these two have such a brilliant dynamic

Not just planned. Planned and rehearsed.

Okay. I have a feeling this is pretty much common knowledge but I’m gonna say it anyway because I love ASiB.

Irene is a freaking genius.

And I find the dynamic between her and Sherlock so fascinating, because they’re intellectual equals — with Irene being the ‘right brain/emotional’ genius and Sherlock being the ‘left brain/purely intellectual’ genius.

They really are two halves of a whole. Which I’m sure is brilliant for Mofftiss, because they can say shit like that and have it falsely interpreted as romantic. But I digress.

Irene deduces how to ‘defeat’ Sherlock within the first five minutes of meeting him.

In fact, she technically figures it out before then — the moment she receives the photos of John and Sherlock in the cab together and they’re literally covered in rainbows. And Irene’s expression is just … gotcha.

Step 1) Make Sherlock/John jealous and uncomfortable. Her “battle dress” can do both at the same time.

Step 2) Ask Sherlock to explain how he solved a case, as a trial run for how she’s going to trick him into making the 007 deduction.

Step 3) Flirt a bit with John to make Sherlock more jealous.

Step 4) Watch as Sherlock gracelessly stammers and blurts out everything about how he solved the case immediately, before you’ve even had to do any real work.

PSSFSTINOFTHE CAR. Position of the car.

Step 5) Be vaguely surprised that it’s so easy to trick this supposed genius into laying all his cards on the table.

Step 6) Literally spend like the next 6 months cucking these lads for fun because you’re so confident.

Ninette Day 4 Ladybug x Miraculous Holder Nino

Some days, Nino felt guilty for looking forward to akuma attacks. The implications of Hawkmoth using someone’s pain to transform them into a weapon always turned his stomach, but akuma attacks meant seeing Ladybug. That almost made it worth it.

Of course, it was better when they saw each other outside of akuma attacks. During the occasional press conference or infrequent patrols, they could relax a little and talk without worrying that their miraculous would run out of time. While it was breathtaking to see Ladybug in action, it was even better to see her at rest and smiling beside him.

“It’s a nice night, isn’t it, Chat Noir?”

“It’s nicer when you’re here,” he answered with a small grin.

Ladybug chuckled. “Ready to go?”

“Whenever you are.”

They took off over the rooftops, scanning the streets for any sign of activity. So far, they hadn’t done more than break up a few petty crimes, but they always hoped to catch an akuma or some clue to Hawkmoth’s location. Tonight, they ran into several fans instead, and Ladybug paused to wave down to them.

He did the same, occasionally twirling his baton and showing off for the more enthusiastic groups. One of them must have sent a notice to the Ladyblog, because the longer they patrolled, the more people showed up along their path. Alya probably made an announcement, because they rarely encountered so many fans this late at night.

“Laydbug! Chat Noir!”

They stopped again to greet a particularly large group, Ladybug even dropping to the ground to sign something.

“Can we get some pictures of the two of you?”

“Sure,” Chat Noir answered as he landed beside her.

Ladybug grinned and posed beside him, the two of them moving just as in sync as they did in battle.

“Now kiss!” someone called from the back of the group.

“Oh, we’re not…” Ladybug blushed and shook her head. “We’re not dating.”

“But, aren’t you two partners?” a boy in the front of the crowd asked.

“We work together,” Chat Noir explained. “We aren’t in a relationship.” As much as he regretted it. Ladybug was brilliant and dynamic and amazing. He could hardly imagine a better girlfriend, but despite his occasional flirting, she never seemed particularly interested.

They weren’t sure where the chant began, but it spread through the crowd in an instant. “Kiss! Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!” In seconds, everyone had joined in, and Ladybug took a step back, clearly uncomfortable.

Chat Noir reached out to touch her shoulder. “I have an idea. Mind if I take the lead?”

“Okay,” she murmured, still tense, but willing to trust him to defuse the situation.

“Just one, right?” Chat Noir asked the crowd.

They cheered back a resounding yes.

“Okay, great.” He scooped up her hand and pressed a kiss to the back of it. “One kiss.”

She laughed, and the sound rang through him like sunlight in winter.

The crowd protested, but he slipped an arm around her waist and planted his baton beside them. “You never said where!” He raised them back up to the roof and jumped back to set her beside him.

