these two had so much chemistry

you ever think about how scared ten was when he moved to korea after being offered a contract with sm as a trainee cause he didn’t know a word of korean and he doubted himself and his capacity to adapt and learn another culture for the sake of his dreams and didn’t know whether he would be able to debut without knowing this language and he was so terrified? but he had one boy who helped him so much throughout the whole process, and even though they’re in two completely different units and they don’t promote together, he’s still the one person that ten trusts the most. johnny is literally THAT person for ten. because he’s been there for him, through the ups and downs, he’s been there to teach and help him with his korean, he boosts his confidence and he’s ten’s rock. that’s why even when they do nct life or promo together their chemistry is so natural. their love is magical and pure and lasts several lifetimes and they’ll never find anyone else who will grow with them like they do with each other and god i am so lucky to be living at the same time as one of the greatest friendships, soulmates and love stories in the world.

There is a door in the history department. It never looks the same twice and is always cracked open when it’s actually there. No one has ever returned through it.

There once was a chemistry major that went through the door. Their friend followed after.

One returned.

One did not.

The story did not begin there though. It began long, long ago, in the tales and songs of ancestors long gone; passed from mother to daughter and father to son. They did not fade through time, starting anew in each beating heart of the family line.

They reached a young girl with olive skin and hair like raven’s wings. Her dark eyes would shine as her grandmother wove the tales by the fireside.

She spoke to the girl of a woman with fiery hair and burning eyes, who spoke with flames and held infernos between her palms. Perhaps that sparked the love in her for all things she should not, and she strove to make the embers dance, like the one with fire in her hands.

Her grandmother knew in her old, wise bones that this child needed the tales more than most. Their family had always been aware, trusting their intuition had never led them wrong.

So when the girl came to Elsewhere, (For where else could she have gone?) Everyone steered clear (The school gave up on roommates before very long.)

Perhaps it was because of her reputation of playing with fire, or perhaps it was simply fate, but her chemistry professor paired her with a boy who loved to play with ice. They became unlikely friends, she with her burning salts and he with his liquid nitrogen.

“Call me Pyrra.” she said.

“Frozone.” He grinned, white teeth gleamed against his dark skin.

He told her of his girlfriend back in Louisiana who was pregnant with his child: “It’s too soon to know the gender yet.” And she would just smile.

She told him of her grandparents and their small, simple home that stood alone on the reservation and of the wild horses that would thunder by.

They knew what everyone would say, how unwise it was to share so much about themselves, but they were chemistry majors—those rarely got taken.

The two were closer then blood and they both forgot one very important fact— being Taken isn’t the only way to Vanish.

It had been an accident. Frozone hadn’t been paying attention. He had forgotten to count the doors, as he stumbled to his history class after a long night in the labs. No one probably would have known if a fellow student hadn’t seen him stepping through the door—too late to stop his fate.

Pyrra was the first one told, the RA’s decided to wait till the end of the term before notifying his family. They knew it was a futile hope, but anything beat having to make that call.

Pyrra wouldn’t accept this though. She gathered up her craft, and armed herself with salts to burn. She dressed herself in her tribe’s garments and war paint on her face—there is power in being claimed—and set off for the history building when the moonless night was at its darkest.

The door gave way before her and she crossed into when; not where, her friend had gone. She travelled far until she found where the Little People were gathered round. They vanished as she drew near, but she was unshaken by this or fear.

“I have come to bargain for my brother of heart.”

“What will you give?” They whispered in reply.

“A story like none other.” She called bravely into the night.

“There is no story to match his fate, for his return we will need something great.”

Pyrra paused before standing straight.

“Then I will take his place.”

“Is this your choice?”

She thought of her grandparents, sitting at home, they had only gotten electricity a few years ago.

She thought of Frozone’s sisters, all so young and alone thriving off their brother’s hope to give them a better home, on the income of the degree the scholarship would to them all. She thought about his girlfriend, who worked two jobs by day, and attended a community college to get her art degree by night. With that her mind was made.

“It is.”

Frozone stumbled in, lost and confused as if it had only been an hour instead of a day. He caught onto what had happened more than quick enough.

“Pyrra, you can’t do this! Please! It’s my mistake to pay.”

“Call my grandmother and ask for my name, give it to your daughter and your debt shall be paid.”

That was all the time they had, before he was gone and she had stayed. The Little Folk drew near her now; intent on Their new pet, but she held up her hand, she wasn’t Theirs quite yet.

“I have another bargain to make.”

“What now?” They grumbled, discontent and bored.

“My story for my freedom, I chose to stay, but not to be yours.”

“Fine.” they hissed “But the bargain is this: you must keep us entertained till dawn or to us you will belong.”

What choice was there left for her to make? The sky was at it darkest—the hour before dawn. But how that hour stretched on and on!

She dared not tell her family’s tales, or sing to Them their songs, so she told them what she had, her science close at hand.

She told them how a star was born and how precious gems became; all the while between her hands she wove the tales with flame.

When that never nearing dawn finally broke upon the sky, They praised her skills, and kept their deals; blessing her all the while.

Fire-tongue they called her; Flame-speaker, They would say. They kissed her eyes and painted her lips, dressing her in flame.

She smiled and simply said, “That is not my name.”

For she had a new name now, one that no one could ever Take, now that she had given her old name away.

Frozone made it back and tried to keep his word. He called her grandmother who patiently greeted him and told him Pyrra’s name, only requesting that in return he send her things and bring his daughter by some day. She waved him off when he explained that the baby was still too small to tell, whether it was female or male.

Years passed and soon it was time to graduate. Everyone assumed that Pyrra’s grandparents came for Frozone. No one expected Pyrra to appear and collect her diploma as if she had been there all along. Then again, no one mentioned how her eyes were embers now or how her hair had turned from raven black to crimson—so she very well may have been.

         A few decades later a new student comes—a chemistry major that loves to play with fire. She wears a white smile; which is near blinding against her dark skin. She claims she came to prove that her father paid his debt. She won’t say anymore than that. But sometimes she would leave the dorm shortly before dawn on moonless nights with a string of fireworks in her hands. She would always return the next morning, humming ancient songs as she wrote an email to her father.

         During her time a new tale whispers its way into campus lore.

It’s breathed into the ears of distraught students—those with the courage to try and reclaim the Taken Ones are the only ones to hear the advice.

“Come to the edge of the woods on a moonless night, just before dawn and set off fireworks of every color—then wait.”

The ones who listen return with tales about a woman in smoldering garments, blazing red hair, and glowing embers for eyes who would test their resolve. To those who passed she would gift them with words or song, depending on their need, she might even gift them with her fire.

Regardless of what you get, it is always enough to get them back.

Except no one can remember what it was she gave them. They could never remember the tale itself, just that she gave them one; the songs she granted would dance just beyond memory’s grasp; the image of a mesmerizing flame leaving a ghostly impression inside their eyelids. There was only one thing anyone remembers her saying.

“My name is Story—”

There is a door in the history department. It never looks the same twice and is always cracked open when it is there. No one has ever returned through it.

There once was a chemistry major that went through the door. His friend followed after.

He returned.

She did not.

“—and I create myself.”

A/N: I know the Gentry come off a little strange in this. It’s mostly because Pyrra is Navajo and thus the stories she knows are of the Little People; but at Elsewhere, the Gentry are for the most part from Great Britain, Ireland and thereabouts. I tried to blend these two cultures. I’m not gunna lie, I didn’t do great. I haven’t done much with Navajo mythology in a long while. I feel it came off pretty shoddy in this. I’m not trying to offend (I’m part native American myself). Also, I love Chemistry but I suck at it which is why I didn’t go as into depth as I would have liked. (My grammar sucks too, so apologies there as well.)


Tired Of Being Alone


You didn’t notice anything at first. Initially, you had just thought that he was stressed or tired due to all of his hard work and long days at the studio. You didn’t want to think too much into it. It took you a while, but finally saw how different he had become. He wasn’t the same person you fell for a few short months ago. He was colder, more distant than ever. You’d hoped that it was just a phase he was going through and that he would be back to normal in no time. However as the weeks came and went and those weeks turned into months, you realized that you were wrong, that Harry had become a completely different person.

It was hard to pinpoint the exact moment where everything had changed. It wasn’t that one day he woke up and a switch was flipped, making him turn into someone who was closed off and acted bitter towards you when he was usually so kindhearted and loving. No, it was nothing like that. Rather, it was the build up- the subtle changes that were exactly that, differences that were too small to notice. And when you finally realized he wasn’t the same, all you could do was make excuses for him, for the sake of your relationship.

He slowly stopped writing sweet notes to you before he left for the studio in the early hours of the morning. Which you concluded to be him being excited to get back to work, rushing out of your house as quickly as possible to get back to writing. Then, the usual texts and calls throughout the day became less frequent until they stopped altogether. This you put down as him being busy. You two began to bicker and fight a lot more than you used to, which you put down as you going through the “bumpy stage” of the relationship. Despite this, after a while, you had a hard time coming with reasons as to why your relationship with Harry was going down the drain, and it was even more difficult to try to salvage it.

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I get so emotional when I think about the mayhem twins because they’re such an important m/f relationship that stayed platonic from beginning to end and that’s just so big???? And it shouldn’t be but it is. That’s just how rare m/f platonic relationships are on tv, it’s to the point where majority of the time a male and female will start off as friends and you’re thinking ‘good I hope the writers keep them this way’ but of course the writers pull a 'I don’t think so’ and end up having them eventually fall for each other. I’ve seen it happen too many times at this point so the poi writers keeping Shaw and Reese as just friends the entire series is admirable to me. Reese was literally a big brother to Shaw and was always there for her even when she didn’t think he would be. That’s just how much he loved her in a supporting way; Any other show’s writers would’ve definitely made them romantic, meanwhile we got blessed with the amazingness that is Root and Shaw and their entire dynamic and it wasn’t even supposed to happen. That’s another thing I’ll never get over…

Shoot weren’t planned!!1 Every little thing we got involving their relationship was just the writers going with the flow after their first scene together. How crazy is that? The writers had no idea they’d eventually give us this amazingly iconic slowburn with these two heavily complex characters. And because Root and Shaw weren’t planned, we got to see so much of them outside of their dynamic first which was what the writers originally planned for them and then along the way they just kept adding to their relationship making them develop feelings for each other, etc. For something that was never intended, it sure as hell felt natural and organic. Part of that is credited to the writers but the other is in part to Amy and Sarah’s incredible chemistry. I mean they really DID that relationship jesus.

Add to the fact that the whole team (3 older white men and a dog lol) knew about them and never cared that they were two women that fell in love, they always respected their relationship. And when Root was without Shaw and vice versa, the guys always supported them through the situation and helped them grieve like I cry???? So good.

I’ll shut up now but kudos to Jonathan Nolan and Greg Plageman for this. They might not have gotten everything right but the mayhem twins and Shoot’s dynamic? They truly created magic with both of those.

The Hybrid Under My Bed [Chapter Three]

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WARNING(S): Family abuse in the first few chapters.

Genres: Angsty fluff, Mystery, Fantasy, Adventure

Pairings: Jungkook x Reader

Length: 4.6k words

Sypnosis: You were 7 year old when you met him, Jeon Jungkook, the little boy covered with bruises and dirt hiding under your bed, but little did you know that this encounter would drag you into a new morbid world full of darkness and adventures, but also unexpectedly love. (Not Requested)

BTS Jungkook hybrid!au, fantasy!au

(Third POV)

-> Prologue, Chapter One, Chapter Two, Chapter Three


Chapter Three

*Present Day*

“(Y/N)!!” Your friend Vee shouted, snapping you back to reality. It was such a shock and so sudden that you bumped your head against the locker you were leaning onto.

