly god’s gift to the world, if not god themselves. they have an absolutely *infectious* vibe, and they all have stunning looks. they are carefree and excitable and make you want to see everything there is the world has to offer. in fact, they’ll be the ones to show it to you.
pisces: the absolute most precious cinnamon roll of them all. while pisces remain to be all signs of the zodiac’s small and adorable fish children, they have a tough core underneath all of their glittery fish scales, and are ready to fight–at the absolute most necessary time. otherwise, you want to pick them up and carry them around in your pocket. adorable.


Booktrailer for Vicious by V.E. Schwab.

Victor and Eli are two brilliant college roommates. After a number of inexplicable occurrences, the two decide to research EOs (ExtraOrdinaries) as a thesis. But what begins as research becomes experimentation, and the two soon cross boundary neither could have expected.

Ten years later, Eli and Victor are nemesis, each swearing to defeat the other. In a story that fluidly switches between the past and present, we watch the rise and fall of these two heroes/villains.

For fans of the Dumbledore/Grindlewald dynamic, this is the book for you!

Yes, she was brilliant and the three of us have a really good dynamic. Peter was so outnumbered, it was brilliant! And the two of us we recently went to the Glastonbury Festival and we taught Peter some new cool terminology, I was trying to be cool the first day she arrived. I think she’s brilliant and sharp and honest and just really cool as well, her performance is metamorphic.

Jenna on working with Maisie Williams.

Evidently they taught Peter new meanings for the words ape and sick.