She smiled and leaned over to press a quick kiss to his cheek. “Thank you, Chat Noir.”

“Anytime, LB.”

Flufflet #8 for @lifeinahole27 as a reward for writing her CSBB!

“I want to learn how to cook,” Swan said, staring at her plate.

Killian frowned. “You can cook, as evidenced by the meal in front of us.” Admittedly, it was a simple meal; baked chicken breasts and steamed vegetables. But there was certainly nothing wrong with it.

“Not like that,” she said sadly. “Just … like, for my parents’ potluck this weekend, you know my mom’s gonna make something delicious, and Regina will bring her lasagna. Even Belle and Zelena will bring something great, and they didn’t even used to cook in the Enchanted Forest and Oz or whatever.”

Privately, he thought that Belle and Zelena’s culinary skills were serviceable at best, but he understood. When Emma was tasked with bringing food to an event, she usually either volunteered to bring wine, or she ran to the market for pre-made desserts.

“You know it doesn’t upset me,” he said slowly. “And my own skill in the kitchen isn’t exactly anything to boast about. But if it bothers you, perhaps we should both learn together.”

“You’d want to?” He nodded. “Okay, well … I guess I’ll look into it.”

Killian had imagined that the most difficult part of learning to cook would be actually learning to cook. Instead, it took time to figure out the right way to learn.

Googles provided recipes and so-called foolproof methods, but everything seemed to end a little bit disastrously. Food burned, sauces did not come together, and nothing tasted any better than what they already knew how to make.

Next, they resorted to physical recipe books, which, being old-fashioned, he assumed would be much better than whatever the computer could provide. But if anything, the books were less helpful, and for the first time since encountering a computer, Killian had to admit there were significant benefits to being able to see images and watch recordings.

And actual in-person classes might have been helpful, but after just one down in Augusta, Swan ruled them out completely. He had no qualms with the decision; the instructor had been rude and insensitive (almost certainly unintentionally, but rude and insensitive nonetheless) about Killian’s disability, and it had ruined the entire experience. Neither he nor Emma could concentrate on or retain any of the lesson, and while he would do anything Emma asked of him, he was relieved that she had no desire to put him through such a humiliating experience again.

“I give up,” Emma said the next evening. She was staring at all the cookware and utensils she’d purchased to facilitate the process. “This was a huge waste of time and money.”

He rubbed her shoulder affectionately. “My love, I will not see you defeated in this way.” She snorted skeptically. “I mean it. You’re the Savior, Swan. You’ve never failed before, and you certainly won’t now.”

“What else is left to try, though? I’ve checked every website I can find about learning how to cook, and I am not trying a class again. Not after that.”

“Why don’t we take a break from this?” he suggested. “I’ll see what I can suss out, and we’ll try again then.”

She sighed. “Yeah, okay.”

He’d had to admit that he’d gone to Snow for help, but Emma hadn’t been too upset when he’d passed on the suggestion. In fact, she’d been intrigued and immediately went to the computer to check the Google.

Two weeks later, a box arrived on their front step. Inside were all the ingredients for three meals for the two of them to try, and detailed instructions.

Emma was still nervous, and truth be told, so was he. This didn’t feel much easier than simply finding recipes on Google, and since there was no instructor to guide them, it didn’t seem as though it would be as effective as an in-person lesson. But Swan had done a little research before signing up for the service, and it seemed as though it would be worth a try.

They picked the easiest-looking recipe, set up all the ingredients and equipment, pre-heated the oven, and took a deep breath.

The kitchen was a mess by the time they were done, there were some steps Swan had to take over because they required two hands, and they got in each other’s way more than once, but within an hour, they were sitting at the table to try their meal. It didn’t look nearly as beautiful as the image on the instructions did, but it smelled appetizing.

“Here goes,” Swan said anxiously before taking a bite. He watched as she did, and her eyes widened in surprise. “This is actually good,” she said, mouth still full.

He took a bite of his own serving. It was good. They’d both questioned the seemingly high number of times the recipe instructed them to season with salt and pepper, but now he understood why so many of their attempted meals were so bland. And the clear instructions meant that the meat was cooked perfectly–not underdone or burnt–and the sauce had come together perfectly.