You groaned, “Ugh! What the hell, Vee?” 

“I’ve been saying your name for the past ten minutes!” 

You rolled your eyes, “Stop exaggerating! You know as much as me that you would have given up within the first two minutes.”

She thought for a second, “Okay. True. You’re right, but still! Why didn’t you told me that I had a test today, huh?”

Your best friend whined, leaning her head against her locker while staring at you with a pout. “You know how much I suck at chemistry.”

“How could I know?” You raised your shoulders up, “We’re not in the same class.”

“We have the same program. You should have known about it.” She glared at you.

You sighed, “Okay, true, but I thought that you already knew that. And even if you didn’t, Jackson tried to text you about it yesterday, but you were too busy making out with Juan, oh yeah, on MY bed.”

You sent her a glare in return, crossing your arms on your chest. Juan was Vee’s boyfriend for now a year and you could see she was very happy with him, which also made you happy. Vee never had good taste in guys. She only dated assholes, bastards, fuck boys and the list goes on…

At least she was with Juan, who proved to be an excellent guy for her.

But making out on your bed? Not so excellent. You couldn’t help but shudder in disgust at the thought. What if they did it on your bed? You didn’t even wash the sheets.

Ignoring your remark, your best friend tapped her manicured nails on the navy-blue book she was holding nervously, her bluish grey eyes watching the other students around while biting her thin bottom lip, “I’m going to fail…”


You laughed when she smacked your arm.

“It’s not funny (Y/N)!”

You shrugged, “Well, if you weren’t busy sticking your mouth with Juan’s yesterday- “


You laughed even more, raising your arms in the air in an innocent posture, “Okay, okay, okay, I get it. You’re nervous. You think you’ll fail. You think you’re dumb, which is not false…” You smiled innocently when she sent you a glare, “… And you think you’ll fail the year. But you’re worrying too much, Vee. It’s just a test. I’m sure you’ll manage to get a decent grade. Alyce will still be proud that you at least tried.”

“Yeah sure, after she’s done beating up my ass that is. Oh God! I’m sorry (Y/N), it slipped!” She quickly added, seeing your body visibly tense at her words.

“It’s okay, Vee. It has been ten years ago anyway.” You shrugged, trying to relax and block away the memories of your childhood.

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so, the thing is even though he didn’t play a lead superhero in wonder woman but that didn’t prevent Chris effing Pine from delivering one of the most charismatic and heroic performances in new era of DCEU and successfully managed to leave a major mark on the movies with his non-super hero role.

his great performance, alongside gal’s, could really help create the template for how a successful comic book movie can be made. the pairing and the chemistry between these two showed what the movies have been missing: heart and emotion.

Chris Pine did an awesome job and shined in his role as Steve Trevor. he represented all that is changing with the times. Steve Trevor is the personification of the belief we needed to have in wonder woman.

Chris Pine brought so much action and ‘saving the day’ tactics as any other superhero, while bringing a lot more romance and laughs.

Steve Trevor took down many bad guys with his guns and fists, but if you had to pinpoint one thing, it’s that the movie is just as effing enjoyable when there’s no action.

the impact of the moment, when Steve Trevor made a heroic sacrifice at the end, giving his life to save the world wouldn’t sting as much without Chris Pine’s spectacular supporting performance.

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and… when you realized you’d like to see more of him, he’s gone forever.



Chris Pine managed to save the day and break our effing hearts at the same time, and he did that without wearing a mask or cape.


I really wanna say something with all due respect

In season one, I used to ship Alex with Maxwell. I thought they had chemistry and I saw a sparkle there. In season two we found out officially that Alex is homosexual. And this is perfect I love Sanvers very much really it’s an otp. But what if I continued to ship Alex and Maxwell? According to the fandom, I would be homophobic, disrespectful and racist for trying to change someone’s sexuality even if it’s just a TV show character. So, at least for now, the show has made it official that Kara is straight. I’m not saying that she couldn’t be bisexual and fall for Lena. But for now she’s only dated and falling for boys. You can hate Mon-El all you want if you don’t like his character. I can’t relate because I don’t HATE characters or ships I just “don’t like”. But hating him and Karamel because of SuperCorp (sorry if I got the name wrong I mean Lena and Kara), it is disrespectful towards the fans, the writers and most importantly the actors who are just doing their jobs. I ship Karamel, I see Mon-El as I see a refugee who comes into a foreign country and tries to learn how things work and what are the rules (I live in Greece so I know some stuff about refugees). He wasn’t born on Earth. Kara and Clark had the chance to grow up on Earth and learn things. Mon-El is alone, trying really hard.
Anyways, this fandom used to be so much fun. Now I am just ashamed to be a part of it. Peace!

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Hi! Can I have a model MC with RFA+Saeran+V? Thank you very much in advance! :)

Hope you like it!^^

RFA + Saeran and V with a model MC


  • Guess who made it to the hottest celebrity couple’s list this year?
  • At first, he doesn’t really enjoy the sexy photo shoots you eventually do, but he won’t judge or get possessive.
  • Because he tries to be understanding of you career as much as you understand his.
  • Plus, he loooooves the attention you two get. He reads social media comments about how people can’t help but imagining you two fucking… which… arouses him more than he would admit to you or to himself.
  • It’s so great when you go with him to his premieres, and he’s always on the first row of your fashion shows, and there’s so much buzz all over the media because of that.
  • That photo shoot you two did together almost got banned for being too sexy, the chemistry was too obvious and everybody could tell you two definitely had sex after it was over.
  • Sometimes, the attention bother you two a little, which makes the private and reserved moments more special.
  • In moments like this, you two go to your family’s house, or just hop on his bike and leave to his secret place.
  • You two take a lot of selfies, but just the closest ones have the right to see such exclusive pictures.


  • Well, he did not see that coming…
  • Poor boy gets even more insecure, why would someone so talented, beautiful and relevant date him?
  • He getting all self conscious only boost your need to show your affection in public. People will know you’re taken by him, and nobody can say shit about it.
  • And most of the time, it works, he’s looking at all these guys envying him, and he won’t lie, it’s a great feeling.
  • But media can be really mean saying you’re dating a minor or weird shit like that, and there goes all the confidence you’ve been trying so hard to build up on him.
  • So you take him to your photo shoots, introduce him to everybody you work with. Designers, photographers, editors, everybody! Just to show them you’re dead serious about this relationship.
  • One day, you took him to one of your fashion shows, you even managed to make him meet you backstage.
  • All the other models l o v e him, he’s so sweet and devoted to you, and it’s cute how he is trying not to look at them so you won’t get mad.
  • They are all around him as if he is a puppy, and you keep telling them to go easy on him, are you jealous? He won’t deny he kinda likes it.
  • Next day, there is a photo of boy Yoosung being pampered by all those gorgeous models all over the news
  • No need to say it would take a lot to make his confidence go down after that.


  • She’s legitimately proud for all of your accomplishments.
  • Also, she loves how you don’t let fame get the best of you, you manage to keep sweet, humble and it’s nothing like a diva.
  • Of course sometimes she’s a little insecure, what someone like you could even see on a dull owner of a coffee shop?
  • But just a little affection in public and some public statements from you about her on interviews, and she forgets her insecurities.
  • She helps with everything she can, she cooks for you, trains with you (she taught you some judo stuff) and makes sure nobody bothers you when you’re resting before a major campaign or fashion show.
  • Seriously, she basically manages you better than your own manager.
  • You’re constantly bringing her along in your gigs, and she’s legitimately honored to be surrounded by so many talented and inventive people.
  • People you work with really like her because she always offer coffee to them, courtesy of her coffee shop, of course.
  • And they always manage to pay her back, giving her hair products, make-up, designer clothes, everything that fascinates her about your world.
  • She often gets shy because of all the attention she usually gets through you, and sometimes she has to excuse herself from all of this.
  • But she felt so proud when you got a GLAAD Award for being such an LGBTQ icon on the fashion industry.
  • Which you two celebrated by yourselves, on her coffee shop.


  • The elegant stride, the perfect posture, the look in your eyes… you felt very familiar to him at first.
  • Then he remembered, you modeled for one of his company products! You did such a great job, and you were so professional and hardworking.
  • His father noticed that too and made a move on you during break, that’s why he remembers so vividly, oh god…
  • Apologizes one hundred times and makes his father apologize too, which flusters you, because you were completely fine with this before.
  • He doesn’t like seeing you just in underwear on billboards all over town, but he would hate to see you act unprofessionally and not doing a gig just because your boyfriend told you so.
  • But he will introduce you to all the most renowned photographers and designers to get you to the more high artistic fashion, think less Calvin Klein ads and more Vogue Japan editorials. (shhh, don’t tell him some of them can be really sexy too)
  • When you two get tired of the spotlight, he plans a trip to one of his private beaches (Yes, one of)
  • And will sue any magazine who gets exclusive shots of your little vacation
  • Talking about another power couple. He doesn’t really like the attention, but he can’t hold back a soft smile whenever he hears things like “just imagine their kids”, because he’s definitely imagining.


  • When he hacked into your phone and saw you through the CCTV, he fell off his chair in shock
  • You’re… you’re that girl from the car show! The one who convinced him to take one of his babies
  • He wasn’t really fond of the idea of getting that particular car, but you managed to convince him with strong arguments about the car’s features and maybe with your sweet smile.
  • So yeah, he’s pretty much a fan now he knows your name and where to find your portfolio.
  • When you two get together, he doesn’t really enjoy the idea of seeing you in car shows like a product that comes along with the cars
  • So he does what he did to Zen, a Tripterbot to spam pictures of you so you can get better gigs.
  • Which slowly starts to work, as you’re getting more job offers for photo shoots and even some fashion shows.
  • Even with the whole agency thing being over, he’s still not confident to be seen in public with you
  • So he starts to wear masks and paper bags when you start getting famous, and people think your boyfriend is trying to make public statement or he’s a mysterious dj or something like this, which only helps increasing your popularity.
  • He feels like a proud mom when you get to be spokesperson for a famous car brand. You’ve come a loooong way since being an accessory at car shows.


  • You weren’t a big deal when he led you to Rika’s apartment, so he thought you would still be suitable according to all his research
  • And let’s say he really wanted to take a pretty face to paradise when RFA would get finally destroyed…
  • But as he got to know you, he noticed you were so much more than a pretty face, you were actually a very smart lady starting a business with hair products under your name
  • When you get together, he takes as his personal mission to help you with your business and make you a big deal in this industry.
  • Congratulations! You got a boyfriend who works as your social media analyst, he knows exactly what you should post to get attention from model agencies and customers to your business.
  • He feels really weird and flustered though all the process of taking pictures of you, but deep down he loves to help you and you both know that
  • When it comes to your relationship, he’s obviously not comfortable about being seen in public, so yeah… he keeps it at a low profile
  • The media just knows you’re taken thanks to a mysterious tattoo you have on your nape, and there are all the speculations about your boyfriend being that famous singer who last music video had you as a feature, or a politician, maybe someone from the royal British family? You never confirm or deny, so the buzz keeps going and boosting likes on your Instagram.
  • Another move your social media analyst made sure to pull it off.


