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A “Bendy and the Ink Machine” Theory: Why Bendy is so Resentful

The first thing everyone thinks of when they see the art and characters of “Bendy and the Ink Machine” are the classic, old-school Disney characters, especially Mickey Mouse. And how could they not? The designs are meant to reflect the style of animation from the late 1910′s to the early 1940′s.

However, in looking at some of the old-school animations, I’ve noticed an animation studio that’s even more similar to the fictional one in the Ink Machine, and that’s Fleischer Studios.

Fleischer Studios is mostly known as the company who created classic characters such as Koko the Clown, Popeye the Sailor, and Betty Boop. Back in the early decades of animation, the Fleischer cartoons were considered revolutionary. It was this very studio that patented the style of rotoscope animation, and had their characters jump off the canvas and into the real world, giving the cartoons new life.

One of the most popular Max Fleischer cartoon series was known as “Out of the Inkwell”, which primarily featured Koko the Clown and, later on, Betty Boop as well. The characters seemed to live in the inkwell until the animator drew them out at the start of an episode, or they’d find a way to escape the inkwell on their own.

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What followed the majority of the time (I’ve only seen two of the many, many episodes where this wasn’t the case) was the animator causing the character direct, deliberate pain, or putting them in dangerous situations.

In “False Alarm”, Koko rolled a cigarette for Max Fleischer, visibly took extra care to make sure it was well-rolled and the best he could make it, and tossed it right into the animator’s mouth. Max then lit a match, lit the cigarette, and threw the still-burning match into Koko’s paper world. In “Bedtime”, Max drew Koko onto a steep, dangerous mountain with only a small area to stand on at the top, as a way to “keep [him] quiet for the night”, and later forced Koko back into the inkwell because he had a nightmare about the character. 

Yes. Koko, through no fault of his own, was crammed back into a tiny inkwell, because the animator had a dream about him. Of course, Koko would get into his share of shenanigans from time to time, as cartoons generally do, but most of this treatment was either completely unearned, or was punishment taken too far.

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Now, considering the fact that Bendy’s cartoons are probably silent cartoons made in the same era as “Out of the Inkwell”, it wouldn’t come as a surprise to me if Henry and the Sillyvision staff treated Boris and Bendy in the exact same way, believing “Oh, they’re just cartoons, it’s not really hurting them,” while unaware that Bendy and Boris were sentient creations. It seems likely, especially with how fed up the employee in the tape recording sounded, that the studio took their frustrations out on the cartoon characters.

And, if Bendy and co. were promised better treatment that was never received, you can bet they’d be livid about the fact that…

Edit: My friend @greenbloodfurlife​ made another very good point: the Creators are literally God to these cartoons. There’s no way around that. The cartoons try to please their God, and they respond with malevolence? Not just like, God with the flood, but your God, that you can see and talk to face to fucking face, laughing as he tries to actively torture and/or kill you. 

~Shuddit, pumpkin.~

I see a lot of people hating on the Joker Harley ship lately (or perhaps I’ve never noticed it before) and even though the ship has hit an iceberg, I’m asking myself why.
Don’t get me wrong, I don’t ship it in a lovey dovey sense, we all know that abuse is wrong and in real life, if Harley were my best friend, I would beat that clown to a pulp. But as a reader? Nah, I enjoy it. I truly enjoy the dynamic between the two of them, the darkness, the insanity.
Personally I think that the Joker is so important for what Harley Quinn has become.
It’s like enjoying a really mean horror movie. It’s only fiction people.

On clown breeding

PLEASE home breeders! 

When you’re breeding your clowns remember that TROUPE STATUS is as important as sex when breeding! Clowns do not have a true ‘gender’ the way we consider it, but male and female sexed clowns have one of three mating positions in the troupe.

These positions are

BLANC/JOEY (Joey is the American term) (non-egg bearing)

AUGUSTE (egg bearing)


CONTRA-AUGUSTE (promotes hormone facilitation)

Do NOT listen to breeders who tell you that you can breed two auguste clowns or two joeys with a good result. Double august/double joey clown eggs are almost never viable! For best results you want an August and a Joey, preferably with a pair-accepted contra-august!

Waving Through a Window

A/N Here’s this… thingie that I wrote for @analogically-prinxiety as a part of the fic exchange. Also huge thanks to @princeyandanxiety for putting up with my constant questions and helping me edit this.

Chosen Prompt: 1 - Soulmate AU

Pairing: Analogical (Anxiety/Logic), side Royality (Prince/Morality)

Genre: Soulmate AU, High School AU, fluff, angst, hurt/comfort

Word Count: many 8.6k (the k stands for kill me)

Warnings: panic attack, like a paragraph dedicated to this One Shove, heaps of swearing (courtesy of Anx) and uh… I think that’s it?


Soulmates share an emotional bond where they can feel what the other is feeling. That has always been just an unimportant  fact that Virge has lived by. It was the same as someone saying ‘water is wet’ or ‘the sky is blue’. When Virgil’s old neighbour moves away and Logan’s family moves in, things start changing.