He would have been embarrassed at how quickly they polished off the meal, but it didn’t matter. What mattered was the brilliant smile on his wife’s face.

The other two dishes went much the same way. Without needing to talk about it, Emma set up delivery every other week, for when they didn’t have Henry.

It was enjoyable to work together to make each meal, but as they mastered more and more skills, the dynamic changed a bit. Some nights, Emma would insist on cooking on her own, and it was worth it to see how excited she was that she was making such a delicious meal without assistance. And other nights, he would shoo her out of the kitchen. He’d always been extremely adaptable, and before long, there was not a single step that slowed him down, even with one hand and a hook.

He almost wanted to go back to Augusta and embarrass the cooking instructor, but to do so, he’d have to pay for the privilege. No thank you.

But then life picked up a bit, and they found themselves wanting to return to recipes they’d tried before instead of new ones. And so they went down deliveries once a month, before canceling altogether.

But the skills remained. They had all the recipes from the meal delivery service, but now they each felt confident enough to try recipes from the books they’d purchased months earlier. And now those recipes were easy. As were the Google recipes.

They’d done it.

In November, they insisted on hosting the seasonal holiday, much to everyone’s surprise. When everyone asked what they could bring, he and Emma happily assigned desserts and alcoholic beverages, and politely declined any offers of appetizers or side dishes or assistance with the main course.

As the meal progressed and the effusive compliments poured in, Killian simply looked at Emma and smiled. And at the end of the night, once the dishes had been washed, the leftovers stored in the icebox, and the guests departed, he took her in his arms. “I told you.”

“Told me what?” she asked.

“You’ve never failed before,” he reminded her. “And you certainly haven’t now.”

Molly and I had dinner with my parents per their request. Unfortunately, Mycroft was there as well. Fortunately, he is fond of Molly and wasn’t as annoying as he usually is. Exactly 3 months minus 1 day from today, I will be Molly’s husband; her, my wife. I do not know what I have done to be worthy of her love but I promise to always love and cherish her; to always be there for her. She is my whole world, and though I may never have told her, she has had my heart for a very long time; longer than she realizes.

Mummy and Father adore her; how could they not? Mum gave me a good scolding about not having pursued Molly sooner in which I explained had attempted to when I came back from taking down Moriarty’s network but she was otherwise engaged. Mycroft remarked how it was just bad timing. He has never been more right. Interesting enough, I quite enjoyed the dynamic of Molly and I having dinner with my family. I am usually quite put out with them but over the last few months, my emotional side has been developing much more rapidly than we imagined. 

Let me refocus on my fiancée. Molly Hooper. I love her more than I can truly express. She makes me feel happy and loved; two things I never considered I could honestly feel, but I feel them quite strongly. She looks lovely in that photo, doesn’t she? Of course she does, she’s Molly. She is intelligent, kind, beautiful, brave and strong.I admire this brilliant, loving woman greatly. I am madly in love with her. And that is the simple truth, @mollyhooperxxx.   

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Based on your posts, you really want Season 11 to happen. Any thoughts on how it should play out?

Okay, Anon I hope you are ready. You are in for a ride. This is definitely too much to ask for, so let’s just state the fact, that these are my crazy wishes and not my rational demands.😂😂😂 

Writers: Frank Spotnitz, Darin Morgan, Vince Gilligan, Glen Morgan, James Wong. Also, I want a woman writer/director! Rob Bowman should direct at least one episode. Chris Carter is only executive producer!!! He cannot write anything. ANYTHING. For reasons…

Sveta: I have alien DNA. For sure.

Scully: Have you had a doctor confirm that?

Sveta: No.

My Struggle, written by Chris Carter

Anne Simon stays out of this season ‘cause honestly I ain’t scientist but I’m pretty sure this can be done better than season10 was. (And her tweets make me go insane…)

Now, about the stories; I really think that - if there is a news season - it will be the last season. We will see Mulder and Scully for 10 more episodes and then we have to say goodbye. This is how I would prefer to do that:

*I just realised that most of my ramblings are against how CC wrote Season 10. so basically if he will not write, many of these things shouldn’t even come up. Cause the other three episodes from Season 10 were solid….But here we go!* 

We need no Miller or Einstein or whoever else they think should steal screentime from  Mulder and Scully. NO THANK YOU. I’m waiting here patiently, being supportive for decades and it’s not for you to introduce me to new characters. It’s for you to finally give me what I’m waiting for, for what it seems centuries. 