  • Match made in heaven
  • It’s just… perfect! He wants to be the photographer of every one of your photo shoots
  • And when is not possible, he makes sure to get you to work with someone he trusts that will do a good job.
  • Of course he’s very professional and won’t mind you sharing the camera lens with another model
  • It’s not because he’s your boyfriend, but he’s genuinely your favorite photographer to work with, you love how he’s able to capture so many different nuances from you, you can be sexy, you can be high-fashion or very pure and ethereal with just a few clicks from him.
  • But he’s modest and says it’s all your doing, he’s just capturing what it’s in front of his eyes.
  • He also always have the best shots of you in fashion shows, well, not only you, but of all the other models. The media, however, always points out how your pictures are obviously being taken by someone who’s in love with you.
  • Both of you think it’s cheesy, but… it is kinda true, actually.
  • Again, power couple. You’re so respected on your work fields. If separated, you two are great, together you are able to make it look it’s magic.
  • However, you’re both very discreet. But he’s planning a book of random pictures he took of you when you weren’t modeling (though it looks like you were)

italicized headcanons are provided by the amazing @rreneewalker

neil josten is a homeless teen who is pursuing a career in modeling

he gets signed with palmetto inc. because of his background.  (palmetto is known for recruiting troubled models and are in need of getting their life back on track, and furthering their modeling careers. they’re seen as a disgrace to the modeling world, and thus are shunned.) he is a NaTuRaL and absolutely KILLS the modeling game by normalizing modeling with scars

their arch-rival modeling agency is the edgar allen elite, and riko moriyama is the extremely bitchy, yet extremely talented model that gets alllllll the attention and praise of fashion designers, even though his off-camera personality is as tolerable as olive garden attempting to pass off their cuisine as palatable and italian

andrew minyard is a model that PI signed when they saw him off the street (holy shit this kid is gorgeous), and he was like “sure, fuck it. it pays more than my current job”, and even though he has drug problems their manager david wymack gets him help so he can be weaned off of them

he also signs on andrew’s twin brother aaron and the twins have a blast messing with wymack by confusing him in a fred-and-george-esque way (“aaron! move your damn head, you look like an owl with a broken neck.” “this is andrew.” “wait wh— YOU MEAN WE’VE BEEN SHOOTING WITH THE WRONG TWIN. DAMMIT—” “chill, wymack, i’m just fucking with you. it’s aaron.” “—i’m gonna fucking murder you after this shoot is over.”)

palmetto managed to nab kevin day, former edgar allan model, but he had to quit after an accident that left him scarred (a nono on the EA contract, so he’s let go), and wymack brings him in, but kevin is too unfamiliar with modeling alone, since he had a joint contract with riko, whom he did all his shoots with, but until neil shows up, his photoshoots with anyone else in palmetto is sadly stilted and lacks any chemistry

and then neil comes along and manages to piss kevin off somehow, so their first shoot together included muttered threats through clenched teeth and glaring at each other, but that somehow translates to an extremely intriguing photoshoot that had photographers around the globe admiring their supposed chemistry and energy

the modeling team has veteran danielle wilds as their mentor and fellow model, who is romantically involved with the photographer, matt boyd, of the agency

nicky hemmick, one of the older models, loves to flirt with matt while he shoots, much to dan’s amusement and matt’s chagrin (“nicky, i need you to stop looking like you’re eyefucking the camera” “it’s not the camera that eye want to f—” “OH FOR GOD’S SAKE”)

renee walker and allison reynolds are a two-for-one deal, and they are glued to the hip, so wymack had to sign both of them. they’re formidable models, and their different personalities surprisingly complement each other, on- and off-camera.

all the modeling agencies meet once a year at model expo, where they model for up-and-coming designers at the catwalk on every night of the expo, attend workshops, and scope out the competition,

and of course they run into the edgar allan elite, who always walk in v-formation (seriously, what the fuck is up with that) and pose once they stop walking like a bunch of c-list hollywood tweens; the last part nicky purposely inadvertently said out loud

andrew would be the KING of snarky, totally cheesy, off the chain quips in answer to riko’s shitty remarks

“oh look, it’s the palghetto mannequins.”

“hey riko! y’all, it’s edgar allan poe with his edgar allan hoes.”

every year 20 agencies are chosen to participate in ENTM, which is a modeling competition sponsored by EXY, Extraordinary Youth, an organization looking for top models to recruit for top-end designers

the models are sponsored by designers: edgar allan would get the best sponsors, since they’ve won the past 12 cycles and designers are always thirsty for their work to be worn by the EA to get recognition, while palmetto had to barely scrape by with clothes they salvage from donations, and the clothes they make with the team’s tailor, abby

it’s the 20th cycle, and the 20th anniversary, of ENTM; in honor of the anniversary, the grand prize is $200,000 instead of the normal $100,000, so it’s a pretty big fucking deal

with neil filling in the spot in the required 10-man team, they can audition for ENTM and come back for the 20th cycle

so with neil as a rookie model, palmetto has a bit of a disadvantage which is made up for with his natural talent, and the media goes crazy in covering the continuing rivalry between palmetto and edgar allan during the whole 20th season of ENTM

Unsent: Jughead Jones X Reader (Part Three)

Part 3: Disaster Dress

With your new perspective in the flirting game, how will you grow closer with Jughead?  Betty and Veronica decide to intervene in a dangerous way.

Words: 1, 378 (sorry it’s a bit long!)

Warnings: swearing, angst

You guys all voiced you wanted part three of (what is planned to be) ten tonight, so here it is! Hopefully tomorrow I will be able to post my first requested fic and part four, but please don’t be super disappointed if I don’t get part four up tomorrow. Alright, please enjoy, I love you guys. :) <3 - Juggie xx

When you woke up that Wednesday morning your whole body already seemed to be shaking with nerves. Breaking apart from your usual routine of putting on some jeans and a t-shirt you were going to stun the boy of your dreams with a cute, form-fitting dress.

Oh God.

Knowing you’d want to chicken out you had texted Betty the night before, who agreed to dress up a little so you wouldn’t feel so out of place. You woke up early, leaving yourself time to do some smokey eye makeup, perfect your eyeliner, and topped off the look with your signature pair of high top chucks. You’d soon realize none of that could prepare you for how things would go down today.

You were at your locker, playing with your hair and waiting for Jughead. Since you had first period together he would walk you every morning. “(Y/N)?”

You turned and smiled at him, your heart faltering a little at his confused face. ‘Hey Juggie! Like my new look?’ “Hey Jug.”

He smiled back at you, “Is something going on today? You’re all dolled up.”

'Do you like it? I did it for you.’ “Um, no. No, I just wanted, Betty and I decided to both look nicer today, just because.”

He looked you up and down, “Oh, okay then. Just seems a bit odd for you.”

You both began to walk towards your English class, and you felt yourself begin to panic. 'Do you think I’m incapable of being pretty?’ “What do you mean?”

“Well this seems more like a Veronica thing, you usually don’t go out of your way for your style.”


He turned his face to look at you, “I didn’t mean it as a bad thing. It’s just different.”

“It’s fine Jug, I get it.” Does he think she’s prettier?

He opened his mouth to speak, but stopped, not wanting to examine more and make the conversation more awkward. During English you kept to yourself, not bothering to try flirting with the boy who wounded your spirits this morning.

By lunch you had enough time to recover from the morning’s talk and sat next to Jughead at the gang’s table outside. You were the only two to show up so far, so you decided it was the perfect time to begin phase two: the touch. You placed your hand on his shoulder to get his attention from his laptop, but that had failed as he kept typing away anyways. You continued on despite his reaction, “How’s it coming?”

He didn’t answer, just kept typing out his thoughts. You removed your hand suddenly feeling very insecure for the billionth time today, maybe he doesn’t want to be bothered right now. You saw Archie, Veronica and Betty making their way over until they finally sat with you, saving you from this awkward encounter. Archie smiled showing his perfect pearly whites, “What’s up guys?”

Jughead immediately looked up and smiled at his best friend, “Nothing much. How was the music lesson with your new teacher?”

Oh. You felt your confidence take another blow, and you couldn’t stop your face from showing your emotions of rejection and hurt. Betty immediately took notice and texted you under the table.

From B: What’s wrong? :(

To B: Jughead has been acting odd, and just now he’s started ignoring me.

From B: Maybe it’s the outfit, maybe it’s making him notice you differently?

To B: The only thing he’s noticed is that it’d look better on Ronnie.

Betty shot you a confused look and you tried to fight the tears threatening to fall. Today has been a disaster. Veronica spoke up, taking the group’s attention away from their previous conversation, “Hey, secrets don’t make friends.” She smiled at Betty.

Betty quickly retorted, “Good thing we aren’t sharing secrets.”

Archie rose an eyebrow, “Are you alright (Y/N)?”

You thanked every power you could think of because Betty had given you enough time to recover. “Yes, why? Do I have something in my eye?”

“No, just worried.”

Veronica smirked, obviously up to no good. “So (Y/N), last chance to decide if you want to be a Vixen, are you coming after school today?”

Is that what you needed? Would that be how you would catch Jughead’s eye like Veronica had? You smiled brightly at her, your answer shocking the others. “Sure, why not?”

He didn’t ignore you this time. Jug turned to face you, “What made you change your mind?”

You dared to face him, even though it still stung. “I don’t know, it might be fun.”

The others had continued on with other topics but he whispered to you, “Why are you suddenly changing so much? Why are you trying to be like them?”

Gathering your courage, you managed to make your voice unwavering. “I’m not trying to be like anyone Jug, I’m trying to do nice things for myself.”

He scoffed, “Bullshit.”

“Why is it so hard to believe that maybe I want to look nice? That I want to be a Vixen?”

“Because I’ve been best friends with you for as long as I can remember, and the (Y/N) I know would much rather spend their Friday nights wearing sweats and watching movies over getting dolled up for a football game and cheering for meat-head jocks who look at you and see only a score and not a person.”

You blood was boiling, “Well people change Jughead, I’m sorry.” You stood up and stormed away, not being able to handle the conversation any longer. Ronnie was right, he had an exquisite way with words, and just then his words really cut into your heart. Why were you two butting heads so much today? The chemistry between the two of you and standing firm through your friendship was so natural, but right now you couldn’t bear to look at him.

You headed to the student lounge to find Kevin, who must have gotten a text from B or V as he immediately stood up and opened up his arms to give you a hug. You ran into his arms and cried, goddamn Jug can be so frustrating.

Kevin stroked your hair, “Calm down (Y/N). Everyone goes through a rough patch every once in a while. You and your moody loverboy will be okay.”

You pulled away from his chest for a second, “Kev?”


“Thank you.”

At the Vixens practice you explained to Betty and Veronica what all had happened today, and they shared their apologies and encouraging words. You couldn’t shake away the dark cloud that seemed to follow you; you couldn’t stand Jug being mad at you. Taking heed to his words from lunch, you decided not to join the cheer leading squad. And you went home, and cried and cried, and took off the cursed dress that seemed to trigger your misfortune.

Betty and Veronica had different plans for after practice.

They would conspire and concoct a scheme so wild yet so logical that it would have to get you and Jughead together. Was it morally right? That didn’t matter. Could it backfire? Hell yes. But would they do it if they thought it would push you to admit your feelings? Would they flirt with the boy you loved if they thought it would lead you to confessing to him?


From Juggie: Hey, please don’t be mad at me (Y/N). I’m sorry I freaked out earlier, I’m not good at adjusting to change. If you want to be a Vixen, do it.

To Juggie: I’m not going to be a Vixen.

From Juggie: Thank god, I was going to throw a fit if your cheer leading got in the way of our movie nights.