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31 Horrific Days [October Writing Challenge]

So it’s still September, BUT the month of Halloween is quickly approaching and I figured some people may like to get a head start on this so they have things to post! Here are 31 prompts for writing, one for each day of October. Skip any days that irk you or that you just don’t have the time and energy for, but feel free to use the tag #31horrificdays so others can see your work! As always, the prompts are up for interpretation and are meant to inspire a plot rather than dictate how it goes - all fandoms, original characters, or even a changing cast is more than welcome! [I may do a part 2 of vague, one-word prompts for those who want something more flexible].

  1. The character goes out on a date (or an outing with a friend) and comes home late that night to see all of their furniture moved/stacked oddly, rotten food in the fridge, but no signs of entry or security issues.
  2. The character learns through conversation that one of their friends hates Halloween.
  3. The character is distressed from several nights of nightmares/sleep paralysis, all of which leave them waking up terrified. Eventually, what they see in their dreams start to blend into reality.
  4. Write a story about supernatural happenings.. from the POV of a character’s pet.
  5. Write a story about a character receiving threatening letters in the mailbox that keep getting scarier and more dangerous every day through the month.
  6. The character, along with one or more others, decide to visit a local haunted house attraction that’s just opened up.
  7. Halloween is rolling around and an odd fair has come to town with all manner of old-fashioned clowns, fire-eaters, and jugglers. The character(s) get their hands on tickets to see the show and cannot resist.
  8. After hearing about an abandoned house in the neighborhood that was supposedly the scene of a gruesome crime years earlier, the character and a friend or two decide to explore the property.
  9. A fun, creepy night of urban exploration gets the character(s) into trouble.
  10. While spending some time at the beach at night, the character comes across something else moving near the shore, something that may or may not be human at all.
  11. The character didn’t plan on any costume for Halloween this year, but their best friend/partner wants to go shopping for the perfect costumes, perhaps even as a themed pair.
  12. Write a plot about a character meeting a fae creature, but realizing they aren’t as pretty and delicate as the fairy tales made them believe.
  13. After watching a horror movie, the character claims there weren’t scared at all. However, once the house is quiet and dark, they’re suddenly hiding under their covers in fear.
  14. With Halloween approaching, weird people have been hanging around town. Very weird people. ‘People in masks standing outside of houses’ weird people, including the character’s house.
  15. Two character end up in a battle over which is better: ghostly horror movies or monster movies?
  16. After the death of a friend or family member, the character (and possibly one or a few others) finds a hidden trap door in their home while cleaning out their belongings. Inside, they uncover secrets the deceased was hiding.
  17. The character makes a new friend who claims to be an actual witch. They end up proving it to them with an impressive display of magic (if the preferred character is actually a witch, feel free to change the POV)
  18. The character ends up locked in another reality where everything around them is just a bit ‘off’, as well as the fact that no one seems to recognize them. Then they meet one other character who does remember them, and appears to be going through the same thing.
  19. The character has a run-in with someone from their past; someone they know for a fact has been dead for years.
  20. The character has had a near-death experience, and is seeing a few moments between worlds before they’re brought back to life.
  21. The character(s) have a run-in with an odd trick-or-treater a week before Halloween, but the eerie child refuses to leave their doorstep
  22. The character, along with one other, travels to the Suicide Forest in Japan (or another famous haunted wilderness of writer’s choice) and uncovers something grisly, or perhaps even gets lost and disoriented. 
  23. The muse meets up with an old friend or family member, and together they find home videos from their childhood Halloweens. This could be either a heartwarming experience, or an eerie one if they see something spooky they didn’t remember from their past.
  24. The character starts a brand new job, but quickly learns that there are warnings that come with the job. No wonder they can’t keep employees for more than a few days.
  25. The character (one or more others are optional as well) has been kidnapped and locked in a cellar, trying to find the means of escape.
  26. Write a ghost story including any characters of your choice, with one twist: the story takes place in a past decade or century.
  27. The character has just moved to a new city and isn’t familiar with anyone or anything. As they’re taking a walk late at night to relieve their stress, they have an eerie feeling that they’re being followed down every block.
  28. Write a horror plot centered around a gas station (petrol station).
  29. The character lost a beloved pet a year earlier, and finally decides it’s time to bring home a new shelter pet to love. They’re magnetically drawn to one animal in particular, but once they take it home, they start to suspect that this animal may not be ordinary at all.
  30. Write a story from the perspective of a legendary monster (lagoon creature, zombie, sea monster, yeti, etc)
  31. It’s Halloween night - write a story about a costume party or get-together going terribly wrong.
Similarities between Starco and Robstar

It will be long post. 

Well, we all think that history of Star and Marco is original, sure it is, but we all have forgotten about precursor of love between a human boy and an alien girl - Robin and Starfire. 

In this post I will show how similar these two couples are. I will start with parallels between characters, then between couples.


1. Both girls are named “Star”. I know that the full name of girl from Teen Titans is Starfire, but even Robin or Beast Boy sometimes call her just Star. For example in the episode “How long is forever”. 