We bring down Mulder and Scully from that damn bridge. No one is being abducted, because that’s just lame, we’ve been there, done that. *Okay, if you really want anyone to be taken by aliens, CSM is good to go. He is dead anyway and we don’t need him*

Scully saves Mulder’s life, they reunite with their son and the plot will make sense. Yes, it is absolutely doable, this fandom’s greatests already came up with scenarios and wrote stories of the ‘How to continue this mess CC left behind’ part.

I need a very solid explanation on why Reyes was working for CSM. She cannot be remembered like this. Her character is so much more and I need an explanation of why she did what she did. Obviously, she was given no choice. Maybe she works for CSM because of William. Give me something good.

More Skinner, Poor guy was barely in the new season. Give him more interactions with his agents. He’s been with them long enough to give him some cool plot-lines.

Could we maybe bring back The Lone Gunmen somehow? They deserved so much better and I want them back and alive. I want them to visit Mulder and Scully in their cute countryside house. They would totally geek out with William and teach him ‘cool stuff’ while Scully would be watching them, smiling and rolling her eyes.

Originally posted by omegalevel

Mulder and Scully are definitely not estranged and they have a big conversation about their past, (Flashbacks) present and future. It can be done with William being there, and asking questions and later on they continue just the two of them. Preferably on the porch of the Unremarkable House. William could be playing with Daggoo. 

We’ve been ripped off of so many great and important MSR scenes and I want to see them. (At least some of them) 

  • Scully’s cancer is in remission conversation
  • The whole IVF plot
  • When Scully tells Mulder that the little tiny being growing in her belly is his baby, it’s his son. They made him together, it’s their miracle what they were waiting for… 
  • Mulder finding Scully and William, bringing them to the hospital. The three days they spent as family, and the conversation of Mulder going into hiding 
  • Scully - no, not Skinner, damn it - has to tell Mulder that she gave William up  
  • When they working through all the shit while being on the run after so many horrible things happening to them
  • When they finally buy the house, whey they move in
  • When they are happy and just adorable, casual Mulder and Scully. Cause, guess what CC, you can write these scenes without them being boring. I mean, not you. But someone else….

I want Gillian and David to play these scenes and I wanna die while I’m watching them. Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny are great actors. You know they will bring their A+ game, given the chance! Let them shine. 

Originally posted by mulderscullyromance

Let them do a brilliant job with brilliantly written scripts. Give them the opportunity to show off their talent. Give them the humour, give them the drama, give them the creepy cases, give them their dynamics. Embrace their skills, their strength and use that chemistry!

Listen to them and let them have a word in what is right or wrong to their characters. If they want to touch or kiss on the cheek, you should bloody let them do just that!


*I’m sorry but just like Jimmy Kimmel said: “You two, should have sex. You should. It’s been like 24 years, everyone knows.”*

And one last thing: 

I really really want David Duchovny to write and direct the last episode. When I say goodbye to Mulder, Scully, William and Daggoo I want it to be a proper goodbye. And if there is one thing I learnt during these years while being a shipper and a fangirl of this show, is that: 

No one knows better, writes better, understands better these characters than David Duchovny. He writes Dana Scully & Fox Mulder in such a unique way like no one else can. And I am so here for it. I’m so here for how David imagines the end of their stories. I trust him more than anyone else with the series finale of The X-files.

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*Of course, if it is ‘only’ a season finale, that is totally fine, too*

Random thoughts about characterization in Brooklyn 99

I’ve been mulling this over for a while, and I think one of the things that makes Brooklyn 99 a fantastic show is the way that character pairings work. No matter which two characters you put together, they have at least one thing in common and one major conflict, which leads to fascinating (and hilarious) interactions.

So, for example, Jake and Captain Holt are obviously very different – Holt takes everything incredibly seriously, and Jake jokes about everything. But they’re both obsessive about detective work, which means that when they work together, Holt inevitably buys into Jake’s ridiculous movie-trope enthusiasm, and Jake steps into a more responsible role.