To Juggie: Do you want to come over and watch a movie tomorrow? I just got La La Land :)

From Juggie: Sure, but don’t think this means I am suddenly a huge fan of musicals. We are watching Rebel Without A Cause the next time. :P

From Juggie: “Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future.” - John F. Kennedy. Good night (Y/N).

To Juggie: Good night Jug

Unsent: You really hurt me today..

That’s all folks! Don’t miss the next installment, ask to be on my Unsent tag list! :)

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anonymous asked:

List of being in the same movie as tom! boyfriend would include

okay so 

  • knowing of each other since you’d both be around the same age and have been in films of a similar level of popularity
  • him texting you one day like “hey its tom holland, got your number from a friend, do you wanna meet up for a coffee?”
  • so obviously you’d go and everything would just click between you
  • him asking you out again
  • going on a few more dates before he finally asks you to be his girlfriend
  • auditioning for the same movie because “that’ll be fun won’t it”
  • finding out that you’ve both been cast because of your chemistry and being so excited about it

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chemistry finals

pairing: anthony ramos x reader

prompt: (anon) Hi I was wondering if you could please do 13, 3, and 4 from the prompt list with Anthony Ramos if you get the chance? I love your writing

13: “i know you told me to stop thinking about you, but i can’t get you out of my mind.”
3: “go on, tell me. tell me you don’t love me.”
4: “those things you said yesterday… did you even mean them?”

warnings: swearing, lotta fluff, v cheesy

words:  2.794 whoops

a/n: you guys are AMAZING i’m having so much fun with all the prompts you are sending in. unfortunately, i can’t get to all of them immediately bc i sprained my wrist (i was trying to turn out my light without getting out of bed and i fell off of the bed and on my wrist lol) but i am working!! happy thursday xooxoxoxooxoxoxox

Masterlist   /   Prompt List

Begrudgingly, you stalked towards your fifth block chemistry class, already over it. You had forgotten to do the homework and honestly had no idea what was going on in the class; something about VSPER? Walking in, you took your seat at the lab bench.

The bell rang and your teacher started.

“You’re late, Ramos.” She grumbled. Her back wasn’t even facing the door when senior Anthony Ramos walked in. His curls were everywhere and the freckles scattering his face glowed as the sun hit him from the window.

“What’s new?” He laughed, taking a seat next to one of his baseball friends. 

The teacher smiled. She had a sweet spot for Anthony; maybe because he was popular, maybe because he was cute, maybe because he was ridiculously charming - you didn’t know. Regardless, if you were late to class every other day, you can bet your ass you would be in detention nonstop.

At the end of the block, your teacher handed you back the tests you took last Friday. 

“Shit,” you cursed as you looked at your grade. 64%. You mom was going to kill you. You groaned lowly, slugging back in your seat as you flipped through the pages. On the last one was a note written in red pen: See me after class.

You instantly felt your cheeks flush, embarrassed that the teacher had to talk to you about how God awful you were doing in the class - as if you didn’t know.

When the bell rang, you thought about darting out of the room and pretending like you didn’t see the note. But Ms. Crump called you back, forcing you to trudge forward bashfully.

To make matters worse, Anthony was staying behind too. He, however, didn’t look upset at all. Maybe he ’s finally going to get his ass handed to him about constantly being late, you thought. Wrong.

“Y/N, you’re not doing well. Plain and simple,” she said almost immediately. You blushed. God, did she have to do this in front of him? This was so embarrassing. What if he went and told the baseball team about it?

You looked at your feet, “I know. I’m trying, I just -” She held her hand up to stop you.

“I know you are. I think you just need a little extra help.” 

Anthony slung his backpack around his shoulder, giving you a lopsided half smile, “Is that where I come in?” He asked, looking to Ms. Crump.

She nodded, “Exactly.”

“Wait, what?” You asked. Anthony Ramos, star of the baseball team, was going to tutor you?

“Anthony is one of my best students,” she assured.

Anthony’s ears turned pink when he saw your shocked expression, “Why else do you think she would be so chill with me all the time?” 

You were dumbfounded. This wasn’t actually happening, right?


Ms. Crump agreed that you should be working with Anthony at least twice a week; at the library, your houses, even after school in the lab. She just wanted you two together - working, that is.

Anthony jotted down his number, a grin on his face as he handed you the sticky note. 

“I’ve got practice until five, but I’m free whenever after that. Do Tuesdays and Thursdays work alright?” He gave you that smile again.

You bit your lip, nodding feebly. You were the smart one in the family, and now you needed a tutor? As if it couldn’t be any more embarrassing.

“Great, text me and we’ll figure out the details. I’ll see you then, Y/N.” He said as he walked backwards towards the door. You nodded, still starstruck over what had just happened.

Thursday came faster than you expected. You anxiously awaited Anthony at your house, agreeing to meet there since your parents worked late that night. At 5:30, he knocked on your door, his curls still wet from a shower.

“Sorry I’m late, I figured we might need some food,” he laughed, holding up a pizza in his hands, “I hope cheese is okay, I wasn’t sure if you were a vegetarian or not.” He waited a moment longer outside before you realized you were blocking the door, moving slightly to let him in. He thanked you before commenting, “You don’t have to be nervous. I get tutored in just about every other subject. Chemistry just came easy I guess.” He shrugged. 

You offered a small smile, “I just feel stupid.” 

He shook his head, putting the pizza down on the counter, “Don’t. Really. Asking for help is necessary to succeed in life. Or, I guess in chemistry.” 

You laughed, making him grin, “There you go!”

You covered you mouth to hide your smile, turning to pull out some paper plates, “Do you want anything to drink?”

“Water, please.” He said, taking a seat and opening your chemistry notebook. Everything was color coded and organized. When he took his out, you had to stifle a laugh. Everything was written in smudged gray pencil, papers ripped and falling out of the binding. 

He looked at you with a smirk, “Chemistry does love chaos.”

The two of you ate your pizza as he told you about his day, asking you questions along the way. Before you knew it, it was already quarter of seven. 

“I guess we didn’t study so much today,” he said sheepishly. 

You groaned, “I’m gonna fail the final.”

He shook his head, “Not if I have anything to do with it. Come on, let’s go over the notes from today.”

At first he was rambling on about electron configurations and ionization energy, but when he saw the confusion twisted into your face, he immediately backtracked. The started to explain it to you slowly, taking each thing and correlating it to something tangible. 

“Thing about it this way: So, uh, Carbon moves into an apartment building,” you raised an eyebrow at him. “Hear me out, okay! Carbon moves in but you have to fill all the ground floors before you can move into the second floor rooms, right? Those are the s and p orbitals. So Carbon will fill…”

You looked down at your periodic table, grasping for answers, “One s two, two s two, two p…” He nodded, encouraging you on, “Two p two?” He nodded again, more enthusiastically. 

“I knew you’d get it. Okay, let’s try… Magnesium.”

Your tutoring sessions continued for roughly two months before something happened. Something you were absolutely not prepared for. Something neither of you were. 

It started with like a usual session. It was Thursday, so you ordered Chinese for the two of you. 

“I don’t want to study tonight,” you groaned. This week had been especially long and you just wanted to relax.

“Come on!” He urged, but there was no way you were going to be interested in learning about table logic tonight.

Sighed, he put his hands up in surrender, “Okay, okay. Well,” he checked his watch, “I’ve got another hour before I have to head home. What do you want to do?” 

You looked around the room, your eyes settling on a deck of Uno cards on the counter. You raised your eyebrows in question, but he was already up to get them. 

Anthony delt out the cards, grumbling about his inability to shuffle. Within twenty minutes, you had beat him and he was already getting frustrated.

“It’s just luck!” He fumed, resealing the cards.

“It’s skill,” you combated, a smirk written on your lips. He gave you a look before a smile broke onto his face. After another game (loss), he threw his cards at you, making you giggle.

“You’re ridiculous,” he groaned.

“You’re a sore loser.” He looked at you a second longer, leaning in slightly. You felt your heartbeat increase and you down at your feel. He leaned in a little more. You took in a sharp breath, snapping your head up. 

“It’s getting late.”

Anthony felt a pang in his gut at the thought of leaving, but diet want to further upset you. He nodded, grabbing his jacket before heading towards the door. You walked towards him, ready to say goodbye. 

Nothing could happen, you reminded yourself. He wasn’t pushing or anything, but you knew that it was close. And close was dangerous, and holy shit you two were close.

He wasn’t more than a few inches away now, making your heart race. Anthony opened his mouth to say something but couldn’t get anything out. 

You couldn’t stop yourself when you lifted yourself up on your tip toes to kiss his cheek.

“I’ll see you on Tuesday,” you said, a blush creeping up your cheeks. 

He bit his lip, “Um, or we could do something, I don’t know… tomorrow?” Your brows furrowed, what he asking you on a date? Anthony scratched the back of his neck, “We could get ice cream or something or,” he shrugged, “I don’t know.”

You smiled a little, “What are you trying to say, Ramos?” 

He was closer than before, “Uh, I - I like you, Y/N. A lot. More than a lot, and I… I don’t want to just be your tutor or your friend or -” He groaned, reaching for your hand, “Will you go out with me tomorrow? On a date. Please.”

You laughed, “Don’t you have a baseball party to go to or something?”

He shrugged, “I don’t want to party or anything. All I want to do is go out with you,” he raised an eyebrow, “So?”

“I’d like that.”

Anthony’s face lit up, his grin making your heart flutter, “I’ll see you tomorrow then, yeah?”

You nodded again, “Yeah.”

His eyes flickered from yours to your lips, “Cool.”


His mouth was slightly parted before shaking his head, “Okay. Good. I’ll see you tomorrow.”

You pushed him slightly out of the glass door, his hand holding yours until he was too far to reach. You shook your head, the on your face brighter than usual. Good God, this boy. What had you gotten yourself into?

The end of the day took forever to come around, but that’s usually how Friday’s were. You were standing at your locker when you heard his ever familiar laugh.

You didn’t look yet, as he was talking to someone else on the baseball team; John, you think his name is.

“Come on, dude. It’s Friday night! Come out with us!” John said. 

You smiled to yourself, pulling your math textbook out of your locker. He wouldn’t go out because he would be hanging out with -

“I can’t, John. I’m taking some girl out,” he said.

“Who?” He laughed.

“Just some girl from my chem class, nothing special.” 

“Alright, dude. See you Monday.” John said, waking away.

You stopped dead cold before slamming your locker shut, turning sharply to face him. You felt your eyes start to burn; nothing special

Anthony’s mouth fell open. How much did you hear? Then he saw your face and he knew. You had heard enough.

“Y/N, I can -” you held your hand up.


“No, really. Please,” he tried again.

“No, you listen. I can’t - God, I can’t believe I let you get in my head like that! I can’t believe I let you tell me I was important and that, God! That you liked me! I can’t - I can’t. I’m done. Just, just stop. Stop talking to me. Stop thinking about me. Just stop.” You turned quickly. He did not deserve to see you cry. It’s not like you were anything special to him.

He opened his mouth but you cut him off again, “No. The final is on Monday. I don’t want you help, or your pity, or you.” You seethed, turning on your heel.

“Y/N -” he shouted, causing you to whip around.

“Did you even mean any of that? All those things you said yesterday, did you even mean them?” He called after you again, but you were already gone, speed walking out of the school.

The next week was clammy, like skating on ice and avoiding slipping past him. You had one last class of the year, and of course it was chemistry. Of course, it was. You had taken your final - correction: passed your final, and you were okay. 

