these two have been giving me feelings lately

game grumps ask meme (pt 2)

“Your mouth is saying those words but your eyes say bullshit.”

“Those coins are probably worth tons of coins.”

“UM. EXCUSE ME. Those arms look like hugging machines!”

“Hopefully these paper-thin bushes will protect me from cop bullets.”

“What’s up you salty sailors?”

“Don’t give me your fucking alliteration.”

“Oh, you feel them. You can feel a seething hatred and I can sense it.”

“And I know I love it because I do it. Wait.”

“These weird looking fish have been showing up lately were about to eat me.”

“At age 6, I was born without a face.”

“First of all, I think he’s got a very nice ass.”

“Haven’t you ever heard Cheese Nipples by The Fruit Barfs?”

“Oh just lick my ass.”

“There’s two things I don’t make fun of people for… music and their laugh.”

“I’m super excited about failure.”

“I’m glad I get to give this guy a hand job everyday!”

“My plan, it worked.”

“We had that in the bag. And you grabbed ANOTHER FUCKING RHOMBUS.”

“I love video games, and they’re fun, but this one isn’t.”

“I’m a poet and fuck you.”

“I’m not in a position to come at anyone, bro.”

“I was this close to lining up my knuckles and punching you square in the groont.”

“Practice is for the weak!”

“Five coins in the bank, invested in stocks. Apple. Gotta get it early!”

“Okay. Okay. Alright BOUNCY BOX.”

“I’m gonna take him out back, and give him some chocolates.”

“Oh, you’re talking about your penis.”

“Every minute of this I just get harder and harder.”

“Step on him. Step on him and crush him. Mail the remains to his family.”

“It’s probably the wrong one but bear with me, I’m an idiot.”

“I wish you were fast.”

“Alright, uh, aliens dude. This concludes our service please come up for the crackers.”

“You may not recognize me because I was wearing sunglasses. I wrote an internet song about dinosaurs and lasers in 2010.”

”I mean I can’t tell you the specifics because it involves tradingyourlifeforces.”

“I’m glad we came to that conclusion. Separately. From each other.”

“Pussy built this place and pussy will tear it down!”

“I have a specific set of skills… and they all involve masturbating.”

“Yeah go on, tell me how you would have sex with the cat.”

“You can’t open up the story of my life, and just fucking go to page 738 and think you know me.”

“This game looks like it should be in black and white and in French.”

“The Bananas has gone bad!”

“Come on computer, use your thinky bits!”

“Folks, strap on your butts ‘cuz we’re goin’ in!”

“I could totally stab someone to death or something.”

“620 blaze it.”

“I’m like… low to moderately scared someone will steal my kidneys.”

“This game is a glitch that occasionally breaks out into a game.”


“Siri, how many boobs does a fox have?”

“Truly the game of life is about money and bitches.”

“Let’s have some hot duck action.”

“It’s not murder, it’s for science.”

“Ya’ know aesthetically, this game is just above a piece of shit.”

“All of this time used for playing this game could have been used for smoking heroin.”

“That five seconds is all I need to punch myself repeatedly in the face.”

“Welcome back, I’m your toast with the most!”

“I just like to start shit.”

“This experience is really teaching me alot about what being bread is all about.”

“I sure hope talent is sexually transmitted for when we make love later.”

“Hold on I am clearing my google search term of ‘echidna penis’ and replacing it with ‘Bowie pressure lyrics.’”

“That’s how you help things, funnels of death.”

“First of all, language. Second of all, FUCK!”

“That’s when I get twice as high, at 8:40 at night. That’s for the professionals only.”

“There was no Twitter. It was 1980.”

“I wish my whole body was a party.”

“I could see them doing a Peanuts anime.”

“The rumour come out: Does Bruno Mars is gay?”

“What am I? Some kind of guy who doesn’t read tutorials or anything?”

“You have mastered the code of chivalry. Take your complimentary fedora.”