Holt and Terry: Holt is stoic, Terry is emotional. But they’re both strong leaders.

Jake and Amy: Amy follows rules, and Jake flouts rules. But they’re both nerds who care about things way too much.

Rosa and Amy: Amy is obsessed with getting others’ approval, whereas Rosa generally doesn’t give a shit. But they’re both trying to fight the gendered expectations that others have of them.

Gina and Rosa: Gina is obnoxiously girly, and Rosa eschews girliness. But they’re both incredibly confident.

Jake and Boyle: Jake wants to be cool, and Boyle is incredibly uncool. But they’re both effusive and enthusiastic about the things they love.

I could keep going for every single combination of two characters, but that would take forever. My general point is: each pair of characters has its own unique and fascinating dynamic, because a) each character is complex and b) each character brings out different elements of the other characters. And that’s brilliant writing (and acting).

One of my favourite thing about Beyond is that, it explores so many dynamics among the crews.

Jim and Chekov
I always imagine Jim as a brother figure to Chekov. Their journey together is adorable and exciting! I’m so glad they give so much more screen time to Chekov as compared to the two previous movies. He’s brilliant, fresh, genius and undeniably reliable. Thank you Anton for playing this lovable character so well, you will be missed.

Spock and Bones
Ugh these two. I love their dynamic sooo much. It had always been Spock and Jim or Bones and Jim before (not that I’m complaining, don’t let me start on our golden triumvirate but) it’s time to have the goodness of Spones and Beyond gives us just that, thank you! They have vastly different personalities and I love watching them bickering with each other as a façade of their mutual respect. Besides, we can witness Spock’s rare moment of vulnerability (wink wink) and Bones kicking some major asses, so, hell yeah!!

Scotty and Jaylah
You have no idea how much I love Jaylah, she’s AMAZING! Brilliant, strong and independent. Sure she has her vulnerable moment but FUCK IT, WHAT DOESN’T KILL YOU MAKES YOU STRONGER!! Scotty and Jaylah are amazing together (I see them having father/daughter relationship is it weird? anyway) Jaylah is a free spirited lassie with minimum contact with other beings (minus those hostiles aliens of course) and Scotty being as accommodating as he is, just know how to balance out their dynamic, so YAY!

Sulu and Uhura
BROTP! They are so protective of each other, like when Uhura lost her shit when Krall did his sucking mojo on Sulu and Sulu super worried expression when Uhura and Syll was trapped in a room with Krall and Manas. They are super concern of each other it gives me this warm and tingling feeling inside. We saw them working together in the opening scene of ST:ID but this is just another level.

I’m sooo happy to witness their relationship had evolved to one step further, better. Not just as crew members who got stuck together due to the event of Narada but to actually have mutual trust and respect, much like a family. For that, I’m sooo happy and grateful for what this trilogy (reboot wise) had brought to us.

Thank you Beyond.

The secondary characters of Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra

This piece of meta is the result of a fascinating conversation I had with korrastorian about their brilliant essay on the agency of animals in ATLA. It’s such a good essay, that there’s nothing I can really add to its main focus. But they said one thing in passing that I’d like to respond to, because it’s a common attitude in the Avatar fandom, but one that I can’t quite agree with. They argued that ATLA is character driven, whereas LOK is plot driven. It’s a fair point, rooted in the correct assertion that the two shows take a different approach to plot and character, but not one I can fully agree with. We agreed that LOK centres more on Korra than the secondary characters, so while she has a hugely fleshed out arc, perhaps more so than anyone in the franchise, there is less focus on the secondary characters in LOK than in ATLA. Quoting the reblogs:

Me: “I suppose there’s an argument to be made that LOK’s Secondary Cast is less fleshed out than the cast of ATLA”

Korrastorian: “The secondary characters, i.e. the other members of the krew, weren’t nearly as developed as those in ATLA”.

I still didn’t quite agree with this. I feel like the krew are just as developed as the Gaang (with the exception of Zuko, whose arc is, for me, only bettered by Korra’s). I (somewhat imperfectly) defined the difference between the two shows as this:

“LOK centres more on its lead, whereas ATLA is more of an ensemble piece, so it’s perhaps fair to say (though far from scientifically measured) that LOK gives less screentime to the development of its secondary characters than ATLA. I’d also say LOK is more compressed in its storytelling than ATLA, which is a slower paced series, so the character moments stand out more in ATLA, whereas in LOK, the character scenes come hand in hand with the plot.”