At the end of the day, you wanted nothing more than to go home and relax. School was over, and you didn’t have to focus on electron affinity or pre calc, or Anthony. You were done.

But of course, you were never done, and Ms. Crump held you back. 

“I wanted to congratulate you on your success on the final, and Anthony -” she started, holding back Anthony as well. He offered a half smile, no longer as bright as it used to be. 

“Anthony, I wanted to thank you for being so generous in your time and help. I’m sure Y/N is just as grateful,” she smiled.

“She’s very smart,” he said.

You gave a tight smile and a curt nod, ready to book it. 

“Have a nice summer,” Ms. Crump waved as you walked out. 

You had almost made it down the end of the hallway when you heard him call to you.


You groaned. Was he really still on this? It’s not like you were anything special to him - why was he still pushing this? Was he honestly that desperate that he needed the lame girl who was bad at chemistry to forgive him? 

You sighed, turning to face him, “What?”

“Listen, I’m sorry. What I said -” You started walking again, “Stop!”

You held your hand up, “No, you stop. I told you to stop, right? I passed the final. So this?” You gestured between the two of you, “Whatever this was? It’s over. Thanks for the help, but bye. Have a nice summer, Anthony.”

“That’s the problem!” He bounced on the balls of his feet, “I know you told me to stop thinking about you, I know. But God, I can’t get you out of my mind, okay? I can’t. I’ve tried to forget you and move on but, but you’re everything.” When you didn’t respond, he continued, “Go on, tell me. Tell me you don’t like me too, because if you tell me you don’t like me too then I’ll walk away. I’ll walk away and I won’t bother you anymore.”

You took in a sharp breath. How in hell do you respond to that?

“Please,” he said softly, taking your hand in his.

You shook your head, “I can’t.” Your voice broke at the end, no matter how strong you tried to sound.

“You can’t what?”

“I can’t lie to you,” you breathed out. His eyes lit up at this, “Of course I like you too, dumbass.”

You swore the smile on his face reached the sky, but you weren’t focusing so much on that as you were his lips on yours and his hand on your cheek and oh. He was a good kisser. No, he was a great kisser. You pushed your body flush again his as he walked you a step back against the lockers.

You pushed your hips forward slightly, eliciting a soft sigh out of him. He nipped your bottom lip, making you gasp. Anthony took this advantage to deepen the kiss, his tongue now tasting your own. Oh my God, he was good at this. His hand was running along your sides now, resting at the base of your back. 

After a moment, you heard someone cough slightly. Instantly, you snapped your head back only to slam it into the lockers behind you.

“Ow,” you groaned, your hands leaving his curls to cup the back of your head.

“Oh, shit,” he giggled, reaching up to hold your head as well.

Then you saw her: Ms. Crump, blushing fervently, staring at the two of you pressed against each other, practically eating each other’s faces off.

“I uh, I guess your chemistry improved in more than one way,” she smirked, walking towards the exit. “See you next year.”

You sputtered out a laugh, leaning forward to rest again Anthony’s chest. 

“We do have good chemistry,” he laughed, putting his arm around your shoulders and pulling you close.

“Let’s go get some ice cream.”

Bad boys are sure as hell sexy

Request: ‘Hi! Could you write like a Keith x reader where Keith is like the school’s punk and the reader is the pastel flower child and then Keith flirts with them a lot and her friends (lance, Pidge, Hunk, Allura) are like “heck he like you that not good son” but Shiro (Keith’s best friend) is like “Yo he ain’t that bad.” Wowie this is long sorry’

A/N: I based this version of Keith on some fan art I saw a while back. I really love this request! Thank you anon for requesting it! You guys are welcome to request more ideas like this

(High school AU) Punk-ass! Keith x reader

PART 1/?

Originally posted by kaeveeoh

Walking into high-school on Monday morning you weren’t prepared to face the clamours of multiple people as they chattered about a rumoured new kid like a group of hungry chipmunks. Galaxy Garrison tech was one of the best high-schools you could get accepted into in like…the world! You were so happy when you found out you got in, because it was your dream to get into a high-school that you actually enjoyed going to everyday. One where you wanted to get up every one morning without hesitation towards the blaring alarm. You loved high-school. Some people thought you were crazy for ever thinking that.

As you reached your locker, your happiness towards school was short lived as the one and only Lance McClain crashed towards the locker door next to yours. “Hey Y/N~” He drawled as sexily as he could. “Hey Lance.” You said without even sparing him a glance, just focusing on the books you did and didn’t need in your small locker. Your door decorated with memories of long ago when you, Lance, Hunk, Allura and Pidge were still in middle school. Middle school was the best, but you found it so hard. You didn’t care if some people didn’t find high-school since you found It easy. Things of Space coming easy to you. Brushing the dust off of your orange pastel and short skirt, you glanced back up at lance, placing your hand on your hip as sassily as you could. “What do you want?” You snapped towards him. He recoiled slightly as your tone before stuttering “A-a D-date?” his breaths came out in short puffs as he awaited your answer.

“No way in hell.” You spoke venomously, slamming your locker door shut for emphasis. With a rejected look on his face, Lance walked right back over to his friend, your friends, Allura, Pidge and Hunk. Telling them how him asking you out went. But that was when shock over took your face, YOU LEFT YOUR LOCKER KEY IN YOUR LOCKER DUMBASS! You yelled at yourself, alarms blaring in your forehead as you tried to wrestle your door open. But then was when he walked over, not that you noticed. You were too busy trying to open your locker and get your books for first period. You didn’t even notice when he opened the locker next to your, the same one that Lance had bumped into and left a dent in before. But the new guy didn’t care. He opened his new locker with ease and staretd to unload his pristine new books into his new home for the school year. “Need help there?” He chuckled at your panicked expression.

“Maybe, I stupidly slammed my locker shut and I can’t get my ke-” You cut yourself off as you turned to face the hottie that happened to be right next to you for the rest of the school year. “What is it? Am I missing a piercing?” He laughed at your new expression. “Uh, ah, no.” You mumbled before turning back to your troubled locker, trying to ignore the huge blush on your face. The new guy had black hair that formed a mullet around the back of his neck, he had piercings all over his right ear and you were pretty sure you saw a metal ball on his tongue when he was talking just now. Holy shit, he was hot as fuck. All the black on his body right now drew you towards his awaiting body, if anyone else had been wearing that you definitely would have been repelled by it. But this guy attracted you due to his dazzling personality and his amazing looks.

“I’ll help you, ten different high schools sure taught me something about stuck lockers.” He said as he scooted closer towards you, his black flannel moving against his hips and his black vans squeaked across the pristine (in comparison) floors. As his shoulder touched yours, you felt sparks fly across the gap between you two, but if the guy felt anything he ignored it and continued to bang on your locker three times, almost rhythmically. Your locker door popped open as if on command, whereas you gaped at the new skill you had acquired whilst watching. “That was awesome!” You gushed as you took out your pastel jotter and shoved all your chemistry books into your arms. Making sure you had your key before closing the door this time.

“Thank you so much…mister no name.” You laughed at the nick name as you started to walk off, holding eye contact with the punk as you went. “Keith…Keith Kogane.” He whispered to himself, watching you walk in Chemistry as he tried to fight off the blush coming to his face. Lance watched his chemical -like reaction to Y/N as Keith covered his mouth, almost as if he had actually been blessed by a kiss from the pastel angle herself. But Lance couldn’t stand for it. Vanishing into the shadows, he began to plan his ways of winning Y/N back. Keith just stood there, even as the bell rang, cursing softly as he grabbed all his new books and ran in the direction, he hoped, of his first class.

-2 weeks later-

It had been two whole weeks and you hadn’t talked to Lance or Keith throughout the 14 days. But you didn’t mind. You’d rather talk to Keith anyway…Lance had become distant though and that worried you. He was still your friend, even if you had rejected him. You two had been friends since kindergarten and you had hoped that nothing could break you two apart. Apparently not… You frowned at the thought as you printed things off for the principal. It was your free period, but for extra credit, you had been assigned to be the principal’s assistant for the whole week. Little did you know what that had gotten you into as you knocked on his door. “Come in.” Principal Alfor called out as you stepped into his musty office. The smell of the juju berries on his desk a reminder that this wasn’t what an office should smell like. As you looked over the paperwork, you didn’t look up to see who the principal was tending to as you filed his files into the filing cabinet.

Turning back to go out the way you came, you wiped your dusty hands on your pastel blue graphic tee before you faced the beaten up faces of who principal Alfor was telling off. Gasping at the multiple bruises on the two boy’s faces, you knew that had tried to beat the crap out of the other person. “What the hell?!” you stormed over to Lance, tempted to slap him as he held an ice pack to his forehead. Whereas Keith got off scot free, with just a few bruises and cuts on his face along with a gnarly black eye. “You know these two Y/N?” Alfor asked you as the shocked expressions of the boy ran over your face.

“Unfortunately for me, yes. They are my friends.” You snarled, both boys sighed with a dejected huff as you friend zoned them both in an instant. “Well…they were found beating each other up in the school parking lot, if it weren’t for Mr. Coran they probably would’ve had much more severe injuries.” Alfor informed you as you sat on the corner of his desk disappointedly. Trying to fight the horrified expression that would take over your features any moment now. But it was too late. “We’re sorry Y/N-” “Yeah, he’s sorry I’m not.” Lance cut off Keith’s heartfelt apology, wincing slightly as the icepack fell down his face slightly, grazing the sore bump on his head. “I’m not angry at you guys…I’m just disappointed in both of you.” You looked up at them, pity was all you held in your eyes as the boys looked at you with horrified expressions. You were disappointed in them? This was hell on earth.

“What provoked it?” You whispered to Alfor as you discussed quietly next to his desk. Away from the prying ears and eyes of the two beaten up boys. “A girl, I think. I’ve only had scraps and pieces of information fall out of their mouths as we talked, well…tried to.” Alfor told you, stroking his white beard nervously as he gazed up at you from his desk chair. “Boys, what was this all about?” You turned to the two, tightened the blue and white flannel around your slender waist. Making both boys gulp simultaneously under your penetrating gaze. “We…we uh.” Lance stuttered, unable to answer. “We were fighting about you alright?!” Keith shouted out, scared that he would get beaten up by you if he didn’t say anything. Even if that would turn him on. “What?” You gaped, Alfor along with you, shocked at the new development. Yet happy that Y/N had gotten some results. “Well then…” Alfor said, stroking his beard once again out of being pleased by the case closure. “DUDE WHY DID YOU GO AND SAY THAT?!?!” Lance screamed down Keith’s ear. Temporarily deafening him. Squiggling a finger down his ear to get his hearing back, Keith answer. “I WAS SCARED SHE WAS GONNA BEAT ME UP OKAY?!?” he shouted back, not caring if the office people in the background heard.

-5 weeks later-

It was getting closer and closer to the formal dance and nobody, absolutely nobody, had asked if you wanted to go with them. You hoped Keith would ask you, but every day you went to your locker and left at the same times, all the while Keith was next to you, collecting his stuff, but he would either say the imperfect greeting or just ignore you. Too focused on other things…you guessed. But that wasn’t what he was thinking about. He was thinking about all the ways he could ask you to the dance without being noticed by Lance. Without a second thought, Keith took his old and scratched Walkman, pressed a random heavy metal CD into the player and listened into his headphones as he walked sullenly down the hallway. Ignoring your longing look aimed directly at his back as he walked towards the school entrance. You still waiting behind him for what you wanted.