2. Both girls are always cheerful and happy. 

3. Both girls are princesses in their worlds. 

4. Both girls have superpowers

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» kim seokjin

»» confidencefluff ; prince!au where jin shows you how to be the confident princess you always were on the inside

»» abracadabra fluff ; magic!au where jin, a real magician, finds himself at a magic camp and teams up with you in the hopes of winning a trophy

» min yoongi

»» unfriendly competitionfluff ; dragon trainer!au where you and yoongi are sworn enemies until a few baby dragons get hurt, and you must work together to help them

part twofluff ; you and yoongi are fighting again, but this time towards similar goals

»» good morningfluff ; a blurb about mornings with yoongi

»» spring day — song fic ; hanahaki au where yoongi decides that he must finally let you go

»» moulin rougefluff + angst ; a scenario based on the movie, moulin rouge!

» jung hoseok

»» run!fluff + best friend au ; hogwarts!au where hoseok steals a dragon egg and the two of you must figure out what to do with it

»» youthfluff ; prince!au where you are hoseok’s fiancee’s younger sister, but you are in love with him and he with you

»» just finefluff ; prince!au where you and hoseok always bicker thanks to his late night habit of visiting your kitchen

» kim namjoon

»» noble gain and lossfluff + angst ; royalty!au where you are a princess and namjoon is your tutor, and although it could never work, the two of you fall in love

»» what love issong fic ; based off of irobot by john bellion

» park jimin

»» thinking about you fluff ; you are jimin’s best friend, but lately he’s been thinking about becoming more

»» goodbyeangst ; you fall out of love with jimin, and he begs you to stay

»» lonely hearts clubangst + fluff ; hogwarts!au where jimin is a misunderstood slytherin who gets on your last nerve, and you can’t help but fall for him

»» come back soonfluff ; you visit a fansign and jimin has a crush

»» what could have beenangst ; you reminisce the moments you and jimin spent together before he left

» kim taehyung

»» boo!fluff ; ghost!au where taehyung develops a crush as he tried scaring you out of his home

part twofluff ; ghost!au where you and taehyung go on your first date using rather peculiar methods

»» not so badfluff ; taehyung works as a clown and visits your little sister at the hospital. too bad you are terrified of clowns

»» shooting starsfluff ; blurb about watching the stars with taehyung

»» spell on yousong fic ; based on i put a spell on you by nina simone

» jeon jungkook

»» reasonfluff ; jungkook realizes that the reason he could never keep a girlfriend was because he secretly liked you, his best friend

»» better viewfluff ; photographer!au where jungkook falls in love at first sight ( part two)

»» battle of the centuryfluff ; you and jungkook fight about which superhero is better: captain america or iron man

»» redemptionangst + fluff ; jungkook comes back after leaving you while you were pregnant, hoping to reconcile and become a part of you and your child’s life again

»» let mefluff ; prince!au where jungkook visits the kitchen every night to rant to you about his princely duties and falls in love with you along the way (part two)

» thief; a prince jimin fanfiction angst + fluff ; prince!au where you are trying to help kill prince jimin, despite the fact that you are his future wife

»» part one part two part three part four part five part six part seven part eight part nine part ten epilogue

I want to say that a lot of this award goes to Jack Falahee—my on-screen partner—and Pete Nowalk—the creator of ‘How To Get Away With Murder'—for pushing for the equality and visibility of sex scenes between two men on network television. This is a very important step forward that we deal with sex and affection between two men—that we represent and show men being affectionate and being sexual with equality to straight couples. Because, while we may be fabulous and funny, we are also real sexual beings. We are not just your best friends. And we are not just your clowns.
—  Conrad Ricamora, Equality Visibility Award 2017 Acceptance Speech (x)

After finishing It by: Stephen King (the book) earlier this year, I went through a sort of post book depression briefly and in that time I found myself thinking about possibly the saddest concept/head canon I think I’ve ever though of.
What if after the whole clown thing, while Richie and Eddie are still at the same school, at some point they begin to slowly forget every detail of their previous summer until one day, Eddie passes Richie in the halls. He knows his name, knows who he is but has no recollection of how he knows Richie and Richie feels the same. So the two send each other distant smiles, thinking, “how do I know him?” Even after their previous summer where they thought they would be best friends for life.
And after thinking about this, I get sadder and sadder so I thought I’d bring this concept to all of you on tumblr.

Kiwi: Part Three

A mini-series based in Jamaica during the writing/recording of Harry’s new album. Enjoy. x

Kiwi: Part One // Kiwi: Part Two

“Where are yeh taking me?”

Harry’s voice called out to her as Cal led him uphill through the forest, the humidity of the Jamaican air causing the material of her shirt to cling to her back. She turned around to look at Harry as he scaled up behind her, his blue muscle shirt showing off the inked skin of his arms. She flashed a grin, reaching a hand out to him as she spoke.

“It’s a secret, Kiwi. That means I can’t tell ya,” she laughed a little, and he reached out to take her hand in his. She gave him a tug and pulled him up to her level, smiling at his dimpled grin. She released his hand and turned to continue walking uphill, grabbing onto the straps of her bag. “It’s one of my favorite places here. Found it a little after I moved to this side of the island, and I usually come here on my free days.”

“How long’ve yeh been here fo’?” He asked, running a hand through his unruly locks that had yet to be tamed by the heat.