“A dump smells better than I do.”

“Can we form a new band where we just do, like, pop-punk…but we only dress up as the King of the Cosmos from Katamari?”

“"I would never joke about not being your friend.”

“Do you gain pleasure from the suffering of others?”

“We always finish games, except when we don’t.”

“…I’m just going to say lots of 1994 shit.”

here’s that in love/interacting with love interest prompt with rosamund x shura!

sorry there hasn’t been much art coming out of me lately ._. work and school are assaulting me on all sides.

rosamund would totally have the best bond with shura. they both know what it’s like to feel utterly helpless and hopeless, and can help each other see the good and worth in themselves. despite them coming from two totally different walks of life, they’ve both been through a lot. they’re both comforted and validated by each other.
it could also give rosamund a possible reclass as an adventurer *^* which means shura can teach her how to wield a bow, and she can help him perfect his staff skills.
also rebuilding kohga. and white haired linnaeus. just all around good shit 👌👌

anonymous asked:

I have this feeling like I'm verging on a panic attack and it's been with me for the past two days, it's like when you miss a step going downstairs and get that initial shock of "uh oh" and its affecting me a lot, it's giving me headaches and Im so tired at the end of the day I just took a six hour nap and Im still really tired. Do you have any advice? Or any stupid jokes that might make me feel better?

Ok, panic attacks. Oh boy, I hate them. I hope this advice isn’t too late cause my WiFi got cut off from my family. So I experience panic attacks full on, in like 3 seconds and then I am a complete mess and can’t stop. I never had an ongoing feeling of panic. The only thing that keeps me from having a panic attack is thinking “not now, not here” and then I go to do something. Last time I just did my laundry another time I wrote with a friend. Ongoing panic is something completely different though and I suppose it’s important to know why you might feel that way. I always think tea is a good way to relax. Take a tea and set yourself down somewhere, then try to feel everything. Try to feel your skin against your clothes or the warmth of the cup your holding. Focus on yourself being alive, breathing, that everything is okay and that it will be okay. Panic is not worth it. Another thing I like to do is cry. I cry and feel better, this can be hard because crying can lead to panic in a quicker manner. Maybe talk with someone about it if you can. Take a walk or draw or sing, keep your mind away from thinking about the panic. As for a joke, I don’t really have one rn, sorry. I belive in you, that you can do it an work against your panic.

I just wanted to say that I appreciate every single one of you who follow me, and I’m thankful that you guys are sticking around even if I’m not posting my writings. Lately I haven’t had the courage and time to write anything so my sincere and full apologies go to all of you who have been waiting. I’m almost at 1.3k now, so all I’m giving at this point is a thank you. Things are a bit rough right now and you guys are amazing.

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Over the past 9 ½ months or so, I can honestly say that this is the worse time period of my entire 20 years thus far. And as of late ive been feeling so down for the longest that I start to question whether or not people even care to stop what theyre doing, just to see how my day is…I could seriously tell you know that there is only one or two people that actually gives a shit about me as of now. All of these so called “friends” from highschool that dont even talk to me anymore have all faded away from my life ever since i graduated from military school, and when i finally returned home i felt so alienated that people didnt even care to hang out with me… I just feel so alone that its hard for me to even make new friends in person rather than on tumblr or on other social media that 9/10 i probably wont get to meet because theyre like 100 miles away. Not to mention the feeling that id never again get to enjoy the feeling of somebody wanting to be with me and liking me for who i am as a person after 9 long months. As a 5'7black male whos working and making ends meet at a fast food restaurant, struggling with school, and also struggling with depression with suicidal thoughts every other day, I just cant help to think, “how long do I have, before I break and taking the risk of ending it all?”.

I’ve been MIA for a while with work and college, but here’s a quick update:

I’ve had two Remicade infusions and I think it’s really helping. I feel for the first time in a long time like I might have a chance at a normal life. I’m seeing less of my own blood lately, and it’s a nice change of pace. If you would have told me 2 years ago that I’d be excited to start a form of chemotherapy, that I’d gladly let someone give me an IV, I would have laughed in your face.