Walking out onto the sunny boulevard, you saw Keith leaning against one of the pillars that support the roof of the school that hung out over the courtyard. “HI Keith.” You mumbled, knowing he couldn’t hear you because he had his headphones so instead…you walked past him, sitting down on a bench nearby to wait for your ride home. “Y/N!” Damn, he spotted you. These were your intentions, hoping he would ask you. Surely he knew you didn’t have a date to the dance, even as a friend? You wouldn’t even mind if he asked you to go with him as friends. Nothing more, nothing less. You were locker neighbours after all.

“Hey Keith.” You put on a sunny kind of expression, ignoring how melancholy you actually felt. You didn’t want your expression to match the colour of your blue pastel skirt. As he strolled over, he sat down next to you on the warm wooden bench and slung his arm over the back of it, so close to touching the bare skin of your shoulder. “How are you doing Keith?” You asked, not making eye contact. More preoccupied with your indie shoes instead. You didn’t want to get caught in those eyes of his.

‘Ask me.’

You thought over and over again, refusing to give up the thought that he might actually be into you. But…you couldn’t help thinking that would never happen. You hated yourself for always thinking that the hot guy would fall for you…but this time, it was different. Keith fought for you against Lance, the creep who wanted to go out with you, purely based on your looks. Even though he had known you since, well…diapers. You already knew his parents and everything there was to know about him…there was nothing to tell each other about…each other. That’s why you didn’t want to go out with him, Not because he was one of your best friends and it would hurt like hell if you guys ever broke up and never talked to one another again. Sure, he was annoying at the best of times, but he was your best friend. And you didn’t want to let him go because of that…no matter how much he wanted you. Clearly, he didn’t want you enough to take you to the dance. SO here you were sitting with the preferred guy.

Supposedly, the guy of your dreams. But he didn’t know that…he would never know that. A guy like him would never fall for a girl like you. “So…the big dance.” Keith started. Your heart thudded and stopped. Was he? “Who are you going with?” He asked, turning away from the sky, his headphones slung around his neck as he faced you. Wanting to see the expression on your face when you told him who you were really going with to the dance.  “Uhm…” You turned away from his blue-black eyes, refusing to look into his eyes as a light blush adorned your face.

‘Fucking ask me.’

“…Nobody’s asked.” You mumbled to yourself, closing your eyes, ripping away the fear like a week old Band-Aid. ‘Fuck me’ was all you could think when you were met with dead silence. “Did you hear me? Nobody wants to take me, Miss goody two shoes Y/N Y/L/N to the fucking dance because she is a fucking loser!” You shouted, fighting the tears. “Y/N… I never knew…” Keith muttered sadly as he took the headphones off from around his neck, resting them on his haphazardly drawn on books, resting on the bench. And instead, he rested his hand on top of your trembling one, trying to sooth you. Trying. “Nobody wants to go with me because…I, I’m fucking worthless.” The tears freely cascaded down your cheeks now. You swiped your hand from underneath Keith’s so you could cover your tear sodden face, so he couldn’t see you.

“You…you aren’t worthless…Y/N? Look at me?” He asked, taking your face in his hands, luring your face closer to his and making you instinctively drop your hands from your red and puffy face. Looking into those sky grey eyes, you could distinctively see the hints of blue in there. And knowing he had a hint of perfect in his imperfect soul was what made you want him even more. “Keith…” You trailed off, not knowing where you were going with the sentence anyway. “you…you are fucking beautiful. And if you ever saw a simple bit of what I saw, you’d believe me because of how freaking true it is.” Keith spoke as your lips got closer and closer together.

A loud beep drew you both out of the love stricken daze you were in. “Yo! Y/N, come on let’s hit the candy store!” Allura joked as she pulled up to the school in her pink mini. “Coming!” You shouted back before turning to get your bag and…oh, Keith. “Do you wanna come with?” You asked him hesitantly, feeling utter hatred towards Allura for interrupting your almost first kiss. You didn’t care if Keith kissed you now or not, you wanted him to come with you to the parlour. “Sorry, Candy’s not really my thing.” He joked, crossing his legs and arms simultaneously as he watched you saunter over to Allura’s car. “I’ll see you on Monday!” You shouted over to him. “Sure!” He laughed, not daring to show the disappointment hidden behind his frequent mask.

“Who was that cutie? And were you making out?” Allura asked as she pulled up to the candy store, which happened to be only a mile away from Garrison tech. “That was Keith and no, we weren’t making out. But we would’ve been if you had just gone round the block at least once.” You threatened her as you checked your makeup in the car rear-view mirror. “Don’t worry…I can tell you’ve been crying and can tell that he said something that really resonated within you.” She winked. “What exactly did he say?”  Allura asked, tucking strands of wild white hair behind her perfect caramel brown ears. There were numerous perks to being the daughter of the principal, and one of them was that she could be in any club, she was immediately elected as the leader for the only reason that her father was the principal. But she was so damn good at leading people.

“You are fucking beautiful. And if you ever saw a simple bit of what I saw, you’d believe me because of how freaking true it is.” I quoted him word for word, the words still resonating within my head. “Fucking wow. Way with words or what?” She laughed, fluffing her hair up before getting out of the damn mini. “Fuck.” You mumbled before following her into the store. Stepping into your sweet world, you took in the scent of the candy and savoured it like you were gonna die tomorrow.

-2 days later-

Back at school, you sucked on a lollipop left over from the candy store as you organised all your books, making sure everything looked pretty even though you were the only one that would look into it for the next few hours. A book flew out of your locker, you were completely unaware though as you savoured the taste of the candy on your lips. “Missing something?” A familiarly beautiful voice laughed. “Keith?” You turned, slamming your locker shut as you pressed your back up against it. “Woah, didn’t mean to scare ya.” He laughed as he handed you, your much needed chemistry book. “It’s fine.” You said, popping the black berry lollipop out of your mouth.

Keith swallowed for a moment as he watched you take the sweet candy out of your mouth, your tongue sliding sexily against the purple surface as he held your book out for you to take. ‘Holy shit.’ He couldn’t help thinking. “Um…thanks.” You swallowed in sync as you took the book off of him, your fingertips brushing against his as you did so. That familiar spark still hanging over you guys as it happened. Keith’s mouth was dry; he couldn’t fucking breathe. Were you feeling what he was feeling this time? But as you started to walk away from him. He tugged on his helix earring, hoping it would rip out of his ear so he had something to distract him from the pain of you walking away from him. That was when it came to him.

“Y/N, wait!” He yelled down the hallway, as well as ran. Squeaking down the hallway, he skidded to a stop in front of you, making you look him dead in the eye. He gulped nervously before shoving his fidgeting hands into his pockets. “I was wondering if…since you still don’t have a date to the dance…if you would like to go with?” He stared down into your pastel Y/E/C eyes as he asked you this. SO much nervousness found in his voice. “Oh! Um…yes! I would love to!” You almost shouted to the whole school. It was loud enough for Lance to hear and hit his own locker door in pure jealous as he saw the pure joy in your and Keith’s eyes as you realised you both cared about each other.

~after school~

As you walked out of school that day, you couldn’t fight the smile ever growing on your face. You finally had a date to the dance and it was the first person you wanted to go with anyway. And as if you couldn’t get him off of your mind already, Keith was sat on your bench. The one where he had practically declared that he liked you more than anything on. Running over to him, you covered his eyes, him jumping a little since he was in a world of his own with his heavy metal punk music of his. “Guess who?” You whispered as quiet as you could whilst he took his headphones off, resting his hands on your wrists. “From her beautiful voice and incredibly soft hands I’m guessing Y/N.” He made it very specific. “Woah, dude.” You laughed as you uncovered his eyes, letting him look over his shoulder and right at you.

“Hi.” He breathed, watching as you sat down next to him at the bench. “What are you listening to?” You asked. “My chemical romance…wanna listen?” He offered. Your eyes widened, you never would’ve guessed that he would ever let you listen to his music with his prized headphones. “Sure.” You smiled, letting him slip the comfortable well-worn leather beats headphones onto your heads, his fingers tangling into your hair as he pulled them away from you. Don’t. Listening into the music, you realised it wasn’t exactly heavy metal. If anything it was beautiful. You watched Keith as he laid back over the back of the bench, stretching slightly, letting you get a good look of his abs as his shirt lifted up a little. Licking your lips for a split second your eyes wandered up to his perfect face. This guy could break me in moments. Was all you could think to yourself. Fuck me. Leaning forward, you pressed a brief kiss to his jaw in the moment.

His eyes snapping over, they wandered over to you with a crazed look. For a moment you panicked. Wondering if you were overstepping your boundaries, but instead. Keith lunged towards you, knocking over his black vans backpack as he crawled towards you on the bench so he could kiss your forehead, nose, cheeks. Your breathe came out in quick hurried puffs as he looked you in the eyes, asking for permission as he got closer and closer to your plump and perfect lips. Oh wow. “Just do it.” You heard yourself say as you slipped the headphones off as they rested around your neck. He clicked his tongue before edged forward, so ready to kiss you.

But ohhhh~ no.

You had to be interrupted again. “FOR THE LAST TIME ALLURA, TAKE A HIKE!” You yelled at the black mustang. Biting your tongue, you realised it was one of the seniors and the head jock of your school’s basketball team. Takashi Shirogane. Shit. “I AM SO SORRY!” You yelled once again, straightening out your mustard yellow pastel tee shirt as you grew nervous of the older guy. “You comin’ Keith or are you gonna spend more time with your girlfriend~.” He drawled. Girlfriend? Oh, right that was you. Wait…what?! Turning to Keith, you watched as his pale cheeks turn a dull pink. “Shiro! She…yeah, she’s my girlfriend but that doesn’t mean you have to call us out on it!” Keith scolded as he got up from the bench, shouldering his backpack as he made his way over to the midnight dark mustang, ready to leave already even though he looked over his shoulder and sighed longingly at your awaiting figure on that damn bench. “I’ll see you on Friday.” He barely even whispered.

Wait what?

-Friday afternoon-

Keith hadn’t been in school for the rest of that week…you didn’t know why. Was he alright? Was he severely sick? Was he still coming to the dance? You didn’t have his number so you didn’t fucking know. Why didn’t you ask for his fucking number? You had his fucking Walkman anyway. He didn’t ask for it back…because you hadn’t heard from him for the past couple of days. He hadn’t even been to school the day of the actual dance. Was he still coming? You had stalked the basketball court to try and find his older half-brother Shirogane, number 1, but he was nowhere to be found. One of his jock friends told you he had gone on a quick holiday upstate to visit his dad with Keith. Shit. You had accused him of all sorts of things in your mind, such as skipping the country just so he didn’t have to go to the dance with you instead of just saying ‘no’. simple as. Break your heart simply and quick. But then when you realised that he would be back in time for the dance, you let out a sigh of relief as the jocks all laughed at your expression.

“What, you…you aren’t Shirogane’s ‘Amazonian princess’ are you?” The friend who had told you asked. “WHAT?! NO I’M GOING OUT WITH HIS BROTHER KEITH.” You shouted at the prick of the senior. Eliciting more laughter from the jocks surrounding you. “His punk ass brother. Man, he got lucky.” He looked you up and down quick. “Guess some freshmen do have the luck though, right guys?” The head jock asked the others. Guess he was in charge whilst Shirogane wasn’t here to tell them off for their rude behaviour. So, before you could get told to do something unforgivable, you shoved the middle finger in front of their faces and walked out of the gym.