“About a month and a half now,” she answered. She waited for him to catch up and take the few steps he needed to before she started to walk again. “How about you? What’s a superstar like you doing here?”

“Been here for about a week now working on the next album,” he explained.

“What made you want to come here?” She asked.

“It’s a peaceful place,” he answered, reaching to brush a stray lock of hair out of his face. “The past few albums I’ve made with the boys have mostly been recorded on the go—in hotel rooms or between a handful of different cities. I loved it an’ I wouldn’t give the memories away for the world, but I wanted something different this time ‘round.”

“Makes sense,” Calliope said, glancing at him over her shoulder with a smile on her face. “Almost there.”

Harry followed her to the edge of what looked like a small cliff. He took a few steps towards the edge and looked over at the pool of water at the bottom of what could have easily been a hundred foot drop. He then watched as she set her backpack down on the ground and began removing her t-shirt, revealing the white bikini top underneath.

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2017′s “It” Understands the Key to Good Horror

If you follow me for my reviews, then you know that I tend to specialize in animated films, usually family affairs. It often shocks people, then, that I’m actually a fan of horror too. There is something particularly enthralling about a good horror film. The problem is, it’s hard to find good horror! However, once the teaser dropped for the new It, my fancy was immediately tickled.

I watched the mini-series in junior high, and growing up I realized that it had a lot of problems. For sure, Tim Curry as Pennywise stuck in my memory, but on the whole it fell flat. In an age of remakes that most find unnecessary, It actually needed a remake to help fix the problems it had. Now that director Andy Muschietti has had his turn with the story, let’s see how he did.

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My original outline for Still Star-Crossed (the book)

Still Star-Crossed (the show) ended last night. I enjoyed it so much! It looked beautiful. The cast were all fantastic. And it was more faithful to the book than I expected, but still had a lot of twists and turns. If you ever have a chance to see a world-class group of writers and actors take your characters (OK, some of them were Shakespeare’s) out for a spin, I recommend it.

It was also lovely to see how many fans loved the show as much as I did. I’m as frustrated as you guys are that the show ended on a cliffhanger (I’m just another fan! I don’t know what would have happened next season), so here’s a weird little easter egg you might enjoy: This is my original outline for Still Star-Crossed (then called Verona). Back then I envisioned it as a trilogy. Weirdly, Book 2 ended more or less where the show did last night. A LOT of other stuff also changed. (Livia was gonna turn evil? I had no memory of that till I dug this out.)

Enjoy! (Or keep scrolling. It’s long.)

Verona, Book 1

It’s the summer after Romeo and Juliet’s deaths and the city of Verona is a powder keg of fury and grief. Though their families have vowed peace, not every Montague and Capulet forgives so easily. They are obeying the truce – for now. But sooner or later one of the angry young nobles stalking the streets looking for trouble is going to find it.

Lady Rosaline of House Capulet is determined to leave such squabbles behind her for good. Her father was killed eight years ago in one of the endless duels between the families, and ever since, Rosaline, now seventeen, has planned to go into a convent where her family’s infighting can’t touch her. She and her younger sister Livia are admired beauties of Verona, but hold little social standing as their parents’ deaths left them relatively poor. The death of her cousins Juliet and Tybalt only cements Rosaline’s resolve to take the veil as soon as she can provide for Livia. That’s the only way she can escape her family – and besides, she’s secretly sure that there’s only one man she could ever love, and he could never be hers.

But two weeks after her cousin’s death, Rosaline is summoned to the great house of the Capulets. Before she can get there, she’s accosted by a gang of young Montagues at her cousin’s tomb. Before she can escape, she’s caught between warring groups of Montague and Capulet men. Her rescue comes from an unexpected quarter: Benvolio of House Montague.

Benvolio is lost. With his two best friends, he knew who he was: his cousin Romeo was the leader, Mercutio the clown, and Benvolio was the quiet one, the sensible one, the best with a sword but the slowest to use it. Now that they’re dead he’s completely unmoored. He spends his days stalking the streets of the city, hand on his sword, not sure if he wants to prevent fights or start one. When he hears a scream and finds his own kinsmen attacking a young Capulet woman, he has no choice but to rescue her – but he isn’t pleased when he finds out who she is: Rosaline, Romeo’s first love, someone who could have prevented all the strife that followed if only she’d accepted his advances.

The two part, not much pleased with each other, only to find they share a destination: the house of Lord Capulet. Because of the bloodbath, Rosaline and Benvolio are suddenly the highest-ranking young members of their respective houses, and Lord Capulet and Montague have decided that the best way to prove that they mean to make peace is to marry another Montague and Capulet together.

Benvolio, struggling to live up to his sudden new responsibilities in the family, obeys his uncle and agrees to the match. But Rosaline refuses, though the prince himself orders her to do it. She and Benvolio have a blistering fight and she leaves.

Meanwhile, strange things are happening in Verona. The great families continue to profess peace, but mysterious insults begin cropping up. The statue of Juliet at her tomb is scrawled with WHORE. A hanged effigy appears in the town square saying DEATH TO ALL MONTAGUES. No one seems to know who is sending the messages, but tempers on both sides begin once more to boil.

