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I loved most of it, but really writers, really? Rumbelle is back? It's not like he's responsible for everything that has happened, tried to kill Killian and Emma, and hurt and betrayed Belle several times. Why does he get a do-over while Regina's stuck with hers? How does that make any sense?

okay so this is the really long post I said I was going to write about the whole thing, because oh god do I ever need to rant and then try to move on from it but

RUMPLE ???? NEVER??? CHANGED!!!!!! Right until the end, he was still willing to let everyone else suffer to have his happiness. He frigging killed Regina – the act of a villain – to make sure that nobody tried to alter his AU. If he had had a come to jesus moment and realized what he’d done and was willing to give himself up to fix it – THEN, much as I would have still hated it, this contrived, idiotic reunion would have had a leg to stand on. Rumple would have really, truly changed at crunch time and would be deserving of forgiveness and a second chance. But he didn’t. Emma had to fight him off at swordpoint, etc. Then they get back to Storybrooke and Rumple is still rotten and he still hasn’t changed and he’s still about to die, until by some ridiculous deus ex machina his heart darkness gets removed, corrupts and nearly kills everyone else, forces Emma to be the dark one, etc. I’m willing to allow that it won’t be as simple as “Rumple wakes up from his coma and bam he’s a good man again,” but please. If I have to watch him getting a completely fresh start and lalala his heart is magically sparkly pure again while everyone else is in agony searching for Emma and trying to stop the darkness, I will vomit.

And Belle… oh man. How can two minutes so completely destroy a character I had started to like and really wanted to root for after three seasons of indifference? Nice job. She goes from not wanting him to hurt anyone else (yes good) to OH NO HE’S DYING WELL I FORGIVE YOU EVEN THOUGH YOU LITERALLY CHANGED NOTHING ABOUT YOUR BEHAVIOR, I’M TOTALLY HERE FOR MORE OF YOUR CRAP BECAUSE “I KNEW WHAT I WAS GETTING INTO” (gag me with a shovel). Then she’s like “lol no I don’t love Will I was basically just using him.” Excuse the fuck out of you, Will Scarlet stood up to the goddamn murderous Dark One for you. Will Scarlet deserves so much better than to be your rebound. I don’t care what Belle does or does not do with her sex life; I’m not here to slut shame her or otherwise. But to do that to Will is just completely cruel and a total waste of his character. I hate Scarlet Queen, but I can imagine Will/Ana shippers were also rightfully pissed. What a waste.

Then, Ms. “Nobody Decides My Fate But Me” doesn’t care at all that Rumple (with Isaac’s help) wrote everybody into his AU and controlled their lives and turned himself into a hero and etc. Nope, she’s just willing to forgive him on the spot despite (I can’t emphasize this enough) THE FACT THAT HE NEVER CHANGED AND CONTINUED TO BE THE PERSON WHO ABUSED AND MANIPULATED HER. At some point you have to say, enough is enough. I had a lot of sympathy for Belle in 4x11 when she told him how she had given up herself trying to change him and putting up with his shit. She threw him out for what he’d done. Then she just… let him back in. After he’d just (WITH NO REMORSE) done the worst change of everyone else’s lives. Then she has the GALL to run to everyone else in Granny’s, who have just gotten out of a terrible AU-life where Killian died, Regina almost did, Snow and Charming were evil, etc and ASK THEM FOR HELP SAVING POOR OLD RUMPLE. Which I will again be generous and say they gave because they’re good people and they knew the Dark One energy would be dangerous unleashed, but really. REALLY.

What about Belle’s friendship with Killian? Nope, chose being Rumple’s plot device over that. What about her self respect and her ability to tell Regina off for stealing her heart (if indeed Regina did it without her consent) from any kind of convincing place? Nope, chose being Rumple’s plot device over that. What about being a heroine or deciding her own destiny or maintaining her own agency? Nope, chose being Rumple’s plot device over that. What about a relationship with a good sweet guy who never lied to her and was plainly already crushing on her hard and was willing to work with/stand up to the Dark One to save her? Nope. Chose being Rumple’s plot device over that. From here on out, if anyone uses Belle to get to Rumple, or otherwise harms her, I’m not going to be in the least upset. She chose that position, she put herself there and it’s completely legitimate now if people are going to use that. Which the heroes probably won’t, because they’re heroes, but yeah. I’m utterly over them both. What a waste of what could have been such a compelling arc. Belle is Katrina Crane: a complete travesty of a female character on a show that usually has such good ones. I’m also dismayed that OUAT, my favorite show, fell into the “he only does bad things and hurts you because he loves you” trash trope that they thankfully shot the hell down with ST. How the hell are we supposed to root for Belle now or see her as having any storyline or dignity outside being Rumple’s abuse puppet, A ROLE SHE WILLINGLY CHOSE OVER EVERYTHING ELSE IN HER LIFE? It’s gross as fuck. I’m sorry. Not here for that. I’ll mute or ignore all of their future scenes.

Sure, maybe “new Light One sparkly heart” Rumple won’t hurt her. Whee. How nice. Because he had the darkness magically deus ex machinaed out of him to make literally everyone else suffer. Now, I know that will be fixed as well, because OUAT, and I sure as hell hope Rumple just doesn’t get a magic clean slate through absolutely no volition, choice, or goodness of his own, as it would defeat the entire point of the story they have been telling about how hard it is to get a happy ending and what you have to do to get one. At this point, I just want him and Belle to stay the hell away from Emma’s family as they fight to get to her and save her, and try not to hurt anyone else with their goddamn selfishness.