Who was Shiro’s Amazonian princess anyway?

As you walked down the hallways of Galaxy Garrison tech, you didn’t notice the tall, jock jacket clad, figure walking towards you. But you were so deep in thought that you didn’t even look up at first when you bumped into him. “Oh shit, so-Shiro?” You questioned, looking into the Asian boy’s eyes briefly before you averted your gaze, looking everywhere for Keith. “He’s not here.” Shiro assured you quickly, shutting down your hopes. “Oh.” You sighed. “Where is he then?” you asked, crossing your arms over your black graphic tee, you decided to go punk ass today ‘In memory of Keith Kogane, if lost please return to his worried sick girlfriend at galaxy garrison high.’. “He’s still upstate with dad.” Shiro scratched his neck after telling you this. Nervous about your reaction you suppose. Although he was shocked when you took it like a solider, not even bothering to lift your gaze. There was still tonight…right?

-Friday night-

As you stepped out of your house, already haven your parents take multiple photos of you in your ‘big dance’ dress. It was black and poofy with black fabric underneath so you could take the poofiness off if you got to uncomfortable during the dance. Waiting for Allura or maybe even Keith, although he doesn’t know where you live so fat chance of that happening. But neither showed up and Shiro did instead. Getting into his mustang, your parents shocked at your date being a jock who drove a fucking mustang for Christ’s sake. But you shook your head as your mom fake swooned at the sight of him, your dad’s confused gaze looked on your mother’s ‘fainting’ form.

He wasn’t your date, and you knew it. “Where’s Keith?” You asked, buckling yourself up in the passenger seat as Shiro pulled out of your driveway. “He’s at home, don’t worry, he’s just got back and he’s getting ready for you. He isn’t the ‘big dance’ type y’know?” He told you, comforting your worried thoughts. “Don’t worry…he’s my brother and I know he will be there at the dance. He doesn’t ditch the people he’s close with.” Shiro advised you. He was really good at fitting the ‘big brother’ role.

As you pulled into the school car park, people of all different roles, shapes and sizes were filing into the school auditorium, trying to get a head start at requesting good music you guessed. Fucking shit. “But there is one thing he wanted me to give you. He handed you a small black box with a pink post it note on top of it. With your name in careful cursive letters written onto it. Keith, you big lug. As you placed the precious note in your golden tote, you opened the black box to find a black rose corsage with a black lace wristband. It was so comforting. It was almost a silent promise that he will be there. With you and for you.

Later on, you saw Takashi start dancing with Allura, both of them absolutely happy as they danced into their happy ending. And most likely get crowned prom king and queen since they were such the ‘perfect’ couple. Everyone was dancing, even the nerds and burnouts. This felt like shit. Shiro had dropped the both of you off at the school over an hour ago, and there hadn’t been one single sign that Keith was here. Until.

The auditorium doors slammed open, revealing a new figure as he made a dramatic entrance. But you were too distracted and slightly heartbroken to care, resting your head in your hands as you sat on the side-lines on the bleachers. But everyone in the auditorium watched as the new character walked over to you in his perfect black (rented) tuxedo. To offer his hand to you, this caught your attention. Looking up hopefully, you saw the eyes of someone who cared for you deeply. And to enthuse your point, you took the almost-stranger’s hand.

As he pulled you onto the dance floor, you recognised the feel of his hands as he slipped them around your waist, introducing you to the sway of the music as you wrapped your arms around his neck. The proper prom dance pose. Fisting your hands into the scruff of his mullet you felt a nervous bundle of butterflies’ multiply in the pit of your stomach. Keith Kogane was perfectly sexy to you, and you didn’t care about the fact that he was clearly a bad boy. You would run into his arms if it meant you could spend the rest of your lives together. “Keith…where’ve you been?” You asked, wanted to know, oh so desperately. “I went back to Texas to see my dad and I stayed a little longer to get you this.” Keith took one of his arms from around your waist as he took out a ring. He wasn’t? was he? “This is a promise ring Y/N. I know we haven’t been together very long, but as my locker neighbour. I was hoping that after high school or maybe even college that you would want to get married?” Keith asked, sending the nervous butterflies into a frenzy of fireworks.


Keith let out a sigh of relief as you accepted his ‘proposal for a proposal’. You could feel that familiar spark again as Keith slipped the ring onto your ring finger. It had a black pearl in the middle of it, not a big one, but small enough for it to be comfortable to sleep in. You were unofficially engaged. Hugging him close to your chest, you made sure you never let go of this very special boy. You liked this guy too much to let him go. You had been tired as of late…but tonight…tonight you were brand new. Regular life had become boring, but you knew after this that your life would lose its regularity. Permanently. Pulling away from his shoulder, you looked Keith deep in the eyes. You knew what he wanted and you wanted it too. As the slow song went into full swing, he brushed his lips against yours gently, teasing you. Smiling at him, you pulled his head forward by the scruff of his hair and forced your lips onto his. You loved this guy. Pushing and pulling your lips together, like magnets. It was beautiful.

And he loved you too.

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very telling how peter parker has not one but two black love interests. tom's Face is so powerful it translates to his character. that's the real reason why they said he didn't act and he's pretty much peter parker. stay woke yall!!

i was just thinking about how inch resting it is that of all the girls he must have been tested with those two were the ones who got the job, those were the girls who had the most chemistry with him

inch resting indeed

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could you please do a celebrity!reader x tom holland where they're in a relationship and end up working with each other in a movie and they always get teased about being together? thanks in advance x

It was one of the worst-kept secrets of the year, the fact that you and Tom Holland were in a relationship. You had managed to keep it out of the tabloids for about 3 weeks before your loving boyfriend stated in an interview that he was going on a date with you tonight. The media loved it, and quickly became fixated with the two of you. You got followed around the place, booked for interviews together, constantly got asked where your other half was. It was both annoying and lovely.

Keep reading

Polar Opposites

Leonardo (2014/16) x Reader

Notes: Thank you babe! Love this request & you. You’re not bothering me, promise (;

Prompt: “Hi! Love your fics, they make my days brighter! Anyways, if it’s not too much of a bother, could you write something angsty with Leo x reader? Something like, his girlfriend feeling he doesn’t understand her at all at times, and she seeks help with one of his brothers, making him a little jealous. I don’t usually do these things, but I love your work so I thought I’d try it! Again, sorry if I’m bothering you :)” @ultrapixelturtle

Word count: 815

Warnings: Swearing

Disclaimer: I don’t own TMNT, and you belong to you <3

“Fine. Do it, put me down like the dog I am.” You hissed at Leo, slamming his bedroom door and walking away from him.

This wasn’t the first time you had gotten into an argument with your terrapin boyfriend about something you had completely forgotten about by the time the argument ended, and it usually ended rather ugly.

Not because you didn’t love each other, you did. You loved him so much, but you were complete polar opposites.

He was reserved, confident, strong and serious, and you were you. You enjoyed banter, the two of you had such good chemistry that you could flip insults on each other for hours on end, but you knew it became serious when he said your name.

The way he says your name when he’s angry, it sounds pitiful, almost like he’s shaming you for being you.

The last time you had gotten into a similar argument was a couple of weeks ago, when he was talking to Master Splinter about how ‘immature’ you could be. Fuck that.

After that, you didn’t speak to him for weeks on end, he tried coming to your house, put you just locked the windows. He tried meeting you after dark when you were walking home, you just came home earlier, or took a different route.

Now, it was the same, but you were too exhausted to do that again.

“Arguing again, anglecakes?” you nodded to Mikey who had a mouthful of pizza and a worried expression on his face. You heard him swallow as you began to walk out, before you heard him call you back. “Come visit the love doctor, sweetpea.” He winked before you shook your head and took a seat in front of him.

“Since when were you a love-”

“Shush, don’t question greatness babe, I’m here to help you.” He pointed a green finger at you, wiggling it before poking your nose. Sighing, you smiled at him. He set another box of pizza between you, using hand gestures to make you talk. Rolling your eyes, you began talking.

From where Leo was standing, it looked like you’d already cheered up.

He felt bad, so bad. He loved you, and he tried to keep you happy but being so different meant that sometimes you didn’t quite understand each other’s points of view, but after much deliberation, he decided that he was the dick in this situation, and needed to apologize.

“[Y/N], can I talk to you?” he placed his hands on the table, giving Mikey the side eye as he quickly picked up his sloppy pizza stack and ran off somewhere. You knitted your eyebrows together, leaning back in your chair as you shrugged at Leo.

“What?” Leo frowned at your attitude, wiping a hand over his face.

“I was wrong-”

You let out a mocking laugh, “yeah, you were.” Sighing, he copied your position and posture.

“Can you at least let me finish before you start bitching again?” Rolling your eyes, you mumbled about how much he sounded like Raph. That really ticked him off. “I’m sorry. I was, rude and ignorant. I should listen to you more, and…” He paused for a second, looking between Mikey on the couch to you and then back again. Before he could start speaking, you interrupted him.

“Wait. Are you really jealous of Mikey?” This had you in stitches, and even Mikey joined in with the joke, shaking his head at his older brother.

“Nah brah, anglecakes is cool and all, but I would never steal your girl.” He walked up and patted you on the back, winking at Leo. “Even though I totally could if I wanted to.” Before Leo had the chance to punch him, Mikey ran off to his room.

“He’s right.” You leant over the table, placing a kiss on his snout. “Even though you’re a pain in the ass, you’re the only turtle I want to be with.” Leo rose an eye-ridge. “Okay, only person I want to be with.” You punched his chest lightly before holding the side of his face and kissing him over the table.

“You know, jealousy is considered quite a turn on to many women.”

#8 - “I mean, there’s no way you could be Spider-Man, right?” PART TWO (Peter Parker x Reader)

Summary: You make an attempt to guilt-trip your boyfriend into telling you the truth about his superhero identity after he lied to you about it last week. What happens next is meta.

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

Requested: Yep!

Warnings: Guilt-tripping, mentions to guilt.

A/N: I am so glad you guys liked the first part to this imagine. I had so much fun writing it, as I did with this second part, so I hope you love this one just as much!



Peter flicks through his chemistry textbook as you lie watching the television in front of you. You feel as though he’s only here to say that he’s seen you, and perhaps that’s your fault. Ever since you were discharged from hospital, things have just been difficult for you. You’ve been told you can’t go back to school until the doctor tells you it’s okay to do so, and your parents have pretty much put you under house arrest. It makes seeing Peter and your friends a little more difficult, and it gives you way too much time to think; time to think about all of the little white lies Peter has told you in the past; time to think about how you knew there was something fishy was going on but you were too much of a push-over to call him out for it; time to think about how your boyfriend used your injury and fear to manipulate you into believing you “imagined” things.

You’re struggling to forgive him for lying to you, but the problem is, he doesn’t know that you know he’s lying to you. And even if you told him you know, he would yet again tell you you’re just confused, shooting you down once again. You don’t know much about relationships and how they’re supposed to work, but you’re sure this isn’t it.

“…do you think Spider-Man has a girlfriend?” You suddenly question, deciding that after a week of asking him if he was Spider-Man is long enough before you can mention him again.

Peter takes his attention away from his book for a moment and looks at you, before narrowing his eyes in response. “How am I supposed to know?”

You shrug, “I wasn’t asking if you knew, I was asking if you thought he had a girlfriend. There is a difference.”

“Well, do you?” He responds, throwing the question over to you to answer.

You sigh, “I don’t know. I hope so, but I hope she’s nice. He doesn’t deserve someone who…well, who wasn’t nice?”