This won’t be a deep piece of meta, more an comparison and analysis of the secondary characters from both shows to back up that statement. I’d also like to argue for a more nuanced definition of the differences between the series approaches, as I feel this will help us better understand the two series. To do this, I’m going to explore the approaches of the two shows to the separate “Teams Avatars”, the mentor figures, and the villains.

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why the signs are adorable and should be loved

aries: they will seriously take a bullet for their friends and loved ones. they hold so much compassion and love inside of one tiny body, and people still think they’re heartless. but they know who they are, and who they are is a beautiful and strong human being.
taurus: they too, like aries, are so loving towards those close to them. they are also so wonderfully passionate, they can’t help but inspire you to be greater than what you are now. they’re headstrong and graceful.
gemini: their eyes hold a precious light inside of them that can never be dimmed. they have two sides to them, and while some people fear and try to belittle/degrade them for it, both sides are dynamic, brilliant, and remarkable. they’re also wildly hilarious.
cancer: they devote themselves fully to the people they love, and hardly ever put themselves above anyone else. they want to give you their everything in return for little to nothing. all they ask for is your love in return. they have an attractive, magnetic and incredible glow/aura that you can’t look away from. they’re cute as a button, too.
leo: though it’s been said a million times, their confidence and charisma is charming and endearing. they are surprisingly very motherly towards their closest friends, and are wonderfully generous. they have an electric and eccentric charm to them that is hard to downright impossible to deny.
virgo: their poise and grace is breathtaking, and their stunning looks are bound to turn heads. they have an adorable energy to them, and even if they’re cool and collected, they make you want to giggle like a little kid and hug everyone you’ve ever met just for the fun of it and because life is so beautiful! don’t you love life? life is amazing.
libra: they are always multi-talented and pretty easy on the eyes. they are simultaneously stubborn and strong-willed, yet free-flowing and open-minded, you wonder how they balance it all. you want to be them. you know you do.
scorpio: they’re ½ adorable cinnamon roll that needs to be protected, ½ angry soccer mom wielding a knife (and angry soccer moms are terrifying as is). despite this, they make great sisterly-type friends and create a bond with those they love that lasts forever. they’ll also cut a bitch when necessary.
sagittarius: their love for life and anything in general is cute as heck. their happy and upbeat vibe is contagious and just the sight of them makes you want to jump up and dance! no one can cheer you up like a sagittarius can. while childlike and adorable, they’re also very loyal and dedicated, and will protect those they love fiercely.
capricorn: they are secretly and very lowkey super kind and affectionate, but they like to act tough (when everyone knows they’re the biggest dweebs to roam the earth). they select a few people to be close to, and you better count your lucky stars if you’re a chosen one. capricorns are precious and both require protection while they’re also protecting others.
aquarius: aquarians are truly god’s gift to the world, if not god themselves. they have an absolutely *infectious* vibe, and they all have stunning looks. they are carefree and excitable and make you want to see everything there is the world has to offer. in fact, they’ll be the ones to show it to you.
pisces: the absolute most precious cinnamon roll of them all. while pisces remain to be all signs of the zodiac’s small and adorable fish children, they have a tough core underneath all of their glittery fish scales, and are ready to fight–at the absolute most necessary time. otherwise, you want to pick them up and carry them around in your pocket. adorable.

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Your comment on how both Torso and Kaneki both learn things from books made me think that maybe they're foils? Both characters seem to want love, but while Torso externalizes his desire (what he's doing to Mutsuki), Kaneki internalizes it (hurting himself, believing that he is unworthy of love).

I actually have a lot of complicated thoughts about this and I’m going to do the best I can to sketch them out for you here.

When I talk about foils in Tokyo Ghoul, I tend to talk about more complex characters that have been set up over the course of the entire narrative as parallels - mainly to Kaneki. Because Ishida is a brilliant writer and his characters are all dynamic and fleshed out, many characters have elements that reflect back on other characters in ways that could be read as foil-like, but the most direct set, for me, has always been Eto, Arima, and Amon, and now, Furuta.