Rosaline refuses to leave her house. She won’t see her uncle, or any other Montague or Capulet. She does admit Juliet’s former nurse, who minded all the girls when they were small, out of sympathy, but won’t go with her to the Capulets’ house. When summoned, she sends her sister Livia to her uncle’s house to claim she’s sick. While Livia is there, she stumbles on a surprise: her aunt, Lady Capulet, supposedly bedridden with grief, has actually been very busy. It seems Juliet’s erstwile fiance Paris, supposedly killed by Romeo, was actually only wounded. Lady Capulet spirited him away before anyone could learn the truth and she’s now nursing him back to health in a secret chamber. Lady Capulet swears Livia to secrecy, telling her that if the Montagues knew Paris was alive, they’d kill him. Flighty, romantic Livia is already half in love with Paris, and she agrees to keep the secret if she can come and help nurse him. But Paris is under the thrall of Lady Capulet, whom he calls his angel.

Rosaline goes to Father Lawrence and asks him to bring her to a convent. Lawrence, who is out of favor because of his role in the Romeo affair, goes to the Prince and tells him her plans.

The Prince’s response is to hold a ball. It’s in his sister’s honor, and he knows Rosaline can’t ignore the invitation without giving offense, because years ago when Rosaline’s mother was the Prince’s mother’s lady-in-waiting, they were all playmates. All of Verona’s high society turns up at the ball, so they all witness Rosaline leaving with the Prince when he calls her away for a private audience. That would not be a problem, except that they don’t come back. The Prince proceeds to get Rosaline drunk in his private chambers so she won’t notice he’s kept her away from the party for a scandalously long time. But it backfires in an unexpected way.

Once she has half a bottle of wine in her, icy, obstinate Rosaline is gone, replaced by a playful passionate girl who blindsides the prince by admitting she’s adored him for years and kissing him. As he forgets himself and begins to kiss her back, she gets woozy and he puts her chastely to bed.

The next day, he coldly reveals his plan: She, an unmarried girl, has just spent the night in his house. If she goes along with his demand that she marry Benvolio, he will let it be known that she spent the night quite properly with his sister. If she doesn’t, he will say nothing. Her honor will be ruined and neither she nor her sister will ever make a decent match.

The prince forces himself to go through with this, even though he’s beginning to feel something for her. Rosaline agrees, of course – she has no choice – but he can see her feelings for him die.

Rosaline outwardly agrees to the match, but in truth she’s more determined than ever to escape the vipers’ nest of Verona nobility. She goes to her “fiance” and strikes a deal: Neither of them truly want this match, so they will get to the bottom of who’s making trouble between the families and make it stop. If they can make real, lasting peace between the two families, there will be no need for their marriage, and they can both be on their way.

What they don’t know is that it’s Lady Capulet who’s behind the troubles. It’s she who defaced her own daughter’s statue. Rosaline and Benvolio arrive just after the statues have been defaced a second time, and Rosaline recognizes a mark left behind in the paint: it’s from the beaded train of a dress. The saboteur is a woman.

Livia and Paris, meanwhile, are being drawn deeper and deeper into Lady Capulet’s plans. Paris has begun leaving her house in disguise, picking fights with Montagues, including Benvolio. Livia, angry over the way the Montagues “attacked” him, goes to the Prince and tells him that Benvolio and the Montagues are behind the attacks.

Benvolio denies this. He believes, because of a note that he’s intercepted from Livia (though he doesn’t know it’s her who lost it), that someone in the Capulet household is behind what’s been happening, but because he’s been accused himself, no one believes him.

Things really take a turn for the worse when the nurse turns up dead. Of course it was Lady Capulet, but since the nurse has a note thrown on her body saying “thus to all Capulets” scrawled on a Montague crest, it looks bad for the Montagues. In fact, the crest was stolen by Livia, who didn’t know what it would be used for.

The families withdraw within their respective walls. Livia and Rosaline are sequestered within the Capulets’ house with the other women of the family. Rosaline’s engagement, of course, is no more, but she uncovered enough evidence with Benvolio – and she’s grown to trust him enough – not to quite believe the charges against him.

Rosaline is sleeping in her cousin’s former chamber when a desperate Benvolio climbs the balcony (yep) to tell her he’s innocent and to beg her to help him clear his name. She leaves with him, not before being seen by a sleepy Livia.

Rosaline and Benvolio flee the city and go to Father Lawrence to beg him for help. He’s withdrawn to a monastery some miles away, but Benvolio is convinced that he knows something about the true culprit. He admits he does, but can’t say what it is (Livia confessed her theft of the crest to him, so he knows it was Lady Capulet). His discomfiture is evidence enough to raise their suspicions.

On their way back to the city, a storm forces them to stop for the night, and they’re accosted by brigands. The “bandits” are actually led by the Capulets’ former servant Peter, who decided to seek his own fortune on the road. An exhilarating escape from their clutches leads to a kiss for Benvolio and Rosaline.

Afterward, they return to the city to find it in an even worse uproar than when they left. Livia has raised the alarm that her sister was abducted by a Montague, and the two families are now in open war.