SO lately ive been having so many kuramiyu feelings. i seriously just love these two to death and i cannot with them. theyre amazing characters individually, while i adore them both i also love them together.

i can see how theyre bros, its literally canon that theyre each others closest things they have to friends. miyuki has a bad personality that no one wants to death with and kuramochi looks scary. although theyre both good on the inside. part of the reason they work well together. they have chemistry and a lot of it.

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You know that moment when you’re at the beach and you step into the ocean and a wave is more forceful than you thought and you get knocked down? You have a split second of fear and, “Wow I hope I don’t drown!” But you get back up and swim further. You may get knocked down a few more times but you get back up and eventually you call it quits when it’s too much and you get out and go to shore. I feel like this adequately describes the lives of most people. Lately I’ve learned I am not most people. I’ve learned whether by choice or the cards that have been dealt to me I tend to go into the ocean during a storm. Instead of one or two waves hitting me I feel as though I’m being hit over and over and over with no chance to breathe. I’m literally drowning, because the roll of the tides is not giving me a chance to get back up. And JUST when I catch that breath of fresh air I’m back under water. It’s crazy isn’t it? How life can make you feel like you’re drowning without you actually having to be under water. They say when you’re in situations where you’re about to die your whole life flashes before your eyes. You see every time I’m under water drowning I tend to think about the love I give. It comes so freely and endlessly despite how much people hurt me. I always ask myself why I can’t get the love that I give return? Lately I’ve been underwater and I realize the love I have given has come back. Suddenly I see the love I’ve been given and not the love I’ve given. That’s when I realized that the people we meet aren’t by chance. There’s no way people this uniquely special were introduced to me without purpose. It’s funny, I’m not drowning anymore, I’m being knocked down still, but I’m riding the waves now. Its like all the love I’m being given built me a surfboard and nothing can keep me down for long. I’ve never been more thankful for people and for the life I live. I rather ride out the storm than watch from the shore.

Hey, where’s the next chapter- I’m working on it! It’s gonna be really cute, so get your bodies ready! Cause then the chapter after it is gonna be all the feels, so get your bodies ready for that too. Here’s a preview of the chapter I’m putting out next, the others were all from the feels chapter afterward cause I’m kind of writing them at the same time…And yes, that’s a bad idea, I’ve realized

“I see that smile,” Alya’s voice teased in his ear, and he startled. “You two have been cozy lately.”

“A-Alya, hey, uh, Mari and I, we’re just friends, really!” He held up insistent hands, but she wasn’t having it.

“Don’t give me that, Agreste. You two are totally in love,” She cocked a hip to the side, a smirk spreading across her lips.

“N-Not at all. Mari isn’t into me. She has someone else she likes,” He felt the temperature in the room rising.

“Oh really? Did she tell you that?” The girl scoffed.


“Did she say who?”

“Yeah?” He squirmed uncomfortably under her sharp gaze.

“Well?” She cocked a brow.

“Sh-She hasn’t told you?”

“No, I know exactly who she likes.”

“So, why exactly are we having this conversation?” He attempted to step around her, but she followed his movement, cutting him off.

“Because I’m curious about what she told you.” She replied.

“It’s no one,” He blushed, but Alya’s eyes narrowed into a glare.

“Spill it, Agreste.” She folded her arms over her chest stubbornly. Adrien bit his lip, contemplating it for a moment before he leaned in closer. 

“She told me she’s in love with Chat Noir,” He said in a hushed tone, nearly jumping out of his skin as Alya threw her head back and laughed. Adrien felt his face heating up even more as several nearby classmates turned to look at them.

“Good one, Agreste,” She slapped his shoulder then sobered. “But seriously, she’s lying to one of us, and I’m willing to bet my life it’s not me.”