But the term can also be used in reference to more two-dimensional bit characters who show up specifically to act to highlight something specific about another character, literally as a piece of foil placed upon a stage might attract the eye or reflect a spotlight. In that sense, there is something to be said for Torso acting in that role for Kaneki.

See, despite the fact that Tokyo Ghoul is billed as a horror manga, Ishida never uses things just for shock value. Not Yamori’s torture, not Kaneki’s abuse, and not even Torso, sick fuck that he is.

Before I continue, I want to make something very, very clear - even if I compare other characters, characters you and I both love, to Torso, I am not necessarily comparing their actions or morals or anything like that. Please be aware that if you are going to keep reading, comparisons will be drawn, and I am not going to use them to somehow try to redeem that sick fuck nor use them to equate other characters (other than maybe Yamori) to him.

We clear on that? Okay.

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i know you need time to mull it over, and i'm unlikely to be the first to ask this: what do you think of mycroft and sherlock's childhood, now that you've met their parents? no wonder they are constantly upsetting mummy!

I loved that moment! They’re so delightfully ordinary, it makes their boys seem even stranger. I hope they crop up again at, say, a family dinner, so we can see the family dynamic.

Mark Gatiss once described the Holmes brothers as growing up like “hothouse flowers,” and I think this depiction of their parents and the revelations in this episode sit rather well with that. As Mycroft and Sherlock both thought Sherlock an idiot until they met other children, and Mycroft is seven years Sherlock’s senior, they must have been left on their own for a long time. Home-schooled, is likely then, and their home is probably quite remote. I’m still clinging on to the image of the rural country manor, with two mad, brilliant boys rattling around inside it, pouring through the books in their library, roaming the woods and conducting experiments on insects, educating themselves and each other rather than deigning to be taught.

Their parents allowed, even encouraged this, for years before trying to get their children to socialise more, and meet other children. That Sherlock was old enough to remember the event suggests that he was at least three or four and, thus, Mycroft had been allowed to remain alone for around ten or eleven years. It certainly seems that for a very long time they had no one else.

I can see what upset Mummy - she had a rather odd set of boys that sprung from nowhere. Mycroft was long a cuckoo in the nest, until Sherlock came along. I think it likely that their parents never really understood their slightly odd sons, but accepted them. Though the constant bickering can’t have been easy to live with!

Their parents certainly loved them, and Sherlock and Mycroft evidently love their parents too. Who else could get the British Government himself to suffer through Les Mis other than a devoted mother!

Yes, she was brilliant and the three of us have a really good dynamic. Peter was so outnumbered, it was brilliant! And the two of us we recently went to the Glastonbury Festival and we taught Peter some new cool terminology, I was trying to be cool the first day she arrived. I think she’s brilliant and sharp and honest and just really cool as well, her performance is metamorphic.

Jenna on working with Maisie Williams.

Evidently they taught Peter new meanings for the words ape and sick.

Just my two cents on the Sherlock/ Moriarty matter.

I don’t believe Sherlock is sexually attracted to Moriarty. He was at first intrigued by his puzzles, sure, but as soon as he realized that there are lives at stake he stopped fucking around. As we know from the beginning of TGG, he doesn’t endorse nor sympathize with any killer. And we know that staying with Moriarty is his ultimate nightmare.

That being said, I do think he is obsessed with Moriarty’s game, and I think that this will be addressed in s4 directly. Just because Johnlock will be canon doesn’t mean that we should ignore other parts of the narrative. This doesn’t mean that Sherlock doesn’t take things seriously or that he doesn’t care about his beloved ones.

Lastly, I do look forward to seeing Moriarty and the revelation of his elaborate plan. I don’t understand people who are tired of him, as there have been so many enigmatic quotes and loose ends from TGG and TRF. It was only natural that he would be back, either himself or his peeps. Moftiss have managed to create a brilliant, dynamic atmosphere between those two, similar to the cold, menacing one from ACD canon.

P.S. Moriarty is Sherlock’s foil. He represents what Sherlock could have been had he gone down the wrong path. But he doesn’t. In TEH, he was given a choice (which was later solidified in TAB):

Save souls now! John or James? Saint or Sinner?

We already know the answer to that. It’s always the two of them. John keeps him right.