Paris finally reveals himself, and challenges Benvolio. Rosaline reunites with Livia and finds out about the crest that she stole. After telling Livia how it was used, Livia admits that it was Lady Capulet who took it from her. Rosaline and Livia bring the evidence before the prince, who orders Lady Capulet exiled.

Though badly wounded, both Paris and Benvolio survive the duel. The two families once more establish an uneasy peace, but they agree that the forced marriage isn’t a good idea. Rosaline and Benvolio’s engagement is dissolved, and they both discover they’re not quite as relieved about that as they expected to be.

The prince apologizes to Rosaline, and reveals that he persuaded the two families not to press the issue of the marriage. She forgives him for what he did to her before, but still isn’t sure she trusts him. He promises to win her trust back – and, privately, decides he’s going to court her.

With Lady Capulet gone, Rosaline is now the mistress of the extended Capulet family. She decides a nunnery isn’t for her, and that she will stick around. Paris, angry and confused, leaves town to follow Lady Capulet, despite Livia’s pleadings that he stay.

Benvolio realizes that he’s in love with Rosaline, but when he goes to see her, the prince is already there. Knowing it’s suicide to compete with the city’s ruler for her hand, he decides not to tell her how he feels.

Book 2

Rosaline has come farther than she could have dreamed possible. She is the toast of Verona society, she is the de facto head of the Capulet household, and she’s practically engaged to the prince. But she’s not as happy as she ought to be.

For one thing, her friend Benvolio has entirely turned his back on her. She doesn’t understand why he refuses to see her, or why he seems so angry when they do meet.

For another, her adored sister Livia has been acting strangely. Rosaline tends to think of Livia as a child, and never realized that she was in love with the exiled Paris. Livia blames Rosaline and Benvolio for Paris’s exile, and she wants revenge. She forges some documents to make it appear that Rosaline has been conspiring against the Prince. Rosaline is forced into exile herself (so much exile! But, you know, Shakespeare), and flees the city.

No sooner has Rosaline left than Verona comes under attack. A mysterious army surrounds the city and lays seige. Rosaline is presumed killed in the opening battle. Ever-loyal Benvolio is made general of the prince’s armies, but assumes the position somewhat reluctantly, since he blames the Prince for Rosaline’s death. A brutal, desperate war begins.

Rosaline, meanwhile, is not dead. When she finds herself in the midst of a war, she disguises herself as a boy and joins the enemy army, hoping to learn something that will help her city. She finds that it’s a ragtag group of mercenaries hired with the promise of plundering wealthy Verona. No one seems to know who the leadership is. Rosaline falls in with Peter, the Capulets’ former servant turned bandit turned mercenary, as she tries to get closer to the army’s leadership.

Eventually she finds that the army is being led by a trio of angry traitors: Paris, Lady Capulet, and Iago of Venice. Paris and Lady Capulet are motivated by revenge, Iago by plunder. Rosaline follows them when the army feints a retreat to Padua. When she’s wounded, she takes refuge with a relative who lives there, Beatrice of Messina, whose husband (Benedick) visits Iago with Rosaline as his “page” so that she can steal Paris’s battle plans.

Rosaline takes Paris’s battle plans and races back to the city with them. She and Benvolio, having each thought the other dead, have an emotional reunion in an army tent. They admit they’re in love with each other and decide to get married if they survive.

Rosaline and Benvolio deliver the battle plans to the prince, but they don’t realize they’re only a ruse: Paris’s true secret weapon is Livia, who opens the gates of the city sewers so Paris’s army can pour in and overwhelm the city. The prince is captured, and most of Verona’s army is cut off outside. Dun dun DUN!

Book 3

Verona is under occupation. Those of its nobles who kowtow to “Governor” Iago are left more or less alone, but those who maintain loyalty to the prince are exiled or killed, their lands and houses seized. The mercenaries run roughshod over Verona.

To give a semblance of legitimacy to the occupation, Livia and Paris are married and put in as rulers. Livia is deliriously happy at first - Paris is all she’s ever wanted. But he’s still under Lady Capulet’s thrall.

Rosaline has, to all appearances, become an empty-headed young noblewoman, content to go to balls and be Verona’s social queen as though the city isn’t burning around them. In fact, she and Benvolio are secretly working to free the prince and rout the enemy from the city. They, along with Friar Lawrence, are leading the resistance.

As Iago’s rule grows more brutal, even the mercenaries become discontented. Rosaline uses her friendship with Peter to start to sow division in the ranks.  

When Livia realizes that Paris has been sleeping with Lady Capulet all along, she decides to help Rosaline. Together they manage to free the Prince. Paris and Benvolio fight again; this time Paris is killed.

Verona’s army returns to the city. The mercenaries, most of whom have no interest in trying to hold the city, flee. The prince captures Iago. Lady Capulet runs; Livia tries to stop her, and Lady Capulet stabs her. She dies in Rosaline’s arms. Trapped, Lady Capulet commits suicide at her daughter’s grave.

