these two dorks man


“Tonight, Ladies and Gentlemen, Joe White will have as his guest on this provocative hour of conversation, an American Nazi. A man who has claimed to have spent last weekend in a flying saucer, and a young lady whose remarkably successful first novel has created a storm of controversy.”

I saw a post floating around some time ago suggesting that the scene that opens episode 1 showed Victor skating for Yuuri, just for him, at some point in the future. Can I just say that I would be very, very emotional if, at the end of the series, Victor actually did skate for an audience of just one–Yuuri. My heart would not be able to take it if Victor finally decided that he didn’t need to surprise anybody at all, that he could find happiness and contentment just skating something familiar for this one wonderful man.

Just…give me all the one-man audience performances because the only people these two dorks will ever feel the need to skate for is each other.


I’m just gonna keep drawing them just posing together, I guess *shrugs* I actually made these a while back but only now decided to clean ‘em up.

“So, huh, you’re a doctor.”

“While I do not posses a Doctorate, I do have very thorough medical training, yes.”

“Cool. You sorta go to some dangerous places, though. How do you go about protecting yourself?”

“My hands are equipped with defibrillators; I could adjust the intensity to inflict mild muscular paralysis. I also know  Kung Fu, purely as a means of self-defense.”

In which Saitama is easily amused and Genesis is actually Baymax. o uo;

Aye, my contribution to the Villain Day! >:D

And yeah, even in a Dark AU, those two would be dorky lovers…cuddling in bed and shit…
I hope you guys had an awesome day 6, because I certainly did!!!


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