“I’m sure his girlfriend is lovely, if he has one.” Peter replies without taking his eyes away from his textbook.

You bite your lip, hoping to get a little more out of him. Whilst a large part of you knows he is lying to you, there is still that small part of you that wants to believe what he told you is true – that you were just hallucinating. It wouldn’t be so unbelievable…but, him being Spider-Man would make so much more sense to you, and that’s something you can’t ignore.

“I hope he isn’t lying to her though.” You continue, watching Peter’s reaction.

His eyes lift from the page he is reading and focus on the floor in front of him, indicating that he’s trying to think really carefully about what he says next.

“I’m sure whatever decisions he makes in his life, he is making them because he thinks they’re the right ones.” He reassures.

“But what if they’re not the right decisions?” You push.

He still refuses to look at you, but you can tell by the way he’s biting his lip that he’s growing slightly irritated.

“I mean, having a boyfriend that lies about anything is bad enough…but finding out he’s lying about being a superhero? That’s even worse, don’t you think? I mean, it’s HUGE.” You deliberately pressure him, “…it’s definitely means for a break up.”

His body suddenly jolts as he places his text book on his lap and gazes at the wall ahead of him, “You think so?”

“Yeah!” You say enthusiastically, trying to sound as subtle as possible. “I mean, say, you were Spider-Man like I thought you were in my confused state. I would want to know something like that.”

“You would?” He enquires, curiously, obviously playing with the idea of me knowing his secret.

You nod, “Totally. For a lot of reasons.”

You sit up carefully and face him, alerting him to pay attention to you.

“I mean, I would understand your hesitation to tell me would be because he would want to protect me. You know what they say, the more you know the more likely you’ll get hurt? I guess that would be the angle you’d be coming from, so I wouldn’t begrudge you of that.” You begin to explain, wanting him to know that if he does come clean to you, you will be more understanding than he might think. However, you don’t want him thinking that you’d just roll-over and accept his betrayal.

“But all it would really prove to me, is that you don’t really trust me as much as I thought, or that you don’t respect me or this relationship enough to share everything with me, you know? I am completely open and honest with you about everything because I feel totally comfortable and safe with you knowing everything there is to know about me, so it would be a massive slap in the face if you couldn’t do the same with me.”

You notice the expression on his face has gone from consideration to sadness, as if the thought of me thinking that he thinks that of me has hurt him. For all you feel bad, you need him to know this, because you also need him to know how you feel for him.

“But, I’d also want to know because I think Spider-Man’s awesome and he’s fought with the Avengers which makes him even more awesome!” You smile, deciding to put a light-hearted spin on the conversation. “Plus, I once saw this movie with Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone where Andrew’s character needed a cut on his chest bandaged so he went to Emma’s character to do it, and I just thought that was super cute and now I kinda want to do it in real-life!”

A small smile on his face appears. “But seeing as you’re not him and I would hate for you to get hurt like that – speaking from experience – I guess I’ll just have to give that one a miss, huh?”

He nods ever so slightly, as you give him a small peck on the lips, before flopping back down onto the sofa bed to watch some more television.

Peter goes back to reading through his textbook, but you can tell he’s feeling agitated as he can’t seem to sit still as he reads. Perhaps you went the wrong way about it, but you couldn’t think of another way. You’re pretty much confined to your house and your garden so you can’t go out looking for the answer, and you have no way of contacting Spider-Man himself, which is the only other way you could think of doing it.

A few moments pass, and you hear an unfamiliar ringtone go off. It’s a weird tune to a song you remember hearing in a film once, not that you can remember the name of the film or anything. Peter immediately jolts from his position and checks his phone, stopping the ringtone and shoving the phone back into his bag. He leaps up and begins scrambling his notes together, throwing them into his textbook and putting them in his backpack. You watch him, knowing why he is getting so flustered.

“Urgh…I…um…I gotta go.” He stutters.

You furrow your eyebrows, “So soon? You only just got here.”

“I know, babe, I know.” He coos, kissing my forehead. “But Aunt May’s been bugging me to do my chores since I got out of bed this morning. If I don’t go now she’s messaged me, she’ll skin me alive.”

“Slight exaggeration there, Peetie?” You grin.

He rolls his eyes, “Yeah, look, I gotta go. See ya, love ya, bye!”

And with a slam of the door, he’s gone.


“Are you just sleeping down here tonight?” Your Dad asks you before he leaves the room.

You nod, “If that’s okay?”

He smiles, “Of course, sweetie. Whatever makes my little angel happy.”

You smile back to him as he presses a soft kiss to your forehead and leaves the room. You turn the volume down on the television knowing that your parents are on their way to bed, as you flick onto the news station to see today’s events.

“Spider-Man has stopped a bank robbery in Manhattan. The event unfolded late in the evening and took over an hour for the webbed wonder to get all of the hostages out of the building before chasing the suspects throughout the city. The suspects are now in police custody. Here’s Eddie with more.” You listen to the newsreader.

You sigh. You promised yourself you wouldn’t let this bring you down too much. You were sure that the conversation you had with Peter today would have been enough to encourage him to tell the truth, but seeing as he hasn’t done so, the relationship seems pretty much doomed. How are you meant to be with a guy who will lie to your face about something as big as this? You just don’t know if it’s possible anymore.

You switch the television off, and decide to read a book your mother got you from the store in the hospital. You normally do this when you’re beginning to wind down as reading before bed often tires you out more, but tonight you’re doing it because it’s easier for you to pretend to exist in the fictional world of the book than be slapped with the reality of existing in the real world.

You’re just about dropping off, when you’re startled by a knock on the door. You look at your phone and check the time: 11:56pm. Who the hell is knocking on the door at this time of night?

You climb out of the sofa bed, and you hear one of your parent’s moving around upstairs. “It’s okay, I’ll get it!!” You shout up, letting them know you’ll take care of it.

You turn the key in the lock and open the door. You stare back at the person looking back at you for a moment and convince yourself you must be dreaming. You’re still living in that fictional world. You close the door in their face.

It’s not until you take a few steps away from the door that you realise you aren’t dreaming. This is real, and that was Spider-Man at your front door. Your eyes widen for a moment, before you leap back to the door and re-open it. He’s still stood there, proudly in his suit, bunch of roses in-hand and backpack slung over his shoulders. You can’t help the smile that forms on your face as you stare back at him in awe.

“Who is it, sweetheart?” Your mom shouts downstairs.

Your instincts immediately kick in as you drag “Spider-Man” inside and push him into the living room, closing the door behind him. Your mom appears at the top of the stairs, “Who was it, sweetheart?”

You gulp, “Erm…no-one, it must have just been a kid thinking he was being funny. It’s okay, you can go back to bed. I’m fine.”

She looks at you suspiciously for a moment, before nodding. “Okay lovie, good night.”

“You too.”

The second you can no longer hear her footsteps on the floorboards above you, you return to your exciting visitor in the living room. His suit remains on and the roses are still in his hands, but his backpack is sitting on the floor at his feet. You look at him hopefully, wanting him to be the one to come out with what you’ve known since last week.

“I can explain.” He speaks sheepishly.

You shake your head, “Not yet.”

You approach him slowly, and stop when your faces are within just centimetres of each other. You reach your arms up to his shoulders and take hold of his mask. You gulp, taking a deep breath before lifting it ever so carefully. Your heart beats faster and faster the further you lift the mask off his head, and when those dreamy brown eyes stare back into yours, you can’t help but get a little teary-eyed. It takes just seconds after that to fully remove the mask from his head, and you hold it down by your side. His hair is messy from being trapped under there for so long.

You smile to him, warmly, as he looks back at you nervously. “I brought these to soften the blow.” Peter whispers, holding the roses out to you. You look down at them, and take them from his hands. “They’re…beautiful, but…what changed?”

He gulps and looks down to the ground for a moment. “I should have told you when you asked me about it in the hospital. I just…I panicked. I blamed myself for not getting to you in time, and tried to push the grief off of me and onto Spider-Man. I thought that would make it easier for the both of us. When you asked me if I was Spider-Man, I thought it was because you were going to blame him for you being stabbed.”

You look at him in a whole new light. You had never thought to think about it like that. This boy – your boyfriend- carries the weight of the world on his shoulders. He saves people’s lives day-in-day-out. He does whatever he can to prevent this city from being under threat. But that always comes with pressure and responsibility, and not everyone he goes to save can be saved. He’ll have seen dozens of people be rushed to hospital because of a crime he could have prevented. He’ll probably have even seen people die. That’s hard enough for adults to deal with, let alone people our age. Whilst you’ve sat here and complained that he’s lied to you again, he’s been witnessing some of the most horrific things life could throw at you. You feel selfish. That’s all there is to it. At least you’re alive.

You place the roses and his mask on the sofa bed next to you and pull him into a hug. He hesitates before hugging you back. “I never did get to thank Spider-Man for saving my life, did I? Thank you.”

“You mean, you’re not mad at me?” He questions, with a confused tone to his voice, as he pulls away from the hug slightly.

You sigh, “I thought I would be, but I guess when I think in the grand scheme of things, there could be way worse things you could have been lying about.”

He shakes his head, “You have every right to be mad at me…like you were saying this morning…this is means for a break-up.”

You look at him sadly, swallowing as you do. “Peter, I said those things this morning to guilt trip you into telling me the truth. A lot of what I said I only said because I knew it would make you feel bad. If anyone should be mad, it should be you.”

He furrows his eyebrows, “So, you weren’t going to break up with me?”

You roll your eyes, “I mean…I’d be lying if I said it hadn’t crossed my mind…”

“…but none of that matters anymore. What matters is that you’ve told me the truth. You carry enough pressure as it is. You don’t need me complicating things even more.”

“I can’t believe you’re being so cool about this.” He replies, holding your face in his hands and stroking your cheek with his thumb.

You smile to him sweetly, “Well, you know what I can’t believe?”

“What?” He asks.

“I’m dating Spider-Man!” You exclaim as quietly as you can, not wanting to wake your parents up or having them find out Peter’s secret too. You don’t think they would react as cool as you. For all they like Spider-Man for saving your life and they feel safe knowing he’s looking out for the city, to find out you’re dating him would be a step too far for them.

The two of you laugh, and he glances down to his mask and up at the ceiling. You look back at him confused.

“You know you were telling me about a movie you’d seen with Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone that you kinda wanted to re-enact with Spider-Man in real life?” He begins, biting his lip. You nod your head. “Well, I haven’t seen that one, but I have seen this other one with Tobey Maguire and Kirsten Dunst and they do the most awesome kiss you’ve ever seen. He’s basically hanging upside down and they kiss…upside down!”

You giggle, “Yeah, I…don’t think I’ve seen that one.”

“Well, I don’t have a cut on my chest that you can bandage up, so that won’t work this time around.” He elaborates, before shooting you a mischievous look. “But, we could always give the upside down kiss a try?”

You throw your head back in laughter, “Okay, Spidey. Let’s give Tobey Maguire and Kirsten Dunst a run for their money!”

He picks up his mask and puts it back on. You watch as he climbs up the living room wall and onto the ceiling, before dropping down slowly on his web. He stops when your faces are on equal level. You reach out your hands and pull his mask down to reveal his lips, before connecting your lips with his.

Today will go down as a lot of things. Not only have you successfully manipulated your boyfriend into revealing his biggest secret and had the chance to thank him for saving your life last week, you also achieved the hottest and most perfect lip-lock you have ever had the pleasure of achieving. Here’s to plenty more!