Order is restored in the city, and the Prince, back in his place and assured of Rosaline’s loyalty, assumes they’ll be getting married as they planned. Rosaline is torn - she loves Benvolio, but she cares for the prince too, and since House Montague’s fortunes suffered so badly during the war, Benvolio’s been pushing her away because he doesn’t think she deserves a poverty-stricken husband.

But the prince is also refusing to give Livia burial in her family’s vault - despite Rosaline’s pleadings, he insists her body be buried by the road outside the city with the other dead from Iago’s army. She finally gets her way by threatening to kill herself if he doesn’t allow her to bury her only family properly. When Benvolio, unaware of all this controversy, comes to lay a rose on Livia’s grave, Rosaline bursts into tears, throws herself at him, and insists on going to find Friar Lawrence right then so she can drag him home and seal the deal. Happy ending!

Sam Winchester. My favorite character of any book, TV show, or movie in all time. He’s a scholar, a warrior, and a healer. He was chosen by the darkness before he was born, yet dreamed of the light. He lost his mother, girlfriend, father, best friend, and brother (multiple times for the latter two). He defeated Lucifer and Michael in one move, all for the sake of saving his brother. Sam took on the Trials of the Tablets and almost killed himself to close the Gates of Hell. He fought against the angels Gadreel, Bartholomew, and Metatron and joined God in taking down the Darkness and fought the Knights, Princes, and Kings of Hell.

But the best thing about Sam? He’s a normal guy. He loves dogs and loves to read. He’s terrified of clowns. He aspired for a normal life, and worked every day to gets scholarship in to Stanford. When that didn’t work out, he learned to accept the life given to him and make it work. Sam makes mistakes, he struggles with depression, addiction, and who knows what else. But he acknowledges his mistakes. He learns. It may take time, but he will ask for forgiveness quickly and will forgive others just as fast. He analyzes situations and tries to understand the viewpoints of others who he doesn’t agree with. He is the mediator and an advocate of second chances. He’s willing to die for almost anyone that needs his help. Sam Winchester is trying. He’s fighting. He’s a man trying to understand his life, make the most of what he was, and leave the world in a better place than when he found it.

Dye For You

Pairing: Daveed Diggs x Reader

Word Count: 2101

Warnings: Language

Summary: Soulmate AU where your hair color is identical to your soulmates. If Person A dyes their hair blue, Person B wakes up with blue hair. You wake up to a rainbow of colors.

A/N: Whenever I can’t think of a good title I just make bad puns. Hah. Enjoy! Requests are open!


“How long do you think it’s gonna take Oak to get shit-faced tonight?” Anthony asked, looking towards Daveed, who sat at the bar stool next to his own.

The guys of the cast had set up shop at a bar after not getting together for a while, and Oak was definitely drinking enough for the entire group.

“It depends. Under two hours. At least,” Daveed replied, gesturing down the bar where Oak sat, flirting with a bartender under the prospect of getting free drinks. Lin stood next to him, watching on.

“Nah. I think he’ll last. Over 2 hours.” Anthony countered, sipping his beer.

“Really? I don’t believe you.” Daveed narrowed his eyes. “Have you seen him? I’m sure he’s already tipsy.”

“Wanna bet?”

“Depends, what are the terms and what happens if I lose?” Daveed replied, drinking out of his own beer.

“He usually ends up hitting on literally anyone when he’s drunk. As soon as he does, we check the time. If it’s past,” Anthony glanced at his phone. “-11 o’clock, I win. If I do, you dye your hair. Temporary, of course. We have a show tomorrow. At least through rehearsal and the Ham4Ham show. I’m thinking pure rainbow. ROYGBIV. It’ll be perfect.”

“That’s harsh. I haven’t met my soulmate, I imagine this would make them hate me. Hopefully, they won’t care. Whatever. I’ll win. And when I do, you have to dye your hair. Deal?” Daveed asked, offering his hand. He was willing to risk a lot for a simple bet, but it was just who he was. Even if it meant risking his soulmate’s hair.

It was a weird quirk of society. Soulmates had the same color of hair. Whatever changes were made to one party’s hair happened to the other’s. For example, if one person died their hair blue, their soulmate’s hair would change blue as well. This made dying your hair very frowned upon, along with any drastic changes to body appearance.

Anthony stopped, thinking for a minute. “You’re on. Deal.” He reached out, shaking Daveed’s hand. The two turned to watch the storm go down. Oak was taking shots; Daveed was confident he would win.

“I’m going to fucking kill my soulmate when I meet them, I swear. My interview’s today! I’m never gonna get the job now, Sara.” You vented into the phone to your best friend, fingers clawing through your hair. You had woken up to find rainbow colored hair covering your head on the day of a very important interview.

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Scheme: Part 3

When Jason Todd marries Ra’s Al Ghul’s daughter, he’s in for a wild ride. One he wouldn’t trade for the world.

Part 1, Part 2

“Can you not follow a plan?” Your voice is a screech. You know it is. Your sisters wince, but your father remains unfazed. He had never cared for your little “tantrums,” but he hadn’t stopped them either. Typically they led to someone’s death and in his eyes that was a step in the right direction. This time however, it could very well be his own.

    You had spent days working on that plan. Accounting for every little detail, except your father going rogue. The man had always stressed how important following orders was! And yet, he had blocked you, your sisters, and your nephew off to go after Joker himself. It infuriated you.

    Ra’s had never cared for the Joker. The clown was too unpredictable, and too crazy to control. You figured that’s why he had come in the first place. “I took care of it. You have my word. That should be enough.”

    You turn towards him eyes blazing, “Well it isn’t! I don’t trust you. Only an idiot would trust you! As far as I know you have him locked up somewhere to be unleashed at a later time!”

    Your sire lets out a sigh, “You are being dramatic.”

    You stare at him mouth open, before turning around, grabbing Damian by the collar and announcing, “We’re leaving.”

    “You forget about our bargain.”

    You turn to your father, “Our agreement was that you could meet my daughter if you helped me to complete my plan. You went off on your own and the plan went in the toilet. Too bad, so sad.”

    You drag Damian out of the warehouse and onto the street. The two of you take to the roof tops a minute later and run several miles before stopping. You need time to cool off. You know it won’t end well if you return to the manor angry. Jason had always been able to read you like a book.

“How long before he’s back?”

You glance at your nephew, “Six months tops. That clown is the best damn escape artist

I’ve ever had the displeasure of meeting.”

“Think Todd will know what we’ve been up to?”

You shrug, “It wouldn’t surprise me. Then again, Lee has him on some pretty heavy pain killers. So there’s a small chance he’ll still be loopy and oblivious.”

Damian scoffs, “You’re living in a dream world.”

You sigh, “Noted.”

The two of you sneak back into the manor without notice. Damian heads straight to his room, and you make you way to Jason’s. He’s propped up on the bed, a book in his hand. Without even looking at you, he simply holds out his hand. You take it before snuggling into his side.

His arm wraps around you, and he kisses the top of your head. Neither of you says anything, you simply wait for him to finish his chapter. When he closes his book he asks, “How’s your dad?”

You scowl, “A pain in my ass and the world’s biggest hypocrite.”

Jason smirks, “Did you make a deal with the devil?”  

You curl around your husband, “Nothing I couldn’t get out of.”

“I take that to mean he won’t be meeting our daughter.”

You smile, “She’s safe.”

“And our other child?”

You raise an eyebrow, “What other child are you speaking of? Last time I checked, we had only produced one progeny.”

Jason let’s out a laugh, “The one we were talking about having before this whole thing went down.”

You kiss your husband, before saying, “Nice try, but the doctor says you need rest.” You pull away and you’re off the bed a second later.

You listen to Jason groan as you slip into the bathroom. By the time you’re done showering and you’ve changed, Jason is asleep. You slip out of the room and down stairs to find your daughter. She’s lying on the rug, in the middle of the family room, coloring. Her uncles are passed out around her.

You lay down next to her, and stroke her hair. She leans into your touch and you smile. Scheme had been your new beginning. A chance at a new life. She and Jason were your whole world, and despite the path you and Jason had chosen you knew your daughter would choose differently. She was a kind hearted child, filled with smiles and laughter. She was a new start, and every time you looked at her you were reminded of what was good in the world.

Greased. - Chapt.1  - Bucky & Steve x Readers - Series

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A/N - So I hope this goes well and everyone enjoys it. It’s reverse Grease to a point. I will probably be completely inaccurate here, but here goes nothing.Had to include OC due to not being able to juggle to main reader POV. Avengers AU. I don’t own Grease nor the Avengers, js.

Steve x Reader
Bucky x OC (Rachel)

 - Imagine Grease but in reverse. It’s the 50s and two best friends are in The Widows gang, a group of not so friendly girls. They  fall for the not so dumb jock and the other a class clown. This could only go wrong. 50s College AU

(Chapt.1) (Chapt.2) (Chapt.3)

Warnings: Future smut, just cursing in this chapter.

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Jealousy // Thomas

Fandom: The Maze Runner
Pairing: Thomas x reader
Word count: 2,177
Warnings: Slight angst, mostly fluff, sassy Minho
Request from @ryleigh-jae: “Hey there! I was curious if you could do a Thomas x Reader where the reader is jealous of Teresa, but Thomas assures her that he doesn’t love Teresa.”

A/N: Hi! Sorry if this turned out to be a little more on the angsty and dramatic side, but I guess those are the repercussions to binge-watching season 12 of Supernatural over the course of two days. Anyways, I hope you enjoy!

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The New Arrival

Request from anonymous: Fluff joker (Jared Leto) x reader where reader secretly sneaked a puppy in mister J’s penthouse and he found out later and gave her a week to find the dog new home. But in the meantime he grew close to the dog and finally agreed to let her keep the puppy please.

Warnings: swearing

Words: 1,093

You couldn’t help yourself. He was so cute and fluffy. His wide, piercing blue eyes stared up at you like two moons, begging you to take him home. When J sent you on a shopping trip and told you to treat yourself, you weren’t sure that this was what he meant. He didn’t specify that your purchase couldn’t be an adorable husky puppy. Even so, it was probably best you kept it a secret. Getting into the penthouse was going to be tricky, but you’d gotten through far more challenging scrapes; escaping Arkham for one.

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